The Best Free ChatAI Tool in August 2023

Intro: 2023 - The Milestone Year for AI Wonders

2023 is a big year for AI. Think awesome upgrades like GPT-4, GPT-3.5, Claude, and Bard. Now, AI is as key as electricity. With tech like Stable Diffusion, even your grandma can create cool art.When it comes to ChatAI tools, everyone's gabbing about ChatGPT. But hold up! Let me introduce you to Monica, a killer ChatAI tool that I'm super proud of.

This is a screenshot showing which devices the Monica AI assistant can be used on
Monica AI assistant compatible with multiple devices

What is Monica AI? ChatAI Everywhere!

Monica is the ChatAI tool you need for your Google Chrome. It blends ChatGPT and nifty plugins to make any web page better than ever. Got problems? Love to read? Enjoy videos? Monica's here to help.

Table of Contents:

  1. One-Click ChatAI: Instant Monica Magic
  2. Quick Action & Quick Compose: Your ChatAI Transformer
  3. Boosted Prompt Skills: Your Prompt Library Just Got Bigger
  4. Chat with Any Video: Your Ultimate Video Buddy
  5. Chat with Any Web Page: Your Go-to AIchat Scholar
  6. Chat with PDFs: No More Eye Strain
  7. The Drawing ChatAI: Meet Your Art Mentor
  8. ChatAI Bots Galore: Your AI Encyclopedia Friend

1.ChatAI at Your Fingertips with Monica

Forget ChatGPT and its website logins. Say hello to Monica, the chatAI tool that's always at your service. Once you install it, a cool emoji shows up on your browser. Tap that, and boom! Monica's AIchat magic is ready to roll.

Say goodbye to login hassles and session time-outs. Monica's chatAI stays on, all the time.

Imagine this: You're stuck in a Google Sheet, scratching your head over a formula. One click, and Monica's right there to help.

This is a screenshot of a segment where the Monica AI assistant explains how to use the VLOOKUP function to users
Use Monica to learn how to utilize the VLOOKUP function

Need a creativity boost while jotting down a Notion note? Hit up Monica's icon, and get the inspo you crave.

This is a screenshot of the Python course syllabus generated by Monica for the user

Use Monica to obtain the syllabus for the Python course

Plus, Monica hangs out near your search engines and email, always ready to give you quick answers and handle tasks. Simply put, Monica is your go-to chatAI tool, anytime you need it.

2.Quick Action/Quick Compose: The Transformer of ChatAI

Monica isn't just for chatting. She's a game-changer in the ChatAI scene:

1) Quick Action: See a word you don't get? Highlight it, and boom! Monica gives you instant translations, explanations, or even custom commands. Reading late? Get quick and accurate translations or summaries. Need more? Just click "keep chatting" for deep answers.

This is a screenshot of using Monica's 'Quick Action' feature while reading a cross-language document
Various operations of Monica's 'Quick Action' feature

2) Quick Compose: Struggling with words? Monica's got your back. She rewrites, sums up, and even adds to your text. Say you're selling something and your ad is too long. One tap on Monica, and it's fixed!

This is a screenshot of condensing an article using Monica's 'Quick Compose' feature
Use Monica's 'Quick Compose' feature to condense a paragraph of an article

With ChatGPT, you need to copy-paste and create your own prompts. However, Monica is all about seamless swipes and pre-built prompts for a smooth experience. If you're looking for an efficient and interactive AI chat, Monica is the perfect choice.

Monica has also developed a neat little tool called the "paragraph generator". Even without installing Monica, you can use this writing feature for free and as much as you want. It's a great way to experience the AI power of Monica. Give it a try!

An example of paragraph generator with prompt of "Story about dog".
Paragraph Generator

3.More Prompt Skills in the Prompt Library

Don't sweat if prompts sound like rocket science. Monica's ChatAI Prompt Library has got your back. It's a one-stop-shop for everything from AIchat to SEO, coding, and even job hunting.

This is a screenshot showcasing the curated Public Prompts in Monica's Prompt Library
Monica's Prompt Library contains a variety of curated Public Prompts

Job search got you down? Boost that resume with Monica's ChatAI. Catch your interviewer's eye and get that dream job.

This is a screenshot of the feature page in Monica's Prompt Library where the 'Resume Editing Prompt' is used to edit resumes
Use the 'Resume Editing Prompt' from Monica's Prompt Library to edit your resume

Craving high-quality SEO content? Monica's Prompt Library has just the thing. Special SEO commands can jazz up your articles and headlines. Make SEO writing a piece of cake.

Let Monica's ChatAI Library be your magic wand for mastering prompt skills super-fast. Welcome to the future of AIchat.

4.AI Chat with Any Video: Your Best Video Guide

Monica's ChatAI tool takes video summarizing to the next level. In a snap, it highlights the must-see moments and gives you the timestamps. It even goes deep into what the video's really about.

Imagine chillin' on your couch, watching a mind-blowing TED talk. Just a tap, and Monica's AIchat tech shows you the talk's big ideas and when they happen. So, you don't miss a beat. Want more? Monica dishes out clear examples to get the point across.

This is an animated demonstration of using Monica to summarize TED talk videos

Use Monica to summarize TED talk videos

This is an animated demonstration of using Monica to summarize TED talk videos and then continue with follow-up questions

Use Monica to summarize TED talk videos and then proceed with follow-up questions

5.AI Chat with Any Webpage: Your Smart Personal Scholar

Besides watching videos, Monica is your personal AIchat expert, guiding you through web pages like it's a cheat sheet for an exam.

Imagine being a developer in a crunch. You've got a crucial Google doc open, and you need to get all the techy talk, fast! Any delay and your project's in the mud.

"Need to set up OAuth 2.0 callback URL?" Forget wasting time on endless doc searches. Just click Monica. This ChatAI tool scans and cracks the code for you, making sure you don't miss a thing in those complex tech papers.

This is an animated demonstration of using Monica to answer the question of how to set up an OAuth 2.0 callback URL

Use Monica to address more specialized questions, such as how to set up an OAuth 2.0 callback URL?

6.AI Chat with Any PDF: Your Speed-Reading Eagle Eye

Imagine you're an AI whiz, deep into some nerdy paper about those brain-like things, Convolutional Neural Networks or CNN. You're like, "Where did this cool idea come from?

"Enter Monica, your ChatAI buddy with mad skills at reading PDFs. Just say, "Where's this CNN thing from?" Bam! Monica scans the PDF and tells you exactly where to find the source. Need more? Just ask. With Monica, reading heavy stuff turns super easy.

This is an animated demonstration of using Monica to read CNN's PDF documents

Use Monica to read CNN's PDF documents

7.The ChatAI That Can Draw: Meet Your Digital Art Tutor

Artist is a cool new feature from Monica, mixing AI and art to give you fresh creative fun.

Imagine you're making cool stuff for your website. Old art tools? Slow and boring. Just hit the "Artist" button in Monica's ChatAI app. Want landscapes, people, or wild designs? Monica's got you.

This is a showcase of the finished product created by using Monica's Artist feature to transform text into beautiful images
Use Monica's Artist feature to generate beautiful images.

This forest and the harp lady? Yeah, they look so real. It's like having an art teacher, but in your pocket. Monica's Artist turns your dreams into pictures. This is AIchat at its best, thanks to Monica.

8.Even More ChatAI Bots, Your Encyclopedia AI Nanny

Monica comes jam-packed with GPT-4 goodness, letting you handle big talks and long texts. Plus, with Claude 100k, it's a powerhouse in the ChatAI scene.

Code Nerd? No Sweat! If you're a code whiz, tap into Claude 100k's awesomeness. Solve those tough coding questions and get answers that nail it.

Never Miss a Beat with Monica's Bots Drowning in meetings and deadlines? Let Monica's bots sort your life. Drop in times and tasks, and get a smart schedule, quick.

Your Pocket-sized Emotion Bot Need a feelings fix? Our Emotions bot is like your personal emotional guru. Sorts out the tough stuff for you.

This is a screenshot of seeking advice from Monica's emotional robot on how to resolve conflicts with a boyfriend
Seek guidance from Monica's emotional robot on how to resolve conflicts with boyfriend

Live Easier, Dream Bigger With Monica, you've got more freedom and more time for all the awesome stuff life's got.

9.Is Monica's Smart Assistant Free?

Wondering if Monica, the chatAI game-changer, is free? Yep! Monica lets you try awesome features for zero bucks.

This is a comparison chart illustrating the differences between various versions of Monica
Differences between various versions of Monica

But want to chat even smarter? Consider going VIP with Monica's paid version. It turns the ChatAI experience up to 11.

In a Summary

We're all about AI making life rock. Monica is your always-on buddy for smart living, 24/8. Ready to kickstart your free AI ride? Click here.

This is a screenshot showing the many ways Monica can assist you
Monica can be of great assistance to you

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