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This video explores the richest families in the world and how they acquired their wealth, focusing on the Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Morgan families. It also touches on the concentration of financial power in a few corporations and the tremendous profits made by banks in the financial market.
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This section of the video discusses the Rothschild family and their rise to power.
Mayer Amschel Rothschild started the Rothschild family, which is considered one of the most powerful families in the world.
The Rothschilds faced discrimination as Jews in Germany in the 1700s.
They found success by working in the area of interest on loans and foreign exchange.
Rockefeller's father was a scammer who taught him how to scam, and despite being accused of rape as a teenager, Rockefeller became wealthy by lending money at interest and strategically placing his children in powerful positions in Europe.
Rockefeller's father was a scammer who taught him how to scam.
As a teenager, Rockefeller was accused of rape and had to leave New York.
Rockefeller earned a significant amount of money by selling sweets and started lending money at interest.
He strategically placed his children in powerful positions in Europe to dominate the continent.
The section discusses the origins of Standard Oil and the creation of JP Morgan bank.
Standard Oil was founded by Rockefeller.
JP Morgan bank was created by John Pierpont Morgan in 1861.
Morgan discovered that he could pay someone else to fight in the war on his behalf.
Rockefeller had brothers who were not allowed to wander around.
The section discusses the strategies used by Natan and Jack Morgan to make money during the American Civil War.
Natan became a banker and Jack Morgan lent money to those who wanted to buy weapons.
They made a lot of money from the war.
The section also mentions the California gold rush and how some people made money by selling peace and pickaxes.
The Rockefeller family became the most powerful family in Europe, accumulating wealth through intermarriage and monopolizing resources.
The Rockefellers were disliked by many due to their practice of cousins marrying cousins and uncles marrying nieces.
In the United States, Rockefeller formed a partnership with John Scott, the second richest man at the time.
Rockefeller's wealth surpassed a trillion dollars, making him the richest man in the world.
A small number of companies, around 174, control the majority of wealth and resources in the world, including the food industry.
The Yorkshire family is believed to have around $300 billion, but some believe they have over $1 trillion.
According to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, 174 companies control the majority of the world's wealth.
These 174 companies, directly or indirectly, control the 43,000 companies that represent the world's capital.
In the food industry, for example, a small number of companies dominate, with ten companies representing 99% of all milk production.
Banks earn a lot of money, not from making loans, but from activities like high frequency trading and taking advantage of market errors.
Central banks lend money to banks during crises to prevent them from failing.
Banks earn a significant amount of money from the stock market.
High frequency trading (HFT) robots can make thousands or even millions of trades per minute.
Around 80% of all negotiations on the stock exchange are done by HFT.
00:00and in this video you will meet the
00:02richest families in the world remembering
00:04this video is not about the richest people
00:06in the world although among these
00:08families came the richest man in
00:10history but this video is
00:11specifically about the richest families
00:14in the world and in case you If you're
00:16thinking that I'm going to talk about
00:18Conspiracy Theory, the new world order
00:23won't have any of that when we talk about
00:26families that dominate the world, we're
00:28talking about families that have exercised
00:30financial control over the world for centuries Have
00:33you ever heard of Mayer amschel
00:35rothschild this man was the one who started
00:38the Hot Wheels family, considered by
00:41many to be the most powerful family in the world,
00:43but remember, its beginnings were not
00:46rich, imagine a Jew living in
00:49Germany in 1744, remember what happened
00:52to the Jews in the Second World War,
00:54especially in Auschwitz, so in
00:581744, Jews are already seen, so they
01:02lived in ghettos all united, you know, for
01:05example, finding Christmas. They are
01:07Chinese communities that exist in several places in the
01:16percent of the Chinese live in São Paulo, that
01:19is, they live in the United States as if it were
01:21really a neighborhood, so that was more or
01:23less what happened to the Jews
01:25in Germany and in the 1700s they lived
01:27completely in the United States. They were extremely
01:30discriminated against by the rest of society,
01:32so you must already imagine that it is not
01:34very simple The Jew managed to get a
01:36job but if people don't give you
01:39work you create a job like at the
01:42time Germany was full of
01:44Christian Christians couldn't work with
01:46interest or with loans and wouldn't even
01:48compute so Jews realized that
01:50they could work exactly in this
01:52area of ​​interest on loans and God
01:54doesn't work with concierge either and that's
01:56how Méier started to earn a lot of
01:58money working mainly and
02:00foreign exchange, ok here I'm talking about a
02:02family that emerged in 1744, but another
02:06powerful family from which The
02:07richest man in history came in 1590, the
02:11Rockefeller family came into being, and then in 1700 it
02:14was renamed Rockefeller, but
02:17today we have Forex, which
02:19works with currency exchange, and at the time
02:21it didn't exist yet, but at the time, If
02:23you were, for example, from Frankfurt
02:25to Berlin, there would be two
02:27different currencies, that is, someone would be needed
02:30to exchange currencies and that was
02:32exactly Maio's job. But
02:35that wouldn't change the fact that Jews
02:37would continue to be frowned upon, how would
02:39he could really grow well he
02:42realized that he would need to become
02:43friends with the Prince and the Prince loved
02:47collecting coins the best two pieces of
02:49information and that was how it was and Mayer
02:51started managing
02:53Prince William's money So but
02:55Maias' genius move of being in place Right
02:57at the right time, the Rock family
03:00became one of the 10
03:02richest Jewish families in
03:04Germany. Ok, so I'm telling you
03:06that in 1700 the Rothschild family
03:09was already growing and in 1700
03:12the Rockefeller family was also emerging. More
03:14specifically on the eighth of the sixth of
03:171839, if Johnny Rockefeller is the
03:20richest man in the history of
03:22modern humanity, then when we are talking about
03:24Hot Wheels bankers we are talking about
03:27Germany, but when we are talking about
03:29Rockefeller, we are now coming to the
03:31United States, specifically New York
03:33Ok, Rockefeller's father was a tremendous
03:36scammer, Conquista, a bastard who
03:39traveled the whole world trying, now
03:41his mother was an evangelical, while
03:44his father taught him the following, if
03:46someone punches you in the face, he throws a
03:48brick, his mother taught him how to from the Other
03:50Side, but Rockefeller's education
03:52was never very good because since he was
03:54a child, his father took him on his
03:56trips so that he could also learn how to
03:58scam, so coming from a family as
04:00unstructured as this one, maybe you
04:02think that Rockefeller became a
04:04Yes, man, isn't it? No, exactly when
04:06he was a teenager he was accused of
04:08having raped a young woman by putting a
04:10gun to her head to the point that the
04:12woofer family had to
04:13urgently leave New York, so they
04:16went to a nearby city in which there
04:18was a lot of work with oil but
04:20as Rockefeller was still very young
04:22he couldn't work with that so
04:25he started working selling sweets and
04:27various other things and in an
04:29extremely short period of time Rockefeller
04:31managed to earn $50 but not
04:34unlike today's dollar. At the time,
04:36the minimum wage was like five dollars,
04:39so what he saved was a lot of money, so
04:42the Rottweiler started lending his
04:45money at interest, yes, very similar to the
04:47Rothschilds, in the case of the Rothschilds,
04:50but he had a brilliant idea. He thought
04:52the following if my children are
04:54in the most powerful places in Europe,
04:57soon we will be able to dominate Europe
05:00and that is how he left one of his
05:02children in Franco, a city in central
05:05Germany with the financial center that
05:07houses the European central bank and his
05:09other children were also to
05:11important places like Naples in Italy Paris
05:14in France Vienna in Austria in London in
05:17England but rotchildes were
05:19growing very very very very much so
05:22I'm not going to talk about each one but I'm going to
05:23talk specifically about Nei, okay,
05:26only from the 18th century onwards England
05:28not only became one of the greatest
05:30economic powers in the world, it
05:32became the greatest economic power in the
05:34world and Guess who was from rock, I
05:37said I was in England,
05:38exactly one person realized that I
05:40said it, don't even try to pronounce it in English,
05:43well now the name rockwood will
05:46be called Yorkshire, this being
05:49its pronunciation in English, it's not that the
05:51family changed its name, but it's just that
05:53since it's a different country, the
05:55pronunciation will be different, for example,
05:57you know, this player, former
05:59Flamengo player and in Brazil is pronounced
06:02Michael and this extremely
06:04famous singer is called Michael Jackson, that is,
06:07Michael or Maicon, the only thing that changes is the country
06:11you are in, ok, while
06:13England is a giant, there is another country
06:15that is growing a lot, the
06:17United States and in the United States, United, Rockefeller
06:20noticed something that was growing
06:22too much, oil and a beauty and
06:25worked at a job that was
06:26quite simple selling something for around
06:2850 cents a day and he
06:31got a loan of 100 thousand reais
06:34converting to the present day so
06:36for a guy who knows how to make money
06:38quickly and has 100 thousand in his pocket, now it's
06:41time to make money with oil and
06:43there were basically two ways to
06:45do this, drilling or refining
06:47oil, it's very common for you to notice that
06:49here in Brazil a lot of oil is extracted
06:52There it is refined out there and we buy
06:54gasoline for the hell of it since the
06:57time of Rock there, she was already aware of that, I'm going to
06:58be and look, it's much more interesting, that's
07:01how Standard Oil came into existence and
07:04I'm telling you, here in
07:05England we have a reader representing
07:07the rock chairo with the banker and in the United
07:10States The Rottweiler with oil
07:12and in case you are thinking that now
07:14Lock child is missing arriving and in the
07:16United States and cover nar in the entire
07:18American bank, no, that's not exactly what
07:21happened, it would be just the Rottweiler
07:23was born in 1839, two more years earlier, in
07:281837, John Pierpont Morgan was born,
07:32the same person who in
07:351861 would create the JP Morgan bank, more
07:39different from the beginnings of Block Charlie and
07:41Rottweiler, Chip Morna did not come from a
07:44poor family, although he was not poor yesterday,
07:46he was not poor, He was so sick that it
07:49seemed like he wouldn't even reach
07:51adulthood, but he got involved and in
07:531861 the American Civil War began.
07:57Exactly in the same year that he became depressed and
08:00started the JP Morgan bank, that is, he just
08:03opened his own bank and now he could
08:05die in war but then Morna
08:08discovered that the rottweiler wasn't going to fight
08:10in the war they asked but how come he's
08:12not going to fight in the war if everyone
08:14became an adult, not even a child and not
08:16being elderly, he has to fight how come he's
08:19not going to fight and it was like this that he
08:20discovered and paid a little money You
08:23could put someone else to fight
08:26in his place in the war as if he were
08:28more or less a type of real-life stuntman,
08:30but remember, when I talk about
08:32Rockfeller, it seems like he was an
08:34only child, but in fact he he had brothers and
08:36of course John Rockefeller wouldn't
08:38let his brothers wander around, in fact
08:40one of his brothers called William
08:42Rockefeller, he became the owner of the
08:45fourth largest company in the world at the time
08:47called Anaconda Cooper.
08:52world, do you think that the
08:54Aires blocks wouldn't be keeping an eye on anything,
08:57my friend, the Block children put 7
09:00in this company and of course you have to
09:02convert with the logic of the time, seven
09:05million at that time is equivalent to
09:07about 100 billion today or the
09:10Brookshires were very visionary when
09:12investing their money, so you can get
09:14an idea of ​​the war that was
09:16going on between France and England,
09:18imagine if anyone could know
09:21in advance who would win this war,
09:24well that's what he did for Leitão
09:27Yorkshire, he ordered a messenger
09:29observes that we are winning the
09:31war and he found out who is
09:33winning with it is exactly England but
09:36then look what the bastard
09:38piglet did he paid several people to
09:41go out spreading the streets in the banks
09:43that England was losing the
09:45war and it's only a matter of time before all of
09:48England is completely broken, that
09:51is, England was fine with the
09:53war and the people believing that
09:55England was losing, so you
09:57can already imagine all the people were
10:00in shares Selling their shares at a price
10:02of banana, that is, Ney Franco had
10:05privileged information that
10:07England would win the war because it
10:09was already winning, he took this
10:12privileged information and manipulated it, making
10:14the shares there without 50 60 70
10:1890 percent of the price and that was how
10:22Natan What child put England in his
10:25pocket, which became the
10:27most famous member of the hot family But do you remember that
10:30I said that in 1861 the
10:33American Civil War began in the color, both
10:36Morgan and the Rottweiler paid
10:38not to participate, so Nintendo World
10:41child was a banker and Jack Morgan
10:44also had the right and thought how
10:47can I make money
10:49in this war, then the prices of the
10:52credit titles are linked to the album too much
10:55because people didn't know what the
10:57result of the War would be, not even the man himself
10:59right more, but just pay attention to the
11:01California gold rush that happened in the
11:0319th century, some people made a lot of
11:06money exactly with gold But do you know
11:08who really made the money, who
11:11sells peace and pickaxes for those who thought
11:14they would make money with the wall So what what
11:17Morgan did was lend his money
11:19to those who wanted to buy more weapons and
11:22that's how I saw Morgan made a lot, a lot of
11:26money, ok one day it would end and it was over
11:30and when the war ended, three names that
11:33were giants in the United States were The
11:36Rottweiler Vanderbilt and load, so it's just
11:39that there's money, a problem like
11:41skin, he was obsessed with being the richest man
11:45in the United States, but he wasn't
11:47the richest man, in fact, the
11:49richest. It was exactly Vanderbilt, so
11:52Rottweiler bet all his chips,
11:54he did the following agreement he signed to
11:57deliver to Vanderbilt 60 is
12:00oil per day man we are
12:02talking about tons of oil per day
12:05but he couldn't do that as
12:08he didn't have the money for that he
12:10started borrowing money that's
12:12all the People are all about banks, so
12:15you must have thought, so then he went bankrupt,
12:18right? Remember I told you that Jack
12:20Morgan made a lot of money exactly
12:22from the war, just care about the way
12:25the war ended, many
12:27medium-sized to small companies were almost
12:30going bankrupt and then the woofer he received the
12:32following I hope this company said I
12:35become even more powerful But he also
12:37has a strategy similar to Christmas
12:40rockshield only cares if a company
12:42is going bankrupt but it hasn't gone bankrupt yet it's
12:46because some people still like the
12:48product from that company and another company
12:51sells the same product at half the
12:54price for what reason are you going to buy from
12:56that company that is already going bankrupt and we
12:58are still going to generate more shortages
13:01that product is being sold at a 90
13:04percent discount at
13:06Rockefeller's company, yes, the bastard of the skin block
13:08that did this he was at a loss
13:10but he wants other companies angry
13:13but in this stop the woofer he became
13:15very powerful He already has more than
13:17half of the market in the United States
13:19You know that Mark Zuckerberg stop and
13:22when a company starts to grow, as
13:24was the case with Instagram and WhatsApp,
13:26he goes there and buys, so several
13:28companies did Exactly that, they
13:31were Theoretically a competitor to the
13:33Rottweiler, already thinking about Guapé read
13:35buying your company Cool But do you
13:37remember that I said a while ago that
13:39he didn't have condition to make as much
13:41oil as is needed for
13:43Vanderbilt so my friend now The
13:46situation is reversed he already produces
13:48so much oil that it represents
13:5098 percent of all oil made
13:54in the United States now it is Pander
13:56Beauty that is not keeping up with the
13:58amount of what is the rottweiler
14:01sending him, ok all the time I
14:04was just talking about Natan when I
14:06was talking about the rottweiler family But
14:08remember that there was a representative in Italy,
14:11France, Austria and other countries
14:13so the rock chairo family was already very
14:16powerful but no I liked the idea of ​​having to
14:18share wealth, so a
14:20very bizarre curiosity about the
14:22rock family, Charlie, you see cousins ​​marrying
14:25cousins, uncles marrying nieces and things
14:27like that, and that's why many people
14:30hated the guard family and him because
14:32they were very
14:33powerful, the most powerful family. powerhouse
14:35of Europe and all their wealth was
14:38established among themselves Ok, already in the
14:41United States, Vacation decided to form a
14:44partnership with John Scott, this guy was the
14:46second richest man in the
14:48United States at the time, which means
14:50Vanderbilt was always richest first and the
14:53Johnny Scott being second most alive and
14:55Skin having a partnership with both of them, how many
14:58times didn't he think that was cool and if you
15:00understand correctly what I'm saying, I
15:02'm telling you that the two richest men
15:04in the United States who were
15:06competing to see who would go stay with
15:09Rockefeller's service, I'm
15:11telling you that in practice he put the
15:13first and second richest man in the
15:16United States to work for him and that's
15:18how the Jund Rottweiler
15:21became the richest man in the world to
15:24give you an idea Willow musk, who is
15:27currently the richest man in the world,
15:29his fortune is more or less 200
15:31Billion Dollars Rottweiler, his
15:34fortune was over a trillion Dollars,
15:36just remember, oh Jack Morgan was the
15:39greatest banker in history because he not
15:42only He was a banker, like him, he also
15:44liked to monopolize anything he
15:47could find, in this case, Jack
15:49Morgan monopolized the steel industry,
15:52exactly like the Rottweiler did with
15:54oil, and to give you an idea,
15:56currently, Jack's bank is lukewarm, this is the
16:00biggest banks in the world and it is also
16:02among the most profitable banks in the world,
16:05so often with a
16:07family member without a great entrepreneur, it does not
16:10necessarily mean that the entire
16:12family will continue with the legacy that
16:14someone created, for example in the case of
16:16Rockefeller, he raised a trillion
16:19dollars, but currently his family has
16:22something around 420 million and that's
16:25because I'm talking about those who are
16:27Considering the value up there, many
16:29believe that the value of their family
16:31today is eight billion, being the 43rd
16:34richest family in the world and with the
16:36changes that There are always families in the world
16:38like the Bush family, from which
16:40George Bush came, the games family, from which
16:43Bill Gates came, who for a long time
16:45was the richest man in the world. In other words,
16:47today we have other very powerful families,
16:50for example, the Bush family AND the
16:52gay family, but the family is
16:54currently considered the richest in the world, it's the
16:56Hudson family, the creator is Alma, but remember,
17:00rock shared isn't on the list because it's
17:03very difficult to calculate your family's fortune
17:06as it's divided into several
17:08countries around the world.
17:11Conservatives, the Yorkshire family has
17:13something around 300 Billion Dollars,
17:16which, let's face it, is not a small amount, but for
17:18those who are not so conservative, they
17:20believe that this powerful family has
17:22more than 1 trillion Dollars, plus,
17:25according to the Swiss Federal Institute of
17:27Technology, the capital of the world
17:30is basically represented in 43 thousand
17:33companies Yes, I know you don't understand I
17:36'll explain to you imagine that you saw a
17:38video of the rich cousin and decided to invest
17:40your money in the vivo brokerage ok because
17:43you didn't want to invest in XP which is the
17:46biggest brokerage of Brazil, however, Rico
17:48is part of XP and XP is part of
17:51Banco Itaú. In other words, when
17:53you invest in Rico indirectly, you
17:56invest in XP and Itaú and that's where
17:59it gets bizarre because the withdrawals
18:01totaling all the money in the world exist
18:03something around 170 trillion
18:06dollars but only one hundred and seventy-
18:08four companies control all of
18:11this money so you can better understand
18:13what I'm trying to say, I'm
18:15saying that 174 companies directly or
18:18indirectly it controls the 43 thousand
18:21of which these 43 thousand are that
18:24directly or indirectly find everything in the world,
18:27so for example large companies can
18:29work with food, medicine, weapons,
18:31oil, among other things, so let's
18:34use food as a reference, let's
18:36assume that ten companies represent 99%
18:39of all milk that is made in the world, as
18:42milk is the most consumed food in the
18:44world, we know that the vast
18:45majority of foods require milk
18:48to be made. In other words, I'm
18:50telling you that few companies dominate the
18:54food industry, but you know what's
18:56bizarre. Remember I told you about 174 companies in
18:59which control directly or indirectly,
19:02practically the world, because around
19:05eighty-seven companies operate
19:07directly in the financial market,
19:09moving something around 390
19:12million. So look at the past, the
19:15families that dominated the world, we're
19:18talking about those who dominated the oil,
19:20financial market, steel, but when
19:23we are talking about today, we are still
19:25talking about the
19:26financial market, I saw a certain part of it, oil, but
19:30there is something that is very relevant
19:33today, technology, you can prove
19:36this by realizing that the most
19:38valuable company in the world today is Apple and
19:40then Microsoft, but here's some
19:43precious information, both the
19:45Rockefeller Morgan family and Hot
19:47Child are active in banks, I'm going to
19:51talk about something called
19:53fractional reserves, I'm going to explain how
19:55this fraud happens and it exists
19:57today Theoretically what should
20:01work like this, you put a million to
20:03react the bank the bank takes your one
20:05million reais and lends it to
20:07someone else and then that person who took out a
20:10loan from the bank will pay a
20:12monthly or annual interest to the bank and
20:15you who put the money in the bank, it will
20:17earn a part of that, so
20:18theoretically the bank can only lend
20:21an amount of money that it has,
20:23well, the fractional reserves went crazy,
20:25now the bank can lend 1
20:28billion reais, even though it only has
20:311 million, that's all. very wrong in
20:34which a crisis happens and everyone
20:36wants to take their money at the same
20:38time the banks would then fail but
20:40they don't fail you know why Because
20:42there is the central bank to lend
20:45money to the banks But what is
20:47causing banks to earn a lot
20:50money, but a lot of money, even
20:52today, is not what the Charlies did,
20:55that is, it is not making loans, it is doing
20:58what Kyuubi does. What does JP Morgan
21:01do? Currently, as you know, there are
21:04people who make money from the
21:06financial market, but if a person
21:08trades the stock market, of Securities can make
21:11millions at some point have you ever thought about
21:13how much a bank earns from the
21:15stock market and obviously banks don't
21:18operate the stock market with a reading of
21:20500 and bonates or anything else
21:23that doesn't actually work there the bias and
21:26Jack Morgan make billions through
21:29https to give you a very
21:32strange idea they take advantage of some
21:34market error to make many billions As
21:37was the case with George Soros who managed to
21:39do this with pounds sterling and
21:41BM&F managed to make more than 1 billion
21:44yen there is only 16 minutes but the biggest
21:47Trader in the world is called TIM Simmons
21:51operating with hf3 hfp stands for High
21:55Frequency trading in other words they are robots
21:58specifically for high frequency
22:02trading in other words an hft
22:05can make perhaps thousands or even
22:08millions of trades Per Minute
22:11according to some estimates around
22:13eighty percent of all
22:15negotiations that take place on the
22:18stock exchange are for hf3 I could even
22:21explain to you how the HQs do
22:22Puff arbitrations and things like that but
22:25this video would be huge So how did
22:27you understand with the end of the trading session
22:29speakerphone now the financial market
22:30is with technology whoever makes the most
22:33money are exactly the banks and
22:35brokerages that use hf3 they
22:38also use other ways but that
22:40will be the subject of another video But the
22:42question is nowadays who runs the
22:44world is the fan this acronym stands for
22:47Facebook Apple Amazon Netflix and Google
22:51just like in the past the Rockefellers and
22:54the Brookshires dominated the world
22:56nowadays these five companies are bigger and
23:00the world's banks so with that I
23:02hope you understood that one
23:04of the richest men in the world history
23:06Rockefeller and one of the richest families
23:08in history the tree blocks
23:10came from a poor reality and as the
23:13world is constantly changing whoever goes
23:15to the top of the richest person or
23:17richest families is exactly the one who
23:20best adapts to the changes of the market and
23:23fortunately the world has not had its
23:26change yet it is still changing and
23:29digital marketing is still just
23:31beginning and I have no doubt that
23:34I am now talking to one of the
23:36biggest references in digital marketing
23:39in the world soon so If you believe
23:42this and got this far, comment like this I
23:45am the protagonist of my story and
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How did the Rothschild family acquire their wealth?

The Rothschild family acquired their wealth through banking and finance, establishing one of the most successful financial dynasties in history. They made significant profits by funding different governments during war times and through international banking operations.

2. What is the focus of the video on the richest families in the world?

The video focuses on exploring the wealth of the Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Morgan families, highlighting how they acquired their wealth and their influence in the finance industry. It also touches on the concentration of financial power in a few corporations and the tremendous profits made by banks in the financial market.

3. How did the Rockefeller family amass their wealth?

The Rockefeller family amasses their wealth through the oil industry, particularly through the founding of Standard Oil Company, which became one of the largest and most successful oil companies in the world. They diversified their wealth into various sectors, including banking, real estate, and philanthropy.

4. What is the significance of the concentration of financial power in a few corporations?

The concentration of financial power in a few corporations leads to concerns about economic inequality and the influence of these corporations on global economic policies. It also raises questions about the impact on competition and market dynamics, as well as the potential for monopolistic practices.

5. How did the Morgan family accumulate their wealth?

The Morgan family accumulated their wealth through investment banking, notably through the formation of J.P. Morgan & Co., which played a pivotal role in financing major infrastructure and industrial projects in the United States. They were influential in shaping American finance and played a significant role in the consolidation of various industries.

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