💫 Summary
Alexey and Anastasia Arestovich discuss their family, hate, and presidential ambitions in an interview with Raminaeshakzai. They talk about their rich lifestyle, how they are portrayed in the media, their views on the situation in Ukraine, and their desire for Alexey to become president.
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The interview discusses the criticism and simplification of Alexey Rostovich's image, as well as the impact of political messages on public perception.
The interview aims to show that Alexey Rostovich is not as simple as portrayed by critics.
Simplification of information by certain sources leads to misconceptions about Rostovich.
The interview mentions the impact of political messages on public opinion about Rostovich.
The section discusses their family, being attacked, and their own internal world.
They talk about being attacked and reference Putin as the dragon.
They mention pretending to be dragons and flying like tanks.
They describe their own internal world and language.
The speaker discusses the training of reservists for the front and the challenges they face.
The speaker mentions the need for optics and radio stations for the soldiers.
They talk about the importance of training subordinates to be focused and disciplined.
The speaker shares a story about an instructor who got pregnant during training.
The section discusses the aspirations of Alexey to become the President of Ukraine and the benefits of a parliamentary republic.
Alexey has ambitions to become the President of Ukraine.
The speaker mentions the benefits of a parliamentary republic.
The speaker suggests that in a parliamentary republic, people do not choose their own hunger and the coalition chooses the prime minister.
00:00friends Hello, you are on the YouTube channel
00:02Ramines-Khadzai and the beans already had an interview
00:05on the YouTube channel of Alexey Rostovich
00:07mayonnaise water Amina with exay protym
00:10Yakupochnaya Vidal with cabbage auto like
00:12so that he uses it very quietly in
00:14recommendations and then Write a comment
00:17Today we have Alexey Rostovich I thought
00:20I I also recorded an interview with you, but it was
00:22based on the fact that you
00:25have been on decal YouTube channels for
00:28at least a day before analyzing the situation in Ukraine
00:32in the world and you are also rich, one can say
00:37a little, you are already rich in smoking and I want to
00:42show you, let’s say,
00:45at the certificate because that you are not
00:48so simple people as VSB wants to
00:50show this I want to show it is simple You are
00:55simplifying too much and this gives the opportunity to
00:59critics, you can give an example where I am
01:01simplifying where you are simplifying
01:05about the guilt of the colova it seems
01:08The soul is so
01:10cast on top of it
01:14people analyzed reasonable patterns And
01:18this is a choice Dekilka is a source of information
01:21and it’s
01:23simpler that these are the people of
01:28this information
01:47and you and Bonna jumped
01:51that we have uh more in Travni I found out there
01:56was an iron problem at the front But the
02:02of course contained I won’t release you are
02:04sailors students and so on top the whole
02:07sample will be there will be whole Well,
02:10you have an image of an arrest officer, two or three jokes, I
02:17figuratively say
02:19who wants to have your wife in your room,
02:24we want in this way said the above and would have
02:26also been arrested like this, just
02:29people on ex will get here you Of course,
02:31why does
02:33he want to understand the wallpaper that
02:43the Russians are serving? in ikebagatu they part with the
02:46image of those rifting on e our political
02:49panel such even lower Russians
02:50spit in the image of arrestovich and
02:52trumpovidiliat and political messages of
02:54proristovich arresting me quine
02:57but still with the simpler wine of
03:00Coke showing us there at the dacha here we
03:03can here we tried here we are
03:07presenting in lively tones, come on, let’s sell,
03:13throw them in and you
03:17want us to figure them out about the comments, I’m
03:21Chastovich of my relatives in the
03:26office, I’m a
03:31wide Tan, what
03:45kind of office did they give up another new apparatus?
03:50You are more to my
03:53native Ermak I look like a people's Ermak
03:55I'll just partially tidy up the shelf from
03:58Yarmak Well because I look like the head of the office I'm
04:00glad office ceramics
04:0315 times, maybe 16 for 2 hands Let's do this
04:1750 times a day and Pasha 50 days Putin
04:21the situation has changed, we'll tell you about
04:24Alexei Rostov, they are so
04:27knowledgeable about blackness and who your life was
04:32I think
04:41that Here behind the cordon we need to choose
04:44your life before there was nothing
04:47better I could have lunged drinks without a
04:51photo shoot two smokes so it was I myself who
04:54went on air and so we go to
04:57Fine broadcasts, I myself am there, I don’t know already in
05:01my own topic, schools have taught these
05:03basic idealities philosophically
05:05Psychologically this is the most And most of
05:08the statements are cycles of Buddhists in a lumpy place
05:11at least Once
05:14and another cyclones of people
05:17for the devastation were simply
05:21photographed, diluted, and so on I’m talking about the
05:24information monitor
05:38at the academy national defense to the end, the
05:41head of the bonus commission almost on
05:43Posad, this is also of personal significance. I’m just
05:45within the framework of one episode, and I also
05:49bribed you in the garden, he’s just
05:50showing you the cylinders in a more literate way, she
05:52knows how to assemble the
05:54admissions direct commissions that signify the
05:57narrow-minded price staff, but from the wire
06:02Personnel personnel and services of the GDR
06:26in the distant
06:36And my mother graduated from Kharkov
06:41your place has long gone to serve it was
06:433,500 above sea level in
06:44Georgia there it was possible to counter the tank he was
06:47opposite the head of the inter-district
06:49envy Well and then the staleness of that everything
06:52changed, that’s why the accountant and
06:54accounting courses and Putin is an accountant of the clan of
06:56my work
07:01and such such and such posadnye such
07:06who was your dignity
07:13three and a half above sea level
07:16I will sweep the goodness I'll sweep the clouds below
07:20and even more goodness I'll see like kolyma liquors
07:23sidala together Telavi cervimena she
07:27aerodromeke show I'm
07:30bachev I must kind I'm winning hands
07:33three and a half I was touching the clouds
07:36from above and was even blown away by the fact that he was
07:39talking about it in rubles so you’ll fly
07:41up on top of the clouds and
07:43there I already appeared. I’m worried
07:50the function should only be in the Georgian
07:53children’s ranks, the older one practically she
07:56diluted the Russian one because well, I’m a
07:58tank there were two Russian children of the
08:01Georgian Mom ran to the
08:03Georgian neighbor, they are carrying out this laying, we will also
08:06tell you when the house, the elder brother, the elder
08:09sister of Georgia came to school. I
08:11moved to Kiev in 5 hands, there my father already
08:13entered the Academy on occasion
08:16and through the hands. We arrived with a gold medal.
08:20We went there to the chief of staff of the regiment. the
08:26turned to Kiev already at the academy
08:28came along the scientific line, let’s say
08:30it’s like academically I graduated from
08:32school here 178
08:34entered the University of Kiev because
08:38marine biology was also slammed and at
08:41least in the chat and the cob of the 90s
08:43fell apart
08:45on sea biology and my biography is not
08:48I will, by inertia, fall in love with it because
08:51where to go and at the same time spend it Looks like a
08:54Black Square theater I've buried my soul I've
08:57dropped out of university Putin I'm writing to the army
08:59at home
09:00[music] I did
09:02n't say anything I'm writing
09:05the military registration and enlistment office I would sign up
09:11Why am I
09:14going to
09:17run around tomorrow and shoot all that he seems 94
09:23minka as a friend, in the army, you’ll be more likely to wave a broom at Charma, I was
09:26falling apart,
09:29what do you want to shoot at this Dybensky
09:33school, I went drops there, they served the house and the
09:36specialty is combat
09:38Well, the Odessa Institute of Free Whiskey
09:41I’m writing it was possible in Kiev, I wanted to
09:44squeeze myself at home,
09:45I’m very much this is the point of psychology
09:54psychological weed butt imperious notations on a baking sheet
09:59communicates through
10:04and I took the whole fight seriously
10:11dad Luda in parts
10:17did not go anywhere And the sister of the house Makhla
10:21Alana went all here with a knife day
10:24on left Kiev still an infection with your
10:26fiery ball I am
10:32Medic Nevin was a tactical was a
10:39I paint I think about them it seems
10:46and others in
10:49Mariupol his share of the knowledge is already at home
10:54now Davin’s nephew is hanging out in one
10:58of the monthly likarevs and in one of the missions,
11:01pawning himself to buy more in the scab, it’s vital to
11:03buy everything, you can see everything when you’ll
11:06hear them in the forest
11:08and 40 major 41 trumpet to buy the name
11:12Arrestovich in your office it’s supposed to be
11:16for different Everything is fine, but it was
11:18just the situation there, also the
11:21Russian special services The
11:24paratrooper, of course, is not boom-boom that Well,
11:28the drugs are
11:31really still
11:34large-scale fluorine I
11:37was at the address you knew
11:45such information
11:54that there brother sister could be Well, like,
11:57in case you find the first two, they
11:59will step on the goat, the daughter found a
12:05dudinka in the next shoe, they found
12:08one and then less. They were dads
12:20in three, there were three more, I’ll explain, we were attacked
12:23and the dragon here is
12:25Putin, who is older in the pack I pretend
12:28that there are dragons Can you fly
12:30like a tank and there yes and then I will say
12:33that my people can pretend and
12:35then I will say that people are just
12:37dragons themselves and we will seem just
12:39Russian Viska already in 6 hands
12:46I thought today
12:49you were in a public field A by virtue of tikao, I framed
12:53Alexey's wife Rostovate interview
12:56price to be
12:58at home
13:00and an
13:02hour I could
13:08axis And at a time it takes longer I'm
13:14pouring me just
13:17zone of discomfort with factories mentally so that
13:21I can be served I live like this in
13:26my own world we are not friends comfortably on
13:29odense with ourselves and we in this language on the right
13:33we have our own such internal camera on the
13:35Atmosphere and
13:39all the excitement
13:45this is still skin
13:52pricking publicity supposedly I met
13:55and jimping you
13:59get to know us We are at the school of the author's school
14:02Byron I came to persion classes there
14:05we shot myself and I immediately your coupe dates
14:13sutovichutyam this is the understanding king your
14:17favorite share and
14:21another 6k here for the creator Putin is bezlus
14:26Yes such a phrase watch Euro-1 The Union still has
14:31a hedgehog with a trailer and the last Keith is
14:35punished like this so Alexei has already got the
14:37third sloop in it, I have two children as a jinka
14:42you are already the third boat son Where would I
14:55alone I already knew his guilt myself, having told it once
14:59and it
15:02was not easy to forget a simple one
15:08Why is everything kind not supposedly discomfort I am
15:14new and have been new for a long time
15:17with bushes at a time Vince squirrel with the squads
15:21and with the children in Yak their outings cape at the bags
15:25We are in the rich suckers with
15:31his wrapping, I
15:34also like to read, we need to increase it for the
15:38vantage for the difference one
15:42hour comes, maybe he is already rich, at least our
15:46son because for Sashka she gave him that
15:51we are 24 waters,
15:54all of mine, one of us
15:58is now on after all, at a time
16:01she can say this Sasha soul
16:06yoga there even before the cob of guilt in
16:11valaxia there was a soul such
16:14loading shafts for this
16:17purpose you can say habitually habitually it is
16:20already necessary to
16:22capture the whole face of a
16:29full-scale Tuesday often you
16:33I often
16:41oh we will have a
16:44nasty day morning and so skin wound
16:46cream of the weekend was on the weekend
16:50Yakusil Alexei is trying so hard Sash such
16:53invented Kus
16:58more by a person You can the
17:02film can release it for all the coffee
17:06directly for rent We are thinking about practical
17:09vessels on the viscos my initiative
17:12happiness for the deputies there is also a brush
17:16in me
17:18nobility about yaks there furnishings Yes, mutually
17:23and at home about guilt about politics and they
17:28also give out his broadcast from stamped feyen
17:30so bath thirst disappears that cup and I
17:35put it in and sit down to sleep for 9 months already falling asleep with
17:41bedtime stories
17:43ID I think we’re not really pressuring him
17:48Write comments I’ve already learned to write and often ask
17:53waving to him,
17:55I write to him directly live broadcast that
17:58Sashka check Come on And we don’t want to know
18:02often tries to plunge Why am
18:14I signed up by the Institute of Upatropa in the course
18:17officer of the Kiev Institute of similar claims
18:20for broken fact
18:24actual boom at the tank faculty
18:27because first I have to take coursework
18:29I’m there iconogo will be
18:32monitoring almost
18:34his boss
18:52it’s on the back in everything just one of
18:55eight like a Rasta vase the bag
19:00was a Colonel General I’m
19:03a lieutenant Well where Tell me about the period
19:05to go you can already develop the routine
19:08on whom and the type the views the shafts authoritative
19:12Israeli forum Yes, the Security Council passed off as a
19:14Russian viscous Yes, it would be
19:28I’m a captain, I need it urgently,
19:40first get involved on the forum Putin in
19:43a personal message, we’ll
19:44be there One, two, three, I see I thought that
19:48he would be scared with a Russian temple. Well,
19:50who gave the information was
19:57just extorted by the service and Yes, there’s
20:02cool information already on the mask
20:04maybe there was a
20:07program there to prepare for the
20:10fate of hostilities in Chechnya there and
20:12so on and so on here is the
20:17Chechen company
20:192000 2004
20:30hands of the past on everything they write that the clown scoundrel is a bastard
20:33and so on I’m promoting
20:44the Russians on the Israelis
20:46there is an
20:47Israeli forum
20:48Well, we just rewarded they
20:51believed you And you are such a hut, it means
20:53you turned out to be deceiving us You are the
20:55truth, Ukrainian officers are Russian
20:57there and so on and so forth
21:00sweet souls Or maybe we have already revealed our
21:03cards on what mission you were on in Moscow we
21:04can I against you let’s
21:07say so with
21:10access to Russian
21:47this information and the goal was to throw an
21:49operation on continued there, the
21:51pedryv was all well, the bombers and I was the
21:55one there it continued and the muse
21:58in Wild is still rich, you can say in the fourteenth
22:00lesson the soul came in handy it’s still there we
22:02read it on our butt was from the
22:05list of those who studied on Lake
22:06Seliger And on the lake for those who studied on
22:09Lake Seliger everything became the basis
22:13I’ll write the shock
22:16Limonovites there, all the rest of us and so
22:20were waiting with open arms
22:23because we are kids in
22:27computer science to do everything to confess that
22:30I am
22:32Nikola they are trying
22:39precisely the need
22:42that hangs out wide, they have so much hungered for me and
22:45love me so much I confess on I confess all
22:48this is already logged by who who
22:50people Go to YouTube suppress more about
22:55you just idiots like that wants to
22:58promote if they take me I’m an arrestor it
23:00can he’s on the topic right away Exhale
23:04seriously surprises Here yes, where am I and where is
23:07some young man who comes out on
23:09YouTube and with his twenty-three
23:11thousand harbingers it seems Well,
23:14Aristovich is buffalo tests and they reckon I
23:16was there in the direction
23:20You gap
23:28on the other side
23:30spit an analytical thought from such a
23:33high tower
23:37honestly kind Tell me what you can
23:39spread the word about that trip and about So the
23:46details come out
23:54intelligence com falcons Well, there are intelligence officers
24:02about your career and the
24:07career of the temples informative
24:2317 Quidnaya to the Kramatorsk airfield I and
24:26the video on the Internet Well, the underlined
24:28Kramatorsk is just choked up by the Russians
24:34the airfield was not stormed by Evgeniy Yalyshev
24:37we will be overgrown by the lieutenant colonel colonel of
24:38the embankment one was the captain of the castle of the
24:41endor of the commandant's office Fallen
24:44Paratroopers if the riders
24:48commander of the badgers Yak him
24:51and the alphas in other attacks when he attacked the
24:55sight of the Russians the objects are just
24:58Komarovsky I arrived
25:02and I’m asking my father if you have
25:11started Well, I have
25:15good socks I need the optics of
25:18the radio station and
25:20that the soldiers of the soldier can be the naked
25:22boss of the radio station nature on the
25:25two-digit butch survive and uproot for
25:27Donetsk and Yakshubin, pulled up, I’ll paint with
25:31bulletproof vests socks can contact
25:34him throw I’m mostly
25:37on the Internet, that is, I’m happy on
25:40radio stations and on the optics of a rich hedgehog
25:44nothing stupid nothing
25:48Clearly I the targets took their instructors
25:51there, such guys
25:54and targets into the training program
25:56is called people's reservists,
25:59for some reason we train people for the front to train
26:02your subordinates to be iron as you want
26:04so that they are never distracted. They
26:07fired in someone else's sector, so
26:10half of us were those who were moving
26:15just for themselves we wanted a lime
26:18pear to gain the minimum Feed the people at
26:21the training ground it was a good brother and so on
26:25bought equipment there and so on
26:31paid for the training in the temple lay And
26:37Julia the trip was an instructor
26:43Andrei Lesogor maintains the house
26:46once lays out right for the rasparteon
26:49exactly the reservist but tea in viscose places a
26:51knock of guilt in the women's 9 month and the
26:55one who activities the
26:57feeling of vanities Yes Putin ours spent on the
27:03rubber plots of the front and it began, but
27:05here we are with such a situation here
27:08a penalty
27:09could come to the place came And then the
27:12wife will start wearing makeup
27:15to learn the power butt
27:19I'm mostly on Mariupol directly to the
27:23Slavic sector I had and so on
27:26until St. Petersburg up to the genitals
27:2915 hands I was this same
27:33creasing Alabigs before I became a kolycha there
27:37was Anarchy the reception room they fed they
27:39let them in they were like that Arriving and
27:42chopping you want school began And on what
27:43basis are you here I said
27:45that Guys,
27:46I’m still there, I’m here, we’re not
27:50hunting Well, Putin’s squad is visible
27:54and so on there was a folding period
27:56purely about us having to live
27:58because I was saving up for an apartment or for a long time at the
28:00front it’s
28:02stupid to live on little and the whole whole
28:05story to there before the ladder I was
28:08busy there, maybe I came in
28:15and 18 I wanted to pull something out
28:18front line infantry Well, because I’m an
28:21officer in an ordinary strategic level
28:23strategic level village I
28:26wanted to pull out brushes line and
28:27line infantry in battle I’ll
28:30write to another brigade in the quarters of the head of the
28:32search for the brigade and he was commanded by
28:35a classmate and on the face of one of one of the
28:37training companies
28:39Ruslan and I turned on him,
28:42take it, take it, I wanted to be the boss, it turns out
28:51we were standing in Svetlodar dope, Well,
28:55they were there a little less a little less
28:57reluctance, I was there trying and then she
29:00Punish the team for accounting for the extra
29:03vlaklofisk of the General ass us who tortured
29:07the passes in the developed departments of the land
29:09and were simply punished for as long as you
29:12served there, well, I’m still serving there. I’m on a
29:19for 14 15
29:24going beyond the front line
29:28is divided into 2 when all the gray zone you
29:32go beyond your line to portable
29:33content income is less there additional charges I
29:37was there and there and believe me and 330 figure of
29:40speech so 33 thanks to the prices it’s definitely not
29:43exactly pedrophonic because there were days
29:45when 4-5 goes out
29:55along these very same there the drone
29:57was dropped there before reconnaissance there then there everything
29:58then for civilians just excavated well,
30:02radiated into there would be
30:05different ways I changed clothes
30:08and didn’t change clothes from Petru we’ll do
30:11the work and the people can
30:13seriously people
30:16confirm the father on YouTube There are both
30:19lower back list of the child of
30:21rich people you know it was Well that same one
30:50and I think you are now with friends I knew
30:52that there was guilt because that friends Misha, we
30:54are going to the same Brigade
30:56and Well, my theatergoers, let’s say so, he had everything
31:00packed around I’m here in the car for the wound
31:04Andrey Yarmak said that you were consumed in the
31:07office Come on over, let’s talk I say, well, let’s say
31:09I sent them
31:12to the office there in the office so this all
31:15these little things are stunned by the fact that it’s wine Well,
31:18and the food like who was given out the stands
31:21because President Mikhail showed behind the political
31:23the podolyakness of those who adored it,
31:25you know it comes out I went out and
31:29so these friends
31:38there are all of ours All of ours that’s all
31:44and that picace
31:48but the water doesn’t feel sorry for us truth
31:57[music] in the
31:592003 lesson I wrote out a report, I was about to
32:02occupy myself in Crimea, I also gave you a PM,
32:06apply more Russians and networks with trying
32:15in Crimea, supposedly it was 93 96, the old man himself was
32:18about to issue passports, the rate was on
32:20Russian claim pensioners, my
32:24wife started there
32:27[ music] the
32:32crow is still old national Ukraine
32:36on patrols, what it came to was Our
32:39attack aircraft were such a
32:43demonstrative protective headquarters of the
32:44Black Sea Fleet and before the combat swims of all the
32:47Bulls were killed, the Bulls were placed there and Specifically, the
32:49task of minimizing ships in the weak
32:51came there, well, the whole Tuzla history
32:54became entangled in
32:55Putin’s attempt
32:58to organize aggression against Ukraine
33:00Putin said
33:09he tried what I want to see Two
33:12brothers of the people and members of the provocateurs
33:16In the end, the Russians will still succeed from the
33:19work, it
33:23was possible to work, it was possible to replace
33:26and completely even attacked like that in general in
33:282003 what changed was that everything was for the
33:32mayor and the army was not for anyone consumed
33:34at risky laughed Yes, and laughed
33:36until 14 hands
33:41and on the way to 2003 to 2014
33:48to 2014
33:57company you would be in the place of Russia Vietnam
34:01now Belarus
34:03and went to the rhythm because the scarlet
34:08regions of Ukraine situation
34:32on the cob of wine but they spend from 30 up to
34:3570,900 days are shifted entirely by personnel and
34:39mobs are needed for warriors,
34:41it’s known that it’s just overgrown with accumulating
34:43Belarus, understand Viska there are 10 thousand and mainly the
34:47Belarusian initial base because
34:49Thirst for parts in the USSR there were extinguished training grounds there it is
34:55known wants to accumulate accumulate
34:59for the thunderstorm our primary
35:05downloads so that what
35:12will happen to him is coming but
35:14tserabanokopychu t-35-40 at least thousand
35:17Viska on these schumans right at once I want
35:20Tim and continue to drive for another two or three
35:23months you can take a pause for hoofing
35:27You’re digging up what are you mine like
35:34armored vehicles Belarusians
35:41naval from naval NZ
35:44they were 300 thousand unable to
35:47recognize it on called up 243 thousand
35:50became that of which less than 50
35:54armor is located on three that sits in the
35:57barracks and gym and riot in the thermal baths of
35:59Kazan near Kursk because it’s just not
36:04supposed to cross she will be able to
36:12keep up with Iran and
36:16Korea Artillery ammunition and randoy
36:19drones and missiles from all over the world and so
36:22on All one thing is to take out the lids, the view of the
36:25drone workshop in Kamikaze No, well, people, in
36:27principle, have a
36:31different light [
36:34it’s also just
36:43because the missiles are firing scabs
36:45from the
36:46shores for temple legs 2020
37:07in Ukraine such 10 zhov It wasn’t
37:10typical 600 I’ll hear everything about my son everything and
37:14in richer
37:18600 I’m my new development these are there I’m
37:22probably 200 pieces of hummingbirds everything can I
37:26Iskanders pieces of head heads to drink 200
37:40categorically fences are
37:43just a
37:44healthy load and with bacterial
37:51and in the Russian Federation in 2014, Rick
37:56knew your forecast of the seller if
37:58coffins start mass protests in
38:00Russian cities, now one hundred thousand
38:03are needed 100 thousand personnel obtained at a time, we
38:10no longer protest, they can smell the skin of the
38:13future 600 thousand for fish you
38:17mean in the skin of the skin of the Russians she
38:19will be at least one in Ukraine
38:24Tsarstvoryumova for a protest for shoes
38:28what we are for now while
38:31we are Why riots of mobilized
38:38families Why did you ask
38:46mobilized Russians I still think
38:49Davidmidka 100 you forecast this is 6 years and
38:54time Why everyone processes Which through the
38:56singing stage Maybe this is who will be created by
38:59the mind of the target, they are searing another
39:01multi-channel task,
39:06put cameras from the target sea and the
39:08brownie earthly She would count the interview to
39:10record the
39:19decisive rights and the bold old
39:26Joke was a company of 23 oaks and then 10
39:30hands of guilt in Iraq 15 Americans
39:35[ music] of
39:41your capabilities in mid-June, she
39:44will never be strong again in this conflict, powerless
39:46only it was not even going to be
39:49your forecast for betrayal
39:54before everyone
39:56knows that the bathroom there bought these
39:58Iranian clunkers, it is known what is on this
40:00quiet Korean ammunition, it is known that the
40:02war has mobilized people and Lets all the
40:05sprat walls of the
40:10Russian Ukraine 170-190 thousand on the cob
40:14Tuesday personnel there were 250
40:17other sealants of the body of the Temple of the so-
40:20called LPR Russian 50
40:27170 190 pull it on the fern watch, don’t
40:32become so that it can be wiped but with zeal
40:34then the Personnel
40:36professional is clear that he is
40:38real, I will sweep your forecasts of the floor
40:44rendered one more of the dolito to settle everything
40:47and then there were forecasts even before the winter overgrown
40:50with you forecasts still
40:52won’t be black bread Putin’s lebedeviki
40:59coup risk of Russia
41:05well, well, let’s say so food in Russia
41:12continue quickly to
41:19lay the Russian oligarchs of the river
41:23in the Russian brood until Vlad’s soul on
41:26profitable Of course,
41:32two hands having been Vlad about 22 hands of
41:35Yanukovych Vladi and the generation grew up
41:38kept the service always there
41:41Vikin's oligarchs big plus
41:44such a system
41:58you also knew the process the
42:01plague went from the place of what she became
42:03shady And here we
42:06know we at one time discussed more
42:11wine for him residential to lead a wine prosthesis of what it will be one
42:16hundred percent subordinated to the
42:20blockade of house 23 and all the same, we are
42:26especially constant for a small goodbye, a little
42:30Cola cob of
42:32wine in the hall We had 14 such
42:37Cola wine starts there 500 km away and outside the
42:41window there is a massacre of speeches and I will be
42:45without knowing them either we stipulated this, we
42:52according to the furnishings, I will develop a hoodie
42:57and already 24
43:01We left Ukraine and my son and I turned back
43:05for two months in an injury,
43:08chicory turned to Alexey, from this you said that I
43:11would be landing troops at a time and in them
43:15I generally address Yes, the Citadel
43:21you will sweep information
43:28for 10 Halloween
43:32managed because
43:38already In such a serious tone
43:47Seriously this has already started to ring The
43:49situation is so critical I
43:51really have to do this I was there in
43:5430 seconds once she was alive went through
43:59all the stages of acceptance Yes
44:03C and
44:06temptation there tried to steal the
44:11height in 10 minutes
44:13Ajax would have to think about it in the basement, I was at
44:20we lived in a private hut and I was
44:26digging soup for Galiev, she was so
44:30excited about the forecasts, we were for her sake. I thought that such a thing would
44:36wash and Yes, you sat down.
44:41And you had an alarm suitcase, I
44:44climbed in like a joke. Well, I she gathered
44:48doctors, she was there for at least
44:5212 days.
44:57Well, on the offensive, we had already left the Cordon
45:01and you could also call us with a backpack. We
45:05spent two months behind the cordon, exchanged
45:07all the bones we needed on ourselves,
45:21we rode in the hall, then how did we then follow the same ones
45:27outside the cordon, well, those are
45:31better for ourselves I would have left I was
45:35supposedly Tynu was going to
45:39Ukraine Yes, I bit my son, put him in the
45:43car, put a special chair for
45:46our two dogs,
45:48put it away from this dogs, even though the boys already
45:53left, 12 has passed, I
45:56think the infection
45:59was as if
46:02our dogs were at home, tell them for their ringworm, I’ll deal with him a
46:09new one took these dogs, closed the
46:13help, I didn’t know the medals would be
46:20half of the Jacobite wine on the same day we
46:24drove from them to our friends
46:28the dog was all good, the contagion loans
46:32were the healthy one to whom it was given, this one
46:35was not foldable
46:37Ukraine went, but we left the site
46:40for Poland and then where in Europe they
46:43changed in two months I achieved we
46:48look we can yes
46:50we will be comfortable also we knew
46:53it di on the skill we are leaving Yes I achieved it
47:00honestly it seems I didn’t find anything
47:03suitable sharks in general it was possible your
47:09decision by turned around it’s already
47:14possible to dodge in travni
47:18but I’m renting, she
47:23may know her own vichete even beyond the cordon, it’s a
47:25terrible situation because there
47:30was no fighting, I
47:34drove into Ukraine while sweeping and I went straight to him from the cordon,
47:43you’re funny
47:53it can dry out, then absolutely any
47:56conditions are overgrown, he predicts winter for us already at
47:59school tightly
48:04I plan for the horse And the video doc I
48:11and we can provide for the children not one hundred
48:16and Comfort still you go out in
48:21public at a time full
48:23reveals the
48:27special special prices here for giving birth to you
48:31district police officer I understandably admit I
48:36will float she you have instructions
48:45on instructions protocols where are you now
48:4814 dollars in earth I'm in the corner so I'm going
48:53wife in general terms Which means you know right
48:56from your hand in your keiki
48:58And I know the riverbed in ninety hands we
49:03ourselves walked from school to that manager Ali and
49:06mothers she tried so that I for
49:10my concern,
49:12well, the school and there will be a squad of
49:17ex-variants to and definitely the most
49:19popular people on
49:21you don’t know
49:25what can be said for mine such
49:32without telling us, he gave away with him social ones
49:35who didn’t know
49:38they it itself will be deeper than NATO there He’s
49:42already studying without an intermediary, sailing on the
49:45mannequin from the descent, I cashmakis
49:51rights and shoes skida and bajans is now
49:54working You can also voice the
49:56situation of the kiwi forecast
50:02[music] there
50:04was another one and explosives and quickly there
50:09I know everything
50:19I’m still not in the air with new people I let you into
50:24my cola and at the expense of my sour people, then
50:27I Doo already sprinkled on the cob
50:31you admit the head goes away
50:34bury them
50:37for separation
50:42God still Well, what they recognize by the last name is so
50:51and asked for a summary
50:53Well, for halita at a time we ask to take a photo
50:57and kalym from Alexei then India reason So
51:02he can try to be razizy now 5 of them let's
51:06talk about the krytoku Why is it revealed to lie
51:09in social mirages and among themselves
51:12Luda's conflict Luda was drilling the sharks
51:14did not know yet and you have already risen it was
51:18known still Buddha
51:20full-scale Tuesday why it was
51:22included there it is not giants
51:25weasel Kiev region inch regions
51:32And I had no knowledge Whoever was not
51:35known to Putin of
51:37the mature category Putin did not know that it would
51:40be Tuesday
51:42I knew that having called everything was familiar and
51:44my invasion would be a friend
51:47Find such notices in the history of mankind I will
51:50already punish about modern history whatever
51:52he wants
51:55again At least one jumps Israel is already
51:58picking up programs
52:01and so on and so on 80 Rocky what does she
52:10There it was great formally it started
52:13on a specific day
52:25although the blow was terrible and I looked
52:33because in 2000 life and 2 million
52:36pissed on this one
52:39one percent of
52:43400 thousand per month
52:46was a blow from the side I was falling apart I was
52:49having fun with the second Israelis
52:51were fighting their hands pulled for 300,000 km
52:55those who took without intermediaries
53:00and you can say throw it in Why did 400
53:02thousand die for her to correct
53:07such a declared solution visco
53:09political portability of Ukraine
53:10office Of course, the
53:17was the dates to hack our economy were
53:20scary, he
53:24said Yes, she
53:27said crazy and didn’t retort And
53:31half ran away, one and
53:35a half billion was
53:38But Zarkhona Who wants to
53:40pump up went to the embassy and there
53:43Regini’s dad was investors all the departures and departures of
53:45going into business and so on so on,
53:46the presentation was correct, I said
53:48that the guys
53:51bought the shells for the block so that
53:54in order, today it was and in the bar
53:58with it it would also be purchased from the
54:00armored vehicle
54:10from the Kiev region I said You wo
54:13n’t have war everywhere, only in the Kiev
54:14region of the
54:18country ink
54:32for 3 million they also fished the effect Well,
54:37Klitschko is not even a bastard scumbag,
54:40I read that it would have been such an
54:44evacuation, the one who is huge will bear the blame I
54:46will not Allah Kharkov Chernigov sums of the
54:49river we will take out and about all the attacks It’s
54:51just that we have such a divorce in
54:54February Yes, we need the Saint Valentina
54:56is so guilty
55:00These people were evacuated, then I think
55:03you are the kind of people who got into the location I got
55:06evacuated, which
55:13means the minced meat is tickling the
55:17neighboring Budino alarm clock
55:22150 meters, I’m evacuating all my Hordes
55:25on the high side, I survived here in my mind,
55:29you can throw them in so that we all went,
55:31of course, and I got hairy, and then
55:33from somewhere in Poland or Amsterdam
55:36and it seemed like, well, why
55:38didn’t you realize, comrade, I was in a black
55:39T-shirt, my hair was all hairy, I still don’t
55:42want to tell you, I’m hairless, and those
55:45who can hear themselves to buy them
55:46personally the road was not looking for everyone,
55:48of course,
55:51and so on
56:20the decision is so simple,
56:26I am a Ukrainian officer, I swore an oath to the
56:29Ukrainian people, I am forging my
56:31tasks before, below me, I will put them on the
56:33richly most proactive on the richly given
56:35nishtyah there, well, I’m all zabacha given nishtyah
56:39Who wants to
56:40set it
56:47was necessary to set a task number to overcome they
56:51climbed just on the face we will help and
56:55also get visible effects effect for a
56:57calmer effect there is an image of the psyche
56:59and so on
57:12I think
57:19in the area there was still a lot of strength coming to an end
57:25and on the BST
57:30She ​​first now is definitely in Russian
57:33to leave people they are fighting The
57:36partisans could fight and there
57:39are no Russians to conquer all of them,
57:42nothing is lost in the regiments the volumes
58:06that are
58:10still engaged there are the skin of those arresting strong people,
58:19in short, he is busy if you are
58:21overgrown in May,
58:24of course you have to plow so that there are misses, I am
58:28surprised at myself, some sergeants May hour
58:30crush yourself feel a thought there about the
58:33officer about what they said, you are standing
58:36in the icons of your tasks, you are
58:38still completing your tasks, but I want to
58:40tell you the Russians are strong, strong, such and a
58:44strained city, so tell them to make
58:54such cheesecakes
58:57Well, we had an interview with Stavrom project
59:01chief of staff
59:04Azov wine finds all in Mariupol and
59:10Guf access to your broadcasts before
59:13you started the devacuation surrendered Apollo and
59:16his thought still required kazaty on treb
59:19sacrifice seriously Russia seriously
59:25such a thought You can even think
59:29what you want in ambushes
59:44normal and valuable price just the same
59:48I’m very Russian and I’m conveying my thought
59:54with the goal of Think Well, he’ll praise Russia,
59:58what’s the problem? He wants to praise the Russians,
01:00:01I’ll ask for a
01:00:03strong Heap of Niyakin was
01:00:08I ordered the honor itself Russia is stronger than the temple of the video
01:00:10of him, not a complete
01:00:13idiot for, let’s
01:00:15say, there are
01:00:20tons of people hanging out behind the drakes that are turned off now. long rear
01:00:23sight Stalin, who seemed to be Yakisi on its own,
01:00:28Ivans, let’s say,
01:00:31the sets are poured onto the careless I would
01:00:43then I would also start you
01:00:46published the Heat and highlighted them, so I’ll
01:00:49change the rest of the
01:00:51kolybs of drone fire and you
01:00:55published lyudmilus harness and wrote
01:00:59that - I said something catchy about it there. I didn’t
01:01:09remember anything on all my social networks so that
01:01:18on Instagram
01:01:21I’ll check Instagram
01:01:44every day. I’ll cover myself with a white
01:01:47washcloth and almost empty ones in the Big
01:01:50Cemetery from here there’s a psychological release,
01:01:52she needs about these very beings
01:01:56btf I think she’s laughing still hung up
01:02:01Why does he think that you are doing everything these
01:02:03temple defense forces who she
01:02:12and has already conceived a paper a friend in
01:02:18the distance surrenders Putin’s victims deserved
01:02:22but also the
01:02:33district police officer hung on the truthful
01:02:35information of
01:02:56the promenade
01:03:01I love myself as a person As they say
01:03:04Alexey, be careful with jokes so that I can tell
01:03:08him listen super will
01:03:11depending on who says
01:03:14Yarmak will say Alexey Andrey Boris I
01:03:18love you In order for
01:03:21such torture to happen in the mind Why I
01:03:24love her
01:03:28because I came up with such an idea
01:03:33on YouTube yes you seem to have kicked out the
01:03:38Demon of the call of the sickly lad you
01:03:40understand from him I’m taking a room for
01:03:42left hand and four and a half hours
01:03:44that arrived in an instant, I
01:03:46look at my eyes, then if you drive this comrade away,
01:03:48he will return, but in 4 hours we kicked the hell
01:03:50out and I returned the child in this
01:03:52look, I saw when there was a settlement, I
01:03:54saw a lot
01:04:10with reasonable interest in efficiency Well
01:04:12here you go, here's an
01:04:14Instagram post on Instagram I don't know who is there, what am I
01:04:19besides, I'll ask the language, maybe 10 times with a
01:04:23haircut, I've been waiting for an update,
01:04:28the information will seem to you, I've already started
01:04:39Well, of course, we like you,
01:04:47and psychology is a thing called
01:04:49tuning later vision
01:04:51I'm saying something to the dads about the crazy nahabik
01:04:54is nearby guys This is anti-scientific
01:04:56nonsense you're helping
01:05:02a lot I'll eat but that's reasonable People are like that
01:05:05People reasonable people seem to be a demon Okay, that
01:05:07means the demon means
01:05:11he explained and there he also
01:05:17brought up I brought up the waist position
01:05:23I think even
01:05:26before your man I
01:05:29love him [ __ ] and then quickly
01:06:11I can’t say that
01:06:16you and I are thinking about chipani I’ve been
01:06:18reading the comments
01:06:21there for a long time, a normal mandarin, he
01:06:25can still blame someone there and friends or so on
01:06:28Instagram I’m reading from here a witch and I don’t know
01:06:32sticker issues in Galaxy
01:06:36that But here it quickly arrives to you in Direct,
01:06:42I wrote to Alexey about the
01:06:45guilt schedule, I also wrote to you in Direct with roses, I
01:06:50opened it, I read it, I lived in Well, I’m
01:06:53just now deleting his image,
01:06:57well, you can work the
01:07:06words and it will change to the right,
01:07:10Alexei just started
01:07:13I'm deleting who di it was the hvelya glo of the studios
01:07:18Alexia sold it, they
01:07:21turned it up She's not showing him anything, I'm
01:07:23not going through anything Well, you're so
01:07:26calm, it's just your character J tse
01:07:29vakhira the shares are already there You're a psychologist
01:07:36calling I also get rich in tea and I get the idea for
01:07:41that even for Said with simple pokes you
01:07:45’ll paint to live and the loyal one
01:07:48is dad and you can say that I’m on
01:07:52fair too, I’m still there, not a cent of
01:07:55kale, I definitely smoothed it out for me
01:07:59sonorously sonorously
01:08:04We concentrate at a time on the hate and
01:08:08a lot of riches and
01:08:12even rich people cat guys
01:08:18I’ll come out with a stormy life on my Twitter account on
01:08:23Instagram and I’ll see you at 9 and I hope it’s
01:08:28still going strong and quit you would have started
01:08:33it’s master course positive psychotherapy
01:08:36in general and it helps lived wine the most
01:08:39positive psychotherapy one of the ideas is
01:08:43self-pomich and it’s known that it helped I
01:08:47said than we will be a
01:08:49tenfold dose of this in the field of psychology
01:08:54and former in different
01:08:58psychology before helpingmonizar with
01:09:02liquid movah
01:09:06guilt inside strongly life socks maybe a
01:09:11village we are so here it is necessary helping
01:09:15advises me to a psychotherapist
01:09:20prices there are zones of my interest from me to
01:09:24you these are two psychologists In the same
01:09:27apartment Well, since I’m a positional
01:09:30psychologist and
01:09:35Vin, what makes him happy is that he also brings his
01:09:42knowledge and knows how to transfer it to our
01:09:45fast life, and there’s also
01:09:48my idea of ​​consulting relatives,
01:09:55we just have his mother in the hall and
01:09:59they will please the necessary bone it is known that I
01:10:01can wrap myself up in Galaxy, we won’t
01:10:04please something, you blurred it out with him, it’s their
01:10:07person, the person they love understands
01:10:11now, then I need it, I’ll already wrap it up for
01:10:14him Yak to a specialist
01:10:16You said the kind of thing we’re against
01:10:20telling you for a consultation and who the
01:10:23loader is running here, everything is fine
01:10:29Besides, it’s just like I’m going to the
01:10:32Wieliczka parade that the elephant started the
01:10:39interview, she started from the cob
01:10:44and from the platform We decided that maybe he’s
01:10:47working right now, and
01:10:56we’re in the veins of all sorts of smells and you think it’s already
01:11:01possible Because it’s a
01:11:03great experience to find
01:11:08people are writing interviews, maybe they’re trying, well, in the
01:11:12mountains about good Russians, I’m there, this is
01:11:17data on broadcasts,
01:11:20and to the thinnest Russians, well, I’m
01:11:26we can have this data, and in the
01:11:30jelly from the result of your work in
01:11:36well, there’s food for grabs and to show the
01:11:40corners of the
01:11:42bubble to show an autobiography so that their
01:11:44parents visited and the person What does it mean not to
01:11:46show to sail away the
01:11:48work of our special services he is
01:11:52the special services on the basis of our
01:11:57natural Russia natural Namakuds
01:11:59and the soul the right to fight just
01:12:05straight just like that and they fight Just
01:12:09under the bakhmut for a long time such feats that
01:12:12my mother showed the
01:12:14Russians to mix the Ukrainians
01:12:17to get
01:12:30Legion of Freedom of Russia with the result of your
01:12:36more often, yes, supposedly perhaps
01:12:40one cob
01:12:42I feel here is a big firsa feyen
01:12:47in life
01:13:07and what can you tell
01:13:12Oleg will choose the effectiveness of informative
01:13:14work is
01:13:16rich in experts, you see it seems that we
01:13:18won the informative guilt with something in
01:13:21Russia He is completely with their 6 billion
01:13:23dollar budgets, here is the mind from the beginning of the
01:13:25conflict, we would golovin, and who from the
01:13:27conflict site says
01:13:28Ukraine and so on,
01:13:33you are a scumbag, the
01:13:41name of the office was taken by
01:13:47her, my thought, the idea of ​​​​important
01:13:56Canadian English,
01:14:06journalists every day, the
01:14:15blame there is still ours people still listen to
01:14:18Russian songs, the
01:14:20criteria for winning are informational because the
01:14:30are reasonable people seem to be an expert and know Of course, what do
01:14:33you have to twist in what the
01:14:35Russian world
01:14:51wants? Russia
01:14:56follows the injury after its gods I
01:14:59follow the national interests of
01:15:00Ukraine Of course, according to the injury and
01:15:03himself I’m a professional for this, and people write
01:15:07emotional posts about this, it’s all of us for another
01:15:106-10 days of interviews, there are
01:15:13comments there and so on,
01:15:28you sort out something like this. I’m for those
01:15:30who have never given and you think that there’s a way
01:15:32to wag your tongue and then Putin tries
01:15:34and dates 30 on the oak tree 100 days are ripe
01:15:37that's where I'm choking She's so that
01:15:40the mind and it would be more peaceful Of course,
01:15:42nothing was given on the montage and the whole hour you're on
01:15:45my wallpaper I'd rather mean ashamed and the
01:15:49ditches of the bottom of the
01:15:50century occupying a rich hour of mustaches and
01:16:05that information
01:16:12I control myself
01:16:36specific information
01:16:50I am rich in what I understand myself and what
01:16:53animals will require in order to
01:16:55counter at that level This is what you
01:16:59you with the information coming in
01:17:13was an absence another
01:17:20Russian the cockroaches will still work,
01:17:30his decal about it was important, it was tied to the
01:17:33fact that the Russians still began to have a mind
01:17:35richly below. I don’t want someone of my own. Such are the ones who are visible
01:17:51procrastination. We acted stupidly and stupidly; there, but the formats of Marco
01:17:57Feiginatah Baltic
01:18:02we live calmly, we
01:18:07helped people there against merch, he has
01:18:11a store
01:18:13and we are at the zucchini pears. We in life filled
01:18:17them with Yanvin and the store without an intermediary
01:18:20to work with scarlet conducts to those whom we will
01:18:22tell, so we sounded to the children before we
01:18:23help these suffered this Dimin
01:18:25everyone there Find out whose it is when you are given
01:18:27birth to chiv there dyka card number and
01:18:30so on there is another one in Europe for him your
01:18:31concert I’m there for helping there
01:18:34good people
01:18:38right there they send us
01:18:41to pare the
01:18:45training because we tried it 24 times, let’s
01:18:48say so Shah Rayston on the topic of
01:18:51each we check here is one of the most
01:18:57specific grandmothers of a specific boy in
01:19:11Ukraine then you will try
01:19:40Count Well, I seem like soap
01:19:44Davina is represented became the
01:19:46supreme team than I am afraid of the militant
01:19:49Crimea And here is what I will do Buddha was Tuva is
01:19:52driving the thousandth And in St. Petersburg the
01:19:56narcissist is on you area not
01:20:01khibany all people want a cliched
01:20:04thing narcissist Nikolaina will be a sacrifice
01:20:06for himself
01:20:07narcissistic complex allow him
01:20:10to forget
01:20:17over himself then united you can images then 34
01:20:223/4 today's program is dedicated to you
01:20:26criticize and so on and so forth but still
01:20:31I will say The problem is that people understand
01:20:35you have a
01:20:37million 600 subscribers on Instagram, a
01:20:41million seven hundred on YouTube,
01:20:44there are 900 thousand on Facebook, I’m already in the tag
01:20:49current, I’ll hit all the skills
01:20:52[music] it’s a
01:20:54scab, three dozen light kites,
01:20:56and why aren’t you going to return to comments for
01:20:59another month
01:21:03Of course with who is she, Nikola,
01:21:05is jealous of politics about international
01:21:07Western viscokhod
01:21:09journalists And what do you think is a journalist
01:21:12like this, you walk around Three with this journalism of
01:21:17people in front of you by chance,
01:21:23I’ll tell you,
01:21:25I need something else, I’ll
01:21:27tell you that we still have this
01:21:30problem, we’re still looking for enemies there
01:21:34Donatrab and I’ll give him my people,
01:21:36the Ukrainians are a counter-razvid nation who knows how
01:21:39to develop a counter-razvid quid
01:21:44Which is loaded with expensive so vinvd
01:21:48interviews from Russians without good ones There and
01:21:50so on and the
01:21:51cont is broken What are the enemies among the
01:21:54friends of
01:21:56the Ukrainians
01:21:59I would like to say She think about it, we
01:22:02can finish
01:22:0999 high-rise people are being built at home
01:22:14So I can force her against me by
01:22:17going out to public places Well, 500
01:22:21bridges 50 well, two smoky two
01:22:25looking at their
01:22:30wearing two because five on 350, you
01:22:36mean, the Ukrainians are [ __ ] and rich, too, probing him He’s
01:22:41rich there too, Of
01:22:43course, who’s rich, Of course he’s
01:22:45seen more I’m the infogypsies there
01:22:47after all, rashte I am in the rituals of mothers, grandmothers,
01:22:53grandfathers, dads, stroke, and so on and so on and so
01:22:56on and sex
01:22:59means reasonable people jump up
01:23:02usually know who people like us to meet the
01:23:05discordant event from Rezrezkova are
01:23:07also rich, especially those who want to be
01:23:09a blogger And for the Crimea tseludy Which ones I wanted But
01:23:15of course I’ll say at the animal
01:23:20gathering the audience is 255,
01:23:23even the smallest 350 thousand and the norm is 450
01:23:27500 Let me choke and then you
01:23:31will order me I’m an empty place info gypsy
01:23:33But to demand like this Do you know how it
01:23:40and have time to collect at least 30 thousand online
01:23:43not it turns out that I want that you undertake to
01:23:45recognize people What kind of
01:23:48anchorages do you have to do in the garden, just
01:23:52put it down, show me like a fish
01:23:56in the magazine
01:23:58Of course Show me the equivalent of who I am, I
01:24:02’ll prove the infection Anchor at least 100 thousand
01:24:06so that online fees Freedom is 4 times
01:24:09less I don’t take another day 255 days after I’ve
01:24:15it more wine
01:24:17Show me at least 100 thousand you can’t 100
01:24:20Show me 50 50 doesn’t work take it away 20 20 doesn’t
01:24:23work But 10 is good 10 doesn’t work But 5
01:24:25I’ll smear 5 like that and then all the bloggers or whatever they
01:24:29call them
01:24:31What does he mean there that Of course it’s
01:24:33an arrest seriously,
01:24:38this is still a suspense for the reasonable and would
01:24:43give it away, yes, I’m reasonable, you are Vera
01:24:47Tvoristovich, but I believe Yana, well, in
01:24:51such a situation you create it,
01:24:54you just come out differently, which is my Secret, I
01:24:58love people, we really are [ __ ]
01:25:13Well, all the situations came out and the prices they say it
01:25:16’s obvious you’ll arrest him, lead him to torture, he
01:25:20’ll be able to as if the president, given his
01:25:25will be the president of which all
01:25:28surfaces will be envious and the Ukrainians will be happy.
01:25:32I’m noting that now it
01:25:34was about the fact that he actually
01:25:38sent his candidacy for the post of
01:25:44Alexey also wants it as if
01:25:48he has such ambitions as president I knew
01:25:51if it were on our other side, I
01:25:56didn’t say I was born for him for a
01:26:01very long hour, I thought of another church, the
01:26:06president, and then the
01:26:11president’s squad came,
01:26:14Maya, they were already dusted with such sidoshina, well, now
01:26:19I just imagine the situation when I
01:26:21show him I’m talking about the shadows on the food on the baladus
01:26:24also Alexia Vichva still him
01:26:28trabo today then C is already a
01:26:32destination Well, I’m hiring the right Goat
01:26:36Nina Yana I want Nina demand Of
01:26:42course, than the
01:26:44Bolshevik in the direction of
01:26:46tiles And publicity then And you are given
01:26:49out of the shadows and a suite of chamber
01:26:53three at a time we remove these curtains I
01:26:59donated a ruble with this imperious comfort
01:27:02in advance of a
01:27:03person I am already sacrificing and
01:27:12Pastukhova I may have been partying for an hour even
01:27:15just Galaxy you will place enemies without anyone
01:27:19knowing bam already the president’s act I Mayu
01:27:23will be able to
01:27:25call the
01:27:26six-fold son of my editor Forgotten
01:27:29why people can stuff themselves into all professions
01:27:32And by the way I’m the president to start
01:27:36thinking This I'm directly representative
01:27:39democracy of the
01:27:41president can be removed,
01:27:43and the Ukrainian hemopia
01:27:45presented democracy is strained Well, all the
01:27:48parliamentary republic there, people don't
01:27:50choose their own hunger, rusty Correct it,
01:27:52dial the truth, the coalition, she's choosing the
01:27:54prime minister, the actual heroes of
01:27:56Ukraine, Britain, Israel, and so
01:27:58on, and so on, and they regret everything what do
01:28:01you want
01:28:02for your brother, brother's rights,
01:28:06but we'll climb the wall Did I
01:28:08decide something of mine? This is who is the first, and so
01:28:10on, who are the heroes, I'm kirovaty,
01:28:13and the like, a parliamentary republic
01:28:16in Ukraine, Nikolain, the right to stop is
01:28:22in our blood And everything means that it can
01:28:25be excesses and why such people I
01:28:27Krestovich poga can’t do
01:28:30this for everyone Why
01:28:39are there all sorts of zones that are more proportional then the
01:28:43guilt really highlights he has such a
01:28:47strong energy and Windu I’m already
01:28:49scrubbing especially here and we know
01:28:53people already want oxama and can’t do it
01:29:00often people choose the side
01:29:10I, too,
01:29:13will prove Vanya’s
01:29:15adequate reaction then
01:29:21always get to the men pose kamarom
01:29:29and Bean must love spends an hour with a
01:29:35book reading
01:29:38films under reddish But this is also in
01:29:42him such a demonstrative way of the
01:29:44speed of the bone is expressed according to all data
01:29:48I would I said not to the camp for nutrition rights and
01:29:51courses. I actually wanted to take a course of
01:29:581500 hryvnia per lesson and it turns out that 5 lessons
01:30:02are already seven five hundred and I think
01:30:05why such a price
01:30:14people put on three heads of makeup and take out their hands
01:30:1942 dollars in my opinion
01:30:24you want
01:30:26I also said it’s possible to have this information
01:30:31I’m in the morning maybe my brother is now 10 thousand for
01:30:34popularity classes
01:30:44you show I’m overgrown with the cyproposition of the name
01:30:47cutting pennies just publicly speaking this is
01:30:49once outside the cordon on here so on I’m
01:30:53added Because often on my snake
01:30:56And girlfriends Well poki-poki on
01:30:59guilt travels around for lectures
01:31:01Of course, it’s far away just like that to go
01:31:05to courses, we give
01:31:0810 times more and
01:31:12people came for pensioners could communicate. She
01:31:17also gave you
01:31:33fast driving courses. I’ll order them myself for those who have
01:31:38accidents. I’ll choke, but you go.
01:31:42What’s wrong? But you learned word info
01:31:44gypsies, well, cool how much did you get paid
01:31:46for these courses discounts of people came or rather
01:31:48for the fact that you are his number of gypsies no one I am a
01:31:52bone like that but for you it’s valuable easier Well,
01:31:56definitely on passers-by good rich Thank
01:32:02I want Dasha the dish was visible in the
01:32:06sweet worthy without
01:32:21about you murder with work issue The
01:32:29harsh truth about our reactions to the war
01:32:33I will raguata suspirstvo still with us
01:32:39Write who you want and communicate with the sorceress
01:32:43Bren how many thousand likes
01:32:45[music] do
01:32:46you have on your channel on the ring channel I don’t
01:32:49know Well, let’s do it High will be 50 thousand
01:32:52likes then we are talking about water, my broadcast is a pledge to
01:32:55everyone in Rostov than and I make
01:32:57sure as an expert I will
01:33:00control it
01:33:01was as cold as possible water zelda on the
01:33:08two you ask we just talked about
01:33:11our psychological reaction to the guilt of a
01:33:24cold one that’s just
01:33:34somehow fish as if to seem like that
01:33:37actually observed we inform my grandmother
01:33:42for 7 months cola all the residential wood splitters
01:33:45arnists screamed that the muzahrin is
01:33:47scared that they will kill everyone, dump a nuclear weapon
01:33:49and throw arrestovich into the ranks in filth they will
01:33:51punish better than my dad died
01:33:54That’s actually what they won’t tell people and it
01:33:57seems like you
01:33:59wanted I would have died if I was mistaken Well,
01:34:01they didn’t live there
01:34:04every year wisely people want a
01:34:08stroke, a heart attack and you live the rest of the
01:34:54I already said that we had someone to drink for us
01:34:57And I said that everything was kind and direct
01:35:00Yaksha from whom I strongly force them did not ask
01:35:02such a result Well, maybe we would
01:35:04like for us to lose.
01:35:06I think that ordinary people should clearly
01:35:09understand, but why will I come to the psyche of the forces of
01:35:12Ukraine and nalysh Ukraine
01:35:16behind the cordon, and so on, the
01:35:18fact is, I want to put it, finish it
01:35:38I’m so good, I’m there ftc
01:35:52this is a sign
01:36:06You can know about him again and
01:36:09like and everyone wants
01:36:11insha broadcast
01:36:13cold shower to the right we are all about
01:36:16psychology our mass individually stealing the
01:36:22gnifovno large-scale fluorine me
01:36:24Russia to Ukraine you are forgotten this is how we
01:36:27can help you your channel about how many people
01:36:30know it at a time, a blogger doesn’t kill on
01:36:34advertising better on Montesatia, I was executed
01:36:37five times You can like
01:36:41write a market
01:37:00like this and on the palm channel Yak-chow
01:37:04you are so manly, the news is crazy, I will be a
01:37:07game on But I will help
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the main topic discussed in the interview with Alexey and Anastasia Arestovich?

The main topic discussed in the interview with Alexey and Anastasia Arestovich is their family, hate, and presidential ambitions.

2. How are Alexey and Anastasia Arestovich portrayed in the media?

Alexey and Anastasia Arestovich discuss how they are portrayed in the media, shedding light on their rich lifestyle and expressing their views on the situation in Ukraine.

3. What do Alexey and Anastasia Arestovich desire according to the interview with Raminaeshakzai?

According to the interview with Raminaeshakzai, Alexey and Anastasia Arestovich desire for Alexey to become president.

4. What are the views of Alexey and Anastasia Arestovich on the situation in Ukraine?

Alexey and Anastasia Arestovich share their views on the situation in Ukraine, providing insights into their thoughts and opinions on the matter.

5. What are some of the key points discussed by Alexey and Anastasia Arestovich in the interview?

Some of the key points discussed by Alexey and Anastasia Arestovich in the interview include their family, their rich lifestyle, their portrayal in the media, presidential ambitions, and their views on the situation in Ukraine.

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