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The video features a blogger trying out Hande Erchel's diet and workout routine for a week, focusing on protein and vegetable-based meals and regular exercise like Pilates and cardio. The blogger also shares Hande's tips for good sleep and skincare, emphasizing the importance of self-care and indulging in moderation.
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The speaker recommends a brand of handbags and offers a promotional code for a discount and free shipping.
The speaker wears a little black dress with a jacket, high boots, and an elegant black bag.
She mentions that 80% of her wardrobe consists of high-quality basics.
The speaker talks about her active week ahead, including Pilates circuit training and cardio.
She mentions that Pilates is chosen by supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Kendall Jenner, and Lilia Olaridge.
The speaker talks about her diet and exercise routine, including meals and snacks she had during her weight loss journey.
She had vegetables, omelette, and cheese for breakfast.
She bought a tanning activator, but it didn't work well.
She tried the green apple diet for three days, which included oatmeal, milk, nuts, fruits, berries, and water in her meals.
The section discusses Hande Erçel's workout routine and the importance of sleep for beauty.
Hande prefers a circular workout consisting of simple exercises with short breaks.
The exercises include push-ups, mountain climbers, leg lifts, turns in the plank, squats, lunges, and gluteal bridge.
The workout burns calories and can be done at home without dumbbells.
Hande emphasizes the importance of getting 9 hours of good sleep for a good mood and energy.
Hande Erçel shares her skincare routine and mentions the positive effects of a daily massage on her skin.
Applying coconut oil or a rich cream on slightly damp skin and massaging it for five minutes helps make the skin fresher, more elastic, and moisturized.
The daily massage also reduces unwanted swelling, enhancing the visual effect of weight loss.
Hande Erçel mentions removing fillers from her face, which also contributed to reducing facial swelling.
She talks about her food choices, mentioning indulging in high-calorie dishes occasionally to relieve tension and provide a feeling of comfort.
00:00in short, right now I’ll tell you about a
00:02new feature of the Yandex browser that
00:03removes all the water from the text and makes it
00:05shorter; open the article in the browser;
00:07find the magic button to retell
00:10briefly; it will be in the line; the
00:12Yandex gpt neural network makes a brief
00:14summary of all this huge text,
00:16highlighting the most important thing.
00:17For example, if you need to read a lot of
00:20articles on study or work, there is
00:22no time at all, in short, both on the computer and on
00:25Mobile Slava was with you, see
00:28you, yes, it didn’t seem to me, apparently the
00:31sun was on my head, I decided, as an
00:33exception, to make a continuation of
00:34your favorite section where I try diets
00:37training of various stars Who we have
00:39n’t visited or Victoria’s Secret and
00:41Pencilkina and many many other
00:43stars and I closed this section because it
00:46seemed to me that we had already
00:48gone through all the stars, but as it turned out, we
00:50still forgot about some of them Well, since I
00:52During the experiment, I was in an
00:54eastern country and there was
00:55too much baklava burgers and
00:57cocktails around me, I realized that it was time to take
00:59emergency measures and try to
01:01somehow maintain myself everywhere. Well, being a
01:04maximalist, I decided not only to
01:05maintain my figure in the world of Arab
01:07longclubs, but also It’s even possible to tighten up
01:09your body, and it’s a strong statement, of course.
01:12I recently shot a video about Hande Erchel, you
01:14really liked it, I thought that
01:16she would be the
01:18ideal candidate for this experiment.
01:20Moreover, she was literally born in the land of
01:22gastronomic temptations. And despite
01:24this, she managed to lose weight. about 20 kg is
01:27practically a feat. I think
01:30her methods clearly work. So it’s a sin not to
01:32try. In general, I decided that
01:34for a week I’ll stick to the
01:35diet and training blues people, and
01:37then I’ll share the results with you
01:39if I survived, of course, but for now I ask you to
01:41add me a little motivation to
01:43like the video and subscribe to the channel
01:45If you haven’t subscribed yet Well, let’s go
01:51hande and Sonya she admits in almost every
01:54interview that she spends all her free
01:56minutes sleeping but you know what the
01:58paradox is she wakes up very early but
02:01you know after reading her beauty list -procedures,
02:03I immediately understood why she does this, she
02:05pays a lot of time and attention to
02:07facial care, in addition to washing patches and
02:10moisturizing cream, she practices massage
02:12and additional care treatments.
02:14So today a home spa awaits me. And
02:16for you, the classic image of a housewife with a
02:18mask and cucumbers on the face If I
02:21warned you about anything, don’t be alarmed. So the first
02:24step of beautiful skin is cleansing. I
02:26use this micellar in the morning, it
02:28cleanses the skin of dirt that has accumulated
02:30on the face overnight, or this foam,
02:32if I feel that I need
02:34deeper cleansing, after that I use it.
02:37I apply spf protection day and night and in
02:40winter in summer so that at 40 I don’t look
02:42like this. We’ve been preparing this ourselves since we were young girls,
02:44since I started a new life on
02:46Monday, in the literal sense of the
02:48word, I decided that I would start it as
02:50productively as possible, so I put on this
02:53fabric Japanese or a Korean mask
02:55that a friend gave me and went to
02:57prepare breakfast. I usually, if I buy
02:59a mask myself, take these Darling ones or
03:01these Brainaholic ones, but We worked with
03:04what we had in general, I consider myself a mask
03:06man, if I may say so, so
03:08if you have any- then favorites then
03:09Chinese name in the comments I’ll
03:10definitely try them for breakfast
03:13I have a glass of water today Well, as you
03:15wanted Beauty requires sacrifice okay just kidding
03:18I started with a glass of water and then went to
03:20get ready for breakfast in another country
03:22you know someday I’ll be a proper
03:24blogger and I’ll be recording all my
03:26flights and packing my suitcases, but I don’t know.
03:28Maybe I’m the only one, but the road is always
03:30very difficult for me; I accumulate an
03:33indecent amount of things I’ve done before departure
03:35and then after the flight. I’ll come to my senses in
03:37another day. Write. Maybe this is the case with you too, I
03:39hope I’m not alone. so I checked into the
03:42apartment and on foot in 40 degrees went to
03:44meet my friend in a cafe,
03:46by the way, this month we have an anniversary Five
03:48years from the day we met,
03:50I came to I not because of that, but because
03:51she’s getting married, all that’s left is for me to marry off
03:54my last girlfriend and me you
03:56are going to buy me 20 cats and while
03:59her husband and I were waiting for her parents, we ordered
04:01this simple but nutritious
04:03breakfast, my favorite omelet with mushrooms,
04:04cheese and herbs and cappuccino for
04:06the mood, this is the most useful and
04:09simple meal fully
04:10consistent with the principles of Hande, the basis of
04:12her diet this is protein and vegetables, she eats
04:15a lot of vegetables, especially green ones. So
04:17today I’ll have a green salad with
04:19vegetables for lunch, have stewed vegetables for dinner and
04:21have a snack with fruits. Well, almost to be
04:24honest, the vegetable plan was a little skewed in the
04:27other direction because my friend
04:28invited me to a new place
04:30called Chinatown, it’s like that a piece of
04:32Asia in Dubai Mall and of course we
04:34couldn’t pass by the food court with all sorts of
04:36Chinese stalls with national food. I
04:39tried to stick to the rule of more
04:40greens and took soup with seaweed and
04:43thus bibimb bab with rice and Bubble te but you
04:46see there between the meat and There are
04:48pieces of rice lying alone, you see. I hope this
04:52counts. She eats hande 6 times a day in
04:54small portions in order to
04:55improve metabolism and not feel
04:57strong hunger. And she also doesn’t eat after
04:59six because she practices intermittent
05:01fasting. Well, she also says no sugar and
05:03sweets. So if you If you want
05:05candy, then an apple will help you. But you
05:07know, I don’t even have a goal to lose 20
05:09kilograms of weight. Therefore, if the situation
05:11demands it, I will break
05:13these rules a little. And you promise that this
05:15will remain between us. Speaking of rules, I
05:18took measurements for before and when I
05:20I saw them during the installation and realized that it
05:22would be better if I had them done before the flight because
05:24I was leaking a lot during the flight, but
05:30you know, she can do it better, let’s check which system works on swelling. By the way, did you notice how the hande style changed along with her figure
05:32from a simple neighbor
05:34girl? quickly turned into a
05:36style icon. I, of course, decided to be inspired by
05:38her looks, both from the series and from life,
05:40and this is what I came up with first, we
05:43will have the most comfortable look
05:45that is suitable for every day, I took as a
05:47basis a monochrome sports
05:48set, it is necessary for film dela universal
05:51white New Balance and to create a
05:52layering effect, I threw a coat on top from
05:55the accessories and added a white baguette bag
05:57from the Ocean bax brand, high quality, comfortable,
06:00stylish and roomy, in general, everything
06:02I need, I also noticed that Hande loves
06:04monochrome Looks, for example Total Black
06:07White or Gray I just love these
06:09images because they always look
06:12very elegant and expensive, I decided to wear
06:14these turtleneck trousers and sneakers in
06:16light shades, but I wanted to
06:18add a bright accent and the pink
06:20Lola Ocean Backs bag always
06:22fits perfectly in my opinion, I couldn’t pass by
06:25such an unreal color, apparently Barbie before
06:27still lives in me Well, for the last
06:29look I was inspired by this image of Hande,
06:31I put on that very universal
06:33little black dress, threw a jacket on top
06:35And high boots on my feet and
06:37complemented the look with this elegant
06:39black bag, also from the Ocean Backs brand,
06:42just look how neat and
06:44even lines, such a bag
06:45will definitely last more than one season. You know that I am a
06:48lover of minimalism.
06:5080 percent of my wardrobe is a high-quality base
06:52that I will wear for more than one year. And 20
06:55percent are trends that the Soul is
06:57beckoning to join. So if you also
06:59adhere to this approach, I would like
07:01to recommend you have my Nakhodka brand of
07:03bags Ocean bax they have their own
07:05production and all the bags are made
07:06by hand With a lot of love and they come
07:09in such a beautiful package and
07:11I also have a promotional code for you for a 20
07:12percent discount that is valid for two weeks and
07:15for those who place an order before On October 3, she will
07:16also receive free shipping,
07:18follow the QR code or link in the
07:20description and Choose your ideal
07:22bag for all times Hande moves a lot,
07:24she trains five times a
07:27week And besides this, she also tries to
07:28walk a lot, in general, an active week awaits me
07:31And where something here I’ll put
07:32how many steps I walked in Handele
07:35be Pilates circuit training and
07:37cardio if she has time I had a
07:39choice between Pilates on the street and
07:41cardio in the gym but when I walked past
07:43and saw the muscular guys who
07:45were working out there I was like- then immediately I was drawn to the
07:47track, of course, then I also
07:49did Pilates, after all, it’s cardio and
07:51stretching and straight posture in one bottle,
07:53which is very useful for me, plus Pilates
07:56doesn’t clog the muscles when it often happens
07:57after strength training and even relieves
07:59stress. That’s why it’s done so often
08:01choose supermodels Noomi Campbell
08:04Kendall Jenner and Victoria's Secret angel
08:06Lilia Olaridge By the way, I know that all these
08:08It Girls and girls who
08:10live in Los Angeles really love this
08:12studio called Stroke Pilates, I
08:15also found an analogue in St. Petersburg We have
08:17Hot yoga and during the meeting I
08:19periodically also like to walk, as far as
08:20I remember due to the fact that there is high
08:22temperature and high humidity,
08:24you burn a lot more calories than
08:26during a regular workout. That is, in an
08:28hour and a half, hot yoga, stretching or
08:30Pilates burns about 700 calories. And here’s
08:33what it says about Pilates
08:34Victoria's Secret model after I
08:36finish Pilates classes it feels
08:37like I went for a massage isn't it
08:40amazing to feel physically in good
08:41shape mentally relaxed after
08:43every workout Well, what can I say
08:45the models know what to choose No wonder
08:47that growled also made a choice in his
08:53I have already washed my face and I did all the
08:55beauty manipulations and even drank my
08:57glass of water, which is very important. Hande strictly
09:00adheres to the water regime and drinks at
09:01least two liters of water a day. You know, I
09:03think this rule helped her a lot
09:05while losing weight. Have you noticed
09:07that you sometimes confuse the desire to eat and drink?
09:09out of nowhere it begins to seem to you that you are
09:11Hungry and your legs are already walking towards the
09:13refrigerator, but just drink a glass of
09:16water and this desire disappears. You had
09:18this, share sometimes with plain water, growl, add cinnamon and
09:21ginger, this drink
09:23is considered fat-burning and helps with
09:25weight loss, but more often when everything he doesn’t
09:27bother and prefers
09:28plain water. As for nutrition, Erchel
09:31focuses on fruits and vegetables and sometimes
09:33eats non-fatty meat or fish, otherwise
09:36throughout the day I’ll just
09:37stick to the basics of vegetables and proteins.
09:39Yesterday I did the same thing, my friend and I
09:42went there was such a Turkish cafe
09:43and there were approximately an infinite
09:45number of you, but I gave preference to
09:47vegetables, omelette and cheese, tea
09:50was poured every 3 minutes and we always
09:52carried some element from the chef
09:54so that we didn’t leave hungry about
09:56training. I also tried not to forget
09:57and Time. I was only a couple of
09:59thousand steps from the beach, so that’s where I
10:01headed when you’re in another
10:03country, the last thing you want to do is
10:05sit in your room. So I got my 10 steps a
10:08day every day in double
10:09volume. I bought myself a super-hyped
10:12tanning activator. but as you can see,
10:13it worked so-so. I think in St. Petersburg
10:16I arrived paler than I left. So
10:19if you have recommendations for the
10:20next trip, please write in the
10:22comments then I have a similar situation
10:24with for breakfast I had an omelette, not again the
10:27basis for lunch except coffee, honestly,
10:30nothing could fit me anymore, she already We went
10:32to the pier, our friend got carried away in Ladora and
10:34then everything was like a fog Here is my face
10:36after one coffee and a couple of macarons Well, the
10:39deliciousness is unreal, I actually
10:41think that macarons are an ideal dessert
10:43for those losing weight You seem to have eaten a small
10:45cookie And it feels like I devoured the
10:47whole cake
10:50during my weight loss twice a
10:53month I growled I practiced the green
10:55apple diet but as you understand I
10:57also decided to try it,
10:59it’s designed for three days So for the next three
11:01days a fruit detox was waiting for me. Last
11:03night we bought it with friend all the
11:05necessary products oatmeal milk
11:07kefir nuts fruits berries and water Now I
11:10will tell you what and when
11:12you need to eat while you drink your glass of water
11:14and listen So for breakfast we have porridge
11:17for it you need to take 5 spoons of oatmeal and
11:19grind it with one green apple to
11:21to this, add 1 glass of skim
11:22milk and the drink that can wash it all down
11:24will be black coffee. Next,
11:27as a snack, I’m tired of two
11:28walnuts or peanuts along with a cup of
11:30green or apple tea, a little of
11:32course, but better than nothing, what do you think
11:35for lunch, according to the plan, two grated apples with
11:37two teaspoons of cinnamon and one
11:39glass of low-fat kefir and for dinner
11:421-2 grated apples with kefir and two
11:44teaspoons of cinnamon at night again you
11:46can eat one green apple
11:47because this is something I will try for
11:49three days wish me not to turn green In the
11:52meantime Let's talk about the physical
11:53Hande's activity is simply an amazing
11:56figure. Despite all the
11:58journalists' speculations about plastic surgery, such a body is the
12:00long and hard work of the actress herself. She
12:03never forgets training. And if she
12:05can't go to the gym, then go
12:06for a run or do a set of
12:08exercises right at home. I was
12:10very happy with the day, so I
12:12leaned towards jogging, I’m
12:13sure to take water with me. I remember about
12:16drinking balance and forward to the figure of my dreams,
12:21already on the fifth day I got up at 8 in the morning,
12:23walked 10 thousand steps and gnawed apples.
12:26I admit honestly, sometimes the desire to eat
12:28something forbidden had to do with myself
12:30Just a distraction Well, my
12:32friend and my mother went to buy sports uniforms
12:34in Poland and on the way we stopped at this
12:36cute tea house Looking at these cupcakes
12:38I think not only me but also those sitting at the
12:40next table were salivating growling at
12:43such moments they help Sports or your favorite
12:45Hande's hobby is painting,
12:47and no matter how busy her
12:49filming schedule is, the number of flights or
12:51planned activities,
12:53she will always find time for painting, they say it perfectly
12:55calms the nerves, relieves stress and gives
12:58free rein to the imagination. By the way, I like to
13:00decipher pictures. If you are also
13:02into art, then feel free to
13:03I recommend these two books But
13:06since I didn’t take a picture or a book with me on the trip
13:08I made a choice in
13:10favor of sports Yesterday I had a jog
13:12But today it’s time for a full
13:14workout Hande prefers a circular one
13:16So out of the 9 circles of hell I
13:18have three meanings ahead today Such a workout
13:21consists of doing a set of
13:22simple exercises, then a short
13:25break, and after doing all the exercises again,
13:26taking a break again and
13:29repeating everything again. It sounds simple, but I know
13:31how deceptive this actually is.
13:33So if at the end of
13:35the workout I will make you happy your face is the
13:36color of a tomato, then everything is in order and you
13:39can definitely put
13:40a tick in the exercise column. So let’s start with push-ups. In total, you
13:44need to do 20 of them, this figure will be
13:45the same and for all the following
13:47exercises, the second exercise is a mountain climber,
13:49you know it one hundred percent, then lifting the
13:51legs 20 times for each side,
13:53we move on to turns in the plank and then
13:56to the plank itself, which
13:57must be held for 1 minute after
14:00squats, lunges 20 times on each
14:02leg, gluteal bridge also 20 times, and
14:05only after that can I allow myself
14:06to drink water and rest for a couple of minutes But
14:09just to repeat what was done
14:10two more times, the huge advantage of such
14:12a workout is that it burns
14:14quite a lot of calories and it can also be
14:16done at home because
14:18you don’t need dumbbells to do it;
14:21by default, you feel noticeable
14:22fatigue and a desire to sleep, and this is how it
14:25turned out very well, Hande
14:27says that sleep is no less important rule of
14:29beauty than sports and nutrition, according to
14:31statistics, a woman needs 9 hours of
14:33good sleep so that, firstly, she
14:35is in a good mood, which is very
14:37important and so that she does not have enough energy for the whole
14:39day, the main thing the actress mentions is before
14:41bed Don’t forget to wash off your makeup, otherwise
14:43rashes and drooping skin will say Good
14:46morning and there is one more secret before going to bed
14:48when I advise you to eat a slice of dark
14:50chocolate so you can fall asleep faster,
14:52but she allows you to do this only
14:54now when she is in excellent physical
14:56shape. But while losing weight there were
14:58apples apples and more apples
15:03Well, we’ve reached the last
15:05day of the experiment. Yesterday was the
15:07final day on the apple diet and
15:09you can’t imagine how happy I was about this,
15:11such a concentration of apples in my
15:13body is close to critical, but I must
15:15admit it’s effective because
15:17the changes are visible to the naked eye
15:19By the way, in the morning we went to celebrate with a
15:21cup of coffee and doing laps in
15:23the pool. And I’m also flying back today.
15:25So before my friend and I see each other
15:26in a year, I wanted to chat
15:28a lot, there is an opinion that
15:30Handa found her beauty in the office of a cosmetologist and
15:32surgeon, and they say her chin went away thanks to
15:34special drugs or politicians, the
15:37cheeks went away after the removal of bish’s lumps and
15:39even the nose brought changes, it became more
15:40aristocratic, but the lips
15:42appeared naturally after a couple of beauty injections.
15:45And they could have lost weight due to poor
15:47nutrition and exercise, liposuction, but
15:50when she herself says that this is all a blatant lie and
15:52the results which She received
15:53appeared only thanks to her work and you
15:55know, I am inclined to believe it is Erchel
15:57because if I strictly
15:59adhered to all her rules, I would also
16:01lose 15 kilograms, you would
16:03definitely carry me away with every gust of wind,
16:05plus such a large number of daily
16:07Beauty procedures are simply not may go
16:09unnoticed, as I already said, Erchel
16:11loves facial massage and I’m like a good
16:13girl, but for the accuracy of the experiment, so to
16:15speak, I tried to do it every
16:17day; in fact, there’s nothing
16:18special about it; slightly damp skin,
16:20distribute coconut oil or a
16:21rich cream and apply for five minutes
16:23with a roller or scraper along the massage
16:25lines, it must be admitted that thanks to
16:26such a simple daily ritual, the
16:28skin has become noticeably fresher and it looks
16:31more elastic and moisturized, plus
16:33all the unwanted swelling has gone away. So the
16:35visual effect of losing weight has
16:36increased significantly. By the way, I removed all the fillers
16:39on my face, I told myself about this
16:41in something about this also affected the
16:43swelling of the face, but you know, sometimes I
16:45woke up and looked like an
16:47alien more than the
16:49alien itself. As for food for
16:51today, I was on a flight all day again.
16:53So coffee, coffee and a little more
16:55coffee and plane food in general an ideal
16:58combo for edema when she even
17:00admitted that sometimes she has
17:01days like this, she ate everything in a day without
17:04tears You won’t look, but she doesn’t scold herself for it,
17:06just the next day
17:07they return to their usual
17:09diet, even on a diet, indulge in their
17:12loved ones Let very high-calorie, not
17:13very healthy dishes are very good
17:15for the figure, it relieves internal
17:17tension that something is forbidden to you and
17:19gives you a feeling of Comfort, the main thing is not to
17:21turn it into a system, says Erchel.
17:23Moreover, if a couple of extra kilograms
17:25were discovered, then the actress does not
17:27run to go on a diet, but arranges a
17:30fasting day for herself, most often with watermelons,
17:32she likes this option
17:34especially in the heat, and sometimes she treats herself to a
17:36smoothie. As I said at the beginning of the video, I tolerate
17:39flights like an expedition to the moon,
17:41especially since it was very cold on the plane
17:43and I was sick, so I ordered chicken
17:45soup and watching a Turkish TV series was the
17:47perfect end to the day; regular
17:49physical activity not only
17:50distracts you from thinking about food, helps
17:52burn calories and fat, but also
17:54stimulates the production of endorphins,
17:55hormones of joy, lightness, confidence and
17:58calmness. So,
17:59on the last day, I decided not to
18:01skip physical activity and did simple exercises
18:04for posture when she says that yoga
18:06meditation and chambers help her
18:07restore her mental balance, so let’s
18:10check it out, otherwise you know,
18:12I still count apples instead of sheep before going to bed. I didn’t
18:14bother and just turned on the
18:16workout from YouTube. I devoted 45 minutes to
18:18stretching and another
18:2015 minutes of meditation to static exercise. I even lit a
18:23candle and turned on relaxing music.
18:28Well, this experiment has come to an end,
18:30what can I say, the
18:32main goal was achieved in the
18:34onclusive world, I managed not only not to
18:35gain excess weight, even a kilogram and
18:37to remove swelling, and this despite the fact that Praise
18:40and Nutella are not passed me by, plus,
18:42thanks to intensive facial skin care, I
18:44got the most fresh,
18:45rested look and skin like a
18:47baby’s bottom. The only thing I was
18:49n’t delighted with was the apple detox. I
18:52personally am for more humane nutrition plans and
18:54getting all the nutrients that are important for us
18:55girls through good whole foods.
18:58food meat poultry vegetables butter and the rest of the
19:01list I follow in everyday life
19:03This is a simple rule: 80
19:05percent is food for health and
19:06beauty 20 percent all sorts of crunchies and
19:09sweet cravings this is food without
19:11restrictions and, accordingly, disruptions
19:14But as for leaving a couple of
19:15Beauty habits to hand, I I’ll probably think about it and
19:18I really liked Pilates too.
19:19So they’ll definitely do it more often. Well, that’s
19:22all for today, like and
19:24write in the comments what you
19:25liked or, on the contrary, didn’t like about
19:26nutrition and training blues people and
19:29also write if you would like a continuation
19:31of this categories And I say goodbye to you and
19:33see you soon
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the key features of Hande Erchel's diet and workout routine?

Hande Erchel's diet and workout routine focuses on protein and vegetable-based meals, along with regular exercise like Pilates and cardio. It also emphasizes the importance of good sleep, skincare, and self-care in moderation.

2. How does Hande Erchel's diet and workout routine promote self-care?

Hande Erchel's diet and workout routine promotes self-care by emphasizing the importance of good sleep, skincare, and indulging in moderation. It also encourages a balance of protein and vegetable-based meals along with regular exercise.

3. What are Hande Erchel's tips for good sleep and skincare?

Hande Erchel's tips for good sleep and skincare include prioritizing quality sleep, staying hydrated, following a skincare routine, and incorporating relaxation techniques into daily life.

4. How does Hande Erchel's diet and workout routine contribute to a healthy lifestyle?

Hande Erchel's diet and workout routine contributes to a healthy lifestyle by promoting a balance of protein and vegetable-based meals, regular exercise like Pilates and cardio, good sleep, skincare, and self-care in moderation.

5. What influences does Hande Erchel's diet and workout routine have on overall well-being?

Hande Erchel's diet and workout routine positively influences overall well-being by emphasizing the importance of nutrition, physical activity, good sleep, skincare, and self-care in moderation, contributing to a holistic approach to health.

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