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In this video, the YouTuber plays a game called "Garten of BanBan" that has been completely remade from scratch and received positive reviews for being better than the original. The YouTuber explores the game, praises the improved atmosphere and visuals, and expresses hope for future updates from the developer.
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The video discusses the remake of the game "Garden of Banban" and highlights the improvements made in the new version.
Some guy decided to completely remake the game from scratch.
The new version of the game received positive reviews.
The video showcases the improved visuals and characters.
The gameplay involves eating food to grow bigger and stronger.
The speaker talks about various rules and observations while exploring a location.
The speaker mentions rules like taking off slippers, not shouting or fighting, and not touching eggs.
They express discomfort about climbing into pipes and mention a phobia related to it.
The speaker talks about the significance of blood as a sign of life and discomfort with the sound of pipes.
The speaker discusses their fear of closed spaces and how the game they are playing is scarier than the original version.
The speaker mentions being uncomfortable in closed spaces and fearing corpses.
They express that the game they are playing is scarier than the original version.
The speaker likes the design and music in the game.
They mention finding a card and understanding something about "ban."
The speaker and their companion explore a dangerous area and discuss a hostile landlady.
They consider going through a ventilation system to find something.
The speaker shares their opinion on the game's atmosphere and animation.
They discuss a hole and speculate about what could be inside.
The speaker recounts their experience with a threatening landlady.
They joke about adding Easter eggs to the game.
The speaker talks about the successful expansion of a nest.
A game was made by one person in a week from scratch without any experience and the speaker enjoyed it more than the original.
The game was made by one person in a week from scratch without any experience.
The speaker enjoyed the game more than the original.
The original game almost completely repeated the games with the butt.
The game is a little horror thing and the speaker hopes the creator will continue making it.
00:00By the way,
00:01beaver to all, dear friends, Windy is with you, and
00:04today we will again play a game called
00:07Garden of banban, but better, in short,
00:11some guy decided that garden in bonban
00:13was too useless and he decided to completely
00:16remake the game from scratch and according to reviews it
00:20turned out much better than it was in
00:22the original that's why I adore such things I
00:25adore such opportunities to see how
00:27else you can see the same story the
00:30same event Let's play
00:32right away I like the sounds right away I
00:34like the music But let's see ah well I
00:37just showed up Here it all looks
00:39a little By the way, everything is a hive to work a little Yes,
00:42look at the sawdust, what a Letsplay
00:45fry In short, with your smile
00:48the street even exists Wow, the street is like the
00:51most default street on the planet by the
00:53way, there is no more default street in
00:55general, in principle, so on our
00:57computer they show,
00:58of course, a ban OS error
01:02yeah, like, even that doesn’t work for them,
01:04[ __ ], they have a flashlight. Well, of course, what’s a
01:07choir without a flashlight? Listen, I like the
01:09new characters, they really look
01:12much more interesting, eat regular food, bread,
01:15cream, white sauce and your body. What’s okay?
01:20Eat fruits to grow big and
01:24strong Oh, yeah of course it’s easy
01:27to read by itself this is my message I’m
01:31quitting for 27 years I’ve been an employee here
01:34I cook the same food all the time I’m
01:37tired of you suck everything
01:40there about this is what’s written
01:42so far I like it better it somehow
01:45looks more atmospheric let’s go I want my
01:49you have 8 of them, it looks like wait for the blood, the
01:54default blood is
01:58for the safety of your children, check
02:02them on the main board, apparently there’s nothing
02:04left of the child.
02:06So I have a card, a card here is
02:08good. That is, we have essentially 9 12
02:19and I understand
02:22and you won’t get up she gets up like this Why do I need
02:25the keys so and the door Where is the door the door Who the
02:29hell does the game need from me I guess I should
02:32read what is written there but I
02:34can’t read and this door just
02:37opens and without sounds in this
02:40game they didn’t bother with the sounds at all
02:43Listen it looks and really everything is much
02:45creepier here now there was something
02:48there I probably didn’t see anything
02:54Listen to me Yes I like it much better
03:02this beer is cool Look at her legs
03:06she’s in the shape of a phallic organ Hey chiculi
03:10Welcome to my nest before
03:12you come in please Take off your
03:14slippers Put them next to you, be sure that you
03:16will follow the rule, don’t lie After all,
03:19Okay, read it like this, we need a drone, by the way, the
03:22drone doesn’t work, I don’t know, I
03:24didn’t launch the drone,
03:26maybe I need to raise the drone somehow,
03:28so okay, let’s go there, the
03:38music is cool e I do
03:41n’t run, don’t slip on your feet, don’t step on them either.
03:45Check if the teacher is with you, do
03:47n’t go into the closed area, don’t shout, don’t fight, don’t [ __ ]
03:51on the floor, don’t be. Well, damn,
03:53be cheerful, friend. Bring him and don’t don’t
03:58take the eggs.
04:03Damn, what a pity, I can’t see the eggs. hold back
04:07Where is Sama and
04:11seriously I need to come up here and
04:12go down these stairs for the music
04:17I like music
04:18so I can’t go anywhere
04:21and the beer has lost its eggs you can find
04:24all six by six eggs Put them back
04:296 eggs So wait but they told me
04:32to touch the eggs It’s not possible It’s intended or something So
04:34okay oh
04:44if the developer comes out with some kind of [ __ ] at me
04:47it will be good the music I
04:49should have turned it off here But it’s
04:52fading out Listen to the developer Well done Rejoice
04:54and be merry blood is a
04:57good sign There is nothing more good a
05:00sign than blood if there is any blood means
05:02someone was alive here, but now
05:05probably not. Although maybe he’s
05:10a badge, these pipes always made me feel so
05:12uncomfortable when I was little.
05:14In short, I had some kind of Phobia.
05:16These pipes. I don’t know why. But there was
05:18always a feeling that I climb into the pipes
05:20and there’s just wild discomfort because you’re not
05:23safe in them
05:31Okay good
05:35Oh that’s normal
05:37listen It would be cool but wait I drank
05:40looking at my eyes it would be cool if she was
05:43still here somewhere looking at you
05:45although yes that’s it maybe
05:48she can also get me out now
05:50Listen, I would tell you that
05:53Why the hell did this developer really
05:55make a better game than the original
05:57developers Although the same one from fnaf
05:59let's go there okay,
06:03I see eyes there
06:05and why am I going there then I don't know because I'm a
06:09[ __ ]
06:16where do you go from here bird bird bird bird bird
06:19sweet bird it’s written that’s it in
06:23short You know what you can
06:26say what acute phobia is but it’s not
06:27claustrophobia I’m not afraid of closed
06:29spaces I’m just afraid of a [ __ ] corpse It’s just that
06:30you’re in the pipes and it’s somehow
06:33extra uncomfortable not only that you're in the
06:35Western space, so they
06:38can also come at you from behind, and I guess by the
06:40way, I understood why when I was
06:44playing catch-up with some guys, I was very
06:49I'm sitting hiding. And in hide-and-seek, in hide-and-seek, catching up. I'm sitting, in short, hiding,
06:50waiting and just looking at you. on the other side of
06:53the pipe, some [ __ ] Maxim runs out and
06:56scares you, this is scary. This is
06:58Horror, there is nothing scarier than Maxim.
07:01Sushi is cool. I like the design of how
07:03they did something here. The
07:05music comes back. It’s like you’re in a
07:08pleasant space again. Until then,
07:10you it was there it was very nice
07:13here someone else
07:23and wait for me, where is the beer itself
07:29your prize
07:34why do I need this ventilation then
07:42I can damn it here by the way that’s real and the
07:46authors of the game If you look, hire
07:49the guy who did this, pay him
07:51a billion Let him make this game
07:53Because this game is a billion times
07:55better than the original one, just at least with
07:58the atmosphere,
08:00where did I find the card? And I understood what’s
08:04good, the card is here,
08:08my main enemies. Oh no, I’ll
08:12need ventilation now get into the
08:17sharing this Well done your your liver
08:24tongue this your liver pecks out
08:26read And here is somewhere else I’ll
08:29tear your ear off I can’t [ __ ] see Okay
08:33probably not damn
08:35cool but okay then let’s go through the
08:37ventilation of the pits we’ll go there and find
08:40something there- maybe they’ll even kill us
08:49music I really like how you understood
08:51This is my favorite part of this game
08:53so I can speed it up I can’t just at
08:56least in terms of atmosphere the game looks much better
08:58than the original
09:01Well okay animation, she doesn’t
09:03look good Okay,
09:06where am I? In your
09:11opinion, it’s safe. In your opinion,
09:14this is how safe a child crawls
09:16back and forth and doesn’t even suspect that there’s a
09:18huge hole under him.
09:21But you and I ended up in some kind of what is this?
09:24Listen to your master, you’re
09:29nothing. the
09:31landlady literally
09:34behaved the same way to me when you think about it, when I was
09:37leaving the apartment the landlady
09:40literally attacked me, she threatened me that there were
09:43two men standing near the door and if you
09:47sing something or don’t give me the
09:49money, they will deal with you.
09:51She you know why she wanted to
09:53sort it out with me because she damaged the table
09:55and, in short, came at
09:58me for supposedly damaging it. That’s
10:00roughly what her face looked like. So
10:03okay, let’s do it. And what about the hole
10:07they guessed? It’s interesting to make a cuticle in the hole
10:09let's go try
10:11No, we didn't guess, insert the lore here
10:17put some Easter eggs here. It
10:20would be cool if you jump on someone and
10:22some big eyes grab you
10:24because what scared me the most in the
10:27last bomb was the eyes that
10:31were looking at you From the darkness so the
10:33expansion of the nest sawdust you
10:37like a new technique some kind of
10:40obesity of the nest so the new expansion of
10:44the nest was successful we made new
10:46places for the work I was going now I’ll
10:50close the telegram for a second And in order
10:53for the seam work also the children like what is
10:56happening And we like What children
10:59like because they pay us
11:01money overnight they installed a new
11:04platform on which children can settle, I
11:05wonder how they do it so quickly
11:08in general, I noticed by the way that it’s
11:10better not to ask questions here, so
11:12I’d rather not ask questions and I’ll
11:15fall asleep quickly
11:17[ music] it’s
11:20better this game was made by one dude
11:22who has never programmed in
11:25one week, after you
11:28say that oh Andryukha, there’s something I
11:30can’t do there, something beyond my control, something I can’t
11:34remember I remembered the game better than the authors, and so on and
11:39I don’t know
11:42what life wants from me, but I understand that life
11:45wants me to crawl into another [ __ ], that
11:48is, from one space to another, go
11:51crawl. I hope they don’t sit
11:54there. Oh, don’t say that they
11:56will repeat here what they did in the
11:58playtime and when I was
12:02[ __ ] chasing you and you had to manage
12:05not to hide I’ll end up here,
12:07I just can’t cope with this I’m more than
12:11anyone Lyokha the
12:16worst thing in life is that there’s a flashlight
12:18by the way Well that’s it
12:26Damn that was cool Where should I
12:28run away Wait Oh well all over again
12:31Why are you trying number two,
12:35it’s just
12:48Wait, how about
13:02and here he is, this monster himself. Listen, he
13:06says it was very fun for me, it was a lot of fun in a week,
13:08I did it from scratch without any experience at all
13:11until the very final game. Thank
13:14you big
13:15And here it is worth sawdust land Cool how is it
13:19in a week he also made quite a cool
13:24Stunning Overall I really liked
13:27it I liked it a lot more than
13:30in the original but to be honest In general
13:32Good Damn I really hope that this
13:35person will continue to make this
13:37you know the game, it’s a little horror thing, it’s not
13:40really not that special wow yes it’s small but the
13:43original map was even less great that’s
13:47why I liked it much more I
13:49don’t know Write in the
13:50comments what you like of course you can
13:52say that the original was more difficult to do
13:54they did it from scratch, but on the other
13:56hand, the original also almost
13:58completely repeated the games with the butt. So
14:00maybe it can’t be said that way. I
14:04hope you liked it, subscribe to the
14:06channel, leave your comments and Bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What game is the YouTuber playing in the video?

The YouTuber is playing a game called 'Garten of BanBan' that has been completely remade from scratch.

2. What are the improvements in the remade version of 'Garten of BanBan'?

The remade version of 'Garten of BanBan' has received positive reviews for being better than the original, with improved atmosphere and visuals.

3. How does the YouTuber explore the game in the video?

The YouTuber explores the game by showcasing the improved atmosphere and visuals, and expresses hope for future updates from the developer.

4. What is the YouTuber's opinion on the remade 'Garten of BanBan'?

The YouTuber praises the remade 'Garten of BanBan' and expresses positive feedback about the improvements and the overall experience of playing the game.

5. What does the YouTuber hope for regarding the game in the future?

The YouTuber expresses hope for future updates from the developer of 'Garten of BanBan' and looks forward to experiencing further enhancements in the game.

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