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The video is about a man who takes over a popular model's OnlyFans account for 24 hours to understand how it works, including content production, promotion, and making money. He shares insights on communicating with subscribers, earning strategies, and the different types of revenue streams models can have. He also promotes his Telegram channel that offers earning schemes and tips on free traffic arbitrage.
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The speaker plans to take over the account of a popular model on OnlyFans for 24 hours to understand the platform and its workings.
Considers the idea of trying on the role of a famous model on OnlyFans for a day.
Wants to understand how promotion, selling content, and interacting with fans work on the platform.
Introduces the idea of exploring other earning opportunities, such as a telegram channel with earning schemes.
The narrator finds a suitable model and gains access to the account for 24 hours to conduct a full review.
The narrator explores the main page of the account and discovers various functionalities.
They find a daily list of posts filled for the next 40 days.
The account contains over 4,600 photos and 3,300 videos, organized into separate folders.
The narrator spends the first few hours understanding the sections and functionality of the site.
The section discusses how some guys on the platform ask for content but disappear when asked for payment, while others expect content for free or at a lower price than standard.
Some guys ask for content but disappear when asked for payment.
Others expect content for free or at a lower price than standard.
The speaker suggests ways to deal with such guys and mentions receiving subscriptions and purchases notifications every three to four minutes.
Models can make money by engaging with guys and making them fall in love, as well as promoting their profiles and exchanging reposts with other models.
Models can earn additional income by making guys fall in love with them.
Promoting profiles and exchanging reposts with other models helps to gain a new audience.
The majority of earnings for models come from interacting with subscribers and sending newsletters.
Building a strong connection with subscribers can lead to higher earnings as they are more willing to spend on you.
Sharing personal information and engaging in intimate correspondence can increase earnings.
Some subscribers are willing to communicate daily and offer higher prices for specific content.
Planning content in advance and prioritizing interactions with subscribers can help maximize earnings.
00:00Let's imagine the situation like one
00:01fine day We woke up and realized
00:03that Only Fun with the model had become popular,
00:05we have a huge number of paid
00:06subscribers, fans are ready to communicate with
00:08us for money, and every month
00:09an amount exceeding the salary of a
00:11top programmer falls on the card. Our task is simply
00:13to shoot and publish content 18 +
00:15own production, the situation is
00:17of course not the most typical, but in theory,
00:19every person who decides to take a job with a
00:21Lifan can become famous. In
00:24this regard, the idea came to my mind that if
00:26for one day I try on the role of the
00:27famous Audrey fan from the model, I suggest
00:29trying a new unusual experiment
00:31with which I’ll really take over the account of a
00:33popular model up to 24 hours and I’ll
00:35broadcast it live to
00:36really find out how this
00:39area works, so today we’ll probably organize
00:41a Challenge and see how my
00:43shift goes on the Moon of France, what they’ll
00:44write and offer in a day. We
00:46’ll try to find out how it works promo and
00:48promotion How to sell content and
00:49make money on it and the most interesting thing is
00:51how I am a person who came to Landy Fans for the first time
00:53can deal with all the
00:55fans who do not suspect that for the
00:56next 24 hours On the other side of the screen
00:58there will be a not at all attractive girl with an
01:00avatar Enjoy viewing
01:04Stefan with erotic publishing is a very
01:07specific area and not everyone is ready to
01:09earn money in this way, so
01:11I suggest you look towards
01:12other opportunities and one of them
01:15that I want to introduce you to right
01:16now is the telegram channel according to the plan is just around the corner.
01:18Here you will find earning schemes which
01:20require investments of complex
01:21implementation algorithms the channel administration
01:23shares proven
01:25ways to earn 1000 rubles a day absolutely free of charge
01:26from photographs of cars free
01:28thousands of rubles from VTB Bank 5 10 thousand
01:30rubles through mediation from advertising and
01:32much more on the channel you can find
01:33guides and tips regarding
01:35free traffic arbitrage, for example there are
01:37instructions on how to get traffic to
01:38YouTube shorts guides are written in simple
01:40language; they describe a step-by-step scheme
01:41so that everyone can figure it out, even if
01:43you are still channel admins or experienced like-minded
01:45people, will always answer any
01:46questions in the chat; no murky or
01:48illegal schemes; the telegram project will help
01:50you earn your first capital or
01:52even become a permanent source
01:53good income was given via the link in the
01:55description subscribe to the
01:56telegram project loot is just around the corner to
01:58supplement increase your earnings on the
02:00Internet success Before starting the
02:03experiment you need to choose the right
02:05girl so that everything goes as
02:07interesting as possible, it is important to find a popular live
02:08active account with a total number of
02:10followers of 10 thousands who are in
02:12the top 2% of all profiles for this purpose
02:14published advertisements searches in my
02:15Telegram channel I quickly found a
02:17suitable model Meet Sonya my
02:19editor agreed with her in
02:21Europe received the necessary logs Now I
02:23have full access to the account for 24 hours
02:25to conduct a full
02:27my shift starts at 12 noon in
02:29real time, we will go together
02:31until the very next day, stopping
02:33at the most interesting moments. Now everything is
02:35definitely ready and we can start
02:38at 12 o’clock, we go to the account and
02:41try to understand how everything works, we
02:43are greeted by the main page on which there is
02:44quite a lot of functionality unfamiliar to me,
02:46in addition to the account feed itself,
02:48here you can see a bromine company
02:49aimed at selling paid subscriptions and a
02:51list of deferred posts. I was
02:53interested in learning in more detail how the
02:54schedule works. I clicked on
02:56show and saw a daily list of posts
02:58that was filled not only for the
02:59remaining April, but also for the whole of May, that
03:01is, daily posts were collected 40
03:03days in advance, mostly these are wishes for a
03:04good day or announcements of new content,
03:06which, as far as I understand, is purchased by
03:07subscribers separately, also almost
03:09each of them is accompanied by a question
03:11or a request to evaluate the look from several
03:12photos, from here we can conclude that
03:14popular models a huge wardrobe
03:16since all the photosets are made in completely
03:17different images, from dresses
03:19to earrings, when I saw the number of
03:21posts, I became interested in finding out how
03:23many photos and videos are already on the
03:25account; for this purpose, there is a
03:27storage tab. I clicked on it and saw more than
03:294,600 photos and three thousand three hundred
03:31videos, all the material. filtered
03:33into separate folders with the help of which it is
03:35easier to navigate in such a huge
03:36amount of content, a lot of UVI
03:38will have to be filtered since the content is
03:40strictly 18 plus, but I will try to describe in my own
03:43words the brightest moments
03:45that will happen today,
03:47it took me the first few hours
03:48to understand all the sections and
03:50functionality of the site I found another
03:52interesting section of bookmarks that can be
03:53used quite variably; it
03:55concerns almost all followers of
03:57subscribers on an account, for example, there
03:58are different lists with those who have been
04:00online in the last 24 hours with paying
04:01subscribers, as well as with users who
04:03bought content separately as sticks.
04:05in large quantities on the site there are
04:06dozens more sections regarding mailings,
04:08communication, promos and so on, there is a
04:10separate list of users who apparently
04:12like to communicate a lot and beg for
04:13content but never pay for it
04:15while we have access, I suggest
04:16checking what they wrote about these people, I
04:19checked the correspondence with dozens of guys
04:21I found a fragment that clearly
04:22demonstrates the behavior of this category,
04:24here you can see how the guys come in with
04:26a greeting asking how are you doing after
04:28a couple of standard messages they Ask to
04:30send them some content complements the
04:31questions For how much But as soon as
04:33a message arrives in an hour above $10 per
04:35video the guys evaporate and so it happens
04:37in a circle for which apparently these guys
04:38calculate the No Money list. Funny but
04:41true. Studying the correspondence, sometimes
04:42I came across other guys who either
04:44True really promised to send payment But
04:46after receiving the content in the form of a
04:47tip, or offered their price for the
04:49content below the standard price tag of 2- 3
04:51or even five times After the refusal, they write
04:53that the case is a sad smiley and also
04:54evaporate. I suggest you find out from the
04:56girl herself how to deal with and work with this
04:58type of guys so that from the category but at the
05:01bathhouse you can simply rewrite their solvent
05:08for free and as
05:11experience personally shows After
05:12some time, such a mentor can
05:14still buy some photo
05:16or video from me, or sometimes even order a
05:19whole custom video, if we talk
05:21about freebies, I had a case when
05:23one guy wrote me a personal
05:25message about what he would like from me
05:28order one video and he wrote out a
05:31very large scenario for me in detail.
05:33What emotions should there be, what should I
05:35say in general, what should I do, and
05:37when I told him how much it
05:39would cost in general, he was very surprised and
05:42he was surprised Under the pretext of how
05:44this could be what should I pay for this
05:46if I had already paid for a paid
05:49subscription while I was sitting studying the method of communicating
05:51with subscribers, I
05:53received notifications about subscriptions
05:54and purchases every three to four minutes, messages in a personal message and they generally
05:56went non-stop in a few hours
05:58more than a hundred people wrote to me Let's
06:00see what's going on there right
06:01now in general I usually happen like this the
06:03user subscribes to the profile receives a
06:05welcome message with free
06:06content immediately after the guy writes
06:08a greeting surrenders a standard question
06:10how are you the mood begins a
06:12standard peep about interesting
06:13hobbies And they have already given in the context of a general
06:15conversation everything goes into the format of 18+
06:17messages the guy clarifies the availability of the
06:19cost of a certain type of content And
06:20as we already know in advance, thanks to the
06:22template folders, the files
06:23are quickly stored in the storage, they are sent,
06:25they can be opened only after payment, then there are
06:27two scenarios: either the guy
06:29pays and continues to communicate with the
06:31girl or temporarily disappears from the
06:33radar if the first scenario worked then
06:35in most cases, the guy is offered to
06:36evaluate their merits, but the point is that
06:38this procedure is also paid, so here
06:40comes another method for making money.
06:42How else can a model make money by
06:44communicating with guys, in order to
06:45earn more you need to make the guy fall in love with you,
06:47one way or another, I’m such a super person
06:49active super sociable basically the
06:52same strategy as in real life You
06:54just get to know a person, get to know him
06:55better You get closer and communicate on
06:58various topics It’s getting close to
07:00evening This means that it’s time to post a
07:02post It will have two photos in the
07:04description the right to choose and a poll which
07:05photo is better all this is done in one way or another
07:07for an additional asset and
07:09promotion. I noticed that among the most
07:10popular posts of the week there was a calabash,
07:12another model of their joint photo shoot.
07:14In addition, the responsibilities of a model or
07:16manager also include promoting a profile
07:18in bookmarks, can find a suitable
07:19profile and exchange reposts with them
07:21to farm a new audience without spending a
07:22penny, this method
07:24actually works not only for the most
07:25popular models. Well, how is all this
07:27displayed in statistics and earnings
07:29will be analyzed using the example of today from
07:3112 noon until midnight by
07:33subscribing to paid message posts was
07:35earned 717 dollars of which 75
07:37are 75 for types They tip all
07:4170 dollars was earned from messages
07:43in personal messages I can’t draw conclusions about
07:45earnings from just one
07:47day Today more money was earned from
07:49messages But usually They take second
07:50place paid subscriptions come first And on the
07:52third there are types: long-term
07:54strategy is to concentrate completely, start
07:56with members to get to know a person
07:59better, one way or another, the majority do
08:02infancy models, from this they earn the most
08:05and their
08:07revenue is accordingly four times more than for
08:10example from regular paid subscriptions there you
08:14need to prepare a newsletter which will be
08:15sent to all subscribers 10-30
08:17in the morning, prepare, put a photo and
08:19go to rest in
08:22the morning, the newsletter has been sent, we return
08:24to the account as planned, a
08:27large number of people reacted to the morning message in PM, including the
08:29guys from the category that pay well, they
08:31praised us for the photo, which means we can
08:33move on to more frank communication
08:34chat with each of these guys the
08:36post is filled with new paid
08:37content for example for 9 bucks the guy
08:39buys the post evaluates it and is happy
08:41further a series of posts from this Set
08:42continues each time the format
08:44becomes more frank and the cost of
08:45photos and videos increases it turns out that
08:48now communication a guy can buy
08:49almost a dozen posts with a total amount of 200
08:51dollars, in fact. This is an example of an ideal
08:53scenario. Is it possible to earn even
08:55more the more the subscriber is
08:57in love with you, the more he will want to spend on you
08:59I can give you Personally, I have an
09:01example that I have one
09:02constant who is with me for probably
09:04about two or three months in the first
09:07month as soon as he subscribed to me,
09:08he spent over $2,000 simply
09:12because I constantly corresponded with him
09:13And he really
09:15liked me, I told him a lot
09:17about my life, of course, not only posts
09:19like this bring income in my videos,
09:21I touched on the topic of Girl Friend Experience,
09:24their paid intimate correspondence, so
09:27some especially crying guys are ready
09:29to communicate with the model every day, regularly
09:31buying new sets of photographs, sometimes
09:32they themselves offer to choose the topic,
09:34genre of videos that need to be shot and
09:36offer an increased price for the
09:37past day. it’s clear how
09:39many completely different guys write in
09:43it’s not difficult to figure out the content plan because, as I already showed above,
09:45it can be filled out a month in advance
09:47by writing out all the necessary texts in advance; description
09:50with correspondence; everything is much more complicated; now it’s
09:53quite obvious to me why
09:55such a huge amount is needed, noticeably each
09:57category of guys, 90 percent of all chats
09:59that took place during these 24 hours were
10:01quite standard and remembering everyone is
10:02almost impossible. Here comes
10:04the scheme with a greeting or sending a
10:05small communication interactively,
10:07then based on the mood of the guys, the
10:09model chooses what content to send
10:11so that it will be purchased, but such an ideal
10:12result occurs only 10% of cases, the
10:14rest of the chats seem quite
10:16absurd, requiring enormous
10:17attention and time when
10:19so many guys write to you, it’s easier to prioritize them to
10:21earn much faster I
10:23hope that you, like me, were interested in
10:25becoming an Only funs model for 24 hours,
10:27expressing gratitude to Sonya for
10:29providing the full access to your
10:30account all additional materials for the
10:32video, including other funny
10:34correspondence that do not miss YouTube,
10:35you will find in my Telegram channel
10:37the link as usual is below in the description Subscribe, like,
10:40subscribe to my
10:42Youtube channel also write interesting
10:43comments below under the video Maybe
10:45you want see any other
10:46interesting videos on the topic he
10:48gave the Lifanian content, be sure to come down and
10:50write your ideas and also don’t forget
10:52to show this video to your friends,
10:53relatives and family In general
10:56Please share the video Thank you all for
10:58watching Bye everyone
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I take over a popular model's OnlyFans account for 24 hours?

To take over a popular model's OnlyFans account for 24 hours, you can collaborate with the model and discuss the terms and conditions for the takeover. It's important to ensure that the model is comfortable with the arrangement and that both parties agree on the content to be posted during the takeover.

2. What are the insights on communicating with subscribers when managing a model's OnlyFans account?

When managing a model's OnlyFans account, it's essential to communicate with subscribers in a genuine and engaging manner. Responding to messages, addressing subscriber requests, and sharing exclusive content can help in fostering a strong connection with the audience.

3. What are the different types of revenue streams models can have on OnlyFans?

Models on OnlyFans can have multiple revenue streams, including subscription-based earnings, tips from subscribers, pay-per-view content, exclusive merchandise sales, and affiliate marketing collaborations. Diversifying revenue streams can enhance earnings on the platform.

4. How can I promote my Telegram channel offering earning schemes and free traffic arbitrage?

To promote your Telegram channel offering earning schemes and free traffic arbitrage, you can create engaging promotional content and share it across social media platforms. Leveraging relevant hashtags, creating compelling visuals, and providing valuable insights can attract members to join your channel.

5. What are the strategies for making money on a popular model's OnlyFans account?

Making money on a popular model's OnlyFans account involves effective content production, subscriber engagement, and leveraging various revenue streams. Strategies such as creating exclusive content, offering personalized interactions, and collaborating with brands can contribute to substantial earnings on the platform.

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