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Tobey Maguire is open to returning as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, potentially in projects like Secret Wars or the Avengers. Jeremy Renner's accident led to speculation about his future in the MCU, and it's rumored that Tom Holland's Spider-Man may return in 2024 alongside Venom 3, possibly connecting their storylines. Additionally, updates on the DC universe include news about Shazam and James Gunn's impact on the upcoming films.
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Tobey Maguire is open to returning as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Maguire stated that he would return to play Spider-Man if called upon, even in a supporting role.
His willingness to return has led to speculation that he could be included in upcoming Marvel projects such as Secret Wars or the Kang dynasty.
Maguire's openness contrasts with younger actors who often avoid making definitive statements about their future roles.
There are plans to include Toby Maguire's Spider-Man in future Marvel projects, potentially in Doctor Strange 3, Fantastic Four, or Deadpool.
The idea is to introduce characters from alternative universes to build up the multiverse concept.
Jeremy Renner's accident with a snow blower resulted in over 30 broken bones, but he is recovering well thanks to first aid provided by witnesses and his nephew.
It is possible to expect a cross-marketing project between Venom and Spider-Man, with Venom being placed next to Spider-Man in the autumn of 2024.
The post-credits scene in Venom hints at a connection with Spider-Man.
Sony may advertise two different Venoms to help Tom Hardy's project succeed at the box office.
The fate of the Sony Universe will be decided by the success of upcoming projects like Cravin and Madame Web.
The marketing and president of DC's cinematic universe are not helping to hype current projects and ruin their image by announcing reboots long before release.
James Gunn is already showing himself as a person interested in personally implementing his ideas.
Disney always sticks to their own, tries to make money and defends PR on the Universe, even to the point of buying journalists.
It's unclear whether there is any point in following DC heroes or whether they will all be slaughtered.
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00:24Hello, you are watching gigis
00:29Tobey Maguire returns to the
00:31Marvel Cinematic Universe And
00:33Jeremer's health is receiving conflicting
00:35updates and the Internet is discussing the
00:37alternative death of Aunt May's version of
00:39Tom Hochlad Before the release of
00:41Ant-Man 3, the information field around superheroes
00:44traditionally comes to life DC even dumped the
00:46trailer for Shazam and a couple of promises from
00:49James Gunn So in the next couple of
00:51minutes there will be something to talk about, make yourself
00:52comfortable, friends Now you will
00:55learn all the most interesting things from the world of
00:57superheroes Well, we will be glad to hear from you
00:59in the comments suggestions for the
01:01next video, would you like a retelling of
01:03the comic, maybe a video with references or
01:06behind personnel intrigues
01:09Well, now let's start with Tobey Maguire, the
01:12old spider-man suddenly, without
01:14traditional tricks for actors,
01:16spoke about his future. Toby directly
01:18said that if he is called to play
01:20Spider-Man, he will definitely return,
01:22and the actor also clarified that it is not
01:25necessary with the main role according to
01:27Maguire He will easily take the sails of prices from
01:30the bench and will do everything that is
01:31asked This is why you should respect the old
01:34school young actors will maneuver
01:37at supersonic speed but will not say
01:39anything definite and old Toby
01:42gives away the base without any second thought
01:44McWhier would have been useful to Kevin Feige
01:46earlier. Well, now, when Marvel is in
01:48crisis, an actor of this level in the cinema
01:50Universe is needed, and even more so after such
01:52an interview, Toby can safely be included in the
01:55Secret Wars Cast. Perhaps even the
01:57Kang dynasty, in none of the
01:59fourteen million
02:01future options, Fagi is so
02:03stupid that refuse easy
02:05hype, but the basic format of
02:08Maguire’s statements makes you think about
02:10something else: will they attach a spider and in
02:12some other film the guys from
02:14Cosmic Serkis say that
02:16they have such plans, according to their information, Toby are planning to
02:19put the Avengers house in one of the projects,
02:21the idea is generally logical secret
02:23wars are 3 years away, and instead of a full-fledged
02:25multiverse at Marvel,
02:30universes need to be pumped up with characters
02:32and stories so that in the Avengers they don’t
02:35look far-fetched and you can
02:37dream that Maguire will be shown in
02:39some Doctor Strange 3 of the
02:40Fantastic Four or even Deadpool
02:42agree, the movie with Reynolds
02:44Jackman and McQuier looks like a dream
02:47for any old guy, but these are the details;
02:49let's get back to the real news and talk about
02:58Jeremy Renna. cnnza received the official results of the investigation into the incident with the actor; the police report indicated that Jeremy used his snow
03:00blower to pull out his
03:02nephew's pickup truck and the snow, but forgot to put a
03:04multi-ton colossus on the handbrake, it is noted
03:07that the indicator of this same handbrake on the
03:09dashboard was broken. However, a
03:11technical examination showed that from a
03:14mechanical point of view everything was in
03:15order. In general, as circumstances passed,
03:17the car eventually rolled towards the
03:19nephew; the actor tried to climb
03:21back into the cabin; he stepped on the
03:23moving left caterpillar and was
03:26pulled under the snow blower, as a result,
03:29more than 30 bones were broken, and the
03:33right side of the body over which the
03:35snow blower drove, including the chest, turned
03:37into mush. The key moment in saving the
03:40actor was the first aid that
03:42eyewitnesses and his nephew provided to Renner, which is
03:44largely why he was in the hospital the actor was
03:46literally pieced together and the prognosis is
03:48as positive as possible; jerami even
03:50moves his damaged limbs and
03:53is doing physical therapy. Judging by the
03:54actor’s mood, it’s not that he’s
03:56not going to retire, but in general he
03:58plans to recover in the near
04:00future; in general, the news is excellent for everyone,
04:02including kevinafags, who still have
04:04one of the original Avengers will remain
04:06for the Kang dynasty and secret wars. Well,
04:09in conclusion, we note that Renner is also an
04:11old-school guy, not many would risk
04:13trying to climb onto high
04:15snow blowers on the move the next news will
04:18again return us to Spider-Man,
04:20this time to the version of Tom Hallad artist
04:23Phillangan shared concept art of an
04:25alternative scene from afar from home in which
04:28Aunt May dies Mysterio, not far
04:30from the school where Peter Maine studies,
04:33covers a derailed elevated
04:35train, followed by a scene similar
04:37to what we saw in No Way Home where
04:39Parker says goodbye to Aunt Well and then, according to the
04:42artist, Peter opened the
04:44berserk mode and beat Mistyril into a bloody
04:46cutlet, as planned by the scriptwriters of this
04:48scene, it was planned to emphasize
04:50how strong Spider-Man really is,
04:52but since Peter Parker and the child
04:55He is afraid to use his powers to the fullest
04:57even against villains, God forbid you
04:59can’t kill them However, in this scene, according to the
05:01artist’s description, huge stones flew into the train cars in different directions
05:04and Mysterio
05:06found himself on the brink of a brutal death.
05:09In general, it’s understandable why the son was cut out of the final
05:11version to kill May in the sequals,
05:13somehow a bit bold and the touching moment
05:16was left for completion trilogy and
05:18berserk, Parker turned it on against a more
05:20resilient villain. Mister is still an
05:22ordinary person and, logically, Peter
05:24would have torn him in two, but with the green
05:27goblin the scene turned out to be both
05:29brutal and not lethal, because William
05:32Dafoe himself is a kind of supervillain,
05:34unfortunately other news related to
05:36Tom’s future Holland is still missing Tom
05:38Rothman, the chairman of Sony, recently only
05:41confirmed that the studio is working on the
05:43return of Spider-Man. But that’s
05:45all for now, there are only rumors that Sony really
05:47wants to hit the date of June 7, 2024 or the
05:51winter of the same year, such timing will make the
05:54project one from the prequels of the Kanga dynasty,
05:56which in general is quite in the Marvel style, all the
05:58extreme parts of the Avengers either started with
06:00films and the spider or they
06:02talked about the consequences, but there are
06:04updates from Sony related to another
06:06movie comic, this is Venom three, having announced
06:09which in April 22 the studio went into
06:11radio silence 20 January it became known
06:14that filming of the film will begin in June of this
06:16year and will continue until September, if
06:19we take the timings of the previous parts, the
06:20release date appears in the summer or
06:22autumn of 24, which, by a strange coincidence,
06:25will place Venom neatly next to
06:28Spider-Man four Tom Holland,
06:30given that in the post-credits scene there is no
06:32way home in the Venom teaser, it is quite possible
06:34to expect that Sony will organize a
06:36cross-marketing project around the symbiote; it’s hard to believe that
06:39the films will be directly connected.
06:41But advertising two different Venoms
06:43is quite logical and will definitely help
06:45Tom Hardy’s project collect a good box office
06:47if Who forgot his third film In April
06:50they promoted it as the last Venom's solo album, it's
06:52true that back then they planned to create
06:54their own universe and the further appearance of
06:56Tom Hardy in projects of the level of the Sinister
06:58Six, but considering the Laughter and Tears of
07:00Morbius with his attempt to introduce a Vulture film
07:02into such an undertaking, it’s
07:04hard to believe, everything will depend on Cravin and
07:07Madame Web, Aaron Taylor
07:09Johnson’s film comes out on October 6 this year, and
07:12Madame Web in February 24, the
07:15fate of the Sony Universe will be decided there, and if at
07:17least one project succeeds, they will make
07:19a crossover with a hairdryer. Well, if not, our
07:22bet is that they will simply remove Venom A4
07:24and continue a separate franchise because
07:26they will collect one and a half billion with two films
07:28in our time, few people succeed. Even the
07:30most popular actor on the planet, Dwayne
07:33Johnson, could not do this. Although his
07:35Black Adam was also planned as a
07:37cross-marketing film with Shazam 2, a
07:39continuation of the story and not with the very gifted
07:42intellect of the characters, Zachry Left
07:44comes out on March 17 and DC is giving the film
07:46such a cool advertising campaign, that
07:49even about it We forgot about premieres 23 in the New Year's issue
07:51because a couple of
07:53months before the release, Shazam 2 had only
07:55one weak trailer and one and a half posters, and
07:58then James Gun came and generally
08:00imploded the universe, killing all the
08:02interest in Shazam in general flash with
08:04Aquamen In general, a classic DC moment,
08:07although the other day Shazam dropped a
08:09new trailer and it looks much more
08:11cheerful than the last one in the video. Lots of action and a
08:14subtle hint at the Battle of the Shazam family
08:16against the three Greek goddesses of the profile,
08:19Sphere and Calibsa will try to take
08:21Shazam’s powers back because they There are stolen
08:24in the trailer and references to the Game of Thrones with a dragon
08:27rider, a couple with a man and
08:30steel with broken-down skyscrapers, and
08:32of course a rapper from the last decade
08:34that DC seems to randomly
08:36take from Shazam and insert all of
08:38its trailers. But without jokes, the video is
08:40really good the graphics look
08:42juicy and the film promises to be a strong
08:44average like the first
08:46Shazam itself, which was painfully reminiscent of the Marvel films of
08:48the first second phase, the only problem is in the
08:50marketing and James Gunney, if DC itself
08:53and its president don’t give a damn about the project,
08:55then why should the viewer
08:57feel differently now good is in fashion
08:59and it’s kind of ugly to scold Gunn,
09:01considering that there are no results of his work yet,
09:03but we don’t agree with this, the results of
09:06his work already exist, he absolutely
09:08ignores that Shazam, that Flash, that
09:10Aquaman 2, it’s clear that films were made before
09:13he came to DC, but
09:14the president looks somehow strange cinematic universe, which
09:17not only does not help to hype
09:19current projects, but also ruins their
09:21image by announcing reboots long before
09:23release in theaters, you know,
09:25the kevings are poorly imagined, which openly
09:27says that some Ant-Man
09:293 is garbage and the film is not important for the future of Marvel,
09:32maybe at least 10 times a failure,
09:34but Disney always sticks to their own,
09:36tries to make money and defends PR on
09:38the Universe, even to the point of buying journalists, a
09:40vivid example of the failure of Black Widow,
09:43release a similar DC film, it would have sold
09:45out in memes like Morbius But in
09:47Marvel, the widow remained an ordinary average peasant,
09:49and even made good money James Gun
09:52Already showing myself as a person who is
09:54interested in personally implementing his ideas. And
09:57what did other directors film there? And it
09:59doesn’t matter and don’t care that this is kind of like a
10:00film about the DC film universe and people would
10:03like to know whether there is any point in
10:04following these heroes or whether they will
10:07all be slaughtered. Answers to these questions
10:09Not yet and it’s unlikely that there will be Gun promised at the
10:11beginning of the year to reveal only a couple of
10:13future films, one of which will most
10:15likely be the lob Jason Momo, which
10:18the actor himself is already hinting at with might and main. Well, what’s
10:20going on at DC besides the
10:22projects Gunn personally created for the director, apparently
10:24in parallel therefore,
10:26we don’t see the point in releasing any analysis and see you
10:28again, friends
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is Tobey Maguire returning as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Tobey Maguire is open to returning as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, potentially in projects like Secret Wars or the Avengers. Fans are eagerly anticipating his return and it could be a major boost for the franchise.

2. What impact did Jeremy Renner's accident have on his future in the MCU?

Jeremy Renner's accident led to speculation about his future in the MCU. It is a topic of interest among fans and has sparked discussions about the direction of his character and potential storyline changes.

3. Are there any rumors about Tom Holland's Spider-Man returning alongside Venom 3 in 2024?

There are rumors of Tom Holland's Spider-Man returning in 2024 alongside Venom 3, possibly connecting their storylines. This has generated excitement among fans and raised questions about the crossover potential between the two characters.

4. What updates can be expected in the DC universe, specifically related to Shazam?

News about Shazam in the DC universe has been making headlines, indicating significant developments in the character's storyline and future appearances. This has created anticipation for fans and increased interest in the upcoming DC films.

5. How has James Gunn impacted the upcoming films in the DC universe?

James Gunn's impact on the upcoming films in the DC universe has been significant, with his involvement shaping the direction of multiple projects. This has generated buzz and speculation about the unique approach he will bring to the superhero genre.

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