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The video discusses ways to be like the fictional character Ayanokoji Kiyotaka from the anime "Classroom of the Elite." It suggests observing and learning from others, striving for academic excellence, mastering self-control, building strategic alliances, and balancing strength and humility.
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It is possible to be like Ayanokoji to a great degree, but difficult to the same extent due to the extreme circumstances depicted in the anime.
Many YouTubers have made videos about becoming like Ayanokoji, but this video claims to be different.
In the anime, Ayanokoji and other test subjects were subjected to experiments causing extreme pain and even death, making it difficult to replicate in real life.
The video will provide the best five ways to change oneself and be like Ayanokoji.
To be like Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, observe and analyze people's actions, strive for academic excellence, seek knowledge in various subjects, and master self-control.
Talk less than necessary and listen carefully to people.
Observe people like reading a book to understand their motivations.
Strive for academic excellence to gain confidence and a bright future.
Seek knowledge in various subjects to broaden your understanding.
Master self-control to avoid destructive behavior.
To be like Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, you should master self-control, build strategic alliances, and be helpful to others.
Ayanokoji never loses his temper and stays calm in stressful situations.
Mastering self-control is important in every situation.
Building a strong network and making connections can help achieve goals.
Being helpful to others can create alliances without making them uncomfortable.
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka's guide to being like him includes building relationships based on trust, fostering positive connections, balancing strength and humility, and controlling oneself.
Encourage networking and teamwork.
Help others to create growth opportunities.
Balance physical strength, mental capabilities, and humility.
00:00in this modern society most of the
00:02people are weak both mentally and
00:04physically some people don't even try to
00:06become strong on the other hand some
00:09people are trying their best and
00:11achieving their goals if you have
00:12watched the classroom of the elite then
00:14you know that there was a character
00:16called kyotoka ayanokuji but the point
00:19arises is he was a fictional character
00:21and I know that some people will start
00:23arguing about this but ignore all of
00:26this today we are going to talk about is
00:28this possible to be like ayanakuji so
00:30let's start this video so about that
00:32question is it possible to be like Ayana
00:34kuji so its answer is yes and no I know
00:38that you are a little bit confused but
00:40let me clear you why did I say yes was
00:42because it is possible to a great degree
00:44but it is also not possible to some
00:46degree many YouTubers have made videos
00:49about the same topic and all of them
00:51have said you same thing but this video
00:53is going to be different so let's take
00:55an example in the classroom of the elite
00:57there was a scene in which some
00:59experiment were committed on test
01:01subjects which were children including
01:04Ayana kuji who were given a very high
01:06amount of pain that caused some deaths
01:09also that's what I am trying to say in
01:11real life it is very difficult to get
01:13the same pain that can cause death in
01:15the manner of becoming strong and
01:17especially for normal citizens like us
01:19so what can we do about this so I'm
01:22going to tell you the best five ways to
01:23change yourself and be like ayanakuji 1.
01:27observe and learn to be like kyotaka pay
01:30attention to people's actions analyze
01:32situations and understand motivations to
01:35make it easy I'm gonna say talk less
01:38than necessary and listen to them
01:40carefully observing people is like
01:42reading a book The more you will read it
01:44more you will learn and the powerful
01:46thing in Ayana kuji was he was listening
01:48to people and observing them and then he
01:51was making the plan that is why he was
01:53unbeatable strive for academic
01:56Excellence this is going to be the most
01:58important thing becoming good in
02:00academics give you confidence in the
02:02present and make your future also bright
02:04if you are a student then it is
02:06necessary that you have to achieve
02:08academic Excellence I know that it is
02:10easy to say but doing is hard
02:13I have never said I have never said that
02:15it will be easy to be like ayanukuji
02:18ayanukuji was best in academics but he
02:21was hiding his potential just to not
02:22draw the attention I am not saying that
02:25you must do the same but you must
02:27achieve academic Excellence if you don't
02:29have the knowledge you will never be
02:31confident in anything you can make study
02:34habits and start to make effective notes
02:35that will help you in the future to
02:37revise everything you've learned before
02:40always seek knowledge in various
02:42subjects 3. Master self-control
02:46in the classroom of the elite we have
02:48seen that some characters lost their
02:50self-control and destroyed their life
02:52and this applies in real life also most
02:55people make mistakes by losing their
02:57temper very easily exactly in this where
03:00this guy loses his temper and tried to
03:01unchor Akita which made him lose the
03:03situation but on the other hand if you
03:05look closely ayanakuji never loses
03:07temper in the whole anime series even
03:09though he didn't show any emotions
03:12I'm not saying that you also don't have
03:14to show emotions and become emotionless
03:16this thing only looks good in fictional
03:18stories but in real life everything is
03:22the main point that you have to remember
03:24is to master self-control in every
03:26situation staying calm and collected in
03:29stressful situations you can start to be
03:31like kyotica Master self-control it is
03:34not easy but you can make it Easy by
03:36making your mind strong start meditating
03:39and use less social media
03:414. build strategic alliances in this
03:45real world network is power a person who
03:47has a strong Network can get hard things
03:49achieved very easily in the classroom of
03:52the elite you can see that ayanokuji was
03:54like an introvert but some people
03:56mistook it and think that for being
03:58smart you have to become introverted but
04:01this is completely wrong
04:03ayanakuji was always socializing for his
04:05benefit and always making connections
04:07with others by helping them and then he
04:09was using them as a pawn
04:11you can start making connections by
04:13helping others you have to show others
04:15that you can be helpful
04:16in that way you can make them your
04:18alliances without making them
04:20uncomfortable if you will always give
04:22your helping hand to others they will
04:24start to disrespect so let them come to
04:28make relationships based on trust and
04:30mutual benefit build strategic alliances
04:33the main points are encouraging
04:35networking and teamwork and helping
04:37others to Foster positive connections
04:39and create growth opportunities
04:415. balance strength and humility
04:45as I said before this generation of men
04:47is not strong enough compared to our
04:49ancestors and the reason is a weak
04:51environment in society in our current
04:53situation getting anything is easy that
04:56is why people are becoming weak but
04:58currently the only thing that you cannot
05:00purchase and get easily is getting good
05:02physic the same goes for ayanakuji
05:05ayanakuji was smart but he was strong
05:07and he was very good at fighting his
05:09strength was incredible he beat the
05:11out of those people who were looking
05:12much stronger than him just becoming
05:14strong is not enough you must have to
05:16control yourself just like ayanakuji he
05:19was strong but he never showed off it if
05:21he will do that he will get attention
05:23and getting attention is also a problem
05:26you can make yourself Strong by hitting
05:28the gym or learning a fighting skill
05:31everyone knows that getting a good
05:32physic is always good but some ignore
05:34that that is why they are pathetic the
05:37main points are balanced in physical
05:39strength mental capabilities and
05:42thank you guys for watching to the last
05:43and I hope you will learn those things
05:45and make your life better if you like
05:48these videos don't forget to hit the
05:49like button and subscribe to my channel
05:51to show your support
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I be more like Ayanokoji Kiyotaka from Classroom of the Elite?

To be more like Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, you can observe and learn from others, strive for academic excellence, master self-control, build strategic alliances, and balance strength and humility.

2. What are the key attributes of Ayanokoji Kiyotaka from Classroom of the Elite?

Ayanokoji Kiyotaka is known for his ability to observe and learn from others, strive for academic excellence, master self-control, build strategic alliances, and balance strength and humility.

3. How can I improve my academic performance like Ayanokoji Kiyotaka from Classroom of the Elite?

To improve your academic performance like Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, you can focus on observing and learning from others, striving for excellence, mastering self-control, building strategic alliances, and balancing strength and humility.

4. What can I learn from Ayanokoji Kiyotaka in Classroom of the Elite?

From Ayanokoji Kiyotaka, you can learn the importance of observing and learning from others, striving for academic excellence, mastering self-control, building strategic alliances, and balancing strength and humility.

5. Why is Ayanokoji Kiyotaka from Classroom of the Elite an inspiring character?

Ayanokoji Kiyotaka is an inspiring character because of his ability to observe and learn from others, strive for academic excellence, master self-control, build strategic alliances, and balance strength and humility.

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