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The video discusses predictions for the final event of FIFA Mobile, speculating on the possible new player cards that may be introduced. The YouTuber mentions several players who could potentially receive upgraded versions, including Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, and Mohamed Salah. The video also mentions the possibility of returning players such as Robin van Persie and Ronaldinho receiving new cards.
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The upcoming final event in FIFA Mobile 24 will feature absurd cards, including a predicted overall of 120 and cards with smaller standard ratings.
The event is expected to introduce cards with different symbols, such as the Robertson card.
FIFA 21 had a version of Robertson with a larger overall rating, while FIFA 22 had a smaller overall rating.
There will be compensation for players starting the event.
The video discusses possible cards for the final event in FIFA Mobile, including players like Platini, Rames Rodrigues, Iniesta, and potential new heroes and icons.
It is unlikely that there will be new Aikons in the final event.
There may be players who have transferred to new clubs in the pre-season event.
Some potential players mentioned include Sommer, Guivar Diel, Torres, and Couli Bali.
The video discusses the possibility of certain players returning to FIFA Mobile with new cards.
Van Persie and Scholes are mentioned as potential comeback players.
There is speculation about the release of new cards for players like Balakão, Figo, and Ronaldinho Gaúcho.
The video also mentions players like Zidane, Croyff, and Beckham who had limited-time cards.
The speaker discusses the upcoming FIFA Mobile event and speculates about which players will receive new cards.
The speaker mentions players like Simon, Joselou, Fran Garcia, and Alex Teles who may receive new cards.
Speculation is that some official letters will start to leak on Monday and the full event will be revealed on Tuesday.
The speaker encourages viewers to watch the live event for more information about the temporary role.
00:00write it down in your diary on
00:03September 27th, Iei FC mobile 24 comes out, the game
00:07that will be replaced with a dance, on
00:10August 24th, the pre-season event comes out, the
00:13final event and on Tuesday afternoon here on the
00:16channel there will be a live broadcast where it will be
00:19everything about the event has been revealed and this is
00:21very important sometimes not
00:29hello guys Lucas good ones here and first of
00:33all activate the bell so you don't
00:36miss anything subscribe here to the channel and
00:39leave a like if you think the video
00:41here's a little help and here today in
00:44particular I want to comment on something
00:46very important, how the final event is coming, you
00:48'll see several absurd letters and I
00:52want to talk about the main ones
00:55that should come in the final event, of course
00:56it's a prediction, but hey I think
01:00I'll get it right in 80% of the cases, did the
01:02step by step, did the good job, let's go here for the
01:05video, the first thing we have to
01:07take into account is the issue of the overal of the
01:10cards, the events of now, you're seeing
01:13117 as the next one event will be the
01:17final event, I don't think there's
01:19any reason to hold over so if
01:23you come here to see the cards,
01:34right? the 120th Gen,
01:38including the final gen of the
01:41game's old events, was actually a
01:43g120 here to be the stem, but then of course there
01:46will also be cards with
01:48smaller standard skirts, another
01:50important thing is that we will have a thing
01:52called cards now and then you
01:55see this raland here with a
01:57different symbol this Robertson came we
02:01got this version here in FIFA 21 and in
02:04FIFA 22 we got 22/23 we got a
02:07card with a much smaller Ger but as
02:10compensation to start with Start
02:13ball new season and that then It was
02:15confirmed and it will be at the final event and
02:18then whoever can watch this video here
02:20where I talk about what you lose in the
02:22reset and this one from the bulge that comments
02:26by chance will your cell phone run the IEFC
02:29yes or no, having said that Let's go to the
02:32possible cards primarily for
02:34this final event, don't expect
02:36cards that never came before,
02:38I don't think there's any reason to invent a
02:42new Aikon in the final event, so
02:45Stefano's platini and I don't know Rames Rodrigues and I
02:49think that even Iniesta they
02:51will hardly be a card now in the game you can
02:53drop hold to launch it in UFC mobile
02:5624 there with the new ones and it's even worth a video
02:59about it, right there will be new
03:01heroes new icons or other times with
03:03everything soon ok and now who do you
03:05think is coming even generally a
03:08pre-season event, right, it's going to be Foundation,
03:11his name, he comes with the transfer doctor there. In other
03:14words, it's quite possible that
03:17there's a lot of letters that left the
03:19old club and went to a new club, so it's
03:21quite possible that we'll have a little letter
03:23from somer do mendique hasn't come in a long
03:27time it would be an incredible letter the
03:29noon letter Anyone who remembers
03:31Guivar Diel from the World Cup can already imagine a
03:34version of him in Ger 119 now that he's gone
03:37to Manchester City It's quite possible that
03:39I have I think his last top card
03:40was at the tote event. If I'm not mistaken,
03:44who knows, maybe even paint a picture of Torres about
03:47goalkeepers, even Naná Manchester would be
03:50no surprise.
03:58having couli Bali would be Look, the top thing
04:01still in defenders he cut if he was injured
04:04one that partnership totally possible
04:07aspiliqueta at Atlético Madrid I never
04:10imagined there is also a warrior Rafael
04:13who went for Master he didn't go to Bayern
04:16Munich who was capable of that there is the
04:18issue there It's whether he comes as a defender or as a full-back,
04:21right, I prefer him as a
04:24more defensive full-back,
04:26it's possible too, and now guys who
04:29have an obligation to be in charge, right, Jorge Alba at
04:32intermiami Lionel Messi at Inter Miami
04:35also have to because the last
04:38top card from Messi it was that
04:40little card his touch so a 120 the
04:43boy wouldn't surprise me a dembé or
04:46a Gonzalo Ramos right they were PSG there in the
04:49game without any absurdity and here the
04:52battle is of
04:54brozovit level Boy, right, pay attention, that one I
04:58wanted him to come with a point on the
04:59left, you know the short version, he is a
05:02left winger, just like mané, mané
05:05There were a lot of striker cards and mané
05:07with a point on the left, he is very buggy.
05:09So imagine a new version of him now
05:12that he was the dick Nasser, like an
05:15absurd card the construction site is usually
05:18trolled in letters as a steering wheel But
05:21maybe a version of it will be painted but
05:24maybe it will have benzema my God in
05:27heaven the sauditan will be absurd huh
05:31rebezemar Rubem Neves site maxman can
05:35also paint this one oh it's our
05:38gossip a guy who had absurd cards
05:42throughout the seasons Roberto Firmino Fabinho
05:46peace, putting together a full Saudi team is going
05:50to be absurd at IFC one of the biggest
05:54games of the season in Bayern Munich
05:57boy is that Kenner doesn't have those
06:00incredible cards but a version would be very
06:02top him at Bayern Munich
06:05would be the warrior I mentioned
06:07before and the dance hey, he's a
06:09card to fall, he likes it a lot, he's playing a lot
06:13at Real Madrid, he's a clean-shaven guy, a
06:16version of him
06:17Dirce 120 119 would be the perfect thing
06:21too, right? I don't doubt anything that he'll come
06:23Just like Mundogã just won
06:26Barcelona, ​​why not the new version of him
06:29about Aikon's now that there are always
06:32many centuries, generally
06:34higher events possible, I think that some
06:38who came a short time ago hardly,
06:40however, there are some people there who are missing and
06:43who can come back Van Persie can come back, he
06:46can come back and take that comeback
06:49with a card with four out of five because
06:51the guy is absurd and even because he just
06:53gave Roberto Carlos a left back
06:56for free for everyone so he
06:58has an idea of ​​the next event there's
07:01another absurd side that surpasses
07:03Roberto Carlos, this one I really want,
07:05huh, for scooles to return to fifinha,
07:08even if it's at the end, it would be beautiful,
07:11he had a version at the beginning that was
07:13an absurd card and since then
07:17the vanis has disappeared There aren't
07:19that big of expectations either, Miller and Breme, I do
07:22n't think it's going to happen other than an event more focused
07:25on having a poster and then I think it might
07:27come, Mr. Balakão deserves a
07:31new letter, hey, he had a letter
07:33recently that's a lot of money. a little
07:34lower but he is one of the best MCs
07:37in the game imagine the midfield with Skol
07:40lisbalak and Buriti Maria I wouldn't be
07:43surprised by a Luiz figo or a mistake
07:46to end the game and all due respect
07:48but then there is an obligation to release a
07:52final version one last card from
07:54Ronaldinho Gaúcho's Wizard, there's an obligation
07:57I can do without and here's another Concept
08:01that I didn't even mention, right? It's the one that never came, I do
08:03n't think it's going to turn around now and there are some
08:06like Zidane who ended up literally having
08:09a letter, Croyff, I don't know, for a very short
08:12time singing it Also Beckham too,
08:15right, but Heitor, a new version of Van
08:19Bass, has the same effect as Luiz, Figo,
08:21Drogba or even a taller Croifer doesn't
08:25surprise me at all and here are now
08:27the complete images with the due
08:30credits given with some more
08:33secondary players too not mentioning them as
08:35main ones here in the video, like sing
08:39Gil, it would be another little letter for exchange
08:42Personally, I don't think anyone is
08:44calling now Arthur is worth a mention Maybe
08:47a new version of the square would be very
08:50interesting, it's been played a lot and it's
08:55been a while since there's been one Good
08:57key card Simon would be another one to be
09:00trolled, you know, it's at Borussia, boy,
09:03it would be interesting, football is
09:05strange, old man, it's a lot of cards, a team that
09:09we never imagined, you know, like
09:11Joselou at Real Madrid, it's something I didn't
09:15imagine, I don't know, there's a lot of madness here there
09:18are some more troédene Soares there in
09:22particular I don't really follow it
09:26having here Fran Garcia orel Romeu in
09:30Barcelona who honestly I don't think he's even
09:32going to survive that there I hope Karen my
09:35mouth but some like Yoshida Oliveira the
09:39PUC is pretty gone too right who is it for
09:41Fifa relic meets PUC
09:44milinkovic savitch who went to the
09:47Saudis too old Alex Teles it's going to be
09:51a gigantic event and it came out you
09:54can be sure and now I just want the
09:56video part Well, I showed here some
09:58concepts of my opinion about who
10:00should see who shouldn't live and the
10:02tendency is that from tomorrow,
10:04Monday, some
10:07official letters will start to leak, Tuesday there will be
10:10Live to reveal the entire event and
10:13show how it will work,
10:14what the letters will be now and then
10:17whoever comes will be sure what
10:20the over will be. For now it's speculation
10:22but, right, with that fund already good
10:25you're going to do it so don't try to
10:27fool me, I know you so don't
10:30miss the Live on Tuesday, it's going to
10:32be Very cool, I'm going to start it very early and
10:35follow everything live There will be a lot of
10:37content about the temporary role this
10:39week, it's going to be a crazy week, right
10:48? you're welcome
10:51to hell Remembering that lives here from
10:55Monday to Friday from 7 pm until
10:5810 am except on Tuesday which
11:01will be earlier, beauty, the fight on the
11:03agenda is that, stay with God and said
11:06thanks, I'm with you, my beautiful
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Which player cards are speculated to be introduced in the final event of FIFA Mobile?

The video discusses predictions for the final event of FIFA Mobile, speculating on the possible new player cards that may be introduced. The YouTuber mentions several players who could potentially receive upgraded versions, including Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, and Mohamed Salah.

2. Are there any returning players mentioned in the video?

The video also mentions the possibility of returning players such as Robin van Persie and Ronaldinho receiving new cards.

3. What are the potential new player cards speculated in the video?

The video discusses potential new player cards for the final event of FIFA Mobile, speculating on the introduction of upgraded versions of players like Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, and Mohamed Salah.

4. Which players are speculated to receive upgraded versions in the final event of FIFA Mobile?

The YouTuber mentions several players who could potentially receive upgraded versions, including Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, and Mohamed Salah.

5. Is there any discussion about the speculation of new cards for specific players in the video?

The video discusses speculation about new player cards for specific players, including Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, and Mohamed Salah, who are speculated to receive upgraded versions in the final event of FIFA Mobile.

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