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In this video, the YouTuber tear ranks fantasy romance books based on their spice level, ranging from mild to fire. They provide a brief description of each book and their personal opinion on the steaminess of the scenes. The rankings are subjective and vary from mild books with limited spice to fiery books with intense scenes.
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The video is a tier ranking of fantasy romance books based on their spice level.
The host explains that she will be ranking the books based on how spicy or steamy they are.
The ranking tiers are: Fire (the spiciest), Hot, Medium, Mild, and Not spicy at all.
The first book discussed is "Throne of Glass" by Sarah J. Maas, which is ranked as Mild because the initial books in the series have limited and less detailed spicy scenes.
The speaker ranks three fantasy romance books based on their spice level.
"Next Level Spice" is categorized as "fire" due to intense scenes.
"Zodiac Academy" is initially placed in the "hot" category but might be moved up due to spicy scenes in the sixth book.
"To Bleed a Crystal Bloom" is considered "mild" with only one sexual scene.
This section provides tier rankings for fantasy romance books based on their spice level.
The first three books mentioned have mild spice levels and focus more on the relationship.
"A King So Cold" is rated medium and includes a spicy scene in the first book.
"Crescent City" by Sarah J. Maas is not spicy in the first book but gets a bit spicier in the second book.
"Kingdom of the Wicked" is a YA fantasy with a medium spice level.
"Serpent Dove" is categorized as not spicy, with some spicy scenes but still suitable for an upper teen audience.
The "Blood Alliance" series is categorized as the highest tier due to its dark, graphic, and smutty content.
"Feather" is categorized as mild, with no explicit scenes, but the book is forgettable and follows an angel trying to get her wings.
This section discusses three fantasy romance books and ranks them based on their spice level.
"Blood Nash" is a popular series with vampires and werewolves, and it is described as very spicy.
"Rhapsodic" by Laura Thalassa follows a girl who makes deals with the bargainer and has avatar vibes, but the second and third books were not as enjoyable.
"A Ruin of Roses" has an interesting story but the sex scenes were blunt and not well-written.
The speaker ranks fantasy romance books based on their spice level.
"Mother's Murder" is ranked as mild with only two spicy scenes.
"King of Battle and Blood" is ranked as medium and features a vampire romance with some spice.
"Black Sunshine" is also ranked as medium with two memorable spicy scenes.
"What Lies Beyond the Veil" is not discussed in this section.
00:00hi guys it's jess from honest fiction
00:02and welcome back to my channel so today
00:04i'm going to be doing a tearing video
00:06i'm going to be tear ranking fantasy
00:07romance books based entirely on spice
00:21all right guys so before we jump into
00:22the tier rank let me explain a little
00:24bit about this video so i have 26
00:26fantasy romance books and i'm going to
00:28be tearing them on how spicy or steamy
00:32they are so i've noticed on social media
00:34a lot of you have been asking me for
00:35like super spicy fantasy romance
00:37recommendations and then a few other
00:39people have been asking me for fantasy
00:41romance that's suitable for a younger
00:42audience so i figured this video would
00:44help you guys out a little bit now
00:45obviously reading is subjective and
00:47spice level is subjective so this is all
00:49my personal opinion and yeah if you're
00:51unfamiliar with my channel i post new
00:53videos every thursday and sunday if you
00:54haven't yet please like and subscribe
00:56you can also hit the notification bell
00:57to be notified whenever i post new
00:59bookish content you can also check out
01:00my instagram and goodreads both linked
01:02down below with all out of the way let's
01:04get into the tier rank all right guys so
01:07welcome to the gear rank i feel like the
01:08levels for this are pretty
01:09self-explanatory first up we have fire
01:12which is the absolute spiciest steamiest
01:15then we have hot there's still a lot of
01:16details going on then we have medium
01:19then we have mild and then we have not
01:21spicy at all so i'm gonna tell you a
01:23little bit about each book
01:25and let's go so first up we have throne
01:28of glass by sarah j maas
01:30i am going to put this with it's between
01:33mild and medium i think i'm actually
01:36i'm gonna put this with mild because out
01:39all of the books i feel like the first
01:40like four
01:41have very limited spicy scenes and
01:44they're not really explained like in a
01:46lot of detail um i think this actually
01:48started off as young adult and then like
01:51the last two books might be considered
01:53adult but it's not like super spicy by
01:55any means
01:57then we move into a court of thorns and
01:58roses which is gonna
02:04medium or hot
02:06i'm gonna put it in medium for now
02:09um so the first book a little bit of
02:12spicy stuff's going on the second book
02:15the scene with the paint on the table
02:17chef's kiss love it and then apple war
02:20so yeah there are ah it might actually
02:22go in hot
02:24i'm gonna leave it in medium that might
02:26change but a quarter thorns and roses is
02:28following pharah and she is a girl
02:30living on the border of the phaelans and
02:32then one day she accidentally kills a
02:33fae and then she has to go live in the
02:35fae realm as payment for that and it's
02:39just the best series of all time and if
02:41you like fantasy romance you need to
02:43read it
02:45a court of silver flames
02:47that is gonna go
02:51that's gonna go in hot but it might get
02:52moved up to fire i feel like sarah j
02:54maas so she released the acotar series
02:57the first three books then she released
02:59crescent city and crescent city isn't
03:01very spicy and i feel like she got some
03:02critique for that so then a quarter
03:05silver flames came out and she went like
03:07next level spice there are some scenes
03:09in this that live in my head rent free
03:12um so ah it's
03:14it might be fire
03:16i'm gonna put it with fire actually
03:17because like there are some very
03:20intense scenes in that book
03:21all right so moving on we have zodiac
03:24academy by carolyn pickman and susan
03:26valente i love this series so much i'm
03:28currently reading the sixth book about
03:30to start the seventh i don't think i'm
03:32emotionally prepared but this is
03:33following two fee royal or two girls
03:36they're about to turn 18 and on their
03:3718th birthday they find out that they're
03:39actually faye royals and in order to
03:41gain their inheritance they have to go
03:43to the fey world and the zodiac academy
03:46and it's a bully romance
03:48super fun i will say i feel like the
03:50first few books in this
03:52aren't super super spicy i mean it's
03:54definitely spicy there's definitely like
03:56some sex scenes
03:57i'm gonna put this
03:58with i think i'm gonna put this with hot
04:01i'm gonna put this with medium for now
04:04it might get moved up because in the
04:06sixth book there are definitely some
04:07scenes that are like
04:09they explain a lot so we'll see
04:11all right next up is to bleed a crystal
04:15this is gonna go in mild so i really
04:17love this story it is following this
04:19girl that
04:20is the only survivor of this horrible
04:22massacre and then this guy ends up
04:24finding her and takes her to his castle
04:27that it's completely isolated and he
04:28raises her like in isolation she's super
04:30lonely and the only thing he asks in
04:32return is for a drop of her blood every
04:34night and she doesn't know what he's
04:35gonna do with it
04:36um there's only one sexual scene in this
04:40i'm pretty sure
04:41and i actually didn't love it very much
04:43uh the main character ends up kind of
04:44going into heat i'm not really sure why
04:46that was even included um so i'm gonna
04:48put this with
04:51yeah i'm gonna keep it at miles you know
04:55yeah we'll keep it at mild i feel like
04:56the second book is going to get a little
04:57bit more um spicy
05:00all right broken bonds so this is my new
05:02favorite series at the moment it is a
05:04reverse harem paranormal bully romance
05:08and it's so good and it's following this
05:10girl oleander and she ends up running
05:11away from her bonds when she is a
05:14teenager and they end up bringing her
05:16and they are really mad at her for
05:19leaving so they're that's where like the
05:21aspect comes in but
05:24i'm going to put this with medium
05:26zodiac academy is going to get moved up
05:28hot actually okay so broken bonds
05:31the first book i don't think there's
05:32really anything but like as it goes it
05:34gets like spicier and spicier
05:37all right untainted by lillian t james
05:40this is gonna go
05:42in mild there is a spicy scene but it's
05:45not like
05:47it's not even a sex scene it's like
05:49foreplay um but that is about a girl
05:52that she is captured at a very young age
05:54and she's taken to live with all of
05:56these humans and she ends up pretending
05:58to be human to the point that she
06:00actually forgets what she really is
06:01until this female ends up like changing
06:04her world and the second book was just
06:06pushed i think it was supposed to come
06:07out this summer now i think it's coming
06:09out in the fall but i'm very excited
06:10about it
06:11all right next up is fortuna sworn
06:16this actually might go in mild
06:19it's between
06:21okay so the only thing my first tune is
06:23worn is i've only read the first three
06:24books and the first three books i'm
06:26actually gonna put it in mild it's
06:27really not that
06:29there's not that much going on in terms
06:30of spice like it is all about a
06:33so fortuna is a nightmare she has the
06:35ability to like touch someone and they
06:37see their darkest fears and she has been
06:40searching for her brother for two years
06:41and then one day she ends up
06:44having a fairy show up on her door and
06:46says i know where your brother is but if
06:48you want to find him you have to come
06:50live with me and marry me so
06:52there's kind of like a love triangle and
06:54relationship going on but
06:56the first three books aren't spicy like
06:58at all
07:00all right a king so cold by ella fields
07:02i love this duology the second book is
07:04the stray prince i will say the
07:07spare prince straight prince is a lot
07:09spicier than the first book but the
07:11first book is i'm gonna put in medium um
07:14i'm pretty sure the first scene in a
07:16king so cold is she's having sex with
07:18someone so
07:19know that goian
07:21all right crescent city so
07:24crescent city um is another book by
07:26sarah j maas it's following bryce and a
07:29tragedy takes place in the very
07:30beginning of the book and bryce with the
07:32help of a fallen angel have to like
07:34solve this crime
07:35the first book was not spicy at all like
07:39bit i was not expecting that normally
07:41sarah j maas is like really into like
07:42her romance and i just i was completely
07:46baffled when i read it i was not
07:47expecting there not to be like a whole
07:49lot of spice the second book gets a
07:51little bit spicier but i'm actually
07:52gonna put this with medium
07:55yeah i think it's safe in medium okay
07:58kingdom of the wicked so kingdom the
08:00wicked is a y fantasy it is following a
08:03witch and she ends up summoning one of
08:05the demons of hell who's actually like
08:07one of the seven deadly sins to help
08:10solve this crime the first book is why a
08:13the second book kingdom of the wicked is
08:14actually n a so it does get a little bit
08:16spicier i am going to put this with mild
08:19for now because i even feel like the
08:20second book wasn't super spicy but i
08:22think the author is gonna like slowly
08:24make it spicier and spicier
08:26all right next up is these hollow vowels
08:28and this is by lexi ryan this is part of
08:31a duology
08:32i love this duology it is so similar to
08:35like acotar and from blood and ash so if
08:37you like those books but you want like
08:39kind of like a cuter version you would
08:40definitely check that out i'm going to
08:42put this with not spicy there is one
08:45steam there's one steaming scene in the
08:46first book one second scene in the
08:48second book and i think the first book
08:50is cut to black and the second book is
08:53barely any description um so that's
08:56where that's gonna go
08:58okay next up we have
09:00the never king that's going right up to
09:02fire there is a lot going on with this
09:05book and it is so short it is an umbella
09:07but like
09:0860 of it is smut so it is a peter pan
09:12retelling of peter pan and wendy so on
09:15wendy's 18th birthday the descendants of
09:17wendy are taken by peter to this island
09:22things go down so the second one the
09:24dark one just came out and then i think
09:26there's actually gonna be a third so
09:27that is very exciting
09:29all right next up we have serpent dove
09:31and this is by shelby mahern this is one
09:34of which meets a witch hunter and
09:36through some comical circumstances they
09:38end up having to get married and they
09:40have complete opposite personalities i
09:42actually really like the series i like
09:44the first book the second book blood and
09:46honey i hated and then god and monsters
09:48i think redeemed the series so i'm
09:51actually gonna put this with
09:52not spicy at all um there are some like
09:56spicy scenes but i think it's still fine
09:58for like an upper
10:00um team it should be fine to read um
10:02it's not like super detailed at all
10:06all right so this next one is
10:07technically paranormal not fantasy
10:09romance and it is the first book in the
10:11blood alliance series i'm currently on
10:13book four
10:15oh my goodness this is going right to
10:17fire um this has a bunch of different
10:19relationships so the premise of this
10:22series is that vampires and werewolves
10:24have like taken over the world and
10:26humans are pretty much just their like
10:28servants or they use them for like food
10:31and breeding and it's like it's super
10:32super dark so you know that going in but
10:34every different relationship kind of is
10:36like kind of like a different cake but
10:38i'm obsessed it's like one of my
10:40favorite paranormal romances but it is
10:42so dark and so graphic and smutty so
10:46definitely check trigger warnings before
10:47you jump in but it's definitely going in
10:48the highest tier
10:50all right next up is feather which is a
10:52fantasy romance i believe it's new
10:55um i'm gonna put this with mild i
10:58honestly this book i wasn't a huge fan
11:00of it was very forgettable and i don't
11:02think there's any explicit scenes but
11:04just in case i'll put it with mild but
11:06it's following this fallen angel who she
11:08needs or she's not fallen it's following
11:10this angel who is trying to get her
11:12in order to ascend to the illusion and
11:15that's kind of like angel heaven and in
11:17order to get your wings you have to like
11:19help out doom souls so i think she ends
11:21up helping like a mafia boss and then
11:24they fall in love and it's like a romeo
11:25and juliet retelling
11:27i didn't love it i only read the first
11:28book um so i don't know if as you go
11:30through the series it gets spicier or
11:33all right the next one is the unsealy
11:35prince i am gonna put this with medium
11:38another one that i only read the first
11:39book so i'm only basing this off the
11:41first book but this is following a witch
11:43who ends up being taken by the king of
11:45the unseelie court and he's pretty much
11:47like if you can get out of here oh or
11:49out of this maze which is his home i'll
11:51let you go but what she doesn't realize
11:53is that he's actually trying to become
11:55the king of the unseelie court and he
11:56has to sacrifice a human so
11:59it was okay i it just didn't wow me
12:03pestilence by laura galasa that is gonna
12:05go in hot
12:07ah it might go on fire it's between fire
12:10and hot i was not a huge fan of this
12:12series um
12:14i'm not crazy at laura at the last
12:15writing however i know a lot of people
12:17who love fantasy romance love her so
12:20definitely the four horsemen is a pretty
12:22well-known series by her and this
12:24particular one is following pestilence
12:26and he is dropped into the world and
12:29he's like killing everyone and then he
12:30ends up taking this girl like hostage
12:33and he's kind of torturing her until
12:34he's not and then they're sleeping
12:37i think i'm actually going to put it in
12:38fire i remember there being a lot of
12:39smut in this one
12:41all right next up is from blood nash
12:43this is going in hot so this is
12:46one of my favorite series um it's very
12:48popular right now so
12:51friendly follows poppy and poppy is the
12:55maiden she is being raised in order to
12:57do this ceremony so she's also raised in
13:00like complete isolation until one day
13:02she goes to this tavern disguised and
13:05she meets the newest member of the rise
13:07guard hawk and they hit it off right
13:09away and he kind of takes her out of her
13:11world and it's just it's so good it has
13:14vampires it has werewolves and it's just
13:16really really fun
13:17and it's very very spicy so i'm actually
13:19going to keep that in hot and it's
13:21pretty spicy like throughout like all
13:22the books i've read so far have a lot of
13:26all right next up is rap sonic which is
13:28also going to go in hot this is also by
13:30laura thalassa this is following a girl
13:32who makes deals with the bargainer and
13:35in repayment for doing the deals she
13:38wears these beads around her arm and
13:40then one day she's gonna have to pay
13:42back all of the beads which are like
13:43debts and i liked the first book but
13:46then the second third kind of lost me i
13:48wasn't a huge fan and it was very spicy
13:50very similar kind of has like avatar
13:52vibes a little bit but
13:54it was still pretty fun i would
13:55definitely check it out if you like
13:56fantasy romance
13:59a ruin of roses
14:01i'm awesome this is gonna go
14:05this is uh no it's gonna go in hot but
14:07it's like
14:09bordering on
14:11fire it's it's very
14:13the sex scenes are actually i'm not a
14:15huge fan of the way they were written
14:16there it is very very blunt and very
14:18just i'm not a huge fan but this did
14:20have a very interesting story it's
14:22following this girl that lives in this
14:24community where people die very young so
14:27in order to like stop this curse she
14:30found out that roses can like help
14:32prolong people's lives unfortunately
14:33when she's getting the roses she gets
14:35taken by this beauty and the beast beast
14:38type character and he brings her back to
14:40his house that is full of demons and i
14:43just i was not a huge fan i only read
14:44the first one but i would recommend
14:46checking it out if you like beauty and
14:47the beast retellings
14:48it was interesting
14:50all right so this next one is guild
14:52which is the first book in the plated
14:53prisoner series and
14:55if i was doing this based on just the
14:57first and second book i would say it
14:59would be in medium however
15:01as you go this story gets so
15:04much more uh descriptive in terms of
15:06like the sexual
15:08scenes so yeah i would say it's
15:10definitely hot but this is following
15:11this is like a king midas retelling kind
15:13of and it's following oren who is kind
15:16of like midas's
15:18almost like pet like he keeps her in
15:19this gilded cage she's solid gold and
15:22she really has like no autonomy in the
15:24very beginning of this book throughout
15:26most of the first book
15:28until one day she's let out of her cage
15:29and she's traveling she gets kidnapped
15:31by someone and then she kind of finds
15:32out more about the world around her so
15:35highly recommend it's very beloved
15:36series and except we have city of thorns
15:39and this is an urban fantasy story and i
15:41was actually expecting it to be a lot
15:42spicier than it was this is following a
15:45girl who's trying to hunt down her
15:47mother's murder and she knows her
15:48mother's murder is a demon but she can't
15:50get into the demon worlds until she
15:52makes a deal with this like demon
15:54warlock and they end up working together
15:57but this is gonna go
16:00ah man i only read the first book so
16:02based on the first book
16:05i think i'm gonna put it with miles
16:07because there's really there's not a lot
16:09going on in terms of like spicy times i
16:10think there's like two scenes
16:13so yeah it's it's mild but it's very
16:15close to medium
16:17alright king of battle and blood that is
16:19going definitely to medium so that is
16:22following izolde who ends up marrying
16:25the king of the vampires in order to
16:27save her people and she plans to
16:29assassinate him but they end up having
16:32an instant connection so there for me it
16:34felt a little bit it's not insulus
16:37because they kind of give you a reason
16:38to why this is happening but i like when
16:40books like really draw out the angst of
16:42enemies to lovers and that didn't happen
16:44with this so i wasn't a huge fan but
16:46it's definitely spicy so if you want
16:48like a spicy vampire any easter lovers
16:50check that one out
16:52all right black sunshine by karina
16:54halley i actually really like this book
16:56this is also gonna go with medium only
16:58because there's like two scenes that i
16:59can remember i read this a while ago
17:01that are like they also kind of live in
17:03my brain rent free but this is following
17:06a witch that finds out that or this is
17:09following a girl that ends up finding
17:10out she's a witch and she ends up being
17:11kidnapped by a vampire and it's just
17:13it's so fun so if you want a vampire
17:15story i don't hear a lot of people
17:17talking about black sunshine but it's
17:19really really good unfortunately for me
17:21i really listen to things via audio and
17:23there's only the first book out on audio
17:24the second book hasn't come out yet
17:26which is kind of a bummer because i
17:27really want to read it but yeah
17:30all right and last up we have what lies
17:32beyond the veil
17:33i'm actually
17:37it's either like the highest of medium
17:39or like the lowest of hot i think i'm
17:41gonna put it with hot just because that
17:43bath scene
17:45in front of everybody
17:46was really good so this is following a
17:49girl that lives in this very like
17:50patriarchal society and she
17:54lives in this community there is a veil
17:56that separates the fae from the humans
17:58and in order to like keep this veil
17:59running smoothly these people end up
18:01sacrificing one of their own so our main
18:03character ends up being picked to be
18:05sacrificed and then when she's about to
18:07be sacrificed the veil ruptures and all
18:10the fear comes spilling out and she ends
18:11up being marked to be taken by the fae
18:14so she's on the run with one of her
18:16friends and it's just i love it and the
18:19second book is coming out i believe at
18:20the end of august at the end of this
18:22and i cannot wait it's gonna be so good
18:25i just i love this story i have a full
18:26review i will leave in the cards in the
18:28description that's spoiler free
18:30but yeah so i hope this helped you out
18:32this is my t rank all right guys thank
18:34you so much for watching my fantasy
18:36romance spicy tea rank please let me
18:38know down in the comments below what is
18:39your favorite spicy fantasy romance and
18:42i said this already i post new videos
18:43every thursday and sunday and if you
18:45haven't yet please like and subscribe i
18:46will see you all next week bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the top fantasy romance books ranked by spice level in the video?

The top fantasy romance books ranked by spice level in the video include mild to fiery books with varying steaminess of scenes. The rankings are subjective and based on the YouTuber's personal opinion.

2. How does the YouTuber rank the spice level of fantasy romance books in the video?

In the video, the YouTuber ranks the spice level of fantasy romance books based on their steaminess, ranging from mild to fire. They provide a brief description of each book and their personal opinion on the intensity of the scenes.

3. What is the range of spice levels for fantasy romance books in the video?

The range of spice levels for fantasy romance books in the video varies from mild to fire, with books featuring limited spice scenes to intense and fiery scenes. The rankings are based on the YouTuber's subjective opinion.

4. Which fantasy romance books are considered mild in spice level according to the YouTuber's ranking in the video?

According to the YouTuber's ranking in the video, the mild fantasy romance books feature limited spice and are considered less steamy compared to others. The YouTuber provides a brief description and personal opinion on the level of spice for each book.

5. What are the subjective criteria for ranking the spice level of fantasy romance books in the video?

The subjective criteria for ranking the spice level of fantasy romance books in the video are based on the YouTuber's personal opinion on the steaminess and intensity of the scenes. The rankings range from mild to fire and are influenced by the YouTuber's individual preferences.

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This video highlights the initiation rituals of 10 different gangs around the world. These rituals include cannibalism, beating rituals, burning crucifixes, and even bathing in feces. Prospective members who survive these brutal initiations become part of dangerous and often deadly criminal organizations.

The video compares the 41mm and 45mm sizes of the Apple Watch Series 9, discussing factors like wrist size, band options, display size, and battery life. It also mentions the difference between the aluminum and stainless steel models. Ultimately, the viewer is encouraged to follow their gut and consider their preferences when choosing the right size and style.

The video teaches a trick for counting triangles in figure reasoning problems, using numbering and multiplication. The instructor explains how to count triangles in various figures and provides shortcuts for calculating the number of triangles. Examples and practice questions are given to reinforce the concepts.

The video explains the importance of praying Tahajjud, as Allah calls out for forgiveness at that time and grants whatever is asked for. It emphasizes engaging in acts of worship during this blessed time, such as reciting Quran and offering Salah. The speaker encourages followers to follow the example of Prophet Muhammad and stresses the need to prioritize prayer over worldly excuses.

The video demonstrates how to add someone on Snapchat without it showing as "added by search" by either tapping on their profile to add, adding by username instead of search, or using the snap code to add the person.

This video discusses nine signs that indicate a woman may be promiscuous, including admitting to cheating, having a lot of one-night stands, and not being selective about her partners. It also emphasizes the importance of paying attention to her behavior and clothing choices and mentions that a woman who talks about sex a lot or has provocative social media posts may still be promiscuous. Ultimately, it suggests that men should be cautious when dating a woman who exhibits these signs.