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The video showcases the five most expensive online purchases, ranging from a city to a yacht. Some purchases were considered useful, while others were seen as useless scams. The most expensive purchase was a yacht sold for $168 million and is rumored to have been bought by a Russian billionaire.
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This section discusses the five biggest online purchases ever made and whether they were useful or useless.
The narrator mentions a scam involving a prince from Nigeria asking for someone in Brazil to receive $65 million.
The narrator also mentions falling for an internet scam involving an electronics desk.
The narrator talks about a table that was purchased online and turned out to be a scam.
The narrator encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel to help reach 36 million subscribers.
A man bought a city for $216,000, invested more to improve it, and sold it for $2.5 million on eBay.
The man bought a city for $216,000 and invested an additional half a million dollars to improve it.
He put the city up for sale on eBay and sold it for $2.5 million.
He used the Price Watcher app to ensure he got good deals while making purchases.
The speaker discusses Chinese names, downloading, music, and a canceled lunch due to health problems.
The Chinese change names based on beauty and similarity to famous names in the US.
The speaker talks about not downloading and canceling everything, including music mix.
A lunch purchase for $4.57 million was canceled due to health problems, sparking conspiracy theories.
The most expensive piece of art sold online was 'The tuberculosis in spikes' painting by Edward Hopper, sold for $9.9 million in 2012 at Christie's auction house.
The painting was considered the most expensive piece of art sold online in history.
'The tuberculosis in spikes' was created by American artist Edward Hopper.
The painting was sold by Christie's, the most famous auction house in the world.
The painting was sold for $9.9 million in 2012.
Entrepreneur Mark Cuban, known from Shark Tank, bought a $40 million jet online, which is the biggest online purchase in history.
The jet is called Ghost Trim5 and has Rolls Royce engines.
Mark Cuban now owns three planes in total.
He believes it is worth it due to the amount of traveling he does.
The video discusses the purchase of an expensive yacht online for $168 million.
The yacht has a helipad, luxury offices, a gym, and a cinema.
There are rumors that the Russian billionaire Abramovich bought it.
The size of the yacht is emphasized, possibly related to a psychological fixation on size.
00:00I'm the game on the ground, Bruno, you can see, right?
00:13day, of
00:15course, every day you have to make a fuss, you've
00:18seen this every day and see how I
00:20stay out of the recordings and don't know
00:21him, kaka, now I'm down treating people
00:24with chains and whips, a competitor
00:27in the whip, people, I'm not Shanghai,
00:30okay? I know what I look
00:51we're going to see the five biggest
00:54online purchases ever made,
00:58extraordinary astronomical values ​​made in
01:01purchases that we're going to decide whether they
01:03were useful or useless, like a table
01:06you buy that does a lot of things
01:08that in fact is a scam, it's not enough
01:10because remembering the scam I took
01:11from the electronics desk because you fell
01:14for the internet scam he you you the
01:18internet cleisson fell for the
01:20internet scam class 1 fell for the scam of the
01:21principle of nigeria company is from 1999
01:25bro and they received receive that means is
01:28I was also a scam that had happened, you are
01:30young, it is now arriving on the internet,
01:31it was a scam that had happened, I received an
01:33email from the prince of Nigeria saying that
01:35he needed someone in Brazil to
01:37receive an amount of 65 million
01:40dollars from the barbed wire 30m in story
01:43of the janet group the dam ended due to
01:45human stupidity
01:47and then you had to give all the data
01:48to the guy to be able to
01:50transfer 70 in the end kaboul
01:52story now why did you have a
01:53barb and remember the story of
01:55daddy's girl you can't tell for this heavy
01:57but I was afraid, no, Bruno, it was already
02:00I was also afraid, it's you, the
02:03pavilion, don't subscribe to the channel,
02:07really, if you subscribe, 35 million
02:09subscribers have already arrived, now we're heading towards
02:1236 million,
02:13this will only happen if you click on
02:15sign up now this minute in these
02:17five that co left his like so let's go I
02:20thought good kid 6
02:23million subscribers bruno today we're going to
02:24see the five biggest
02:26online purchases of all time let's see if it
02:27was useful useless football starting useful
02:31for a
02:32useless city because the city of albertino
02:36technician made it had 50 inhabitants in
02:391925 50 there are more inhabitants in this
02:45but for some reason it didn't continue to
02:47exist as time passed it started
02:49losing inhabitants people didn't talk they did
02:51n't have to do it people didn't they did
02:53n't really like things it didn't work
02:55out until the day the town
02:58only had five residents 5 there are
03:01literally more people in this room right
03:04now so in
03:07insurance broker named bob key decided to fulfill the
03:11town didn't even know that they will be a possibility
03:13but not me I've never been on zap real estate and
03:15you can buy the city, I've never seen this
03:17option, I've already privatized it by island, I've already
03:19searched for a [ __ ] island, I've already
03:22tried to find the price of the island, he bought the
03:24city for 216 thousand dollars,
03:27this city here, just have that
03:29beautiful house in the city
03:31there all the pretty city for sale I like
03:34216 thousand dollars only invested another half a
03:37million dollars
03:38I'm all there 716 thousand dollars made the
03:42city prettier and put it up for sale on
03:46in the city the city for sale on ebay
03:49the ebay for the free market sequence
03:51from the United States, it comes from everything on
03:53ebay, it's a joke, it's [ __ ], it
03:56comes from everything, if you try to find
03:58one, your grandmother's toenail will be for
04:01sale on ebay, someone is a collector, someone is
04:03selling it and he sold it for two and a
04:05half million dollars
04:07the guy invested 716 thousand dollars and sold it
04:09for 2 million
04:11yo in ipê someone bought a city
04:13using the mouse they understand that
04:16someone got there at this party so I
04:17could buy the city in two and a half million
04:19card details bought south the card was
04:23this one a nice card friend a
04:26nice card is it that the watchman
04:28beeped to highlight the cheap is it serious that he
04:33didn't download the VG on black friday
04:34it's almost not long before
04:37black friday and if you don't use the
04:40watchman and will it be happens you can
04:42fall for one of our promotions so it's
04:44simple, go download the price watcher app
04:46on your cell phone,
04:47just install it and you can make your purchases
04:50using the price watcher app because each
04:52product will let you know whether it's expensive or
04:53cheap, I can handle it but
04:55you're buying everything ready to buy
04:56a refrigerator as well as a video game a
04:59chair the best thing is the cover of the
05:02security guard app because the
05:03promotions appear, the best promotions in
05:06stores in Brazil so you become obsessed with
05:08wanting to buy something so cheap and the ppi
05:10that doesn't buy the image
05:12Then they're going to make an offer for Magé, Bruno,
05:14it would be cool to be the owner of Magé, he was
05:17released, so ok, he's the owner of magic and throw
05:19a party for us, download the
05:21watchman's app, install it and
05:23check out the promotions,
05:25the next item is happening, lunch because it's the fourth
05:29position is a lunch, we've already seen it
05:31here in the a7 video, the price is me versus
05:34bruno, the buffet man who is one of the
05:36greatest businessmen of all time, you know,
05:38great guy on the stock exchange and everything
05:41he auctions off a lunch every year with he
05:44uses this money for charitable donations
05:46so every year he breaks the record this year he
05:48broke the record again it was sold for
05:50no less than four points 57 million
05:53dollars a human lunch the guy I
05:58felt like doing this have
05:59a lunch with me for auction
06:01at one hundred reais I paid 12 ok,
06:04you don't even pay for the commotion, it was
06:08a Chinese businessman with krypton coins
06:10called justin, holy people, a Chinese
06:13called justin, it's not like that, they do
06:16that, I found out that I had a
06:18meeting with the Chinese once they change
06:20the name based on the beauty
06:22because otherwise it's all that game where
06:24I say chen yun and then they change it and
06:26take a name more similar to
06:29their name which is famous in the united states
06:31then what they did in Chinese xi jinping
06:34is always so it remains negative xaxim
06:37then it changes to justin he is the
06:41bittorrent one look I used torrent
06:43exactly and than never download
06:47anything next time everyone here is
06:49holy everyone I never leave it never
06:51downloaded and browsing and ordered to cancel
06:53everything You know and understand, my mother has also
06:55never downloaded anything in the top 10.
07:09in the
07:12music mix, right, master way, improving
07:17but in love, the z1000 couple is there
07:22mexico and moves and moves shepherd
07:25to say all this so he is also your
07:27datsun foundation the buffet is a critic
07:31at 30 coins
07:33I am also very critical I am very
07:37I I want to say that I am very critical
07:39of the capital, currencies and all the
07:41beach business, what is the name, we know
07:43it, because I don't understand anything,
07:46so I am critical, because if I
07:49don't understand, no one else will understand, if
07:51I don't know where. that human flu money appears
07:56bruno is very antiseptic and when the
08:00pope's brother isn't like that because we
08:02have computers here that are
08:04mineirinha bitcoin image on the computer
08:06of a little tibia doll is on no
08:11I don't understand but anyway he he bought it there
08:14for four points 57 million and the ad
08:16also did well but on ebay it's
08:18unbelievable - they didn't believe it, it ended up
08:21that lunch was canceled I believe that's it
08:22was this guy tomorrow the age of the
08:26look at the age of the woman who can now
08:27buy lunch for four and a
08:29half million dollars it was canceled due to
08:31his health problems it
08:34doesn't hurt the end of the kid's saint then there
08:36was a whole negotiation everyone
08:39making conspiracy theories they say that
08:40the Chinese government was the one who banned
08:44the meeting and that's more the version official thing
08:46is that it was just a kidney stone, member there
08:48was nothing like that but then he could be
08:50found and he won't be found because
08:52in July he still hasn't found it, just
08:53imagine the buffet's agenda, right?
08:56This is a criticism of this legacy of the
08:58capital's currency cocaine
09:00makes me hate it because in addition to not
09:02understanding bitcoin, try 800 thousand clips
09:04different currency, right, don't say bro, you're going to
09:07[ __ ] next case, thirdly,
09:10it would be something we've already seen here, which
09:13was a company that buys a planet
09:14within a game, remember the calypso
09:17planet calypso is, they bought it for
09:19six million dollars in an
09:21online game, everyone plays together and stuff,
09:23but as we already said 'let's go, a
09:26painting, this painting is considered the
09:29most expensive piece of art sold online in
09:32history, the name is The tuberculosis in
09:35spikes created by the American aunt Edward
09:37Hopper was sold by Christie's, the
09:40most famous auction house in the world,
09:42for the trifle of 9.9 million
09:46dollars in 2012, because this painting is
09:48ready, I'm serious, I'll make a
09:50similar one, don't say anything but whoever will want it
09:52record - we're going to make an exclusive video
09:57for nato hleb members where we're all going to
09:59have to recreate this painting
10:03he promises no no I'm going to fulfill it I
10:06'm going to make you believe it's a leader I'm going to
10:08do it man I'm talking talking
10:10talking I'm going to do it I'm going to create this
10:13mini version of this painting we
10:15already know that it will win but we have
10:18done the second place to pay for it when it
10:21arrives it will be the competition to see
10:23who creates the best art inspired by this one
10:26here 9.9 million dollars people like that,
10:29nothing against it I think art a
10:31subjective thing is much more in the perception and
10:33everything but there will be no excuse for me
10:36the old one is not worth half as much as they look at
10:39fred's autographed poster but I never
10:41put down 9.9 million euros to try to
10:43look at things that don't make sense
10:46go the painting is worth a little more now
10:48you know why he died it's not like that but that's
10:50not why it was painted in 1946 by
10:54him look and you know he painted he
10:57painted the things he saw from the window
11:00of his car while he was driving around
11:04so we have one more reason to recreate
11:07this painting, it's from massachusetts, it's
11:09worth it, we create it, so members of
11:10nato, look, you'll be presented with
11:12this video here in gaza, bruninho, of
11:14our paintings.
11:1750 million
11:19subscribers, ok,
11:20great, we've reached 50 million
11:23subscribers and we're going to leave
11:24the entire team for massachusetts. The
11:27good thing is that Australia's promise is there and I think
11:29he's going to show it and we're going to
11:33Our Lady of the 40 road on the
11:36nearby side In case the day someone bought
11:40this book thirty-four reais and
11:45ninety cents in pre-sale broke the
11:47record for anticipating
11:51advance sales of a book for 34 90
11:56was when we got lucas - it's because
12:00lucas doesn't have a hardcover until this one
12:02It has a hardcover, the pages are
12:04classified and it is a product for adults
12:06and teenagers, with children,
12:08someone will have to read this book to
12:09them, but for all ages because
12:11they are curious about the world, it's really
12:12cool, man, it's really really cool I have a
12:14photo of myself and not because because the
12:16cool book that took to the streets since the beginning of the
12:18video trying to make fun of me my photo on the
12:20cover is only on the cover let's
12:21go the next item second place
12:24was a 40 million dollar purchase
12:27made online is the biggest purchase in the
12:30history of an e-commerce in the world was
12:32made in 1999 to this day it hasn't broken a
12:35record for 20 years and no one managed to
12:38break the record it was bought by
12:40that entrepreneur mark cuban who is 12
12:43shark tank there is one of the shark guys
12:45tank this guy he owns a team b
12:48he is very very very rich
12:51bizarre billionaire the team the dallas maverics in 1999
12:56he decided to go into an online store and
12:58buy a jet it is the biggest purchase of a
13:00fresh start in history it is not an auction it is
13:02one in a store like buy from him
13:06added to the cart students are
13:10understanding this was the one who called there and they
13:12are going to do the process for which
13:15he didn't add it to the cart and put his
13:17credit card and bought a
13:1940 million dollar jet tac store who
13:22allows this, that's when he allowed it,
13:24bro, he's Matthew Bennett, like the card,
13:27it must be his,
13:28he owns the bank with the card, everything.
13:37This jet
13:40is the Ghost Trim5, it has Rolls Royce engines, a
13:43range of 12,000 kilometers and up to
13:4716,000 meters, in other words, it's the same plane as my
13:51grandson, but it
13:52wasn't much cheaper, so I'm
13:55not satisfied, he's already bought
13:57two more planes,
13:58he has three planes nowadays he says it's
14:01worth it because of the amount
14:02of traveling he does and he has to watch
14:03a game in a city the day after the
14:05meeting and then he says it's worth it I
14:07want to ask is it worth it here because
14:08three is because one thala wando I think
14:12it's this one,
14:23let's watch the
14:25old channel so 40 million dollars bigger
14:27when you want to break a
14:28record it's simple in any store
14:31find a product for 40 million and a
14:33dollar and buy a credit card you've already
14:35broken the record set by marquinhos do dedé
14:37who it delivered,
14:38look, I don't think it was the ex, it's not how do you
14:40deliver a plane, have you seen
14:42the person like this, is it possible that Fedex doesn't even count at the
14:45guy's door, is it possible to have a
14:47drone, now it was a plane delivered the
14:49plane, I think With this doubt, what was
14:51missing delivery, look for even more,
14:54just see a jump in deliveries, but you're seeing
14:57questions and questions that only the
15:00rich know the answer
15:01to first, it
15:03already cost a lot more than this
15:05plane, but it wasn't a company, they
15:08start an auction, so it was the biggest
15:10digital auction ever held an online auction it's
15:12exactly the online auction here's
15:14the thing, it's very rich and then you realize
15:16that having a yacht
15:18is no longer so impressive because
15:19I said I have it and you but a lot of
15:23people in Brazil have art so you have
15:25the option of buying a giga eat meat
15:27puiati workout in 2006 remember the
15:30giga byte that internet on the giant
15:34attié the yacht which is gigantic and was
15:37sold on ebay which was believed man
15:39it was auctioned on ebay
15:41but on the commission of exactly what I
15:43'm thinking about the ebay collection
15:45the yacht was snatched snatched great that's it
15:48was Jesus pulled it snatched it's
15:52snatched imagining the look when
15:58closed to the sky and the angel's trumpets
16:00are on and taxiing paradise was
16:05snatched finally it was snatched by the
16:09trifle of 168 million dollars
16:14there's a vacuum I wanted this guy really big
16:18I wanted to buy several but you know
16:20you know that on this boat there must be
16:22about 20 in the polenta, right it's not surreal
16:24bacca surreal he has that slash point
16:26because he's a it's good that's what It's a means
16:29of transport that serves other means of
16:31transport, you won't see a train with a
16:32helipad, you know,
16:33but it's a boat, it has a helipad, it
16:35has Spain, it has luxury offices, it has a
16:37gym, it has a cinema inside the
16:40boat, it has VIP suites, it has a
16:42master suite. of 278 square meters with
16:45a serious suite for the, you know,
16:48I'm going to stay in the three
16:49square meter hotel in Japan 13 for a cable
16:52in 13 square meters
16:53we look at the size of the yacht and we don't
16:55want to see look at this
16:59supernatural this is the time of buying
17:03in lieu is that alex can go
17:06for 168 million dollars in rumors
17:09that the person who bought it was the
17:11Russian billionaire abramovitch who is the owner of
17:14manchester city but it is not confirmed, it
17:16's just a rumor because when you buy that amount
17:19you never know who I said that they
17:21are usually criminals, there is a
17:25psychological problem in psychology, explains people, they
17:26are fixated on being big
17:28or not, this is totally related to the
17:31size of the penis, but this is a fact, a
17:32very fact, people, this is such a fact that
17:36I say, this is a real goal. talents wasn't
17:40sent to me, I'm going to say it in Rio,
17:42I'm very good at these were the
17:44biggest online purchases, these people didn't
17:46use the price video, don't use it because if
17:48I had used it, they wouldn't even know that it's not
17:50worth buying these things.
17:51mainly the painting that we are going to
17:53record for members and by making this
17:54then we are going to sell ours and we are going women,
17:58another auction on our paintings to
17:59donate to charity, it's cool, it's going to raise about two
18:01hundred reais, we donate it to
18:03charity, the closed show is from there and two
18:05months, there shouldn't be anything in two months, don't
18:08do it next week, there are only good
18:10weekly tables
18:12such a table and not even a pen in a 37, it's
18:17logical that the evaluation board doesn't
18:21matter if you're going to give us a place,
18:23you the evaluation board doesn't It's the devil, he's
18:25just going to accept it, leave it olic and go
18:28install a price video on your
18:29cell phone,
18:30download the app and start using it to
18:31see what promotions are appearing there,
18:33ok, don't comply, check on the watchman
18:36so you know if you're buying something
18:37worth it It's worth mentioning, subscribe, go
18:39watch the video and click on the
18:41left side of this dying life,
18:47she's an ass
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the five most expensive online purchases showcased in the video?

The video showcases the five most expensive online purchases, ranging from a city to a yacht. Some purchases were considered useful, while others were seen as useless scams.

2. What was the price of the most expensive purchase mentioned in the video?

The most expensive purchase mentioned in the video was a yacht sold for $168 million, rumored to have been bought by a Russian billionaire.

3. Who is rumored to have bought the most expensive purchase?

The most expensive purchase, a yacht sold for $168 million, is rumored to have been bought by a Russian billionaire.

4. What range of prices do the five online purchases mentioned in the video fall into?

The five online purchases mentioned in the video range from a city to a yacht, with prices reaching up to $168 million for the most expensive purchase.

5. How were some of the featured purchases perceived by the public?

Some of the featured purchases were considered useful, while others were seen as useless scams, as highlighted in the video.

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