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This video provides tips on how to break through a fat loss plateau and achieve a body fat percentage of 10% or lower for men, emphasizing the importance of patience, consistency, and listening to your body. The speaker recommends maintaining a small calorie deficit, getting 10,000-14,000 steps a day, keeping meals simple and consistent, and incorporating strength training twice a week to preserve muscle mass.
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When trying to break through the 10% body fat plateau, it can be challenging and hunger levels may increase.
Body fat set point determines the natural body fat level that individuals tend to gravitate towards.
Athletes often have a set point due to their consistent training and nutrition.
Cutting below the set point can be difficult and may lead to increased hunger.
The mistake most people make is immediately reducing calorie intake when faced with challenges.
To break through 10% body fat, it is important to avoid extreme measures, dial in your calorie intake, and understand that fat loss is not always linear.
Going extreme and binge eating is not recommended.
Teaching your body to maintain a lean state can help you stay at a lower body fat percentage.
Calorie intake should be around 13 calories per pound of body weight to cut 5-10 pounds.
Taking fat loss slower and understanding that it may not be linear is important when cutting below your body fat set point.
00:00all right so this video is how to break
00:03through 10 body fat so it's very very
00:05common maybe you're 15 maybe you're 20
00:0830 you start cutting and somewhere along
00:10the lines you hit a plateau now for most
00:13people that Plateau is usually around 10
00:16to 14 now you have something called your
00:20body fat set point when your training
00:22style your nutrition's dialed
00:24everything's on point sleep rest the
00:26whole package is on point you kind of
00:28have this body fat that you tend to
00:31gravitate towards okay so when you're 20
00:34and you dial in the fasting the training
00:36nutrition you eliminate psychological
00:38eating you get your mindset dialed you
00:40start to get lean and you make results
00:42happen like clockwork all the way until
00:45this set point where your body naturally
00:47sits okay it's also if you look at
00:49athletes a lot of times athletes kind of
00:52eat whatever they want sure they work
00:54out a lot they kind of find this little
00:56sticking point they're not tracking
00:57their calories and macros meticulously
00:59like body and fitness models they have
01:01the sort of set point where they just
01:03sort of end up you don't meet too many
01:05athletes that are oh I've got a cut I
01:06gotta lose five pounds of gaining weight
01:07they just Reach This set point because
01:09the nutrition's on point they're
01:11training a lot you know and they just
01:13kind of sit at a certain body fat level
01:16so when you want to cut below that body
01:19fat level that's when it can be
01:21challenging during that period cutting
01:23below that set point which could be 10
01:24could be 14 you start to get a little
01:27bit hungrier okay you almost feel like
01:29the currents when you're cutting there
01:31you kind of felt like you're swimming
01:32with the currents now you feel like the
01:33currents are pulling you back a little
01:35bit the mistake that most people make is
01:37as soon as it gets hard it's like oh my
01:39God you know I'm stuck I'm gonna Plateau
01:41I gotta cut my calories down I got to
01:43restrict my calories I gotta go lower in
01:44calories right I gotta add in more
01:46cardio and I gotta try and break through
01:48this plateau and what happens is that
01:50messes them up further their
01:52testosterone levels drop right because
01:54they're in too much of energy deficit at
01:56a low body fat their training
01:57performance declines because now because
01:59they're in the space bigger deficit
02:00training too much their strength
02:02plateaus or even regresses and then they
02:05start to get starving because they're
02:07they're putting their body too much of a
02:08deficit they start to binge eat then
02:09they go extreme they binge eat the go
02:11extreme they binge they go extreme okay
02:12so in our coaching group we help people
02:14cut all the time below 14 below 12 below
02:1810 I actually believe that if you do
02:20this correctly for months and months and
02:22months you actually coax your body and
02:24you teach your body kind of how to
02:25maintain a leaner State and I've been
02:27able to stay it you know anywhere from
02:29the low end of six percent to eight
02:30percent pretty easily for not even just
02:33months but years okay and I don't feel
02:35that deprived my body and I've had very
02:37high free testosterone very very healthy
02:40total testosterone at these low levels
02:42of body fat okay and so I find you can
02:44actually acclimate yourself there so the
02:46first thing that you must do is you do
02:48not want to go extreme when things slow
02:51down okay your calories should be dialed
02:54now a simple recommendation if you are
02:56around 10 to 15 body fat and you want to
02:58cut five ten pounds your calories should
03:00be around 13 calories per pound of gold
03:02body weight okay that's just a quick
03:04estimate right so if you're if you're a
03:06mass if you're a huge gun you're cutting
03:08to 200 pounds your calories should be
03:09about 2600 if you're cutting to 160 you
03:13know that's like 2 000 calories or so so
03:15your calories should be around that 13
03:17calories per pound of body weight which
03:18is a 3 400 calorie deficit you want to
03:21take the fat loss slower when you're
03:23cutting below your body fat set point
03:25now if you're doing three hours of
03:27hockey every day you're going to want to
03:29go a bit higher but most people they
03:31just you know get 10 000 steps a day
03:32they hit a few workouts they're not
03:34crazy active Okay so by taking it slower
03:37that's when you're going to see results
03:38now the second thing you have to
03:39understand is that fat loss especially
03:41when you're creeping below your set
03:43point is not always linear okay it's not
03:46always linear sometimes your weight is
03:49plateaued for two weeks and then it
03:50drops down three weeks sometimes it can
03:52come up a couple pounds and if you are
03:54hyper reactive to this kind of
03:57fluctuation in weight you're gonna freak
03:59out and you're not never going to get to
04:00your goal you have to be cool with your
04:02weight being stable for two or three
04:04weeks that's the name of the game and
04:06you have to just be cool being in that
04:07small deficit and then sure enough the
04:09weight comes down two or three pounds I
04:11actually find sometimes I'll do some
04:13lean bulk and higher calorie periods I
04:15actually find it takes me about a full
04:17month just to get in the groove of
04:19eating at a deficit if I lean down on
04:222300 a day and I'm and I've been kind of
04:25eating around twenty eight hundred three
04:26thousand I will have a month just
04:28getting myself in the groove of eating
04:312300 you know for the first week I might
04:33have a couple days my calories are in
04:34point I might have a few days I go over
04:36then the next week I'm a bit more
04:38consistent and then by the month four or
04:40five then I'm locked in so for me it
04:42takes me a month to really get locked in
04:44on the correct calories you think that
04:46this stuff was easy for me I actually
04:48have a hard time putting myself in the
04:50deficit now I have certain strategies to
04:51get locked in faster you know I do
04:53myself hypnosis routine if I do myself a
04:55hypnosis routine every day and I
04:57visualize myself lean each morning it
04:59really how helps if I cook at home more
05:01it really helps but when I'm really
05:03locked in I can travel I can go eat out
05:05at dinners I can just have my schedule
05:07all over the place and become so locked
05:09in I can intuitively eat at that correct
05:11calorie level so again you got to give
05:13yourself some patience give yourself
05:15some room to get locked in and of course
05:16you also have to listen your body on
05:19some days if I'm ravenous I'm hungry and
05:212300 calories is too low I will give
05:23myself permission to eat a bit more when
05:26you have a lot of fat to lose you can
05:27put down the hammer you can push through
05:29a little bit more because it's really
05:31psychological but when you're already
05:34pretty damn lean it's more of a
05:36physiological response so you don't
05:38always want to push through
05:39physiological hunger you got to list
05:40your body and so I actually find that
05:43cutting to below your set point it's
05:45almost like riding a wave there are
05:46periods and there's days where your body
05:48needs a bit more their periods and days
05:49where maybe you need to eat a little bit
05:51more and sure enough you know if you
05:53just kind of focus on trying to keep
05:54those calories lower on the days that
05:55you feel good you find that wave and all
05:58sudden you're locked in you're eating
06:00that 300 foreign deficit every day the
06:02weight's coming off very easily so it's
06:04weird man there's some days or some
06:06weeks I feel like my calories are on
06:07point but things are moving slower and
06:08then there's some weeks where my
06:10calories are the same I'm locked in and
06:12the fat loss is coming pretty smooth so
06:14it's a different ball game cutting from
06:16for example 20 to 14 versus cutting from
06:1914 to seven you have to be a bit more
06:21patient you have to be a bit more
06:23methodical you got to keep the card
06:24that's a little bit lower but the really
06:26the most important things that are going
06:27to really help you get amazing results
06:30is one get in your 10 000 steps a day if
06:33you want to push it up to 12 to 14 000 a
06:35day that can be good do not go over 15
06:38000 every day you're over doing it okay
06:3910 to 14 000 is good okay if you want to
06:43on a one or two times a week you want to
06:44do 18 000 go for it but 10 to 14 000
06:48steps is really good secondly if you can
06:50cook at home and keep your tracking very
06:51simple I like to eat the same things
06:53every day my first meal is the same
06:54every single day I do my keto collagen
06:56mix with two percent plain Greek yogurt
06:58sliced banana and a rice crisp you know
07:00I might have an apple too or whatever
07:01but that's my first meal you know 600
07:03calories so on so forth my second meal
07:05it's usually steak potatoes a little
07:07broccoli and then my dessert you know is
07:09actually right now I'm doing these
07:10celebration cookies which are incredible
07:11okay but I I keep the more you keep your
07:14diet similar the harder it is to mess up
07:16most people think they're doing 2 000
07:17calories and they're doing 2600. very
07:19few people actually hitting the calories
07:21they think they are they're going way
07:22over if you track it and you keep it
07:25simple you get to see meals every day
07:26it's much much easier and again I
07:27actually like too when I'm cutting I
07:29actually like to do two workouts a week
07:30I just strengthen twice a week to
07:31maintain the muscle when you're cutting
07:33you don't need tons of volume you can
07:35retain your muscle on two sessions a
07:37week so by training twice a week I don't
07:39get that impulse of appetite I don't get
07:41that spike in appetite when I'm lifting
07:42heavy three days a week I want to kind
07:44of eat more I want to do 2800 when I
07:46train this twice a week it's easier for
07:47me to eat 2300 so sort of those are my
07:50tips cutting below to a low body fat now
07:52in the past I would do a weekly refeed
07:54one day a week a lot of carbs to
07:56stimulate leptin and I actually found
07:58that made it harder really the neck next
08:00day I found I was hungrier so I just
08:03find it best to just get locked in focus
08:05on eating at that small deficit if you
08:08do feel like you need a bit more
08:09calories one day listen to your body but
08:11generally speaking I don't do any of
08:12these crazy refeed days so this is
08:15really my video on how to break through
08:16a fat loss plateau and cut to 10 body
08:19fat eight percent body fat even six
08:21percent now if you want coaching and you
08:23want to work with someone and my team
08:25and myself to really get to that movie
08:27star shape I have an awesome coaching
08:28program we have a few spots right now
08:30I'll put the link in the description and
08:32you can apply inside my movie star body
08:35coaching program and I will see you soon
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I break through a fat loss plateau and achieve a body fat percentage of 10% or lower for men?

To break through a fat loss plateau and achieve a body fat percentage of 10% or lower for men, it's essential to maintain a small calorie deficit, get 10,000-14,000 steps a day, keep meals simple and consistent, and incorporate strength training twice a week to preserve muscle mass. It's also important to practice patience, consistency, and listening to your body.

2. What are the key tips for achieving a body fat percentage of 10% or lower for men?

The key tips for achieving a body fat percentage of 10% or lower for men include maintaining a small calorie deficit, getting 10,000-14,000 steps a day, keeping meals simple and consistent, and incorporating strength training twice a week to preserve muscle mass. It's also important to practice patience, consistency, and listening to your body.

3. Why is patience important in breaking through a fat loss plateau?

Patience is important in breaking through a fat loss plateau because achieving a lower body fat percentage takes time and consistent effort. It's essential to trust the process and understand that sustainable results are not achieved overnight.

4. How can consistency help in achieving a body fat percentage of 10% or lower for men?

Consistency is crucial in achieving a body fat percentage of 10% or lower for men because following a consistent routine with regards to calorie intake, physical activity, and strength training allows the body to adapt and make progress over time.

5. What is the importance of listening to your body in fat loss and achieving a lower body fat percentage?

Listening to your body is important in fat loss and achieving a lower body fat percentage as it helps in understanding hunger cues, energy levels, and recovery needs. This awareness allows for adjustments in nutrition and training to optimize results.

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