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This video ranks all 10 Canadian provinces from worst to best based on economy, safety, cost of living, education, and quality of life, with Quebec being ranked as the best province overall.
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The video discusses the ranking of Canadian provinces based on economy, safety, cost of living, education, and quality of life.
The territories, although not provinces, have good paying jobs and high median household incomes.
The Northwest Territories has the highest median household income at 154,000 Canadian dollars.
The Yukon also has a high median household income at 129,000 Canadian dollars.
The unemployment rate in the territories is 5.2 percent.
Manitoba is ranked as the second most dangerous province in Canada with low life expectancy, poor schools, and high poverty rate. It also has extremely cold winters and humid summers with a lot of mosquitoes.
Manitoba has the second lowest life expectancy in Canada.
The province has the worst schools in the country.
Manitoba has a high poverty rate of 11.5%.
Winnipeg, the capital city, is the coldest major city in North America with winter temperatures reaching -30 degrees Celsius.
Prince Edward Island is the fourth lowest province in Canada, with a small population and low median household income, but it produces a significant amount of potatoes and offers a laid-back lifestyle.
Prince Edward Island produces 2.5 billion pounds of potatoes annually, accounting for 25% of Canada's total yield.
The province has a small population of 160,000 full-time residents and relies heavily on fishing, tourism, and agriculture.
It has the second highest unemployment rate at 10.6% and the second lowest median household income of $89,000.
Home values in Prince Edward Island have increased by 33.6% over the past year, making it unaffordable for many locals.
Saskatchewan has the second highest median household income and life satisfaction rate, but also has high crime rates in certain cities.
Saskatchewan has the second highest median household income at $102,000.
The province has the second highest life satisfaction rate.
Saskatchewan is known for its clear skies, making it one of the best places to see the northern lights.
However, cities like Prince Albert and North Battleford have high poverty and crime rates, making Saskatchewan the most dangerous province.
British Columbia is ranked fourth and is considered the most beautiful and diverse province in Canada, with a high median home value, strong economy, low unemployment rate, and high median household income.
British Columbia has the highest median home value in the nation at $891,000.
The province has the highest GDP growth and good paying jobs in every industry.
British Columbia has the third lowest unemployment rate and the fourth highest median household income.
It also has the second highest life expectancy and offers beautiful views, outdoor activities, and multicultural cities like Vancouver and Victoria.
Alberta is ranked as the second-best province in Canada due to its high quality of life, high median household income, low unemployment rate, low cost of living, and tax-friendly environment.
Alberta has the highest median household income and the fourth lowest unemployment rate.
The cost of living in Alberta is reasonable, with a median home value less than half of British Columbia.
Alberta has the lowest poverty rate in the country and the best public schools in Canada.
The only drawbacks of Alberta are its above-average crime rate and heavy dependence on oil for high incomes.
00:01do you like forested areas full of
00:03streams and ponds overheat easily and
00:05enjoy cold temperatures well then you're
00:08probably a moose in which case how'd you
00:10get on youtube ah forget it the real
00:13question is why haven't you moved to
00:15canada cause it's such a big country i
00:17don't know where to go well unless you
00:19actually are a moose you probably want
00:21to stick with 85 percent of all
00:23canadians and live within a hundred
00:25miles of the us border because although
00:27canada is the second largest country and
00:29full of beautiful diverse landscapes a
00:31lot of that land gets so cold that
00:33you'll end up looking like this guy if
00:35you spend five seconds outside i guess
00:37it makes sense the canadian pop
00:38sensation the weekend can't feel his
00:41face but for the 93 of canadians who
00:44love their home the excellent education
00:46system high quality of life and
00:48incredible cities more than make up for
00:50it speaking of which let's hit 5 000
00:53likes for a video on the 10 best cities
00:55in canada but before you put on your
00:56sweater other sweater jackets second
00:59jacket hat mittens two pairs of pants
01:01and enough socks to cut after
01:02circulation and move here or if you
01:04already live in canada and are looking
01:05for a new home these are all 10 canadian
01:08provinces ranked from worst to best
01:11based on their economy safety cost of
01:13living education and quality of life
01:17number ten actually we're going to start
01:19off with a quick honorable mention the
01:21territories sure they aren't provinces
01:23and only have a combined population of
01:25around 125 000 but if you're looking to
01:28rake in the cash they have a lot of good
01:31paying jobs northwest territories is
01:33actually home to the highest median
01:35household income at 154 000 canadian
01:37dollars and the yukon isn't looking too
01:39shabby either at 129 000. not to mention
01:42a 5.2 unemployment rate but wait 5.2
01:46percent is so high compared to the us
01:49actually mr moose canada measures their
01:52real unemployment rate which by the same
01:54metrics would have the u.s unemployment
01:56rate at 8.8 percent so 5.2 is pretty
01:59remarkable but then again the cost of
02:01living is also much higher here as
02:03everything needs to be shipped long
02:05distances and heating bills are through
02:07the roof truth be told for most people
02:10no amount of money is enough to live in
02:12the cold and desolate territories where
02:14negative 40 is common and the population
02:17centers are thousands of kilometers
02:19apart and if that somehow sounds
02:20appealing keep in mind the crime rates
02:22in nunavut and northwest territories are
02:24more than 5 times the national average
02:28actual number 10 manitoba nearly twice
02:31as many people move out of manitoba than
02:33in and who can blame them it's the
02:35second most dangerous province has the
02:37second lowest life expectancy the worst
02:40schools in the nation and although it's
02:41home to the lowest unemployment rate of
02:43any province at only 5.7 percent there
02:46are also very few good paying jobs so
02:48even with a median home value of just
02:50313 grand manitoba still has the third
02:54highest poverty rate at 11.5 percent and
02:57if all that isn't enough of a deterrent
02:59did i mention it's the least happy
03:00province or that it gets frigid cold in
03:03fact winnipeg is the coldest major city
03:06in north america with most winter days
03:08reaching negative 30 degrees celsius
03:10with the wind chill and if you thought
03:12the summers would be any better think
03:14again there are over a hundred ten
03:16thousand lakes in manitoba which means
03:18it gets incredibly humid and you know
03:21who loves lakes and humidity
03:23mosquitoes heck there are so many here
03:26that a town literally named itself
03:28mosquito and ukrainian now honestly no
03:30province in canada is a bad place to
03:32live and manitoba still has a really
03:34high quality of life it's just that
03:36everything the province has to offer
03:38another province does better well except
03:41for polar bears because churchill is the
03:43polar bear capital of the world number
03:46nine newfoundland and labrador the small
03:48town lifestyle of newfoundland and
03:50labrador is ranked as the fourth most
03:52satisfying in canada despite also being
03:54home to very little sunshine and
03:57terrible weather no like literally st
03:59john's is routinely ranked as having the
04:01worst weather of any canadian city but
04:03speaking of st john's it's likely the
04:05most picturesque charming and unique
04:08city in the country and it's a good
04:10thing the buildings are so bright and
04:11colorful because the lifter spirits on
04:13even the stormiest day and if they don't
04:16lift your spirits then george street
04:18definitely will because it has the
04:19highest concentration of bars and pubs
04:22of any street in north america and if
04:24that still doesn't lift your spirits
04:26then the people definitely will as
04:28newfoundlanders might actually be the
04:30friendliest canadians and if that still
04:32doesn't lift your spirits well then you
04:34probably suffer from seasonal depression
04:36in which case don't move here because
04:38from the fog terrain to sheer isolation
04:41and 322 centimeters of annual snow
04:44newfoundland isn't for the faint of
04:46heart but if you don't mind having a
04:47vitamin d deficiency and are just
04:49looking for a beautiful place to raise a
04:51family newfoundland and labrador is the
04:53fourth safest province the schools are
04:55great and while the unemployment rate is
04:57the highest in the nation at 12.1
04:59percent the median home value is also
05:01the fourth lowest at just 315 grand
05:05number eight prince edward island prince
05:07edward island may be the smallest
05:09province by both population and area but
05:12what it lacks in size it makes up for in
05:14potatoes yeah while pei is just 0.1 of
05:18canada's total land mass it produces 2.5
05:21billion pounds of spuds annually or
05:24around 25 percent of the country's total
05:26yield and with only 160 000 full-time
05:29residents humans are certainly
05:31outnumbered by the root vegetable well
05:33at least until summer rolls around and
05:35all the tourists hightail it to the
05:36island to indulge in delicious seafood
05:38explore the charming countryside and dip
05:40their toes in the warmest ocean water
05:43north of the carolinas speaking of which
05:45fishing tourism and agriculture are
05:47pretty much the only industries in the
05:49province resulting in the second highest
05:51unemployment rate at 10.6
05:54and the second lowest median household
05:56income of only 89 000
05:58and since many people from the more
05:59expensive big cities have been moving
06:01here for the laid-back lifestyle as they
06:03can now work remotely home values have
06:05shot up by a staggering 33.6
06:08over the past year to
06:10370 grand this has made pei unaffordable
06:13for many locals but can you really blame
06:16anyone for wanting to live here i mean
06:18it's the third safest province offers
06:20the highest overall life satisfaction
06:22rate and is home to so many beautiful
06:26number seven new brunswick just the
06:28quick 48.50 toll ride across the
06:30outrageously expensive confederation
06:32bridge brings us to our next province
06:35which is often the most overlooked no
06:38funswick i mean new brunswick but while
06:41many canadians think of new brunswick as
06:43the absolute worst the statistics say
06:46otherwise sure there are no vibrant big
06:48cities and the economy is lacking with
06:51the lowest minimum wage and median
06:52household income at just 86 500
06:56but have you seen this coastline not to
06:58mention the median home value is the
07:00lowest in canada at only 252 grand so
07:03even with the low salaries and high
07:05taxes the poverty rate is still just 9.4
07:08percent which is the third lowest of any
07:11province and despite its nickname there
07:13are actually some really cool places in
07:15no funswick the capital frederickton has
07:18a great art scene and tons of greenery
07:20st john is incredibly picturesque with
07:22historic buildings and so much beautiful
07:24nearby nature not to mention the up and
07:27coming uptown area and moncton's got the
07:29best jobs restaurants and nightlife of
07:31the three main cities as well as the
07:33most francophones which reminds me you
07:36should probably learn french if you plan
07:37on moving here because it's the only
07:39official bilingual province
07:42number six saskatchewan
07:44sure saskatchewan gets really cold with
07:47temperatures often dropping to negative
07:4840 celsius but would you rather be warm
07:51or rich saskatchewanians apparently pick
07:54the latter because despite the frigid
07:56environment and boring landscape they
07:58have the second highest life
07:59satisfaction rate of any province and
08:01i'm guessing that has something to do
08:02with them also having the second highest
08:04median household income at a hundred two
08:06thousand dollars in addition to the
08:08second lowest median home value of just
08:10288 000 or maybe it's because even if it
08:13is cold for half the year saskatchewan
08:16is still the sunniest province speaking
08:18of which those clear skies also make it
08:20one of the best places to see the
08:22northern lights but while regina and
08:24saskatoon are both great small cities
08:26with growing economies and a ton to do
08:28the rest of the province is really
08:31struggling prince albert for example has
08:33a poverty rate nearing 25
08:36which has led to being one of the most
08:37dangerous cities in canada and north
08:39battleford's crime rate is 495
08:43above the national average this has led
08:45to saskatchewan being the most dangerous
08:47province with an overall crime rate 91
08:50above the national average but hey at
08:52least the people are nice when they
08:54aren't trying to rob you
08:56number five nova scotia the second
08:59smallest province by total area might
09:01just be the most beautiful from stunning
09:03beaches forests lakes and rivers to
09:05charming villages like lunenburg
09:07wolfville chetta camp and bedeck to the
09:09freaking cabot trail in cape breton
09:11island nova scotia does not waste any
09:14space basically if you want to live a
09:16quiet life among beautiful scenery look
09:19no further and if you want to live a
09:20less quiet life among beautiful scenery
09:23well also look no further because
09:25halifax is one of the best cities in
09:27canada with a diverse and booming
09:29economy and since the market's still
09:31undersaturated in most industries it's
09:33also a great place to start a business
09:36sure wages still have some catching up
09:37to do as nova scotia's median household
09:40income is just 90 000 but as the
09:42population continues to grow so should
09:45the salaries and the cost of living
09:47still isn't too expensive with a median
09:48home value of just 351 grand which is
09:52more than worth it especially when you
09:54consider there's literally no crime and
09:56the schools are among the best in the
09:57nation and unlike some canadian
10:00provinces newfoundland in saskatchewan
10:02in manitoba okay i gotta stop coffee
10:03people are gonna think i have coveted
10:04nova scotia actually has pretty mild
10:07weather well by canadian standards at
10:10number four british columbia i'm sorry
10:13nova scotia but with places like
10:15vancouver island the okanagan valley and
10:17kootenai and yoho national parks british
10:20columbia is by far the most beautiful
10:22and diverse province and it was never
10:24even close but if you thought bc stood
10:27for british columbia it actually stands
10:29for bring cash because boy are you gonna
10:32need it with a median home value of 891
10:36which is actually the highest in the
10:38nation the economy is also incredible
10:40however with the highest gdp growth of
10:42any province and tons of good paying
10:45jobs in literally every industry which
10:47has resulted in the third lowest
10:49unemployment rate as well as the fourth
10:51highest median household income at 96
10:53grand so the stress of money can't be
10:55that bad considering british columbia
10:57also has the second highest life
10:59expectancy at 82.4 years and who
11:02wouldn't want to live as long as
11:04possible to savor these views and if
11:06you're not the outdoorsy type there's
11:07still plenty here for you because
11:09vancouver is a gorgeous bustling
11:11multicultural city and victoria is one
11:14of the most charming places in the
11:16country not to mention they're also home
11:18to the most mild climates in canada
11:21number three ontario whether you want to
11:23live in a big city small city beach town
11:26or even the countryside ontario has it
11:29all of course there's toronto which
11:31manages to be an incredibly safe and
11:33clean city despite its massiveness not
11:36to mention it's the most multicultural
11:38city in the world but there's also so
11:40much more to canada's most populated
11:43province from beautiful shorelines
11:45across four great lakes to the niagara
11:47falls region to we met canyon and
11:49thousand islands national park the
11:51second largest province by total area
11:53has no shortage of beautiful scenery
11:56quaint towns or places to live that
11:58hashtag cottage core life and if you're
12:00only in it for the money well ontario is
12:03the economic juggernaut of canada
12:05accounting for nearly 40 of the national
12:07gdp so you shouldn't have much
12:09difficulty finding a good job is the
12:11median household income of a hundred
12:13thousand three hundred dollars is the
12:15third highest in the nation and those
12:17jobs aren't just in toronto in fact
12:20ottawa actually has even higher salaries
12:22is much cheaper and while you might
12:24think it's boring
12:26cause government it's actually a pretty
12:28hip city and a wonderful place to raise
12:31a family speaking of which if you've got
12:33kids ontario is the second safest
12:35province and has the second best
12:37schooling system honestly if it wasn't
12:39so expensive with a median home value of
12:42835 grand ontario probably would have
12:45been number one
12:47number two alberta you've likely seen
12:49images of alberta gracing covers of
12:51magazines and travel inspo social media
12:54alike but besides the majestic mountains
12:56and lakes of bamf and jasper alberta
12:58also offers an incredibly high quality
13:01of life mainly thanks to the oil that
13:03abounds in the region which has helped
13:04the province achieve by far the highest
13:06median household income at over 113
13:09grand as well as the fourth lowest
13:11unemployment rate at just seven percent
13:13yet despite those high paychecks the
13:15cost of living still isn't unreasonable
13:17with a median home value of only 426
13:20grand yeah that's less than half the
13:22cost of a house in british columbia add
13:24in the fact that it's the most tax
13:26friendly province and it's no wonder the
13:28poverty rate is the lowest in the
13:30country at just 8.2 percent it is a
13:33surprise how the public schools are also
13:35the best in canada despite those low
13:37taxes however but either way there just
13:39isn't much wrong with alberta the only
13:42things keeping it from number one are
13:43the crime rate that's 46 above the
13:45national average and the province's
13:47heavy dependence on oil for the high
13:49incomes because sure things are great
13:52now but as oil prices are very cyclical
13:54it's only a matter of time before the
13:56economy crashes now before we get to
13:58number one make sure you leave a like
14:00and subscribe and let me know what you
14:03think the best province in canada is but
14:05without further ado
14:08number one get back i guess it's true
14:10that bigger is better and that things do
14:12get better with time because canada's
14:15largest and most historic province is
14:17also the best quebec is by far the
14:20safest province has the second most
14:22diversified economy second lowest
14:24unemployment rate the highest average
14:26life expectancy and third highest life
14:28satisfaction rate and while the median
14:30household income of ninety four thousand
14:32dollars is only the fifth highest the
14:34cost of living is also incredibly
14:36affordable with a median home cost of
14:37just 449 grand and very cheap rents in
14:41montreal resulting in the second lowest
14:43poverty rate at just 8.7 percent and
14:46speaking of montreal the culture the
14:48food the history
14:51is it beautiful and there are also many
14:52other charming cities and towns in
14:54addition to gorgeous forests mountains
14:56lakes and beaches the only thing that
14:58should stop you from moving here is if
15:00you don't speak french in which case
15:02learn french cause quebec is the best
15:05province to live in for 2021
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the criteria used to rank the Canadian provinces in the video?

The video ranks all 10 Canadian provinces based on economy, safety, cost of living, education, and quality of life. Quebec is ranked as the best province overall.

2. How does Quebec rank compared to the other Canadian provinces?

Quebec is ranked as the best province overall in the video, surpassing the other Canadian provinces in terms of economy, safety, cost of living, education, and quality of life.

3. What makes Quebec the best province overall according to the video?

Quebec is regarded as the best province overall due to its strong performance in economy, safety, cost of living, education, and quality of life, as highlighted in the video.

4. What are the key factors contributing to Quebec's top ranking in the video?

The video emphasizes the factors such as strong economy, high safety levels, affordable cost of living, quality education, and overall quality of life, leading to Quebec's top ranking among the Canadian provinces.

5. Why is the ranking of Canadian provinces from worst to best important?

Understanding the ranking of Canadian provinces based on various factors is crucial for individuals or businesses looking to relocate, invest, or make informed decisions regarding their living and working environments.

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