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This video highlights the initiation rituals of 10 different gangs around the world. These rituals include cannibalism, beating rituals, burning crucifixes, and even bathing in feces. Prospective members who survive these brutal initiations become part of dangerous and often deadly criminal organizations.
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Some brutal gang initiation rituals include eating a human heart and beating with a bag of hair.
The Knights Templar cartel in Mexico requires prospects to eat the human heart of a recently deceased person as part of their initiation ritual.
Another gang, the Freemasons, have an initiation ritual where prospects lie on the floor and are beaten with a bag of hair.
Female members of the Freemasons are also required to show their left breast as part of their initiation ritual.
The Bloods gang initiation ritual involves slicing a victim's face with a knife, while the Crips require prospects to steal a car or kill the owner.
United Blood Nation or the Bloods originated as a retaliation to attacks on African-American inmates.
Bloods' initiation ritual, known as a "buck 50," involves slicing a victim's face requiring 150 stitches.
Crips initiation ritual involves stealing a car or stealing a car and killing the owner, assigned by older members.
Gang initiation rituals include an 18-second beatdown with weapons, burning a crucifix for the KKK, and the formation of the Numbers gang in a South African prison.
Prospects endure an 18-second beatdown with weapons to become a member of a gang.
KKK members must be white and are required to burn a crucifix to join.
The Numbers gang originated in a South African prison and has evolved into a formidable organization.
Gang initiation rituals often involve tests of loyalty, violence, and blood rituals.
In one gang, initiates are asked what they would do if they have an umbrella and another member does not, and their answer determines their fate.
The Chinese Triad initiation ritual involves sacrificing an animal and drinking its blood from a chalice.
Initiates are required to chant an oath of loyalty to the Brotherhood.
00:00you're faced with an option kill a rival
00:02gang member's family or be killed and
00:05once you're in there's no way out these
00:07are the 10 most brutal gang initiation
00:11number 10. eating human heart the
00:14Knights Templar
00:152016 when the former pope of the
00:18Catholic Church Pope Benedict XVI wanted
00:20to visit a town in Mexico the Knights
00:23Templar cartel put up more than 10
00:25banners on different Bridges claiming
00:27they wouldn't engage in any form of
00:29violence while he was in their country
00:30they did this because they attribute
00:33themselves to Christianity and even use
00:35different symbols related to Catholicism
00:37in their Affairs their leaders call
00:40themselves Knights and they started off
00:42as a vigilante group for another cartel
00:44La Familia Michoacana the Knights
00:47Templar is a cartel that operates at a
00:49Michoacan Mexico and over the years they
00:52managed to dip their hands in every
00:54crime going on in the country but before
00:56I tell you about their initiation ritual
00:58just brace yourself cause this might
01:01make you want to puke
01:02prospects who wish to join the Knights
01:04Templar are required to eat the human
01:06heart of a recently deceased human
01:08mostly a woman or yeah anyways so every
01:13member must first Embrace cannibalism
01:16and we believe this is done to prepare
01:18these prospects for dark things done
01:20within the cartel dark things like
01:22ripping out the insides of murdered
01:24victims for display or liquefying of
01:26human flesh they are one of the less
01:29known cartels in Mexico but these guys
01:31are just as dangerous as the guys on top
01:35number nine beating with a bag of hair
01:38the Freemasons when you hear the word
01:41Freemasons your mind probably starts
01:43racing around the numerous tick tocks
01:44about him trying to take over the world
01:46and while I can't really confirm nor
01:48deny the many conspiracy theories
01:49surrounding this group their initiation
01:52rituals are particularly what irritate
01:54me one of their numerous rituals
01:56includes prospects lying dead on the
01:58floor while Freemasons beat him with a
02:00bag of hair
02:01another initiation ritual on the female
02:03side of the association includes females
02:06showing their left breast
02:08some other rituals include explanatory
02:10lectures that revolve around the
02:12construction of the Temple of Solomon
02:13and the Artistry and death of the Chief
02:15Architect arama beef who attained the
02:18highest rank under Freemasonry other
02:20rituals depend on the degree a member
02:22attains in the organization there are
02:25three degrees attainable
02:27one is the Entered Apprentice two is the
02:30fellowcraft and three is the Master
02:33Mason as prospects make their way up the
02:36rituals change they also gain more
02:38knowledge about the truth and morals
02:40surrounding their Affairs but as we know
02:43there are different levels in
02:44Freemasonry and many of the things they
02:47do are quite secretive
02:50number eight Buck 50 the Bloods
02:53one of the largest and most well-known
02:56gangs in the world is the United Blood
02:58Nation or the Bloods as everyone calls
03:01them this gang is one of the few
03:03predominantly black gangs in the world
03:05and there's a reason for that it all
03:07started in a Los Angeles prison where
03:09Latin gang members kept attacking and
03:11killing African-American inmates so to
03:14retaliate they formed a deadly group and
03:16from there they expanded their
03:17operations to include drug trafficking
03:19armed robbery and murder they also got
03:22very vicious when a similar gang the
03:24Crips dominated the narcotics trade in
03:27Los Angeles
03:28but how vicious do they get well let
03:31their initiation ritual do the talking
03:33for a prospect to be a member of the
03:35blood they must carry out what is known
03:37as a buck 50. this involves using a buck
03:40cutter knife to slice a random victim's
03:42face to the point where it requires 150
03:46stitches just imagine walking home and
03:48ending up in this sadistic situation
03:51another thing about this gang is that
03:53their prospects are usually
03:54African-American High School teenage
03:56boys who end up joining the gang without
03:58having any idea of what they're really
04:00getting into and even if they do the
04:02consequences are sometimes more than the
04:06number seven steal a car the Crips
04:10just like their number one Rivals the
04:12Bloods Crips also originated in La back
04:15in the 80s they're also dominated by
04:17African Americans living in the U.S the
04:20Crips are always known to wear blue and
04:22members are not allowed to wear red
04:24while on the other hand blood members
04:26aren't allowed to wear blue this is a
04:28part of those rituals between the two
04:30gangs but when it comes to the major
04:31initiation ritual the Crips may not at
04:34first sound as brutal as the Bloods
04:36prospects are required to either steal a
04:38car or steal a car and then kill the
04:40owner it all depends on what the older
04:42members of the gang assigned to a
04:43specific Prospect some would say the
04:46advantage of being in either the Crips
04:47or the Bloods as an African-American is
04:49that they can get a source of income
04:51even if it entails yielding a gun and
04:54selling a few pounds of coke on the
04:55streets again teenage High School boys
04:58are usually the target of these gangs
05:00with many of them ending up dead or
05:02behind bars
05:04number six bathing in feces Ells angels
05:09the Hell's Angels are a recognized
05:10motorcycle club around the world you
05:13might know them by their famous leather
05:14jackets and Logo which includes a skull
05:16with wings wearing a leather jacket but
05:18contrary to what you know their
05:20motorcycle association is a mere cover
05:22for their contributions to the
05:24underworld of crime but first what does
05:26it take to be a member of this gang now
05:29there are three different Tales of what
05:31really goes down in their initiation
05:32process but I'll feed you guys all the
05:35details new members are stripped of
05:37their clothes and handed a piece of
05:39their signature leather jacket then all
05:41the other members of the gang in that
05:42District are instructed to pee and poop
05:45in a bowl while that's happening the
05:47prospects are tied to a chair a wall or
05:50anything firm just to make sure the
05:52ritual is fulfilled to the max then the
05:55irritating excreted mixture is poured
05:57all over the prospects and their jackets
05:59and they're not allowed to wash that off
06:01till the ritual's over some even say
06:03they aren't ever allowed to wash off
06:04their jackets so they'll always be
06:07moving around smelling like a pile a
06:09dump but apart from this specific ritual
06:11a Hell's Angel doesn't initiate
06:13prospects who have been convicted as
06:15child molesters and also prospects who
06:18have previously tried to be recruited by
06:19the police department
06:22number five clinical Beatdown MS-13
06:27also known as MS-13 is an international
06:31criminal gang that originated in Los
06:33Angeles by Salvadoran immigrants in the
06:36U.S it all started with a bunch of
06:38Salvadoran immigrants coming together to
06:40protect themselves from the harsh living
06:42in La then after a few years other rival
06:45gangs came to LA and they clashed
06:47leading MS-13 to become a violent crime
06:50syndicate over the years they've gotten
06:52involved with everything from drug
06:54trafficking to armed robbery and then to
06:56institution and when it comes to being a
06:58member things just get uglier
07:01the initiation ritual for MS-13 is
07:03different for both men and women a man
07:05is subjected to a ritual called get
07:07jumped in then walk the line what this
07:10basically means is that the prospect
07:11will get beat up by five of the
07:13strongest MS-13 members in that District
07:16it's as brutal as a typical no holds bar
07:19in a WWE match but unlike WWE this is
07:23not acting some say this beat down lasts
07:26only 13 seconds which I can't confirm
07:28nor deny but if the prospect manages to
07:31stay alive after the Beatdown then they
07:34need to complete the second part of the
07:35initiation which is to beat or even
07:38murder an innocent victim if they do
07:41this and succeed then they are
07:43officially a member
07:45for the ladies five of the heftiest gang
07:48members under her District would have to
07:50let's just say take turns they're
07:53allowed to use Force so if she survives
07:56this she becomes a member
07:59number four 18 second Beatdown the 18th
08:03Street gang the 18th Street gang is
08:05another gang operating out of LA
08:07California they're less involved with
08:09drugs and more involved with other
08:11crimes like car theft armed robbery and
08:14assassination The Gangs organized in
08:17such a way it allows for leadership at
08:19every level and when it comes to women
08:21being a member well let's just say
08:23that's a story not suitable for YouTube
08:25but anyways their initiation ritual is
08:28very similar to that of the MS-13 street
08:30gang and here's how to be a member
08:33prospects or initiates are subjected to
08:35an 18 second Beatdown by the toughest
08:37and strongest members of the gang and
08:40yeah you might think 18 seconds is a
08:42very short period of time but keep in
08:44mind that during this Beatdown the other
08:46members are allowed to use weapons that
08:47aren't sharp objects so a single strike
08:50with a baton or a hammer is enough to
08:52bruise the prospect for life and if the
08:54prospect is still alive after this beat
08:57down then they officially become a
08:58member of the Gang
09:00number three burn across Ku Klux Klan
09:05you've heard about them and probably
09:07seen them in movies but who are they
09:10the Ku Klux Klan also known as the KKK
09:12is a white supremacist right-wing
09:15terrorist and homophobic group
09:17originating in the U.S
09:19their primary targets are
09:21African-Americans Hispanics Jews Latinos
09:23Asian Americans Catholics as well as
09:26immigrants and homosexuals they're one
09:28of the very few gangs that don't get
09:30involved in the trafficking of Narcotics
09:32and that's because the goal of this
09:34group is focused somewhere else
09:36so what does it take to be a member of
09:38the KKK well first off you have to be
09:41white I mean it's practically impossible
09:44for any other race to join this group
09:45that would just be sealing your own fate
09:47but when a prospect passes the white
09:49checkbox they're told to burn a crucifix
09:52one of the most frowned upon acts in the
09:54U.S however most predominantly white
09:57families in the US that are part of the
09:59KKK make it compulsory for their family
10:01members to join the group thereby
10:03keeping their family name alive
10:06number two
10:08umbrella question the numbers
10:11going all the way over to Africa we have
10:13one of the most brutal gangs on the
10:15continent the numbers the root of this
10:18gang goes way back to the 80s in a
10:20prison located at kwazulu natal South
10:23Africa where inmates came together with
10:25the sole aim of protecting themselves
10:27but as the years went by this South
10:30African prison gang has grown Beyond
10:32being just that it's now arguably the
10:35biggest criminal organization in the
10:37whole of Africa and to understand their
10:39insane initiation ritual you need to
10:41First be aware of the structure of the
10:43organization for starters the
10:45organization is divided into three
10:47sections each section is denoted by a
10:50number 26s 27s and 28s the 26s are the
10:55ones responsible for smuggling drugs in
10:57and out of South Africa the 27s are
11:00involved in sex trafficking and pimping
11:01girls in the country while the 28s are
11:04the muscle of the organization they're
11:06the ones responsible for executing
11:08anyone wanted Dead by their leaders now
11:10the initiation ritual of the numbers is
11:13based on one simple question and the
11:15answer gotten from this question decides
11:17the fate of the initiate and which
11:19section of the gang they'll be sent to
11:21the question is this
11:24what will you do if you're under the
11:26rain holding an umbrella and another
11:28gang members there without an umbrella
11:31if the initiate says the typical answer
11:33of sharing their umbrella they're sent
11:35to section 27 to be sex trafficked but
11:38if they say they'll Stand in the Rain
11:40with the other member they'll move on to
11:42the next stage which involves the
11:44beating of a police officer and showing
11:46No Remorse while the officer struggles
11:48to stay alive at this stage the leaders
11:51of the organization then decide on the
11:53appropriate section to insert the new
11:57number one blood and oath the Chinese
12:00Triad when it comes to the Chinese Triad
12:04prospects are either initiated
12:06successfully or killed on the spot the
12:09Chinese Triad is one of the oldest
12:10criminal organizations in Asia its
12:13history dates back to the 18th century
12:15the organization was initially created
12:18to take down the Qing Dynasty but as the
12:20years went by it expanded into drug
12:22trafficking gambling scandals
12:24institution and the illegal sale of
12:27adult films and as expected they
12:30branched out of China and into Taiwan
12:31Hong Kong and other countries they base
12:34their belief on the Chinese mythology
12:36that sees the union of Heaven earth and
12:38water but their rituals involve
12:40something thicker than water and that's
12:43when a prospect chooses to become a
12:45member of the Chinese Triad an animal is
12:48sacrificed it could be a pig a goat or a
12:51chicken and the blood of this animal is
12:52poured into a chalice then the blood of
12:55other Triad members and the blood of the
12:57prospect is taken and poured into this
13:01if the prospect then refuses to drink
13:03this they are killed on the spot but if
13:05they do they're automatically a member
13:07of the Brotherhood A brotherhood that
13:10has been standing for decades now and as
13:13they drink that Bloody mixture they're
13:15mandated to chant this
13:18remember of this Society finds himself
13:21in difficulty all will rush to his Aid
13:28if Association break this oath the
13:31swords will descend and kill me
13:34as the initiate says this they pass
13:37beneath an arch of swords and the moment
13:39they're done the paper on which the
13:41Oaths are written will be burnt on the
13:43altar this is to confirm the members
13:45obligation to perform his duties to the
13:47Gods new members are sometimes used to
13:50carry out the dirty work for the
13:52organization but as they progress they
13:54make their way into the corporate world
13:56of the crime syndicate joining other
13:58members in their perfectly organized
13:59money laundering scheme with
14:01billion-dollar Asian companies so would
14:04you say joining the Chinese Triad is
14:06worth the reward
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the initiation rituals of 10 different gangs around the world?

The initiation rituals of 10 different gangs around the world include cannibalism, beating rituals, burning crucifixes, and even bathing in feces. Prospective members who survive these brutal initiations become part of dangerous and often deadly criminal organizations.

2. How do gang initiation rituals differ in various parts of the world?

Initiation rituals vary in different parts of the world with some involving cannibalism, beating rituals, burning crucifixes, and even bathing in feces. These rituals are designed to test the prospective members' loyalty and commitment to the gang.

3. What are the risks associated with gang initiation rituals?

Gang initiation rituals pose significant risks to prospective members including exposure to violence, trauma, and even life-threatening situations. These rituals are designed to filter out the weak and determine the resilience of the new members.

4. How do gangs use initiation rituals to maintain control and loyalty?

Gangs use initiation rituals as a means to maintain control and loyalty among their members. These rituals create a sense of belonging and commitment while instilling fear and discipline within the group.

5. What are the legal and ethical implications of gang initiation rituals?

The legality and ethics of gang initiation rituals raise significant concerns as they often involve criminal activities and severe physical harm. Understanding the legal and ethical implications is crucial for addressing these violent practices.

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