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This video discusses 10 signs that may indicate someone has a demon, including an aversion to the things of God, knowledge of unknown things, and intrusive thoughts. The speaker emphasizes the importance of confronting and conquering demons and criticizes pastors who dismiss the existence of demons.
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This section discusses the importance of confronting and conquering demons in order to find freedom.
The speaker provides 10 signs that indicate the presence of a demon.
Not confronting the demonic prevents conquering it.
Confrontation and conquering go hand in hand.
Signs that you have a demon:
Irrational aversion to the things of God, like watching sermons or worship.
Ability to speak unknown languages to the victim, which can be a sign of demonic influence.
One sign that you have a demon is having knowledge of things unknown.
People involved in witchcraft or the occult seek hidden knowledge.
Satan perverts prophetic gifting by grooming people with psychic mediums.
Another sign is when a person already knows they have demons inside them.
The speaker is frustrated with pastors who deny the existence of demons and emphasizes the importance of deliverance.
The speaker wants to bring balance to the kingdom by acknowledging the presence of demons.
Many pastors and ministers tell people they don't have a demon because they prioritize other things over deliverance.
The devil takes advantage of churches that deny the existence of demons.
Deliverance is compared to the children's bread, and by denying it, freedom is being withheld from people.
Uncontrollable behaviors like cutting or hurting oneself may indicate the presence of a demonic influence, which can be distinguished from mere fleshly desires.
In Mark chapter 5, a young man bound by demons exhibited supernatural strength and uncontrollable behaviors.
Reading accounts of Jesus performing deliverance reveals similar patterns of supernatural strength and uncontrollable screaming.
The gateway to demonic influence often begins with repeated sin and fleshly desires.
The speaker discusses the concept of the "spirit of infirmity" mentioned in Luke 13:11 and emphasizes the importance of addressing spiritual aspects of sickness and disease.
Jesus understood that not everything is physical.
Many ministers focus only on physical healing, rather than addressing the spiritual aspect.
The disabling spirit mentioned in Luke 13:11 is an example of a spiritual cause of illness.
Complete and total healing and freedom can be achieved by addressing the spiritual root of sickness.
Unexplained paranormal activity could be a sign of demon possession, not ghosts.
Physical paranormal activity such as slamming cabinets, doors, and thrown objects may indicate possession.
Shadows and shadow figures are distractions created by demons.
Demons may masquerade as deceased loved ones or other entities.
Unexplained paranormal activity requires deliverance and freedom from demonic influence.
00:00so here's my question do you feel that you  may have a demon but you're not entirely sure  
00:06maybe it's just the flesh maybe it's just  you know you're going through a hard time  
00:11but there is something deep down inside of you  that's asking the question could i actually have  
00:17one or more demons and not be aware  i'm going to give you in this teaching  
00:2110 signs that you have a demon now it's very  important that you stay for the entire duration  
00:27of this teaching because it might be number  five or six or seven or eight and i'm gonna move  
00:33quickly through each one but it might be one of  the numbers that you miss that was actually the  
00:39greatest indicator that you do have a demon and  you need deliverance now i want to start by saying  
00:45just because your pastor does not confront the  works of darkness doesn't mean that you are not  
00:50being confronted by the works of darkness the book  of ephesians tells us that we are in a spiritual  
00:57battle we are not fighting against people  we are fighting against principalities  
01:02powers and rulers and high places so what does  that mean it means that some of the problems  
01:08you're encountering in your life may be demonic  but because you never confronted the demonic  
01:14you are not conquering confrontation and  conquering go hand in hand you can only  
01:20conquer what you confront if you confront the  flesh you will conquer the flesh the bible says  
01:26that you should actually crucify it so if you if  you confront your flesh and say not today flesh  
01:32i'm crucifying you i don't care what you want  you will have victory over the thing that you  
01:38confront conquering and confrontation go hand  in hand but if you never confront the demonic  
01:45you will never conquer the demonic okay you've  got to confront it jesus confronted it so this  
01:51might be the broadcast this might be the video  where you get the greatest level of freedom  
01:56because you finally confront something that you've  been trying to fight it with a pill listen you if  
02:02if what's needed is deliverance you can't take  a pill prescribed by a psychiatrist or a doctor  
02:09that is going to actually solve the problem if  it's demonic you there is no surgery that you  
02:15can get if the source of your illness is demonic  there's there's no amount of therapy that will  
02:21help if it's demonic now i'm not diminishing those  things but what i'm trying to say is there are  
02:27problems in the physical and there are problems in  the spiritual and we have created a christianity  
02:33where it's always the flesh it's always a need for  discipline sometimes it is a need for deliverance  
02:42and i'm telling you i don't think everything's  a demon but christian listen to me pastor if  
02:49nothing's a demon you're wrong if you go to 10  20 30 40 years of your ministry and nothing ever  
02:57manifest in your church services i gotta ask  the question was jesus ever really there and i  
03:03know that that hurts to hear but in mark chapter  1 the first time jesus shows up to a synagogue a  
03:10demon literally starts screaming why are you here  to torment me and so if your worship leaders are  
03:16constantly saying holy spirit you're welcome when  the holy spirit shows up which is jesus unlimited  
03:24come on somebody then demons will begin to scream  why are you here to torment me but the reason why  
03:31we're not tormenting the demonic is because the  real jesus is not in our midst we we invite the  
03:38jesus of religion we invite the jesus of tradition  we will we we invite social justice warrior jesus  
03:46or republican political party jesus or democrat  liberal jesus but we don't invite the real jesus  
03:52because when we invite the real jesus demons will  begin to manifest and i'm sick and tired of going  
03:59to churches where the where the worship leader is  saying holy spirit you're welcome but they're not  
04:05welcoming the true holy spirit because where  the true holy spirit is demons are disturbed  
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04:35i'm going to give you 10 signs that you have a  demon and i'm going to do this quickly number one  
04:41you have an irrational uncontrollable aversion to  the things of god sometimes not wanting to go to  
04:49church is the result of a demon not wanting to be  in the atmospheres of the true presence of god so  
04:56number one an irrational uncontrollable aversion  to the things of god maybe you want to watch  
05:05garbage content full of lust and sexual perversion  full of murder and all these crazy things hbo  
05:11netflix you know you want to watch disney plus  but there's something about watching a sermon  
05:16there's something about watching worship that you  can't do so there's an irrational uncontrollable  
05:22aversion to the things of god the true things  of god that's number one that's a sign to you  
05:29okay number two number two um i told you i'm  gonna go fast i'm gonna make this worth your  
05:34while so don't click off this video the ability to  speak languages completely unknown to the victim  
05:43the ability to speak languages completely unknown  to the victim now where whatever god has satan  
05:49has a counterfeit so in acts 2 you see people  speaking in other human languages that are known  
05:57and they are declaring the mighty works of god so  you best believe that satan is going to distort  
06:02and pervert that and people are going to have the  ability demonically to speak languages completely  
06:09unknown to the victim i've actually seen people  speak in demonic tongues that are not known to  
06:17the person and you will see that sometimes in  pentecostalism or the charismatic churches i  
06:23will discern that somebody's tongues are not  of god that they're actually demonic in origin  
06:30as a matter of fact i've heard people speaking  in tongues i got chills all over me right now  
06:34i've heard people speaking in tongues and i've  literally said no satan close your mouth shut  
06:39your mouth devil that is not of god and then they  start manifesting and flailing all around and they  
06:45have been speaking in tongues for years and years  and nobody ever discerned that it was demonic  
06:51that's number two okay and and somebody in  the comments is saying well how do we know  
06:56the difference between demonic tongues  and angelic or holy spirit led you know  
07:01because the bible says we'll speak in the language  of angels um or the languages of men you've got to  
07:07know the holy spirit the more you know the holy  spirit the more you know a counterfeit how do  
07:12you know you're handling fake money because you've  handled a lot of real money you they don't train  
07:18bank tellers with fake money come on somebody  a bank teller handles real money so frequently  
07:24that when they get handed a fake they know it and  so develop your own prayer language develop your  
07:31own relationship with the holy spirit and then  when somebody comes to you and says oh you know  
07:35yeah i'm baptized with the holy spirit and i have  the gift of tongues you'll be like no you don't  
07:40you have a demonic counterfeit even actually that  i don't bear witness with that because i know the  
07:45holy spirit number three how good is this already  drop a comment let me know how how good how good  
07:50is this tell me what you're learning come on  somebody number three and this is huge you know  
07:58that one of the signs that you have a demon is  that you have a knowledge of things unknown to the  
08:04victim so i'm using the term victim but because i  want to make sure that we know that if you have a  
08:09demon you are a victim you shouldn't feel guilty  you shouldn't feel shame or anything but one of  
08:14the ways that you know that you have a demon  is that there's a knowledge of things unknown  
08:20now watch i told you there's always a counterfeit  am i right what's one of the counterfeits the holy  
08:26spirit will teach you all things so what does the  devil do he also will give you hidden knowledge  
08:33one of the reasons why people go into witchcraft  or they go into the occult is to know things  
08:39psychic mediums witches warlocks they there's a  knowledge that they're seeking and so the devil  
08:46will give people um knowledge he'll reveal things  that's one of the ways so sometimes people will  
08:52say well my entire life i've had premonitions my  entire life i felt like i've known things i've  
08:58always had you know listen i do believe that satan  is a perverter right just like a young samuel was  
09:05brought into the temple to be trained under eli  so that he could develop the prophetic gifting i  
09:11also believe that satan grooms people demons groom  people and they try they see a prophetic calling  
09:18and they begin to pervert it with psychic medium  you could come on does somebody know what i'm  
09:23talking about you can be groomed by demons from  a young age okay all right now let's keep going  
09:31because this is good this is good okay the next  one is number four the person will already know  
09:41that they have demons on the inside of them this  is probably one of the most obvious but as we're  
09:46at the midway point i want to help you understand  the person will already know that they have demons  
09:53you're going to get into a position where  sometimes a man or woman of god is just there to  
09:59confirm what you already know okay and it's very  important for you to understand what i'm saying  
10:05because you will already know that you have  one and i get frustrated because oftentimes  
10:13in this oh i'm about to snap off right now i am  sick and tired of pastors telling people they  
10:20don't have demons and i say that because what  a wise minister should do is to check it's like  
10:29when you go in the doctor and the doctor how many  people have died from undiagnosed cancer because  
10:35the doctor didn't check and i'm to if you are a  pastor or a minister and people are coming to you  
10:41saying i think i need deliverance and you don't  check i believe their blood could be on your hands  
10:49let us not forget ananias and sapphira  who suffered the highest level consequence  
10:55for for lying and it was lying by omission  i'm telling you if somebody's coming to you  
11:04saying i think i need deliverance but you're  afraid to do deliverance because you're a  
11:09spiritual coward you're a spiritual wuss you're a  wimp you're a hired gun you do ministry for income  
11:16you do it for a paycheck you don't love the people  and you're and you're doing it because you like uh  
11:22the applause on sunday during your sermon but  you don't know how to roll up your sleeves and  
11:27do the dirty work that we see all throughout the  gospels you don't know how to do deliverance you  
11:32don't want to learn how to do it if you're one of  those pastors and you're watching this right now  
11:37this is not me calling you out it's calling you up  just because they never taught you deliverance in  
11:43your seminary just because they never taught you  how to pray for people in seminary and you spent  
11:49more time learning the greek hebrew and aramaic  than you did caring for god's people doesn't mean  
11:54that you're going to get away with it on judgment  day and so you need to stop telling people they  
11:59don't have a demon because here's the thing i'm  trying i'm not trying to emphasize the devil  
12:03i'm trying to bring balance to the kingdom  because there is no balance everyone's like  
12:08oh everything's a demon no in 99 of churches  nothing's a demon according to the pastor and so  
12:15here's the thing i'm not trying to emphasize  the demonic i'm trying to balance it back  
12:21and so i'm telling you most people already  know they have a demon but you but pastors  
12:27and ministers tell them they don't because they  want to go eat lunch because they've never fasted  
12:33before and they schedule the appointment with  you and they're getting hungry or they want to  
12:37go on to dinner they want to go home to their  family because they're more concerned with  
12:41taking a walk through the park with their family  than they are kicking out a demon to the abyss  
12:46and i am snapping off because i'm sick and tired  of pastors telling people they don't have a demon  
12:52and and and the devil grows those churches  because the devil some some churches grow  
12:59because the devil's like you can go here  i can't stop you from going to church but  
13:03you can go there which goes back to my previous  point oh okay i gotta i gotta pick up the pace  
13:11i gotta pick up the pace the bible says  that deliverance is the children's bread  
13:18and so you're holding back freedom for  somebody because you are not allowing  
13:24them to experience bread the bread of  life you don't examine bread you eat it  
13:30you consume it deliverance is the children's bread  don't waste your breath you know you got all these  
13:38by every pastor i want to do a bible study i don't  want to examine the bread i want to eat it give  
13:43it to me i need the bread of life i need freedom  all right that's all just number four number five  
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14:05on now don't watch this share it we're raising  up an army sound the alarm all right number five  
14:12basic demonic manifestations number five these  are a list this is not an exhaustive list but this  
14:20is to help you discern number one sneezing number  two coughing number three yawning number four  
14:28shaking and convulsing number five contorting come  on number six not being able to make eye contact  
14:36eyes going back and forth not being able to look  in in the eyes of people these are all indicators  
14:42their manifestations basic manifest manifestations  gagging choking vomiting come on now you hear  
14:50what i'm saying laughter and sometimes in the  charismatic pentecostal realm somebody's laughing  
14:57and it's literally a demon making a mockery i got  chills all over me it's a demon making a mockery  
15:03of what god is doing and then they say oh it's  holy laughter there's been times in services where  
15:09i've actually said um you know somebody's been  laughing and everybody thinks that and it's just  
15:14one person there's 400 people in the room and one  person's laughing and i s and and i say i rebuke  
15:20you devil stop mocking the things of god and then  they begin to flee around and manifest and they  
15:26get deliverance because not all laughing is godly  sometimes the devil will laugh in the watch watch  
15:34now you're going to find out why why i'm a demon  slayer and you got all these people like wanting  
15:40to be listen you got to go to school homie some of  you are not ready yet i'm trying to train you up  
15:46okay some of you are not you know some some like  some of you do not understand uh like the the  
15:54deeper things of god and so what will happen is  you'll be having a a good old time in the lord  
16:01and then all of a sudden a demon starts laughing  and they're saying look this minister has such  
16:04a low level of discernment that this minister is  not even doesn't even know that i'm acting in the  
16:10midst of it and it takes the boldness to to begin  to say no devil i don't you dare mock what god's  
16:20doing and then they manifest so here's something  else people get lightheaded that's a very common  
16:26phenomenon lightheaded you know you'll feel heart  palpitations lightheadedness burping is one of  
16:34them people will start to burp up but again these  are all manifestations not any one of them tells  
16:39you but it gives you a clue now what i'm going  to say now because we're about halfway through  
16:44and i'm going to pick up the pace because i want  to make sure i don't lose anybody in this teaching  
16:48is when you are a deliverance worker a deliverance  minister this is not an exhaustive list and  
16:55not any one of these things will tell you  ultimately you must rely on the holy spirit  
17:01coupled with experience which means experience  doesn't tell you everything sometimes experience  
17:06can lead you down the wrong path but you will you  will over time hone your abilities you will get  
17:13more more um more accurate okay number  six this is a big one intrusive thoughts  
17:21intrusive thoughts so this sometimes  when you have repeated intrusive thoughts  
17:26that's an indicator that those thoughts the origin  of those thoughts are demonic the devil is feeding  
17:32you intrusive thoughts and i'll be honest with  you i've heard news stories of people actually  
17:37um saying i i i i even struggled to say this out  loud but i've heard people literally grabbing a  
17:44baby throwing them off of the third story of  a balcony killing them and this person had  
17:49no prior criminal record this person has never  even so much as getting gotten a parking ticket  
17:56they've never done anything criminal in their  life and they escalate straight to murder  
18:00because they have have struggled with repeated  intrusive thoughts but the origin of them were  
18:06demonic why why because the devil came to kill to  steal and destroy so what's the type of thought  
18:15if the la if the thought is telling you kill kill  kill listen the devil came to do that that's his  
18:21mission that's his assignment and so if you are  getting intrusive thoughts that are telling you  
18:26to kill to steal you know those are intrusive  thoughts let's talk about lust and perversion  
18:33not all desire sexually is lust you have to feel  desire as a matter of fact going back to genesis  
18:41god said be fruitful and multiply and so  you have to feel a repeated desire for  
18:48for sexual you know uh intercourse why because  god gave you your sexuality so you are to feel it  
18:55every day you know because that's normal but when  it becomes obsessive when it becomes perverse when  
19:03it when it becomes completely uncontrollable then  you are asking yourself now is this a problem with  
19:09flesh or am i dealing with the demonic okay i'm  trying to help you intrusive thoughts number seven  
19:17and this goes hand in hand intrusive thoughts  which is number six goes hand in hand with  
19:22number seven which is uncontrollable  behaviors uncontrollable hate behaviors  
19:28ticks sometimes these ticks that people do are  mental but they also could be demonic you have  
19:35to know the difference if everything you treat  if you treat all ticks like they're demonic  
19:41then you're going to show a lack of empathy and  understanding for people but if you treat all  
19:49ticks like they're physical are going to be  demons that smile as you walk away in your  
19:54ignorance and you have to know the difference  all right you have to know the difference  
20:01so when you look at mark chapter 5 there was  a a young man who was bound by demons they put  
20:10him in chains he had supernatural strength  and the ability to actually just read the  
20:14gospel accounts of jesus doing deliverance i  challenge you because as you read each account  
20:20of how jesus did deliverance you're going to  see supernatural strength you're going to see  
20:26uncontrollable screaming you're going to see  throwing them this guy threw himself into the  
20:30fire no human being would do that human  nature is self-preservation and so that  
20:36if you have uncontrollable behaviors like cutting  yourself if you have uncontrollable behaviors like  
20:42hurting yourself and you feel like you can't do  it the demonic is at play and i'm telling you  
20:48for those of you that say pastor mike i hear  what you're saying but it's still just the flesh  
20:53can i just help you understand that the flesh  is often the gateway repeated sin is often the  
21:00gateway it starts as flesh it starts as carnal it  starts as sin and then that opens up the doorway  
21:07to the demonic okay and so i've given an exhausted  exhaustive list of scriptures i will continue  
21:15to do so but you've got to understand that as  i'm um you know as i'm giving these scriptures  
21:24this is the thing you've got to increase in  wisdom by working with the holy spirit because  
21:30even the bible in and of itself says that not all  things that jesus did could even be contained in  
21:37the scriptures we have okay and so this is not  opinion from experience this is biblically based  
21:44experience in other words there's repetition  of what we see in the life of jesus in ministry  
21:51there's a repetition of it it's a type and  a shadow of it but then in the same way that  
21:58all the works of jesus could not be contained in  scripture in the same way we know that there's  
22:04going to be manifestations and things happen that  we don't have in scripture and i'm okay with that  
22:09jesus sent out 72. it didn't say that they came  back and said well here's all the things that  
22:15we encountered and this is the only thing  that can happen actually what they said was  
22:19man we're so happy that demons respond to  your name and jesus himself said don't get  
22:24so excited that demons respond to your name to  the name of jesus be excited that your name is  
22:30written in the lamb's book of life okay okay so  here's the thing i want to help you understand
22:37okay that this goes incredibly deep and the  spirit of religion and the spirit of tradition  
22:46will always fight deliverance because religion  and tradition i feel like i'm fighting a spiritual  
22:51battle right now i can feel it the spirit of  religion the demons of religion and tradition  
22:57always want christians problems to be mental and  emotional and and and carnal they always want it  
23:04to be mental and emotional carnal they never want  it to be demonic and that's just that in and of  
23:09itself is spiritual warfare against religion  and tradition okay all right let's keep going  
23:14a little bit deeper now i've dealt with intrusive  thoughts uncontrollable behaviors i want to go to  
23:20eight okay number eight is this unexplainable  illness unexplained unexplainable illness how  
23:30do we know this jesus cast out the spirit of  infirmity okay um it's the spirit of infirmity  
23:38and i want to help you understand why this is so  important some people are dealing with a demonic  
23:46and it's the spirit of infirmity luke chapter  13 verse 11 spirit of infirmity occurs in  
23:52luke chapter 13 verse 11. why because jesus had  enough wisdom to know not everything is physical  
24:01and i'm telling you if if people pastors listen to  me ministers listen to me if if people are coming  
24:07to you saying pray for my sickness and year after  year after year after year you're only speaking  
24:13to the natural you don't minister like jesus  you don't minister like jesus because in luke  
24:19chapter 13 verse 11 it says and behold there was  a woman who had a disabling spirit for 18 years  
24:26and she was bent over and she couldn't straighten  herself up now how many people would say you need  
24:32a chiropractor you need back surgery you need  physical therapy how many would say that and the  
24:37pastor you know many of our modern ministers would  actually lay hands god straighten up her back heal  
24:44her back heal her healer healer healer but that is  not what happened in luke chapter 13 verse 11. it  
24:51actually says and behold there was a woman who  had a disabling spirit so if you are constantly  
24:57and i'm telling you if you're constantly praying  over and over and over and over again for physical  
25:02healing and you've never heard a pastor or a  minister say you disabling spirit you spirit  
25:09of infirmity come out in jesus name then you're  never going to see complete and total healing and  
25:15freedom people deal with insomnia and it's demonic  in nature people deal with all kinds of sickness  
25:23and disease and it is infirmity the spirit of  infirmity it's sickness it's a disabling spirit  
25:29now not all things are demonic some and we see  this also in the life of jesus he healed ten uh  
25:38he healed ten lepers only one came back to thank  him but he didn't cast out the spirit of leprosy  
25:46he healed their leprosy and so are we discipling  people into ministry where they can discern the  
25:53difference between the spirit of infirmity  and the physical infirmity when is there the  
26:00healing of god and when is there the deliverance  that brings healing all right two more to go  
26:08okay number nine is this unexplained paranormal  activity unexplained paranormal activity what  
26:16does that mean oftentimes people will come to me  saying pastor mike i you know i need you to come  
26:23bless my house i need you to pray for my house and  sometimes there are demons in the atmospheres of  
26:29homes but the devil primarily when you see what  demons try to do through scripture they want to  
26:36inhabit people they want to and that matter  of fact the bible says when you cast them out  
26:42that they go roaming around arid places and  then they come back seeing everything swept  
26:47and they want to and they actually want to come  back in okay now here's the thing demons are not  
26:54as they're not desiring to just float around your  house as much as they want to live inside of you  
27:01and i can't tell you how many times where people  have said we just had it on my broadcast i was  
27:06praying to break bro the power of witchcraft  and cast out witchcraft spirits from people  
27:13and as soon as i began to pray that  somebody in the chat the other day  
27:18said a box just got thrown at my face  a box was physically thrown at my face  
27:25so here's the thing um can demons throw boxes  absolutely they can paranormal are what you would  
27:32hear in the secular terminology or the catholic  terminology you hear paranormal paranormal  
27:39activity you hear those types of phrases um  but i'm just simply saying that there are times  
27:46when you'll you'll see physical paranormal  activity happen and this is the thing i need  
27:55you to understand those that paranormal activity  could be pointing to possession and we call it  
28:02paranormal activity because we like to think  that demons are just floating around our house  
28:06but number nine is unexplained paranormal activity  means you have a demon you need deliverance  
28:13now i just try to help you because i used to  do house calls back in the day you know because  
28:19listen i've been around the block this is not the  first time but people have said i have cabinets  
28:23slamming i have doors slamming i have boxes being  thrown i have items being all the foul odor smells  
28:30i see shadows some people look down their hallway  they see a shadow figure looking at them at night  
28:36movement of shadows they see these different  things but those things are a distraction  
28:42and i have to say that because the devil is the  father of all lies in other words he's going to  
28:50make you think that there are shadows so that  you don't ever get free and you think well i'm  
28:56going to move houses and then now you got you now  you live in another house but you find that it  
29:01went with you okay and people like to replace the  word demon with ghost there are no such things as  
29:10ghosts your loved ones when they died it's heaven  or hell and i'm just telling you straight up  
29:16because i love you and according to most pastors  when you if you listen to the theology of pastors  
29:22according to funerals everybody goes to heaven  which we know is a lie and so there are people  
29:30come on and i'm just trying to help somebody here  that think there's ghosts in their house no there  
29:36are demons masquerading as little girls demons  masquerading as your dad demons masquerading at  
29:43you know and this is a lie from the pit of hell  all right so it is not unexplained paranormal  
29:48activity it's a sign and this is why i'm giving  you the signs number nine is is it's a sign that  
29:54you need deliverance you need freedom and really  you were duped because in a moment of grief  
30:01you tried to speak to your dead loved one and you  did something that strictly prohibited through  
30:06leviticus and various other places in scripture  and now you've broken the the ways of god  
30:13and you've stepped into sin and you  need to repent and you need to get free  
30:19and in a moment of grief you started talking  to a dead loved one and the devil said i'm  
30:23gonna act like i'm that person even give you signs  little trinkets things that you find laying around  
30:30songs that come on i'm gonna do i'm gonna  manipulate the entire atmosphere around you  
30:34so that you actually think it's your dead loved  one so you'll keep sinning so my stronghold grows  
30:40bigger and bigger and my power in your life grows  stronger and it's a lie from the pit of hell okay  
30:46last but not least number 10 if this has been good  i need you to subscribe to my channel i need you  
30:52to hit the thumbs up right now if this has helped  you and i need you to drop a comment let me know  
30:57all right number 10 is this you've tried christian  disciplines and still struggle with repeated sin  
31:06if you have tried it all pastor mike i read  the bible every day pastor mike i pray every  
31:12day pastor mike i put worship music on and i sing  every day pastor mike i fasted pastor mike i went  
31:19for pastoral counseling and christian therapy and  i've done all the things that i know to do but i  
31:26can't stop sinning in this way you might  have a demon and i love you enough to say it
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the signs that may indicate someone has a demon?

The signs that may indicate someone has a demon include an aversion to the things of God, knowledge of unknown things, and intrusive thoughts.

2. Why is it important to confront and conquer demons?

It is important to confront and conquer demons because they can negatively impact a person's life and well-being, and addressing them can lead to spiritual and emotional healing.

3. How do some pastors dismiss the existence of demons?

Some pastors dismiss the existence of demons by downplaying their influence or attributing demonic signs to other causes such as mental illness or psychological factors.

4. What can happen if the signs of demons are ignored?

Ignoring the signs of demons can lead to increased spiritual oppression, continued negative influence, and a lack of resolution for the affected individual.

5. How can one effectively confront and conquer demons?

One can effectively confront and conquer demons through prayer, seeking spiritual guidance, and surrounding oneself with a strong support system that encourages spiritual and emotional healing.

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