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The video discusses 10 signs that indicate someone secretly dislikes you, including curt behavior, avoiding eye contact, and a lack of trust. It emphasizes the importance of valuing relationships with those who love and support you.
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Signs that someone secretly dislikes you include being curt in conversation and displaying closed-off body language.
When someone dislikes you, they cut conversations short and give one-worded answers.
Their body language shows a lack of interest, such as avoiding eye contact and not mirroring your body language.
Signs that someone secretly dislikes you include avoiding eye contact, crossing their arms, leaning away from you, and creating a barrier.
Lack of trust is evident as they are suspicious of your intentions.
They get easily frustrated and argue with you frequently.
Their etiquette is forced, trying to get along to avoid conflict.
Signs that someone secretly dislikes you include avoiding you, listening to you half-heartedly, and not making an effort to understand you.
They avoid you as much as possible, limiting communication to emails or text messages.
They find out your schedule to avoid you during your lunch hours or when you need to occupy the same space.
They listen to only half of your story and zone out for the rest of it.
They don't make an effort to understand your ideas and values.
00:07Life would be a whole lot harder if everyone hated us; wars wouldn't exist, political
00:13upheavals wouldn't happen and rates would lower.
00:18Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try sometimes, there will always be people who
00:22don't like you.
00:24And guess what, they don't have to.
00:27Friendships wouldn't feel as good and love wouldn't be as amazing if we weren't reminded
00:32of what rejection, hatred and alienation is like.
00:37Wondering if someone loathes you?
00:38You no longer have to play detective.
00:41Here are 10 signs someone secretly dislikes you.
00:48Number one; they're Curt with you.
00:51Do you ever feel like you can talk to your best friend 24/7?
00:56Even if the two of you aren't having a deep philosophical conversation, talking about
01:01something as silly as cheese or bricks seems entertaining right?
01:07But when someone dislikes you, it's the complete opposite; they cut the conversation short.
01:13If you ask them how their day is going, they'll give you one worded answers like "fine" or
01:21It becomes clear they don't want to talk to you.
01:26Number two; the body language says it all.
01:31When we like someone, we have a tendency to make eye contact, mirror their body language
01:37and leaning closer.
01:40But when someone dislikes you, they will avoid eye contact, cross their arms and lean away
01:45from you.
01:47They do this in order to protect themselves from you, creating an invisible barrier that
01:52keeps you out.
01:54Harsh right?
01:56But, it's a common defense mechanism humans use.
02:01Number three; there's a lack of trust.
02:04Vulnerability is the key ingredient to establishing a strong connection, but when someone secretly
02:11dislikes you, they will be suspicious of your intentions, even if they're good.
02:17For some people, it just takes a while for them to open up.
02:21But this can just as well be a sign that they dislike you when you put in constant effort
02:26to get to know them, but they keep you at an arm's length.
02:32Number four; they get easily frustrated with you.
02:37Do the two of you argue or disagree over matters on a daily basis?
02:43When someone dislikes you, they'll do anything except make things easy for you.
02:50They might have been in a good mood, but once they interact with you, they turn sour, bitter
02:55and angry.
02:57Number five; their etiquette is forced.
03:01When someone outwardly dislikes you, they will be loud about it.
03:06Whether it's lashing out on you regularly or telling you to your face.
03:11When they secretly dislike you however, they might try to get along just to avoid conflict.
03:18Whether it means forcing a smile or doing things to keep the peace, they will keep the
03:23surface clean between you two.
03:26Deep down though, they may think ill of you and display this through their passive-aggressive
03:34Number six; they avoid you as much as possible.
03:39Do they live or work in close proximity to you, but limit communication to emails or
03:44text messages?
03:45When someone secretly dislikes you, they will do whatever it takes to have minimum contact
03:51with you.
03:53It's especially a sign if they find out your schedule just to avoid you during your lunch
03:57hours or time you need to occupy the same space.
04:01And when you do end up bumping into one another, they'll always have an excuse ready at hand
04:06to avoid seeing you again.
04:09Number seven; they listen to you half-heartedly.
04:12When we care about someone, we usually do our best to listen to what they say.
04:20But if someone is only listening to half of your story and zones out for the rest of it,
04:25it's clear they just aren't that invested in you.
04:29Other indicators include scanning over your messages instead of fully reading them, giving
04:34you only half the answers you need.
04:38Number eight; they don't make an effort to understand you.
04:44Feeling misunderstood can be a rather alienating experience.
04:49So when someone dislikes you, they won't want to provide support to your ideas and values.
04:55Instead, they'll make you feel invisible, unheard and will dismiss your thoughts, whether
05:01it's done subtly or explicitly.
05:04One-upping is another strategy they use to control the conversation instead of allowing
05:09you to give your own inputs.
05:13Number nine; they never invite you to social gatherings.
05:18Why would you even want to be invited to someone's birthday party when you know they hate you?
05:24Still, it hurts to know right?
05:27When you see all your friends, families and co-workers being invited, everyone except
05:31you, it slowly becomes obvious they want nothing to do with you.
05:38Number ten; your gut tells you something is wrong.
05:42Sometimes your gut feeling is not enough, especially when anxiety makes even sound judgments
05:49But, if you're getting a strong message from your gut free from anxiety, your instincts
05:55are telling you it's not worth your time trying to change this person's mind.
05:59Life is short, cherish your moments with people who love you and leave the rest behind.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the signs that someone secretly dislikes you?

The signs include curt behavior, avoiding eye contact, and a lack of trust. These behaviors indicate underlying negative feelings.

2. How can you tell if someone is secretly disliking you?

You can tell by observing their behavior, such as avoiding interactions, being dismissive, or showing a lack of interest in your well-being.

3. What should you do if you notice these signs in someone's behavior?

It's important to address the issue calmly and directly, and to seek understanding through open communication. This can help in resolving underlying conflicts.

4. How can you improve a strained relationship with someone who dislikes you?

You can focus on building trust, creating positive interactions, and showing genuine care and respect. This can help in rebuilding a healthy relationship.

5. What are the key factors in maintaining healthy and positive relationships?

The key factors include open communication, mutual respect, empathy, and valuing relationships with those who love and support you. These elements contribute to a strong and supportive social network.

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