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This video discusses 10 ways to attract new subscribers to a Telegram channel for free, including using your address book in messengers, cross-posting on different platforms, and direct purchase of advertising within Telegram. The video also warns against using collection mechanisms and channel farms for advertising. Overall, the video offers useful tips for growing a Telegram channel organically.
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The video discusses methods to attract new subscribers to a Telegram channel, emphasizing the challenges of organic growth and providing two initial strategies.
Telegram's lack of a recommendation function hinders organic channel growth.
Using the address book in messengers and announcing the channel on social networks are the first two methods discussed.
Contacting people from the address book and making announcements on social networks without providing the link to the Telegram channel are highlighted as initial strategies.
This section discusses two methods for growing a Telegram channel for free.
The first method involves waiting for a day or two and getting several hundred pluses on active channels of active accounts.
The second method is cross-posting, where you create content for your Telegram channel and adapt it to different formats like text, video, or other platforms like YouTube, and encourage subscribers to follow your other channels.
Advertising exchanges aggregate offers from various channels, but may lead to placement on low-quality channels, while channel farms involve interconnected channels with one owner selling advertisements about various topics.
Advertising exchanges negotiate with channels for placement, making it difficult to place on high-quality channels.
Channel farms consist of interconnected channels with one owner who sells advertisements about various topics.
Subscribing to channel farms may result in receiving irrelevant advertisements and different focus from the main messages.
00:00everyone, look at the active pr channel, my
00:02name is Dima Zaitsev, in this video we
00:04will analyze one of the terrible main
00:07pains of all owners or gram channels,
00:09where to get new subscribers, believe me,
00:12this question worries the vast
00:14majority of
00:15telegram channel administrators
00:16and it is no coincidence that telegram
00:19forgot or didn’t want to build in a
00:22recommendation function and therefore organic growth of
00:25channels practically does not occur,
00:27in simple words, no matter how cool and
00:30cool you write and regularly
00:32publish your posts, the audience
00:35will practically not grow from this or
00:37will do it very slowly, therefore it is
00:40vital for development of your
00:42channel, understand where you can even
00:44get new subscribers in this video, we
00:47will discuss
00:48exactly this and let me remind you that this is the
00:51third video as part of a free course
00:53on promoting telegram channels, so be
00:55sure to subscribe to this channel,
00:57like this video, click on the
00:59bell and write your questions in the
01:02comments, I will be happy to answer
01:04them, and so the ten main ways to
01:07attract new subscribers, the
01:10first two methods will be aimed
01:12more at young new channels, and so the
01:15very first way is to use
01:17your address book in messengers,
01:20we all use a large number of
01:22all kinds of watches and how as a rule, we
01:24can have dozens of them, some even have a hundred,
01:27and the simple method is to look at who we
01:29have corresponded with over the last two or three
01:31months and write a personal message that
01:34look, friend, I have a new
01:35telegram channel, subscribe
01:37this way you can get the first
01:40few dozen subscribers at such
01:42prices the next method is related to the announcement
01:45on our social networks, first of
01:48all, this is Facebook and Instagram, it seems like a
01:51banal method, but there is one important life
01:53hack that many people forget about, the fact is that
01:56in these announcements you cannot
01:59put a link to your telegram channel,
02:01this is such a paradox, that is we write a
02:04text about the fact that we have opened a new
02:06telegram channel,
02:07but we do not indicate the link to the channel,
02:10why the fact is that social networks do not
02:13like to let people lose their temper and do not like
02:16pastes with external links, since they
02:19can lose audience in this way;
02:21to get around this limitation, we We ask you
02:25to put a plus sign in our announcements if
02:29people are interested in finding out what kind of
02:33telegram channel you have there, this way you
02:35will play not only on algorithms but
02:37also on banal human curiosity,
02:39that is, look, I opened a telegram channel, if
02:42you want to know more, put a plus sign in the
02:44comments What do we do next? We
02:47wait literally a day or two, and during this time
02:49on the active channels of active accounts you
02:52can get up to several hundred
02:55pluses, that is, a large volume, that is,
02:58many people will want to know what you
03:00opened there, but we are also little by little,
03:02literally 50 to 70 messages per day
03:06we start sending in a personal message just a
03:09link our telegram channel no more than 50
03:1270 messages per day so as not to get caught by
03:14another filter on fit on the filter anti-
03:18actually this is a life hack how to
03:20use your own account on Facebook
03:22and Instagram the following method is suitable
03:26for channels that have a certain
03:28audience and have a certain amount of
03:30content, it’s called cross-posting. The
03:33method is as follows: when we
03:36run our own telegram channel, we
03:38create a certain amount of content, at
03:40least text, at least short, and in
03:43general, a certain amount of ideas
03:46already formulated into text content
03:48we have there every day or a week and,
03:51as a rule, it’s not so difficult
03:53to slightly adapt this already created content
03:56to a slightly different format and open
03:59your channel in parallel with telegram,
04:01for example, in a price index or convert
04:04text content into a video format and
04:06open your channel on youtube what this will
04:09allow us to do it will allow us to
04:11still create the same amount of
04:13content but slightly reformat it
04:17run several channels at once and grow
04:21them in parallel the
04:22fact is that on YouTube and the
04:24Gini index there is so-called
04:26organic growth, that is, if you just
04:28let there be good quality
04:31content afterward and do it regularly, the
04:33audience will stick to
04:35the channels on its own, and besides, you
04:38can make quotes, that is,
04:40indicate links to your other channels,
04:43how it works,
04:44we write a video on YouTube and encourage you to
04:47subscribe to your telegram - channel
04:48by the way my channel play is called
04:50active pr easy to google be sure to
04:52subscribe in
04:53this way in this way in
04:56redirecting the audience earned in
04:59one channel to subscribe to your other
05:01channels and thus quickly grow
05:03each of your channels and all of them together this
05:06method works very well and
05:09the more your audience, the better it
05:12works if we analyze a
05:14telegram channel and with an audience of, say,
05:17100 thousand people, we will see that almost
05:19all of them use cross-posting, a cool
05:22method I recommend the following method is
05:25again related to the logic that you already have
05:28some kind of content once you you run your own
05:30telegram channel and you can adapt it
05:33and turn it into, for example, an interesting
05:34article with which you can contact an
05:37industry media outlet and invite them to
05:40post your content on their
05:41pages with one single condition:
05:44that they indicate a link to your
05:46telegram channel,
05:47usually media according to publishing a
05:50cool article on the condition of indicating a
05:53link to the author’s telegram channel, from
05:56such a placement you can get
05:58several hundred or even thousands of new
06:00subscribers. The
06:01method works well, the next
06:04source of new users is, of
06:06course, direct purchase within
06:08telegram itself, it must be said that
06:10this method is the main one for small
06:14and medium-sized channels, it happens mainly that for
06:16such channels up to seventy percent
06:19and maybe 80 percent of the audience of the
06:22entire audience is attracted precisely through the
06:24purchase of advertising in telegram, in fact,
06:27this is one of the main sources, so the
06:30theory is simple
06:32and we find a channel that we like
06:34we communicate with their owners, we ask them to
06:37place an advertisement, we pay some
06:38amount for this placement, it
06:41seems like we are getting new subscribers in
06:44words, but there are
06:47a lot of details and nuances, I will definitely
06:49record a separate video in which I will
06:52tell you in detail how to choose the right channel,
06:55how to buy advertising so that this advertising
06:57will be as effective as possible, be sure to
07:00subscribe to this channel to receive
07:02notification of the appearance of this new
07:04video, the next method is called
07:07mutual pr or it is often called
07:10simply gdp
07:11in short and in general it is as
07:14similar as possible to direct purchase advertising
07:16the only difference is that it is
07:17cashless, that is, by barter you tell me I
07:20tell you I’ll cover your channel with this
07:24mention of an
07:26advertising post actually coming in and you’ll do the same
07:28about my channel like this mutual
07:31mutual promotion method also
07:34has its own characteristics I’m also writing a
07:36separate video about it as part of this
07:38course the following method is related
07:40using the collection mechanism, what
07:43is a selection, a selection is an
07:46agreement between the owner of 5 or even 10
07:49telegram channels to post the
07:52same post, the post looks like such a long
07:56canvas of links to the same channels, that
08:00is, you and I and 8 other
08:03people agree with the
08:05telegram owners channels post a mention
08:06of each other,
08:07we create a huge post that
08:10lists all our channels and short
08:12descriptions for them, and at the same time
08:14I publish it all. This is a
08:17tool called a selection,
08:19it once worked well and gave a large
08:21number of new subscribers, but to
08:23Unfortunately or fortunately, I don’t know, in
08:27modern times it works almost
08:28no longer, the thing is that people stopped
08:31perceiving such collections as some kind of
08:33recommendation for some good
08:35tool and began to treat them
08:37very negatively, taking them rather as
08:39spam, so in 2020 use the
08:43collection I
08:44recommend completely avoiding this
08:46tool, do mutual PR and just
08:49buy 30 grams of advertising, but
08:52you will refuse the selection; the next source of
08:54attracting new users is
08:56advertising on other social networks. Well,
08:59here it’s worth saying right away that, as a
09:02rule, advertising inside the telegram itself is
09:04more effective, so don’t spread yourself thin
09:06spend money on less effective
09:08channels do not buy advertising on other
09:11social networks; it’s easier to buy advertising
09:13inside your telegram;
09:15here there is probably the only
09:17exception that is associated with the purchase of
09:20targeted advertising on Instagram,
09:22especially if you have, for example, a
09:24channel for, say, photo processing,
09:27then you should try to buy
09:29targeted advertising advertising in
09:31stories on Instagram is probably a good
09:34move, be sure to try all other
09:36advertising, don’t waste time, it works
09:39worse than direct purchases on telegram,
09:42the next way to attract new
09:44subscribers to your channel is related to PR
09:46if you are a speaker, if you conduct
09:49master classes, appear on television
09:52or maybe be teaching at a university
09:54or, for example, you give interviews on
09:58YouTube channels, that is, you have
10:00coverage of some of your lecture courses or
10:04other information that you
10:06tell a wide audience, be
10:08sure to
10:10mention your telegram channel in your voice as part of your speech
10:13if you use presentation,
10:15use a QR code, in fact, even with a
10:19voice mention, the technique works
10:22well and is capable of attracting a
10:25significant number of new
10:27subscribers to your channel, the only nuance is
10:30that the name of your channel is, on the one
10:32hand, quite unique, that
10:34is, so that it is easy to google sopa just
10:37by its name, and on the other hand so that this
10:40name can be easily written, that
10:44is, I heard the channel by ear and immediately
10:46easily knocked it into the search, that is, how it is
10:49heard is how it is written, if this rule
10:52coincides with reality, an
10:55excellent way to attract new
10:56subscribers, and the next way
10:58to attract new subscribers is I I will combine
11:01here 2 in 1 this is the use of
11:05advertising exchanges but 30 grams of a.e.
11:08interaction with the owners of the so-
11:10called channel spheres, let's
11:13figure out what it is and so the telegram
11:16is an advertising exchange, this is a kind of platform
11:20that aggregates offers from
11:22various channels for advertising,
11:26everything seems to sound great and interesting,
11:28you can contact one intermediary and
11:31through him immediately buy there 100
11:33but in practice, unfortunately, it
11:37doesn’t work like that yet, the thing is that these
11:38intermediaries currently
11:42negotiate with channels about the placement of
11:45everything and therefore good channels with
11:49intermediaries do not work at all,
11:51some channel intermediaries, on the contrary, everyone
11:54works with such an intermediary and therefore
11:56working with the exchange, it’s difficult to place yourself on
11:59high-quality channels, but it’s easy to get
12:01on a large number of
12:02low-quality channels and at the current
12:04time, of course, it’s more profitable than gram shares to
12:07carry out a direct purchase; perhaps in the
12:09near future the situation with advertising
12:11exchanges will change, but for now this is what it is
12:14about channel farms, what
12:17is a farm anyway? channels are a set of
12:22interconnected telegram channels that
12:24have one owner who, as a rule,
12:27does not write anything in these channels himself, he simply
12:30administers them, he has a staff of
12:31writers who write about everything from
12:33bathrobes to financial products, and the
12:36farm owner naturally sells
12:40advertising too packs and sells advertisements,
12:42as a rule,
12:43about everything too, that is, on the 100 gram channel about
12:47bathrobes they come out with anything up
12:50to and including advertisements for some cheap
12:54flights to Turkey, according to the
12:56audience entering the channel, all scorched,
12:58people have not really read them for a long time,
13:00but imagine for yourself so you
13:03signed a couple of such coats and
13:05every day you are bombarded with them, the
13:07main messages have a completely
13:09different focus, of course you either
13:11unsubscribe or stop reading,
13:13so if suddenly you see a person
13:15who on telegram offers you
13:17placements on more than one at once, she is 10 or
13:21even 150 channels, then know in front of you for a
13:25representative of an advertising exchange or a
13:27representative of a certain channel farm, in
13:30both cases of such placement,
13:31but it’s probably better to refuse or
13:34examine it very carefully
13:37since there is a high chance that the channel in
13:41such a company or in such a group is of lower
13:44quality, so be more
13:46attentive and so we discussed the 10
13:48main sources of attracting new
13:51subscribers for your telegram channel,
13:53thank you for watching this video to
13:54the end, be sure to subscribe to this
13:56channel to receive notifications about new
13:58videos and write your questions in the
14:00comments, I will be happy to answer them
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the 10 ways to attract new subscribers to a Telegram channel for free?

The 10 ways to attract new subscribers to a Telegram channel for free include using your address book in messengers, cross-posting on different platforms, and direct purchase of advertising within Telegram.

2. What are some organic ways to grow a Telegram channel?

Some organic ways to grow a Telegram channel include avoiding the use of collection mechanisms and channel farms for advertising, and focusing on using address books in messengers and cross-posting on different platforms.

3. What are the risks of using collection mechanisms and channel farms for advertising on Telegram?

Using collection mechanisms and channel farms for advertising on Telegram can result in fake or inactive subscribers, which can harm the organic growth and engagement of the channel.

4. How can I promote my Telegram channel without spending money?

You can promote your Telegram channel without spending money by leveraging your address book in messengers, cross-posting on different platforms, and engaging with other relevant channels and communities.

5. What are the key considerations for growing a Telegram channel organically?

Key considerations for growing a Telegram channel organically include fostering genuine engagement, avoiding shortcuts such as collection mechanisms and channel farms, and investing time and effort in creating valuable and relevant content.

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