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This video provides 11 clear signs that indicate someone may have cheated and is now feeling guilty, including changes in daily routine, constant deletion of text messages, and being secretive about their phone. The video advises open communication with your partner if you have suspicions, and encourages approaching the topic without being confrontational.
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Signs that your partner may be cheating and feeling guilty:
Deleting specific threads or phone calls from a specific person.
Always having their phone in silent mode, airplane mode, or turned off.
Going out without telling you where they are going or meeting new people without informing you.
Their story about their whereabouts or activities keeps changing.
Signs of potential cheating and guilt:
Suspicious nicknames or names in text messages.
Refusing to let you see their phone.
Constantly making excuses for not responding to texts or calls.
Signs that someone may be cheating and feeling guilty include making a concerted effort to be more physically attractive, being defensive and showing signs of lying, and acting distant and uninterested in the relationship.
If they start making a concerted effort to be more physically attractive, such as going to the gym a lot unprompted.
If they are always defensive and show signs of lying, such as crossing their arms, leaning away, blushing, sweating, or avoiding eye contact.
If they start acting differently, distant, and uninterested in the relationship, it may indicate something is wrong or they are more excited about something else outside of the relationship.
00:00do you think your significant other is
00:02cheating on you well in this video I'm
00:04going to give you 11 clear signs that
00:06they did cheat on you and now they feel
00:09guilty what is up YouTube it's your boy
00:11Andre Sampson and welcome back to the
00:13channel where we discuss social
00:14intelligence and basically how to
00:16communicate what you want in life and in
00:18this video we're discussing cheaters and
00:21people that cheat boo not a fan I'm
00:24gonna give you 11 clear signs that could
00:26indicate they might be cheating but what
00:27are the best ways to know if your
00:30partner is cheating is just to
00:31communicate with them and talk to them
00:34about things that are concerning to you
00:36so if you have suspicions about your
00:37partner and feel like they might be
00:39cheating on you in this video I'm gonna
00:40give you 11 clear signs that
00:42Unfortunately they probably are cheating
00:44on you one two or even three of these if
00:46you're getting three of these in a row
00:48that's enough my friend to at least
00:50confront them or at least confront your
00:52suspicions about what's happening in the
00:54relationship one of the first clearest
00:56ways that indicate that your partner
00:58might be cheating on you when all of a
00:59sudden their daily routine starts to
01:01change and by that that means they're
01:04staying out later than they normally
01:06stay out or they are leaving the house
01:08earlier than they normally stay out or
01:10they're staying at work longer or
01:12they're just going to places that is not
01:14part of their daily routine that's not
01:15normal and it's consistent one time two
01:18times is fine but when they're
01:19consistently just at places and doing
01:21things that they don't normally do
01:23that's a sign that they might be
01:25cheating a second red flag that might
01:26show that they're cheating is when they
01:28all of a sudden start constantly
01:29deleting text messages and phone calls
01:32right this is what we call eliminating
01:34the evidence basically it was like oh
01:36there's no text messages there's no
01:37history or evidence that I was talking
01:39to this person so I I can't be cheating
01:41so if they're constantly deleting text
01:43threads doing suspicious stuff on their
01:45phone because when was the last time you
01:46just started cleaning out text message
01:48threads or phone calls from someone from
01:51a specific person if you were deleting a
01:53specific threads or specific phone calls
01:55from a specific person it's usually an
01:57indication that you don't want the
01:58evidence on your phone and you think by
01:59deleting it it's going to make you seem
02:02innocent if you see them doing that talk
02:04to them about it third way to know that
02:05your partner might be cheating on you is
02:07if they all of a sudden start always
02:09having their phone either in silent mode
02:11airplane mode or it's always off right
02:14they get home and the phone's off they
02:15don't want you to see any text messages
02:17or notifications going off so they just
02:19don't let them come on in the first
02:21place usually when you're home that's
02:22when most people are doing the majority
02:24of their phone time you know relaxing
02:26hanging out so it's very odd if someone
02:28always has their phone off or just not
02:30using it when they're in your vicinity
02:33I'd be aware of that fourth clear sign
02:35that your partner may be cheating on you
02:36is if they're going out to places and
02:38they don't really want to tell you where
02:40they're going out to they start going
02:41out there hanging out with their friends
02:43or they have to stay late at work or or
02:45maybe they just don't want to tell you
02:47if they're going to places and you don't
02:48know where they're going and they don't
02:49want to tell you that's pretty sus right
02:51also if you know that they're meeting
02:53people and talking to new people but
02:55they don't want to tell you about this
02:56person right you see them talking or
02:57texting or maybe they might talk to
02:59their friends about it but they won't
03:00talk to about you you should be
03:02skeptical of that too fifth way to know
03:04that your partner might be cheating is
03:05that if their story continues to change
03:07if they went out last night went out
03:09with friends and but then you ask them
03:11about it again it's and it's co-workers
03:13or no we didn't go wow we went to a
03:15friend's house basically if they can't
03:17keep their story straight it means that
03:18they're making up the story to begin
03:20with so if it was I was hanging out with
03:22friends or then it was you know a family
03:23emergency or you know work called me or
03:26whatever happened if things aren't
03:27lining up that should be an indication
03:29that something else isn't lining up and
03:31someone's not being completely truthful
03:32about what's happening sixth way to know
03:34that your partner might be cheating on
03:36you is if they are unfamiliar numbers in
03:39their contact list one method that we
03:41already talked about is that they always
03:42have their phone off or basically never
03:43let you see their phone the other method
03:45is if you see text messages from names
03:48that you don't know or like nicknames
03:50and of course you know people put their
03:52friends and other colleagues family
03:53members as nicknames but if there's all
03:55these new weird nicknames or names that
03:58you've never seen before that's very
03:59very suspect and that should be cause
04:01for concern especially if they don't
04:03want to let you see the thread
04:05conversation seventh way to know that
04:07your partner might be cheating on you is
04:09when you ask to see their phone and they
04:10say no now I am gonna put like an
04:13asterisk on this because some people are
04:15just very private about their phone and
04:17their phone calls I could trust you the
04:19most but still like my phone is my phone
04:21so I'm not going to let you go through
04:23it and read all my stuff I don't have
04:24anything to hide I just don't like the
04:26idea of someone else having my phone
04:28it's like my journal it's my diary I
04:30have everything that I ever think about
04:31in there so I don't really like people
04:33you know kind of it's an invasion of
04:35privacy so I wouldn't say this one is a
04:36major major red flag if they're very
04:38very private if you've been sharing
04:39phones before they know your passcode
04:41for something like that and then all of
04:43a sudden they don't want to see you let
04:44you see their phone then now that's
04:46cause for concern eighth tip to know
04:48that your partner could possibly be
04:50cheating on you is if they're constantly
04:52making excuses why they couldn't uh text
04:54you back or call you back so if you hit
04:56them off at night and it takes them
04:58really long or until the next day to
05:00respond and you ask them you know what
05:02happened and it's like oh I got busy
05:03blah blah blah whatever if someone loves
05:05you if someone cares about you they can
05:07make the 10 seconds of effort it takes
05:09to respond to a text to respond to a
05:11call now of course sometimes people do
05:13get busy sometimes batteries do die you
05:15know sometimes phones get lost this is
05:16not an end-all be-all but if they
05:18continue to make excuses about what they
05:20were doing last night or why they
05:22couldn't call you back it could possibly
05:23be because they were with someone else
05:25ninth tip to know that your partner
05:27might be cheating on you is if all of a
05:29sudden they get really really interested
05:31in their appearance obviously this
05:33doesn't mean like they're you know
05:35putting on makeup or they went to the
05:37mall and got some new clothes but what
05:38I'm saying is if they start making a
05:40concerted effort to start being more
05:42physically attractive than what they
05:44were doing before this means if they
05:45start going to the gym a lot unprompted
05:47obviously it's fine to go to the gym I
05:49encourage everyone to go to the gym but
05:50if also not out of the blue they start
05:52getting in shape and you're just sitting
05:54on the couch it's probably because
05:55they're transitioning into the next
05:58relationship they want to get like I say
06:00every time someone goes to the gym that
06:01means that they're cheating on you but
06:03if they start getting a lot more
06:04obsessed about their parents start
06:06focusing on like making themselves look
06:08nicer anymore it's generally not because
06:10they want to look nicer for you it's
06:12usually because they want to look nicer
06:13for the other person that they started
06:15talking to Tenth tip to know that
06:17someone is potentially cheating on you
06:19is if they're always always very
06:21defensive and this doesn't mean just
06:23verbally but also read their body
06:25language so if you ask them what they've
06:27been up to if you're talking face to
06:28face asking what they've been up to they
06:29cross their arm they're leaning away
06:31they're blushing they're sweating they
06:34can't hold eye contact these are all
06:36indications that someone's lying to you
06:38read physical body cues to know if
06:40they're not being truthful with you last
06:42tip to know that your partner might be
06:43cheating on you is if they're just a
06:45different person if they're acting
06:47different if they're acting distant if
06:49they're acting uninterested in you and
06:51the relationship it's usually because
06:53something is wrong in the relationship
06:54or they're more excited about something
06:56else outside of the relationship the
06:58best thing that you can do for if you
06:59have have one two three four five any of
07:02these issues it's just to talk to your
07:04partner have this is not like from an
07:06antagonistic like you're cheating on me
07:08but saying like hey I'm noticing this
07:10I'm noticing this what's up can we talk
07:12about it care to explain that's the best
07:14way to approach your concerns without
07:17getting antagonistic and creating a
07:19fight now of course if they are cheating
07:21on you my sympathies but hey now you
07:23know if you found this video helpful
07:25drop a like And subscribe peace
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the signs that indicate someone may have cheated and is now feeling guilty?

The signs include changes in daily routine, constant deletion of text messages, and being secretive about their phone. These signs may indicate feelings of guilt and the need for open communication.

2. How can I approach the topic of infidelity with my partner without being confrontational?

It is important to approach the topic with open communication and a calm demeanor. Expressing concerns and feelings without being confrontational can open up an honest and constructive conversation.

3. What steps can I take if I suspect that my partner may be cheating?

It is important to first address your suspicions with open communication and honesty. If needed, seeking professional help or counseling can provide support and guidance in navigating through the situation.

4. What are the effects of infidelity on a relationship?

Infidelity can have a significant impact on trust and emotional well-being within a relationship. It can lead to feelings of betrayal, insecurity, and a breakdown in communication. Addressing the effects of infidelity with open communication and support is crucial.

5. How can I rebuild trust after infidelity has occurred?

Rebuilding trust after infidelity requires open communication, honesty, and a mutual commitment to moving forward. Seeking professional counseling and support, as well as setting boundaries and realistic expectations, can aid in the process of rebuilding trust.

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