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The video discusses 12 possible reasons why a woman might never text first but responds when you do, including having other priorities, being busy, not wanting to commit, or simply not being good at texting. It also mentions the possibility of her liking you but not being sure how she feels or wanting to keep things casual.
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She may not text first but responds when you do because she has a lot of attention from other guys and she's not sure about her feelings for you yet.
She receives a lot of attention from many men, making it difficult for her to keep up with all the messages.
She may not have developed strong feelings for you yet, so texting you requires extra effort.
She might feel lazy to initiate texting if she's not sure about her interest in you.
Reasons why she never texts first but responds when you do:
She may be trying to define the relationship and needs time to process her feelings.
She might prefer phone calls over text messages.
She could have other priorities that are taking her attention at the moment.
Reasons why she never texts first but responds when you do:
She may be too busy with work or personal commitments.
She may intentionally play hard to get and not want to be too accessible.
She knows that you will always text first, so she doesn't feel the need to initiate.
It's important to discern whether her busyness is genuine or if she's stringing you along.
Reasons why she never texts first but responds when you do:
She may be interested in continuing the relationship or friendship.
She may be afraid to commit due to past experiences.
She may not be good at texting or writing in English.
She may just want to play it casual and not want anything more.
Reasons why she never texts first but responds when you do:
She may not be interested in a serious relationship with you.
She may simply not like you.
She could be introverted and finds it difficult to open up to others.
00:00i know you want to yell at her and ask
00:02her why she behaves like that i know
00:04you're feeling lost and frustrated
00:06because she never texts you first and
00:08yet will respond when you do and you
00:11have every right to feel that way to be
00:13honest you have every right to wonder
00:15whether it's just a game or
00:17this person is probably just
00:19uninterested in stringing you along i
00:21mean does she like you or is she just
00:23trying to be polite
00:25now if you have a lot of these questions
00:27on your mind in today's video i'm happy
00:29to share 12 reasons why she never texts
00:32you first and yet responds whenever you
00:36keep watching
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01:13algorithm all right so now that we're
01:15here we'll jump right in
01:1712 reasons why she never is the one to
01:20text first
01:22and yet responds whenever you text
01:24here we go number one you like her
01:29but so do other guys
01:31alright so she has
01:33a lot of attention coming in from so
01:37many men and so sometimes it's really
01:39hard for her to like keep track and
01:43catch up with everybody and indeed she
01:44has many unread messages on her phone
01:47simply because she can't seem to keep up
01:50with all the attention she constantly
01:51gets from guys
01:53number two so she's not quite sure how
01:55she feels about you and the truth is you
01:57haven't really won her heart just yet
02:00and so texting you is an extra effort
02:02that she may not want to put in at all
02:04or it might feel lazy to do if you find
02:07yourself in such a situation
02:10make sure you
02:12quickly try to define what it is that
02:13both of you have so you can always be on
02:16the same page
02:17number three now don't forget that she
02:19may have a really terrible past with
02:22relationships with guys and so she's
02:24sort of taking her time to just you know
02:27mull over how she's feeling and whether
02:29these feelings are real this time and
02:31will result in something that will
02:33benefit her
02:34number three maybe she just doesn't like
02:36the texts but she likes you there are
02:39people like that i am
02:41the other way around though i prefer
02:42text messages
02:44as opposed to phone calls and sometimes
02:46the people in my life don't get that you
02:48know but once you understand how i work
02:52why i tend to you know gravitate more
02:54towards text messages as opposed to
02:56phone calls
02:58um our relationship can be a little more
03:00smoother now typically my day is really
03:02really busy i feel like phone calls give
03:04me the sense of urgency like i
03:07absolutely must talk now whereas if i
03:10receive a whatsapp message or an
03:12imessage whatever you guys use
03:17i could actually take my time and get
03:18back to it when i'm ready to respond and
03:21for me it's as basic as that so perhaps
03:23she doesn't like sms's and she'd rather
03:25prefer a phone call or maybe you should
03:27ask her what would you rather prefer how
03:30would you like me to reach out to you
03:32and that will solve half of your
03:35number four maybe she has other
03:37priorities going on with her at the time
03:40now not every woman likes to share what
03:43she may be going through at any point in
03:45time it could do with her job her family
03:48her friends etc and so
03:51you know she may be going through quite
03:53a bit and other things may be taking her
03:55attention may need her urgent attention
03:57and texting you at the moment may not be
04:01number one on her list and you must
04:03understand that if you're going to have
04:05her attention
04:06perhaps in the future so don't be too
04:09quick to judge her you know she simply
04:11has other priorities going for her
04:13that are taking her attention at the
04:15moment number five she may be too busy
04:17to think of texting you first now i
04:19don't know the kind of woman that's in
04:21your life but i think you need to really
04:22pay attention to her schedules now if
04:25she's someone who is really busy a
04:28go-getter is constantly occupied about
04:30you know work in her life and trying to
04:32catch up with deadlines she may not
04:34always have the time to send you a quick
04:37message and it doesn't mean necessarily
04:38that she doesn't care it could mean that
04:41you know she just needs to get stuff out
04:42of the way so she can
04:44finally and eventually have time for you
04:47and they're genuine people like that um
04:49however at this point take note that you
04:52may have to really be able to discern to
04:55find out what it actually is is it a
04:57matter of her just being really busy
04:59saying with work or maybe she has a
05:02death in the family and they're they're
05:04making funeral arrangements or you know
05:06it could be anything just try to
05:08ascertain whether her busyness is
05:12genuine so that you don't waste time
05:15with her if for instance you find out
05:17that she's just stringing you along and
05:19is really uninterested in any kind of
05:21relationship with you she plays
05:24now there are some women who do that
05:26they do not want to be too accessible to
05:28the men in their lives because it makes
05:30them feel cheap it's like whenever you
05:32say jump she says how high and when do
05:34you want me back i mean a lot of women
05:37just do not want to
05:39be at your every beck and call and so
05:41they deliberately make themselves
05:44inaccessible and so you know in some
05:46weird way you probably end up craving
05:48their presence their attention and their
05:51time and so figure out the kind of woman
05:53that you're actually with to see if you
05:56know she's one of those people who are
05:58just playing inaccessible or there's
06:00something else taking her time number
06:02she doesn't text you first because she
06:04knows that you will so if from the
06:06beginning of your friendship and or
06:08relationship you've always been the one
06:10to text then naturally she's falling
06:12into this cycle where she expects you to
06:14text first and she knows that if she
06:17doesn't you definitely will and she will
06:19hear from you what i would recommend is
06:21don't text her for a period and see if
06:23she texts you back if she texts you back
06:25she may be interested in continuing the
06:27relationship or friendship and if she
06:29doesn't then my guy that is a clear
06:32indication right there and maybe an
06:34opportunity for you to actually move on
06:36and on to someone else who may be
06:38genuinely interested number eight she
06:41may be afraid to commit
06:44yeah there are some women like that
06:45believe it or not not every woman is
06:48needy looking for a man
06:51wants a relationship there are some
06:53women out there who
06:55just couldn't care less and yet again
06:57there's also a whole category of women
06:59who are just afraid to commit because of
07:01what they've been through in the past
07:03they've had some really
07:05nasty experiences with the opposite sex
07:08and it's just like
07:10alarm bells going off whenever someone
07:12draws closer to her or tries to get her
07:14attention or her love number nine
07:17another reason may be she may not
07:19actually be good at texting because her
07:23writing or english sucks right
07:26um she may not be good at writing
07:28english and so she wouldn't want you to
07:31you know she wouldn't want to make
07:32mistakes when she sends you a text
07:34and so she would rather just sort of
07:36wait it out and see if you would you
07:39know ask how she's doing and if you do
07:42she's probably answering with
07:44simple responses that are safe and she
07:47wouldn't have to sort of
07:50expose herself with such a woman when
07:53you see her in person she's really
07:54talkative she's really engaging but
07:57however she seems really distant via
07:59text that could be a hidden reason why
08:02number 10 maybe she just wants to play
08:04casual and you know playing casual is
08:07slightly different from being
08:10because when you're inaccessible you're
08:11just inaccessible you do not want this
08:13person to have access to you as and when
08:15they want whereas playing it casual is
08:18i don't want anything more than what
08:20currently is and so i will just continue
08:23to respond to you to be polite
08:26but if i don't hear from you again i
08:28really could not care less i mean if you
08:30figure out that this is the kind of
08:32category your woman falls in or your
08:34friend or someone you really like falls
08:37then you may not want to continue this
08:39relationship at all because it'll turn
08:40out to be a waste of your time you're
08:42looking to make her your girlfriend and
08:44inadvertently perhaps your wife in the
08:46future and she just wants to keep it
08:48casual because she's really not that
08:51into you it's not that deep when you
08:54find that out walk away number eleven
08:57she may not like you
09:06you're waiting for me to say something
09:11she may not like you
09:13last but not least she may be
09:15introverted you know introverted people
09:18find it really difficult to open up to
09:20others right so that might be a good
09:22reason why
09:25so at this point my microphone goes off
09:28and i do not notice and this is
09:31just rambling on
09:32without sound
09:34anyway because i'm editing this video a
09:36couple of days later after shooting it
09:39i'm gonna have to just wing the final
09:42i was talking about introversion being
09:44one of the reasons why a woman may never
09:47text you you know introverted people
09:49would rather stick to themselves you
09:51know just
09:52mind their own business and they're
09:54happy with their own company so i guess
09:56it doesn't naturally come to them to be
09:58the one to reach out first hey they're
10:00having too much fun with themselves now
10:03if you find out that your partner has
10:05this innate personality you might want
10:08to win them over by letting them know
10:09that they can trust you and then they'll
10:12begin to open up and give you the kind
10:14of love and attention that you need in
10:18i guess at this point i was telling you
10:20about how i was grateful for watching
10:22the video and if you liked the video
10:24don't forget to subscribe turn on the
10:26notification bell so you get notified
10:28every single time i post and also
10:32well don't forget to like the video as
10:34it helps with the algorithm my name is
10:37thank you so much for watching bye for
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why might a woman never text first but respond when you do?

There could be various reasons for this, such as having other priorities, being busy, not wanting to commit, or simply not being good at texting.

2. What are some possible reasons for a woman not texting first?

Some possible reasons include having other priorities, being busy, not wanting to commit, or not being comfortable with initiating conversations.

3. How can you interpret a woman's response but no initiation of texting?

It could mean that she likes you but is not sure how she feels or that she wants to keep things casual without too much commitment.

4. What should you do if a woman never texts first but responds when you do?

You can consider discussing your preferences with her, understanding her communication style, or taking the initiative to start conversations more often.

5. Are there any tips for dealing with a woman who never texts first?

You can try to maintain open communication, express your feelings, and understand her perspective before making any assumptions about her behavior.

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