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The video discusses 15 ways to make one million dollars, including being skilled in a lucrative profession, licensing a patent or trademark, starting a small business, and working for someone who is already wealthy. Other strategies mentioned include saving money and investing in index funds, participating in an ICO, creating a popular blog or app, and using the buy-flip-repeat strategy.
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To make one million dollars, one way is to be in the top 1% of a lucrative profession.
Being really good at a job that pays well, such as being a doctor, lawyer, or upper management, can lead to earning over $150,000 per year in the US and Europe.
One way to make a million dollars is by becoming a bestselling author, like Amanda Hocking, who self-published her novels and made over $2.5 million.
Amanda Hocking self-published her novels on Kindle and made over $20,000 in one month.
She made over $2.5 million from books that were not picked up by a publisher.
Having an audience, such as a podcast, blog, or YouTube channel, can help people support and preorder your work.
Another way to make a million dollars is by licensing a patent or trademark to a big company, like Lonnie Johnson who made over $100 million from licensing the Super Soaker technology to Hasbro.
Starting a small business and aggressively saving money are two ways to make one million dollars.
Greta Van Rio became a successful entrepreneur and made over half a million dollars per month from her Instagram model fitness business.
Kylie Jenner used the drop shipping model to make millions and owns 100% of her company with only 6 employees.
Starting a small business and growing it is a common path to becoming a millionaire.
Aggressively saving money and investing in index funds can help accumulate wealth through compound interest.
Ways to make one million dollars include investing in Vanguard and Robin Hood, reading Tony Robbins' book "Money Master the Game," doing an ICO, starting a blockchain-based company, and purchasing a successful franchise.
Look into Vanguard and Robin Hood for investment opportunities.
Read Tony Robbins' book "Money Master the Game" for advice on getting rich.
Consider doing an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in the crypto world.
Start a blockchain-based company and seek private investors.
Purchase a franchise and ensure its success.
To make one million dollars, you can create a subscription service or work for a multimillionaire or billionaire.
Creating a subscription service where people pay a monthly fee can lead to seven-figure earnings.
Working for a wealthy individual who values time can result in generous compensation.
Building a trust-based relationship with the wealthy individual is crucial before offering your services.
Making over 40 million readers per month on a blog is difficult, but possible if you can ride a new wave like Scott DeLong did with Viral Nova.
Scott DeLong created Viral Nova, a website for viral articles, and sold it for $100 million after generating over $1 million per month from advertising revenues.
Making an app that a million people use can also lead to significant revenue, as seen with apps like Candy Crush, Calm, and Fortnite.
The key to successful apps is offering a valuable service and finding ways to bring in additional revenue within the app.
One way to make a million dollars is by buying something at a lower price and selling it for a higher price, like reselling sneakers.
Benjamin Kicks, a 16-year-old, made over $1 million per year by reselling sneakers.
Sneaker culture is big and people are willing to pay a premium for exclusive sneakers.
This strategy can be applied to different markets such as cars, houses, and antiques.
00:02this is the sunday motivational video
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00:24hello ale Xers can you believe it's been
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00:35knowledge which you can leverage to your
00:37own advantage if you choose to when we
00:40asked you guys what your immediate
00:41financial goal was on Instagram at a
00:44luxe most of you said that it was to
00:46make your first million so that's what
00:49we're doing today making 1 million
00:51dollars sounds like a lot of money if
00:53you've never earned high figures before
00:55it might seem like an obsolete objective
00:57but the truth is 1700 new millionaires
01:01are created each day that's over six
01:04hundred and twenty thousand new
01:05millionaires every year so how do they
01:08do it how come so many people become
01:10millionaires and why can't you do the
01:13same well it's all about positioning and
01:16how valuable you are to the marketplace
01:18if the marketplace thinks you deserve 1
01:21million dollars or more it will in turn
01:23give you that amount in order to make
01:25this video we researched people whom we
01:28know about and have made more than a
01:30million dollars in the last couple of
01:32years who knows maybe one of them will
01:34spark an idea which will be the
01:36beginning of a long journey for you if
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01:42Alex with that said here are 15 ways to
01:46make 1 million dollars number one be in
01:50the top 1% of a lucrative profession
01:52shocking right be really good at a job
01:55that pays really well it's super easy to
01:58become a millionaire if you know what
02:00you're doing and your specialized
02:02doctors lawyers and upper management in
02:05the US and Europe earn on average over
02:07one hundred and fifty thousand dollars
02:09per year if you're really good at what
02:11you do and hyper specialize
02:13you can double or even triple that
02:15amount the highest paying job with the
02:17lowest barriers of entry is sales if you
02:20know how to sell you can make a ton of
02:22money no matter where you find yourself
02:25compared to doctors and lawyers the 1%
02:28of sales people earn north of two
02:31hundred and fifty thousand dollars per
02:32year which will have them passed the 1
02:34million dollar mark in just four years
02:37not to mention that selling is an
02:39incredibly valuable skill for all
02:41strategies we discussed throughout this
02:43video we'll make a video on the best
02:45books on selling sometime soon but if
02:48you want to start today we recommend you
02:50pick up the 10x rule by Grant Cardone or
02:53the sales Bible by Jeffrey Gitomer you
02:55can get one of them for free as an
02:57audiobook when you sign up at a lakhs
02:59comm slash free book speaking of books
03:03number two write several books that sell
03:07ok the trap many people fall into is
03:10they think you need to write the next
03:12Harry Potter or Fifty Shades of Grey in
03:14order to get rich from books the
03:16likelihood of you knocking it out of the
03:18park is incredibly low with that said
03:20getting to 1 million dollars from
03:22writing books is a pretty doable job if
03:24you find the right angle and an audience
03:27willing to purchase few people know this
03:29but in order to become a New York Times
03:31bestselling author you only need to sell
03:33around 10,000 books
03:35it can even be as low as five thousand
03:37books if you've been on the list before
03:38if your writing is good just keep
03:41putting out more and more books until
03:43one of them as a hit there are plenty of
03:45examples of people who did it this way
03:47but our favorite by far is Amanda
03:49Hocking you probably have no idea who
03:52she is she's been rejected by almost
03:54every single publisher in the game none
03:57of her novels were given a shot she was
03:59broke but really wanted to go to a
04:01Muppets convention but she needed the
04:03money for gas to drive to the event in
04:05order to make some of the 300 dollars
04:08she needed she self-published her novels
04:10on Kindle one month later she had made
04:13over $20,000 so she added all of her
04:16novels up there 20 months into it she's
04:19made over 2.5 million dollars from books
04:22which were not good enough to be picked
04:23up by a publisher pro tip if you have
04:26Podcast blog a YouTube channel any form
04:29of audience people will want to support
04:31your efforts and are even willing to
04:33preorder your work just to share the
04:35journey with you
04:36number three license a patent or
04:39trademark to a big company another
04:42creative way to add value to the world
04:44is by being an inventor designer or
04:47engineer if you can figure out a way to
04:49solve a problem better than what's out
04:50there already you could be sitting on a
04:53a great example of this is Lonnie
04:55Johnson again you probably have no idea
04:58who he is but you've probably heard of
05:01the Super Soaker while toying around pun
05:04intended he created this cool toy but
05:06didn't have the skills to create an
05:08entire company produce market and sell
05:11individual products so he licensed the
05:14technology to a company called Hasbro he
05:16got paid a 3% royalty out of the price
05:19of every unit sold making over 100
05:21million dollars from this deal alone he
05:24now has 80 patents and a net worth of
05:26over 350 million dollars fro tip we know
05:30patents are expensive but there are
05:32certain ways to protect yourself even
05:34without having an internationally issued
05:36patent what you need to do is to
05:39document how your invention works in
05:41extreme details have that in writing and
05:44burned into a CD or USB drive and mail
05:47it in a sealed envelope to yourself when
05:50the envelope arrives back it should
05:52contain the date and stamp of a
05:53government institution never break that
05:56seal if it comes down to it this is your
05:59undeniable proof that you were the first
06:01one to figure this out and rights should
06:03be awarded to you in a patent case or at
06:06least end up in a highly lucrative
06:08settlement number four start a drop
06:11shipping company under your own label
06:13for those of you who have no idea what
06:16drop shipping is it's a very fun and
06:18interesting business model where you
06:20find a supplier someone who can create
06:22package and deliver a product on your
06:24behalf your job is to bring in the sales
06:27here's how it goes let's say you found a
06:30supplier who can package and deliver
06:31weight loss tea from China for $5 per
06:34package you now set up a website where
06:37you can sell that exact Prada
06:39for $20 apiece when the order comes in
06:42you send over the $5 to the supplier
06:44with the details from the order who
06:46takes care of everything and delivers
06:48the item to the buyer on your behalf
06:50yourself keeping the remaining $15
06:53cha-ching profit we didn't choose a
06:56weight loss tee by accident either we've
06:58actually studied and analyzed the
07:00success a young entrepreneur named Greta
07:02Van Rio had in this space she's the one
07:05who started the entire Instagram model
07:07Fitness T phenomenon six months into her
07:10business she was bringing in over half a
07:12million dollars per month if that number
07:15shocks you you might want to read up on
07:17her since she's one of our personal
07:18heroes during new product launches she
07:21made over 1 million dollars in a single
07:23day just to let you know that these
07:25kinds of numbers are possible you know
07:28how Kylie Jenner is almost a billionaire
07:30now she's been using the drop shipping
07:32model as well
07:33she owns 100% of the company and has
07:36only 6 employees all production and
07:39fulfillment is outsourced to a different
07:41company number five start a small
07:45business and keep growing although most
07:48of the ideas mentioned on this list are
07:50super specific the way most people end
07:52up millionaires is by creating a small
07:54business and just growing it we know it
07:57sounds a tad more general but this
07:59comprises the hustler mindset which is
08:02focused on growth starting a new
08:04business is always difficult but the
08:06path is more or less the same no matter
08:09which business you choose it all starts
08:11with solving a problem figuring out how
08:14to get paid and then bringing in people
08:16so you can focus on what is important
08:18for the business to grow everyone has a
08:20few business ideas in their heads it's
08:23just a matter of implementation although
08:25that might sound overwhelming the
08:27process is pretty straightforward and
08:29simple that's why we've created a video
08:31called 15 things to know when starting a
08:34business which you can check out by
08:36clicking in the top right corner if
08:38you're planning on starting your first
08:39business there probably isn't a more
08:42important video to watch than that one
08:44number 6 aggressively save money and put
08:48in index funds for several years you
08:51need to understand the power of the
08:53compound interest and use it to get rich
08:56someone might say it's the most
08:58important mathematical discovery in the
09:00world and by someone we mean Albert
09:03Einstein who numerous times said
09:05compound interest is the eighth wonder
09:08of the world he who understands it earns
09:10it he who doesn't pays it if you
09:14understand money and investment funds
09:16you know that a 7% annual return is
09:19easily doable now it's a matter of just
09:22how much money you can save traditional
09:25strategies go like this if you're able
09:27to save 10 percent of your yearly income
09:29and let's say you earn $50,000 per year
09:32it will take you 40 years to get a
09:35million dollars saved but who wants to
09:37be a millionaire when they're old that's
09:39not the a luxe way but it gets a lot
09:41more interesting if you're able to play
09:43around with those numbers you should try
09:45to increase all three most important
09:48variables one the amount of money you
09:50earn two the amount of money you're able
09:53to put aside and three the return on
09:57your investment well the first to depend
09:59on your own choices the third one on the
10:02other hand is pretty straightforward for
10:04example the first thing we should do is
10:06take the money out of a 7% mutual fund
10:09and put it in an index fund like the S&P
10:12500 for those of you new to this the S&P
10:15500 is a fund made out of the top 500
10:18companies in the US if a company is not
10:21performing well it gets taken out and
10:23replaced by a new worthy company for the
10:26past 90 years the S&P 500 generated an
10:30average of 10%
10:31yearly returns although we're not
10:33sponsored by them we would recommend you
10:36look into Vanguard and Robin Hood and if
10:38you're not the entrepreneurial type
10:40meaning you're not sure how to create a
10:42multi-million dollar company by selling
10:44products or services there is this
10:46really great book by Tony Robbins called
10:48money master the game which we cannot
10:51recommend enough it's the book we gift
10:54our friends on how to get rich in the
10:55safest way possible you can even get the
10:58audiobook for free if you sign up at
11:00Alex calm slash free book number seven
11:03do an ICO for the past couple of years
11:07crypto has been the wild wild west of
11:10money the amount of people who get
11:12really rich really fast on crypto has
11:14been astonishing to us for those not
11:17familiar with the crypto terminology
11:19initial coin offerings also known as AI
11:21cos are an alternative form of
11:24crowdfunding where a company issues
11:25tokens at a discounted price so they can
11:28use the early funding to create a
11:30digital service which will run on said
11:32tokens if the product is successful your
11:35initial tokens could skyrocket and value
11:38based on the demand for them we would
11:40not actually recommend investing in
11:42other people's icos unless you know them
11:44to be trustworthy and have a solid team
11:46behind them instead create your own
11:49blockchain based company and seek
11:51private investors to back it up only
11:53after the product has gained some
11:54traction you should be ready for your
11:56own ICO where you open it up to the
11:58public as early investors every single
12:01type of financial related service is
12:03getting disrupted by blockchain your
12:05goal is to find out where you fit into
12:07the cluster of new services no matter
12:09what your stance on Bitcoin or a theory
12:12em is blockchain is here to stay and we
12:14would actually recommend you start
12:16teaching yourself more and more about
12:18the industry if you want to make some
12:19sense of it in the future
12:21number eight purchase a franchise and
12:24make it really successful if you're not
12:26the creative type a franchise is a
12:28simple and lucrative way to get yourself
12:30into business because somebody else has
12:33already optimized it for you you just
12:35need to make sure things keep on moving
12:37the way they should a franchise for
12:39those of you don't know is a company
12:41that creates a lucrative business with
12:43an already established brand that's made
12:45out of simplified systems which can be
12:47duplicated over and over again think
12:50McDonald's or Starbucks so how does this
12:53work you reach out to the company with
12:55the aim of buying a franchise there are
12:58two types of costs you need to know
12:59about a standard franchise fee and a
13:02percentage of the business you're
13:04generating in exchange for this money
13:06the company provides all the tools you
13:08need to get the business up and running
13:10you can find profitable franchises
13:12starting as low as
13:13$10,000 but depending on what you're
13:16looking for
13:16there are obviously more expensive
13:18options for example a Dunkin Donuts
13:21franchise fee is between 40,000 and
13:2490,000 dollars depending on location but
13:27that's not all
13:28the company requires you to have at
13:29least 250,000 dollars in liquid assets
13:33just to make sure you can keep the thing
13:34running it's up to you to find the right
13:37franchise for your geography and budget
13:40number 9 create a subscription service
13:42where 1,000 people pay eighty three
13:45dollars per month okay it's time we
13:48introduced you a Luxor's to what's
13:50called millionaire math which means in
13:52how many ways can you get to 1 million
13:54dollars in one year off the top of our
13:57considering subscription services you
14:00have five thousand people pay you $17
14:03per month for 12 months two thousand
14:06people pay you $42 per month for 12
14:09months 1,000 people pay you eighty three
14:12dollars per month for 12 months 500
14:15people pay you 167 dollars per month for
14:1912 months or 300 people pay you two
14:22hundred and seventy eight dollars per
14:23month for 12 months you get the idea
14:27all of these will get you to the
14:28seven-figure promised land that's why
14:31everybody is doing subscription services
14:33these days and you've seen the
14:35popularity of the likes of Netflix tidal
14:37and Apple music increase just to put
14:40things into perspective as of 2018
14:43Netflix has 125 million subscribed users
14:47to its service with a minimum of $7.99
14:49per month in 2017 they did over 11
14:54billion dollars in revenue it's always
14:56shocking to us to see how many people
14:58never do the math on these things once
15:00you realized the kind of numbers you
15:02need to be making it's a pretty
15:03straightforward game to play it's all
15:06about finding a service people are
15:07willing to pay and stick around for
15:09number 10 work for someone who's a
15:14or even better work for someone who's a
15:16billionaire the quickest way to making
15:19your first million dollars is to work
15:20directly for someone who's made a
15:22billion dollars rich people value time
15:25above everything else
15:26and they really value people who are
15:28able to save them time the best way to
15:30do this is to find someone who's
15:32incredibly wealthy and help them either
15:34save time or make money either way
15:37you'll find that their generosity is
15:39directly proportional to the value you
15:41bring into their life now before you
15:44take a shot at this it's important to
15:46know that you should already have a
15:47trust-based relationship with that
15:49wealthy individual the last thing you
15:52want to do and we cannot stress this
15:54enough is to spam the hell out of people
15:57with how you have this idea which will
15:59change the world
16:00believe it or not even we get at least
16:02100 emails like this every month which
16:05we never reply to when most people think
16:08of multimillionaires
16:09they usually envision entrepreneurs
16:11starting companies but the truth is
16:13roughly one in five millionaires work
16:16for someone else and that's how they got
16:18rich if you think about it you're more
16:20likely to become a millionaire by
16:22working for a wealthy individual than by
16:24becoming a millionaire by starting your
16:26own business if this is your plan we
16:29recommend you find yourself a mentor
16:30these people are open to helping you
16:32grow they provide guidance and
16:34opportunities which you wouldn't have
16:36access to otherwise if they trust you
16:38enough they'll bring you into their
16:40organizations and make sure you're taken
16:42care of if you want to learn how to find
16:44a mentor and the advantages having one
16:47will bring into your life then click in
16:49the top right corner because we have got
16:51you covered number eleven go viral on
16:55YouTube who would have thought that
16:57going viral on YouTube could make you a
16:59millionaire this all changed in the last
17:02couple of years it obviously depends on
17:05the type of video if it's advertiser
17:07friendly and who is watching the video
17:09but a ballpark figure would be somewhere
17:11between 500 million and a billion views
17:13for example Gangnam style alone made psy
17:17over eight million dollars it's not all
17:20YouTube advertising alone but the
17:22exposure got him plenty of extra
17:24opportunities and psy is still cashing
17:26in big believe it or not that video is
17:29still making him decent money today
17:31you also have large creators leveraging
17:34their YouTube fame in order to create
17:35additional revenue sources like the Paul
17:38brothers do with their merch lines
17:40or how Jeffrey star did with his makeup
17:42line YouTube is the new TV which is why
17:45we're here our selves number 12 have a
17:49blog that gets over 41 million views per
17:53speaking of advertising having a popular
17:55blog can still make you a
17:57multimillionaire when we started out
17:59Alex calm was focused on publishing
18:02articles on luxury topics and we still
18:04get a lot of visitors to those articles
18:06one of the people we've been following
18:08closely in this space was Scott DeLong
18:10the creator of viral Nova for those of
18:13you who don't know the website he's been
18:15at the forefront of viral articles
18:17distributed through Facebook
18:18very similar to what BuzzFeed used to do
18:20and to be honest
18:22still does he started viral Nova in 2014
18:25and sold it one and a half years later
18:28for reportedly 100 million dollars
18:30during November and December he was
18:32already generating over 1 million
18:34dollars per month from advertising
18:36revenues alone out of everything we
18:38mentioned on this list getting over 40
18:41million readers per month on your blog
18:43is probably the most difficult one to do
18:45unless you're able to do what Scott did
18:47and ride a new wave which people hadn't
18:50figured out yet
18:51number 13 make an app that a million
18:54people use there's still a ton of money
18:58to be made with apps if you know what
18:59you're doing and can actually offer a
19:01valuable service
19:02the problem with apps is that unless the
19:05user feels the need to return to the app
19:07on a frequent basis you've already lost
19:09the app ecosystem has evolved in the
19:12past couple of years from candy crush
19:14making almost 1 million dollars per day
19:16at their peak to the meditation app calm
19:19which just recently was valued at 250
19:23million dollars to now fortnight passing
19:261 billion dollars in just three months
19:28through in-app purchases the secret to
19:31most apps has been the ability to bring
19:33in additional revenue within the app
19:35depending on how much revenue you can
19:37extract from every single user the road
19:40to the first million dollars can be a
19:41lot shorter than expected if the
19:43customers find value in what you're
19:45offering if you really want to score big
19:48with apps there's a book which we could
19:49recommend called how to build a billion
19:52dollar app by the guy who created
19:54and II crush in which they break down
19:55how to conceptualize and scale this kind
19:58of project you'll find a link to the
20:00book in the description or get the
20:02audiobook for free when you sign up at a
20:05luxe comm slash free book number 14 get
20:09over 100,000 twitch subscribers
20:12live-streaming is going mainstream and
20:14some might even say it already has you
20:17have the likes of ninja who are
20:19spearheading this movement generating
20:21between 500,000 and 1 million dollars
20:23every month from streaming alone for
20:26those of you who have no idea what we're
20:27talking about twitch is a platform which
20:30allows users to broadcast themselves in
20:32real time this type of technology has
20:35been quickly adopted by gamers who
20:37broadcast themselves playing video games
20:39all good so how do they make money there
20:42are multiple revenue streams here the
20:44main one being paid subscriptions there
20:47are different tiers of subscribers on
20:49Twitch for 99 999 and $24 this amount
20:54being split between the streamer and the
20:56platform in addition to the paid
20:58subscription viewers can donate money
21:00directly to the streamer in order to
21:02show support and then there's the good
21:05old finding a big sponsor who's paying a
21:07streamer to endorse their product like
21:09the type of deal that ninja has made
21:12with redbull if a ballpark figure to
21:14shoot for is 100,000 paid subscribers
21:17but you can get to a million dollars
21:19with less than 50000 if they're generous
21:21enough number 15 buy flipped repeat this
21:27is a fundamental rule of hustling and
21:29one of the most common ways to make some
21:31more money this is what commerce was
21:33built on and it's capitalism in its
21:36purest form find something you can
21:38purchase at one price then sell it for
21:40more to someone who's willing to pay a
21:42premium for it this by flip repeat
21:45strategy has taken many forms throughout
21:47the years and we are always excited to
21:50see it evolve depending on how the
21:51culture is changing our favorite story
21:54is the one revolving around 16 year old
21:56Benjamin kicks who's making over 1
21:58million dollars per year reselling
22:00sneakers sneaker culture is big and
22:03people are willing to pay good money to
22:05get their hands on anything that's
22:06exclusive like how people are paying
22:08$500 for bricks that have the supreme
22:11logo on them but anyways back to been in
22:14the sneaker space
22:16everyone knows been business is booming
22:19he started out when his mom bought him a
22:22pair of sneakers which he sold to a
22:23classmate for almost double what he paid
22:25for then he went ahead and started
22:27buying more a few months passed by and
22:30celebrities are looking to get their
22:32hands on a type of sneakers that this
22:33kid has so they reach out next thing you
22:36know he's selling sneakers to DJ Khaled
22:38French Montana future and more the most
22:42expensive pair of sneakers he sold was
22:44twenty thousand dollars and now he has
22:46an entire operation for reselling
22:49people also do this in different markets
22:51buying fixing flipping cars houses
22:54antiques you name it it's all about
22:57understanding how much some people are
23:00willing to pay for something and getting
23:01it for less than that now a lectures
23:04were curious to know what are you doing
23:06right now to get your first million
23:09dollars let us know in the comments and
23:11we'll try to provide you some feedback
23:12now we know this has been a really long
23:15video so for those of you who are still
23:17with us
23:17here's your bonus number sixteen come up
23:21with such an original crazy idea that it
23:24might just work if those ideas
23:26previously mentioned are pretty
23:28this time we're encouraging you guys to
23:30look way outside the box and let your
23:33creativity free who knows what might
23:35come out
23:36there's this guy who made fifteen
23:38million dollars selling rocks as pets to
23:40people another who made 1 million
23:43dollars by selling pixels on his website
23:45for 1 million dollars
23:46each this woman became a
23:48multimillionaire by selling sunglasses
23:51for dogs and these guys will send a
23:53message on a potato on your behalf the
23:56world is filled with crazy stories and
23:59we hope this list sparked an idea inside
24:01of you if you've watched up to this
24:03point and you're already on your journey
24:05to becoming a millionaire please write
24:07first million in the common
24:09below and will wish you luck it's always
24:11great to see how many of you are
24:13watching these videos all the way to the
24:15end thank you for spending some time
24:18with us a Luxor's make sure to LIKE and
24:21subscribe so you never miss another
24:23we also hand-picked these videos which
24:26we recommend you watch next thank you
24:28for being an a lexer and we'll see you
24:30back tomorrow
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are 15 ways to make one million dollars?

The video discusses 15 ways to make one million dollars, including being skilled in a lucrative profession, licensing a patent or trademark, starting a small business, and working for someone who is already wealthy.

2. What strategies are mentioned for making one million dollars?

Other strategies mentioned include saving money and investing in index funds, participating in an ICO, creating a popular blog or app, and using the buy-flip-repeat strategy.

3. How can someone make one million dollars by being skilled in a lucrative profession?

Being skilled in a lucrative profession is one of the ways discussed in the video for making one million dollars. This may involve acquiring high-demand skills that command high salaries or fees, leading to substantial earnings over time.

4. What is the buy-flip-repeat strategy for making one million dollars?

The buy-flip-repeat strategy involves purchasing undervalued assets, improving or adding value to them, and then selling them at a higher price. This cycle is repeated to generate substantial profits over time.

5. How can one make one million dollars through a popular blog or app?

Creating a popular blog or app can be a lucrative way to make one million dollars. By attracting a large audience and monetizing through advertising, sponsored content, or premium subscriptions, significant revenue can be generated.

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