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The video discusses the possibility of a second season of the Korean drama "Signal" and the various rumors and challenges surrounding its production. Despite initial uncertainty, there have been indications that the main actors and production company are positive about the idea, raising anticipation among fans. However, the actual release of Signal Season 2 remains uncertain, leaving viewers hopeful but still waiting for official news.
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Signal, a legendary Korean drama, achieved high viewership ratings and won awards for its screenplay, picture, and actress.
Signal had more than 10 times the viewership rating of other shows in the same time slot.
It surpassed the records of other popular dramas.
Despite initial plans to air on SBS, Signal was eventually aired on the same network.
Fans loved Signal for its unique story and had high expectations for Season 2.
Writer Kim Eun-hee expressed in an interview that he wanted viewers to accept the ending of season 1 rather than predict season 2, but a year later, there were talks about the possibility of season 2 being made with the same director, writer, and actors.
The production environment needs to be supported for season 2 to happen.
Rumors about season 2 were ignited and then washed away.
Jo Jin-woong, who played Lee Jae-han, expressed difficulty in handling the role for season 2.
Kim Hye-soo, who played Cha Soo-yeon, leaked information about season 2, stating that the actors and staff are positive about its production.
Writer Eun-hee Kim announces her comeback with "Persimmon Kingdom" and expresses hope for the airing of Signal Season 2 within the year.
Writer Kim Eun-hee confirms her intention to produce Signal Season 2 after completing her current project, Jiri Mountain.
The main actors of Signal Season 1 have accepted the submission and are waiting for the script.
The production company Ace Story had success with other works, creating a favorable environment for Signal Season 2 production.
Despite positive reviews for the ending of Season 1, expectations for Season 2 decreased, but the success of other works inspired the production of Season 2.
Signal Season 2 is highly anticipated, with viewers excited to see what kind of story it will bring.
The whereabouts of the walkie-talkie will be revealed in Signal Season 2.
Signal Season 1 was a legendary Korean drama that achieved high viewership ratings.
There are rumors and anticipation for Signal Season 2, despite the writer's previous failure in another project.
The release date for Signal Season 2 is expected to be within the next year.
00:00Signal, which started with a viewership rating of 6.3% in 2016 and
00:03recorded 15% when it ended,
00:05remains a legend in Korean drama history. Signal
00:14boasted tvN's highest viewership rating of all time, recording more than 10 times the viewership rating of Madame Antoine, which aired in the same time slot at the time. It has
00:17far surpassed the records of Incomplete Life and Reply 1994.
00:19In addition, as
00:21Signal was released at the beginning of the year, it
00:23could have been forgotten at the end of the year when the
00:28awards ceremony was held. However, at the 2016 Baeksang Arts Awards, Signal won the Best Screenplay Award, Best Picture, and Best Actress Award. It
00:32took all the love it could get. In fact, it
00:37is said that Signal, which was such a huge success, was scheduled to be aired on SBS. However, it is said that
00:41SBS gave up on Signal after the previous work, Ghost, written by Kim Eun-hee, who wrote Signal, experienced a miserable failure.
00:46Signal was aired on SBS again. If it had been done, it would have been a typical Korean drama full of common
00:49love lines and crying osts,
00:55but many fans were glad that it did. Signal
00:59was loved by many people for its never-before-seen story, so
01:02naturally expectations for season 2 were high. It's all
01:04online, so today,
01:077 years after the release of Signal Season 1, I'm
01:12going to summarize how the production status of Season 2 is going. Then, let's start Movie Trip right
01:16March 10th, when only the last episode was left.
01:18Now that the story is slowly coming to an end,
01:21Signal fans have already
01:23started to pay attention to Season 2. It
01:29was partly because Signal was such an interesting work that had never been seen before, but the last episode
01:32hinted at the reunion of Detective Lee Ji-an, Cha Soo-yeon, and Park Hye-young. As it
01:35ended with an open ending, no one could help but explain that it
01:37was made with Season 2 in mind. The
01:39viewer ratings must have been
01:41so good that it broke tvN's previous record.
01:43The chemistry between
01:46the actors must have been crazy. The writer was also mistaken in believing that Season
01:482 would not come out.
01:50There wasn't a single reason. But unfortunately,
01:52since Season 1 ended on March 12, I haven't been
01:55able to find any stories about Season 2.
01:57Moreover, writer Kim Eun-hee, who wrote this signal,
02:01said this in an exact interview, and viewers also
02:03liked this ending. I wish it was in the interview.
02:05Rather than specifically predicting season 2, he said in an interview that he wanted people to
02:08accept the ending of
02:10season 1, which made fans who were desperately hoping for season 2 give up.
02:14However, about a year has passed since Signal ended, and
02:16writer Ki Moon-i said, The Korea
02:18Creative Content Agency shared
02:20surprising news, saying that it would be great if Season 2 was made.
02:23Of course, there was a condition that the same director, writer, and
02:26actors were needed,
02:28but this was also something that fans of Signal were
02:30eagerly hoping for.
02:32However, the production environment had to be supported. There will be
02:34individual circumstances, but
02:36Season 2 is only
02:38possible if everyone has the will to do it, and he did
02:41not seem to think much of the possibility of Season 2 being produced.
02:43In fact, it is not easy to create
02:45all the ideal situations that writer Kim Eun-hee talked about.
02:48Since this wasn't the
02:50case, the rumor about Season 2 was ignited once and then
02:54washed away again.
02:55Moreover, news spread that Jo Jin-woong, who played Lee Jae-han, was
02:59looking negatively at Season 2, saying that it was a difficult role for Lee Jae-han to handle. Lee Je-ha is
03:03sensitive and clumsy. It's such a broad
03:05character, but it's so different from her own that it was
03:07difficult to act. That's
03:10how Season 2's rice cake was
03:12beyond the point of being chewed and
03:14was on the verge of disappearing.
03:16But then, unexpected news was
03:19Kim Hye-soo, who played Cha Soo-yeon, played the role. The story about season 2 was leaked through MBC
03:21FM4U's Park Kyung-rim's 2 o'clock date
03:23radio broadcast.
03:25Kim Hye-soo said that the
03:27actors and staff are all
03:29quite positive about the production of season 2, and that if
03:32the story fits well and all preparations are
03:35of course it will be released. He announced that he would appear. As a result,
03:40all the production conditions for Signal Season 2 that writer Kim Eun-hee talked about
03:42have been met. In addition,
03:46news has been heard that the show is being prepared with the goal of airing in the second half of 2018, and it seems that
03:48Signal fans' wishes are finally coming true.
03:50However, In fact,
03:53even in the second half of 2018, there was no news of Season 2, and in addition,
03:57writer Eun-hee Kim
04:00announced that she would make a comeback with Kim Seong-hoon's Persimmon Kingdom as her next work, and Signal
04:02Season 2 faced various difficulties.
04:05But here again, writer Eun-hee Kim said
04:07in an interview, They expressed their wish for Season 2 to be aired within the year,
04:09and they
04:12could not give up their hope for Season 2.
04:13Moreover, in
04:15July 2019, Ace Story, which produced Kingdom, Signal, and Moved
04:18Lawyer Woo Young-woo, announced at a
04:20corporate meeting that it would broadcast Kingdom
04:22Season 2 and Season 2. By
04:23announcing the production of Signal Season 2,
04:25fans' wishes have finally come true. In
04:27addition, writer Kim Eun-hee said
04:28in a lecture at Joongbu University that Signal is a
04:31drama created with Season 2 in mind, and that
04:36Signal Season 2 will be produced after Jiri Mountain, which she is currently writing, ends. It
04:38was revealed that the
04:38main actors of Season 1, Lee Jae-hoon, Kim Hye-
04:48soo, and Cho Jin-woong, all accepted the submission and said that now they just have to write the script.
04:55He revealed that he wanted to show it to others, and at this level, Signal Season 2 had to come
04:57out. In addition, the
04:59production company Ace Story had a
05:02huge success with the strange lawyer Wooyoung, and a
05:04very pretty picture was drawn for Signal Season 2 to be produced.
05:07That is why Ace Story continued to produce other
05:09works. When it aired, I
05:10finally watched Signal Season 2 before Na Hoon-ah, but I
05:13still couldn't find any stories about Signal 2.
05:15In addition, writer Kim Eun-hee was
05:19evaluated as an all-time failure by rolling up Jiri Mountain, and was
05:22even stigmatized as a writer with poor nutrition.
05:24Especially storytelling. As the
05:26ending received unprecedented positive reviews,
05:28expectations for Season 2
05:30decreased significantly, and public opinion even suggested that Season 2 should not be made.
05:34Fortunately, however, Jiri Mountain's sequel, Demon,
05:37recorded decent results, raising
05:39expectations for Signal Season 2.
05:41They inspired it once again.
05:43So, what kind of story will
05:45Season 2, which has won and lost the hearts of Signal fans,
05:47bring? In fact, if
05:49you look for things to talk about in Season 2, there
05:51is no end to it.
05:52All the events in the second half of Signal took place
05:54before the U.S. Jeonnam team was created.
05:56As a result, the
05:58serial murder case in southern Gyeonggi Province and the 14-day disappearance case
06:00still remain unsolved. Also, since there is an issue related to the abolition of the statute of limitations regarding the Kim Yun-jeong kidnapping case in the past, there
06:08is a high possibility that this will also be used as a subject for a drama.
06:10As of now,
06:17I think that the whereabouts of the walkie-talkie will begin with the introduction of Signal Season 2. Now that Detective Lee Jae-han, Cha Soo-yeon,
06:19and Park Hye-young have gathered in one place, I
06:24am very excited to see what kind of story Signal Season 2 will tell.
06:262016 viewership ratings Signal, which started with 6.3% and
06:29recorded 15% by the time it ended,
06:32remains as a legend in Korean drama history.
06:34Accordingly, there are countless rumors about season 2. Although
06:38Signal writer Kim Eun-hee
06:40experienced bitter failure once in Mt. Jiri, it will be released in the
06:42next episode. As the next project, the evil spirit, is
06:45once again avoided,
06:46anticipation for Signal Season 2 is
06:51Considering the information and situation that has been revealed so far, it seems that we can expect Signal Season 2 every year or the next year.
06:58Signal Season will definitely return someday. I'll finish the video looking forward to seeing what kind of story 2 will
07:01Then, next time, I
07:06'll come back with a more informative and interesting video. It's been a movie TV so far.
07:08Thank you.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Is there going to be a second season of the Korean drama Signal?

The video discusses the possibility of a second season of the Korean drama "Signal" and the various rumors and challenges surrounding its production.

2. What indications have there been about the main actors and production company being positive about Signal Season 2?

Despite initial uncertainty, there have been indications that the main actors and production company are positive about the idea, raising anticipation among fans.

3. When can we expect the release of Signal Season 2?

However, the actual release of Signal Season 2 remains uncertain, leaving viewers hopeful but still waiting for official news.

4. What rumors are surrounding the production of Signal Season 2?

The video explores the various rumors and challenges surrounding the production of Signal Season 2, adding to the anticipation and uncertainty among fans.

5. What challenges are the production team facing in creating Signal Season 2?

The video highlights the challenges and uncertainties that the production team is facing in creating Signal Season 2, leaving fans eager for any official updates.

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