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The video provides updated information on how to unlock the sixth Builder in Builder Base 2.0 in Clash of Clans by completing tasks such as upgrading buildings, troops, defenses, and heroes. The new loot system and defense mechanics make it challenging to acquire the necessary resources. The video also gives tips on acquiring Builder gold and Elixir through raid metals and daily star bonuses.
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The video provides updated information on how to unlock the sixth Builder in the home Village of Clash of Clans.
The previous guides on unlocking the sixth Builder are now obsolete due to changes in the game.
The fastest way to unlock the sixth Builder used to be rushing to Builder Hall 9 and completing the Auto Hut task.
The loot system has changed to a star system, requiring players to attack to earn gold and defend to earn elixir.
Upgrading defenses helps win more defenses and unlock elixir, while upgrading troops and heroes requires earning elixir.
To get the 6th builder in Builder Base 2.0, you need to upgrade the baby dragon or power Pekka, upgrade a Builder base defense or a wall to level 9, and upgrade Builder base Heroes to a total level of 45.
Upgrade the baby dragon to level 16 and Builder Hall 9 star laboratory to level 9.
Alternatively, upgrade the power Pekka to level 13 and Builder Hall 9 star laboratory to level 9.
Upgrade any Builder base defense or a wall to level 9.
Upgrade Builder base Heroes to a total level of 45.
00:00in today's video we're going to provide
00:02you some updated information about how
00:04to unlock the sixth Builder on your home
00:06Village since the release of Builder
00:08base 2.0 what's going on my friends my
00:11name is Joe welcome back to the show and
00:13if you're opening your Clash of Clans
00:15account after some time away you will
00:17quickly discover that your Builder base
00:19has changed drastically since the last
00:21time you saw it and with those changes
00:24how you unlock the sixth home Village
00:26Builder now first things first in the
00:29past we have made a lot of guides
00:31regarding how to unlock the sixth
00:33Builder but unfortunately those things
00:36are now Obsolete and here's the reason
00:38why before this Builder base update the
00:41fastest way to unlock the six Builder
00:43was to rush to Builder Hall 9 and
00:45complete the auto Hut task a lot of us
00:48did it and very few of you repaired your
00:50bases so now I'm sure playing Builder
00:52base isn't as much fun anymore the loot
00:55system has changed to a new star system
00:57that requires you to attack to earn gold
00:59but you your base will also sustain a
01:02defense which earns you Elixir
01:03essentially Builder base loot is now on
01:06a cycle so realistically you have to go
01:08out and do attacks to earn gold you're
01:11gonna take that gold and upgrade
01:13defenses to win more defenses to unlock
01:16Elixir or earn Elixir obviously this
01:20account I haven't really been doing
01:21anything but you're gonna take that
01:23Elixir and you're gonna upgrade troops
01:26and heroes so what Clash is basically
01:29done is they took the old Auto task the
01:32ones that we knew for many years and
01:34they made them what appears to be easier
01:37we're going to discuss that in this
01:38video but getting to that point where
01:42you are at Builder Hall 9 to unlock the
01:44new Bob control Hut is going to be
01:47harder and I won't say it's fast by any
01:49means because I really don't know yet
01:51and that's something that we're going to
01:52use this account right here to work on
01:54so we got this Builder Hall level five
01:57that I tried to max out before the
01:59update and we're going to start going up
02:01through the levels Builder Hall six
02:02seven eight and nine to try to unlock
02:04the sixth builder for the fifth time to
02:07see how fast it really goes but in case
02:10you're more advanced than I am let me
02:11explain how the six Builder is now
02:14unlocked when you upgrade your Builder
02:16hall to level 9 the Bob Control building
02:18will be available at level one in the
02:20shop for one hundred thousand Builder
02:22gold and no build time this building can
02:25be placed on stage two of the Builder
02:27base and inside you will find four
02:29updated tasks that you will need to
02:31complete to upgrade the building to
02:33level five which unlocks a permanent six
02:36Builder on your home village now you can
02:39complete these tasks in any order you
02:41wish it really doesn't matter the first
02:43task is gear up three buildings on the
02:46home Village so the same buildings as
02:48before that you knew the Canon Archer
02:51Tower and mortar to gear up the cannon
02:54you need to have a builder Hall level 4
02:56and one double cannon at level four on
02:59the home Village you you need to be Town
03:01Hall 6 with one cannon at level 7 which
03:03you can Gear Up by using home Village
03:06Gold and the master builder for the
03:08archer tower gear up you need to be a
03:10builder Hall six and have one Archer
03:13Tower at level six on the home Village
03:15you need to be a Town Hall 8 and have
03:17one Archer Tower at level 10 plus gold
03:20and the master builder and then the
03:22mortar Gear Up requires you to be
03:24Builder Hall 8 with the multi-mortar
03:26upgraded to level 8 on the home Village
03:28you need to be a town hall 10 with one
03:31mortar upgraded to level eight and with
03:34this gear up I would definitely
03:35recommend having a book of building so
03:38to finish this task you need to be at
03:40least town hall 10 and a builder Hall e
03:42for task number two complete upgrading
03:45any builder-based troop to level 18. now
03:48in theory this sounds like a really easy
03:51task but if we keep in mind the fact
03:53that our bases need to defend to get
03:56elixir some of you out there might be a
03:58little bit sparing on on what troops
04:01you're actually upgrading in your star
04:03laboratory so with the task you can
04:05unlock whatever troop you want to level
04:0718. that requires Builder Hall 9 star
04:11laboratory level 9 and then two levels
04:14if you had level 16 troop at Builder
04:16hall eight so you could do like the
04:18Barbarian if you wanted but that's kind
04:21of a little bit of an expensive task for
04:23a troop that is not really popular right
04:26now there's actually two troops in The
04:28Meta that a lot of players are using and
04:30that would be the baby dragon which you
04:32obtain at Builder Hall level five and if
04:35you upgrade that all the way to level 16
04:38by the time you reach Builder Hall 8 all
04:41you gotta do is upgrade Builder Hall 9
04:43star laboratory level nine and then two
04:45levels on the baby dragon an alternative
04:48troop to that would be the power Pekka
04:51and let's say that you're at Builder
04:52hall level eight and you upgrade your
04:55barracks to level 10 you unlock the
04:58Pekka at level 3 13. so that's 13 free
05:02levels that you don't need to spend
05:03elixir on this is just like that one of
05:05those like efficiency ideas so if you
05:07have Pekka level 13 at Builder Hall 8
05:10you upgrade it to level 16 then go to
05:13Builder Hall 9 star laboratory level
05:15nine and then two levels on power Pekka
05:18and you complete the task that way but
05:20again it's all based on whether your
05:22base defends and how much elixir you're
05:25able to get the third task is complete
05:28by upgrading any Builder base defense to
05:30level nine now this task is probably the
05:34easiest out of all of them minus the
05:36gear UPS of course because most players
05:38are gonna tell you if you did the gear
05:40up option you upgraded the multi-mortar
05:43to level eight all you gotta do is
05:46upgrade it to level nine to complete the
05:48task however keep in mind this is gonna
05:50cost you 4.5 million Builder gold and an
05:5511 day upgrade or magic item to complete
05:58in a fast manner so I have an
06:00alternative for you that a lot of
06:02players don't know about just yet you
06:05can upgrade one piece of wall only one
06:08piece of wall to level nine when you get
06:11to Builder Hall 9 to complete the task
06:13so if you have level 8 walls magically
06:16it's just gonna cost you eight hundred
06:18thousand gold and you are done with task
06:21three and the final task is complete by
06:23upgrading Builder base Heroes to a total
06:25level of 45. now this part's a little
06:28confusing for players what this means is
06:30that you have two Heroes now battle
06:32machine and battle copter and their
06:34levels combined equal 45 to complete the
06:38task now the problem is is that this is
06:40hero upgrades which just sucks right and
06:43you all have different hero levels so if
06:46you're using power pekkas I would
06:48recommend upgrading the battle machine
06:50if you're using baby dragons I would
06:52recommend upgrading the battle copter
06:54now keep in mind when you get to Builder
06:57Hall level 8 you unlock the bow
06:59autocopter in the shop to be built at
07:02level 15. so that's 15 free levels that
07:06you can link into whatever level your
07:08battle machine is to try to complete the
07:10task so the best way to really look at
07:12this and just an idea is that if you
07:14take your battle machine to level 25 at
07:17Builder Hall 8 you unlock the battle
07:19copter upgrade it five more times
07:22because it's cheaper than the battle
07:24machine now you have 45 levels and you
07:27can complete this task at Builder Hall
07:29level 8 before you ever get to Builder
07:32Hall 9 but that's just an example and
07:34it's really based on how you do it the
07:37bomb Control building can be upgraded
07:39one level for each task completed or you
07:41can upgrade the building four levels
07:43when all tasks are finished once the Bob
07:46Control building is level five you can
07:48go to your home Village to find an
07:50unplaced item option at which time you
07:52can place the newly named Bob's Hut and
07:55unlock the permanent sixth home Village
07:57Builder So in theory the new tasks
08:00associated with unlocking the new six
08:02Builder look kind of simple but the
08:05problem is is that it conflicts with the
08:07new loot system and how much you're
08:09gaining by doing attacks versus the
08:12defenses so my recommendation for you is
08:14that make sure that you're still doing
08:16your clan Capital raid weekends to get
08:18raid metals that way you can purchase
08:21the one offering of Builder gold and
08:23Builder Elixir per week to try to help
08:26offset with the loss of resources and
08:28try to log in to knock out your star
08:30bonus each day it will help just a
08:34little bit but this is something that
08:35we're going to continue to Target
08:37ourselves to see how hard it really is
08:40or how easy it is compared to last year
08:43if we missed anything in this video let
08:45us know down in the comments below
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I unlock the sixth Builder in the Builder Base 2.0 in Clash of Clans?

To unlock the sixth Builder in Builder Base 2.0 in Clash of Clans, you need to complete tasks such as upgrading buildings, troops, defenses, and heroes. The new loot system and defense mechanics make it challenging to acquire the necessary resources.

2. What are the tips for acquiring Builder gold and Elixir in Clash of Clans?

You can acquire Builder gold and Elixir in Clash of Clans through raid medals and daily star bonuses. These provide additional resources that can help in unlocking the sixth Builder in Builder Base 2.0.

3. What challenges are faced in acquiring resources for unlocking the sixth Builder in the Builder Base 2.0?

The new loot system and defense mechanics in Clash of Clans make it challenging to acquire the necessary resources for unlocking the sixth Builder. Players need to strategize their upgrades and raids to overcome these challenges.

4. How does completing tasks such as upgrading buildings, troops, defenses, and heroes help in unlocking the sixth Builder?

Completing tasks such as upgrading buildings, troops, defenses, and heroes provides the necessary progression in Clash of Clans to unlock the sixth Builder. It is essential to focus on these tasks to advance in the game.

5. What is the importance of the sixth Builder in Builder Base 2.0 in Clash of Clans?

The sixth Builder in Builder Base 2.0 in Clash of Clans is crucial for faster progression and development. It enables players to manage multiple upgrades simultaneously, improving their overall gaming experience.

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