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这个视频介绍了2022年的五款顶级安卓车载Launcher软件,可以定制Android车载系统的界面和功能,包括Vivid Car Launcher、Agama Launcher、Car Web Guru、Car Launcher、Nova Launcher。
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Vivid Car Launcher是最受欢迎的汽车启动器之一,因为它外观时尚,具有透明效果,并且类似于苹果CarPlay。
这个部分介绍了两个汽车启动器:Bottom Bar和Agama Launcher。
Bottom Bar允许用户将常用的应用程序固定在底部栏上,以便轻松访问。
Bottom Bar的地图显示功能有限,仅用于展示位置,不能进行导航。
Agama Launcher具有类似原厂界面的外观,可以根据车内装饰颜色进行主题编辑。
Agama Launcher的中心部分可以显示车标、导航或指南针。
这部分视频介绍了两款Android汽车启动器,分别是Saab品牌和Car Web Guru。
Car Web Guru与Agama Launcher相似,也具有六个自定义按钮和各种操作选项。
第三个启动器是Car Launcher,具有更多的自定义选项,并且可以完全改变主题和布局。
这个部分介绍了Nova Launcher,它是一个功能强大的汽车启动器软件。
00:00in this video i'm going to be talking
00:01about android head unit customization
00:04specifically the top five car launcher
00:07software options for android head units
00:17so what is this android car launcher
00:19thing that i'm talking about
00:20well the launcher software is the main
00:23software user interface that you get
00:26with your android head unit it's what
00:28you see as soon as you switch it on you
00:30may refer to it as a dashboard but
00:32literally it is what is on the screen at
00:34the moment this is the joying launcher
00:36software so it acts as two things first
00:39of all it's the piece of software that
00:41you see immediately after switching the
00:42head unit on and the second part of it
00:44is how it actually shows your
00:47application so for example if i press
00:49this button
00:50the joining launcher is showing me my
00:52applications like this which is very
00:55pretty but what if i didn't like this
00:58the beauty of android head units is that
01:00they are totally customizable and that's
01:02what sets them aside from other head
01:05units which don't run android so i've
01:07gone through many car launches and i'm
01:09going to present you now with the five
01:11that i most like starting with number
01:14one the vivid car launcher
01:21so here's the vivid launcher so the
01:23vivid launcher is actually the factory
01:25launcher of the seater's head units or
01:28quite a few of them and i like it enough
01:30to install it on other head units so
01:32this is why it's number one so the
01:34reason why i like it is because it is
01:37very very stylish to look at it's very
01:39beautiful with its sort of transparency
01:42effects and it does look very much like
01:44apple carplay because it split the
01:47with a map on one side and the music
01:49player on the other and the thing that
01:50you're going to notice straight away is
01:52that the music player is actually
01:54compatible with spotify which instantly
01:56makes it awesome for me but you still
01:59have access to local music your
02:01bluetooth music it even has
02:03the dab z for my dab and even controls
02:07netflix which i wasn't actually aware of
02:09so that is amazing i mean you're going
02:12to be very hard pressed to find a media
02:14player built into a launcher that has
02:17all of that combined the second main
02:19point about this is that you can add
02:21whatever apps you want to the bottom bar
02:24so your frequently used apps can be put
02:25down here and the way that you do that
02:27is you just find what you want to put
02:29down there say i want to put netflix
02:30down there hold it down pin the app and
02:33it appears down here simple as that and
02:35then it's always down there easy access
02:38now the map on this side of the screen
02:40is nice and it does display exactly
02:42where you are and obviously it does move
02:44along with you as you drive but it's not
02:47quite as good as the maps you'd find on
02:48the ti's launcher or the
02:50the newer joining launcher because you
02:53can't actually navigate using this
02:56widget it's just for show but that's
02:58fine i mean i i still really like it if
03:00i tap the clock down here it's going to
03:01give me access to control
03:03the brightness and also the volume of
03:07the hedge unit which is cool so overall
03:10this is a very sleek yet simple launcher
03:13software and it just looks really really
03:15nice in the car and that's why i will
03:18rate this as number one number two is
03:20the agama launcher
03:27let's go into agama car launcher
03:30so the agama launcher has previously
03:31been my favorite android launcher and
03:34the reason for that is it just looks
03:36factory now in this particular car i
03:38have it set to green because the saab's
03:41lighting is green so it does again look
03:44quite factory but the great thing about
03:46it is you can actually edit the theme
03:48and you can change the color of this to
03:51any any color that you want so if you've
03:54got any car you can just choose whatever
03:56is the interior color for your car but
03:59obviously green is where i'm going to
04:00leave it next you've got the center part
04:02so if i just tap this
04:04it gives you different options so
04:06the logo of my car can be in the center
04:11i can have navigation so if you're
04:13navigating using google maps you can
04:15actually navigate on the actual main
04:17launcher as well just in this circle
04:19which is excellent as well or you can
04:21have a compass which actually does
04:23rotate and look pretty cool
04:26or you can have the album art for the
04:27music that you're playing from spotify
04:29or whatever you're playing from
04:31or you can have your speed
04:34uh or you can have a clock
04:36but i kind of like the clock because it
04:37actually has the saab brand or whatever
04:39car that you have at the top here on the
04:41bottom it has the the actual date and
04:44the seconds have this sort of nice
04:46animation that go around the edge so
04:48that looks quite nice and that's why i
04:50have it so there's some other quite
04:51interesting things on the screen here
04:53up the top it's showing you your wi-fi
04:56signal then you have your gps signal how
04:58many satellites you're currently
04:59connected to you can see i'm connected
05:00to 14.
05:02over here it shows you the temperature
05:04outside it and the weather and it gets
05:06this information from the internet this
05:08button here is so that you can voice
05:10control your head unit and then you have
05:13the ability to bright or dim the screen
05:16just by the press of a button here then
05:18you have this section here which is how
05:20you can actually control your music with
05:22next and backtrack it shows you the
05:24artist and the song name here and these
05:26six buttons here are completely
05:27customizable to whatever applications
05:29you most frequently use so for
05:31navigation for example if i just tap
05:34this i can select app
05:36and i can choose waze because that's the
05:38app that i'm most likely going to use
05:40and if i didn't want to call it navi i
05:42wanted to call it waze i could actually
05:44change the icon name and i can change
05:46the actual icon picture as well
05:49by selecting another icon from the list
05:52here as well so that's totally
05:55but these buttons don't just allow you
05:57to access one app if you drag this into
06:00the center it actually allows you to
06:01have four apps per button so if i wanted
06:04to i could tap this
06:07and choose google maps and now i've got
06:09two apps connected to the navi button so
06:16number three is the car web guru but
06:20this is car web guru now at first glance
06:22you would be forgiven for thinking this
06:24looks a lot like agama launcher and you
06:26have these six buttons around the edge
06:28just like akama launcher and if you tap
06:29one of these you can change the action
06:31you can rename it you can change the
06:33icon you can do everything that you
06:34could do with the agma launcher
06:37not to mention the fact that you have
06:39the center part which has the clock if i
06:40tap this
06:42it goes to the saab brand if i tap it
06:47i don't know what that is
06:48and then you have a compass
06:51and then you have the navigation that
06:52you have in the center as well
06:55and then you have a speedo
06:57and then you have a clock again so yeah
06:58it does look very much like agama
07:00launcher volume control up here next
07:02backtrack to control your music
07:05and then if you tap up here you can have
07:06access to all your apps and that's what
07:08it looks like in this particular
07:10launcher but wait
07:12what else does this unit do well if we
07:17you get another launcher
07:20and it's this is sort of the dark mode
07:22launcher and you have some icons down
07:24here which plays your music or you have
07:27some stats that you can look at your
07:29favorite apps and these icons are
07:31totally customizable you can press and
07:33hold them
07:34and you can change the action rename
07:37them change the icon do all that good
07:39but what if you didn't like this either
07:42why don't you just have a clock on the
07:45but if you didn't like this clock
07:47tap it
07:50look at all the clocks
07:52there's so many nice clocks here
07:55so yeah car web guru gives you a bunch
07:57of different launches in the same
07:59software which gives you lots of
08:01different options
08:07number four is known simply as car
08:10launcher now this is car launcher car
08:12logic gives you quite a lot more
08:15than the others that i've shown you you
08:18can still change all the apps that you
08:19have visible to whatever you want but
08:22the other icons like this up here if you
08:24wanted to you could replace those
08:26widgets with something that you'd rather
08:27prefer or you could have this section
08:30open up a different app for you if you
08:32wanted to you can completely change the
08:34theme and move all of this around to
08:36however you want it so it is totally
08:38customizable if we go to the settings up
08:41the edit theme option actually allows
08:43you to change all of this so that you
08:46can get it set up exactly as you want it
08:48you can see what everything is doing
08:51here and it's got a guide which shows
08:52you how to do all of this as well
08:54but also in the settings you can change
08:57the home screen theme so if you didn't
08:59like this which is what it has at the
09:01moment you could get this one
09:05so as you can see this is a pretty
09:06advanced launcher and one of the other
09:08things that you can do with it is if we
09:09go into the apps here
09:11there's a little option if you click
09:13here you can auto start apps at startup
09:16so you can just choose any one of your
09:18apps to actually start when the head
09:19unit starts
09:21so that you don't need to wait for it to
09:22load up and that's a really really cool
09:29and number five is the nova launcher
09:32i've just started nova launcher for the
09:34first time so you can see what options
09:35you have here you can have light mode or
09:38dark mode like i tend to prefer dark
09:40mode when i'm in the car because it
09:41helps me when i'm driving at night
09:44then you can control the size of the
09:46icons you can have them really small or
09:49you can have them square round or you
09:51can have any other of these options for
09:54the icons
09:56so you can change these settings to
09:57whatever you want and then just hit the
09:58button down here
10:00and this is what you're left with so
10:01this is the launcher
10:04as it stands in real basic mode
10:07and then it's time for us to do some
10:08stuff with this so i don't want this
10:10icon up here i'm going to put it down
10:11here and then i can press and hold the
10:14and scroll
10:16and find some widgets so i can find the
10:18things i want to actually have on the
10:22like there's a spotify app so i can
10:24press and hold that and i can move it
10:30into the screen here so now it's
10:31permanently down here
10:34and then if i want something else i can
10:36do the same again
10:37and maybe i can find myself a clock
10:40like this one here
10:43just drop that in place
10:47and this widget has lots of different
10:48options that you can choose
10:52and there we go
10:54maybe i'll just move that sort of make
10:56it more central
10:58and maybe i'll do the same for this as
11:03so the point is this can be built to
11:06whatever you want this is actually a
11:08really powerful launcher software as
11:11and it's something that you just need to
11:13investigate but i did use this for as my
11:15main launcher for quite a long time so i
11:17hope this video on the top five android
11:20car launches was useful for you
11:22if you have any questions or comments
11:24please do use the section below to make
11:26them and i will see if i can answer them
11:28for you and of course if you like this
11:30kind of content please subscribe to the
11:32channel because i do this kind of thing
11:34a lot
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the top 5 Android car launchers for car head units?

The top 5 Android car launchers for car head units are the Vivid Car Launcher, Agama Launcher, Car Web Guru, Car Launcher, and Nova Launcher. These launchers offer a range of customization options and features to enhance the driving experience.

2. What customization options do the top Android car launchers offer?

The top Android car launchers offer extensive customization options, including sleek designs, customizable app placement, and various widgets for easy access while driving. Users can personalize the interface according to their preferences.

3. What features make Vivid Car Launcher stand out among the top Android car launchers?

Vivid Car Launcher stands out among the top Android car launchers due to its sleek design, customizable app placement, and various widgets for easy access while driving. It offers a user-friendly interface and enhances the driving experience with its unique features.

4. How does Agama Launcher enhance the driving experience?

Agama Launcher enhances the driving experience by providing customizable app placement, sleek design, and various widgets for easy access while driving. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features make it a top choice for Android car launchers.

5. What makes Nova Launcher a popular choice among Android car launchers?

Nova Launcher is a popular choice among Android car launchers due to its sleek design, customizable app placement, and various widgets for easy access while driving. It offers a range of features that cater to the needs of car head unit users.

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