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The video discusses five side hustles to make money online in 2023, including freelancing, dropshipping, teaching English online, starting a YouTube channel, and web testing for websites and apps. These opportunities require putting in the work but offer potential for income and growth.
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This section discusses five side hustles to make money online in 2023, starting with freelancing.
Freelancing involves providing services to people in various fields such as video editing, photo editing, copywriting, graphic design, etc.
There are freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork where you can offer your services.
You can also do marketing and email services as a freelancer.
In this section, the speaker discusses three ways to make money online in South Africa.
Find a service you are comfortable with and can provide with quality.
Consider drop shipping within South Africa, as it is less saturated compared to other countries.
Teaching English online is highly recommended, and there are many companies to apply to, even without a degree.
Starting a YouTube channel can open many doors for you, including sponsorships, collaborations, and the opportunity to sell products.
You can share your experiences and knowledge on a topic you're interested in.
Running your YouTube channel like a business can lead to sponsorships and the creation of your own stores.
Collaborations with major companies can also help your audience.
Web testing is another option for making money online.
You can make money online by testing websites and apps for companies in high demand.
People are creating websites and apps and need testers to ensure they work properly.
User testing companies like UserTesting and Apen offer opportunities to earn money.
UserTesting pays $10 per job or per hour.
In 2023, there is a high demand for web testers due to the increasing number of businesses launching online.
00:00so you're looking to make money online
00:02in 2023 but you honestly don't know
00:05where to start and you don't know what
00:07skills are in demand right now well
00:10welcome to today's video where I'm gonna
00:12share with you guys five side hustles
00:14that you can start today in 2023 to help
00:18you make money online either working
00:20part-time or working full-time as well
00:24and if you're a new subscriber please
00:26subscribe to the channel I make content
00:28for making money online and also
00:31teaching English online if you're a
00:33returning subscriber thank you so much
00:35for the support and welcome to another
00:42first thing that we're gonna talk about
00:45is that all of these tips that I'm gonna
00:47share actually require you to put in the
00:50work so if you're looking for easy way
00:52out then you can go ahead and Skip to
00:54another video I'm not this one guys
00:58um and that's actually gonna go with the
01:00first side hustle that I'm gonna talk
01:02about which is freelancing so you can
01:05become a freelancer and essentially
01:08becoming a freelancer means that you are
01:10providing services to people who need
01:13um there are various freelancing skills
01:16such as video editing photo editing
01:21um copywriting there's also guys it's
01:25it's it's literally countless
01:27um you can do your research on exactly
01:29what you feel comfortable about and what
01:33you think you can do what services can
01:36you provide all right are you good at
01:37graphic design are you good at making
01:39sales pages are you good at creating
01:42websites it's definitely up to you so
01:45that's what freelancing is there are a
01:48number of freelancing platforms such as
01:50Fiverr upwork where you can offer your
01:53services and people are gonna hire you
01:56for you to basically make that service
01:59for them I mean provide the service for
02:02them and that's essentially what you're
02:04gonna do
02:05um you can also do marketing email
02:07marketing for clients you can even do
02:11translating for clients so honestly the
02:14list is endless you really really just
02:16have to try to find what you are
02:19comfortable with doing and what service
02:21you know you can provide and you can
02:24provide it with quality you know you
02:27should you should be able to provide
02:29quality you know what I mean yeah let's
02:32face it and the second thing that you
02:34can try in 2023 is Drop Shipping and
02:38okay I know a lot of you probably might
02:42know this and some might not know this
02:44so Drop Shipping is basically like this
02:47you buy something
02:49um from A supplier and you sell it at a
02:52marked up price and you basically keep
02:54the difference of the markup as your
02:57profits okay now I know Drop Shipping is
03:00a very saturated
03:03um industry let's just call it IT
03:05industry but it seems like it's
03:06saturated but if you are in South Africa
03:09and you are drop shipping within South
03:12Africa then there aren't many drop
03:15shippers here in South Africa and that's
03:18where you can take advantage of that
03:21um either depending on what store you
03:24want to create
03:25um if you guys want me to create a video
03:27on Drop Shipping y'all can let me know
03:29in the comments and also just
03:31suggestions on anything that you guys
03:34have questions with and what y'all want
03:38to learn more about okay but the second
03:40thing that you can do is obviously drop
03:43 number three
03:45um is actually one that I highly highly
03:49um I recommend this because it's worked
03:51for me
03:52um if you can go through my channel
03:54you're gonna see a lot of videos about
03:55teaching English online and that's
03:57essentially what I do right it's the
04:00biggest my biggest source of income
04:02online and you can also do this as well
04:06there are many many companies that you
04:09can apply to and you don't even need to
04:12have a degree so um teaching online
04:16um it doesn't have to be English only
04:17you can teach biology you can teach
04:19physics you can teach maths
04:22um obviously you have to be qualified
04:23for those
04:25um yeah so guys that's basically it
04:28um you can become a a teacher and you're
04:31going to provide that service as well
04:32and then number four is gonna be
04:35starting a YouTube channel now this may
04:38seem like a long shot but think of it
04:42this way right
04:43um if you have a topic that you're
04:45interested in for example let's say you
04:48cook let's say maybe you also know how
04:51to do nails let's say maybe you know how
04:53to do anything you can just share your
04:56experience and put it online
04:59um especially with YouTube and there are
05:02so many benefits that come with YouTube
05:04especially if you can run your YouTube
05:06like a business you can get sponsorships
05:10you can actually even create your own
05:12stores and also sell products to your
05:16channel where you know that all right
05:17this product is really really necessary
05:20and it's gonna help my audience in this
05:23way but essentially creating a channel
05:25for you will open so many doors for you
05:28that you honestly just wouldn't even
05:30know you can also get collaborations
05:32from other major companies which will
05:35also kind of help your audience as well
05:37and it may may sound like a long shot
05:40but it just requires you to put in one
05:42video another video after a time and be
05:46consistent and if you are genuinely
05:49interested in what you are sharing in
05:52your content then you shouldn't have a
05:54problem with
05:56um sharing whatever it is you're doing
05:58and you might not even have to put your
06:00face in the camera like I am if you're
06:03doing nails you could just do like a
06:05nail tutorial anything guys if you like
06:07window shopping you can do maybe a
06:09channel guys I'm not gonna create the
06:11ideas for you but you essentially know
06:13yourself what topics you have an
06:16interest in and what topics that you can
06:21um do number five is actually web
06:24testing and
06:25um web testing is basically like this
06:28people just like you you and me people
06:30who are looking to make money online
06:33they are creating websites they are
06:35creating apps
06:38um and they are actually launching
06:39businesses online and that's where you
06:42come in you're gonna provide that
06:43service of testing those websites and
06:46those apps for them just so that you can
06:48make sure that they actually work and
06:51that they are user friendly and how they
06:54can make sure that when people visit
06:57their websites their apps they can fully
07:00sell or fully provide the service that
07:04they are providing okay now there are a
07:07lot of companies that offer these
07:08services but I know I can think of user
07:11testing I think also Apen so you can
07:14read up on those and you can try to find
07:18out exactly how much you can earn
07:22um doing those tasks I know um for user
07:25testing they charge ten dollars per job
07:29per hour or per job I know that because
07:32I did a couple of talks for them before
07:35I while I was starting but
07:38now I'm actually more mainly focused on
07:41English and teaching also biology online
07:46but you know I did do that and I know it
07:50does work and also in 2023 I know it is
07:53highly highly in demand because more and
07:56more people especially during the start
07:58of the year are launching businesses so
08:01there's a high demand for people that
08:03are actually going to be web testers for
08:06them so that's it for today's video guys
08:08I really try to make it as short as
08:11possible if you did enjoy the content
08:13please make sure that you like and
08:16subscribe because I'm going to be
08:17posting more and more videos
08:19um regarding making money online and
08:22also teaching online because
08:24um I know there are a lot of people who
08:26are looking to teach but don't know
08:27exactly how to start I have a whole
08:30series on that guys um please just check
08:33that out and thank you so much for
08:35watching like the video and I will see
08:37y'all next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the five side hustles to make money online in 2023?

The five side hustles to make money online in 2023 include freelancing, dropshipping, teaching English online, starting a YouTube channel, and web testing for websites and apps. These opportunities require putting in the work but offer potential for income and growth.

2. How can freelancing contribute to making money online in 2023?

Freelancing can contribute to making money online in 2023 by offering opportunities for individuals to provide their skills and services on a project basis. It allows individuals to work on diverse projects, gain experience, and build a solid client base, leading to potential income and growth.

3. What is the potential of dropshipping as a side hustle for making money online in 2023?

Dropshipping has the potential to be a lucrative side hustle for making money online in 2023. It involves selling products without the need for inventory, allowing individuals to focus on marketing and sales. With the right products and marketing strategies, dropshipping can generate significant income and growth potential.

4. How can starting a YouTube channel be profitable as a side hustle in 2023?

Starting a YouTube channel can be profitable as a side hustle in 2023 by creating engaging content and building a loyal audience. Through monetization options like ad revenue, sponsored content, and merchandise sales, successful YouTube channels can generate substantial income and provide opportunities for growth.

5. What are the income and growth potential of web testing for websites and apps as a side hustle in 2023?

Web testing for websites and apps offers income and growth potential as a side hustle in 2023. Individuals can earn by testing user interfaces, providing feedback, and identifying bugs and issues. With the increasing demand for seamless user experiences, web testing can provide steady income and opportunities for skill development and growth.

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