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The video explains how to play classic Friv games from childhood in 2023 by using an old version of Google Chrome through a direct link provided in the video. It also discusses the alternatives to the original Friv page and recommends a page that offers classic games without ads or viruses.
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The video discusses the changes in and provides alternatives to play classic Friv games.
Flash Player stopped working, making most of the games on unusable. completely changed to a version with different games.
There are alternatives like games and dot com that seek to emulate the original Friv page.
The dot com page has many ads and possible viruses, so it is not recommended to visit.
00:00We all remember the browser games we used to play
00:01when we
00:03were bored at home. I'm afraid
00:05my pee will freeze or fall out
00:08or in computer class But among
00:10all the pages there was one that was
00:13legendary had so many games
00:15that They literally filled the entire
00:17screen and we remember classics like the
00:19Kick Buttowski game and this one.
00:21I admit that it is very lame. Let's
00:24go, let's go, let's go, let's go,
00:28Pamplona Adventure or the
00:31Garfield game, however sadly a
00:33few years ago Flash Player stopped
00:35working, causing the The vast majority
00:37of games on the page will be
00:38unusable and will completely change
00:41to a version of the pages
00:42that has nothing to do with the one we
00:44fell in love with in the past. They say it's this
00:46[ __ ].
00:47What happened to my cuchamón today, ladies and
00:50gentlemen? I'm going to show you the
00:51easiest way to play classic free
01:01with all the games from your childhood
01:03by following these simple steps,
01:05I'm the fat one for fat games And this is
01:08Friv games in 2023
01:18If you search for in Indeed, the page
01:21is still valid but as I said it has
01:23nothing to do with the one
01:25we once knew, that is, in addition to the clear change
01:27in its design, its games are totally
01:28different and in my opinion of much
01:31worse quality due to the change of the page,
01:34they came to create alternatives such as
01:35the games that seek to emulate what
01:38the iconic page was in the past
01:40but with totally different games
01:43dot com that is much more similar to the
01:46original friv but that has so many
01:48ads and possible viruses that for the
01:50good of your PC I would recommend you not to visit,
01:52there is a page similar to these but
01:54unlike the ones already mentioned, it
01:57fulfills its function very well, having
01:59at our disposal almost all the
02:00classic games without ads, without
02:03pop-up pages and without the risk of viruses,
02:05however, to be able to enter and play the
02:07Games you will have to do something Before step
02:09number one, like the video and
02:11subscribe to the Channel
02:12step number 2 to be able to run the
02:15games it is necessary to use an
02:17old version of Google Chrome in the
02:19posted comment I will leave you a
02:20direct link so you can download a
02:22Google Chrome portable that is
02:24compatible with the page and with which you
02:26can enter without any problem.
02:31Furthermore, since it is portable, you will not have to
02:34install absolutely anything, just
02:36Download and open I need to make
02:39love to you step 3 copy and paste the link that I
02:42left in the comment posted on the
02:43portable Google search engine is that
02:46simple, you can enter and play any
02:48game, keep the following in mind: the
02:50Friv project seeks to recreate the
02:53classic flip in its entirety and to achieve
02:54this they have to configure and adapt
02:56each game, so it is possible that one that
02:58Another game is not available yet
03:00but it will be soon. Apart from this, this is
03:03one of the ones that do not work. The truth is
03:05that they do an excellent job of
03:07bringing exactly as
03:08we remembered it. Almost everything feels
03:10copied from the original, so
03:12Nostalgia is guaranteed, ladies and
03:14gentlemen, the fat man speaks to you for
03:15Patrick games, it was a short video but
03:17as I told you, it was something very easy, if you
03:19liked it and it served you. This video, please don't forget to
03:21give me a like and
03:22subscribe to the channel, take care of yourselves and that's it.
03:24We'll see you in a next video
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I play classic Friv games in 2023?

You can play classic Friv games in 2023 by using an old version of Google Chrome through a direct link provided in the video. The video explains the detailed process to play these childhood favorites.

2. What are the alternatives to the original Friv page?

Apart from the original Friv page, there are several alternatives available. The video discusses the alternatives and recommends a page that offers classic games without ads or viruses.

3. Is it possible to play classic Friv games without encountering ads or viruses?

Yes, it is possible to play classic Friv games without encountering ads or viruses. The video provides a direct link to a page that offers classic games without any unwanted interruptions.

4. How can I access classic Friv games from my childhood?

Accessing classic Friv games from your childhood is easy with the help of the video. It provides a step-by-step guide to access these nostalgic games using an old version of Google Chrome.

5. What is the recommended way to play classic Friv games in 2023?

The recommended way to play classic Friv games in 2023 is by following the method explained in the video. It ensures a seamless and nostalgic gaming experience without any unwanted ads or viruses.

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