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NASA has raised an alarm that North America is about to witness its worst disaster in 300 years, which will be caused by the weakening of the Earth's magnetic field and the San Andreas Fault. The disaster is expected to be a massive earthquake of magnitude 7.5 or more, leading to severe ripple effects and potential tsunamis, wildfires, and thousands of casualties.
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NASA has raised an alarm that North America is about to witness its worst disaster in 300 years in 2023.
Climate-related disasters have significantly increased over the past 20 years.
Catastrophic events in 2020 included volcano eruption, earthquakes, and hurricanes.
Historical disasters like the Huang hey flooding of China in 1931 caused millions of deaths.
Recent floods and earthquakes in Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Brazil have claimed hundreds of lives.
The Earth's weakening magnetic field, particularly the South Atlantic anomaly, poses a risk to South America and may lead to massive consequences such as solar flares, radiation-related diseases, and destruction of satellites.
The Earth's magnetic field has weakened by at least 30 percent in the past 3000 years.
The South Atlantic anomaly, where the Earth's radiation belt dips close to the surface, has further weakened by six percent.
The consequences of the weakening magnetic field include solar flares, radiation-related diseases, destruction of satellites, and epic Northern Lights in the region.
The impact of the anomaly may take a few more years to be felt on the surface, but a significant disaster is predicted to hit northern American regions this year due to the San Andreas Fault.
Geologists detected a rupture in the Earth's crust between the oceanic and continental plates causing Portugal's earthquake; San Andreas Fault is another area with potential for such disaster.
Earth's surface is divided into eight minor and seven major plates.
Earthquakes of magnitude 8.5 only occur in areas where the oceanic plate sinks under the continental plate.
The San Andreas Fault is the most well-known meeting point of tectonic plates.
The San Andreas fault in North America has varying slip rates, making it unpredictable and potentially responsible for several earthquakes in the region.
Slip rate refers to how fast or slow one plate moves past the other
The San Andreas fault has varying slip rates and is suspected to be responsible for earthquakes in North America
The compressional forces building up in the region could lead to a massive earthquake in the future
There are towns, major roads, and even a railway tunnel on the fault, making it a major concern for experts and scientists.
A catastrophic earthquake is predicted to occur in the San Andreas region in the next 166 years, with a magnitude of 7.5 or more, potentially causing tsunamis, severe weather changes, and thousands of deaths.
Seismologists are monitoring the region for any signals of imminent danger.
The earthquake could spread ripple effects to other regions like Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America.
Buildings are expected to be severely damaged, and fires may accompany the event, worsened by the Santa Ana winds.
The 1906 earthquake of 7.8 scale destroyed more than 80% of the city, killed over 3,000 people, and caused losses of over 400 million dollars.
The video discusses the impact of La Nina and El Nino on weather patterns and warns about the potential threat of asteroid Apophis.
La Nina lasted from late September 2020 to early 2023, leading to cool sea surface temperatures.
El Nino causes drier and warmer weather in northern parts of the United States and Canada, while southern regions experience different weather patterns.
El Nino will affect other parts of the world, including Africa, and can impact wildlife in seas and oceans.
NASA warns about the potential threat of the asteroid named Apophis, which could have a destructive impact on Earth.
00:00accelerates at a continued rate and it
00:04goes unchecked and it'll just rip and
00:07I'm terrified
00:11from 2020 until now we've seen the worst
00:15of the worst natural disasters and
00:17pandemics ranging from deadly hurricanes
00:20and wildfires to massive earthquakes
00:22it's as though the Earth is angry for
00:24some reason well things may get worse
00:27because NASA has just raised an alarm
00:29that North America is about to witness
00:31the worst disaster ever in 300 years
00:33what sort of disaster are they talking
00:36about and how did they arrive at this
00:38conclusion also what are the chances of
00:41survival in the incoming disaster
00:44join us in this video as we discuss how
00:47NASA just announced that North America's
00:49worst disaster in 300 years is about to
00:52happen in 2023
01:00according to data from the United
01:02Nations office for disaster risk
01:05reductions climate-related disasters
01:07have surged significantly over the past
01:0920 years in just the 10-year gap between
01:121980 and 1999 over 3 000 climate-related
01:17events occurred and between 2000 and
01:192019 over 6 000 such disasters were
01:24the year 2020 seemed to Mark a climax
01:27because even while the whole world
01:28fought the coronavirus terrible events
01:31were still happening in our weather and
01:34some catastrophic events recorded that
01:36year include the volcano eruption in the
01:38Philippines the earthquake in Turkey the
01:40flash floods in Indonesia hurricane
01:43Laura in the U.S and hurricane ETA in
01:46Central America
01:48these events claimed hundreds of lives
01:50however some of the most terrible
01:53disasters in the history of humanity are
01:56still those that occurred centuries ago
01:58like the Huang hey flooding of China in
02:011931. this event led to the death of
02:04millions of Chinese with incalculable
02:07the severe destruction and Chaos
02:10couldn't allow officials to determine
02:11the actual death toll but the estimate
02:14is 4 million people similar disasters
02:17have occurred in recent years even in
02:192022 for instance Afghanistan India
02:23Nigeria and Brazil floods claimed
02:25hundreds of lives
02:27the Indonesian and Afghanistan
02:29earthquakes claimed thousands of lives
02:31in Nigeria the floods displaced Millions
02:35given these facts it seems the Earth is
02:38following a pattern and it begs the
02:40question why are these events occurring
02:42more rapidly now are there any
02:44scientific explanations for these well
02:47yes there are you see our Earth is
02:50changing and changing fast it's not just
02:53global warming or ozone layer depletion
02:55we have to worry about so many other
02:57changes are happening to our planet and
02:59these changes will surely affect our
03:01weather and climate
03:03a significant aspect of the earth that's
03:05been depreciating is its magnetic field
03:09as you may know the magnetic field is a
03:11vital property of our planet without it
03:14some serious flares from our sun would
03:16get into our atmosphere and cause damage
03:19to humans plants and animals but
03:22scientists have discovered that this
03:24magnetic field has weakened over the
03:25years in fact Professor Nicholas tovaney
03:29of the European Center for teaching and
03:30environmental geosciences deduced that
03:33the Earth's magnetic field has decreased
03:35by at least 30 percent in the past 3000
03:38years and this is due to several
03:40processes going on in the Earth's core
03:42it is expected that the Earth's magnetic
03:45field will reach a critical low very
03:47soon probably within the next hundred
03:49years but one area of the Earth's
03:51magnetic field has always been of
03:53concern to researchers and it is this
03:56area that also puts the Earth at risk
03:58this area is called the South Atlantic
04:00anomaly the South Atlantic anomaly is
04:03where the Earth's radiation belt dips
04:05down to a very low altitude coming very
04:07close to the Earth's surface
04:09this anomaly creates a weak spot in the
04:12Earth's magnetic field and could be
04:13quite consequential to us especially
04:16South America
04:17over the past few years scientific
04:20observations have revealed that this
04:22spot has further weakened by six percent
04:25the consequences of this will be massive
04:27solar flares penetrating the Earth's
04:29atmosphere followed by an outbreak of
04:31radiation-related diseases destruction
04:34of our satellites and epic Northern
04:36Lights in the region but here's the
04:38thing the anomaly's negative impacts may
04:41not happen this year in fact it may take
04:44a few more years before the impacts are
04:46felt on the surface
04:47however worse has even been predicted to
04:50happen this year which according to NASA
04:52will hit so hard especially in the
04:55northern American regions This Disaster
04:57will be the greatest North America has
04:59ever felt in 300 years and it will come
05:02all because of another anomaly in the
05:04Earth the San Andreas Fault
05:07in case you're wondering how this
05:09anomaly poses a threat to the people of
05:10North America it's pretty simple
05:14over the years we've had several
05:16devastating earthquakes some of which we
05:18mentioned earlier in this video but have
05:21you ever imagined what it would be if an
05:23earthquake of magnitude 10.0 were to hit
05:26a city
05:27surely no previous quake in Earth's
05:30history has reached this Mark the
05:32highest so far was a 9.0 but scientists
05:35have predicted that the San Andreas
05:37fault line may just bring about some
05:38doomsday Tremors and there's a chance it
05:40will happen this year now I know an
05:43earthquake of magnitude 10.0 sounds like
05:46a fairy tale or an exaggeration but if
05:48you study this part of the earth closely
05:50with a scientific lens you'd realize
05:52that it may not be an exaggeration after
05:54all you see the San Andreas fault is a
05:57point in the Earth where the North
05:59American Plate and the Pacific Plate
06:00meet just so you know the Earth's crust
06:04is divided into large tectonic plates or
06:06Rock slabs that are constantly in motion
06:09but one thing is certain they meet at
06:12some point
06:13and when two tectonic plates meet it's
06:15never funny because the Earth there is
06:17very unpredictable disastrous Tremors
06:20can emerge at any time one of the most
06:22remarkable Quakes in the Earth's history
06:24is the cataclysmic Lisbon earthquake of
06:29the terrible Quake read 8.5 on the
06:32moment magnitude scale and claimed the
06:35lives of about 60 000 people and created
06:38a massive tsunami that swept across the
06:41it took quite a while for scientists to
06:43figure out why such a terrible Quake
06:45occurred even when the nature of the
06:48continental plate there doesn't quite
06:49fit for an earthquake of that magnitude
06:52you see while the Earth's Rocky inner
06:55layer remains stable or motionless the
06:58tectonic plates that make up the outer
07:00shell Glide over it the earth's surface
07:03is divided into eight minor and seven
07:05major plates the largest plates are the
07:08Eurasian North American and Antarctic
07:11plates the average thickness of tectonic
07:14plates is 125 kilometers though some
07:17plates can be as thick as 200 kilometers
07:19these thicker plates are called
07:21continental plates while thinner ones
07:23which measure 50 100 kilometers are
07:26called oceanic plates since the Earth is
07:29spherical these plates are fractured
07:31into several curved sections although
07:34Portugal is located close to the
07:36boundary of the Eurasian and African
07:38plates it still didn't warrant an 8.5
07:40scale earthquake earthquakes of that
07:43magnitude only occur in areas where the
07:45oceanic plate sinks under the
07:47continental plate thus leading to
07:49massive aftershocks Portugal's Oceanic
07:52and Continental plates don't fit this
07:54description they blend nicely however
07:57geologists detected a rupture in the
07:59Earth's crust between the oceanic and
08:01continental plates which was why it
08:04the San Andreas Fault in California is
08:07one such area with potential for
08:09something this destructive it was first
08:11discovered by a professor named Andrew
08:13Lawson in 1895 and was named after the
08:16nearby San Andreas Valley you could see
08:19this fault line very clearly from a
08:21bird's eye view over the region you
08:23could also tell from the Rocks here the
08:26gray metamorphic quartz here belongs to
08:28the Pacific Plate while the rich brown
08:30sandstone and siltstone are from the
08:32North American Plate you can also see a
08:35black layer of Black Rock between the
08:37two layers this is where the actual
08:39fault line is
08:41the San Andreas fault is the most
08:43well-known meeting point of tectonic
08:45plates because it consists of two of the
08:47largest plates
08:49but this spot is even more famous
08:50because it is regarded as the origin
08:53point of one of the greatest disasters
08:55in the history of California
08:57you may have even watched the movie
08:58titled San Andreas which was centered on
09:01the history and tragedy surrounding this
09:03natural phenomenon the disaster depicted
09:06in the movie is a blatant exaggeration
09:08of the actual minor earthquakes that hit
09:10this region several times a year however
09:13given the recent warnings and data from
09:16geophysicists and experts at Nasa it's
09:19safe to say we may find ourselves with a
09:21typical level of Destruction depicted in
09:24this movie if the predicted earthquake
09:25hits North America in 2023 to understand
09:29things better let's dive a bit into the
09:32structure and mechanics of this fault
09:35you see the San Andreas fault forms the
09:38tectonic boundary between the North
09:39American and Pacific plates experts
09:42describe the motion in this spot as a
09:44right lateral slip motion simply put
09:47these two plates are slowly scrubbing
09:50past each other in a horizontal
09:51Direction there are three distinct
09:54segments of this fault each bearing its
09:56unique characteristics but most of all
09:58the varying degree of slip rate makes
10:01this fault very unpredictable slip rate
10:03in this context refers to how fast or
10:05how slow one plate Glides or moves past
10:08the other scientists deduce slip rates
10:11by observing and measuring the degree of
10:13offset of geological features across a
10:16usually the slip rates for geologic
10:18faults lie in the range of a few
10:20centimeters per year
10:22but sometimes these points in the
10:24Earth's crust can move at twice or
10:26Thrice this speed or may even slow down
10:29and scientists don't really know why
10:32the San Andreas is one of the well-known
10:34fault areas on the earth with varying
10:37slip rates
10:38scientists believe this fault has been
10:40responsible for or directly related to
10:43several of the earthquakes in North
10:45America several Tremors occur in these
10:47regions especially in California and
10:50Alaska most of which go unnoticed to the
10:52rest of the world since they're just on
10:54small scales of 4.0 to 5.0
10:58the San Andreas is suspected to be
11:00directly responsible or partly related
11:02to these occurrences because it extends
11:04into Southern California and also formed
11:07millions of years ago in the
11:08mid-sanozoic era
11:10also geologists have discovered the
11:13unique way and Direction these plates
11:14are moving the North American plates
11:17seem to be moving towards the Pacific
11:18Plate in a Southwestern Direction this
11:21they believe is causing a lot of
11:22compressional forces to build up and get
11:25dissipated to nearby regions it is
11:27important to note that many people
11:29reside in the region of this fault and
11:32quite a number of towns and major roads
11:33are on it there's even a railway tunnel
11:36that passes right through this fault so
11:38it goes without saying that it would be
11:40truly disastrous if the plates give in
11:42and create massive Tremors as NASA
11:45predicts in case you're wondering why
11:47this hasn't happened already it's
11:49because massive slippage of plates takes
11:51time to build up the pressure from the
11:53compressional forces in this region has
11:55been building up over the years and it's
11:57only a matter of time before it finally
11:59slips in the form of one massive
12:03this is why experts and scientists are
12:05worried the risks with fault lines like
12:07these are very high if a major
12:10earthquake were to occur in San Andreas
12:12it had cut off the major transportation
12:14routes in several parts of North America
12:16places from California all the way to
12:19Los Angeles will be affected
12:21but here's the thing scientists have
12:24revealed that a major stress relief from
12:26the San Andreas fault system has yet to
12:28occur since 1857. so you can say that
12:31the stress in this fault has been
12:33building for over 150 years given such a
12:36long time it's certain that the impact
12:38of this incoming earthquake will be very
12:40high and may affect other areas besides
12:43North America
12:44a few years ago the Southern California
12:46earthquake Center Director Thomas Jordan
12:49announced that the San Andreas fault was
12:51in a critical State he added that the
12:54fault could generate a massive
12:55earthquake at any time without warning
12:58according to him the southern portion of
13:00the fault line Looks ready for such an
13:02event so far since 1857 the only
13:06significant relief stress this fault has
13:08had is in the 1906 incident the severe
13:11earthquake that hit the San Francisco
13:13Bay area if you count from 1857 to date
13:17you have 166 years this Falls within the
13:21range for catastrophic earthquakes
13:22according to the U.S Geological Survey
13:25catastrophic earthquakes are bound to
13:27occur approximately every 200 years you
13:31can see that the San Andreas is nearly
13:33ripe for a massive outpouring of Tremors
13:35the good thing is that seismologists
13:38keep their eyes and ears to the ground
13:40to pick up even the slightest signals
13:42and alert the public on imminent danger
13:45scientists have even created a model to
13:48study how the incoming earthquake will
13:50affect the region and whether it could
13:52spread to other areas suppose the
13:55earthquake reaches 9.0 scale or more it
13:58may create severe Ripple effects that'll
14:00travel to other regions like Indonesia
14:02Australia New Zealand and Latin America
14:05such effects may be felt as tsunamis or
14:08strong terrible weather changes
14:10generally scientists expect this coming
14:13earthquake to be in a magnitude of 7.5
14:15or more
14:17experts also predict the death toll will
14:19be in the range of thousands as there
14:21will be aftershocks even several days
14:23after the event there's no telling what
14:25parts of the Cities Will Survive
14:27buildings will get damaged severely
14:29especially since experts have predicted
14:32fire to accompany the event
14:33in fact a seismologist named Lucy Jones
14:36believes the fire damage after the
14:39earthquake could be far worse than
14:41imagined if the Santa Ana winds were
14:43blowing when the earthquake hit North
14:46the Santa Ana winds are strong dry winds
14:49that blow from the Inland into coastal
14:51areas like California they are largely
14:54responsible for the wildfires that
14:56randomly occur in the region let's bring
14:58back to mind the Great Earthquake of
15:00April 18 1906 that sent massive Tremors
15:04from Eureka to the Salinas Valley
15:07soon after the Tremors massive fires
15:10broke out and it took the authorities
15:11several days to put them out this event
15:14was only a 7.8 scale yet it destroyed
15:18more than 80 percent of the city killed
15:20more than 3 000 people and amounted to
15:23losses of over 400 million dollars
15:26so you can imagine how much damage a
15:27quake of a larger scale will cause in
15:29this region apart from wildfires there's
15:32the possible event of tsunamis from the
15:34Aftershock this may send huge water
15:37waves crashing into the land causing
15:39floods it will certainly be challenging
15:41if things go as predicted and this
15:43earthquake hits in 2023 damages to
15:46properties can rake up to billions of
15:48dollars several lives will be lost plus
15:52many more will be left miserable the
15:54economy May collapse under the weight of
15:56it all and folks may give up and
15:58relocate to other parts of America or
16:00even a different part of the world
16:02only the tough folks would remain those
16:05who are core Patriots and those who are
16:07already used to the Tremors in the area
16:09but you see apart from The Earthquake
16:12warning NASA has been sending another
16:14warning about a terrible force that
16:15might hit North America bringing about
16:17the worst weather ever could it be a
16:20coincidence that's unlikely however this
16:23Force had a play in the severe weather
16:25conditions of 2020. it's called the El
16:28Nino or the El Nino Southern oscillation
16:31the El Nino is a climate pattern
16:33regulated by changes in the Pacific
16:35Ocean's water temperature
16:37there's another Force called La Nina
16:39this one lasted from late September 2020
16:42up until early 2023.
16:45to put it in simple terms the El Nino
16:48refers to warm sea surface temperatures
16:50while the La Nina refers to cool sea
16:53surface temperatures these two forces
16:55affect weather in several regions across
16:58the globe including the U.S when an El
17:01Nino hits hard equator winds become
17:03weaker and warm water is pushed towards
17:06the American coasts as a result El Nino
17:09events cause drier and warmer weather to
17:11strike Northern parts of the United
17:13States and Canada
17:14the weather will however be different
17:16for the southern regions as the roles
17:18will be reversed but you see North
17:21America isn't the only part of the world
17:23destined to face a climatic disaster
17:25this year the El Nino will affect other
17:28parts of the world too for instance
17:30Africa will experience decreased
17:32rainfall in the western and southern
17:34regions while the Eastern regions will
17:36experience heavy downpours El Nino
17:39events also affect wildlife in seas and
17:41oceans as fish will be forced to leave
17:44warmer Waters and move to better more
17:46conducive areas
17:48so far there's been a la nina event from
17:50the year 2020 up until 2022 the World
17:54Meteorological organization was
17:56perplexed but they suspected this would
17:58continue even into 2023 it did the
18:02lanina finally ceased in February 2023.
18:05now scientists and experts are telling
18:08North America and the rest of the world
18:10to brace for an El Nino event the just
18:13concluded La Nina shocked Us by spanning
18:15three years in a row and there's no
18:17telling what surprises the incoming El
18:19Nino will bring for Humanity besides
18:21there are other existential threats out
18:23there that NASA is warning Humanity to
18:25look out for
18:26one such threat is the asteroid named
18:29Apophis this asteroid had long been
18:32spotted heading for Earth by scientists
18:34but they've never seemed to get the date
18:36of impact right its size however calls
18:39for concern as scientists at Nasa have
18:41revealed it weighs 61 million tons and
18:44measures at least 340 meters in diameter
18:48such a giant asteroid will create a
18:50massive impact that'll destroy millions
18:52of lives and properties more still it's
18:55coming at us at a speed of 30 kilometers
18:57per hour the impact from this space Rock
19:00will be 800 times that of the famous
19:02Hiroshima nuclear bomb blast the blast
19:05wave alone could destroy everything
19:06within a radius of several thousand
19:08square kilometers if this asteroid were
19:11to crash into our oceans perhaps an area
19:13like the Pacific it would trigger
19:15powerful tsunamis like those never seen
19:17before that could destroy even the
19:19entire U.S West Coast
19:21however these are all just predictions
19:24they could be right they could equally
19:26be wrong
19:27like the several unprecedented natural
19:29disasters and the weird unexplainable
19:32space phenomenon many things have
19:34occurred in recent years to dispute our
19:36scientific theories and predictions
19:38making us realize there's still so much
19:40about the earth and the cosmos that we
19:43don't know
19:46thanks for watching another episode of
19:48Voyager while you are still here click
19:51on the video on your screen for more
19:53quality content like this one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is NASA warning about in North America?

NASA has raised an alarm that North America is about to witness its worst disaster in 300 years, which will be caused by the weakening of the Earth's magnetic field and the San Andreas Fault. The disaster is expected to be a massive earthquake of magnitude 7.5 or more, leading to severe ripple effects and potential tsunamis, wildfires, and thousands of casualties.

2. How severe is the disaster expected to be?

The disaster is expected to be a massive earthquake of magnitude 7.5 or more, leading to severe ripple effects and potential tsunamis, wildfires, and thousands of casualties.

3. What are the potential ripple effects of the earthquake?

The potential ripple effects of the earthquake could include tsunamis, wildfires, and thousands of casualties.

4. What are the causes of the expected disaster in North America?

The expected disaster in North America is caused by the weakening of the Earth's magnetic field and the San Andreas Fault.

5. How long has it been since North America witnessed such a severe disaster?

NASA has raised an alarm that North America is about to witness its worst disaster in 300 years, which will be caused by the weakening of the Earth's magnetic field and the San Andreas Fault.

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