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This video is a tutorial on how to use Rollbit, a high-growth crypto casino, sportsbook, and leverage trading platform on Solana. The tutorial covers signing up, making deposits, using leverage trading, exploring the NFT marketplace, and participating in the lottery with the utility token RLB. The platform is user-friendly and offers cashback on bets, making it a popular choice for crypto enthusiasts.
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The video explains how to use Rollbit, a high-growth crypto casino, sportsbook, and leverage trading platform on Solana.
Rollbit has gained popularity and its token, RLB, has seen a significant increase in value.
To get started, visit the website and sign up with an email and password.
It is recommended to use a VPN if the website is not accessible in your region.
Deposits can be made using cryptocurrencies, with Solana being a popular choice due to low gas costs.
This section introduces the main interface of the Rollbit website and explains its features.
The left side of the interface displays sportsbooks, casinos, and available games.
The site offers the ability to buy and sell crypto directly, although it is not recommended.
Crypto Futures is a feature that allows leveraged trading with up to 1000x leverage.
The right side of the interface includes a chat box for conversations and memes.
The video discusses the benefits of staking NFTs on Rollbit and the utility of the RLB token.
Staking NFTs on Rollbit provides a monthly $1000 free bet and a booster for sports betting.
Different NFTs have specific benefits for certain sports, such as volleyball.
Rollbit offers a variety of casino games and live streams, making it a comprehensive platform.
The RLB token is the utility token on the Solana blockchain and serves as an entry ticket for the daily lottery.
This section explains the features of the gaming site, including the lottery, payouts, withdrawals, and the rlb token.
The lottery on the site offers a total prize of $5,300, with higher stakes increasing the chances of winning.
The top prize in the lottery consistently exceeds $1,000.
Withdrawals can be made through the user's preferred network, but gas costs and a wagering requirement of $10 apply.
The website occasionally releases coupons for free bets on Twitter.
The rlb token's price is influenced by its limited liquidity on exchanges, with larger purchases having a significant impact.
The sportsbook interface is user-friendly and comparable to other top companies.
00:00in this video I'm going to show you how
00:01to use roll bits a high growth crypto
00:04Casino Sportsbook and leverage trading
00:06platform on top of Solana so this one
00:10has really taken off as of late a lot of
00:12influences getting behind this one and
00:14with its growing popularity the token
00:16rlb has had a massive run up as well
00:18we'll go through the utility of that at
00:20a later moment but let's just get
00:21started with the groundworks how does it
00:23work what you need to do so starting off
00:25here with the website check
00:27out the link down below click that and
00:29sign up under me to support the channel
00:30the first thing you may need to do
00:32because this website may say you cannot
00:34actually access from your region is get
00:36your VPN going and get it set to a
00:38location that is allowed so for example
00:40here Berlin Germany is all good with
00:43this site from there just sign up with
00:45an email address and a new password
00:46there is an option to sign in with
00:48metamask but I really wouldn't recommend
00:50that you don't really want to have your
00:51metamask wallet attached to a gambling
00:53site so my next step would be to make a
00:55deposit onto here when you come to the
00:58sign up go to cashier click on referrals
01:00make sure you enter my code which is
01:01crypto tube get that applied as soon as
01:03you get going the bigger the team gets
01:05the more perks that can be offered to
01:07the referees and then go to deposits so
01:10this is where you want to be sending
01:11some crypto across here so this is how
01:13it works I've been depositing Via Solana
01:15here so I click on SOL the reason for
01:18this is the gas costs are so low on
01:20Seoul it's very easy to get funds in for
01:22no cost you can then see your address
01:24you would copy this and then send money
01:26into here so I've been using this wallet
01:28it's just a web-based wallet and sending
01:30my funds from this wallet over to the
01:32roll bit address here and my Nuance with
01:34this is when you send some Solana in
01:36It's Gonna immediately take the salt and
01:38convert it into dollars for you to give
01:40you a dollar based balance you can see
01:42the conversion rate on screen 100 bucks
01:44equals 4.77 Sol and if we just go over
01:47to coin gecko tap that in 4.76 so an
01:50even better rates here actually on Roll
01:51bit so we're not actually shaving
01:53anything off which I was surprised about
01:54a bit of a plus point there so you can
01:56see from my deposit transactions here I
01:58deposited 0.1 soul that gave me 2.10 as
02:01you can see up here plus 3.99 gets me to
02:03roughly six bucks but I have had a
02:05little play on The Leverage which I'll
02:06show you in just a second and made a
02:08small profit so this is the main
02:10interface on your left hand side you
02:11have all the sports books the casinos
02:13all the games that are available on here
02:15and then you can see down here crypto
02:17Futures and crypto portfolio you can
02:19actually buy and sell crypto directly
02:20through the site I wouldn't recommend
02:22that just use a typical exchange but
02:23this is the thing that's been getting a
02:25lot of Buzz over on Twitter the crypto
02:26Futures this allows you to leverage
02:28trade with no slippage I.E you get in at
02:30the price that is quoted with up to 1000
02:33x leverage I.E an absolute gamble the
02:36next tick on that price chart will make
02:38you either quite a bit of money or burst
02:40straight away so this really is a
02:42degen's heaven as you can see from here
02:44we can use the slider take this from a
02:46multiplier of one two five 10x leverage
02:49and then wrap this up 50 100 200x 500x
02:52and 1000x leverage let's just do a quick
02:55100x leverage with 50 cents and we're
02:57gonna say it's going to go down from
02:58here place the bet and then it says our
03:01bus price is up here and our entry price
03:02is here and then you can cash out just
03:05down here if I press cash out the p l on
03:07that one is zero as I just wanted to
03:09show you how this works you need to get
03:11in and get out ASAP but this of course
03:13total gamble but if you're looking for
03:15some dopamine this is the place for it
03:17over on the right hand side you've also
03:18got a chat box plenty going on over here
03:20memes conversations and more so as you
03:23can see this is quite a stimulating
03:24website very addictive and the UI is
03:26pretty much spot on in my opinion just
03:29as good or potentially even better than
03:31many sports books out there on my left
03:32hand side up here as well they do nft
03:34loans so some individuals have been
03:36loaning their nfts on here and then
03:39taking out a dollar based loan this is a
03:41pretty neat addition to have on the site
03:43and as you can see there's almost 60
03:44million dollars in nft value locked in
03:47here thus far and on the subject of nfts
03:50they do have nfts with utility go to
03:53Marketplace here they have two types of
03:56nft from their main collection so on the
03:58collection page here robot lots and
04:00sports robots we're gonna go on Sports
04:02robots these were the V2 so these Sports
04:04robots give you a profit share based on
04:06the sports book I just sorted these by
04:08highest price real quick just to show
04:10you what they can do so this guy here if
04:12purchased crazy crazy price on here this
04:14is his monthly Revenue roughly 696 bucks
04:17that will be paid in dollars to your
04:18account and then in the middle you have
04:20the free bet so each and every month you
04:23would get a one thousand dollar free bet
04:25for staking this nft there is a full
04:27staking portal under manage Sports bots
04:29on the left and he also gives you a
04:31booster if you bet on his sport looking
04:33at this badge it looks like he's some
04:35form of fighter we'll click into him
04:36okay he's a gold one so it looks like
04:38he's applicable to absolutely every
04:40sport whereas you can see some of these
04:41are holding specific types of remotes or
04:43sportswear for example this one is a
04:46volleyball player so the max Free Bet of
04:48170 dollars must be wagered onto
04:51volleyball bit of an odd one or you can
04:53get 50 of the max rebate per month on
04:56any sport and if you do bet on any
04:58volleyball sports games you also also
05:00get a 104 booster as well on top so to
05:03be fair these nfts do have some deep
05:05utility and can provide a healthy Roi
05:08especially for individuals who are into
05:09their sports betting casino games you've
05:11got all the classics you would expect
05:13Blackjack roulette Texas Holdem loads of
05:15tournaments on here and some live
05:17streams as well so they pretty much have
05:19all devices covered on here whatever you
05:21are into I do think this is well worth
05:24checking out just for the pure fact that
05:26it's a web 3 based platform gets you
05:28away from the web 2 platforms and when
05:30paying with cryptocurrency you know this
05:32stuff is coming up on your bank
05:33statement which can be an issue for some
05:36so let's move on to the Token rlb what
05:38is it this is the roll Bitcoin the
05:40official utility token on the Solana
05:42blockchain robit acts as the entry
05:44ticket into their Lottery each and every
05:46day 20 of the Casino profits are shared
05:48between Lottery Prize winners the
05:51lottery takes place each and every 100
05:52blocks on the Bitcoin Network so this
05:55actually occurs more frequent than once
05:57per day let's go over to the lottery
05:59down here on the left hand side rlb
06:01Lottery this is where you need to own
06:03the token if you have rlb token you
06:05stake it over on this portal enter the
06:07amount of rlb you have you will then
06:09notice there is a staking fee not 0.2
06:12percent is taken as a staking fee of
06:14which 0.1 percent will go to state robot
06:17owners and the other half will be burned
06:19making this a deflation recurrency so it
06:21has some real ponsonomics around it and
06:23this is why the token has run up in
06:24value greatly during the start of this
06:26year with the increased volume that has
06:28been on this gaming site you can see the
06:30next Lottery is 5 300 bucks in total if
06:34you go to current Stakes you can see all
06:35the people who have started to State
06:36this guy's State 52 million rlb and as
06:39you can see there's teams on here that
06:40are kind of these multipliers for teams
06:42so make sure you join up under my link
06:44then we go to Lottery again and we
06:46scroll down this was the previous
06:47Lottery Win top 100 places or get a
06:50payout the number one here got 1600
06:52bucks this is all provably fair and if
06:54we just scroll down the bottom the 100th
06:56person got
06:589.42 for their state amount so the more
07:00rlb you stake the higher the chances of
07:03winning and as you can see the top price
07:04is consistently over 1 000 US dollars so
07:08that would therefore be paid to your
07:09account you would see 1 000 bucks in
07:10here click on cashier once again go to
07:12withdrawals and then withdraw via the
07:15network of your choice again you'd have
07:17to pay gas cost when you withdraw from
07:18this exchange and also you must wager 10
07:21on anything on the site before you can
07:23make a withdrawal so bear that in mind
07:24as well watch out for them over on
07:26Twitter as well they do release coupons
07:27over there for free bets so my only
07:30major bug bear with this website is the
07:32fact the rlb token if you want to get
07:33your hands on it you will start to move
07:35the needle on the price it's only on a
07:37few exchanges dexlab actually Aggregates
07:39the radium decks on Solana that is the
07:41only home with liquidity so a hundred
07:43dollars into rlb would move the price
07:46one percent if you do a thousand bucks
07:48that would move at one point three four
07:50percent and if you wanted to come in
07:51with 10K you're starting to move the
07:53price four or five percent so this is
07:55not really that whale friendly 100K
07:57purchase would push this up 34 hence the
07:59the price of the token moves around
08:01quite a lot just to finish off here on
08:03the sports book interface again Rivals
08:06all the top companies out there very
08:08user-friendly easy to use and they do
08:09have on-site admins that can be easily
08:11contacted if you've got any issues but I
08:13would score this a solid 9.5 out of 10
08:15in terms of a crypto based web 3 sports
08:18book with the fact they have leverage
08:19trading on top it really is a degen's
08:21playground and you do get cashback on
08:23your bets as well up to 50 on your
08:26losers which beats most of the
08:28sportsbooks I've used so check them out
08:30via the link down below sign yourselves
08:32up make a deposit and I'll see you on
08:34the other side goodbye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is Rollbit?

Rollbit is a high-growth crypto casino, sportsbook, and leverage trading platform on Solana. It offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of features such as NFT marketplace, leverage trading, and lottery participation with the utility token RLB. It is popular among crypto enthusiasts for its innovative offerings and cashback on bets.

2. How can I sign up for Rollbit?

You can sign up for Rollbit by visiting their official website and clicking on the 'Sign Up' button. Then, you need to fill in the required details such as email, password, and verification code to create an account. Once the account is created, you can start exploring the various features and start using Rollbit.

3. What can I do on Rollbit after making a deposit?

After making a deposit on Rollbit, you can explore a wide range of activities such as using leverage trading, participating in the lottery with RLB tokens, and browsing the NFT marketplace. Additionally, you can enjoy cashback on bets and explore the sportsbook and casino offerings on the platform.

4. How does Rollbit's leverage trading work?

Rollbit's leverage trading allows users to amplify their potential profits by using borrowed capital. Users can open positions with leverage and speculate on the price movements of various assets. However, it's important to note that leverage trading also involves higher risks, and users should be cautious while using this feature.

5. What is the utility token RLB used for on Rollbit?

The utility token RLB is used for various purposes on Rollbit, including participating in the lottery, earning cashback on bets, and accessing exclusive features on the platform. It serves as a key element of the ecosystem, allowing users to engage in different activities and enhance their overall experience on Rollbit.

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