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In this video, the presenter discusses different ways to trade or exchange CS:GO skins, including using gold traders, cash marketplaces, and bot marketplaces like SkinsMonkey. The presenter then outlines a strategy to make profit on SkinsMonkey by pricing items with a reliable source like Buff and finding items on the platform that have a lower percentage than the ones offered. Overall, the video provides insights into making profit while trading CS:GO skins on SkinsMonkey in 2023.
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To make profit on SkinsMonkey, follow these steps:
Price your items using a reliable price source like Cash Marketplace Buff 1603.
Calculate the percentage of the source price that SkinsMonkey offers for your items.
Sort and find the best-priced items with the highest view percentages.
Look for items on SkinsMonkey where the percentage offered is lower than the percentage you offered for your items.
The video discusses how to make a profit on Skinsmonkey by exporting tradable items into a list and calculating their prices and percentages.
The speaker uses a plugin called CSGO Radar to export their items and corresponding buff prices into a list.
They mention that some items may not have a price on Skinsmonkey, such as Factory New Gloss or Field Tested Poseidon.
The speaker advises considering factors like float value and rare stickers when filling in the prices on the list.
The video discusses the overpricing and hype of Navaja knives and suggests trading them for other items like the Stiletto Crimson map field tested for a good profit.
Navaja knives, especially Dopplers, are heavily overpriced and hyped.
Selling a Navaja knife that is on fire on Buff for 680 would result in a 126% profit.
The buy order price for Navaja knives on Buff is 600, which would still yield a 44% profit.
The video suggests trading the Navaja knife for the Stiletto Crimson map field tested, which has a good profit margin of 133%.
The video discusses the potential profit from trading skins on SkinsMonkey in 2023.
The current price of the item is considered a good deal.
The float value of the item suggests it can be sold for a higher price.
The total worth of the items in the trade offer is calculated, indicating a profit of $42 to $80.
The trade offer is accepted, and the acquired knives can be withdrawn once tradable.
00:00this week you can win a field tested
00:02m4a4 new Noir to enter like every week
00:05like comment and subscribe join my
00:07Discord server and react to the posting
00:09on my Discord link below the winner will
00:11be withdrawn live on my twitch every
00:13Friday at 17 CET also a quick shout out
00:16to all my patreons and channel
00:17supporters if you want to learn more
00:19about Cisco trading ammo 25 7 trading
00:21coach write your hand you can find all
00:23of that there
00:25so if you want to trade or exchange your
00:28csgo skins there are multiple ways to do
00:31it all with their pros and cons you can
00:34trade with a Sears gold Trader like me
00:36it is fast depending on a Trader quite
00:39cheap I only take a fee starting at 2.5
00:42percent and quite convenient the
00:45disadvantage is definitely the limited
00:48supply of the trader I mean my inventory
00:50is worth 80 000 but still I only can
00:54offer a fraction of all the Cs go Skins
00:57out there so the next possibility are CS
01:01go cash marketplaces like buff or gamer
01:04pay you can just sell your item there
01:06and with the funds just buy a new item
01:09you like it is cheap you have pretty
01:11much unlimited items to buy depending on
01:13the marketplace of course but also these
01:16techniques comes with some smaller
01:18problems you need to price your item
01:20accordingly so you do not sell it for
01:22the Jeep and also gets so also it's not
01:24way overpriced and you you need to wait
01:26until it sells and also the sides of
01:29course take a small fee ranging from 2.5
01:31percent when you buy via wallet on
01:33gamerpay up to 15 on skin Baron why is
01:37this still a thing and the last
01:39possibility I bought marketplaces like
01:42CS Money Trade GG and also skinsmunk
01:45they are fast convenient easy to use and
01:48have a big amount of skins to offer for
01:51a service they also take a fee of course
01:53which is normally depending on the
01:55market and item around 5 to 20 percent
01:59but what if I told you that you can
02:02combine all the benefits of Cs go bot
02:05trading marketplaces with a low or no
02:07fee or in some good cases even make a
02:11profit while trading or exchanging your
02:14CS go items that sounds interesting
02:17this strategy works pretty much on every
02:21bot Marketplace but as they were so kind
02:24to sponsor this video Welcome 2 how to
02:26make profit on skins monkey in 2023
02:31to be clear yes I am getting paid by
02:33skins monkey for this video but what I
02:35say and I do is 100 my own opinion and I
02:39would also do it without getting paid I
02:41mean I explained you guys how to make
02:43profit on their side so I think that
02:46proves that this is legit so without
02:48further Ado uh let's get right into it
02:51the following steps is what you need to
02:53do to make the most out of your items or
02:56money on these sites first price your
02:59items with a reliable price Source I am
03:02using the cash Marketplace buff 1603
03:04these are some good reasons it has the
03:06highest volume of any platform and
03:08therefore very good and precise prices
03:10it reflects real world currency because
03:13for example the 104 skins monkey offers
03:16me for my Desert Eagle Ocean Drive and
03:18neither the value it has on Steam nor
03:20the value it has in real money it is
03:22also very easy on Battlefront 63 to find
03:25the price for special items for example
03:27where floats stickers patterns and more
03:30and I have a lot of experience with the
03:33site and its prices and I can vouch that
03:36the price your items go for on Buffon Z3
03:38is a realistic cash price you can trade
03:41or sell it on many different platforms
03:44for the second step we want to calculate
03:46what percentage of the source price
03:48skins monkey offers for our items for
03:52that we'll create a list of our items
03:55and just devise the value skins monkey
03:57offers us for an item with the actual
03:59cash value on Buff 163 third we will
04:03sort and find the best priced items of
04:06course you can choose any items you want
04:09to trade but as we try to get the most
04:11out of our money we are only focusing on
04:14the items with the top view percentages
04:16and last find items on the side to trade
04:20that are close even or in the best cases
04:23under this percentage we now just need
04:26to find items on skins monkey where the
04:28percentage we get via dividing the Skins
04:30monkey eyes through the real cash price
04:33is lower than the percentage we offered
04:36our items for
04:37just can easily mean a few hours of
04:41comparing and searching through items
04:43here so let's skip to Mr neon when he
04:45was trading on skins monkey and made
04:47over 40 dollars of profit there I
04:51included all these steps super free to
04:52trade along with him so and here we are
04:56on the side I think everybody knows
04:58against monkey but now three five
05:00dollars with my code neon as you can see
05:02here 35 bonus on any cash deposit and a
05:05lot of skins to offer and you know
05:08decide how it works dark dark trade you
05:11know the drill like any bot trading site
05:13if you know what you're doing and Cake
05:15later prices with a reliable source like
05:17buff 1603 you can also make a good
05:19amount of profit like I said if you know
05:22what you're doing and you spend a lot of
05:24time searching for items so first try
05:28validating our items so let's calculate
05:30the price skins monkey offers us and
05:33divided by the real buff 160 value and
05:35then we can see how much percent skin
05:37this monkey offers for our items and
05:39then we try to find items on the site
05:41that have a lower percentage than that
05:43but let's start with our items for this
05:46I will go to my inventory and Export all
05:48my tradable items into a list and
05:51through my plugin C is good radar you
05:53can learn more about the plugin here I
05:55can easily take all my items with the
05:57corresponding buff price and Export it
05:59into a list then divide that with the
06:01prices we get a Skins monkey and in the
06:03end see quite fast what items are priced
06:06really well so let's do that so here we
06:09have all our items in a zsv list but you
06:13see it's not from other really well and
06:15there are still trade locked items into
06:16that let me bring this in a better
06:18format first so I started here and I
06:21think you get the idea of course some
06:23items do not have a price because skins
06:25monkey does not take them like Factory
06:27new gloss for example or my field tested
06:29Poseidon what we should definitely keep
06:30in mind that these are just the current
06:32listening prices on Buff so they could
06:36be overpriced and also they do not add
06:38anything for good float or something
06:40like that they recognize face-to-faces
06:43for example this is a phase two doubler
06:45and the price is from a phase to doubler
06:46but this is a 0.010 float so this adds a
06:51little bit of value so we have to go for
06:53our list again and fill in all the rare
06:55stickers pattern all the over Pace we
07:00so after some time I have calculated all
07:03the prices with the Skins monkey prices
07:06and also the percentage we are getting I
07:09would say for better visibility we will
07:11move really low offers like this because
07:13these are low floats uh skin Fighters
07:15are checked it this is a blue gem Skin's
07:17Market Associated blue gem so let's
07:20remove those so we can more easily see
07:22what the deals are good and what are not
07:25let's also sort that and there we have
07:29the scale of the best items possible I
07:32think it is very easy to see that on
07:34average 145 is the percentage you get on
07:39skins monkey for your items now we want
07:42to see what item we get the best
07:44percentage we can get is this stat check
07:46Desert Eagle Ocean Drive which we get
07:49148 for which is not too far off of the
07:53average and you can expect that this
07:55average price is nothing where you make
07:57a good profit so let's try to fight
08:01items on the side that are priced really
08:03well and if you find anything under this
08:05value we can make a profitable trade so
08:09this is now the most time consuming part
08:11I will be back after I find the skin
08:13that makes us a good amount of profit so
08:16here we are with our first item I found
08:19this well sorry
08:22where is it oh here
08:240.01 Navajo knife is sapphire for 865 at
08:30the moment navaja knives especially
08:32dopplers are heavily overpriced and
08:36really really hyped they are selling
08:39navaja knife that fire is selling on
08:41Buff at the moment for 680 so this would
08:45be a 126 percent and a really good
08:49profit if you just calculate it with the
08:51average we're getting that will prevent
08:5330 profit this is of course not
08:56realistic because it is really really
08:58overhyped at the moment and the chances
09:00are really good that this price we are
09:02calculating right now is not the actual
09:05price and we can sell it for in the end
09:07so I want to be safe so I'm taking the
09:10buy order price from buff which is 600
09:14and this is still a 44 a 144 and if you
09:20calculate that with the Desert Eagle 5
09:22example that would be around 2.5 profit
09:26which isn't too bad so the problem here
09:29is of course the deagle is not worth
09:31enough so they can just trade it for the
09:33navajas fire so let's search further
09:35through other items which we can afford
09:37better and then make a trade for them
09:43so we found another item this stiletto
09:46Crimson map field tested goes for 478 on
09:49skins monkey and for 334 on Buff which
09:53is around 133 which is pretty pretty
09:57good so let's put these in together with
10:00our Navajo I'm still not sure if I want
10:02to take that
10:03um but yet let's see what items we are
10:06trading of course I trade for profit so
10:09it it is not necessary to for me to go
10:11down to these items to just match the
10:13percentage I want only trade the most
10:17valuable items to take make the most
10:19money out of it so let's move that to my
10:22second monitor so I can fill this in we
10:25have the Desert Eagle Ocean Drive with
10:27one height and 48 really good
10:31um yeah I'll be back when I have put
10:33those items in these are the seven items
10:35that are valued at the best percentage
10:37they are kind of expensive yes I mean
10:41I'm glad to trade this this and this
10:44because Star Trek butterfly case have
10:46minimum wear Star Trek Factory new USPS
10:48Windstream and this Farmer's pools are
10:52really unliquid and really hard to trade
10:53so I'm glad to trade it on a trading
10:55side but that also means if you don't
10:58want to have three thousand dollars on
10:59the side we will have to find some more
11:02items and if you can't find enough just
11:04remove some items here so you can find
11:06the most profitable trade so detective
11:08neon is going back finding good deals on
11:10the side and yeah he will tell you when
11:12he found something good okay I have
11:15decided to take an Avoca knife tiger
11:17tooth even though it is really hype
11:20right now and the price is most likely
11:22not recent I think this is still a very
11:24good deal because just taking the buy
11:26orders this would be 140 so a really
11:30good deal with buyer which I think is a
11:32price we can rely on also this is a
11:360.006 float so we can expect get a few
11:40dollars more for that so we still have
11:42around 73 dollars to take so let's get
11:44some lower value items to finish our
11:50okay this is the deal we end up with we
11:55get 15 45 in balance and if we calculate
11:58that with the percentage we got on
12:00average go like this we get 10.80 still
12:03left through that balance I hope this is
12:07let's see how much these items are worth
12:09together in total the Bell
12:11the Bell five knives is worth
12:141497 it is 142 which is pretty good as
12:19on average we are depositing items
12:22around 147 so we should make around 3.1
12:27percent of profit let's do the trade and
12:30see how much our items are actually
12:32worth so remember this is the value we
12:35are getting
12:37so we got a trade offer let's see our
12:40plugin values are items at 1
12:43437 these are no special clothes so in
12:46totally we're making forty to eighty
12:48dollars of profit so I'd say accept the
12:51trade of course guys if you accept trade
12:53offers like this always always make sure
12:56that the steam registration date is the
12:58one shown here and if you've done that
13:00you can accept the trade just did that
13:03yeah and the trade is done we got these
13:07four knives straight locked so we can
13:08withdraw them as soon as they are
13:10tradable and we now have our trust in
13:13avocado knife Sapphire which is around
13:1511 more at the moment as we calculated
13:18because it's really overpriced right now
13:19but I priced it at 600 which I think is
13:23a fair price for it let's look at our
13:25new Beauty in game and here it is it's
13:28also a 0.01 so it's oh that's that's
13:31pretty clean yes
13:33here we are our new tech venue 0.01
13:38Sapphire and yeah I think I have proven
13:41once more that with experience comparing
13:43some prices as well as time and effort
13:46it is very possible to make a profit on
13:49these trading sites or at least save a
13:51lot of money thanks again to Mr skins
13:54monkey for sponsoring this video you can
13:56find my referral link down below for up
13:58to five dollar bonus on your first trade
14:01also do not forget to join the giveaway
14:02my boys I am neon and see you guys in
14:05next one
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I trade or exchange CS:GO skins?

You can trade or exchange CS:GO skins using gold traders, cash marketplaces, and bot marketplaces like SkinsMonkey. These platforms provide a variety of options for trading or exchanging CS:GO skins.

2. What strategy can I use to make a profit on SkinsMonkey?

One effective strategy to make a profit on SkinsMonkey is to price items with a reliable source like Buff and find items on the platform that have a lower percentage than the ones offered. This can help in identifying opportunities to make a profit while trading CS:GO skins on SkinsMonkey.

3. What are the different ways to trade or exchange CS:GO skins?

There are various ways to trade or exchange CS:GO skins, including using gold traders, cash marketplaces, and bot marketplaces like SkinsMonkey. Each method offers different advantages and it's important to choose the one that best suits your preferences and trading goals.

4. How can I maximize profit while trading CS:GO skins on SkinsMonkey?

To maximize profit while trading CS:GO skins on SkinsMonkey, it's important to use a reliable pricing source like Buff and look for items on the platform that have a lower percentage than the ones offered. This strategy can help in identifying profitable trading opportunities.

5. What insights does the video provide on trading CS:GO skins on SkinsMonkey in 2023?

The video provides insights into different ways of trading or exchanging CS:GO skins, including using platforms like SkinsMonkey. It also outlines a strategy to make profit on SkinsMonkey by pricing items with a reliable source like Buff and finding items with lower percentages. These insights are valuable for anyone interested in trading CS:GO skins in 2023.

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