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The video discusses the Social Security Expansion Act, which proposes a $200 raise in benefits starting in March. However, the act has not yet been passed and it will take time before it becomes a reality. It is important for beneficiaries to stay updated on any changes and updates to the Social Security benefits.
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The video discusses the Social Security expansion act, including a $200 per month raise starting in March.
The video addresses the question of when people will receive the $200 benefit raises.
It mentions that the Social Security expansion act is happening and has been discussed.
The video encourages viewers to check out other videos on their channel for more updates.
The Social Security Expansion Act proposes a $200 benefit raise per month, with SSI beneficiaries receiving double payments in March 2023.
Many people are concerned about when the $200 benefit raises will arrive.
The $200 benefit raises may not be enough to cover rising inflation prices and prescription drug costs.
SSI beneficiaries will receive double payments in March 2023, along with the potential $200 benefit raise.
The Social Security Expansion Act has been reintroduced, but it has not been passed yet and may undergo changes before implementation.
The act aims to expand Social Security benefits.
It is currently in the legislative process and needs to be passed by both the House of Representatives and Senate before being signed into law by President Joe Biden.
It is important for beneficiaries to stay updated on this topic as it will have significant implications for Social Security solvency and monthly benefit increases.
00:00the Social Security expansion act
00:02getting 200 per month raise in the month
00:05of March finally we are getting some
00:07magical details right here in this video
00:09we are going to cover will be going to
00:11receive Social Security 200 benefit
00:13raises in their social security benefits
00:15and this includes Social Security
00:17retirement disability SSDI survivors VA
00:21beneficiaries people on supplemental
00:23security income starting in the month of
00:25March are you going to receive your
00:27social security expansion act benefit
00:29raises well that's a really good
00:31question I have got from many of you
00:33right here in the community and that's a
00:35really great question today in this
00:37video I wanted to focus all the details
00:39right here in this video so without
00:41further Ado let's jump right into all
00:43the details all right guys now heading
00:45on to the social media YouTube if you
00:48check out the comments there are a lot
00:49of people right here into the community
00:51basically asking when we are going to
00:53receive Social Security expansion act
00:56200 benefit raises are we going to
00:58receive those benefits right here in
00:59winter March are those benefit raises
01:02coming right here along with our March
01:042023 benefits I see this the big concern
01:07showing up in the comment section there
01:09are many people basically wondering when
01:11we are going to be receiving those 200
01:13benefit raises per month are those
01:15benefits coming right here into the
01:17month of March well we are going to talk
01:19all the details regarding this one and
01:21honestly with the rapid and changing
01:23economy Bernie Sanders taking a further
01:26actions you already know that the social
01:28security expansion Act is not just a
01:30dream anymore it's happening it has been
01:33discussed and there are many
01:34conversation happening right here in
01:36most of the people right here in the
01:38community have this very important
01:39question is social security expansion
01:42Act passed or not during this video we
01:44are going to clearly answer this
01:45question and when you will be getting
01:47those benefit raises so without further
01:49Ado let's get right into it guys however
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02:13let's jump right into all the details
02:15alright guys so let's talk about the
02:17social security expansion act those
02:19important concerns many people have this
02:22big concern whether the Social Security
02:24expansion act has been passed or not
02:26many people in the community basically
02:28asking that when those 200 benefit
02:30raises are basically going to arrive we
02:33are struggling for the month and many
02:35people actually need this extra 200
02:37benefit raises and you know what guys
02:40even 200 benefit raises per month I
02:43think it's not yet enough considering
02:45the rising High inflation prices of
02:48goods and services this 200 benefit
02:51raises is not even enough now what
02:53really 200 can buy for you I mean basic
02:56necessities like food groceries but
02:59speaking of some senior citizens two
03:01hundred dollar benefit raises are not
03:03enough because the prescription drugs
03:05that they need to take you know these
03:07can easily wipe out that benefit raises
03:10those two hundred dollars but here's the
03:12thing guys I see these comments on many
03:14social medias literally every single day
03:16people are wondering like I didn't got
03:18my 200 benefit raises when those
03:21benefits will be arriving is it the
03:23month of March what's going on right
03:25here Senator Bernie Sanders has been
03:27putting forward the opinion has been
03:29introducing the bills but what is really
03:31going on so let me clarify all the
03:33details for you and give you all the
03:35details as far as what going on
03:37regarding the Social Security expansion
03:39act now when it comes down to the Social
03:41Security expansion act this is the build
03:43right over here right in front of us now
03:45this will proposes 200 benefit raises
03:48but it goes even beyond that it's not
03:51just 200 benefit raises per month and
03:54remember guys right here into the month
03:56of Mars 2023 speaking of your Social
03:59Security SSI benefit payment schedule
04:01you know what SSI beneficiaries will be
04:04lucky because they'll be going to
04:05receive double SSI payment right here
04:07into the month of March combining your
04:09double SSI benefits so it will be 1 828
04:13and on top of that if you receive your
04:16social security expansion act that is
04:18200 benefit raises now let me be clear
04:21on this I'm saying if you receive your
04:23social security expansion act 200
04:25benefit raises that will be around two
04:28thousand dollars just for SSI
04:29beneficiaries alone if you are not aware
04:31of the March 2023 benefits schedule well
04:34the first of the March where all those
04:36SSI beneficiaries typically get their
04:38March 2023 benefits and speaking of the
04:4131st of the March is when all those SSI
04:44beneficiaries again will be receiving
04:46the second SSI payment now remember this
04:48is not additional stimulus money it's
04:50just your April benefits coming few days
04:52early but one way or another through
04:54payment schedule quirks you'll be
04:56getting two SSI payment right here into
04:58the March 2020 three so I'm getting 200
05:01additional benefit raises through
05:03expansion act Social Security expansion
05:05act I mean that would be really nice
05:07just a few days ago Social Security
05:09expansion act has been reintroduced as a
05:12bill to increase social security
05:13benefits just few days ago by Bernie
05:16Sanders now the one of the important
05:18thing about the social security
05:20expansion act that it not only proposes
05:22those 200 per month benefit raises but
05:25it covers some additional aspects as
05:27well now Social Security expansion act
05:29has been evolved over the period of time
05:31originally this bill has been introduced
05:34in the early 2020 to provide a temporary
05:36increase in benefits and in the last
05:38year the Social Security expansion act
05:41has been reintroduced several times by
05:43Democratic senators including Bernie
05:45Sanders now if the Social Security
05:47expansion act would get passed well that
05:50will provide across the board benefit
05:52increases so that means whether your
05:54Social Security beneficiaries people
05:56receiving SSI supplemental security
05:58income SSDI AI benefit disability
06:01benefits people on VA retirement all
06:03those all across the board benefit
06:05increases will be happening it's written
06:07into the bill of the Social Security
06:09expansion act also there are some
06:12additional stuff like Social Security
06:13expansion act proposes some amendments
06:16to expand the social securities
06:18insolvency makes the Social Security
06:21benefits even more sustainable so these
06:24top CEOs you know they would have paid
06:263.4 billion dollar more in taxes in 2021
06:30under the Social Security expansion act
06:32if it was passed in the year 2021 so you
06:35know what having more money into the
06:37Social Security means these benefits can
06:39be distributed to the people those who
06:42need it the most so many people have
06:44this important question is social
06:46security expansion act has been passed
06:48or not so let's answer this one now
06:51speaking of the current conditions guys
06:53we are making this video as of 28th of
06:55the February 2023 while this bill has
06:58been reintroduced couple of times and it
07:01has been discussed greatly because the
07:03social securities insolvency is a big
07:05concern Social Security's reform is
07:08necessary to make the Social Security
07:10sustainable so that's why the Social
07:13Security expansion Act is in a great
07:14debate and remember guys the Social
07:16Security expansion act that we are
07:18seeing today as of right now might not
07:20be the final version of the act that
07:23should get passed and get into the
07:25implementation checking out the Bernie
07:27Sanders Twitter official page here you
07:28can see the latest update well recently
07:30this social security expansion act has
07:33been reintroduced and you know what the
07:35Social Security expansion act would
07:37expand the Social Security benefits to
07:39somebody making 160 000 right now paying
07:42exact same amount into Social Security
07:44as somebody making 10 billion dollars so
07:47this in many ways Social Security
07:48expansion Act is great now this social
07:51security expansion act has not been yet
07:53passed it has been reintroduced and
07:56there are a couple of actions happening
07:58onto it but as far as I know the
08:00legislative process before it can become
08:02a law it needs to be passed through both
08:05House of Representative and Senate
08:07before it can be signed into law by
08:09President Joe Biden now while it's so
08:11much encouraging to see the provisions
08:13being reintroduced and getting more
08:15support from many lawmakers it's very
08:18important to manage expectations and
08:20understand that it will take some time
08:22before it can become a reality in
08:24meantime it's very important for
08:26beneficiaries to keep up to date on to
08:28this important topic because this is
08:30gonna be the most important one
08:32regarding the Social Security solvency
08:34the monthly benefit increases and all
08:37the updates like I said I wanted to give
08:39you the clear answer are social security
08:41recipients getting extra 200 per month
08:43well here is the thing guys as of
08:45current details know the Social Security
08:47expansion act not been passed remember
08:50it has been reintroduced there are
08:52things happening onto it it's very
08:54important to manage your expectations
08:56and understand it will take some time to
08:58become a reality things are moving
09:00rapidly so I will keep you up to date on
09:02any sort of changes and updates to the
09:04Social Security benefits to stay updated
09:06make sure to subscribe to our Channel
09:08how to guys with turn on all the Bell
09:10notifications so you'll never miss new
09:12updates from our Channel and make sure
09:14to hit that like that really helps us
09:15share this video and this is kedar from
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the Social Security Expansion Act proposing?

The Social Security Expansion Act is proposing a $200 raise in benefits starting in March.

2. Has the Social Security Expansion Act been passed?

No, the act has not yet been passed and it will take time before it becomes a reality.

3. Why is it important for beneficiaries to stay updated on any changes to Social Security benefits?

It is important for beneficiaries to stay updated on any changes and updates to the Social Security benefits to ensure they are aware of any potential increase or adjustments in their benefits.

4. When is the proposed $200 raise in benefits scheduled to start?

The proposed $200 raise in benefits is scheduled to start in March.

5. What should beneficiaries do while waiting for the Social Security Expansion Act to be passed?

While waiting for the Social Security Expansion Act to be passed, beneficiaries should stay informed about the progress of the act and be proactive in understanding potential changes to their benefits.

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