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The video is a guide on how to obtain the Wish Ender bow in Destiny 2 solo. The process involves completing the Shadow Throne dungeon twice, presenting a Talisman, and collecting tokens. The video also warns of bugs and offers tips for navigating difficult areas.
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To get the Wish-Ender in Destiny 2, you need to own Forsaken and go to the quest archive in the Helm or Tower to find the Wish-Ender quest.
The quest requires you to go into the Shadow Throne dungeon and present the Talisman.
You will need to run the dungeon twice, once to present the Talisman and once to cleanse tokens.
There are bugs and challenges with the quest, but the streamer offers help and can complete it in about 10 minutes.
To obtain Wish-Ender, you need to present your Talisman before completing the tokens and symbols.
Tokens cannot be completed without presenting the Talisman.
If you die on any symbol, you have to start from the beginning.
Be cautious of the enemy with a one-hit melee attack.
Falling off the map or making risky jumps should be avoided.
Tips for navigating the Wish-Ender quest solo:
Be cautious of enemies that can one-shot you.
Kill the yellow bar enemy to open the door.
Take out the ads at the top before proceeding.
Use a Scout or sniper rifle to pick off enemies in the middle area.
Hunters can use their abilities to bypass the middle area.
Warlocks can use Daybreak with Heat Rises to fly across.
Titans on solar subclass can run through the middle.
Alternatively, jump up on the ledge and jump across if needed.
Use healing abilities or items during the challenging "walk of shame" section.
Shoot the phalanxes in the feet to minimize damage.
Be cautious of melee attacks that can kill you.
Consider changing loadouts if necessary.
The section covers tips for dealing with health glitches, obtaining a secret chest, and navigating the final ogre room in the dungeon.
Jump down to get the first secret chest while playing
Watch out for bugs where health doesn't come back, and use specific gear or abilities to restore it
Approach the final ogre room, and be prepared to go through it twice
Navigate carefully to avoid blights on the wall and deal with enemies
The first step to get Wish Ender involves extinguishing orbs and defeating the ogre, followed by depositing the tokens in different dishes.
Extinguish orbs while being careful of the orbs shot by the ogre.
Defeat the ogre, which may require multiple phases.
Deposit the tokens in different dishes after killing all the Wizards.
If the quest bugs out, try picking it up on another character, and presenting the Talisman may yield three dreaming tokens.
This section explains how to obtain the first token and the location of the second token for the Wish-Ender quest in Destiny 2.
The first token is obtained by completing a task.
The second token is located in the ogre room after defeating all the ogres.
Using the melee key while carrying the relic can make it go faster.
In the thrall room, using the melee key can help navigate through quickly.
The section explains how to progress through the dungeon, emphasizing the importance of not dying and the ability to do the tokens separately.
If you die, you have to start from the beginning of the dungeon, so it's important to be careful.
The tokens don't have to be done all at once; they can be done separately.
It's possible to have all the checkpoints to do each token without having to do the whole dungeon at once.
To obtain Wish-Ender in Destiny 2 solo, the player needs to deposit the orb, kill the mini-boss, deposit the final token, and kill the final ogre.
Deposit the orb to spawn the mini-boss.
Kill the mini-boss named Zavoth.
Deposit the final token of Zavoth.
Kill the final ogre to obtain Wish-Ender.
00:00all right what is going on everybody so
00:01if you're looking to get wish under in
00:03Destiny 2 in 2023 in order to get it you
00:06do need to own Forsaken and what you
00:08want to do is you can go to the helm or
00:09the tower and you want to go under the
00:12quest archive and here under Exotics and
00:14Legacy you will see the wish under quest
00:16in here I already have it but I'll put a
00:17pop-up on what the screen looks like it
00:19will say wish enter and then it will say
00:20present Talisman to awoken Warrior and
00:23basically what we need to do is we need
00:25to go in to the shadow Throne dungeon
00:28and we need to present this Talisman so
00:30if you're gonna have to run this dungeon
00:31two times up to the Statue so one to
00:34present the Talisman and one two
00:36cleanser tokens and before we start if
00:38you do need any help as you can see at
00:39the bottom left of the screen we have
00:41about what 2251 exotic helps I have all
00:44the checkpoints for white sander as you
00:45can see I have one now so if you ever
00:47want help getting with Center if you
00:48don't feel like doing it Solo or you're
00:50struggling come by the stream
00:52slash twerks I'll gladly help you out it
00:54will take us like 10 minutes it won't be
00:55bad at all but anyways moving on into
00:57the quest now there are plenty of bugs
00:59with this Quest to start off Quest can
01:01be kind of a pain sometimes and doing
01:03the dungeon all the way through up to
01:05the Statue can be very tough solo but
01:07it's a nice challenge if you want one
01:08and like I said if you want help want to
01:10get it done a lot faster than that I'll
01:12gladly help you out in getting it so
01:14starting off we're going to do the
01:16opening Encounter of the dungeon I'm
01:18going to explain the encounters as we go
01:20that way you kind of have an idea of
01:22what I'm doing as well as what you need
01:24to do if you're just going to follow
01:25along with this Quest I will also upload
01:28another video if you already know how to
01:29do the dungeon and everything and you
01:30just want to know how to cleanse the
01:32tokens and how to resent your Talisman I
01:34will upload a shorter version for a wish
01:37enter Because I know you know this video
01:38isn't for everyone but this video is
01:40mostly for people that are solo players
01:43or are new to the game and just kind of
01:45need a guide like this
01:47so for this encounter basically all
01:49we're doing is killing ads as well as
01:52the yellow bar labyrinths that are going
01:54to be on each symbol and each time you
01:56kill those yellow bar labyrinths as well
01:59as the ads around them a new symbol is
02:01gonna spawn so I'm gonna put a map of
02:04all the locations basically it might
02:06help you a little bit for finding the
02:09symbol that you have to go to the
02:10symbols are randomized it's not in any
02:11order so you could just be running back
02:14and forth and
02:15could be a pain sometimes but that's
02:18just how it is
02:19so what I'm going to do
02:21is as you can see we start off here
02:25just gonna kill these ads
02:27a good Loadout for this if you're
02:29wondering I like using lament but if you
02:32don't have lemon or if you don't want to
02:33run swords you want to play the um like
02:36the slower pass or the slower paced
02:39route you can go like blinding grenades
02:41uh with like a linear or a bow or
02:45something like that but for the most
02:46part a sword for this beginning will be
02:48pretty good because a lot of these
02:52are you know very up close and personal
02:54the first symbol we go to is going to be
02:56the U snake so once we're done killing
02:58everything awesome I'm sorry if I'm
02:59talking fast there's a ton of
03:01to explain as we do it but I've done
03:06this so many times
03:07as well so if I'm going too quick I'm
03:09trying not to like speed run through it
03:11but I'm also trying not to um let go too
03:14so I want to like keep the pace nice to
03:16where I could just
03:17do the quest and follow us
03:19video as we go
03:22we'll use our Lament
03:25that Lazarus is dead and then we got our
03:26next symbol so we get fish so
03:29we're actually getting
03:31something pretty close together which is
03:33also you gotta watch out for the uh the
03:36phalanxes in this balances in general
03:38just will randomly One Tap you and doing
03:41this dungeon plenty of times out of
03:43nowhere these phalanxes in this dungeon
03:45we'll do that too so
03:49be on the lookout for that
03:52it gets annoying but like these right
03:55here yeah like they'll just melee you
03:58and it'll be a guaranteed One Tap so
04:00next symbol we have is infinite snake so
04:02we're gonna
04:03run a little bit
04:09and when I show the token so basically
04:11when you present your task when you're
04:13gonna get three tokens and people think
04:16that you can do the tokens before
04:17presenting your Talisman and
04:19unfortunately that's not how it works so
04:21if you're doing the tokens right now and
04:24you haven't presented your Talisman you
04:25are not going to get the bow
04:28so I'm gonna say that now that way
04:30you're not confused if you are watching
04:32this and you're doing the tokens right
04:34now make sure you have
04:36presented your Talisman already
04:42kill this dude
04:46oh we got some ammo too which is nice
04:49there we go next symbol is dragon
04:56so we have the dragon symbol left I have
04:59the bird symbol up there and then the
05:02six nine fish one is down there
05:08listen if you if you want to try this
05:10Quest solo before you ask me for help or
05:12anything go for it I know some people
05:14don't have that much time and could be
05:16kind of stressful trying to
05:18do this Quest solo even me sometimes I
05:22I lose my mind
05:25all right so six nine fish can actually
05:27just take a shortcut
05:30be careful this is the one I would say
05:32pop your super on for sure only because
05:34I fought bubble and like every Super on
05:37this guy and he
05:39is a failing so he has that melee that
05:41will just one tap you
05:43so be careful here because if you die on
05:45any of these symbols you have to start
05:46from the beginning
05:49does not fawn
05:51we have the bird symbol to finish things
06:00it's gonna make our way
06:04my keyboard is kind of broken so when I
06:06jump it just like sticks or like double
06:08clicks it so that uses my jump I gotta
06:10be careful
06:11yeah if you fall off the map or anything
06:13here try to like
06:15not to do any crazy jumps
06:18like I said this is my last symbol so if
06:19I die here I gotta start from the
06:21beginning which
06:22I do not want to happen
06:28but he wanted
06:31tracking on the wrong enemies
06:35and you know that you're done with all
06:37these symbols because the symbol that
06:39spawns in looks like that that's how you
06:40know you're done
06:41so that means we gotta go back to the
06:47I'm just gonna keep running these sniper
06:49rifles up top too can be a pain
06:52I usually miss the most of those shots
06:54but sometimes they have really good
06:57tracking they turn on X Games mode and
06:59the Aimbot comes on but
07:03we come back to the beginning where we
07:05started we had this final symbol here
07:16and there we go there is the first
07:17encounter done
07:19so that's how you do the first encounter
07:20when we do the tokens later I'm not
07:22going to show how to do the whole first
07:24encounter everything only because
07:27we have already done this so I feel like
07:29I don't have to show that again
07:32so now we're gonna get this weird thing
07:34on our screen where we can't see for a
07:36second it will go away and if it doesn't
07:37just run backwards and then run forward
07:40and we should be all right
07:44and for this part there's a nice little
07:46shortcut that we can take so you jump up
07:48here then you can jump on that rock but
07:50I'm not going to do that because not
07:52everyone can jump like that so we're
07:54gonna start from down here you don't
07:55have to kill all these enemies
07:58you can run past them
08:02the taken do melt your health
08:05super quick so you could be full health
08:07and out of nowhere you're one shot
08:09also watch out for this Phalanx that
08:10hides over here
08:13he can be scary
08:15and yeah here we are so we get to the
08:17top and there's going to be a yellow bar
08:18enemy that we gotta kill
08:21but I would recommend
08:23killing some enemies before there's
08:25gonna be see here's the enemy that we
08:27gotta kill the asterian
08:29so we kill him
08:31and that will open that door but there's
08:33gonna be like ads all up top and stuff
08:36you gotta play it safe and for this next
08:40I call this the walkashame if you've
08:42ever taken a walk of shame which is
08:44basically what it is you've never done
08:46it uh everyone's staring at you you have
08:49to run down this middle area now if you
08:50want to play it safe and put a Scout
08:52rifle on or a sniper rifle and just pick
08:54some of these enemies off you totally
08:55can do that take your time don't feel
08:57like you have to rush
08:59um if you're on Hunter you can end this
09:00all the way through
09:02uh the middle drawn warlock uh Daybreak
09:05with heat rises you could just fly the
09:06end and on Titan you're on solar
09:11we can just run for it
09:13down the middle now if you can't do that
09:15just jump up on that ledge over there
09:17and jump across
09:21this is probably the hardest part that
09:22you'll encounter is trying to make it
09:24through the walk of shame but
09:28you have a healing Aid or anything just
09:30try to use that like to use my hammer a
09:33lot here
09:34shoot these phalanxes in the feet there
09:36see there's that melee I got to be
09:37careful for because
09:40that will kill us for sure
09:46and there we go so like I said you saw
09:49how many enemies were shooting at me and
09:50how much
09:51it wasn't doing as much damage because
09:53I'm on solar Titan with Laura Lee which
09:55is just disgusting but
09:57I'm Gonna Change to Lions right here but
10:00yeah you got to be careful on that part
10:02for sure and this next encounter is this
10:05walk beam if you ever done ballet or
10:07something basically these ogres are
10:09going to be shooting you as you walk on
10:11there so if you want to put a sniper
10:12rifle on or a Scout rifle once again let
10:15me see if I have anything so I have my
10:16succession here so
10:20can shoot them
10:24shoot the other over take your time here
10:29these elkers just
10:31are so annoying I think if you die here
10:32you actually start
10:34all the way back at the top so
10:35definitely be careful that's why I like
10:39kill these ogres before I even consider
10:43running too far
10:48we're just gonna keep running it's gonna
10:50be more ergos that spawn in
10:58if I'm going too fast and you want to
11:00pause the video Feel Free
11:02kill this ogre to the right that's gonna
11:04spawn in
11:06now sometimes you see where those
11:08blights are sometimes the ogre will
11:10spawn in there and the blight will spot
11:12in like on the other side sometimes it
11:14depends like like back there for example
11:18um it just those first two ogres are
11:20always there usually but sometimes they
11:22occasionally spot in somewhere else so
11:24you just got to be careful for that
11:26that's killed me
11:28way too many times and then we're gonna
11:30have two more ogres here at the end one
11:31to the left one to the right you can
11:33kind of just run for it and then and
11:35kill this ogre
11:37oh we don't get slammed off the map so
11:41yeah be careful
11:44and then in this room so this room is
11:47the first raw room and you won't be able
11:50to like Sprint or you can't double jump
11:54or anything and when you take damage you
11:56actually don't get your health back so
11:58you gotta be careful in this room the
12:00straw look they're very weak they die
12:02super quick
12:05I'll show you how quick the health will
12:06go down let me see
12:09and it doesn't go back you see how my
12:11health went down it's just stuck there
12:13so if I want to get it back I have my
12:14healing need and really quickly if you
12:16want the first secret chest while we're
12:18doing it might as well you see this beam
12:20down here just jump down
12:23Loop this chest see if you get anything
12:26and come back to the portal
12:35Just Gonna Keep spraying these enemies
12:39they don't look deadly but they are
12:46subsistence he's just rolling through
12:48them though
12:49give me my ammo back I'm gonna get my
12:51shot in the magazine
12:55we're almost there was gonna keep
12:57running a little bit
12:58now after you jump down here sometimes
13:00there's a bug where you don't get your
13:03health back
13:04um and further in this
13:08you will need to go into that room so if
13:10you make it here and your health doesn't
13:11come back I'll see if mine does it might
13:15but if it doesn't change to solar see
13:17mine did put a hearing aid on
13:20um if you're on Hunter put worm husk on
13:22and Dodge that will give you your health
13:26but there's little bugs like that
13:30that can get annoying so
13:32I'm also going to take my sniper rifle
13:34off now
13:36and we're gonna be approaching the final
13:38ogre room so this is going to be the
13:39final room that we need to do for the
13:43and remember we got to do this through
13:46so this is the first run
13:49just gotta watch out for those blights
13:50on the wall
13:51there's gonna be a bunch of phalanxes up
13:53here you take this little shortcut not
13:56really shortcut but like past well there
13:58goes my space key
13:59don't mind that
14:01gotta get a new keyboard
14:03yeah we uh could just jump up here kind
14:06of slip by him real quick
14:09and there we go we're not gonna worry
14:10about them
14:13and we're gonna keep going down
14:20now there is a bug where if you run too
14:23you see how there's no like um
14:26like thing at the top I'll show you like
14:27the eye I forgot what it is but you run
14:31you see how it does it like the no
14:32revive logo if you jump down there and
14:35that's not there sometimes the ogres
14:37won't spawn in and you'll either have to
14:41um something to make it back up here to
14:43start it or unfortunately since you're
14:44solo you'd have to do the dungeon again
14:47so always make sure you're doing this
14:50right now just run here and no matter
14:53just to make sure the game registers run
14:55back here and then do it again just to
14:57make sure because trust me the last
14:59thing you want is having to do this
15:00again solo we've already made it to the
15:04and then for this part there's gonna be
15:06a bunch of wizards that spawn in so
15:07there's gonna be one in the middle one
15:09to the left one straight across and one
15:12to the right when we kill the Wizards it
15:15is going to drop a petitioner's mark
15:17buff so I'm gonna show you so we kill
15:20one and it drops that little circle
15:22that's petitioner's Mark and as you can
15:24see we have a timer on our screen for
15:26like 40 seconds once I hit zero we die
15:29to extend the timer we just kill the
15:31next one
15:33pick up the petitioner's mark
15:36and as you can see we get more time back
15:41and we're just going to keep killing
15:42them until we get
15:46each of their Buffs so time story then
15:49our last one is over here and these four
15:51dishes in the middle as you see there
15:53was some over there we just have to
15:54deposit in one of those to start DPS
15:57phase so either one it doesn't matter
15:58which one
16:00truthfully you can go for any of them
16:07and as you can see we killed the last
16:09one we have petitioners burden so since
16:11the ogre is kind of close to this one
16:13I'm gonna extinguish in here
16:16he's gonna shoot these little orbs be
16:18careful for those because those will
16:19kill you
16:21and I'm just gonna lament him now it
16:23won't always be a one phase
16:25we could try to get close to one face
16:27but I don't think we'll get one right
16:31because I don't have to under crash or
16:32bubble or anything on but that's all
16:34right if you got a two face you got a
16:38it's no big deal
16:40we just gotta spam lament in hope so all
16:43right we do end up getting the one face
16:44and if you don't want to face that's all
16:46right basically do the same thing
16:48killing all the Wizards get petitioners
16:51Mark times four you can't deposit in the
16:54same dish so I deposited in that one I
16:56could deposit in this one and this one
16:59or that one and then kill the ogre
17:03and yeah that's it so that is for the
17:06first step that says present Talisman it
17:09will say step one of one but that is not
17:11the only step so your quest is gonna
17:13disappear I'm gonna show on the screen
17:14what the tokens look like right so it
17:17will say approach you want to get up
17:18nice and close to the Statue right here
17:20sometimes people are like all the way
17:21back here and they're like it's not
17:23doing anything you want to get up nice
17:25and close and if you do this and you
17:27have the quest in your inventory and
17:29it's not working try picking the quest
17:31up on another character because
17:34sometimes this Quest does bug out we've
17:36had that a couple times where people
17:37join they can't present their Talisman
17:39and it just doesn't work on that
17:41character for some reason so you can do
17:43it on a different character and if you
17:45don't feel like doing this again like I
17:46said I'll help you do it and once you
17:48present your topspin you're gonna get
17:49three dreaming tokens and with these
17:52dreaming tokens we have to cleanse them
17:53and turn them into waking tokens in the
17:56dungeon so what I'm going to do is I'm
17:58going to show you how to do the all
17:59three of those tokens and if you want to
18:02follow along you can I'm not gonna to
18:04show the whole dungeon again but I'll
18:05show each token and what I do for it so
18:07for the first token we're going to reset
18:09our checkpoint progress and we're going
18:11to load back into the start of the
18:13dungeon so once we load into the dungeon
18:14we have our three dreaming tokens we
18:16have the dreaming tokens of queerum we
18:17have the dreaming tokens of aravix as
18:19well as the dreaming tokens of zamoth so
18:22zavoth is actually the final ogre that
18:25giant ogre so that token is going to be
18:27last the first token we're gonna take
18:29care of right now so where we need to go
18:33is we need to make it right up there the
18:36top of that's where the dragon symbol is
18:39so we're gonna head to that token now do
18:41this token first before you do the
18:44symbols because once you complete this
18:46encounter like you do all the symbols
18:47that orb will actually despawn
18:49so make sure the first thing you do in
18:51this dungeon is go take uh take care of
18:53that orb
18:55so if we don't do that token you gotta
18:57do the opening encounter again so I'm
18:59trying to give you every tip I have
19:01that's what she said but anyways um
19:03trying to give all the tips that
19:06I know just from doing this so many
19:15so yeah we're just gonna run past those
19:17enemies real quick
19:19take our little shortcut here
19:22jump up on this tree
19:24hopefully your movement's okay because
19:26you're gonna have to use it here
19:29we just jump on top of this
19:31statue and here is the first streaming
19:34token that we're gonna take care of
19:38and take that
19:40jump across
19:43and if you don't make it right if you
19:45say you fall you could just climb right
19:47down there where I'm looking at you
19:49could just climb that tree and you'll
19:50make it
19:52but you should be able to make this jump
19:53no problem there's a couple other ways
19:55to make it too but
19:56this is the easiest way so we're going
19:57to deposit this token and that is going
20:00to spawn in too many bosses so the first
20:11lament is just having a fun time so this
20:14is the first token
20:17that we're gonna do
20:19my lament is just I don't know what's
20:21going on right now but
20:23there we go so there's the first token
20:25done so the dreaming token is going to
20:27turn into the waking token so that's
20:29going to be the first token and now we
20:31got to do is do the encounter normally
20:32and we're gonna make it remember that
20:34ogre room where we had like those little
20:36ballet beams that we had to balance on
20:38and kill those elkers that is where the
20:40second token is gonna be so I'm gonna
20:41continue the video at that second token
20:43encounter I'm gonna show you how to do
20:44the second token okay so once we make it
20:46to the ocher room you want to take care
20:48of all the ogres that way you don't
20:50gotta worry about them when you're doing
20:51the tokens I already did that to make it
20:54easier for myself so for the first token
20:56once we do kill all those ogres and get
20:59them out of the way there's gonna be the
21:01first Relic over here
21:04we're just gonna carry this one
21:10and you can whatever your melee key is
21:12you can actually
21:14um swing The Relic makes it go a lot
21:17so whatever you use for your melee if
21:19you jump
21:20in melee it goes way faster than normal
21:22so it's just a quick tip to
21:26hopefully save you a little time or if
21:27you're you know not killing the ogres
21:29and you want to try to stay alive excuse
21:31your melee
21:33jump melee jump melee on the Rock and
21:36you'll move you definitely want to use
21:37it where this thrall room is up here
21:40that way you can you know get through
21:42that room as quick as possible without
21:43the straw
21:44killing us so
21:50every time I jump
21:52automatically uses everything
21:55stupid keyboard
21:59once we get into this room I'm gonna put
22:00back more Leon for now just when we take
22:06so we're slowed in this room so like
22:08once again we can't Sprint
22:10we can't jump we're gonna pick this
22:11Relic up to the right now this is the
22:14second token as these basically three
22:16parts to it so we do that first token
22:19there and then we grab this one
22:22and we're just gonna run with it
22:25and once again we're still on
22:27that second token
22:33so it'll be the dreaming token of
22:36has a couple parts to it but
22:39doesn't take that long
22:41just jump and use your melee keep doing
22:48and if you'll notice I'm gonna deposit
22:51the orb right here
22:54and before when we went this way that
22:56door straight across was not open
22:59but since we're doing the tokens as you
23:01can see it's in that statue's hand over
23:06that's how we know that we're doing it
23:07correctly if those doors aren't open you
23:08missed one of those tokens that I just
23:10showed you
23:11something's messed up so what we're
23:13gonna do
23:14is we're gonna jump across now I will
23:16say if you die at any part before
23:20killing this boss in here you do have to
23:23do both of those two tokens again so
23:25really quickly if you die there are a
23:28couple different ways that you can get
23:29back up you mostly want salvation's grip
23:31to just boost you back up but you can
23:33use salvation's grip you don't have to
23:35start from scratch if you have a buddy
23:37as well that has salvation script what
23:39you can do is they jump up here
23:43and then you want to jump on top of this
23:45statue's head which I'm not going to do
23:47because I don't have
23:48um lines on and you shoot
23:51your salvation's grip on that wall and
23:54you can actually make it back up and you
23:56just go back to where that ogre
23:58encounter room is I'm not going to do it
24:00all because you know for the sake of the
24:02video but if you do die on that part you
24:05have salvation equipper if anyone else
24:06has it they can help you just climb back
24:10up do the tokens again
24:14kill the boss because if you die here
24:16you will have to start from the very
24:18beginning of the dungeon so
24:21be careful you also don't have to do all
24:24these tokens
24:25at once like if you want to do one token
24:28first and like you get bored or
24:32like the very beginning token I want the
24:33like opening of the dungeon if you want
24:35to do that one like have one waking
24:37token and the other two or three main
24:39tokens if you want to get back to the
24:40quest in like a week you can do that
24:43all three of the dreaming tokens don't
24:45have to be done in one run
24:47we actually never do them in one run I
24:49usually have
24:50all the checkpoints to where we do each
24:52token without having to do the whole
24:54Dungeon Because doing the whole dungeon
24:56can take a while so
25:01our Hammer pick that back up and once we
25:04kill enough adds aerofix will spawn in
25:09I don't know what they're doing but
25:12they're really easy to kill not bad at
25:16and then once we kill the boss these
25:18doors will open back up
25:29those blights on the wall
25:32fill those phalanx
25:40keep running
25:46once again these phalanxes will just
25:49kind of slip past them
26:03once we jump back down don't
26:06forget to turn around here
26:09just in case like I said if I jump down
26:11there it won't start
26:13so I'm gonna jump backwards to actually
26:15start the encounter
26:18and for this part remember how we would
26:20dunk after killing all those Wizards
26:22with our petitioner's Mark and then kill
26:25the ogre this time we're not going to do
26:27that we actually have to spawn a mini
26:28ogre in
26:31so what that means
26:33is once we deposit partitioners Mark
26:36into one of those
26:39there is going to be a invisible
26:41Minotaur that's going to spawn and I'll
26:42show you where he spawns and people say
26:43that it's bugged and he doesn't spawn in
26:46but nine times out of ten he is there
26:48I've done this
26:49hundreds of times and there's not been
26:51one time to where he didn't spawn in
26:53so I'll show you where his spawning he
26:56only spawns in after you dunk
26:58petitioner's mark
27:00so we kill the first wizard I always go
27:02this way always go to the left when
27:04we're starting
27:06because we want to end
27:08and deposit on that side over there
27:13all these enemies
27:15be careful for the ogre because he'll
27:17just start lasering you out of nowhere
27:30kill that one
27:37I'm gonna kill these enemies
27:42and there's petitioners burning so we're
27:45gonna deposit in this one it doesn't
27:46have to be this one but it's the closest
27:48one to where the invisible Minotaur was
27:50one in so we'll come out of that wall
27:51and he'll be right here
27:54so he always spawns out of that it's
27:56really easy to find him but if you're
27:58late to him he will actually like run
28:00around the map and he could be like over
28:03here over there he'll move and as you're
28:05doing it this ogre is going to be
28:07shooting these
28:10you just shoot them as you run
28:13and we're gonna run with the orb right
28:16over here I actually have a heavy brick
28:17waiting for us too which is nice and
28:19once we deposit that orb the mini over
28:22is gonna spawn in so we have the final
28:25dreaming token zavoth
28:29and once we kill him we'll get the
28:30pop-up saying waking token of zavoth and
28:33all we gotta do now is kill this final
28:37just like we did before
28:41so I'll take care of that really quickly
28:49let me just pick up a bunch of ammo
28:52as we go
28:58I like using Arc for this usually but
29:02when you're doing it solo
29:05he's having healing grenades and
29:07especially on Titan
29:09having the hammer is just so good
29:13all right so we get petitioner's burden
29:18the over is kind of hugging this one
29:20but be careful when he sprays you like
29:23ridiculous sometimes so we deposit
29:26then we're just gonna kill him just like
29:28before well we got a one face hopefully
29:30but you never know sometimes
29:32gets messed up and if you die on this
29:35ogre after you get the last token of Zap
29:38off the waking token that's okay you
29:40just have to kill this ogre
29:42so if you fail after you get your waking
29:45token that's okay just
29:48make your way you don't got to do the
29:49token over again as long as it says
29:51waking in your inventory you'll be all
29:54right oh my gosh
29:57that's that is what you hate to see
30:01that box right there but that's right
30:03we'll just kill I'll show you how uh two
30:05phase isn't that bad
30:12that's what I'm saying sometimes this
30:13dungeon is just super buggy
30:21there's times two
30:38there we go so we have this final
30:42one that we gotta kill
30:46there's that this ogre is going in so
30:49yeah we just deposit again
30:57and there is wish enter in all its Glory
30:59easy peasy so we killed that over
31:04and what we're gonna do
31:07is we're gonna actually approach this
31:09statue again now sometimes people are
31:11saying that like they'll have all the
31:12waking tokens and they couldn't collect
31:14the bully said like two of these are
31:15glowing ignore that go right up and
31:18close to this statue and collect your
31:20bow and you will get it
31:21and that is gonna be it on how to get
31:23wish under in Destiny 2. I tried to go
31:26through everything as quick as I could
31:27but not rush anything and explain
31:30everything I was doing so if this video
31:32did help let me know if you have any
31:34questions or once again if you do need
31:35any help wishing or by yourself could
31:38take a little bit and if I help you with
31:40it it will literally take us I like I
31:42love doing wishing or help it's you know
31:43one of my favorite things to do will
31:44take us like 10 minutes I'm not like
31:46over exaggerating that at all will it be
31:4810 minutes you join on my checkpoint you
31:50present your Talisman you get your three
31:52tokens and then we cleanse them which I
31:54have all the checkpoints for those save
31:56you all your time get stuff done and you
31:58know it's fun to do it with people so if
32:00you need any help or anything like that
32:02come by the stream slash
32:03Triggs or just come by when I'm Live on
32:05YouTube either one works this is gonna
32:07be it for the video and I'll see you all
32:08in the next one all right peers
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the process for obtaining the Wish Ender bow in Destiny 2 solo?

The process involves completing the Shadow Throne dungeon twice, presenting a Talisman, and collecting tokens.

2. What does the video warn about regarding the Wish Ender bow in Destiny 2?

The video warns of bugs and offers tips for navigating difficult areas during the process of obtaining the Wish Ender bow.

3. How can I obtain the Wish Ender bow in Destiny 2 solo?

To obtain the Wish Ender bow solo in Destiny 2, you need to complete the Shadow Throne dungeon twice, present a Talisman, and collect tokens as demonstrated in the video.

4. What are the key steps for obtaining the Wish Ender bow in Destiny 2 solo according to the video?

The key steps include completing the Shadow Throne dungeon twice, presenting a Talisman, and collecting tokens, as highlighted in the video guide.

5. What are the difficulties and challenges highlighted in the video related to obtaining the Wish Ender bow in Destiny 2?

The video highlights bugs and provides valuable tips for navigating through difficult areas while obtaining the Wish Ender bow in Destiny 2 solo.

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