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The video shows a trick to get Canva Pro for free, by visiting a specific website and following the steps outlined. It demonstrates how to access all features of Canva Pro, including unrestricted photo usage and resizing options. The video encourages viewers to share and follow the steps to access Canva Pro.
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This section of the video provides instructions on how to access Canva Pro for free.
The speaker asks viewers to share, like, subscribe, and follow the steps.
The speaker demonstrates how to navigate to the Tingo bingo page.
Viewers are instructed to search for "kemba kenva" on the Tingo bingo page.
The speaker advises viewers to click on the first or second entry that appears and then click on the link provided.
To access Canva Pro for free, wait for the countdown to reach zero and click on the button that appears.
After clicking the button, select any option that appears.
If prompted to log in, enter your account details.
Once logged in, click on the button that appears to proceed.
Change to Canva Pro by clicking on "Create a design" and selecting "Canva Pro" from the options.
In this section, the speaker explains how to resize photos and use Canva Pro features.
Photos can be resized without any restrictions in Canva Pro.
Canva Pro users can change the measurements of an image and resize it accordingly.
The speaker invites viewers to explore other Canva Pro options and follow the steps provided.
The speaker emphasizes that the information is being shared and not from their own page.
00:00welcome to this video My name is
00:02Anthony Carrión I am going to show you the
00:03definitive trick to be able to have Camba
00:06Pro totally free, there have been many
00:09videos and Google YouTube has removed them
00:11But this time I am going to show you the
00:13definitive trick because I even
00:16had a video and it has also been removed
00:17But I am sure that this video is going to
00:19stay and it will be useful to you and many
00:21other people if you share it So the
00:23first thing I am going to ask you is that
00:25you share This video that you give it a thumbs
00:26up that Subscribe and follow
00:28all the steps that I am going to teach you.
00:30Now if you realize, I am here on
00:32the Tingo bingo page, so
00:34at the top all you are going to do is put
00:36bingo OK. I am here on the Tingo bingo
00:39page. bingo Tingo Look, I'm going to
00:41go back so it should appear to you
00:43bingo Tingo Ok then you are going to go here to this
00:46Lupita and you are going to write kemba kenva with
00:49k and NBA and then you are going to press the
00:52enter or enter key OK And they are going to appear to you
00:57some entries, some articles, you are going to
01:00click on the first one. Or else, on the second one, in
01:03case the first one doesn't work for you, you give it to the
01:05second one. Then you are going to click on
01:07this one that says kemba and you are going to go down here,
01:10here it says the link. link
01:12any other information can appear to you it
01:13can tell you about anything else But
01:15you are going to go down here and you are going to look for a
01:18counter which is the one I am going to find
01:20now well what is this one here if you
01:23realize Here it is there is a counter of
01:26seconds So you are going to wait for it to
01:28reach zero Ok then we are going to
01:30wait well there is one second left and that's it
01:33now once it has finished
01:35counting you are going to click on the button that
01:37appears this button can appear or
01:38you Another button may appear but you
01:40click on the button that appears. After
01:42that, one of
01:44those options will appear if the same thing does not appear.
01:46Well, don't worry. Don't be scared, try
01:48clicking on any of the
01:50options. that appears here So
01:51I'm going to try to give the first
01:53option to the first button and as you see I
01:56get this option because I'm not
01:57logged in with my account so I'm going to
01:59enter my account and as you see it
02:01automatically starts loading now
02:04because it already I am logged in, it tells you, we
02:06welcome you to your team to
02:07change teams, then once
02:10this appears, click here on the button that
02:11appears below. Understand, if you
02:13realize the image is appearing out of focus
02:15and I am putting it that way for the sake of
02:17topic. copyright But if you
02:18notice, here you should see a button that says
02:20understood, you click on it and
02:22automatically you would have change,
02:24then you go here the hand at the top
02:25where it says create design and tests and this
02:28change Pro you go again down where It says
02:31custom size, you put any
02:32measurement, I'm going to put it at 1920 by 1080,
02:36which is Full HD, and we're going to try the
02:40canva options.
02:49You realize here the photos already
02:52appear without any restriction
02:54so you can use any
02:57photo even here if you
03:00resize the top part a
03:02gray crown appears when you do not have
03:04Canva Pro it appears yellow
03:06so that you can pay to use canva
03:08Pro but in this case I give it here
03:10resize I can change, for
03:12example this image, well I can put
03:15another measurement no, for example I can
03:17720 no and I leave it like this And I give it here copy
03:23and resize and it will do without
03:25any problem and as you can see, it has already been
03:27resized and has become smaller. This
03:29option is only when you have Camba
03:32Pro. Now I also invite you to
03:34review the other options that have
03:35Canva Pro and you yourself will see that they
03:37already work, the only thing that You have to
03:39follow the steps that I have told you. You
03:41go to the Tingo bingo page. Be careful,
03:43it is not my page. I am only
03:45sharing this valuable information.
03:46Follow all the steps and you will be able to have
03:48Canva Pro and well. I hope this video
03:50has been useful to you. I hope that you can give it a
03:52hand up, subscribe and also
03:54share it with people who
03:56may need it, see you next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I get Canva Pro for free?

You can get Canva Pro for free by visiting a specific website and following the steps outlined in the video. It demonstrates how to access all features of Canva Pro, including unrestricted photo usage and resizing options.

2. What does the video demonstrate about Canva Pro?

The video demonstrates how to access all the features of Canva Pro, including unrestricted photo usage and resizing options, by following the steps provided.

3. What are the benefits of accessing Canva Pro?

Accessing Canva Pro allows you to use unrestricted photos and access resizing options, which are not available in the basic version. It provides enhanced features for professional design projects.

4. How can I access all features of Canva Pro?

You can access all features of Canva Pro by following the steps outlined in the video and visiting the specific website mentioned. It provides a trick to unlock Canva Pro for free.

5. What does the video encourage viewers to do?

The video encourages viewers to share and follow the steps outlined in the video to access Canva Pro for free. It promotes the method of unlocking all Canva Pro features.

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