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This video guide showcases the most powerful mage build in Elden Ring, providing tips for the mid-game progression and late-game preparation. It covers acquiring important talismans, optimizing armor for defense, obtaining powerful spells, and upgrading the staff for maximum damage output. The guide aims to make the mage build even more OP and unstoppable.
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This section discusses the mage build in Elden Ring and the important talismans in the Raya Lucaria Academy.
The Raya Lucaria Academy is a main hub with two story bosses and valuable items for mages.
The Graven School Talisman is a recommended talisman that can buff damage output and is located behind an illusionary wall.
The Radicon Icon Talisman reduces casting speed for spells and can be found by going to the Debate Parlor Grace, going outside, and climbing a ladder.
In the mid game, it is best for mages to focus on increasing their defenses while staying under 70% equip load.
The Knight set is recommended for mages in the mid game as it provides more well-rounded stats and resistance to physical attacks.
The Twin Sage Glindstone Crown is suggested as a helmet option for mages due to its high intelligence buffs, despite the trade-off of reduced stamina and HP.
There will be an alternative solution for mages who find the Carrier Knight set too heavy.
The Glintstone Shard is a powerful and efficient spell that can be used to kill mobs, stagger enemies, and perform clutch kills.
The Glintstone Shard casts quickly and is FP efficient.
It can be used to kill mobs from a distance without wasting too much FP.
It can stagger enemies while chain casting, making it easier to do so.
It can be used for clutch kills when the enemy is mid-attack and there isn't enough time to cast a spell with a long casting duration.
The video discusses removing the Opaline Bible Tear for the boost to intelligence and suggests keeping Acer's Comet for survivability.
Opaline Bubble Tea may not always be relevant as enemies can be defeated quickly.
The choice of keeping the bubble or the boost to intelligence is up to the player's preference.
The video recommends completing Gauri's and Randy's quest chains to obtain more spells.
Gauri's questline is shorter and provides the Knight Maiden Smith spell, which is an AOE damage over time spell.
Randy's quest chain also offers additional spells.
The video discusses finding a talisman in Fort Ferret, which provides stat boosts for a mage build in Elden Ring.
The talisman can be found in Fort Ferret.
It provides +5 in strength, dexterity, endurance, and vigor.
The talisman allows for more stamina and the ability to chain spells.
It increases equip load and allows for wearing higher defensive armor.
The talisman has a trade-off of increased damage taken.
The video also mentions the meteorite staff and its limitations.
00:00so you want to become even more op
00:01compared to last time well the mage
00:03build that i showed you is only about to
00:05get stronger and stronger this build
00:07will continue where we left off last
00:09time and is catered towards destroying
00:10the mid game and starts preparing you
00:12for the late game now we will go to our
00:14next main hub of interest which is the
00:16raya lucaria academy and this place has
00:19two main story bosses so you have to go
00:21here anyways using my build you don't
00:22really have to worry about a lot and you
00:24can progress through the game to get to
00:25this part and kill the bosses like
00:27they're just random mobs but the place
00:29itself is filled with good stuff for a
00:31mage so it deserves its own section in
00:33this video i would recommend you to just
00:35explore truly when you get here for the
00:37first time but it's really easy to miss
00:38out on some of the more important stuff
00:40in the uriah lucaria academy you will
00:42get two sorcery related talismans the
00:45first one that you'll want to pick up is
00:46the graven school talisman which is a
00:48great talisman it's basically going to
00:50buff our damage output easiest way to
00:52get to this one is to go to the
00:54schoolhouse classroom grace
00:56then take a right turn and move upwards
00:59while taking the first possible right
01:01turn every time till you're exactly here
01:03this talisman is hitting quite well as
01:05it's behind an illusionary wall so go
01:07through this illusionary wall and then
01:09up the stairs and down the hole
01:13twice and you'll eventually get in a
01:14room where you can pick up the talisman
01:17another talisman that you can pick up
01:19here is the radicon icon talisman it's a
01:21really good talisman because it reduces
01:23the casting speed of your spells and
01:25it's especially noticeable with some of
01:27the spells that take a longer time to
01:28cast to pick it up go to the debate
01:31parlor grace and then go outside
01:33go to the right
01:35and then jump over here and climb the
01:37ladder and then enter one of the broken
01:39windows and you'll find the talisman
01:41right here you can now equip both of
01:43these talismans and you will have a nice
01:45power spike when you start procuring
01:47this place on top of the roofs you'll
01:48want to keep proceeding till you're at
01:50the house with all the open windows
01:52enter your favorite window and drop down
01:54a level you're now at the upper level of
01:56the church and there are two good
01:58pickups here
02:00first of all go to this entrance and
02:01then nuke the guy that's guarding your
02:03loot loretta bose crazy range makes is
02:05very easy at the end is a shiny pickup
02:08for you and finally a staff that might
02:10become relevant later it's the acers
02:12clinton staff so pick that thing up go
02:14to the other side of this level
02:16outside on the platform and you'll find
02:18this crap with crystals and stuff kill
02:20it and it will drop a nice twin sage
02:22glenstone crown this helmet gives a
02:24whopping plus six to your intelligence
02:26and you definitely want to pick it up
02:27just for that before you leave this
02:29place we also want to pick up the
02:31carrion knight set go to the graveyard
02:33after going to the church of the cuckoo
02:35grace keep hugging the right till you're
02:37at the bridge then cross the bridge and
02:39hook the right some more until you
02:40basically go up and then you want to
02:42jump down the platform right here and
02:44you'll see a bunch of weirdos
02:45surrounding the set pick up the set and
02:47that's pretty much all the main pickups
02:49for the uriah lucaria academy that we as
02:51a mage want to have
02:54now let's move on to gear because for
02:56armor and gear i've gotten a lot of
02:58questions and even though the astrologer
03:00set looks pretty cool at some point we
03:02will want to change it up right some
03:04people have even said that they were
03:05still using the astrologer set at like
03:07level 100 due to the lack of finding
03:09something better well you might have
03:11wondered why did we pick up a knight set
03:13as a mage the reality is a lot of the
03:15mage sets in this game are not really
03:17that useful for our pure mage build even
03:20though some look really cool and have
03:21their unique buffs and i will make an
03:23in-depth video and go over all these
03:25sets and explain more in depth what i
03:26mean with that and what they potentially
03:28could be useful for but in the mid game
03:30the best thing to do is to get your
03:31defenses up as much as possible while
03:34staying in the medium load category this
03:36way you'll ensure that you get good
03:37defensive stats while maintaining the
03:39ability to do the medium load roll which
03:41is much better than the heavy load troll
03:43you do not want to have this as a mage
03:45you'll look like a clown so essentially
03:46what you do want to do is make sure that
03:48you do not exceed 70 of your equip load
03:51and have the best possible armor that
03:53you can get while staying under the 70
03:55threshold and there's a lot of room to
03:57play with this to achieve this the
03:59carrier knight set is really good for
04:00this actually for example overall it
04:02provides a lot more well-rounded stats
04:04compared to the astrologer set it's easy
04:06to get as you just saw and it makes you
04:08a lot more resistant to physical attacks
04:10which are in a lot of areas in the game
04:12much more prevalent compared to sorcery
04:14based damage don't wear the helmet
04:15though for the helmet we will want to
04:17use the twin sage glindstone crown it
04:19has some of the highest buffs to
04:20intelligence in the game out of any
04:22armor-related piece and that's exactly
04:24why we want to use it unfortunately it
04:26has a trade-off and in return it will
04:28take a cut from your stamina and hp but
04:31we will pick up something later to
04:33compensate for it also if the carrier
04:35knight set is forcing you into a heavy
04:37load state then you might want to invest
04:39a point or two into endurance if you
04:41don't want to do that then i got a great
04:43alternative solution for you later in
04:44this video as well so now that you have
04:46decent gear that's going to give us more
04:48survivability and a boost to our
04:50intelligence it's time to upgrade our
04:53if you remember the first part then you
04:54would know that we had a good selection
04:56of powerful spells but they were mostly
04:58early game spells and it's time to take
05:00it to the next level thankfully there is
05:02an extremely powerful spell not too far
05:04away from the railroad academy it's
05:07located in the academy crystal cave
05:09right here and you'll have to enter it
05:11with two stone sword keys those keys are
05:14really easy to get so don't worry about
05:16it a lot of merchants and their mother
05:18sell you one and you get one back in the
05:19cave as well by the way after you
05:21complete the cave you can take the
05:22elevator to go to the top and you'll
05:24find the terra magica's spell
05:27and this buffs you and increases your
05:28damage output with a crazy 35 increase
05:32as long as you stay in this area it's
05:33definitely a major major pickup
05:36next up you want to get the academy
05:38scroll if you haven't gotten it yet you
05:40can pick it up right here
05:47turn it in at your favorite teacher and
05:49you will get two variations of your
05:51glinstone pebble spell a mini version
05:53and a larger version basically even
05:55though the mini version the swift
05:57glintstone shard looks doesn't look
05:58impressive at all let's be honest it
06:00looks very boring actually but it's
06:02actually very good it casts really fast
06:04and it's very fp efficient which means
06:06you can use it to kill off a lot of mobs
06:08from a distance without wasting too much
06:11fp more importantly though you can use
06:13it to stagger some enemies as well while
06:14you chain cast which due to its fast
06:16casting speed makes it a lot easier to
06:18do so finally you can also weave it in
06:21for clutch kills when the enemy is mid
06:22attack for example and you don't have
06:24enough time to cast one of the spells
06:26that have a long casting duration so
06:28definitely pick it up
06:30so we have all these spells now the ones
06:32that we picked up last time and the ones
06:33that we just picked up but we still miss
06:35something right maybe something like a
06:38piercing beam that obliterates anything
06:40and everything in its path well yeah
06:42let's get that right away for this we
06:44want to go to azer a mage that you can
06:46find right here he's in the mount gilmer
06:49area go through the hermit village for
06:51this and there will be a boss fight just
06:54in front of him kill the boss and you
06:56will get a free memory stone as well
06:58then talk to azer he will just act all
07:00mysterious and won't say anything but he
07:02will in fact give you the azer's comet
07:05spell and this spell is complete madness
07:07so you definitely want to go out of your
07:08way to get to this place and there are
07:10also other powerful spells that we want
07:12to pick up but before we do that we
07:14first want to do two things with acer's
07:16comet if you equip it you will see that
07:18it takes three memory slots so we want
07:21to get some more memory slots now and we
07:22want to change up our flask as well in
07:25the first part we got up to seven memory
07:27slots and the boss we just killed to get
07:29to azer brings us to eight and there are
07:32two more memory slots to get in the open
07:34world first one will be at testus rise
07:36right here on the map you'll have to do
07:37the turtles mini quest again like last
07:39time you have to kill three turtles that
07:41have been spawned around the tower and
07:44then you can enter the tower and climb
07:45to the top to get the memory stone the
07:48other memory slot will be found at
07:49lenny's rise in the caled region all the
07:52way to the east when you arrive here
07:54you'll see one of those jump things that
07:56you can use while you're mounted so do
07:58that and it will launch you in the sky
08:00and with a bit of skillful aiming you
08:02will be able to make it to the ledge go
08:05to the chest and then loot the 10th
08:07memory stone and now we've got on all
08:09the memory stones in the world and we
08:11will have plenty of slots to have a good
08:13variety of powerful spells for our flask
08:15we really want to pick up the cerulean
08:17hidden tier in mount gelmere as well not
08:19too far away from azer actually you have
08:21to defeat a boss right next to the minor
08:23air tree for this right here on the map
08:28kill the ulcerated tree spirit and you
08:30will get the cerulean hidden tier this
08:33thing is amazing in combination with our
08:34new azer's combat spell we basically can
08:36cast it for free for 10 entire seconds
08:39and a lot of destruction can be done in
08:41those 10 seconds and that's also exactly
08:43what the cerulean hidden tier does it
08:44reduces the fb cost of any spell to 0
08:47for 10 seconds basically and therefore
08:49it's really a powerful flask in
08:50combination with certain spells what do
08:52we sacrifice for it though in the mix do
08:54we remove the opaline bible tear or the
08:56boost to intelligence it's hard to say
08:58honestly i personally did remove the
09:00opeline bible tier though just for the
09:02reason that when i use the flask i
09:03always want to do it with acer's comet
09:05so the bubble from opeline bubble tea
09:07might not always be relevant as we will
09:09be destroying our enemy before they even
09:11get the chance to touch us in a lot of
09:12cases but it's 100 percent up to you if
09:15you prefer the survivability from the
09:17from the bubble then definitely go and
09:19keep that and just remove the boost to
09:20intelligence whatever makes you use they
09:22are both gonna be great
09:24now that we have our flask and memory
09:26slots up to date it's time to proceed
09:28forward with getting more great spells
09:30for the following spells you will have
09:31to complete various quests though one is
09:33randy's quest chain and the other is
09:35gauri's questline start off with gauri
09:37because it's much shorter you can find
09:39him here and you can also do this a bit
09:41earlier by the way in the game because
09:42the intelligence cost for the spell that
09:44we will get from him is not too high
09:46basically you need to go cure someone
09:47for him and it doesn't really take long
09:49at all to do this quest when you finish
09:51he will be open to teach you various
09:52spells and the one that we are
09:54interested in is the knight maiden smith
09:56spell so get that and this spell is a
09:59lot of fun to use and it's great as well
10:01it's basically an aoe damage over time
10:03type of spell making it one of the more
10:05unique spells in the game especially if
10:07you are above a group of enemies you can
10:09cast the spell and it will slowly take
10:11them all down while you can just sit
10:12back grab something to eat relax and
10:14watch the show you can also use it for
10:16controlling zones by the way and just
10:17kill mobs and bosses slowly without you
10:19being in a lot of risk as you don't need
10:21to keep casting and thus are not locked
10:23in casting animations
10:25the other spells we want to pick up come
10:27from renny's quest chain it's a pretty
10:28long quest chain so definitely be
10:30prepared but it rewards you with a lot
10:32of mage related stuff and it's also just
10:34a really cool question so you will want
10:36to do it at some point without giving
10:38too many spoilers but most importantly
10:40you will get a doulas moonblade when you
10:42kill a certain dragon somewhere near the
10:44end of the quest which is essentially
10:46the carrion greatsword but on steroids
10:49next to its large sweeping radius it has
10:51an aoe of frost damage that goes beyond
10:53the swing of the sword and this spell
10:55applies frostbite as well what more
10:57could you possibly want right
10:59swap out the carrion greatsword for a
11:01doulas moonblade and now we have a much
11:03stronger version of it
11:06now that we have a bunch of spells and
11:07our selection of spells has been
11:09upgraded let's talk about our talismans
11:11so we picked up two pretty great
11:12telescopes at the academy the radican
11:15icon and the graven school talisman
11:17here's both of these they are staples
11:19pretty much depending on where you are
11:21in the game you might have three
11:22talisman slots or four so i will provide
11:25you with several really good options
11:27first of all during randy's quest chain
11:28you will somewhere halfway through the
11:30chain be able to pick up the staircase
11:32or heirloom which gives a whopping plus
11:345 intelligence buff
11:36it's a very nice option you can also get
11:38urdry's favor talisman it's near the
11:40starting area actually you will need two
11:42stone sword keys to open the cave and
11:44after you complete it you will get the
11:45talisman that will provide you a nice
11:47little buff to hp stamina and equip load
11:50and finally a talisman i really like is
11:52the reticon sword shield talisman this
11:55talisman can be found right here in fort
11:58ferret when you get to this place the
11:59mobs are going to be very aggressive so
12:02you will want to skip it all and just
12:03run to the end climb up the ladder then
12:06run some more
12:08down to the hole
12:09and then jump right to the sneaky area
12:12right here
12:15and you will find this talisman right
12:18now this talisman gives you plus five in
12:21strength dexterity endurance and figure
12:24now that might seem weird for a mage but
12:26honestly it's really good as we get
12:27about plus 15 in points that we can
12:29actually use endurance gives us more
12:31stamina and makes it so that we can
12:32chain more spells in succession without
12:34having to slow down and remember what i
12:36said about the carrion knight set it
12:38also makes our equip load larger so we
12:40can wear armor with higher defensive
12:42stats while staying in the medium load
12:44category dexterity makes us gas faster
12:46and figure is just a bunch of more
12:48health which is always nice and strength
12:51is useless for us but perhaps you like
12:53using swords so it will open up more
12:54possibilities in that regard but just
12:56for the plus 15 in relevant stats it's a
12:58really nice pickup especially if you
13:00already have 60 intelligence as
13:02intelligence starts giving dimension
13:04returns after you have 60 points in it
13:06and now instead of that our character
13:08gets a well-rounded point distribution
13:10in various stats that will help out a
13:12lot the talisman does have a trade-off
13:14it lets you take increased damage
13:15basically but people did the math and
13:18the damage increase that you get from
13:19the talisman is offset by the figure
13:21that you get from the talisman
13:24now that our character is really getting
13:26there we have one more very important
13:28aspect that defines all of us mages that
13:30we still need to talk about our staff or
13:33more in general are weapons if you
13:35aren't around level 50 yet then don't
13:36worry about it keep using the meteorite
13:38staff till that point
13:40after that the meteorite staff's main
13:42disadvantage becomes noticeable if you
13:44remember we can't upgrade the meteorite
13:46staff so at some point it is going to
13:48get outscaled and that point is
13:49somewhere around level 50 i would say
13:51but it also depends on how you have
13:52allocated your points and how far you
13:54are in the story but at this point in
13:56the game the meteorite staff will have
13:57three potential competitors that will
13:59all outskill the meteorite staff with
14:01investments we're talking here about the
14:03azer glinzone staff that we picked up in
14:05the academy the regular carrion scepter
14:07that you can get after defeating the
14:09second boss in the academy and then
14:11turning your remembrance that you get
14:12from her in at the creepy npc at the
14:15round tool table and finally you have
14:17the lucid staff that you can get in
14:18celia the town of sorcery by defeating
14:21the boss that is behind the sealed gates
14:22now all of these tabs have something
14:24unique the acer glenstone staff casts
14:26slightly faster than the other steps but
14:28costs around 22 percent more fp the
14:31lucid staff deals 10 more damage but
14:33costs around 50 percent more fp and the
14:36regal carrion skepter has no trade-off
14:38and boosts full moon sorcery spells
14:41these steps will start out skating the
14:42meteorite staff when you have upgraded
14:44them to around plus seven so keep that
14:46in mind if you have the somber smitting
14:48stones for it then definitely do it as
14:50the more upgrades you give to the staff
14:52the larger the gap will become between
14:53the new staff and the meteorite staff
14:56now which of the three should you
14:57actually use well it's going to depend
14:59on personal taste i think but i don't
15:01think the lucid staff is really worth it
15:03the trade-off seems not good enough to
15:05justify the additional fb cost i think i
15:07just generally don't like the additional
15:08fb calls that you need because at no
15:10point thus far in the entire game did i
15:12feel like my damage wasn't enough or
15:14where a slightly faster cast would have
15:16changed a lot but i've ran out of fp
15:19plenty of times at moments where i
15:20really didn't want to drink a flask also
15:22keep in mind that we still have the
15:24reticon icon talisman which already
15:26makes us cast faster as well so my
15:27preference goes out to the regal
15:29carrying scepter since having no
15:30compromise just feels good and you also
15:32get the full moon sorcery bonuses which
15:34is also nice and when you have it try
15:36getting it two plus seven as soon as
15:38possible and beyond to really start
15:40feeling that power spike
15:43now what are we going to do with the
15:45meteorite steph are we really going to
15:46just throw it away after all our
15:48adventures together the answer to that
15:50question is no no no no of course not
15:52we're going to transcend and become the
15:54ultimate mage and dual wheel steps equip
15:58the meteorite staff in your left slot
16:00and there we have it out of all the
16:02things that you can do why would you
16:03want to do this well the meteorite staff
16:05has a passive effect that we just can't
16:07ignore it's crazy good it's 30 extra
16:10damage to gravity spells and our rock
16:12fling is a staple spell in our selection
16:14and is going to be relevant the entire
16:16game so we definitely do not want to
16:18sacrifice that additional damage that we
16:19get from the meteorite staff and if you
16:21equip it in your left hand and this
16:22applies to everything by the way you
16:24will still get its passive bonus and now
16:26with a stronger staff in our main hand
16:28we are unstoppable
16:30now with your flask tara magikas acer's
16:33comet and all the other upgrades you can
16:35one shot a lot of enemies including
16:38bosses you can even one face bosses that
16:40are meant to have multiple faces that's
16:42how crazy strong it is for targets that
16:44are really aggressive and do not give
16:46you the time to cast acer's comet you
16:48still have rock sling that will just
16:49melt through hp bars at any time
16:53and then for long distance bursts we
16:54also have loretta's bow
16:56for weaving staggering and just fast
16:58casting spells we have the swift
17:00glidstone shard and for slowly reliably
17:02obliterating groups of enemies and zone
17:04controlling we have knight maidens
17:06missed then we also have this badass
17:08abdullah's moonblade now and the carrion
17:10slicer melee variations of spells that
17:12will just slice and destroy anything
17:14that's near you and all of that
17:15supported by various upgrades in your
17:17gear and equipment
17:21as we move forward through the mid game
17:22towards the late game our build has now
17:24become even stronger and more powerful
17:27there is still more to the mage build
17:29however we're talking about optimization
17:31and the best possible build and gear
17:33that he'll want to use very late in the
17:34game to destroy anything and everything
17:36no matter how big the challenge is
17:38therefore this build will get one more
17:40follow up for the late game and end game
17:42so subscribe for that to not miss out on
17:44that like the video that would help out
17:46a lot and let me know your thoughts in
17:47the comments
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the most powerful mage build in Elden Ring?

The most powerful mage build in Elden Ring focuses on acquiring important talismans, optimizing armor for defense, obtaining powerful spells, and upgrading the staff for maximum damage output. It aims to make the mage build even more OP and unstoppable.

2. What are the key tips for mid-game progression in the mage build?

The key tips for mid-game progression in the mage build involve acquiring important talismans, optimizing armor for defense, and obtaining powerful spells to enhance the mage's abilities during this stage of the game.

3. How can the mage build be prepared for late-game challenges?

To prepare the mage build for late-game challenges, focus on upgrading the staff for maximum damage output, acquiring powerful spells, and optimizing armor for defense to ensure the mage is well-prepared for the toughest battles in the game.

4. What are the important factors to consider for optimizing armor in the mage build?

Optimizing armor in the mage build involves prioritizing defense, elemental resistance, and spellcasting speed to create a well-rounded and effective defense for the mage character.

5. How important is upgrading the staff for the mage build?

Upgrading the staff is crucial for the mage build as it directly impacts the damage output of spells and enhances the mage's overall effectiveness in combat. It is a key factor in making the mage build more powerful and unstoppable.

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The video discusses whether it is worth buying a Playstation 5 in 2023, highlighting the differences between the PS5 and PS4 controllers, the limited number of new generation games available, and the high cost of the subscription service. The speaker suggests that if you already have a PS4, it may be better to wait and save money.

This video provides three methods to check if an iPhone is original or refurbished, including checking the service and support coverage with the serial number, using iCareFone to generate a test report, and examining the model number.

This video provides a summary of Robert Greene's book "The Art of Seduction," discussing the nine types of seducers and their tactics, emphasizing the power of seduction for attracting and influencing others for personal gain.

The video is a meme template featuring a black man crying for approximately 17.6 seconds.

The video discusses the case of Stephen McDaniel, a suspect in a murder investigation, highlighting the significance of forensic analysis, particularly internet search history, in building a case. The interrogation process is examined, showcasing the detective's attempts to elicit a confession through psychological pressure and empathy. However, Stephen maintains his innocence, leading to a tense and unresolved conclusion.

This video explains how to set up a free trial account on FTMO, including filling in personal details, setting a password, and configuring account settings. It also shows how to access the trading platform, monitor trading progress, and view account analysis after the trial expires.