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Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker makes predictions for 2024, including an earthquake in Italy, a tsunami in the Pacific, a shift away from woke and liberalism, bans on certain transgender changes, increased immigration concerns in the US, an economic decline in Europe, a potential death of Putin, and Turkey and Egypt working towards a solution in the Middle East.
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This section introduces the upcoming predictions for the year 2024 and provides an overview of the longer-term direction.
The predictions will cover the years 2024 to around 2026.
Some of the predictions may not necessarily happen in 2024.
The video will be split into smaller videos and additional information will be provided through live sessions.
Psychic predicts a future earthquake in Italy and a tsunami in the Pacific, as well as a social shift against woke and liberalism.
Psychic predicts another earthquake in Italy and a tsunami in the Pacific within three years.
Psychic foresees a gradual social change against woke and liberalism, with a shift towards a less tolerant rule of law.
Psychic predicts legal challenges against transgender changes and a ban on transgender athletes in the 2024 Olympics.
Psychic predicts a rise in Islamic extremism in Europe, America, and Canada, leading to a rethink of citizenship and human rights rules worldwide.
Canada will face economic challenges in 2024, but not as severe as some countries, with a potential discovery of a new oil field in the High North and a focus on compressed gas exports.
Canada will be bolstered by oil and there will be a return to oil due to power cuts around the world.
A big new oil field discovery in Canada's High North, under the melting ice, will be significant.
Compressed gas will be a major export for Canada, potentially surpassing oil.
The trade deal with India will likely be quietly dropped, causing problems for oil exports.
The speaker predicts that there will be more strict immigration laws and a visa system for non-skilled workers in the UK, as well as educational reform with a focus on real debate within schools.
More Draconian laws about immigration will be implemented out of desperation.
Non-skilled workers will still be allowed into the country, but with a work visa system.
Specialist visas will be introduced for skilled workers, particularly from India.
The government will push for educational reform and encourage more real debate within schools.
Economic decline in Europe this year, with Italy experiencing an important economic recovery, while Greece struggles without support from bigger European countries.
Europe is good for small countries but bad for big ones, with resentment towards pouring money into smaller countries.
South Africa will experience a shift in politics, with economic improvements and more job opportunities.
Flooding is predicted south of the Sahara in Africa, and there will be a turn against China's infrastructure and loans in African countries.
Psychic predicts an uneasy ceasefire and return of some lost territory to Ukraine in 2025, but an endless stalemate continues; Putin's death will be a turning point, possibly leading to a coup and a female president in Russia; Russia secretly supplying Iran with advanced weaponry as a distraction from Ukraine.
Predicts an uneasy ceasefire and return of some lost territory to Ukraine in 2025.
Foresees an endless stalemate and a first world war-like situation in Ukraine.
Predicts Putin's imminent death and the possibility of a coup in Russia.
Suggests that a female president will eventually be in charge of Russia after Putin's death.
00:01hi there and welcome to coffee with
00:02Craig if you've not seen the program
00:04before this is where I make predictions
00:06about the future myself Craig Hamilton
00:09Parker psychic medium and uh today we'll
00:12be looking at 2024 predictions for the
00:15whole world so this is going to be an
00:16extremely long video um I will put links
00:20in the description so you can jump
00:21around if you want to but also this
00:23video will be um also produced and split
00:26up into smaller videos and I'll be going
00:28live with those to add more information
00:31um and to take your questions on a live
00:33basis um so watch out follow the channel
00:36to make sure you can keep up uh with
00:38what's coming up and ask your questions
00:40and see my updates and deeper insights
00:43so we're going to be covering the whole
00:45world which is going to be obviously
00:46quite a lot I'll obviously have to make
00:48quite an a brief description for each
00:51each section that I'm going to cover
00:53some of the main events I see happening
00:55now I'm making this video um just at the
00:57tail end of October even this bit being
01:00done on the 31st of October Halloween um
01:03and put the video together at the
01:05beginning of November um so it'll
01:07probably be uploaded around um just
01:09beginning round fire at night around
01:11about 5th of November or something like
01:12that the actual upload will come so
01:15anyway thanks for following me and
01:16welcome to coffee with
02:14well hi and welcome to the show I'm
02:17Craig Hamilton Parker making your
02:19predictions now for 2024 don't forget
02:21you heard it here first tomorrow's news
02:24today well um first thing I'd like to do
02:27is give you a little bit of an overview
02:29of some of the um things I've been
02:32saying about what I see is kind of the
02:34longer term Direction so the predictions
02:38first off here are going to be kind of
02:402024 probably round to about
02:432026 um and some of the predictions I
02:45make during this show again I feel won't
02:48necessarily all happen in 2024 some of
02:51them I feel will um but my feeling is
02:54that um these are the things that are
02:55kind of emerging uh that will happen and
02:58eventually will come about so um always
03:01with as psychic as psychics the work is
03:03always hard to actually time because um
03:07of course we have free will you know we
03:09don't just we're not just a victims of
03:11karma or fate or destiny without free
03:14will it's a bit pointless isn't it our
03:16Free Will is very very important which
03:18means things can be changed um prayers
03:21can be answered um positive thoughts can
03:24influence the outcomes so you know what
03:27I see as I say to people as I see things
03:30through a mirror Darkly sometimes I see
03:32it with Clarity sometimes I see very
03:35specific things sometimes I'm off Mark
03:37um but generally um I think I'm the
03:40psychic's kind of a beating the pundits
03:42here I think sometimes anyway I hope so
03:45so anyway my thoughts now I've been
03:49seeing a kind of an emergence of world
03:51events and a lot of things I was saying
03:53back on the videos I think the first
03:54ones I were putting up was around two uh
03:572015 okay I've been putting videos up
04:00since 199 putting predictions up since
04:02about 1998 when the internet was first
04:05sort of be emerging but back in around
04:07about 2015 I started to say that I saw
04:12um that Russia and China uh would form
04:17alliance and this is beginning to happen
04:20so one of my first predictions is about
04:22this Russian and China Alliance which I
04:25think is very important at the moment um
04:27I said at the time that the Russian econ
04:29would be seen to shrink over the coming
04:31years and would do an arms deal with
04:34China H and sadly that's beginning to
04:36happen particularly over Iran at the
04:39moment and um over Ukraine rather um but
04:43I also felt that Iran's going to be
04:45involved in this as well which I'll talk
04:47about in a moment as well um so Russia
04:50benefits from Chinese military um Russ
04:54Russia Ben benit some Chinese um
04:56military help but also technology and a
04:59new market for
05:01China they also can sell indirectly into
05:04India through the back door and I also
05:06feel that uh Russia will benefit China
05:10by giving them um some of their military
05:13hardware sort of some of their space
05:15technology for example and The Delivery
05:17Systems they have
05:19militarily I also felt that in this
05:21Alliance which is going to be China and
05:24it's going to be between Russia but I
05:26also saw and I spoke about it at the
05:28time about North Korea getting involved
05:30in this Alliance um which has begun to
05:33happen as well so uh they're selling
05:35military kit to um to to Russia they got
05:38the production facilities to produce
05:40some of the sort of the Basic Hardware
05:43and Iran 2 I said at the time would be
05:46part of this dangerous Alliance and part
05:49of what I want to say on this video is
05:51that Iran is behind what a lot of what's
05:54happening in um in the Middle East but I
05:58also feel that China and um Russia um
06:02are trying together to destabilize the
06:05West this is coming in through many back
06:07doors such as um woke and so forth which
06:10I think is being have money put into it
06:13to help to destabilize the west and this
06:15has been going on for some time now so
06:19the war in Ukraine and the war in the
06:21Middle East I feel are tied in with this
06:23big Global picture uh so it's beginning
06:26to happen now what I said sometime go
06:29you can go back and check my earlier
06:31videos on this particularly the ones
06:33about China uh and so forth where where
06:35there's details about this so I said
06:39that um about this and I and I've said
06:42already that I felt Iran is responsible
06:46uh for arming Hamas and Hezbollah which
06:49we know about anyway it's in the news at
06:51the moment but I also for seee Russia
06:54supplying new missile technology to
06:58further um make the war there uh
07:01happening around Israel even worse
07:03they're going to be some Delivery
07:05Systems missiles for example and
07:07delivery technology uh given through
07:09Iran and into um uh Lebanon and even the
07:13West Bank I'm seeing things flaring up
07:16there so unfortunately this this
07:17conflict we have at the time of speaking
07:20uh around October
07:222023 um is beginning to escalate we're
07:25seeing on the news but I have been
07:26already speaking about it in the past
07:30so um also in 2024 we're going to see a
07:33significant um amount of cyber attacks
07:36not just um on Israel but around the
07:39world um we're going to see spyware a
07:41big spy Wear release will happen coming
07:44through Japan um inadvertently through
07:48Japan um by hijacking I think some of
07:51the gaming um softwares somewhere along
07:54the line there there's something going
07:55to happen that's going to bring down um
07:57some of the banking system something
07:59I'll talk about later on and
08:01simultaneously i' I've said that there
08:03there would be a war with Taiwan and
08:06China and I was talking about this again
08:08a long way back um right back again way
08:12way before it's ever been in the news
08:14and of course I was seeing it I I
08:16thought it would happen this year 2023
08:18but it is it is quite difficult to
08:20predict these things I was talking about
08:23um sort of around this time October
08:25November 2023 when I said there would be
08:27a huge problems within the world at this
08:29time I got that right because but I did
08:31say at the time if you look back at my
08:33predictions last year um in 2022 October
08:3722 for 2023 I did say that um there
08:40would be a a simultaneous conflict with
08:43Iran uh with Iran and and um and uh
08:47Israel and simultaneously as the eye is
08:50off the ball there uh conflicts in
08:52Taiwan so um we're seeing that happening
08:55I think it's obviously going to go down
08:57the line from what I've said so you I
08:59say it's hard to predict these things
09:00exactly on the timeline but maybe it's
09:03next year maybe we're talking about
09:05October November
09:072024 as the time when um the Iran uh the
09:11um Taiwan uh conflict happens and you
09:14remember I talked about the clash of the
09:15submarines and things like that there so
09:18this is one of the things I want to just
09:20briefly talk about at the start of this
09:22video to give you an idea of the overall
09:23picture of the way I see things panning
09:26out in
09:30um also uh I have thoughts also about um
09:35uh India and Pakistan I think there's
09:37going to be a clash there so we we're
09:38seeing conflicts all around the world
09:41because what's happening is as the eyes
09:43off the ball for example in uh Ukraine
09:46um America's focus is now going to be on
09:49Israel um I I see other other troubles
09:52ahead so whether this happens this year
09:55coming up um but in the longer term this
09:59is I'm talking longer term because I'm
10:01looking back again at my other
10:03predictions I saw this happening I saw
10:05actually and it's not going to be right
10:07now but this will be further ahead I saw
10:09around India for example I saw Bengal
10:12and that area uh and Pakistan
10:16simultaneously um being hit by really
10:18terrible um weather events of some sort
10:22there economies caving in and ultimately
10:25being absorbed back into India um
10:29perhaps was some Conflict at first but
10:30ultimately as a humanitarian type of
10:33absorption of countries in trouble now
10:35we're talking a long way ahead we're not
10:37talking about in a year ahead but I'm
10:39just talking about the general picture
10:41that I've been seeing of the um
10:43unfolding of world events on the much
10:46longer term which we're seeing many of
10:48the um seeds of
10:50now and and uh this this I feel will
10:54happen in the far future India will
10:56gradually expand its borders is
10:58something I said and actually be one of
10:59the most um dominant countries in the
11:01world with a very positive effect upon
11:04the world's
11:06future um I also have predicted that um
11:10eventually and again we're not probably
11:12talking about
11:142024 excuse me I've had I've had quite a
11:17long flu actually um so I sound a bit
11:19croaky and I probably sound even more
11:21croaky as this goes on um but I also saw
11:24a a revolution ultimately in China this
11:26is something that I've spoken about
11:27these would be BAS B upon
11:31um ideas originally put forward by sanat
11:35sen years ago um who uh has also come
11:38through Jane my wife uh and um spoken
11:42through her so some of this information
11:43has come directly from the spirit as it
11:47were um and that there will ultimately
11:49be a democracy in China his ideas will
11:52be um taken on board and I I've often
11:55predicted as well and said that
11:57eventually China will see the end of the
12:00CCP and uh we'll break up into smaller
12:04um countries again uh cantons I suppose
12:08but independent um such as um Tibet
12:11becoming independent Hong Kong becoming
12:13independent and and working much the
12:16ways Europe does work today as a um a
12:20confederation of countries who are
12:21friendly to one
12:23another simultaneously I've also spoken
12:26about the growth of a Western Alliance
12:28just as we see this Eastern Alliance
12:30beginning to build I have spoken before
12:33in the past about a based on
12:35English-speaking peoples mainly but a a
12:38a Western Alliance between the UK uh USA
12:42Canada Australia but also India coming
12:46involved in this I feel India as the
12:48years progress we're not talking
12:49immediately about 2024 but look for the
12:52seeds this year look for the seeds um
12:54India eventually breaking from Russia
12:56and it's is purchasing of um armaments
12:59and defense from Russia and moving to
13:02purchasing I think we'll see this 24
13:042024 this bit um from from more Western
13:07allies and also eventually the EU
13:10joining that Alliance so we have a
13:11Western Alliance that will develop so
13:14the world is polarizing is polarizing at
13:16the moment we're starting to see this
13:18polarizing which is a very dangerous
13:20thing on many levels but could also
13:22ultimately um you know simplify things I
13:26suppose in some ways and and give um
13:28greater opportunity to to create more um
13:31Simple Solutions to the very complicated
13:33problems we have in the world um and the
13:37Eastern Alliance will be headed by
13:39China uh there will be some economic and
13:41some military conflict because of this
13:43uh but this again is in the further
13:46further ahead and something I want to
13:48talk about very much at the end of this
13:50um this uh video is that there will
13:54emerging out of this will become will
13:57come a new spirituality in the world
13:59something that transcends religion I
14:01will see religion as being sort of like
14:03the baby steps of human Humanity's uh
14:06spirituality we start with religion it
14:09helps to give us moral codes it helps to
14:11give us guidance it helps to it's other
14:13people telling us what spiritualism
14:15spirituality is but eventually we become
14:18self- dependent individuals but that
14:20requires a world Awakening um and I see
14:23this happening eventually coming out of
14:25this and this is this is the great boon
14:28that comes after the booms I suppose
14:31right um so this isn't a sort of a Jesus
14:34from the sky sort of thing or anything
14:36like that but I I do feel that there is
14:38and will become new people into the
14:40world who are going to have a higher
14:43level of Consciousness maybe this is
14:45stimulated by AI possibly but I I feel
14:48it's more like very highly evolved
14:50Spiritual Beings coming into the world
14:53and and eventually the religions of the
14:54world I feel will join in this kind of
14:58Universal religion though it's more of
15:01an unspoken thing it's not a Doctrine
15:03it's not the uh following a book or a
15:06set teaching it's about personal direct
15:09experience I'll explain a little bit
15:11more about that uh later on even even
15:13Islam will eventually join this um and
15:16uh many of the sort of misguided um
15:19Islamic fundamentalist ideas Etc will
15:22fall away in the course of
15:25time um so also in this coming period um
15:29I feel again between 2024 and 2026 I
15:34think after 2026 we're going to see um
15:37some very very positive things starting
15:39to happen in the world but up until then
15:41I I feel it's still a rocky path and
15:43also that will include climate change
15:45and Earth changes I know the two are not
15:49um connected I mean climate change and
15:52earthquakes have nothing to do with each
15:54other but I feel that they kind of are
15:56coming together it's almost a bit like
15:58the consciousness of the Earth itself um
16:01is saying look oh I've got an illness
16:03and I want to shake it off you know I
16:04want to have a fever to get rid of it um
16:07so I feel there will be between 202020
16:102024 and 2026 a lot of Earth changes
16:13it's but invent in time it will settle I
16:16don't see like Casey talked about of the
16:19complete um shifting of the polls but I
16:21feel that there will be a period we're
16:23going going to go through a period where
16:25there will be a lot of those troubles um
16:27I'm particularly conc concerned um for
16:29this year in 2024 remember my timing
16:33sometimes but um I feel that America's
16:36going to get a quite a big earthquake
16:38this year um and it'll go right along
16:40the west coast far as and as far south
16:43as Mexico City um not seeing everything
16:47collapsing not the whole lot not as
16:49horrible as we saw in the big one that
16:51they had in in um years back in uh 30s
16:55was it 1910 I can't remember when the
16:57big California was but it's I feel that
17:00there's a big a big one coming this year
17:02that we need to be aware of and there's
17:04going to be big floods in London and
17:06Europe I saw London itself flooded I saw
17:09Germany particularly um flooded and I
17:13saw an island being sunk and that was a
17:15whole big thing that people from Germany
17:17have been making comments that I said
17:18about this a while back and that
17:20prediction is correct but I'm not going
17:21to go over all my predictions at the
17:23moment but I see quite an overwhelming
17:25amount of flooding uh coming through
17:29um and through um and the UK as well and
17:33also I saw a flood in the Middle East
17:35now we did have one actually but so I
17:36spoke about that a while back but I
17:38don't know if that's just the Prelude to
17:40something because I actually saw the
17:42River Nile overwhelmed that would be
17:45quite hard for that to happen because
17:47the Nile draws its source from um uh
17:51quite a dry Africa but I saw the Nile
17:53overwhelmed I saw quite large fires
17:56again Australia I said fires but I saw
17:58saw the capital Cambra in Australia
18:01fires around that area in fires season
18:04um that seemed to be particularly um bad
18:07time and I also see another Quake um
18:10happening um in Italy I feel there's an
18:13Italian Quake again and that's worrying
18:16for me because we' got our property our
18:19property in Italy um and possibly in
18:22three within three years I saw another
18:25tsunami um I think this time though it's
18:27in the Pacific and I saw Australian
18:29coast um affected and that's something
18:32I've spoken about in the past actually
18:35that there'd be quite a major one from
18:36the Pacific we did have something
18:38similar after I spoke about it but I I
18:41don't know if that's again the seeds of
18:42something I saw that Island going
18:45up okay um one of the other major things
18:48happening this
18:50year excuse me I've had rotten
18:54flu and one of the major things I've
18:56seen happening this year
18:59um is a gradual social change against um
19:03woke and liberalism and a a less
19:07tolerant rule of law
19:09generally um so there's good and bad in
19:11this I feel um I feel we need a middle
19:14way but it's like we're jumping I I
19:17sense us jumping from one extreme to
19:19another so with the backlash against
19:22woke there's um a a a general shift away
19:26from overe extreme tolerance uh and I
19:30feel more like a ban on things such as
19:33teenagers taking hormones I'm seeing me
19:36many legal challenges against uh the
19:39transgender changes that people have had
19:42surgically um I'm seeing transgender
19:45athletes not being allowed in the 2024
19:48Olympics um I'm seeing uh Western
19:51countries being a much much more robust
19:54return to the rule of law as
19:59uh continues to fail and we start to see
20:01much more Islamic extremism around the
20:05world uh particularly in Europe even in
20:08America and in Canada and I'll be
20:10talking about these things as we
20:12progress um and in many countries I feel
20:16uh and see that there's going to be a
20:17rethink about the whole meaning of what
20:21citizenship and uh and the human rights
20:24rules and laws being overturned here in
20:27the UK and changes to these things
20:30worldwide so all of that I feel is
20:32coming up meanwhile with all this
20:34happening I'm seeing um generally
20:37troubles with the world economy um I
20:40feel 2024 will be a very bad year for
20:43the world's economy generally there'll
20:45be a weak dollar and a very volatile
20:48stock market over this period I also I
20:51see that um oil prices will sore um and
20:55I foresee a big oil shortage coming
21:00up we've got to be very careful of any
21:04Investments people think they're immune
21:06they're not I feel in March uh
21:102024 I see a big Readjustment of
21:13cryptocurrencies I've spoken about that
21:15before I'm reaffirming it again be very
21:19careful with crypto Investments some of
21:22them are just pyramid
21:24schemes and also I see troubles with
21:27energy worldwide what with the increase
21:29in oil but I also see um disrup
21:32disruption perhaps even with this virus
21:34thing that I spoke about to
21:36infrastructure that relies on um wind
21:38power and things like that problems with
21:40that and I'm seeing blackouts in
21:43California and in Texas and other places
21:46too it's going to be an international
21:49problem okay that's that part finished
21:51let's move on to the next section one
21:54last thing though um before we move on
21:56actually is I saw big medical advances
21:59also in the coming year 2024 something I
22:03nearly forgot to mention but is going to
22:04be very very important and I feel within
22:07three years we're going to have a cure
22:08for cancer this is all going to be tied
22:11in with artificial intelligence um and I
22:14feel that something major is going to be
22:16uh discovered straight away in 2024 and
22:19many many advances in medical and uh
22:23care happening and particularly also
22:25with things like Alzheimer's and things
22:27like this as well
22:28we should suit me all right because I'm
22:29getting there okay let's move on to the
22:32next section
22:38then next I want to make my predictions
22:41for the USA so I'm going to make a few
22:43statements as I go but also I want to
22:45see what I can pick up um because I'm
22:48trying to link into the spirit world as
22:49I do this at the same time so first
22:52thing people have asked me about which
22:53I've already kind of said before is who
22:55will win the 2024 elections this is
22:59obviously important for the future of
23:01not just America but the world itself
23:04and I predict that Trump will win uh the
23:07November 2024
23:11election now I I've been getting a few
23:14sort of thoughts about this and some of
23:16this like I say is not always clear but
23:18I feel there's going to be some attempts
23:21made um to delay or stop the
23:24election um we're already getting that
23:27with the sort of um movements were
23:30getting I think perhaps by throwing so
23:32much legal stuff at Trump but um I feel
23:36there's some um crisis happening around
23:40Biden uh as we near the election um and
23:44I feel there's going to be some legal CH
23:46challenges I suppose by Congress is it
23:48that I see for this that want to change
23:51federal law so it's as if something
23:53that's unchangeable can be changed um
23:56and efforts will be made to um try to
23:59prevent um the election
24:02itself but I I I see pictures of
24:06this um you know like I see Nancy boty
24:09but she's not there anymore is she but I
24:10feel I feel that's perhaps just a
24:12reference in my mind for this but um I
24:15feel it will fail I feel that will fail
24:18and um the um people will see through it
24:21for what it is so Trump will win I feel
24:24Trump will
24:25win but it's very close
24:29and as I say the future is not entirely
24:33completely set in stone so when
24:36something is as close as this um it can
24:40swing in different directions because
24:42nothing is finally predicted because I'm
24:45seeing the trajectory of what I feel
24:47from the moment and what I'm
24:50sensing um Trump has still got to focus
24:54differently he's got to focus on um the
24:58positive what he can do to rebuild
25:00America the break with
25:02China uh stopping illegal illegal
25:05immigration Energy prices and wealth
25:08creation all those things are going to
25:10be very very important to him but I saw
25:13lots of I saw lots of pictures of um of
25:16the black vote and I feel I feel very
25:19strongly that the black vote is going to
25:20move towards Trump see him as a sort of
25:23a bit of a cool guy because he's kind of
25:25um fighting against oppressive forces is
25:29and my feeling is he's going to reach
25:30out to them and as I've spoken before I
25:32feel there's somebody going to be
25:33working with them a a black female woman
25:36that I've spoken about before who's
25:37going to really sort of help Trump get
25:39back into Power it's the black vote that
25:41I think is ultimately going to swing
25:43that little Edge um there and and um I
25:48see eventually the because particularly
25:50because of AI and things like this I I
25:52just see people voting in the future
25:54physically with Bits of Paper as card as
25:58opposed to um using any form of
26:01technology so my thoughts are that there
26:03might be something happening at the time
26:05with artificial intelligence not
26:07necessarily coming from within America
26:10as people might will speculate I feel
26:12but coming from outside that will try to
26:14disrupt the American voting system using
26:18artificial intelligent artificial votes
26:20and that's why um votes in advance and
26:22postal votes will be seen as being
26:24impractical in the
26:28I can't see Trump being put in jail
26:29despite what they're throwing at him I
26:31can't see a jail sentence with him but I
26:34I have I did see something else and and
26:37I I'm seeing this a little bit now
26:38there's a sort of a health scare for him
26:41I felt this some while back actually um
26:43but that won't stop him there's a health
26:45St scare that won't stop him um and also
26:49at the times of the elections and I
26:51don't think it's necessarily on Trump
26:53but I get the feeling one of the
26:56candidates um has an attempt on the
26:59candidate's life I'm sure this is
27:01happening all the time um things like
27:03this happening um or being stopped but
27:06this got very close I got a feeling of
27:08something that came very close
27:15indeed and like I say there's a woman
27:17that will help Trump
27:19tremendously I still got this flu as I'm
27:21talking to you so apologies so that I
27:24think he'll have a female vice
27:26president um
27:28who will be pivotal for his election
27:30success I saw this woman as a woman with
27:32an ethnic background of some sort you
27:34know um plus people candidates could be
27:38Carrie Lake reminded me of Candice Owens
27:42um these somebody like this is going to
27:44swing the votes in his favor um because
27:47Trump also needs the women's votes and
27:50this is how we'll regain them know he
27:52applies to sort of Macho sort of
27:55American uh budlike ha
27:58um but I feel he'll he's going to he's
28:01going to gain the middle ground and this
28:03is going to be very
28:04upsetting I predict something very dark
28:07happens to President Joe
28:11Biden what I'm seeing is in effect
28:13something that he's he's being pulled
28:15from Power sacked as it were and quite
28:19close to the election time I'm seeing
28:22him kind of being removed almost at the
28:25last minute being almost dragged off the
28:27stage I feel him being carried off the
28:30stage um I don't know if that's symbolic
28:33or actual um and it's weeks before the
28:36election and I I I feel that we've got
28:39for a very short time Camila Harris in
28:43power very short time and then I
28:45scramble to find a new candidate so
28:48something quite disruptive is going to
28:50happen to to the presidential um
28:54elections right at the very last minute
28:57so so I don't quite know how to
28:58interpret what I'm seeing with this
29:00sometimes I see sort of like clouds like
29:01I say clouds over events or clouds over
29:04countries and perhaps it's the hunter
29:06Biden scandal perhaps it's that that I'm
29:08seeing but I kind of sense it's more to
29:11do with illness perhaps senility and
29:14people stopping him because of that
29:17could there have been a plan to
29:19assassinate either him or Trump perhaps
29:21because I get the feeling again that
29:23there's something where um there's very
29:25dark Forces involved here
29:27deliberate forces not just the forces of
29:31um you know natural things like
29:34illness so it could even be that a new
29:37pres a new candidate will run for the
29:39Presidential nominee I was seeing um
29:42Elizabeth Warren and Gavin Newsome
29:45because I mentioned about Elizabeth
29:46Warren sometime in the past uh but they
29:50would be a very unlikely team but I feel
29:52that like two unlikely candidates come
29:56together and I I get Gavin Gavin n Nome
30:00and Elizabeth Warren it feel as if those
30:03two kind of and bury bury the hatchet
30:06and try to work together to put either
30:09or both of them into presidential
30:11position and vice president
30:13position um and with all this dark stuff
30:16too I see um Hunter Biden will
30:18eventually go to jail but not yet not in
30:2220124 um strangely enough I also feel
30:25that there's going to be um just making
30:27something else come to mind because I
30:29feel there's going to be some move to
30:31Pardon The Sage there's going to be some
30:34move to Pardon both the sge and Snowden
30:36by the Biden team it's like a we're
30:39going to do this before someone else
30:41does um and I'm seeing also going back
30:47to the Biden thing I I I feel he's going
30:49to be sort of um he's going to be done
30:51eventually for for for for lobbying
30:54foreign for foreign powers but it will
30:56be after the election it will all come
30:59out and we'll start to see in
31:022024 um you know big bribes being
31:05revealed um and given directly to the
31:08Biden family people will look back at it
31:10and say well how on Earth did this ever
31:12happen you know um I also see the rise
31:15of Robert F Kennedy too because um I
31:18know he's being quite popular um at the
31:21moment but I believe he's running
31:23independently I'm not I'm not from
31:25America you tell from
31:27but um uh but I I feel he's um I'm
31:31seeing something with Robert F Kennedy
31:33I'm actually spoiling a lot of the
31:36opportunities um because he's taking
31:39votes away from them but I'm seeing um
31:44him as being not this election but the
31:47next election I suppose that would be um
31:502026 would it be but I'm seeing him
31:52emerging around 2026 sort of time uh as
31:56a potential candidate Cate a serious
31:58candidate um for the American presidency
32:01but not this time next time um and Nancy
32:05Pelosi I I I see failing to be re
32:08reelected in um 2024 even though I kind
32:11of saw it on my earlier Visions I was
32:12talking about there earlier on but um I
32:15don't think she's going to make it I I
32:16saw her failing I saw glum face on her I
32:19feel failure around around
32:23her okay another thing I foresee is
32:27power shortages and blackouts um in
32:29America um and I particularly saw big
32:32blackouts and power shortages in
32:35California and Texas Texas where there's
32:38loads of oil um and California where
32:40there's loads of oil Paris or shortages
32:43um and I also saw something it's like it
32:46I can see it sort of like it's
32:48infrastructure damaged of some sort um
32:51perhaps damaged by a weather event
32:53hurricans or something like that
32:55something that is not just cbles coming
32:57down something that's very hard to fix
33:00some big piece of infrastructure that
33:03generates energy being taken out of
33:06action a dam perhaps something like that
33:10but some piece of infrastructure in
33:14trouble now this could also uh tie in
33:18perhaps with some of the other things uh
33:21that I've seen because I feel there's
33:22going to be some major
33:24earthquakes um in the US I mentioned a
33:27while back um but I see it um all up the
33:31West Coast now I don't see you know sort
33:34of an Armageddon type of situation with
33:36it you know where everything's
33:37absolutely collapsing around your ears
33:39but perhaps this is what affecting
33:41infrastructure or affecting some major
33:43things are going to cause much bigger
33:45than just the shake it's something
33:47serious and I said it would you know
33:49even affect Mexico but you know don't
33:52panic about this it's not going to be
33:53something that's going to see everything
33:55collapsing but it's a it's a worrying
33:57one on something like infrastructure and
33:59things like this um so it's a pretty big
34:02earthquake it's pretty huge but I'm not
34:03exactly sure exactly where exactly but
34:06it feels as if it has two epicenters one
34:08in the north and one in the South um and
34:11and we kind of LA and that are in the
34:13middle of it but not directly under it
34:16it's my feeling I just don't know how
34:17the seismic activity functions there but
34:20I see it's like a long plate top bit and
34:22the bottom bit um seem to be affected so
34:25the epicenter isn't directly
34:27under a big city but it's affecting
34:30things like you know structures like
34:32dams and Par stations and things like
34:34that so it's like two
34:37simultaneous um earthquakes in close
34:40succession uh and certainly on the west
34:42coast and in the north um and I I saw so
34:46almost on into Oregon sort of area um
34:50and it would be even felt up into Canada
34:52uh and Mexico so was sort of a minor
34:54shakes there um but as
34:57very very far you know very too two
35:03extremes now I also predict for America
35:06there's going to be a big backlash
35:08against immigrants and Islam in
35:132024 so some of the things I've been
35:15seeing for this and see if I can see
35:17some more as I'm talking to you because
35:19I saw a police strike I saw like a lot
35:23of public unrest a lot of um uh
35:28uh movements against
35:30immigrants um and yet it's as if the
35:33police step back must perhaps let it
35:36happen or go on strike or use an excuse
35:39not to get involved and there's some big
35:43police corruption Scandal happening at
35:45this time too I'm seeing something's
35:47happening that makes the whole police
35:49force for a short while kind of Fall to
35:52Pieces so I'm seeing a lot of actual
35:55attacks on migrants
35:57um and even the Army perhaps having to
36:00come in here um when there's a police
36:03when the police can't cope the police
36:04that go in minority police force can't
36:07go in because I'm seeing lots of shops
36:09looted looting things like this so it's
36:12it's kind of a bit of a breakdown of
36:14society generally um and um a
36:17frightening period I think uh for um
36:21people within America itself worrying
36:23about things falling apart like this and
36:26a loss of public
36:30um America's will have it it's going to
36:32be all around the world terrorist
36:34attacks and I feel America's going to
36:35get it share as well sadly in another
36:38video I talked about a a plane hijack it
36:41could be this happening in American not
36:43a 911 type thing this is more like um
36:46like something's been with hostages or
36:49something but I also saw I also I also
36:52get Vegas as well Las Vegas um and
36:56there's something something quite
36:58concerning happening in Vegas I see here
37:02it feels like a kind of like a um a
37:05sporting event it's like some sporting
37:07event has be as something's happened
37:10with that um I I was also seeing
37:12something similar for Europe so I don't
37:14know if I'm confusing between Los
37:16Angeles or or um Las Vegas or Europe or
37:20something because I it's a bit unclear
37:23but because I see the lights I think I'm
37:24talking about Vegas that going to be
37:27some um
37:29disruption maybe a gun attack on a um on
37:34a sporting event in
37:36America there'll be floods of illegal
37:39immigrants coming into the country um
37:41particularly as as you approach your
37:43elections there in in America I feel
37:47it's like we got to get in now because
37:49we won't get in later um and I feel this
37:53will be the thing that will cost Biden
37:55his presidency in the end
37:57this is what will cost him his
37:58presidency and cost the Democrats their
38:01presidency and even you know a lot of
38:04what I was saying earlier Fel felt as a
38:06lot of this might these Riot type things
38:08will affect New York in particular and a
38:11huge homeless problem there and
38:14breakdown of the medical um systems and
38:17the medical things in in um in New York
38:22I see wet streets with people on the
38:24streets and lots and lots of
38:27homelessness and gangs gangs of um
38:30homeless people raiding shops so I'm
38:34seeing it you know and so there could
38:36even be you know um this could also see
38:40it in Texas as well I feel where I'm
38:42seeing um shootings going on on the
38:44streets again shootings in Texas but
38:47this is not just one lone gunman this is
38:50groups that I'm seeing here so we're I'm
38:53seeing a
38:54polarization of society
38:57and great disruption that going to need
38:59to be sorted and it's going to need um
39:02stronger policing unfortunately and this
39:05is where I like I say we start to see a
39:07stronger swing towards authoritarian
39:11government as opposed to woke government
39:12has gone from one silly extreme to
39:15another silly extreme that's my feeling
39:17eventually America will find a middle
39:19way but I feel it's almost like um it's
39:22reaching its fever and it needs to break
39:25soon and generally I see Health Care um
39:30is put on high alert in America a and I
39:33I feel that there not a full-on pandemic
39:36but I feel there's some serious um
39:38problem coming out of Australia later
39:40but not 2024 I think but I'm seeing
39:43something like a pan like not a pandemic
39:46an epidemic I suppose you call it or
39:48something like TB that is something
39:51already existing that is an unexpected
39:54sort of uh epidemic
39:57with coming from the homelessness so I'm
39:59seeing TB and and some of those oldtime
40:02type of illnesses affecting American
40:05society and again particularly I felt
40:07New York seems to be affected like this
40:10uh and so you know some of this um and
40:12and and also I want to tie in the
40:14Islamic stuff here because I'm seeing
40:15hijacks of Air transport like I say um
40:19and possibly um I I saw like a rocket of
40:23some sort so could there be an attempt
40:25to shoot down a passenger plane you know
40:28someone with some delivery system
40:30actually tries to shoot down a passenger
40:32plane at an
40:34airport oh all sound such bad news but
40:37some quite good news coming folks don't
40:38worry as well some good things going to
40:39happen which you find out at the end of
40:41the video um and again weather it's very
40:46difficult not to predict bad weather
40:49nowadays uh again we're going to get
40:51weather extremes over the coming years
40:53there's no way out of this um solar
40:56maximum or whatever they call it is is
40:58building up still we won't see the end
41:00of that um but I did see a big city
41:02underwater now I was talking about
41:05London being underwater but I get the
41:06feeling America's going to get another
41:08massive flood and it had somewhere with
41:10quite high-rise type of buildings and I
41:14get the feeling I'm further north I
41:17don't think this because I predicted
41:18floods in New York which happened last
41:20year and remember that came about but
41:22I'm getting something again and I get I
41:24feel I'm near Lakes so I think I must be
41:27in Chicago with this I'm not 100% but
41:30it's somewhere unexpected big floods in
41:33America I think I'm in Chicago that's my
41:44feeling now I predict also I saw a
41:47celebrity don't know which one but a
41:49celebrity dies in a fire that's what
41:52makes it unusual this now I don't know
41:55who I'm with with this this exactly and
41:57I don't really want to say who I'm with
41:58even if I had a feeling about it but
42:00it's a female person a female person
42:03dies in a
42:04fire I'm going to make
42:07another separate video later on about uh
42:10changes in the film industry um and
42:13what's going to happen for the future of
42:14media in the future I don't want to
42:17don't want to go into this one but I do
42:20feel there's going to be a bit of a
42:22shift in thinking in Hollywood and the
42:25rest with um
42:27wokeism and then a a move much more
42:30against these extremist um viewpoints of
42:33woke um
42:36and political corness out of control um
42:40and I feel that there might even be laws
42:41later on against some of it um brought
42:44in if I'm right with Trump um becoming
42:48president later on so uh I I feel that
42:51it will actually be illegal um some of
42:53the uh type of uh not just the
42:56transgender type of things but the the
42:58the um encouragement of um uh over
43:02liberal ideas for some like I said I
43:04feel stronger laws coming in
43:07generally so so what's going to happen
43:09with the American economy I I I'm seeing
43:11it struggling um in
43:132024 I've I've already mentioned about
43:16the cryptocurrency uh slump coming up um
43:20I and there's also going to be talk of
43:22kind of an American type of depression
43:25um but it will be avoided we're not
43:27going to go and see sort of the you know
43:30people on the streets um begging for
43:32food but I do feel that it's going to be
43:35a difficult time um and be very
43:37troubling time for the US economy
43:39economy ahead uh price uh house prices
43:43will continue to remain high I feel um
43:46don't go down as still property is being
43:48um High um I'm seeing also I said about
43:53hinted at this before but I see kind of
43:55a secret China Chinese misuse of
43:58artificial intelligence creating a
44:00banking problem and I actually
44:03feel the the banking system in America
44:06is going to be put on hold for a short
44:08period while they sorted out something
44:10has hit it some virus of some sort hits
44:13it in
44:142024 that um puts uh the banking system
44:18temporarily on hold but obviously if
44:20that happens it's a very chaotic thing
44:23happen um you remember way back I spoke
44:26about the changes of Twitter and Twitter
44:29even changing its name has now become X
44:31you know I didn't say x but I saw the
44:33big changes happening in Twitter which
44:35happened particularly when uh Elon Musk
44:38got involved but although Elon Musk is
44:43one that has outspoken about the dangers
44:45of artificial
44:47intelligence I'm seeing him um
44:50introducing it to Twitter almost as an
44:53example of how careful we've got got to
44:56be so I'm seeing something uh introduced
45:00in which kind of helps where Twitter can
45:03almost interact with you like a person
45:06and suggest posts suggest people that
45:09you might include in your post suggests
45:12ideas to you but also comes with a very
45:15heavy caveat saying don't let this
45:17change your political views or don't let
45:20this um Sway and think create fake news
45:24it's like he uses the dangers of
45:26artificial intelligence to warn us about
45:30what could be so Twitter becomes a I I'm
45:34just seeing something where it becomes
45:35almost like a scary big brother but a
45:38big brother that's there to try to stop
45:40the potential dangers um of artificial
45:43intelligence so I'm seeing something
45:44strange happening with Twitter I can't
45:47quite understand it I can't quite get my
45:50head around it but something's happening
45:52there that's going to make it quite an
45:54interesting uh platform in uh 2024 some
45:59big changes that they've not spoken
46:00about yet um which will um challenge um
46:05challenges challenge our thinking
46:07challenge the way we look at the world
46:09and um politics and it and things like
46:13that um in the economic struggles I also
46:16see um some American uh big Brands
46:19hitting the dust as it were bite the
46:22dust I was hearing the queen song
46:24Another One Bites the Dust
46:26um and it made me wonder is there
46:27something linked with that idea why bite
46:30why the dust why bite and and it makes
46:32me think that either perhaps because
46:34it's a song it's something in the film
46:36industry that
46:37collapses or is it something because I'm
46:40because in the image I'm getting was
46:42biting is it something to do with food
46:44or or or and but then also Financial
46:47Services because of this banking crisis
46:50that I see something is going to go even
46:53the dust could even be real estate um um
46:56but there's maybe there's multiple
46:58there's crashes um as um as the American
47:01economy um struggles uh and we're seeing
47:04a number of big um uh companies in
47:08danger of being bought out too by um
47:11overseas uh companies uh and overseas
47:13money which could not be good um but
47:17despite all this I'm seeing an increase
47:19in military spending and uh major
47:22increases in spending in the Navy and
47:25and also see the US mission to the Moon
47:29is a success um I see this happening I
47:32saw people on the moon um and I I I know
47:37there's talk about wanting to send a
47:38woman to the Moon I feel that's going to
47:40happen um I feel this is going to be a
47:42big um kind of boost uh for people's
47:46self-esteem in America that America can
47:48do things and do things well um so I'm
47:50seeing that happening but there's also
47:53something very intriguing with this too
47:56because I I know one of the early Apollo
47:59missions claimed that they thought they
48:01saw something flash by that looked like
48:04an unidentified flying object and I get
48:07the sense that there's going to be some
48:09talk about from the actual um NASA about
48:14um some hints of alien life that there
48:18could have been alien life on the Moon
48:20there's some an
48:21anony whatever it is on uh found on the
48:26um that um makes everybody question so
48:28it's that it's going to light up all the
48:31Twitter field and everything like that
48:34okay uh I'll do more of this later as
48:36you know because this video was going to
48:38be put into another video later so you
48:40can ask me questions in that second
48:43video coming up so don't forget to
48:44subscribe um if you want to keep track
48:47with the the next stage of these um
48:50these videos and have a look on the main
48:52page of my YouTube too to see other ones
48:56that have been produced after this has
48:57gone live oh and by the way in this
49:00section I haven't included um America's
49:03involvement in upcoming um problems in
49:06uh Israel and Taiwan and those other
49:08things you'll have to look at the other
49:09videos to see some of the U my
49:12predictions about America's foreign
49:14policies and um engagements uh around
49:23world okay so now these are some of my
49:25my predictions now for
49:28Canada first thing I predict Trudeau
49:31will step down before
49:3520125 now I sense his career is coming
49:39to an end sooner uh than
49:41later um I'm seeing around him a sort of
49:45like a a corruption Scandal and a
49:50prosecution and I've said it before but
49:53I'm seeing it again big bribes from
49:56China now I said about this before and
49:58then it started to come out in the Press
50:00about this but there's a lot more that
50:03went on that has met the eye so there's
50:05a big cover up around Trudeau that I
50:08feel is going to be exposed and it's
50:10going to come out in
50:132024 now I don't like to
50:16um put horrible things around people but
50:18I I I also saw a kind of a car crash
50:23that affects some people close to him
50:26hopefully not a death I I don't like to
50:28predict deaths of individuals but I just
50:31get the feeling there's some form of car
50:33crash I remember when I had made the
50:35first predictions about the Diana car
50:37crash to the Daily Mirror that time I
50:38didn't like saying it um but I just saw
50:41it and I I got to say at this time I
50:43feel there's a crash um and it's it's
50:48like I don't think it's just nearby him
50:50I think there's somebody involved in
50:52this that affects the way he looks at
50:55politics it's a bit of a shock just like
50:57sometimes when like when you know Nigel
51:00farage here had a airplane crash it
51:02affected the way you think about things
51:04um but um but I don't see him him dying
51:08from that if he's involved but I just
51:10just saw something around that around it
51:14that might affect the way he thinks
51:15about things or maybe even this is being
51:17used as a reason for him to um step
51:21down so it might appear I get the
51:23feeling he appears to quit you know but
51:27he's actually wants to quit but there's
51:28like there's a big excuse of some sort
51:31um but there's other powers behind him
51:33removing him it's not entirely up to him
51:36there's a strong move to actually pull
51:38him out of
51:39power somebody wants to get rid of him
51:41in his own
51:44party um I see the next Canadian
51:47government's going to be
51:49conservative um now I know what's the
51:52name of the guy Pierre poier or
51:54something like that that I I don't I
51:56just I get the feeling he Pierre
51:59something um you know my lack of
52:01knowledge not um not not my Clairvoyance
52:04but I Pierre po or whatever his name is
52:07will be um I I feel will be the next um
52:11uh prime minister of Canada and it will
52:14happen before October the 20th 2025 so I
52:18feel him C him there um soon something
52:24happening soon with that
52:26Canada like much of the world I feel
52:28there's going to be a backlash against
52:31woke um they're going to be a move away
52:33from the
52:36extremisms of um political correctness
52:39this is I feel there's a worldwide
52:40change of this um politicians talking to
52:44each other about it moves worldwide to
52:46address these things because I sense a
52:49lot of this is being undermined by
52:51Foreign agents um undermined by uh
52:55Russia and China and others getting
52:57together to destabilize the west and
52:59this will become more apparent on a
53:01worldwide basis and news of this and I
53:04think Canada may be at the Forefront of
53:07being one of the first countries to spot
53:09what's been going
53:12on um terrorism is going to be around
53:15the world but I see there's going to be
53:16a Canadian uh an attack on there's going
53:19to be a terror attack in Canada and
53:23again I'm seeing sporting events being
53:26affected I saw Montreal I saw Montreal
53:30um as a possible terrorist attack I
53:33sense something happened um people
53:36falling over like in a running event or
53:38a cycling event something like that
53:41there's there like a crowd that's been
53:43disrupted um and also with all the
53:47things that are going on in Israel and
53:50places like that I'm seeing Canadian
53:54troops being drawn into an overseas
53:57conflict so could they be coming in as
54:00part of a peacekeeping force in some
54:03part of the Middle East not necessarily
54:06Gaza possibly another country Yemen or
54:10something like that I see a dusty place
54:13um but I see Canadian troops um being
54:16being as like a peacekeeping force as
54:19opposed to an an active Force so how
54:22those things will turn out we're not
54:24sure yet but
54:25hopefully in that there's a sign that
54:27there could be a a peace of some sort if
54:31peacekeeping troops are going in because
54:33I'm being told about peacekeeping troops
54:35so it gives me an optimistic feeling uh
54:38with that rather than Canadians being
54:40involved in actual hand toand combat on
54:42things like
54:44that um the world's going to see quite a
54:46lot of economic challenges Canada's not
54:50um uh immune from
54:52this um so I see many economic um
54:56challenges for Canada in
54:592024 but not as bad as some countries
55:03um I think a lot of what's going to
55:05happen in Canada is that there's going
55:07to be bolstered by oil there's going to
55:11be a return to oil because I'm seeing
55:13like infrastructures around the world
55:14being knocked out um by some virus of
55:17some sort that might affect some of the
55:19power stations around the world and the
55:21need for oil because I'm seeing power
55:23Cuts around the world
55:25so oil will be um important and I'm
55:29seeing a very big Discovery um in Canada
55:33of a big new huge oil field Discovery
55:37that's not in the news not been talking
55:39about it's High North it's High North
55:41under the melting ice I'm seeing
55:44something uh with a big discovery of a
55:46new source of oil that um is going to be
55:49very important and um and compressed gas
55:53too I'm seeing Compressed Gas gas or
55:55liquefied gas or something like that as
55:58being a big export for around the world
56:01okay see exported as gas as opposed to
56:03oil for some reason okay so
56:06um Canada had a lot of arguments with
56:09India didn't it um uh earlier on Trudeau
56:12messed it up there um I can't see a
56:15trade deal at all with India now there'
56:18be talk of yes everything's fine there's
56:20no problem but it would be quietly
56:22dropped and a big deal
56:25um to export oil also will be played
56:28with problems I don't know that deals
56:29going to the east somewhere but I feel
56:32as if someone's put a bit of a spanner
56:33in the works on a potential big
56:36opportunity for Canada um and I see
56:39something also I don't know anything
56:41about the Canadian Health System I don't
56:43know what you've got there um but I just
56:45feel as if there's some feeling of a new
56:48kind of way of doing Health Care um that
56:52that comes from Canada that can be model
56:55for other countries um and helps people
56:58on low income so I don't know what
57:01that's all about correct me I I don't
57:03know much I have to do this you know as
57:05it comes through me intuitively so um
57:08but I'm seeing something about
57:10improvements and quite a good thing
57:12coming out of Canada there but this big
57:14you know there's this huge oil Discovery
57:17in the far north of Canada um that's
57:19going to be very important um and a move
57:22for energy Independence um and because
57:26the oil price around the world is going
57:28to soore and Canada will
57:32benefit um and I'm seeing around the
57:34world and even in Canada too a movement
57:37away from electric vehicles or certainly
57:39a a pause on electric vehicles um until
57:44New alternative energy sources can be
57:47found environmentally I see there's a
57:49big fire um in British Columbia um and I
57:53see a fire there and I've also o
57:54mentioned that Canada will also feel the
57:57um Quakes coming from the North America
58:00uh Quake that I'm seeing happening
58:03through up through America and there'll
58:05be Quakes there in in in in America too
58:09um and I'm seeing despite you know
58:12improvements there with their oil
58:14industry um there's a huge great sort of
58:16workers protest of some sort that I see
58:20a strike a shutdown of power or
58:22something um a as something happening
58:25with a worker strike and um trying to
58:28stop it there's protests going on I feel
58:31protests a lot of um and and different
58:34unions getting together in fact I I feel
58:37um Canadian um news is going to be beset
58:41with news about strikes lots of strikes
58:44happening um and uh uh people wanting um
58:48security for their jobs and underpayment
58:52things like this I'm seeing Maybe I'm
58:54seeing about that Health thing maybe
58:56even health workers going out um
58:58underpaid and particularly in the light
59:01of big Co government corruption going on
59:04with backhanders going on which is going
59:06to um cause a lot of disruption um in in
59:11Canadian politics uh because of you know
59:13why should they get away with this and
59:15we're getting underpaid that's the sort
59:17of feeling I'm getting so those are my
59:19first thoughts for Canada I'll try to do
59:21some more later on in a live for you
59:31okay now these are my some of my
59:33predictions for the UK uh for
59:372024 so one of the big questions is
59:40what's going to happen with the UK
59:42elections because they're obviously
59:43going to dominate
59:452024 um and they're likely to be in 2024
59:49of course um so the first prediction I
59:51want to make about this is rishy shun
59:55will cease to be the prime minister in
01:00:00now you can notice the big cavat there
01:00:03that I've made because um my sense is
01:00:08that I'm still quite unclear in many
01:00:11ways about what's going to happen with
01:00:13the UK election and the reason I'm
01:00:16unclear with it is because I feel
01:00:18there's going to be a number of big
01:00:19disruptions beforehand that's going to
01:00:22change the course of events and make it
01:00:25actually very hard for anybody to
01:00:26predict including myself as a psychic um
01:00:30you You' say oh well you should know
01:00:32this if you're a psychic but the thing
01:00:35is the world is
01:00:39um is not um this future is not set
01:00:43completely in stone what I'm seeing is a
01:00:45trajectory as I said the beginning of
01:00:47the main video here
01:00:50um it can move according to our Free
01:00:53Will and and some events it's a bit like
01:00:56the weather uh we can predict so far
01:00:58with it and where it's going to go but
01:01:00I'm seeing a couple of really major sort
01:01:02of changes that are going to happen
01:01:05because first and foremost the reason I
01:01:06say rishy schunack uh will cease to be
01:01:09the prime minister is I feel something's
01:01:12going to happen to um him he's I get the
01:01:15sense he's going to be removed from
01:01:17Power something's going to happen to
01:01:19make it very difficult for him to um
01:01:23continue um as prime
01:01:26minister so although I'm a bit unclear
01:01:28about it I feel there's going to be
01:01:30there's going to be AIT sort of a coup I
01:01:31think again again in the Tory party
01:01:35something Big's going to happen to
01:01:37change the general landscape of politics
01:01:40before the general election now um so
01:01:43I'm seeing him removed from Power
01:01:45someone new could replace him who could
01:01:48it be I frankly I don't know yet but
01:01:51it's going to be a really close call for
01:01:54the general
01:01:55election my feeling is there's going to
01:01:57be another big um upset too because
01:02:01Jeremy Hunt I'm I'm seeing I feel he
01:02:04will stand down uh quite soon or quite
01:02:08close to the next general election which
01:02:10is going to cause even more chaos within
01:02:13the Tory party and maybe this will be
01:02:15the trigger that will cause a big enough
01:02:17Rebellion to see a no confidence vote in
01:02:21rishy schek which doesn't bode well for
01:02:27um but I think my feeling is people
01:02:30don't want someone that just balances
01:02:34the books they want somebody that's
01:02:36going to come in and give an idea give a
01:02:40drive you know I said long time ago that
01:02:43I felt that one day um Nigel farage will
01:02:47rejoin the Tor
01:02:49party if they if the conservatives lose
01:02:53I'm sure he will will he might even join
01:02:56beforehand people want somebody to Rally
01:02:59around people want someone that can
01:03:01speak well people want someone that can
01:03:04speak their
01:03:06ideas um but the conservative party at
01:03:09the moment has no idea um about what the
01:03:12public think they're very remote from
01:03:14what the public are
01:03:16thinking k
01:03:18starm um and the labor party will make
01:03:22big gains in Scotland I feel the SNP the
01:03:25Scottish national party will have a very
01:03:28disappointing night on the election
01:03:30night excuse me I've still got this
01:03:32terrible flu
01:03:35um very very in fact I I feel further
01:03:39corruption um charges against the
01:03:42Scottish national party and Nicholas
01:03:44sturgeon you remember I predicted that
01:03:46Nicholas sturgeon would be charged with
01:03:48corruption um I think we've only scraped
01:03:51the you know I said this wa ages ago I
01:03:53said she'd be pulled out of power it's
01:03:55happened because of corruption it's
01:03:58happened um I think a lot more went on
01:04:00during the coid um pandemic too uh which
01:04:03is going to be pulled into the Limelight
01:04:05too um and I predicted this but I see
01:04:08more ahead for that in fact the absolute
01:04:11um you know Scot the Scottish people in
01:04:15their party with the Scottish national
01:04:17part got someone they haven't voted for
01:04:19Ricky Shak we not vote nobody's voted
01:04:21for them um and I feel the same thing
01:04:24actually so seeing so before I distract
01:04:27Scottish liberals in Scottish um
01:04:29National Party in real serious problems
01:04:32um maybe even beginning of the end of
01:04:34that party
01:04:35full-time um a big swing towards labor
01:04:40there but I I feel nonetheless people
01:04:42don't have the confidence in kir
01:04:45starm if I would dict this too if labor
01:04:50do win K starma will not stay in power
01:04:52for very long he'll be moved he's a
01:04:55trojan horse um hiding behind the scenes
01:04:58would be a far more um traditional um
01:05:01oddb labor candidate would take over
01:05:04with much more extremist views K starmer
01:05:07is there as a trojan horse he's just um
01:05:11the face of stability a nice guy who
01:05:14would be moved aside I feel if that
01:05:17happens but nonetheless I think what
01:05:19will happen is I feel that um I I feel
01:05:24that the Tores will just scrape in even
01:05:27though the polls at the moment say
01:05:29completely the opposite the polls put
01:05:32Tories way ahead I feel there's a lot
01:05:35happening between now and then and a lot
01:05:37of shifts in power and heads rolling and
01:05:40maybe new people coming into play um
01:05:44Boris Johnson I think is unlikely to be
01:05:47a candidate Nigel farage maybe in the
01:05:50future because I saw him coming back as
01:05:52a possible um candidate with in the
01:05:55Tories um Reese MOG and the rightwing of
01:05:58the party as it were um I feel them all
01:06:00joining together and given quite a
01:06:03barrage of ideas that's going to affect
01:06:06a lot of people um and with the um a
01:06:11popularity now more of GB news for
01:06:14example I feel their ideas getting
01:06:16across and influencing a lot more people
01:06:19um who who like to watch
01:06:21that if anybody takes control
01:06:24control of the Tory party if rishy
01:06:27schunck is pushed out as I feel I'm
01:06:29seeing here um it's going to be suel
01:06:32Braverman um who would um perhaps be
01:06:36able to Rouse interest in um the
01:06:40upcoming problems that we're going to
01:06:42see in 2024 with immigration and public
01:06:46unrest which I'm going to talk about in
01:06:47a moment and even with all the Torin
01:06:50fighting um a voice such as soel bra
01:06:55uh could actually rise to the top of the
01:06:58Heap and be the uh person that um leads
01:07:03Tories um the Reform Party uh will not
01:07:08do as well as they're hoping a lot of
01:07:10votes will go to them but I feel that
01:07:13there's going to be a bit more of a
01:07:14shift to the right again in the Tory
01:07:17party and the conservatives that will um
01:07:20help them to um regain some votes going
01:07:23to be a very very close call I don't see
01:07:27the liberal Democrats securing enough
01:07:30seats to form a coalition government
01:07:32with anybody so it's going to be a very
01:07:35difficult um election but my feeling is
01:07:40ultimately I see a Tory
01:07:43Victory and I say that with great
01:07:45reputation because with so many caveats
01:07:48about what I feel is going to happen
01:07:50with so many changes happening between
01:07:52now and the general election
01:07:56ction so I also sense that house prices
01:08:00will keep Rising I can't see interest
01:08:03rates coming
01:08:04down I I feel that this horrible world
01:08:08of interest rate Rises and morgage
01:08:10increases is going to keep going up and
01:08:12house price is going up more and even
01:08:15though the um conservatives want to pull
01:08:19some great financial Miracle out of the
01:08:21bag I don't think it's going to happen I
01:08:24feel there's going to be um there's
01:08:26going to be a big
01:08:28unexpected tax cut but I feel that that
01:08:32unexpected tax cut is going to fail to
01:08:35stimulate the economy in the ways that
01:08:37they are hoping so there's a tax cut um
01:08:42inheritance tax too a cut corporation
01:08:46tax a
01:08:48cut um but I don't think it's going to
01:08:50solve things and I don't think it's
01:08:52going to buy the votes that they hope
01:08:54it has to be an idea to buy the votes as
01:08:59were and I'm seeing public sector
01:09:02strikes ahead for 2024 lots of them it's
01:09:06going to be a year of discontent it's
01:09:08going to be a a lot of problems and
01:09:10particularly with a failing
01:09:12NHS um and a lack of affordable homes
01:09:15and a cost of living crisis and much of
01:09:18this I feel will be blamed on
01:09:22immigration it's going to be a lot of
01:09:24talk about immigration 2024 is going to
01:09:28be a year of people turning against
01:09:31immigration turning against um Islam in
01:09:36many ways most people have you know they
01:09:38don't have any strong
01:09:41um uh violent uh aggression towards
01:09:45Islamic um cultures um but they I think
01:09:49they're going to be voting with laws and
01:09:51voting with um changes and a demand from
01:09:55people that um our tolerance be uh
01:09:59questioned because I think there's going
01:10:01to be and I'm I'm seeing actually I'm
01:10:04seeing mosques and synagogues on fire um
01:10:08a a religious War fought on our our
01:10:11streets um not from the traditional
01:10:14people of Britain but from
01:10:17immigration so uh this is going to be
01:10:20quite a difficult
01:10:22one in 24 I see the London marathon is
01:10:29cancelled um also I see in in in 2024
01:10:33Britain will leave the European
01:10:35convention for human
01:10:38rights now this is going to be
01:10:41spearheaded by Suella braveman um
01:10:45there's already been talk about this but
01:10:47I feel this will gain a lot of
01:10:49popularity with
01:10:51voters there's going to be a lot of
01:10:53moves to put restrictions on the issue
01:10:58passports in fact I see further
01:11:01ahead might be to
01:11:042025 but almost like a two-tier
01:11:07system of um
01:11:10citizenship a full citizenship and a
01:11:14citizenship and I feel that some some
01:11:16passports might even be
01:11:18revoked and rules brought
01:11:21in that if you break the law citizenship
01:11:25is revoked which is a very extreme idea
01:11:29but I feel these things are going to
01:11:31in uh we're going to see so many
01:11:34troubles in Europe with this H and this
01:11:36is coming in over the next two to three
01:11:38years this is and I'm seeing kind of
01:11:41like digital digital passport ID coming
01:11:44in it's like the ID card um in another
01:11:48form um because of the heightened
01:11:50terrorist attacks happening within
01:11:53Europe in particular some in America
01:11:55even in Canada I've spoken about but
01:11:58also here in the UK there's going to be
01:12:00a lot more of this ahead as um the um
01:12:04tensions between Islam and um other
01:12:09increases um so again here in the UK I
01:12:12see an increase in police Powers um a a
01:12:16determination to make the police um face
01:12:20use face tracking technology for example
01:12:23to convict criminals um to catch
01:12:25pediophiles to catch suspected
01:12:27terrorists but also of course the
01:12:30potential dangers this brings um to uh
01:12:33normal citizens and law-abiding citizens
01:12:36um but I'm seeing AI coming in
01:12:39almost by default in policing and and
01:12:43tracking AI um and more poers given to
01:12:46police to track
01:12:47people the destinations of Randa Rwanda
01:12:51and that you know this idea of sending
01:12:52people off to Rwanda I think that will
01:12:54still keep continuing and other
01:12:57countries being involved with this but
01:12:59there's going to be a move simply to
01:13:01send boats back to say you've come to
01:13:04this country here's your here here's
01:13:06some food here's a bit of medical help
01:13:08we push you back you're going back and
01:13:10we push the back boats back to France um
01:13:14and and once that has stopped um then
01:13:17people won't keep flooding into France
01:13:19to come to the UK it will be in the
01:13:21French interest as well as the British
01:13:22interest so I'm seeing something like
01:13:24that happening certainly much much more
01:13:26Draconian laws about immigration almost
01:13:29in desperation something has to be done
01:13:32in desperation that you know U political
01:13:36votes are being lost uh by the million
01:13:39um and unless something is done uh
01:13:41something people are going to vote in
01:13:44another government so that's why there's
01:13:46a sort of a uh uh you know self-interest
01:13:51in this I feel and I but nonetheless I
01:13:55do still see non-skilled workers being
01:13:57allowed into the country and a Visa a
01:13:59Visa system to allow um non-skilled
01:14:02workers in um to the UK um from Europe
01:14:07and specialist visas for skilled people
01:14:09coming in particularly from India I feel
01:14:12and workers from India allowed but not
01:14:14allowed to settle it's like a work visa
01:14:17coming in so I'm seeing a big shake up
01:14:19in these things which I think is going
01:14:20to be one of the main Keynotes of 202
01:14:23for as we build up uh to the election so
01:14:26many things to talk about but I'm I can
01:14:28only cover a few points in this um
01:14:31video um the government is also going to
01:14:34push for educational reform um and more
01:14:38actual real debate within
01:14:41schools um I could talk for a long time
01:14:43about this but um but I my personal
01:14:46feeling is that um you know uh this idea
01:14:49of always having a consensus of opinion
01:14:51is weak it breaks breaks um people's
01:14:54ability to think it breaks people's
01:14:56ability to argue we need to argue
01:14:58sometimes we need to stand up we need to
01:15:00fight between ourselves for an idea and
01:15:02not always come to a consensus of
01:15:04opinion you know it's often the a female
01:15:07teacher will will not one argument was
01:15:10let's let's find common ground but I I
01:15:13feel um education is losing this idea
01:15:16that we we need to debate and argue and
01:15:18fight our corner and and come to a a
01:15:22consensus um after we've had a battle um
01:15:26so I see much more of this being pushed
01:15:28into schools and because of this I feel
01:15:31a a push for more male employees in
01:15:34school because the male teachers are
01:15:35more likely to encourage debate rather
01:15:38than consensus and also I feel a push
01:15:42now also towards more exam based um
01:15:46written exam based uh uh teaching as
01:15:50well rather than uh uh
01:15:54school work over a year and so forth
01:15:56more because the the corruption coming
01:15:58in from AI you actually have to have the
01:16:01kids sit down physically write um their
01:16:05their uh composition as it were as we
01:16:07used to do in the past I'm seeing that
01:16:09coming back much more um you know write
01:16:12an essay on the coures of the first
01:16:13world war you know those old ideas back
01:16:16again all
01:16:19um I seen also a a clash with Russian
01:16:23ship or something too in the North Sea
01:16:27um it could be could even be a boat like
01:16:29a submarine um because I I saw um
01:16:33fishing nets catching a submarine but
01:16:35there was a kind of a more Sinister
01:16:37feeling like this um like there's
01:16:40Russian spying going on and something
01:16:43like a like a submarine trying to almost
01:16:45get up the temps how close can we get uh
01:16:48so something like that is ex is revealed
01:16:51um I I feel also British troops may
01:16:54actually be deployed into the Middle
01:16:56East as well I think we're going to get
01:16:59um people from around the world being
01:17:01deployed in the Middle East but I saw
01:17:02British troops there and I saw Yemen um
01:17:06and I also saw um so I'm seeing other
01:17:10countries getting involved it's as if
01:17:11some of the other countries of the world
01:17:13try to subdue those countries that are
01:17:15um Rife with uh missile attacks and I
01:17:19saw a SAS attack on a secret missile
01:17:23installation possibly something linked
01:17:26to Iran but not in Iran so I'm seeing
01:17:28British troops actually engaged in the
01:17:31Middle East which I feel is going to
01:17:32flare up even more over
01:17:372024 royalty now I'd have to be here for
01:17:41ages and we'll do a special one on
01:17:42royalty later on um but one of the main
01:17:45things I see on the royal family is the
01:17:48m Rising tensions between Harry and
01:17:50Megan um Jane and I have often said that
01:17:53we felt that that that relationship
01:17:56would ultimately um result in a
01:17:59divorce um I I feel conflicts also
01:18:03within the F their family as well this
01:18:05is they're not in the UK now but they're
01:18:07part of the kind of the UK royalty I
01:18:09suppose and affect things here I I'm
01:18:11Thomas marle um I feel will get to see
01:18:15his grandchildren I get the sense seeing
01:18:18him winning um a court case um Megan
01:18:23marle uh I feel that the boot's going to
01:18:26be on the other foot with her and she's
01:18:27going to be exposed for telling lies
01:18:30perhaps some secret recordings or
01:18:32something like that I'm seeing here
01:18:34there's um lots of political and legal
01:18:37implications in something that's
01:18:39released something that she said perhaps
01:18:42while her mic has been um still running
01:18:44and she's
01:18:46missed and I also see an actual public
01:18:50argument between Harry and Megan in a
01:18:52public public place um and I because I'm
01:18:55getting I keep seeing like um Harry's
01:18:58angry face on the front pages of
01:19:01newspapers read you know Furious um of
01:19:04something that happened in a public
01:19:06event um and I'm I'm seeing Megan's got
01:19:09a new book out or planning a new book um
01:19:13I get the feeling it's either going to
01:19:14be Tak it's going to be stopped or
01:19:17delayed something Big's going to go
01:19:19wrong with that and I I saw even Harry
01:19:21getting attacked in public
01:19:23um covered in water or something like
01:19:25that not not physically hurt I don't
01:19:27think but I I'm seeing him drenched or
01:19:30covered in water uh as if to say you
01:19:32know public distaste towards him and and
01:19:36one more thing on on the um on the um
01:19:39royalty things um which I haven't gone
01:19:42into full detail yet but I I see Camila
01:19:45I see Camila going to hospital um
01:19:47something like a a stomach or bowel
01:19:50issue I don't see a dying but I I feel
01:19:53as if we see her being pulled off into
01:19:55hospital um in in the times ahead but I
01:19:58would have to do a full video on the
01:20:00royal family later I think otherwise we
01:20:02could be here for a long time just on
01:20:03that topic okay thanks let's get on to
01:20:06the next
01:20:10topic and also actually one last thought
01:20:13um stay away from London I see lots of
01:20:16troubles in London I see possible
01:20:19terrorist attacks in London cautious of
01:20:21London during in shopping spree such as
01:20:24Christmas times and things like that
01:20:27sorry but that's one I saw I F I had to
01:20:37it right I told you this would be a long
01:20:39video didn't I so um we're now going to
01:20:41do Europe I'm going to look into Europe
01:20:43and tell you there obviously multiple
01:20:45countries there I can't cover all of it
01:20:47I can only cover a few points each on
01:20:50these um recordings but remember I'm
01:20:52going to be making making some more so
01:20:53don't forget to subscribe and that way
01:20:56you can um you can keep up when I go
01:20:58live on various other topics so
01:21:00obviously going to cover a lot more of
01:21:01Europe um ahead in before the new year
01:21:05um but anyway I'm going to give you my
01:21:07main predictions for Europe
01:21:102024 so the big theme of 2024 around the
01:21:13world as you can see from the things
01:21:15I've been saying so far is migration and
01:21:17these things coming to a head so in 2024
01:21:21I see Europe will see social unrest
01:21:23because of mass migration in fact Europe
01:21:26will see it more than anywhere else in
01:21:29the world more than America more than
01:21:32Britain and so forth because there's a
01:21:34huge influx of um more immigrants coming
01:21:38into Europe I see in 2024 I said that in
01:21:422023 I saw a big influx and there was
01:21:462023 but we're going to get even more
01:21:48it's not going to stop all the people
01:21:51piling into Italy for example
01:21:53um are still going to start dominating
01:21:55the news in 2024 and
01:21:58Beyond there's going to be a big extreme
01:22:01swing to more right-wing policies in
01:22:05Europe now I said this in 2022 didn't I
01:22:07for 2023 and it's happened we've seen it
01:22:10happen in Italy but I'm seeing it more
01:22:13and more developing as more right-wing
01:22:16sort of parties gain power so I foresee
01:22:20Europe will see great deal of social
01:22:23unrest because of mass
01:22:25migration this is happening everywhere
01:22:27um there's a huge influx of immigrants
01:22:29coming into Europe at the moment um I
01:22:33said in 2022 for 2023 that you know
01:22:37we've not seen the end of immigration it
01:22:39was going to go higher still and we get
01:22:41another surge it's happened and it's
01:22:44going to happen again and it's not going
01:22:46to stop until um Europe changes its um
01:22:51uh policy to allow free
01:22:54movement so there's going to be a big
01:22:56swing towards right-wing type of
01:22:59policies this doesn't necessarily mean
01:23:01you know
01:23:04extremism excuse my cold um but these
01:23:08parties are start going to uh we start
01:23:11to see them increase even even in
01:23:13Germany I I feel uh that we're going to
01:23:16start to see uh divisions uh between uh
01:23:20right and left parties uh and a great
01:23:23rise of right-wing parties in the
01:23:25Eastern side of Germany particularly I
01:23:28feel um and even Germany having
01:23:32divisions with the EU and conflicts
01:23:35between German policies and wanting to
01:23:37bail out smaller countries I feel in the
01:23:40long term even I feel Germany and France
01:23:43too uh will part company in the long
01:23:46term not necessarily in 2024 but the EU
01:23:50will eventually split between an eastn
01:23:53and an eastn West split as it were um
01:23:56between um France and Germany with um uh
01:24:01its own Federation this is something I
01:24:02predicted a long time ago this is the
01:24:04direction that we're heading with this
01:24:06in the longer term over the coming years
01:24:08not necessarily 2024 but I see a
01:24:11division of Europe um centered mainly
01:24:13one centered around Germany and another
01:24:16centered around France and then also um
01:24:19a Scandinavian Confederation as well I
01:24:22don't think this will be a bad thing I
01:24:24think this will ultimately be
01:24:26good so we're going to see a rise all
01:24:28around all around through through Sweden
01:24:32through Norway through Denmark much more
01:24:34focus on more right-wing parties more
01:24:37separatist ideas um from Europe
01:24:40particular Sweden I will see I see real
01:24:44serious issues there because Sweden I
01:24:46has already had problems with gunman but
01:24:48I see more and more and that I've seen
01:24:50Sweden almost falling in into complete
01:24:53Anarchy sometimes very hard to keep
01:24:56control of the um of the streets in
01:25:01Sweden and and I feel that Sweden has
01:25:04with its over tolerance and it it's
01:25:06welcoming of so many people from so all
01:25:08over the place is beginning to see um
01:25:11the downfall of um too much migration
01:25:15and the inability to integrate this and
01:25:17make it part of a country and it causing
01:25:20division same to in France same too in
01:25:24Germany multi multiculturalism is seen
01:25:28to fail as we see more Street violence
01:25:31happening throughout Europe and most of
01:25:35this will be further ahead than 2024
01:25:37we're not going to solve it in 2024 I
01:25:40think the whole European project is
01:25:43going to be under review the EU
01:25:46presidency itself will be shaky and I
01:25:50see multiple changes to the presidency I
01:25:53see possibly changes in the top of the
01:25:57European government I'm seeing all sorts
01:25:59of breakups there and I'm seeing Europe
01:26:02having to introduce new and stricter
01:26:05immigration laws and ultimately Europe
01:26:09has to reassess the idea of free
01:26:11movement of people because so many
01:26:13countries I feel within Europe are going
01:26:15to start to see um almost a breakdown of
01:26:19Law and Order
01:26:23Europe is going to see a rise in
01:26:25terrorism in
01:26:272024 and actually like I've said a
01:26:30breakdown in Law and Order in some areas
01:26:34in France in Sweden in Germany Berlin
01:26:40and Paris as well places that are hit by
01:26:45terrorism in fact I've said it earlier
01:26:47the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris are
01:26:51going to see multiple attempts by
01:26:54Islamic groups to disrupt the games and
01:26:57I see some
01:26:59shootings so 2024 Olympics is going to
01:27:03be beset with
01:27:06problems incidentally on that I see
01:27:09transgender um athletes not being
01:27:11allowed to compete in the 2024
01:27:15Olympics so Europe is going to see a
01:27:19political shift away from Li Li ISM and
01:27:22a and a move also towards growing
01:27:28it's happened in Finland there's been
01:27:31moves away from um leftwing ideas moves
01:27:36in Switzerland moves in Denmark
01:27:38everywhere I see people screaming to
01:27:42close the
01:27:43borders in France in Sweden in the
01:27:47Netherlands in Germany in Hungary in
01:27:50Spain in fact I see in most European
01:27:53companies will sing see a swing towards
01:27:58policies a desire to change their
01:28:01governments to reflect the public ideas
01:28:04with this need to close the borders as
01:28:07we see more and more disruptions to um
01:28:10events to public spaces to gunmen to
01:28:14disruption generally there's going to be
01:28:17a big big public shift France in
01:28:21particular will have significant social
01:28:23unrest particularly in Paris as we see a
01:28:26cultural struggle to regain traditional
01:28:30French values I hear people calling Viva
01:28:34France reflecting the old ideas of the
01:28:39France president macron is going to be
01:28:42in trouble with this I feel and he's
01:28:43going to go much sooner than anticipated
01:28:46I feel Marie Le Pen will come to power
01:28:50before the I think the the next French
01:28:52elections around 2027 but I see her
01:28:55coming to power ahead of this I think
01:28:58macron is going to fall I'm sensing him
01:29:01falling from Power this Mass migration
01:29:05will eventually bring the downfall of
01:29:08the EU experiment new immigration laws
01:29:12will come in but they're going to come
01:29:14in too late Europe will be country
01:29:18divided within
01:29:20itself and I said it for the long-term
01:29:24future in Europe that I see this split
01:29:26happening between Germany and France and
01:29:28a German Federation of countries and a
01:29:31trading group based around France
01:29:33appearing as well with Scandinavia
01:29:35having its own tra trading block Poland
01:29:38will be separate from Europe on all
01:29:40these groups and become a very powerful
01:29:42country in its own right uh and will
01:29:44become very affluent the break up of
01:29:47Europe and Poland by the way I feel will
01:29:49re-engage in the UK Ukraine conflicts
01:29:53despite the current trends to move away
01:29:55and withdraw support I see Poland
01:29:58helping again because Ukraine will start
01:30:00to falter as it loses you American Aid
01:30:03and I feel Poland and some of the other
01:30:05countries um bordering and close to
01:30:08Ukraine will try to help support prop up
01:30:11Ukraine's um stalled war effort it will
01:30:14help to break the stalemate also
01:30:18throughout Europe politically again I
01:30:20see the Green Party
01:30:22losing influence massively in the coming
01:30:25three years despite the fact that we've
01:30:27got extreme weather despite the fact
01:30:29that we've got environmental problems
01:30:31happening in the world I see the green
01:30:33parties losing grip on power through
01:30:36Europe also even though this is
01:30:39happening um I'm seeing power outages
01:30:42too around Europe This I saw something
01:30:46as a nuclear power station shut down um
01:30:50a project stor
01:30:52perhaps a a problem or a problem that
01:30:56has to be averted could this be France I
01:30:59feel I keep seeing blackouts around the
01:31:02world um and I see it in so many of my
01:31:06um predictions for other countries but
01:31:07I'm seeing this also happening power
01:31:09outages in Europe particularly in
01:31:12France meanwhile steep oil price Rises
01:31:16damaging heavy industry in Europe uh a
01:31:19Slowdown in the German economy I feel
01:31:22because of another crippling um problem
01:31:25with oil prices and oil so I'm seeing
01:31:29economic decline in Europe this year a
01:31:33weaker European um
01:31:36currency um Italy though I feel is
01:31:39getting its mojo back um I get the sense
01:31:42that there's um going to be um quite an
01:31:45important um economic recovery in um
01:31:49Italy um which will start to to become a
01:31:52model for other places and uh Greece I
01:31:56feel is struggling hard in in
01:31:592024 um struggling hard but not getting
01:32:02the support that it should have and
01:32:04deserves from the bigger European
01:32:06countries I mean I suppose really just
01:32:10as a closing thought um Europe is good
01:32:13for the small countries but kind of bad
01:32:16for the big ones and I'm seeing the big
01:32:18countries the big big economies um
01:32:21beginning to resent pouring money into
01:32:24the smaller ones such as Ireland and
01:32:26such as um Greece and a complete change
01:32:30and shift in European thinking with a
01:32:32great deal of political upheaval many
01:32:35many shifts in in governments and
01:32:38political figures as gradually uh Europe
01:32:42begins to Grapple with the problems it
01:32:45has from a a a country divided between
01:32:50South Europe too will eventually get
01:32:52involved in the Middle East War it will
01:32:54be late in but it will also be
01:33:03involved now a few predictions now for
01:33:06Africa and South
01:33:08America um the main thing I see in
01:33:12Africa is um South
01:33:15Africa and I'm seeing a complete shift
01:33:18in politics there actually because I'm
01:33:20seeing that the thec will lose power in
01:33:26Africa um I feel economic improvements
01:33:30lead to more job opportunities in South
01:33:33Africa and more social stability
01:33:36generally so I'm feeling a Improvement
01:33:39in the South African economy
01:33:41particularly in a world where the
01:33:42economy is struggling South Africa does
01:33:45comparatively well generally north of
01:33:49the Sahara I feel there's going to going
01:33:51to be
01:33:52flooding south of the Sahara there's
01:33:55going to be drought in the coming year
01:33:592024 so the trend ahead for Africa um I
01:34:04feel there's going to be a big turn
01:34:07China infrastructure that's been put in
01:34:10by China loans that have been given will
01:34:12be defaulted I feel generally the
01:34:15African countries are going to move
01:34:16towards this Western Alliance that I
01:34:19talked about at the beginning of the
01:34:20video going to slowly move away from
01:34:27influence South
01:34:29America I saw an earthquake in Mexico
01:34:32City I described that earlier in my um
01:34:35American predictions so there's an
01:34:37earthquake in mexic Mexico City in
01:34:412024 Argentina I feel will win the World
01:34:45Cup in
01:34:462026 I want to say that one now uh
01:34:49because I want to get it in kind of
01:34:51before 2026 so I'm saying it right now
01:34:54in 2023 I'm telling you that Argentina
01:34:57will win the 2026 World Cup um I see a
01:35:02change of government in
01:35:05Venezuela um there's going to be the
01:35:08last thing I see is kind of I saw an
01:35:10organized crime attempt to kidnap a
01:35:14member of um the Brazilian president um
01:35:18what's his name uh Sil isn't it Silver's
01:35:22I see something with an kidnap attempt
01:35:25um from organized crime major problems
01:35:28in Brazil with organized crime and an
01:35:31attempt to um kidnap a member of the
01:35:36parliament's um family and I think it's
01:35:39actually Silver's family himself L's um
01:35:43whatever his name Silvera that's what I
01:35:44see and a blackmail being done so this
01:35:47would be a high-profile thing so only a
01:35:50few for those for Africa and South
01:35:52America I'm sorry but my focus can't be
01:35:55too much on that um my main focus has to
01:35:58be on Europe and UK and forth but
01:36:01there's a few for Africa and South
01:36:10America okay now I want to look briefly
01:36:12at the far East I mean there's so many
01:36:15things we could say just on this topic
01:36:17but I'll I will as you as I've said
01:36:19we'll cover these again in other videos
01:36:22um coming up we'll do some live ones on
01:36:24all of these topics but let me give you
01:36:26some of the main feelings and things
01:36:28that I've I've kind of picked up and
01:36:30I've spoken a lot about this on other
01:36:34India India will break its ties with
01:36:38Russia there's been a long-term
01:36:40friendship with India and
01:36:43Russia um but with the
01:36:47growing uh friendship between Russia and
01:36:50China it's against India's
01:36:53interests so I'm seeing India breaking
01:36:57Russia um it will establish stronger
01:37:01relations with America with Europe with
01:37:04Britain um and it will buy its armaments
01:37:07away from Russia will start with a with
01:37:09an arms deal but will develop much more
01:37:12into um a bigger
01:37:14deals with things uh uh with with um
01:37:18other products India will come to blow
01:37:22with China and Russia over Pakistan this
01:37:26is going to start as a political
01:37:28argument but I feel that there's going
01:37:30to be a great deal
01:37:32of um argument ultimately in
01:37:362024 um between India and
01:37:41Pakistan uh I can't can't see a full War
01:37:44happening there but there's going to be
01:37:45major disputes and um there's going to
01:37:47be a breaking between uh India and
01:37:50Russia because of this
01:37:53I see something coming out of India too
01:37:55as a new invention or some new sort of
01:37:59way of dealing with solar power and
01:38:02innovation in these areas a
01:38:04nondependence on oil as the world starts
01:38:08to turn back towards oil I see India
01:38:12beginning to come up with new ways of
01:38:14dealing with it and some new kind of it
01:38:18Discovery it's like India comes up with
01:38:19a new way of doing things something
01:38:23unique I see Modi still in power so he
01:38:27would be reelected if there's any form
01:38:29of think choices to be made I see Modi
01:38:34uh moves to modernize India's government
01:38:37too there's a big move to strip out
01:38:40corruption in government and in police
01:38:43forces and so on the coming back to the
01:38:46Pakistan thing there's going to be a big
01:38:49flood in Pakistan now I've mentioned
01:38:52before in my environmental predictions
01:38:54that I'm not quite sure when it's going
01:38:55to be there's going to be a huge one one
01:38:57day in Pakistan but I sense that it
01:39:00could be one in
01:39:022024 and India helps India offers AIDS
01:39:07so although there's a so although
01:39:09there's conflict on a political level
01:39:12it's like something happens where India
01:39:14can almost offer a hand of help long
01:39:18term India and Pakistan will become
01:39:22friends again and ultimately I see
01:39:25Pakistan merging again with
01:39:28India long
01:39:33term keeping with the Far East generally
01:39:35there's so many things that I need to
01:39:37talk about with this but we'll have to
01:39:39cover these later I feel tension
01:39:41building in the Philippines over
01:39:43territorial Waters this is going to be a
01:39:46big problem a big thing in 2024 and
01:39:51other countries are going to get
01:39:53involved I
01:39:55see Australian troops going into um the
01:39:59Philippines that's something I'll
01:40:01mention in my Australian predictions in
01:40:04moment in
01:40:06China Chinese economy slipping I
01:40:10feel um I feel the E the economy slides
01:40:15this will affect world economies as well
01:40:17I'm seeing pretty difficult times ahead
01:40:19on all the world economies
01:40:22um a lot of political corruption exposed
01:40:26about China particularly with Europe
01:40:28bribes into Canada bribes coming into a
01:40:32into Australia bribes coming into uh
01:40:36Africa all of this getting exposed I see
01:40:40and um restrictions put upon China by
01:40:42multiple countries and uh Chinese
01:40:46interference in elections particularly
01:40:49causing rumpus and
01:40:52upset uh
01:40:53and I don't know if it's this
01:40:562024 I think it could
01:40:59be I'm seeing a Chinese property crash
01:41:02they had one in the past but big time
01:41:05this time when the property crash comes
01:41:11um Xi
01:41:13Jinping ill something's happening with
01:41:16him but it's being covered up he's got a
01:41:19serious illness but it's being covered
01:41:22up ultimately further ahead I've
01:41:25mentioned it before uh a second
01:41:27revolution in China all the things that
01:41:30I'm talking about are all pending
01:41:32towards the ultimate second revolution
01:41:35China xiin Ping's illness I feel would
01:41:38have something to do with this um a
01:41:42breakup of the commun uh the Chinese
01:41:45Communist Party um divisions within the
01:41:48Chinese Communist Party itself that
01:41:50could ultimately lead to the sort of
01:41:52unrest that could bring him down so
01:41:54there's a cover up there's a big cover
01:41:56up he survives I don't see him dying he
01:42:00survives but there's a cover up going
01:42:02on Taiwan the big one I thought it would
01:42:082023 I still think it's on the cards I
01:42:11feel the the world's eyes are distracted
01:42:15by Ukraine the world's eyes are
01:42:19distracted by the Middle
01:42:22East could China be waiting to pounce on
01:42:28Taiwan I thought it would happen in 2023
01:42:31but I feel there's a move coming there's
01:42:33a move coming still and it could even
01:42:36come around the time of the American
01:42:40elections so that's in November so round
01:42:43about October
01:42:452024 I thought it was October 2023 I
01:42:48said before perhaps I was just getting
01:42:50it wrong perhaps it's October
01:42:522024 instead of 23 so that's my thoughts
01:42:56so a very disruptive period ahead but
01:42:59it's very very hard to see the timing of
01:43:01these things but I did I did say years
01:43:04and years ago that um Taiwan would be
01:43:07the major um hot point for the world and
01:43:10it's only recently become in our news in
01:43:12the last few
01:43:14years political bribes from China will
01:43:16be exposed this like I've said will
01:43:19cause um there's going to be a big data
01:43:21breach of some sort um and reveal that
01:43:25funds have been passed into West to
01:43:27Western politicians I feel a huge
01:43:30Scandal about this you know Trudeau
01:43:33poured into this Biden poured into this
01:43:36bribes from China changing the political
01:43:39landscape causing division money from
01:43:43China going into Hollywood to try to
01:43:46create more distress with woke silliness
01:43:50in political um correctness to the point
01:43:53that it it undermines the very thing
01:43:56that uh uh our tolerance so I'm seeing
01:43:59that the money has been going also back
01:44:02and forth with Russia and all sorts of
01:44:04stuff being exposed that are going to um
01:44:07cause um a lot of resentment towards
01:44:10China and maybe a ending of trade deals
01:44:14with China as India starts to
01:44:19rise there's going to be another
01:44:21Uprising in Hong Kong it's going to
01:44:26again could be at the same time as the
01:44:28Taiwan stuff later in the
01:44:31year but I see in Hong Kong quite a few
01:44:35problems with with food shortages of all
01:44:37things I would have thought Hong Kong
01:44:40would have been well supplied with food
01:44:42but I feel food
01:44:44shortages and if there's an uprising
01:44:47which I feel there will be um it's going
01:44:50to be squashed very hard this time I saw
01:44:54a building burning in Hong Kong um here
01:44:59is this a terrorist attack is this a
01:45:02forc flag an arson attack of some sort I
01:45:05saw a big tall buildings on fire not not
01:45:08masses of them but like couple of blocks
01:45:12of of highrise on fire as an asson
01:45:15attack and fingers of blame being
01:45:17pointed right so something some
01:45:20political thing behind this you see huge
01:45:24fires in Hong Kong there's some
01:45:27political um agenda behind
01:45:31it China is going to make a huge Cyber
01:45:36attack on the west it's going to
01:45:38some of the western Banks I'm seeing the
01:45:41banking system disrupted I seeing as
01:45:44being able to use our cards and and
01:45:46things like this and as if they shut
01:45:48down all parts of the banking system
01:45:50system for a period of time it's
01:45:52something like um a virus or it's
01:45:55something like a blackmail type of thing
01:45:59you know like the way they that you
01:46:00can't get on your website because they
01:46:02they they put or your computer because
01:46:04they they giv a countdown to pay in
01:46:06Bitcoins I see something like that
01:46:08happening coming from out of China
01:46:11somehow it's all connected in with the
01:46:13war in Israel too it's linked in with
01:46:15Russia's involvement in Israel and
01:46:18Chinese support clandestine support
01:46:22secret stuff going on there this could
01:46:25even affect the whole function of the
01:46:27internet over a period of time because a
01:46:30virus has been let loose and I see this
01:46:33virus let loose coming in through
01:46:35somewhere like Japan innocently through
01:46:38a Japanese company a gaming product of
01:46:41some sort are they going to get a a
01:46:43virus stuck into some you know gaming
01:46:47system or some computer game something
01:46:49where lots of kids are using it
01:46:51inadvertently and it's it's threading
01:46:53its way through the system and then
01:46:55suddenly releasing itself all at once if
01:46:58we see that in the world China's behind
01:47:01it I've obviously got to talk a lot more
01:47:04about what's happening in the East I've
01:47:06could only touch upon a number of topics
01:47:08in this particular video but we'll do
01:47:10some more coffees with Craig to um
01:47:12investigate these ideas a bit more
01:47:21so now I'm going to cover Ukraine and
01:47:23Russia and only briefly I'm afraid
01:47:25because I've covered it in lots of other
01:47:28videos um and um I can only uh give you
01:47:32the outline but we we'll we'll look at
01:47:34this in much more detail in the coming
01:47:36months but these are some of my main um
01:47:39insights into Ukraine and
01:47:44Russia in 2024 the war is going to grind
01:47:48on it's a stale
01:47:54and right back just before the war broke
01:47:57out and then when the war did broke out
01:47:59my my first um thoughts and insights
01:48:03looking back at my earlier
01:48:05videos is that I said how they people
01:48:08ask how would this war resolve or what
01:48:11would happen and I said when the war
01:48:13broke out that the Russian troops were
01:48:15as they were heading to ke I said
01:48:17they're not going to make it to keev I
01:48:19said the Russians will be pushed back
01:48:21and there will be a a thin Slither of
01:48:24land all the way down to Ukraine and
01:48:26that will be the best that Russia can
01:48:28achieve and I said at the time that the
01:48:30ukrainians would fight in ways that
01:48:33people would not expect and of course
01:48:35they did didn't they I mean a ferocious
01:48:39um uh push back and defense of Ukraine
01:48:43that the world did not expect so I saw
01:48:46this thin
01:48:47Slither and and at the time I said that
01:48:49that connection leather would be that
01:48:51would be there at the end would connect
01:48:53Crimea to
01:48:55Russia so although I would like to think
01:48:57that Ukraine will push um Russia
01:49:00completely out in my earlier prediction
01:49:03I said that there would be this thin
01:49:05Slither of land to connect
01:49:08Crimea so I think the war is going to
01:49:10continue I think that's how it will
01:49:12remain for a long time hence but it will
01:49:15be a continual War of
01:49:17Attrition so for now in
01:49:2024 I see Russia still continuing to uh
01:49:25retain the
01:49:28Crimea um and a connection to the Crimea
01:49:32and this was going to drag on perhaps
01:49:37decades um so I feel as we go into
01:49:422025 there's an uneasy
01:49:46ceasefire and some agreements made and
01:49:50some of the Lost territory being
01:49:53returned to Ukraine but not all of
01:49:56it so I'm seeing that further later on
01:49:59so I'm just seeing kind of an endless
01:50:02stalemate with Ukraine a dig in and
01:50:05almost something like the first world
01:50:07war continued
01:50:10there the whole thing will change when
01:50:12Putin dies I felt the death of Putin is
01:50:15close to us I predicted he was going to
01:50:17die and then next thing we hear we had a
01:50:19heart attack
01:50:20um so now is he going to go was I just
01:50:25seeing the heart attack I don't think
01:50:27Putin's got
01:50:29long I sense his death is imminent this
01:50:33could be the changing point this could
01:50:36be what finishes it
01:50:39all the war will drag on after Putin's
01:50:42death but that will be the death nail
01:50:45for the war and I feel that an agreement
01:50:48might be breached once Putin has gone
01:50:51but obviously this is going to require a
01:50:53lot more videos and a lot more insight I
01:50:56feel that would also be a coup once he
01:50:59they know he's really seriously ill
01:51:01there's going to be a coup and someone
01:51:02else will grab
01:51:04power the next person will be just as
01:51:07bad as Putin but on the positive note I
01:51:12feel that
01:51:14in uh Russia eventually after the death
01:51:17of Putin and after the death of his
01:51:19success essor a woman will be in charge
01:51:22of Russia there will be a woman a female
01:51:25president of Russia one day which will
01:51:27be an omen of great hope for Russia and
01:51:33world Russia I've said before is
01:51:36secretly supplying Iran with Advanced
01:51:39Weaponry already we're starting to see
01:51:41that in the
01:51:43press this will continue we're going to
01:51:46see uh weaponry and and the secret
01:51:50um funding of Iran deals done with Iran
01:51:54and Russia many of which will be exposed
01:51:58but there's going to be some serious kit
01:52:00being sh shipped over to Iran and into
01:52:03Lebanon to fuel the ward the war in um
01:52:07the Middle East this is a distraction
01:52:10from Ukraine and already we're seeing
01:52:12shipments of of um artillery and so
01:52:15forth head were going to go to Ukraine
01:52:18being shipped now towards the Middle
01:52:20East so it's a dodgy time for Ukraine I
01:52:24feel and Russia doing lots of secret
01:52:26deals particularly with China as as I've
01:52:29said and that growing influence of China
01:52:32in the in the
01:52:33future um grain and submarine technology
01:52:37are also going to be given by Russia to
01:52:40North Korea we're going to suddenly
01:52:42discover that North Korea has got its
01:52:44own um capability to deliver nuclear
01:52:48weapons by submarine this is being um
01:52:51encouraged developed by Russians I see
01:52:55Russians actually in North Korea helping
01:52:58them develop um frightening technology
01:53:02to uh keep the eyes away from Russia and
01:53:05the eyes of America on uh the troubles
01:53:09in the China
01:53:11Seas um I also see an assassination
01:53:15attempt on uh the leader of
01:53:18Bouche um what Alexander laneno isn't it
01:53:22or something like that his name's
01:53:23pronounced I'm not a pundit I don't know
01:53:26but I see an assassination attempt in uh
01:53:28bellarus uh it might be successful too I
01:53:31feel I feel and that's going to throw
01:53:34more um Jokers into the pack as it were
01:53:37more confusion into the war with Ukraine
01:53:41um so basically stalemate 2024 stalemate
01:53:46unfortunately with the Ukraine war
01:53:57well the world's a big place and we
01:53:59mustn't forget Australia of course as
01:54:01well so now I'm going to give you some
01:54:02predictions for
01:54:05Australia i i hinted at it at the
01:54:07beginning of the main video uh in that I
01:54:09see Australia sending troops to the
01:54:13Philippines um this is going to be quite
01:54:15important this is
01:54:17Australia um building up its resources
01:54:20um and I fill military resources and an
01:54:25ie to Taiwan and possibly in the future
01:54:28a blockade of some of the shipping out
01:54:31of um going through uh past um Indonesia
01:54:36and places like that in the future so
01:54:38but I'm seeing Australia sending troops
01:54:41to the
01:54:44um I feel also there's going to be a um
01:54:48the the indigenous vote vote happened in
01:54:51Australia I made some predictions about
01:54:53that which happened I said it would be a
01:54:55no vote but I said that that would be um
01:54:58it it all be looked at again you do a no
01:55:01vote and you have to do it all again so
01:55:03I'm seeing uh seeing a postponement of
01:55:05the actual uh main main part of that um
01:55:08there's going to be a limited
01:55:10application of Australian um uh
01:55:13indigenous people having uh vetos on
01:55:16some law that it's going to be it's
01:55:17going to raise its head again put it
01:55:19that way I see fires around Cambra and I
01:55:23said I saw fire a flooding in Tasmania
01:55:26apparently the flooding in Tasmania has
01:55:28already happened someone said to me
01:55:30because I made this prediction earlier
01:55:31on in a video a few weeks ago so whether
01:55:34that's um already happened or not I
01:55:36don't know but I'm seeing certainly um
01:55:38fires around CRA quite big fires around
01:55:42CRA um and there something happens on
01:55:44the Great Barrier Reef as well I I it's
01:55:48like an explosion or Collision or some
01:55:50damage done or underground bomb or
01:55:54something like that something happens to
01:55:56the Great Barrier
01:55:58Reef does a submarine hit it I don't
01:56:00know I'm just seeing something
01:56:03destructive happening there on a big
01:56:05scale man-made um and not just the usual
01:56:08pollution for this something happens
01:56:11there not in 2024 but in the future I
01:56:14see another pandemic arising and I feel
01:56:16something arises out of Australia the is
01:56:19a bacterial infection of some sort we
01:56:23the world will beat it it won't be as
01:56:25big as the um coid but I see something
01:56:28that comes from Australia in the future
01:56:31I'm put it on record now for the future
01:56:34so that people will know it now in
01:56:362023 making my predictions for
01:56:402024 uh there's going to be a
01:56:42significant political shift in Australia
01:56:46um I feel that it's uh Anthony um
01:56:50Anthony I can't remember what it's Alban
01:56:54bzi isn't Anthony Al Albany or whatever
01:56:57his name is you know what I mean
01:56:59Australians um I feel him going out of
01:57:01power I was looking at photographs of
01:57:04politicians what did I feel about it out
01:57:06of power before the end of 2024 a shift
01:57:10in polit po politics in Australia you
01:57:13know only get vague images of these
01:57:15things I don't know about your politics
01:57:17I thought I look at the pictures of the
01:57:18politicians what pick up boom he's out
01:57:21he's gone I feel he's going to go um and
01:57:24I also sense much more military
01:57:26involvement like I said with Australia
01:57:28perhaps it's because of these military
01:57:30things happening that Australia starts
01:57:32to become a bit more um forthright and
01:57:35determined and and determined to change
01:57:37the world's uh uh landscape a bit
01:57:39because uh been too much making
01:57:42compromises for too long perhaps but I'm
01:57:44seeing Australian Navy um helping Patrol
01:57:47Taiwan as tensions there escalate
01:57:51anything that happens in Taiwan I feel
01:57:53Australia is going to be very much
01:57:55involved um partly to its Peril too
01:57:58because it's taken on China but I feel
01:58:00it has to and it will and it will get
01:58:03support I see a big steep rise in food
01:58:07prices in Australia massive rises in
01:58:10food prices um the austral there's going
01:58:14to be problems worldwide with the
01:58:16economies but of the world but I I get
01:58:19the that Australia's economy is going to
01:58:21fare better um it's going to work better
01:58:24in a depressed um food market um I
01:58:28seeing it making some big advances in
01:58:30energy because energy is going to be the
01:58:32main thing that's what drives economies
01:58:34um and I'm seeing Australia doing
01:58:36something with gas or something
01:58:38compressed gas and things like this I
01:58:40feel it's going to do um pretty well
01:58:43Australia it's it's going to it's going
01:58:45to Fair better not well you're not going
01:58:47to say it's an affluent time but um it's
01:58:50not going to be hit by some of the
01:58:52problems that are hitting the dollar for
01:58:54example um and the pound and the Euro
01:58:56and things like that I feel you know
01:58:58Australia's not going to do too bad um
01:59:02and I see it opening up and bringing in
01:59:04more young people it's going to actually
01:59:06allow more immigration into Australia
01:59:10but there's going to be a
01:59:11caveat I feel if you want to join
01:59:14Australia uh there's going to be things
01:59:17like you first have to serve three years
01:59:18in the forces or you have to join the
01:59:21Medical Corp or you happen to be able to
01:59:24offer us something that is good for our
01:59:27country such as you know you're trained
01:59:28you got a degree or you've got um you're
01:59:31a young family with young children but
01:59:33you you yourself are an educated person
01:59:36there's things like this but I'm seeing
01:59:38some unskilled labor being allowed in
01:59:40from countries other than the normal
01:59:42European sources and England and so
01:59:45forth that tend to go to Australia I'm
01:59:46seeing people coming in from places like
01:59:50um you know Philippines IND denesia even
01:59:53India if if you're skilled but also if
01:59:56you're PR you know if you're an
01:59:57unskilled worker first you're going to
01:59:59serve in the Australian forces because I
02:00:02feel lot lots more engagement with
02:00:05Australian forces with the time Taiwan
02:00:07issues in
02:00:092024 okay that's as much as I can give
02:00:11you at the moment I'll obviously do a
02:00:13lot more on Australia as we move along
02:00:14and we perhaps do a live on that and you
02:00:16can ask me some more specific questions
02:00:18when we do a c with prag
02:00:27live okay now let's do perhaps one of
02:00:30the most important ones of all which is
02:00:31the Middle East and um it was a weird
02:00:35thing happened just before I I've done
02:00:37these um videos in Little Bits actually
02:00:40each section at a time all in one shot
02:00:42but um you know given pauses between so
02:00:45give me a rest and just as I just before
02:00:47I turned on a strange shadow went across
02:00:50the room here I don't know what it was
02:00:52I've got no windows open nothing that
02:00:54could pass a shadow across the room but
02:00:55I felt a strange Shadow come across the
02:00:58room as I did this which is um unusual
02:01:02and obviously um and I hope not too much
02:01:06of a sign of forboding but um I have
02:01:09been saying for some time about um the
02:01:11Middle East war of a potential um
02:01:15trigger point for major um events in the
02:01:18world at
02:01:19large so I'm going to tell you a few of
02:01:21the things that I've um I've got I've
02:01:23got some notes in front of me but also
02:01:25what I pick up intuitively as I do this
02:01:27too and we' definitely have to do some
02:01:29more of this um on the live coffee with
02:01:31Craigs as well but the first thing I see
02:01:34is um I see the people of Gaza are going
02:01:37to flood into Egypt I've mentioned some
02:01:40of these things before but they're going
02:01:41to flood into Egypt and I also see
02:01:43people flooding in from the West Bank
02:01:46into Jordan so I'm seeing an exodus
02:01:49a mass Exodus now it started to happen
02:01:53obviously but I remember I mentioned
02:01:54this some months back and it's starting
02:01:58to happen as I predicted people being
02:02:00pushed into Egypt and those people are
02:02:03going to stay in Egypt and stay in
02:02:06Jordan I don't see them coming back into
02:02:09Gaza now I've already implied from what
02:02:12I've said here that I feel it's going to
02:02:14extend into troubles in the West Bank
02:02:17clamped down in the West Bank violence
02:02:19in the West Bank people fleeing the West
02:02:22Bank into
02:02:24Jordan the whole system the whole lot
02:02:27there is going to sort of increase um
02:02:30and I'm seeing Gaza
02:02:33particularly um they said i' reduce it
02:02:35to rubble and I'm seeing systematic
02:02:37destruction of Gaza actually from the
02:02:39north down to the South systematic
02:02:41destruction um nothing will be usable in
02:02:45Gaza Gaza is going to be undermined all
02:02:47the infrastructure of Gaza all the
02:02:49sewers will be destroyed all the major
02:02:52buildings will be destroyed you won't be
02:02:54a to use it there'll be no water
02:02:56there'll be no sewage there' be no
02:02:57electricity it will just be a city of
02:03:02rubble and it will become uninhabitable
02:03:05and that's why people fleeing to Egypt
02:03:07won't come back and um I see Egypt of
02:03:12course with a massive immigration
02:03:13problem many of whom will want to go to
02:03:17Europe and I see Europe closing the
02:03:19borders Europe will refuse to take so
02:03:22many of the Palestinian Asylum Seekers
02:03:24that are going to come out of this and
02:03:26it's going to cause greater conflict as
02:03:29Europe begins to go through political
02:03:30problems of its own which I've talked
02:03:32about in earlier on so this is going to
02:03:35be one of the biggest problems coming
02:03:37out of this a huge Refugee crisis even
02:03:41the West Bank eventually becoming Israel
02:03:44I can't see a Palestinian State I can't
02:03:48see the for form of a Palestinian State
02:03:50I see the Palestinians the people that
02:03:53were left there from the Ottoman Empire
02:03:55and so forth being pushed into Jordan
02:03:58pushed into um is into Egypt now I see
02:04:03this is like a final solution as it were
02:04:06from the from the Israeli point of view
02:04:10um so I see the war there
02:04:14escalating extending into Lebanon
02:04:16extending into the West Bank I see the
02:04:19crisis escalating as a kind of an all
02:04:21eight war between Israel and the Islamic
02:04:24world this is the big thing the world
02:04:26has feared I see it coming and I see we
02:04:29could see military action in the West
02:04:30Bank I see military action in Lebanon
02:04:34and and I see this Mass Exodus and I see
02:04:37America being involved with this too I
02:04:39see American I see the American um
02:04:42aircraft carriers for example I see
02:04:44missiles being fired at
02:04:46them I see American troops even involved
02:04:49in due course and European troops and
02:04:51groops from around the world with the
02:04:53United Nations and so forth all being
02:04:55pouring in there this is going to be a
02:04:57crisis that is running completely out of
02:05:00control um and it's going to be a
02:05:02turning point ultimately for the world
02:05:04it's going to be very important for the
02:05:06world I don't see it I mean a lot of the
02:05:08Born Again Christians have said have
02:05:10talked about this idea as being the
02:05:11great Armageddon I don't see it as a big
02:05:14great Armageddon end of the world
02:05:15scenario no no way but I do see it as a
02:05:20turning point for the better for the
02:05:21world I think we will avoid nuclear
02:05:24action and nuclear
02:05:26strikes however I've said it before and
02:05:29I say it again um I feel Israel with the
02:05:34help from the USA will strike the
02:05:37Iranian nuclear
02:05:40facilities it's going to be a question
02:05:42of before they get involved we're going
02:05:44to have to call this one out and we got
02:05:46Russia playing in the background Russia
02:05:49saber rattling Russia even threatening
02:05:51nuclear action but I still feel that
02:05:54there will be a major attack on the
02:05:57nuclear facilities first it will be a
02:06:00Cyber attack attack of some sort maybe
02:06:03Mossad or somebody or the US secret
02:06:05Services getting in there somehow and
02:06:07beginning to sabotage it but eventually
02:06:11there'll be an air strike and it has to
02:06:13be something big to get at those big
02:06:15underground facilities it has to be the
02:06:17big style B you won't get in there with
02:06:19a few missiles you need to take it out
02:06:21once and for all and I feel that um
02:06:24Israel will more or less be forced to do
02:06:26this because Iran will start to make
02:06:29threats and um Iran will start to
02:06:31announce I feel that it has um a nuclear
02:06:35capability and Russia is offering to
02:06:37give it the delivery cap capabilities of
02:06:40that so I feel that Israel will strike
02:06:43first it will have to in many
02:06:46ways so there's Russian invol
02:06:48involvement in the in the whole Iranian
02:06:50thing this is something that I feel is
02:06:52very very important my feeling is
02:06:55American money is being SP spent also on
02:06:59nuclear armaments for Israel this is
02:07:02something that's going on in the
02:07:03background hidden way nothing we've been
02:07:05told about yet but I feel not only is
02:07:08The Shield going in there but nuclear
02:07:10capabilities are being sent in there as
02:07:12well um I feel the same thing is
02:07:15happening in Iran I feel we're
02:07:17discovered that there's Russian SCI s in
02:07:19Iran helping them to build nuclear
02:07:21weapons helping them to build the
02:07:23delivery system I I I sense that we will
02:07:26see something on the news released about
02:07:28this there'll be something released
02:07:29about this there's going to be a huge
02:07:32bomb in Jerusalem this is something
02:07:34that's not come in from um missiles I
02:07:37feel this is internal I feel a big bomb
02:07:40in Jerusalem bombing in Jerusalem um
02:07:43like the King David's Hotel type of
02:07:45things things like that terrorist
02:07:47attacks happening from from
02:07:49within um eventually when things start
02:07:54to come I see turkey and Egypt are
02:07:57acting as um arbitrators to try to calm
02:08:00down the tensions in the Middle East um
02:08:03together I feel those two countries
02:08:05working together will help to bring um
02:08:08greater ease there possibility of
02:08:11bringing Prosperity back there a
02:08:14political solution um I'm feeling that
02:08:17in the you know in the period ahead it
02:08:19might take right into
02:08:202025 and 2026 this but I'm seeing turkey
02:08:25and Egypt working out a solution there
02:08:29ultimately it's not Russia that deals
02:08:30with it it's not China that deals with
02:08:32it it's not the Americans that deal with
02:08:34it I feel it's an Islamic country Turkey
02:08:37and Egypt with the support and help of
02:08:41um other um prosperous um uh Middle
02:08:46Eastern uh Islamic countries helping as
02:08:48well including Saudi Arabia but
02:08:50strangely enough it seems to be turkey
02:08:52and Egypt I feel as if you know
02:08:54Saudis are not liked by the Iranians um
02:08:59I just feel somehow it's like turkey
02:09:01might be able to as a smaller country a
02:09:04smaller player in this be able to come
02:09:06up with a solution maybe Jordan too
02:09:09maybe they offer to to help up help set
02:09:12um help repatriate Palestinians that are
02:09:15going to be
02:09:16displaced um in the itself
02:09:20even with the um uh growing
02:09:24crisis um and the growing rhetoric and
02:09:28the um warmongering going to be coming
02:09:30out of there I see the woman's protests
02:09:33continuing despite that um more vigorous
02:09:37and a more vigorous clamp down on it but
02:09:40this is kind of in many ways the hope
02:09:42that you know Common Sense and tolerance
02:09:46uh can be found so we we must look to
02:09:49the women of Iran also as being uh the
02:09:52the the the force for Change and a force
02:09:55for Hope um eventually you know the
02:09:58atonas are going to be pushed from Power
02:10:00I see a complete cave in in Iran in Du
02:10:04course even with all this Russian money
02:10:06going in and Chinese money going in and
02:10:08even with uh these calls for Jihad and
02:10:11so forth um I see the women um making a
02:10:16major change there eventually and if you
02:10:19think about what Jihad means you know I
02:10:21mean there's multiple ways of
02:10:22interpreting it it can be used to apply
02:10:25for war but the idea of a Jihad is
02:10:27really the war on oneself the war on
02:10:30one's own moral destitution it's a war
02:10:33against what's all bad in ourselves it's
02:10:35an inner war that a Jihad should really
02:10:37be and I think um that we will
02:10:41eventually one day I do see it one day
02:10:43we will see um a reform of uh the
02:10:47Islamic way and a return really to this
02:10:49idea of
02:10:51self-improvement rather than um killing
02:10:55Infidel it will reform itself as will
02:10:58many of the religions of the world uh
02:11:00which I'm going to talk about in a
02:11:02moment um so Iran will have its own
02:11:07internal problems that will upset its
02:11:10warmongering which we will see in the
02:11:14ahead um people asked me before if the
02:11:17monarchy of Iran will return and visit
02:11:20Iran I think in time they will revisit
02:11:22even the monarchy will be able to you
02:11:24know what's left of it um will be able
02:11:26to visit Iran but not now that's in the
02:11:29future but I saw that in one of my um
02:11:32one of the questions somebody asked me
02:11:33once and it kind of gives me hope that
02:11:36um tolerance will return and Iran will
02:11:40heal itself because a large part of this
02:11:42is about you know Iran healing itself
02:11:45it's not just about Israel also I
02:11:49mentioned earlier I saw big floods
02:11:51around the South the south of the
02:11:53Mediterranean all around the areas of
02:11:55the Mediterranean big floods coming and
02:11:57I saw a massive flood of the Nile so
02:12:00Egypt is going to be in the news quite a
02:12:02lot um and there's going to be a lot of
02:12:06environmental problems generally ahead
02:12:08with the Arab countries as well which is
02:12:10going to see a lot of poverty and
02:12:11suffering and the a rise again
02:12:13unfortunately of Isis type terrorist
02:12:15organizations throughout the Middle East
02:12:18um we've already seen Yemen uh firing a
02:12:21few missiles this type of thing um is
02:12:24going to require U military intervention
02:12:27I feel from multiple countries um and
02:12:29even called in and asked for by some of
02:12:32the T the the shaky regimes who can't
02:12:35police their own countries with the rise
02:12:37of this type of
02:12:39thinking okay I'll do some more on this
02:12:42obviously um because things are just
02:12:44beginning there um but these are my
02:12:46insights my feelings as it were my the
02:12:48current trajectory trajectory of what I
02:12:51feel is going to happen and not
02:12:53necessarily has to happen because
02:12:55remember we all have individually and
02:12:58collectively Free Will so our positive
02:13:01thoughts towards those people less
02:13:04hatred towards each other more positive
02:13:07feelings will help will help bring a
02:13:10Unity within the diversity and uh our
02:13:13common Humanity we must always look to
02:13:15that must must look to what's our common
02:13:18Humanity that's the only way the only
02:13:20thing that can heal all this ultimately
02:13:22is love so I'm going to bring on now to
02:13:25my final topic which is going to be
02:13:34spirituality well the final topic but
02:13:37perhaps the most important of all in
02:13:39certainly from the way I think about the
02:13:41world is going to be about spirituality
02:13:44and spirituality within 2024 and also a
02:13:48spirituality that can perhaps see our
02:13:50way through some of the troubles uh that
02:13:52are brewing in the world I think there's
02:13:55definitely hope for the future but first
02:13:59a few simple
02:14:01predictions I see there's going to be a
02:14:03new pope soon I mentioned it in one of
02:14:05my earlier predictions um because I I
02:14:08saw white smoke from the Vatican um and
02:14:12I I feel that's again happening around
02:14:15about November time 2024 it's
02:14:18notoriously difficult to predict dates
02:14:20but I see a new pope and in the um
02:14:24earlier video I did I said that I saw
02:14:27the symbolism of a swan for the new pope
02:14:30to come the symbolism of a swan I don't
02:14:34know what that means or what its
02:14:36significance is um some of you already
02:14:38speculated about this that's something I
02:14:40saw in an earlier prediction so I see a
02:14:43new pope
02:14:46soon um don't necessarily mean the death
02:14:48of the old Pope and I say a new pope
02:14:52either um I also see that Dalai llama's
02:14:55kiss you remember that Dal L kiss with
02:14:57the children um I've always believed it
02:15:00was a stitch up by
02:15:02China um and I feel that something's
02:15:05going to be released to prove that soon
02:15:07that China was behind that again there's
02:15:09a big data release of some sort a data
02:15:11breach of some sort and somebody gets
02:15:13hold of some of the stuff that China's
02:15:15been doing um and I feel that that was a
02:15:18stitch up there was some deliberate
02:15:20attempt to misinform the World perhaps
02:15:24the whole thing was seeded by China uh
02:15:27also I see that there's the panta llama
02:15:30and an alternative Dalai llama in the
02:15:32background ready to replace the Dalai
02:15:35Lama by the Chinese I sense that we're
02:15:38going to see some more information about
02:15:40that in the in 2024 an alternative
02:15:44candidate that is there ready for when
02:15:46the Dalai Lama dies or um they they got
02:15:49someone ready to throw in in place to
02:15:51say this is your new spiritual leader
02:15:54that's going to be revealed um there
02:15:56will be a new Daly Lama in due course of
02:15:59course um so I don't think that's
02:16:00necessarily going to be 2024 but I'm
02:16:03seeing information about that eventually
02:16:06Tibet will be free with the breakup of
02:16:08China as Hong Kong will be free with the
02:16:11breakup of China and also other
02:16:14countries such as Vietnam for example
02:16:16will rise to a great deal of prosperity
02:16:19when we see the eventual breakup of
02:16:21China it's not happen not going to
02:16:23happen in 2024 but the seeds of it are
02:16:26there you'll start to see the seeds of
02:16:28it but I just want to finally finish
02:16:32on uh a strange dream I had and a lot of
02:16:37you know that I was very interested in
02:16:39sathy Sababa I I've also interested in
02:16:42I'm sharavana Baba who I wrote the book
02:16:44on uh be happy uh you can find on my on
02:16:48my um in my books and things like that
02:16:50and I also wrote a lot about my time
02:16:52with sa barar and some of our books and
02:16:54things and and those of you who um
02:16:58follow saisai Bara will understand that
02:17:01that when we have a dream of saisai Bara
02:17:04we we take it as being real that it's
02:17:07not just a dream it's real and if you
02:17:09look into the stories um of people that
02:17:11had dreams of sais sa Bara um they they
02:17:15have a remarkable equ quality to them
02:17:19and so I had a dream the other night
02:17:21about sathia sa Barber and he came to me
02:17:24as a young man and he placed his hand
02:17:27he's like he came out of nowhere and put
02:17:29his hand like that on my head it's like
02:17:31out of the blue and this is the first
02:17:33Dream I've had like this for a long long
02:17:35time um and of s Barbara at all for a
02:17:39long long time so it took me by
02:17:40completely by surprise and it was like a
02:17:43cleansing gave a sort of like cleansing
02:17:45to me sort of feel with it
02:17:48and and said that and said um something
02:17:51to the effect of
02:17:54um distress will be no more it will be
02:17:58gone forever right and I I felt a kind
02:18:01of a joyful jool now I thought is that
02:18:05for me or something else is that because
02:18:07I remember this is while I'm making all
02:18:08these predictions the last few days I've
02:18:10been planning it thinking about it
02:18:11meditating upon these predictions that I
02:18:13made today looking over my other videos
02:18:15what I've said before and trying to
02:18:17bring all together to give you an idea
02:18:19so I felt it was part of this whole
02:18:21process you know that it should come out
02:18:23of the blue like this and with him he he
02:18:26stood there and I looked at him and he
02:18:28was like a young man he was like he when
02:18:29he was young and he had a wife he didn't
02:18:32have a life in real life and I looked
02:18:34and he had this wife with him and I I
02:18:36looked at her and I and I S and I
02:18:38recognized her as being the wife of
02:18:40ramach Krishna which is um Sara Davi I
02:18:44think is her name is pronounced so there
02:18:47he was with the wife of um ramach
02:18:50Krishna who was also supposed to be in
02:18:52an avatar ramach Krishna was considered
02:18:55as an avatar so the avatars are all one
02:18:57chrishna and so of all one the avatars
02:18:59are one who are
02:19:01manifestations of the one um Vishnu I
02:19:05believe I think it's the Krishna Avatar
02:19:06was Vishnu the avatars are the
02:19:09manifestation of Vishnu who comes to the
02:19:10Earth to help it and and I looked and
02:19:13saaba and his wife she was carrying a
02:19:18she had a baby in her arms a divine
02:19:21child in her arms and and I woke from
02:19:25this dream with an absolute quite shock
02:19:28you know first that you know there's a
02:19:29baby what's all this about a baby and um
02:19:33there was also a feeling that all the
02:19:36negative things that have been said
02:19:37about sidebar were brushed away in
02:19:39seconds all the negative things were
02:19:41suddenly rushed away everybody suddenly
02:19:43understood um the stitch up that had
02:19:45happened with all that um in the dream
02:19:48and it was completely out of the blue
02:19:50for why this should come to me and and I
02:19:52thought well is that is that a sign of
02:19:54the coming of the the next Avatar what
02:19:59they call the kelky I think it's
02:20:01pronounced is it the kelky Avatar they
02:20:03call it the coming of Vishnu right so I
02:20:06said to Jane that I'd had this dream
02:20:07about Saba but and and I she I said I
02:20:11don't sure I understand this what it
02:20:12means then a night later Jane
02:20:16independently she said go I've had this
02:20:19amazing dream I've had this dream of the
02:20:21god Vishnu I just saw Vishnu for some
02:20:24reason what does Vishnu mean Craig I
02:20:27don't I don't know what Vishnu means
02:20:29really but I just had this amazing
02:20:31vision of Vishnu and it had a good
02:20:33feeling to it is that something that's
02:20:34happening in our lives is it protection
02:20:36in our lives or what and I think it's
02:20:39all to do with the world because I think
02:20:43it's like Jane and I have kind of been
02:20:44asked to give a message we are giving
02:20:46messages to so many people do watch
02:20:48these videos I'm going into the tens and
02:20:51hundreds of thousands if you now watch
02:20:52these videos um and I think the message
02:20:55is that it's like Vishnu now whether
02:20:58you're whatever Faith you come from it
02:21:01doesn't matter when when the Great
02:21:03teachers come to the world it's it's it
02:21:05goes beyond faiths it goes beyond all
02:21:07the religions of the world but Vishnu is
02:21:10is is the is the protector Vishnu is the
02:21:14sustainer of the world the one that
02:21:16protect protects the world so I just
02:21:19feel just as a final thing and a lot of
02:21:21you would just think I'm Bonkers with
02:21:22this and a lot of you think I'm off with
02:21:24the fairies and lot of you will disagree
02:21:26with me because you might have different
02:21:27religious views I don't really have
02:21:29religious views I believe in
02:21:32spirituality um but the symbolism of it
02:21:35I think has come to us with the thought
02:21:36that maybe just maybe we're going to get
02:21:39all through this that God's hand in
02:21:43whatever form you think of God whatever
02:21:45you think of God as being whether you
02:21:46think of it as some infinite
02:21:48Consciousness if you think of it as just
02:21:50us us we ourselves even being God
02:21:53whatever view you see of it um I feel
02:21:56that something's coming into the world
02:21:58to protect it that we don't have to fear
02:22:01that the the spirituality will
02:22:03ultimately Trump all this lot that's
02:22:05going on a bad use of words but it will
02:22:08it will be it will it will be greater
02:22:10than all the things that are that
02:22:12happening in in the world at hand and as
02:22:15I've said before I I believe and feel
02:22:17and sense and I see it so many times in
02:22:19my meditation that ultimately coming out
02:22:22of all these horrible things that are
02:22:23going on all these things that frighten
02:22:25us within our societies and in the
02:22:27political world and in the world of
02:22:29warfare and around the world and all the
02:22:31divisions that are happening ultimately
02:22:35I believe we will see our common
02:22:38humanity and this is the heralding I I I
02:22:43feel of a better age as we shift from
02:22:47the Dark Ages that the age of um Iron as
02:22:51they called it in the ancient Greeks
02:22:53called it or as the Mayan calendar
02:22:56shifts or as if you look at it in the
02:22:58Indian way as the Koga ends or as the
02:23:02Christian sense the age of Pisces moves
02:23:04into the into the next Age of Aquarius
02:23:07whichever way we look at it we are on
02:23:10the gradual turning from one age to
02:23:13another and always there will be
02:23:17troubles and distresses and and and and
02:23:21you know any major change as the snake
02:23:23sheds its skin there's pain but the new
02:23:26the new creature occurs and any you know
02:23:29rebirth there's always there's always
02:23:32the pain of the rebirth but I feel I'm
02:23:36quite reassured both by the dream that I
02:23:38had and the dream that Jane had that um
02:23:41healing is coming that uh there is a
02:23:44better uh path for us all and that we
02:23:47can find uh the answer to it as I've
02:23:50said before you know and and saaba said
02:23:54actually you know uh love is the answer
02:23:57now what is the question simple as that
02:24:00we will find our common Humanity we will
02:24:03find the Divine love within each of us
02:24:05and we will see our way through it and
02:24:08it will have to come through a spiritual
02:24:10Revival and that spiritual Revival comes
02:24:13through each of us one at a time direct
02:24:16spiritual it the the spirit of the
02:24:19universe comes to each of us one at a
02:24:21time it don't come through religions it
02:24:23don't even come through great teaches it
02:24:25don't come through anything outside of
02:24:27ourselves ultimately The Awakening comes
02:24:30between simply between you and the
02:24:32Divinity each person one by one for
02:24:36every religion for every person in the
02:24:39world there's a religion the religion of
02:24:41one just you and the Divine and that's
02:24:44what the Awakening will be one light at
02:24:47time Awakening through the world like
02:24:49millions of candles opening over a dark
02:24:51world and that will grow to a great
02:24:54brightness so there's nothing to fear um
02:24:57because the the spiritual uh is here and
02:25:01will help us to awaken and get through
02:25:04these dark times but seemingly dark
02:25:07times because something marvous lays
02:25:10after it it's not that far away I feel
02:25:13not now that I've had that dream it's
02:25:15close I really feel it's
02:25:18close so do you like what I have to say
02:25:21do you like my work well why don't you
02:25:23support my work have a look in the
02:25:25description below to go to my website
02:25:27find out about psychic readings find out
02:25:30about our nardy readings with the Indian
02:25:32nardy Oracle buy my books and join my
02:25:35workshops online by Zoom all there on
02:25:38the website
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1. What predictions does psychic medium Craig Hamilton-Parker make for the year 2024?

Psychic medium Craig Hamilton-Parker makes predictions for the year 2024, including a possible earthquake in Italy, a tsunami in the Pacific affecting Australia, a shift away from woke culture and liberalism, economic challenges for Canada, and potential political changes in South Africa and Russia.

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According to Craig Hamilton-Parker, there could be a possible earthquake in Italy and a tsunami in the Pacific affecting Australia in 2024.

3. What are the potential political changes mentioned for 2024 by Craig Hamilton-Parker?

Craig Hamilton-Parker mentions potential political changes in South Africa and Russia for the year 2024, including the possibility of a coup in Russia after Putin's death.

4. What economic challenges does Craig Hamilton-Parker predict for Canada in 2024?

Craig Hamilton-Parker predicts economic challenges for Canada in 2024.

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