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The video discusses methods to obtain a prime status for free in CS:GO, including participating in competitions and taking advantage of bonus drops on Wednesdays. It also addresses the misconception that luck plays a major role in winning competitions and encourages viewers to try their luck. The video concludes with a request for viewers to like, subscribe, and help the channel reach 10,000 subscribers.
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This section discusses methods to get free prime status in CS:GO and mentions the possibility of a bonus on Wednesdays when you increase your rank.
The speaker recommends joining their Telegram channel for competitive skins and a chance to win prime status.
CS:GO skins can be obtained randomly after matches or from cases, but there is a day of the week when a bonus is given upon rank increase.
The bonus can include graffiti, cases, or more valuable items for free.
It is suggested that the bonus is most likely given on Wednesdays.
To save up for Prime, participate in multiple competitions to increase your chances of winning and raise cash.
Participate in 10-20 competitions at once, preferably with popular YouTubers and many participants.
Winning even a few competitions can earn you a significant amount of money towards Prime.
Many people underestimate their luck and don't realize they have a chance to win.
The speaker encourages viewers to participate in competitions and reassures them that they won't lose anything.
The speaker advises viewers to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.
They mention receiving a message from a user and express their intention to respond.
The speaker mentions that they could make unrealistic claims to attract viewers, but they choose not to in order to maintain credibility.
They express gratitude to viewers who have watched the video and encourage them to like and subscribe to the channel.
00:00Greetings to all lovers of freebies in this
00:02video I will tell you all the methods that
00:04I know myself and which I used. But
00:06first I want to tell you about my
00:08telegram channel in which I make
00:09competitive skins and also in which a
00:11competition for prime status can come, now there is
00:13very little activity on the channel as and on the
00:15YouTube channel because I’m currently having,
00:17so to speak, a creative crisis, but with the
00:19release of this video I will begin to be
00:20active Both on telegram and on
00:22YouTube, so I recommend that you join
00:24the link to the cart is in the description
00:25under the video I think that you all know what’s
00:28in CS you can get the skin after the skating rink, but
00:31not everyone knows how to get it with
00:32100% probability. As you already
00:34guessed, cs:go is Random and the drop of
00:37skins both after the match and from cases
00:39is also one Random But there is one day in
00:42the week when when you increase your rank they will
00:44give you a bonus it can be
00:46anything graffiti case shirp or something
00:48more expensive but for free and sweet vinegar
00:50So we are content with the fact that
00:53we will get it for free You will probably
00:55ask me What day of the week they
00:56give out such a bonus, most likely it is
00:59Wednesday because it is on Wednesdays that I most
01:01often noticed that I have such an
01:03inscription By the way, you you can check for yourself
01:05whether you have the opportunity to receive a bonus
01:07when you increase your rank, you just need to
01:09hover your mouse over your current
01:11level and you will see regarding
01:13prime status, I can only say that
01:15now you can’t get it directly for free.
01:16You’ll probably say this is mine.
01:19Without you, we know better. tell me how you can
01:20save up for Prime by investing your money.
01:22So, there are many ways that will
01:25help you save up money and buy the
01:27coveted Prime, for example, participate in
01:29competitions and not in two or three five, but
01:31in 10-20 competitions at once, and preferably with not
01:34very popular YouTubers so that there are
01:36many participants and you had a better
01:37chance of winning, remember any competition
01:40is a chance to raise your cash and it doesn’t matter what
01:42the amount is in question since it’s for
01:44free, let’s say out of 20 competitions you will
01:46win only five, on average there
01:48will be a prize of 40 hryvnia and this is for a
01:51minute in a total amount of 200 hryvnia, roughly
01:53speaking Almost half of the cost of
01:55Prime by simple mathematical
01:57calculations with the Theory of Probability and
01:59in combination with your luck, we can
02:02draw a conclusion, namely, the more
02:04competitions, the more chances to win, the
02:06more chances to win, the sooner you will
02:08save up for what you want to buy without
02:15there is a mistake that 75
02:18percent of people who watch this
02:20video will make, namely they will say that they have never
02:22won a competition and that they have
02:24very bad luck and all sorts of things I will tell
02:26you since I am a person who has conducted
02:28a lot of competitions and encountered
02:31such people who said this, these
02:33same people, after persuading them to try their
02:35luck, won Yes,
02:37this is the honest truth, there is an opportunity now
02:39among the audience. These people I would be
02:41grateful if you write a comment
02:43Confirm my words, I will tell you so, don’t be
02:45afraid to participate in competitions, you
02:47definitely won’t lose anything and if you’re lucky,
02:49even you’ll get a penny from this,
02:51no one will scold you, so my
02:54advice to you If there is an opportunity, Use the
02:56second opportunity, it may not be I want to
02:58move a little away from the topic of living with you and
03:00answer your questions and comments
03:02under the previous video on this topic one
03:04user wrote such a message I
03:06want to answer it I of course can
03:08tell you about the Impossible for example
03:10If you like the video then your
03:12mother will live forever Although this is too
03:14banal No well, to tell the truth, of
03:16course I can say that if you
03:18like it then tomorrow when go to
03:20cs:go you will have Prime without any questions.
03:22Of course, I can do this, but then all
03:24adequate educated people will stop
03:26perceiving me and generally turn away
03:27from me. But I don’t need that. I never
03:30called anyone to act, much less
03:31forced them to watch my videos. So what
03:33if someone doesn’t like it? You can
03:34dislike and turn off this video.
03:36Well, to those who have watched up to this point,
03:38I give a powerful respect to everyone for
03:41watching this video. Don’t forget
03:42to like and subscribe to the channel.
03:43Because at the moment I have a goal and
03:46just for the birthday of the channel, which
03:48for a moment will be 5 years old this year,
03:49to gain 10,000 subscribers to everyone.
03:52Thank you very much in advance
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How can I obtain prime status for free in CS:GO?

You can obtain prime status for free in CS:GO by participating in competitions and taking advantage of bonus drops on Wednesdays.

2. Are luck and competition wins related to obtaining prime status in CS:GO?

There is a misconception that luck plays a major role in winning competitions for prime status in CS:GO. However, the key is to participate in competitions and take advantage of bonus drops to increase your chances.

3. How can I increase my chances of obtaining prime status for free in CS:GO?

You can increase your chances of obtaining prime status for free in CS:GO by actively participating in competitions and making use of bonus drops on Wednesdays. It's essential to be proactive and consistent in your efforts.

4. What are the benefits of obtaining prime status in CS:GO?

Obtaining prime status in CS:GO offers several benefits such as enhanced matchmaking experience, access to exclusive prime status content, and a reduced likelihood of encountering cheaters in the game.

5. Why should I like and subscribe to the channel?

Liking and subscribing to the channel will not only keep you updated on topics related to obtaining prime status in CS:GO but also help the channel reach 10,000 subscribers, enabling us to create more valuable content for our audience.

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