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In this video, Doug Casey discusses the shocking 2025 Deagel forecast which predicts massive population reductions and collapse in many countries, including the US and Europe. The site tracks military capabilities of countries and predicts population levels, but there is no clear explanation for their predictions. Casey suggests a possible biological war or other factors leading to mass casualties.
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The discussion is about a website called and its forecast for massive population changes in 2025.
00:01 tracks the economies and military capabilities of about 200 countries.
The website had a prediction for population levels in 2025 for almost every country in the world.
The forecast has been taken off the website but can still be found in the internet archive.
The article on International Man addresses the shocking nature of the forecast.
The speaker discusses the shocking population reduction forecast for 2025 by Deagel, but questions the lack of explanation and credibility of the organization.
Deagel's forecast suggests a decline in the US population by 70%, which would be around 200 million people.
The speaker wonders if this forecast is a spoof or trolling exercise, as Deagel is not well-known and lacks credibility.
There have been no comments or coverage in either conventional or alternative media about Deagel's forecast.
The potential scenarios and elements of a future World War III, including cyber warfare, space warfare, nuclear war, conventional war, and the possibility of biological warfare.
China's potential takeover of Taiwan could be a trigger for war.
The Chinese are aware that a nuclear war would result in losses for them.
The use of computer and cyber warfare to shut down a country's infrastructure.
The possibility of biological warfare, which coincides with the current COVID-19 pandemic.
The speaker discusses the advantages of biological warfare in World War III, including the ability to target specific populations and the potential for plausible deniability.
Biological warfare can target specific populations based on genetic traits.
Inoculation can protect one's own population while leaving the enemy vulnerable.
Biological warfare allows for plausible deniability and makes it difficult to identify the source of the attack.
The speaker mentions the accessibility of altering DNA and genomes using a high school level chemistry lab and a CRISPR machine.
The speaker discusses the shocking predictions made by a website called Deagel and questions the credibility of their forecasts.
The speaker suggests that people should read the entire disclaimer on the Deagel website.
The predictions made by Deagel are described as shocking and the speaker expresses concern about the US's ability to withstand difficulties.
The speaker mentions their difficulty in finding information about Deagel and questions how seriously their predictions should be taken.
The speaker mentions their past contacts in the intelligence and military communities and considers reaching out to someone from the Rand Corporation for more information.
The fragility of the US food system and the potential for mass starvation due to complex society and government influence.
Food in the US is primarily produced by a small percentage of the population working on monoculture farms.
Even these farmers rely on a complex system for fertilizers, fuel, and finished goods.
The agricultural production line is vulnerable to shutdowns, and the rest of the food is imported.
The fragility of the system is exacerbated by government distortions.
The speaker's friend, a former CIA agent, was asked about the credibility of the website mentioned but did not provide any information.
The speakers are discussing the credibility and extreme nature of a shocking prediction about the near future.
They are questioning the credibility of the source and discussing whether the prediction is extreme and outrageous.
They express the need to investigate further and update viewers with any new information.
They invite viewers to share any information they have about the source and its credibility.
00:01all right good morning Doug today I want
00:03to talk about a article that you just
00:05published today in the international Man
00:07which I'll include in the links below
00:08everyone if you're not a subscriber to
00:10International man you definitely should
00:11be there's lots of great content there
00:13not only stuff that Doug writes but uh
00:15other great writers as well so
00:18um but you're you covered a topic that
00:20I've heard rumors about for months first
00:23I heard about it from some of our
00:24viewers actually and that's about this
00:26site called and their uh
00:31forecast for population changes massive
00:34population changes in 2025 and uh how
00:38first of all how do you get on your
00:39radar how did this even topic get on
00:42your radar yeah
00:44yeah I can't remember who it was that uh
00:48introduced me to this uh deagle website
00:52I'd never heard of deagle before but I
00:55did go on their website and their um
00:59basically what they do is they track um
01:05the economies of different countries in
01:08the world about 200 most of them
01:11actually almost all of them but mainly
01:14their military capabilities so they're
01:17in some ways competitive with James
01:19which has been around for decades and is
01:23the well-known company when it comes to
01:26tracking military
01:31weapon systems what they can accomplish
01:34how much they cost all this type of
01:37so it's um I guess diggle's kind of a
01:40big deal but it's not well promoted or
01:41well known like Jane Says I can't
01:43remember well they but they have
01:45something so they had this thing on
01:47their website that basically predicted
01:50uh population levels and virtually every
01:53country in the world in 2025. now this
01:56is no longer on their site they took it
01:58off and you can find it in the internet
02:00archive and I'll try and include a link
02:01to it in the description to this video
02:03as well but that's the part that kind of
02:06stuck out most to you and that you were
02:07addressing in in the article on
02:09international Man
02:11yeah it's absolutely shocking uh they
02:15list uh all the countries of the world
02:17and give their current population and
02:20current GDP and then what they project
02:24population and GDP in 2025.
02:28and um this just isn't the usual draw a
02:32straight ruler from you know
02:35two percent compounded or something
02:38they project that the U.S population
02:43fifty percent seventy percent huge
02:46number like that same with Western
02:49same with Canada and I think the same
02:51with Australia and New Zealand I can't
02:53recall I'm not looking at it now but uh
02:56interestingly uh it's only the Western
02:59world that suffers this huge population
03:02drop uh all of the countries of the
03:05world if you look at them on this they
03:07all suffer significant population drops
03:10but generally in the five to ten to
03:13fifteen percent area not 50 to 70
03:17percent the way uh North America and
03:20Europe will
03:21so their explanation is why this may be
03:26at least what they published on the site
03:32kind of General uh as a ref
03:36erence to um
03:39you know um
03:41well I I imputed you're looking at a
03:44biological War
03:46which would obviously be the the best
03:49way to take out huge numbers of people
03:51but also
04:02because we're talking about a decline in
04:04the U.S of something like not a
04:06conventional War
04:07I mean with the decline in the US is
04:09something like a reduction of for 70
04:12percent of the population that'd be you
04:14know like 200 million people
04:16right something like that I mean it's a
04:18massive yeah exactly
04:21yeah this is I mean this is catastrophic
04:23that would be the biggest thing in world
04:25history because it's not just North
04:27America it's going to be Europe too
04:30and uh
04:31but they don't have any explanation I it
04:34would have been nice if they had an
04:36essay uh explain well exactly how do you
04:39come up with these figures based on what
04:41I mean when I first saw this thing I I
04:45thought well this must be some type of a
04:47a spoof or some type of a trolling
04:50exercise because for an outfit that's
04:53moving in the circles that uh that uh
04:57deagle whoever's in back of it that's
05:01indeterminate so it's hard to tell it's
05:03a spook organization uh you know this is
05:07this is not going to uh like get them
05:09all kinds of new business or something
05:11like that that would make no sense from
05:13a business point of view and
05:17I haven't seen any comments on this uh
05:21in any of the uh
05:23conventional media at all or or for that
05:26matter even in the uh
05:29um alternative media because nobody
05:33knows anything about deagle I wonder if
05:36James had published this if there would
05:37be massive comments from one place or
05:40just don't know were you able and so you
05:43you spent a lot of time researching this
05:45trying to un trying to understand you
05:48um really what they were trying to say
05:50what what it would take in order to even
05:53achieve these population changes and um
05:57you know what were you I guess when you
06:00kind of dug into it what did you come up
06:02with like how how is it even possible
06:05that those population changes could
06:07well the only thing that makes sense to
06:09me is um
06:12some type of a a biological war and and
06:17of course I've said on this podcast and
06:21and elsewhere In Articles I've written
06:24in international as well but it
06:27seems to me that uh
06:30the US and China are slated
06:33for a real War uh you know not just a
06:38little sport War kind that we've been
06:40that we had with uh places like uh
06:44Grenada or for that matter Afghanistan
06:48or Syria
06:49or Iraq uh those are those are kind of
06:53sport Wars where we're acting as a bully
06:56but China would be hunting big game so
07:00what would it look like
07:03um and how would it start
07:05uh well since the Chinese have been
07:11of late uh saying things and
07:15appearing to make preparations to uh
07:18take over Taiwan and the US's
07:22alleged to defend Taiwan maybe that'll
07:26start him uh uh and that doesn't have to
07:29turn into World War III even if even if
07:32the Chinese
07:33sink a couple of uh aircraft carriers
07:37that would not necessarily start World
07:41War III I mean if we sank enough Chinese
07:44bullets and so forth maybe they just
07:47decide let's call this off before it
07:49gets out of control but on the other
07:51hand it could it could thoroughly spin
07:53out of control a nuclear war
07:57Chinese are going to want to stay away
07:58from that because they they lose at this
08:01point well they know nobody wins a
08:03nuclear war and there's the predicted
08:05population declines for China are not
08:07like at all what we have so it's like if
08:09there were a nuclear war you would have
08:11to assume that we'd be able to we would
08:13be able to deliver some serious
08:14punishment on their side too
08:17yeah exactly so I'm a believer that the
08:21uh I mean in addition to the computer
08:24slash cyber element of World War III
08:28which will be huge obviously uh you just
08:31shut down the country's infrastructure
08:34because everything runs on computers
08:35these days in addition to the space War
08:38uh element of this because everything's
08:42done by satellites these days and
08:45who knows what type of weapons have
08:47already been mounted on the high
08:49Frontier to attack enemy bases and of
08:53course you've got a nuclear war and a
08:56conventional War
08:58but the thing that nobody's talking
09:00about is biological War which uh
09:04coincides kind of oddly with this covet
09:07hysteria and there are so many
09:10advantages looking at it from a doctor
09:12Strangelove point of view uh the point
09:15of view of uh uh Mark holy psychotic
09:19political leader or general
09:22uh to biological War especially when
09:26we're talking about China because of
09:28course the Chinese uh the Han Chinese
09:31which are the vast majority of
09:34the population there
09:36share lots of genetic characteristics so
09:39it would be
09:40you know easy I would think for people
09:42that know about these things to um find
09:45the common denominator that makes
09:48Chinese people
09:50look like Chinese people
09:52and it's it's not just
09:56skin color or
10:07Africans like that
10:10uh perhaps the bacteria that would um
10:17insulate them and take out people that
10:20don't have those Chinese genes it makes
10:23a lot of sense and of course from the
10:25looking out of society that'd be a
10:27little bit tougher but you can read
10:30um uh biological weapon directed at the
10:33Chinese as opposed to a Chinese breeding
10:35one that that they're insulated from and
10:39of course if you're going to launch a
10:40bio war you can you can buy um
10:43inoculation protect your people
10:46but the enemy is not inoculated so
10:49that's another way of playing the game
10:50another advantage to a biological war is
10:54that uh you don't need all these
10:57high-priced Delivery Systems like if you
10:59start a nuclear war
11:01people are going to know exactly where
11:04those missiles are coming from but if
11:07it's a biological War I mean it could be
11:10a a tourist or it could be something in
11:12the mail or
11:14so that uh that you have plausible
11:19so that
11:21maybe you won't be counter-attacked or
11:24counter-attacked in time because you're
11:28just not sure who did it quite frankly
11:31and uh has access to a high school level
11:33uh chemistry lab and a crispr machine
11:37can alter DNA and genomes
11:46and who knows what could be done
11:49at this point because that's not all we
11:52really know about it unless we're
11:54experts in the field
11:57is what filters down through the
11:59mainstream press but I don't know what
12:01they're talking about anyway so um yeah
12:03biological war is the way it's and of
12:05course a big Advantage with bio war is
12:08that all the materiel remains it just
12:11takes out
12:13uh the so-called bad guys who are the
12:16bad guys are depends on which side
12:18you're on uh so
12:21you know you're not dealing with a
12:22smoking ruin but uh you know all the
12:25good stuff that you want is still there
12:29I I think I I don't think there's any
12:31doubt we're going to have a biological
12:32War when uh we have world war three but
12:37anybody can start World War III like I
12:40said anybody with some extra expertise
12:42and a in a chemistry lab could do it too
12:45so this is this is the big thing that
12:48nobody talks about
12:50and the interesting thing is this deagle
12:55it doesn't put its finger on biom
12:58biological War exactly
13:00but uh definitely puts that across as a
13:04possibility so I think that's it in a
13:06nutshell Matt it doesn't it's uh they
13:09you know they say some things they have
13:10this lengthy disclaimer at the bottom of
13:13you know their tables of uh population
13:15changes and you know they say things
13:17like the Western World success model has
13:20been built over societies with no
13:22resilience that can barely withstand any
13:24hardship even a low density intensity
13:27one it was assumed uh but we got the
13:30full confirmation Beyond a doubt with
13:33and uh
13:35I don't know I mean it just seems that
13:38the whole thing to me and I actually I
13:40think people should read the entire
13:41disclaimer that they have because you
13:44know they're just basically
13:45they've been they basically say the
13:47things that we've been talking about
13:48here for the last hundred and you know
13:5014 episodes of this that we just that
13:52you know the US is not in a great
13:54position to be able to withstand uh you
13:57know any difficulty they talk about the
13:58financial situation they talk about the
14:00dollar hegemony
14:02um you know and uh
14:04and but it's but still the predictions
14:07are so utterly shocking that my my worry
14:09when I saw this a viewer actually
14:11brought this to my attention maybe six
14:12months ago and I thought I saw it and I
14:15go holy crap that's crazy and then I and
14:17then I just tried to dig it around and
14:18find information on these guys and
14:20that's where I ran into trouble and so
14:23you know the question is is like how
14:26seriously should we take any of these
14:29things that coming that are coming out
14:31of this website
14:34well when I lived in Washington DC uh
14:39many years ago
14:41uh one way or another I had lots of
14:44contacts in The Spook and military
14:47communities and uh
14:51if this was then
14:53I could make a number of phone calls and
14:55maybe get the inside skinny but the guys
14:58that I knew in those days are people
15:01joined the ranks of The Departed one way
15:03or another so that I don't really have
15:05any connections
15:07learning more uh I think one guy
15:11still working for the Rand Corporation I
15:15could I think I'll try to reach out to
15:17him and ask him because of course Rand
15:21you know
15:22that's really the biggest thing in that
15:25in the whole area I'd like to get to the
15:27bottom of this because it's so
15:28outrageous what these people have have
15:31published but outrageous but also
15:33credible and uh
15:36you know the fact is that the world is
15:39the whole world now actually
15:42is highly urbanized and the problem I
15:46mean there are many advantages to being
15:48urbanized that's why we have the high
15:49standard of living and we do
15:52but uh at the same time uh if things are
15:56urbanized it's all about
15:58Supply chains
16:01I mean how long would you be able to
16:04survive in New York City if the trucks
16:06stop running for like two or three days
16:08yep there'd be no food quite frankly
16:11and and then what happens okay and
16:15that's true of every big city and it
16:17really doesn't matter whether you're an
16:19office worker who's got no skills except
16:21for shuffling paper
16:23or a ghetto rap who's got no skills
16:26except gang banging or
16:28dealing drugs or whatever
16:30all these people wouldn't be able to
16:33feed themselves quite frankly
16:36yeah a highly complex civilization is
16:39one that is um
16:51does not seem to love
16:54uh when the support
16:58they're not by Nature anti-fragile
17:00they're fragile you know it's just
17:04all of the food in the U.S is either
17:07produced by the two or three percent of
17:10our population that works on farms but
17:13these are gigantic monoculture Farms
17:17generally speaking uh
17:25sorry I was just gonna say even those
17:27those Farmers can't survive without the
17:29complex system because they require
17:32fertilizers and even food their own food
17:34like they're because they're just
17:35producing soybeans or corn or something
17:37like that themselves like they aren't
17:40they're saying
17:42the the components that one would
17:43require to actually live it requires you
17:46know this complex economy in order for
17:48anybody to to get the finished goods
17:50that we need for a basic survival
17:55yes and they need diesel fuel and
17:58gasoline to do any of this I mean even
18:01more basic so uh there's all kinds of
18:04ways that the agricultural production
18:06line could be shut down in addition of
18:09course the rest of the food is imported
18:12from abroad uh
18:16there's all kinds of things that can go
18:19wrong in a very complex society that's
18:22fragile and it's especially fragile
18:24because of uh the influence of
18:27government all kinds of stupid
18:28distortions that they've cranked into um
18:32to the system so maybe it would be Mass
18:35starvation from I mean they're never
18:38really clear
18:39why this could happen
18:42yeah they're never clear so we gotta so
18:44I yeah I'm gonna I I'll let me just
18:47explain real quickly that I do have a
18:49one friend who is a former CIA who um
18:53you know was really connected to one of
18:55the most powerful people uh in
18:57intelligence services for a long time
18:58and and was probably more powerful after
19:01he left them actually and I just asked
19:03him about it and so when I told him the
19:04website name I I just said
19:07do you know anything about these guys
19:09who's behind it I mean are they credible
19:12at all you know what what information
19:13you can give me
19:15his immediate response to it was well
19:19um I have a classmate or a friend of
19:21mine was a West Point classmate with
19:23Edwin Diegel and but he died in February
19:28and but his assumption was that this
19:30Edwin Diegel that this was his as Edwin
19:33Diegel was basically had worked you know
19:35to keep track of his stuff while he was
19:38um I believe in the Air Force
19:40and then he later worked for
19:43um you know was associated with the
19:44Rockefeller Foundation but I don't know
19:46for sure if it's the same guy because
19:48the last name is spelled differently uh
19:50just a bit it's the the E and the L on
19:52the end are reversed but it's it is it's
19:55interesting that when I brought it up to
19:58him this guy who
20:00you know was in the CIA for a long time
20:01West Point grad like you know
20:05that immediately he came up with Edwin
20:08Diegel so I don't know if that's if
20:10that's really it or not I asked him to
20:11ask around he has a lot of feelers out
20:13trying to get more information about it
20:14he's hearing different things from
20:16different people but
20:18um I I think it's worth I'm gonna keep
20:21poking myself to just see what I can
20:23find out about it because uh this it's
20:25the source is the question because if
20:27the source really is credible it was
20:29really utilized um by the powers that be
20:31then I think it's really really
20:33important information so and I think
20:35it's worth producing out to your friend
20:37at the Rand Corporation just to see
20:39if they would just dismiss it out of
20:41hand or if they think there might be
20:42something to whoever's behind it
20:46yeah yeah exactly but it's uh it's
20:49especially in these strange times that
20:52we're living in it's so
20:54kind of wild and crazy quite frankly to
20:59to see this well it's certainly the most
21:02um outrageous prediction I've seen uh
21:07you know I mean just I'm not saying it's
21:09wrong or right I'm just saying it's
21:11certainly the most extreme prediction
21:13I've seen about our near future
21:16God forbid
21:18some newsletter copywriter sees this and
21:23decides it's a fantastic way to uh
21:27recite the mob to send in money to okay
21:32oh God now that you said it you know
21:34it's going to happen
21:36you know it's gonna I know because one
21:40of the strange things about life is that
21:42anything that can happen eventually will
21:45happen it's just the law of large
21:47numbers yeah so yeah
21:50anything that can be imagined can be
21:52done and I think that can be done will
21:54be done
21:55I mean show me an example where that's
21:57not true
21:59yeah I can't I can't I don't have one
22:01well let's uh I'm on your end I think
22:04it's what these words both of us
22:05continue to investigate this further and
22:07if we get new information then we you
22:09know update our viewers on what we find
22:10out and for our viewers out there if you
22:13you know if you have any information on
22:15you know this site who who's behind it
22:18specifically and uh
22:20you know uh how the how credible it all
22:24is we'd love to know we'd love to hear
22:25whatever you've got to say about it so
22:27you know you can communicate with us in
22:29the telegram group or
22:31um reach out to us via email there's an
22:32email in the in the channel description
22:34as well but this is a very very
22:37interesting thing and uh it could all be
22:40it could all be nonsense but the fact
22:42that they've got such accurate
22:43information on global armaments really
22:45makes you think that there's something
22:47it's not just a
22:49you know some it's not just some trick
22:51that somebody's running on on all of us
22:55and and maybe the people that have been
22:57producing all the zombie movies and
22:59Zombie series maybe they have an inside
23:01track and we weren't taking them
23:03seriously all this time exactly exactly
23:05so let us let us know what you know
23:08yeah I I I I I love that one
23:12when the people involved in this have a
23:14sense of humor black but still yeah yeah
23:18dark humor still still can be funny
23:19until it uh until you actually start
23:22seeing a zombie apocalypse take place
23:24around you then you start to a little
23:26less right but um but yeah so viewers
23:29let us know please if you have any
23:30information on this and uh Doug and I
23:32will keep investigating you know with
23:33the among the uh friends that we have
23:35that might have some information on it
23:37and we'll go from there so thank you
23:40very much Doug and we'll leave it at
23:41that and we'll uh we'll be back tomorrow
23:43thanks Matt hasta manana
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the shocking 2025 Deagel forecast about?

The 2025 Deagel forecast predicts massive population reductions and collapse in many countries, including the US and Europe. It tracks military capabilities of countries and predicts population levels, but there is no clear explanation for their predictions.

2. What is the significance of the website? tracks military capabilities of countries and predicts population levels, providing insights into future geopolitical changes. The site has gained attention due to its shocking 2025 forecast, which has raised many questions and concerns.

3. What are the potential factors leading to the predictions in the 2025 Deagel forecast?

There are speculations about possible biological wars or other factors that could lead to mass casualties, as suggested by experts when discussing the 2025 Deagel forecast. However, there is no definitive explanation for the predicted population reductions and collapse in many countries.

4. Why is the 2025 Deagel forecast causing concern?

The 2025 Deagel forecast is causing concern due to its shocking predictions of massive population reductions and collapse in many countries. The lack of clear explanation for these predictions has led to speculations and raised questions about the potential global impact.

5. What implications could the 2025 Deagel forecast have on the future?

The 2025 Deagel forecast could have significant implications on future geopolitical, economic, and social landscapes if the predicted population reductions and collapse in many countries were to occur. It raises important questions about global stability and security.

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This video is a tutorial on how to get rid of bushes, plants, and sticks in Farming Simulator 22 using different equipment and the build mode. It demonstrates what works and what doesn't work, as well as providing tips on making the map mobile and deleting unwanted objects.

This video provides ideas on how to determine if you have good genetics or bad genetics, which can be seen physically through the development of calves, forearms and neck, body composition, structure, and even body fat distribution. Additionally, mental traits such as pain tolerance and a strong mental disposition can also indicate good genetics. Lastly, factors like a mutant healing factor and being a hyper responder can contribute to good genetics.

The video explains how to use your smartphone as a wireless camera with OBS Ninja, a browser-based program that allows you to livestream and record with OBS Studio. OBS Ninja is convenient as it does not require any downloads, and you can invite friends around the world to join your livestream as guests.