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This video provides a 24-hour inquiry removal hack for Experian, sharing the exact script to use when calling and requesting removal of fraudulent inquiries from your credit report, emphasizing the importance of staying within legal boundaries. The video encourages viewers to like, share, and subscribe to the channel for more free credit-related content.
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The video is about a 24-hour inquiry removal hack for Experian, where the speaker will provide the script and call Experian to demonstrate the process.
The speaker asks the viewers to subscribe and like the video.
They mention having a main channel with 90,000 subscribers.
The purpose of the channel is to provide free content to help people level up financially.
The speaker promises to continue dropping free gems on this channel.
They will provide the inquiry removal hack for Experian and call them to demonstrate.
The speaker discusses the process of removing inquiries from Experian and provides a phone number to call.
The speaker mentions that the information is for entertainment purposes only and clarifies that they are not a financial advisor or lawyer.
They provide the phone number to call Experian for assistance with personal credit reports.
Instructions are given on how to navigate the phone prompts when calling Experian.
The speaker emphasizes the importance of smashing the like button and engaging in the comments.
To remove fraudulent inquiries from your credit report, contact the fraud department and insist on speaking to them, as they have the burden of proof to remove the inquiries.
Request to speak to the fraud department and insist on removing fraudulent inquiries.
The burden of proof for removing inquiries lies with the fraud department.
Mention that you have sent multiple disputes to remove the inquiries.
The speaker explains the process of disputing fraudulent inquiries on a credit report and emphasizes the importance of providing specific responses to get them removed.
Many people have experienced fraudulent inquiries on their credit report, especially after visiting a car lot.
When contacting the credit bureau, it's crucial to list all accounts that need to be disputed and confirm reporting to the FTC and contacting original creditors.
The speaker suggests that if the inquiries are not removed within three days, it's important to follow up with the credit bureau and document the conversation for reference.
The video provides tips on how to remove inquiries from Experian credit report.
Inquiries can be removed from Experian credit report by contacting original creditors or sending letters to Experian.
Experian is currently removing inquiries due to the regulation by CFPB and consumer laws.
The video provides the exact pitch that can be used to remove inquiries from Experian credit report.
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00:32really do i have mentors and mentorships
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01:07okay but with all that being said i hope
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01:24every one of you enjoy the video you
01:26asked for it ladies and gentlemen you
01:27wanted the 24-hour inquiry removal hack
01:30for experian and i'm going to deliver it
01:32to you today not only am i going to tell
01:33you the exact script you need to say
01:35because this is a game of legalities and
01:38verbal jargon but i'm also going to call
01:40them up so you guys can hear the prompts
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01:57credit repair companies trying to charge
01:58you 50 250 for inquiry removals and
02:02that's just flat out ridiculous you know
02:03how we do it the gurus hate us and the
02:06banks say this because we tell you what
02:07they want you to pay for and what they
02:08don't want you to know all stuff and no
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02:15of my first time viewers welcome to the
02:17channel my name is dan radical hughes is
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02:36right now get this video soaring in the
02:38algorithm and let's get into it now this
02:41is going to be for entertainment
02:43purposes only i am not a financial
02:45advisor i am not a lawyer i am not
02:48whatever else i need to say legality
02:50wise because this is a video that could
02:53be borderline
02:55gray area okay so i'm going to tell you
02:58just what people do to get these inquiry
02:59removals done right i'm going to tell
03:01you what the credit repair companies do
03:02i'm going to tell you what all these
03:04gurus tell you i can get your inquiries
03:06removed i'm going to tell you the exact
03:07script that they say i've got it like i
03:10know it okay so i'm going to tell you
03:11what it is all right so the first thing
03:13that we're going to do when we call
03:14experian okay is everybody
03:18call 714-830-7000
03:25all right let's do it
03:27now they're going to be closed but i'm
03:28going to show you how the prompts
03:31thank look for calling experian if you
03:34are a consumer and would like assistance
03:36with your personal credit report press
03:38one if you are a business or client of
03:40experian press two you always press
03:44two please hold while i transfer your
03:49you've reached us after business hours
03:51and we're currently closed please call
03:53us back during our standard business
03:56all right they're closed like i said but
03:58that's what you do you call that number
04:00and you push two
04:01what's gonna happen then is a gatekeeper
04:03is gonna get on the phone and you're
04:05gonna tell them hey i wanna talk to the
04:07fraud department they may try to vet you
04:09a little bit but you just say i wanna
04:11speak to the fraud department okay
04:13they're going to transfer you to another
04:14department that's actually not going to
04:15be it either most of the time it can be
04:18okay but what's going to happen is
04:20eventually somebody's going to get on
04:22the phone you're keep saying i want to
04:24speak to the fraud department i have
04:25inquiries that need to be removed
04:27they're fraudulent i don't recognize
04:28them whatever jargon you want to say
04:30there okay because the burden on proof
04:33ford inquiry is on them not you okay so
04:36they have to prove it by law okay so
04:38here we go all right so once you get
04:40them on the phone
04:43the the special services or whatever is
04:45going to try to verify you they're going
04:47to verify you and then basically you're
04:49going to say to them that you notice
04:51unauthorized inquiries on your credit
04:54report and you notice someone must have
04:56applied for something in your name okay
04:59then they're gonna stall with some type
05:01of bs or some type of
05:03corporate answer like they've trained to
05:05do because you guys got to think about
05:06it how many people have done this
05:08inquiry removal hack i mean how many
05:10people have talked about it right this
05:12is not they're not hip they're hip to
05:14the game people they know that people do
05:16this and these these inquiries aren't
05:19fraudulent there's a small number of
05:20people out there
05:22that know about this now you're one of
05:24them um so basically they're gonna come
05:27back with some bs and then you're gonna
05:29tell them hey listen i've sent several
05:31disputes to remove these hard inquiries
05:34they are fraudulent and i want you to
05:36get them removed okay then they'll say
05:39let me check okay they're gonna look to
05:41see if you've actually done that and
05:43then you're just gonna have to stay in
05:44your ground okay you're gonna have to
05:46basically say hey listen
05:48due to the fair credit reporting act
05:50legally these unverified and
05:52unauthorized items must be removed i
05:55don't know why you haven't received
05:57these letters i don't know why you
05:58haven't received my notification but i'm
06:00telling you right now they're not mine
06:02and they need to be removed okay the
06:04bottom line is is i'm not like i said
06:06i'm not telling people how to lie i'm
06:07not telling people i'd be that i'm
06:09telling you guys what people do to get
06:10this done okay and i feel like
06:14many people have had these type of
06:16inquiries that have been fraudulent on
06:18their report like especially when you go
06:20to a car lot and they just ring out your
06:22credit everyone you didn't know about
06:24that'd be a situation right so
06:26that's basically what's gonna happen now
06:29they're gonna look into uh
06:32they're basically gonna come back on the
06:34phone and you're gonna they're gonna say
06:35okay what accounts need to be disputed
06:37you're gonna list all of the accounts
06:39attached to your open or closed accounts
06:42right and then
06:43um they're gonna ask about you
06:45submitting an ftc police report on these
06:47accounts and then the correct answer to
06:50get them removed would be yes you have
06:52reported this and you've already done
06:54this if they ask have you contacted the
06:56original creditors you're also going to
06:58reply yes you've already done this if
07:00you say no to any of those answers game
07:02over you lost okay
07:04because they've got it they've got to do
07:06their due diligence to make sure that
07:08you've done what you've
07:10uh what you've supposed to have already
07:12done okay
07:14then what's going to happen is they're
07:15gonna remove those inquiries you should
07:17see them removed within 24
07:19uh to you know one one to three days
07:22okay we call it the 24 hour removal hack
07:24because it's marketing um but it could
07:26take up to three days now if you don't
07:28see that
07:29being done in three days i would call
07:31them back say hey listen i spoke to
07:32so-and-so and make sure you get the
07:34agent's number and what their name is
07:36what department they're out of so that
07:38way you can document all of this hey
07:41listen i called the other day i spoke to
07:42joe in north carolina's office and he
07:45said that he was going to remove these i
07:47haven't seen them done i need them
07:48removed now
07:50also here's another tip if you don't get
07:52anywhere with the agent that you're
07:54working with hang up and call again okay
07:56some people just want to be you know
08:00company employee of the day that day and
08:02they may give you the hardest time ever
08:04uh with this process because like i said
08:06people already
08:08know about that now i also want to let
08:10you know this as well if you're going to
08:13do any type of oh and comment below
08:16comment below if you've ever had
08:17inquiries removed from experian comment
08:19below i want to see all the winners that
08:21have actually done it also what were
08:23some of the hiccups that you may have
08:24had and have you also gotten them done
08:27with equifax and transunion i'd also be
08:30interested to know that as well
08:32but um just interact with each other ask
08:34your credit questions as well like i
08:36said if we get enough
08:38momentum on this video i will do inquiry
08:40removal hacks for the transunion and
08:42equifax like i said people are trying to
08:44sell you these different removal guides
08:46and things like that you don't need it
08:48this is the exact script that gets
08:49things done hey listen i sent in the
08:51letters i i've i've contacted the
08:54original creditors due to the fair
08:56credit reporting act i don't recognize
08:58these these are you need to verify these
09:00they're not from me right and then boom
09:03okay experian is the the one that's
09:05doing it right now because the cfpb okay
09:08they regulate those credit bureaus and
09:10they can be sued big time they can be
09:12held accountable big time so that is why
09:16you see people getting these inquiries
09:17removed because they know
09:19the law they know consumer law and this
09:21is the exact pitch that you need to be
09:23using like i said i will i will list the
09:26the exact verbiage in the description
09:28below so you guys all can all have it
09:30make sure you like this video and send
09:32it to somebody that you know join our
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09:37channel if you haven't already we're
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09:49channel okay so you're never gonna miss
09:51a video all right love you guys so much
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09:57sure that you you go at the verified
09:59account at radical hughes join the
10:01private facebook group comment below
10:03share this video and i'll catch you guys
10:04on the next video love y'all salute
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is the 24-hour inquiry removal hack for Experian?

The 24-hour inquiry removal hack for Experian is a method to request removal of fraudulent inquiries from your credit report within 24 hours. The video provides the exact script to use when calling Experian and emphasizes the importance of staying within legal boundaries.

2. How can I remove fraudulent inquiries from my credit report?

You can remove fraudulent inquiries from your credit report by following the 24-hour inquiry removal hack shared in the video. It provides a step-by-step guide on calling Experian and requesting the removal of fraudulent inquiries using a specific script.

3. Why is it important to stay within legal boundaries when removing inquiries?

It is crucial to stay within legal boundaries when removing inquiries from your credit report to avoid any legal consequences. The video emphasizes the importance of following legal procedures and not engaging in any fraudulent activities.

4. What kind of content can I expect on the channel?

The channel provides free credit-related content, including tips, hacks, and guides for improving your credit score, understanding credit reports, and dealing with credit-related issues. Subscribers can expect valuable and informative content on managing their credit.

5. How can I support the channel?

You can support the channel by liking, sharing, and subscribing to receive more free credit-related content. Your support helps in reaching more people and providing valuable information to individuals looking to improve their credit knowledge and financial well-being.

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