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Dr. Evil quotes from the Austin Powers movies, including his background, plans for world domination, and humorous one-liners.
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Dr. Evil shares his unusual childhood and warns Austin Powers that their rivalry has become personal.
Dr. Evil corrects someone who calls him "Mr. Evil".
Dr. Evil brags about killing a cop who disrespected him.
Dr. Evil describes his father as a womanizer who made outrageous claims.
Dr. Evil warns Austin Powers that their rivalry has become personal.
Dr. Evil requests sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads, but is told it can't be done.
Dr. Evil's simple request is for sharks with laser beams attached to their heads.
His colleague informs him that it can't be done.
Dr. Evil threatens to use nuclear weapons and hold the world hostage.
Dr. Evil plans to melt every city on the planet with liquid hot magma.
Dr. Evil quotes about being evil, creating Mini-Me, and making trillions of dollars.
Describes different levels of evil, from quasi-evil to full evil.
Mentions Mini-Me, a person created in Dr. Evil's image who wants to take over the world.
Talks about making trillions of dollars instead of billions.
Uses the phrase "zip it" to tell someone to be quiet.
Dr. Evil delivers various quotes in this section.
Dr. Evil tells someone to "zip it" and not interrupt him.
He mentions that he has been an evil doctor for 30 years.
Dr. Evil comments on the irony of things considered evil in the 90s.
He references the famous line "I am your father" from Star Wars.
00:00now Mr evil dr. evil I didn't spend six
00:05years of evil medical school to be
00:06called mr. thank you very much
00:08don't mess with me I'm one crazy mofo I
00:11had to pop a cop because he wasn't
00:12giving my props in Oaktown no I heard
00:16that somewhere very well where do I
00:18begin my father was a relentlessly
00:22self-improving boulangerie owner from
00:24Belgium with low-grade narcolepsy and a
00:26penchant for buggery my mother was a 15
00:30year old French prostitute named Chloe
00:32with webbed feet
00:33my father would womanize he would drink
00:37he would make outrageous claims like he
00:39invented the question mark sometimes he
00:43would accuse chestnuts of being lazy the
00:46sort of general malaise that only the
00:49genius possess and the insane lament my
00:52childhood was typical summers and rangu
00:56lose lessons in the spring we'd make
01:00meat helmets when I was insolent I was
01:03placed in a burlap bag and beaten with
01:05reeds pretty standard really at the age
01:09of 12 I received my first scribe the age
01:12of 14 is a roastery named villa which
01:15realistically shaved my testicles there
01:18really is nothing like a shorn
01:20scrotum it's breathtaking I suggest you
01:22trilliant Austin Powers
01:25he's the snake too my Mongoose or the
01:29Mongoose - my snake either way it's bad
01:33I dunno animals but I do know this this
01:38time it's personal
01:40kill him
01:42I'm going to place them in an easily
01:45escapable situation involving an overly
01:47elaborate an exotic death oh I have one
01:52simple request and that is to have
01:55sharks with frickin laser beams attached
01:57to their heads now evidently my
02:00cycloptic colleague informs me that that
02:03can't be done
02:04how can you remind me what I pay you
02:06people for
02:07honestly throat me a bone here [ __ ] oh
02:12hell let's just do it we always do hi
02:15Jackson nuclear weapons and hold the
02:16world hostage
02:53where the laser
03:01never you're bored damage report it's
03:05okay it's alright well actually that was
03:09just footage from the movie Independence
03:11Day but the real laser would be a lot
03:13like that yeah
03:14even after they paid me the money I'm
03:16still gonna melt every city on the
03:18planet with liquid hot magma why'd you
03:22run out on me because you're not quite
03:26evil enough but it's true your quasi
03:32evil your semi evil you're the margarine
03:36of evil
03:37you're the diet coke of eber just one
03:41calorie not evil enough breathtaking I
03:45shall call him mini-me ding-ding I want
03:56I want liver meow Mix meow Mix please
03:59deliver Scott you had your chance ok I
04:04already had someone created in my image
04:07he even wants to take over the world
04:10and he fits easily into most overhead
04:11storage bin it's no hassle but um all
04:17I'm sure they're gonna get I um just
04:21reached which knock knock who's there
04:26look let me tell you a little story
04:29better Menemsha
04:30even before you start that was a
04:33pre-emptive Shh
04:34just now I have a whole bag of Shh with
04:37your name on it why make trillions when
04:41we could make billions a trillion is
04:47more than a billion numbnuts all right
04:50zip it
04:51you can't exhibit zip look always and
04:56gentlemen the jury exhibit a number two
04:58would you please back I'm zippy
05:01I can't win a problem comes along you
05:04much lip it which zip it good Fran would
05:09you please who I pinned over meet our
05:11hero at all
05:12subtitle zip it I'm just trying it
05:15would you like to have a sucker love my
05:17zipper I won't start sorry this way oh
05:21yeah you know yeah you're like a
05:24charming man talking if you just one
05:28time zip it you new start
05:33I've been a frickin evil doctor for 30
05:36frickin years okay cut me some freaking
05:41snack one more peep out of you and you
05:43are grounded mister and I am not joking
05:49well done mr. Powell we're not so
05:53different you and I however isn't it
05:58ironic that the very things that you
06:00stand for free love swinging parties are
06:06all now in the 90s considered to be evil
06:13see you in Hell powers oh you shot me
06:22you a [ __ ] no this
06:34I am your father really no not really I
06:44can't back that up right idiot yes right
06:52fat bastard could I have my mojo please
06:55it's [ __ ] freezing in here mr.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Who is Dr. Evil and what are his background?

Dr. Evil is a fictional character from the Austin Powers series, portrayed by Mike Myers. He is a comically exaggerated parody of James Bond villains, and he is known for his bald head, pinky gesture, and signature grey suit.

2. What are Dr. Evil's plans for world domination?

Dr. Evil's plans for world domination involve using his various inventions, including a moon-based laser and a time machine, to extort large sums of money from governments. He often presents his demands with humorous one-liners.

3. What are some of Dr. Evil's humorous one-liners?

Some of Dr. Evil's humorous one-liners include 'You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!', 'Throw me a frickin' bone here!', and 'Shall we shag now or shag later?'.

4. What are some of the iconic quotes from Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies?

Some of the iconic quotes from Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies include 'One million dollars!', 'Zip it!', and 'Riiiiiiight'. These quotes have become widely recognized and are often quoted by fans of the series.

5. How did Dr. Evil become a pop culture phenomenon?

Dr. Evil became a pop culture phenomenon due to his unique combination of comedic villainy, memorable catchphrases, and iconic gestures. The character has been referenced in various forms of media and has left a lasting impact on popular culture.

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