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Umar Ashraf, a 28-year-old day trader, has made $18 million in the past four years, starting with a $20,000 account and using a risky strategy. He attributes his success to his extreme mindset and watching successful individuals like Kobe Bryant. Despite his wealth, Umar maintains a humble spending habit and finds fulfillment in helping others.
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Umar Ashraf made around $18 million in the past four years from day trading stocks, starting with a $20,000 account.
He initially made $15,000 in two months as a high school student.
His risky trading strategy was influenced by Kobe Bryant's extreme mindset.
Umar's spending habits changed after being exposed to people with much higher net worths.
Umar Ashraf started day trading stocks at the age of 18 with a $20,000 investment, which quickly grew to $35,000 in just two months.
Umar saved $20,000 and put it into trading as soon as he turned 18.
Within two months, his account grew from $20,000 to $35,000.
Umar admits that his trading strategy was extremely risky and he made some bad trades along the way.
Despite his lack of knowledge, he managed to make a significant profit in a short period of time.
Umar Ashraf didn't have any bad spending habits and understands the value of money.
He didn't have any bad spending habits, even now.
He understands the value of money because he used to make $6-7 an hour.
He can't go to a club and spend $20,000 or $30,000, regardless of how much money he makes.
Umar Ashraf finds more fulfillment and happiness in helping people and doing charity work than in spending money on luxury items like cars or expensive tickets.
Shifting his mindset towards spending money on things that can make a difference.
Plans to visit Pakistan to meet the kids he is helping.
Prefers being on the giving side rather than buying materialistic things.
Umar Ashraf emphasizes the importance of developing communication skills and confidence in order to succeed in business.
Umar Ashraf had difficulty speaking to people due to insecurity and a lisp.
He watched videos of successful business people to learn how to communicate effectively.
Communication skills and confidence are crucial for success, even if someone has a high net worth.
Umar Ashraf traveled alone to put himself out there and improve his communication skills.
The speaker discusses the importance of taking action and not knowing how to do everything, using examples of successful individuals like Jay-Z and LeBron.
The speaker mentions that he had an idea to elevate tracking and journaling trades but didn't know how to do it.
Examples of Jay-Z and LeBron are given to illustrate the importance of taking one step forward and keep moving.
The speaker declines to reveal the exact amount invested in the software company due to competitive and market reasons.
The speaker discusses the various projects they are working on and explains why they would not sell their company for a large sum of money.
The speaker mentions that they are working on meditation and building a community.
They state that the product won't be finished for another year and a half.
They express their commitment to keeping everything in-house and not selling a piece of the company.
The speaker praises their two sisters for being the backbone of the company and mentions that they have equity in the business.
Umar Ashraf believes in planning ahead for only two to three years due to the rapid evolution of technology.
Umar used to have 10-year plans, but now he realizes that it is difficult to predict the future.
He acknowledges that technology is constantly changing and can have a significant impact on different industries.
Umar still has a 10-year vision for his trading business, but understands that it may need to adapt based on technological advancements.
00:00you said there you made 15 million over
00:01the course of my whole trading maybe uh
00:03maybe like 18 million in the four past
00:06four years I made 15 being a young kid
00:08who's made quote-unquote 20 grand you
00:10feel like oh my God I made so much money
00:11right I take that 20 000 account to 35
00:14000 like a month and a half two months
00:15so in two months I was like a high
00:17school kid I made 15 000 clicking
00:19buttons that seems like risky strategy
00:21oh yeah extremely risky it shouldn't be
00:23extremely risky like we're very risky so
00:25another level where my mentality came
00:26from was Kobe I used to watch him
00:28religiously when I was younger right so
00:29when I see his mindset of like it was
00:31extreme or nothing that kind of like got
00:33implemented into my mind early on from
00:35like sixth grade seventh grade so in
00:37everything I was doing I was like I want
00:38to be like Kobe being young what was
00:40your spending Habits Like I think at 22
00:41or something I bought a McLaren I drove
00:43off the lot and I think legitimately in
00:4512 hours I was like okay now what I've
00:46hung around with people worth 500
00:48million or I hung around with a few
00:49people worth billions plus what they
00:51value is a lot different than what this
00:52guy values like this guy here down here
00:54is maybe valuing the lambo these guys
00:56are valuing their board seats on some
00:58companies their positions and two make
01:00real big moves that's when I started
01:02learning like the different stages of
01:03money like I said cars you can have
01:04access to Jets and stuff and then
01:06there's people that are at like
01:07important tables to make moves
01:10ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the
01:12CEO of us the number one podcast for
01:14showcasing business entrepreneurship now
01:16today you'll not join me on a podcast on
01:18a journey within a very inspiring man
01:20Straight From New York I'm with the one
01:22and only um Ashraf what's going on man
01:24I'm good man how you doing good good
01:25enjoying the Dubai weather all right uh
01:27do you know what bro who doesn't enjoy
01:29it right good they'll probably come from
01:31you come from UK come from New York we
01:33love this weather right he's got a
01:34similar weather in New York and London
01:35as well so what's it like in New York
01:37before we get into it make sure you
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01:43um I mean weather-wise about six seven
01:46months of cold all their six seven
01:48months are good yep
01:50um but New York in one way is kind of
01:51going downhill a lot of crime uh the
01:54city after kobit has just not been the
01:56same in my opinion literally exactly
01:57like London yeah yeah so kovitz kind of
01:59exposed a lot of cities in my opinion
02:01that weren't good before Kobe kind of
02:04elevated some to be worse in California
02:06so New York and California two places
02:07that we've started seeing going downhill
02:09after covet were you always in New York
02:11or did you reside to any other states as
02:13well so a funny thing in 2020 I moved to
02:15Miami I lived in Miami for a year and I
02:17moved to California for a year then I
02:19went back to New York Miami and now I'm
02:21here in Dubai right so I'm just all over
02:24yeah I mean I've been actually trying to
02:25find a home for the like the past two or
02:27three years where I want to call home
02:28for the next five years and I just
02:30couldn't find it in like Miami or
02:33California and now I'm like you know
02:35what I want to give Dubai a shot we came
02:37here multiple times and you know better
02:39than I do it it's amazing here you have
02:41so many people you meet such good
02:44everything safe friendly so on so it's
02:46like hey why not yeah well I mean I
02:48didn't mean to start this question off a
02:49deep question yeah this podcast with a
02:51deep question what on the topic of home
02:52what do you consider home because being
02:54an entrepreneur that you are you
02:56probably go to those locations for
02:58business right yeah so what is it that
03:00you translate as home
03:02oh wow good question uh so home for me
03:06is a place where I feel very comfortable
03:08uh but at the same time where I am in my
03:11current stage of my life there needs to
03:13be a level of comfort but also a level
03:15of growth involved right New York feels
03:17way too comfortable because my parents
03:19are there my family's there yeah so it's
03:21like you you hit this extreme level of
03:24like Comfort right but then there's a
03:26combination of okay I want to be
03:28comfortable in where I like my
03:29environment where I feel good but I also
03:31hate a new level of uncomfortability to
03:34go out meet people in a different time
03:36zone things like that so it's a
03:37combination of both for me because it's
03:39like a home is where you're supposed to
03:40be supposed to be comfortable but also
03:41where you can actually grow and be the
03:43best version of yourself in my opinion
03:44so now it's like hey I think Dubai is
03:47that for me so far uh I'm liking it and
03:50it's allowed me to evolve and go in the
03:52direction that I want to go in what is
03:54it about the body that allows you to do
03:55that though I think that Miami and
03:57California may not have necessarily
03:58offered so I think in in California and
04:01Miami I just there's a lot of elements
04:04like California number one was very high
04:06taxes if you go into taxes uh they've
04:08increased it more right yeah so in
04:10America there's like Federal and then uh
04:12state so California has very high state
04:14taxes also California in terms of crime
04:17in terms of safety in terms of doing
04:19business is very hard uh also it it
04:22doesn't like there's not a level of
04:24connection to people like in California
04:25everyone I don't want to say every
04:27majority of people are just essentially
04:28like like fake uh so I didn't like that
04:32vibe from there uh Miami it's it's
04:34extreme level of partying extreme level
04:36of like
04:37not like-minded people the thing I like
04:39about Dubai is you know it's it's a
04:41small place everyone is trying to evolve
04:42everyone's trying to grow everyone is
04:43aligned right uh there's also a side of
04:46like if you want to have fun that's
04:47there there's also a side of networking
04:49and growing and like I said uh the whole
04:52momentum shift of going into a different
04:53time zone in different areas is kind of
04:55what I wanted in my life at the stage
04:56are you here alone right now yeah yeah
04:59yeah yeah so when you say right now is
05:00it you plan to bring your family over
05:01here as well I want to bring my family
05:03over but my Mom and Dad they were here
05:05two months ago but they're just kind of
05:07unsure right my sisters were here too my
05:09sisters my mom my dad my sister stayed
05:11for about a month and a half uh my
05:13parents it's harder for them to make the
05:15shift right yeah because they kind of
05:17have a life there they know people so to
05:19adjusting to something new is it it's
05:20hard also for me it's like I'm here
05:22meeting people networking building stuff
05:25so I'm kind of busy essentially for them
05:27to do that it's hard yeah well speaking
05:29of family let's let's touch on it let's
05:30touch on where you all started being 20
05:32or 28 years old right now let's touch on
05:34your whole upbringing and how that works
05:36transform you you to become the man you
05:38are today sure sure I grew up in
05:40Pakistan uh born in Pakistan left
05:43Pakistan when I was about six seven came
05:45to America and from America uh
05:49been in New York since I'd say 25 like I
05:53said 25 moved to Miami California and
05:57then now Dubai in that period uh lived
05:59in a pretty middle-class family like I
06:01wasn't like you know most people you
06:02hear like oh my God I didn't have food
06:04on the table I had to struggle no my
06:06dad's a pharmacist we did pretty well uh
06:08so for me it was always like how do I
06:10Elevate that for me right so when I saw
06:13my parents come here obviously every
06:15immigrant parent that goes to a new
06:16country whatever they go through a you
06:18know a very tough struggling point and
06:20I've seen my dad go through that seen my
06:22mom go through it with the language
06:23barrier with jobs work and things like
06:25that so for me it was always like hey I
06:27want to be able to elevate what my
06:29parents did the risk they took I want to
06:31make sure I can actually Elevate that
06:33and go to the next level right I I so I
06:36didn't want to be one of those kids
06:37where it's like my parents sacrificed
06:39everything for me to come here and be
06:40mediocre so from early on early early
06:42age I've always been like hey whatever I
06:44do I want to do an exceptional level
06:46because I've seen the stress and things
06:48my parents and so on through and I want
06:50to kind of make them happy how early we
06:53were talking what age did you start
06:54thinking like that I started thinking
06:56like that at like 16 okay right uh
06:59because I used to see other kids like
07:01older than me at the time uh Pakistani
07:03kids and things like that and uh they
07:05would be 23 24 not really improving
07:08their life not really doing anything
07:09better and I see their parents
07:11struggling and they're like at hookah
07:13lounges partying and things like that
07:14and that would kind of upset me because
07:15I'm like hey your dad is like working 14
07:17hours a day and you're here as a man
07:21like partying like like and your dad
07:24risked everything or your mom and your
07:26parents essentially came from there
07:27right so I'm like how are you guys okay
07:30I'm like like how do you sleep at night
07:31knowing like hey my my parents are still
07:33working like why not have that mentality
07:35to go to the next stage instead of like
07:37pausing so when I used to see that I
07:39used to kind of draw drive me to be like
07:41hey I want to be better I want to make
07:43sure I am able to like retire my dad
07:45make him proud same thing for my mom
07:46because you know them making that move
07:49is a big inspiration for me that's not
07:50easy there's just a lot to say you know
07:52people do say that saying of one
07:54generation builds it one generation
07:55loses it yeah and the other builds it so
07:57it's really up to you on if you want to
07:59be fair enough you know your parents
08:01have come here to the new country trying
08:03to work their asses off to make sure
08:04that you kids live a good life it's up
08:06to you kids if you want to go down the
08:08yeah the hookah lounge clubbing route
08:10and lose the money yeah you can be
08:12someone like yourself who wants to
08:14continue building that money this
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08:37link in the description yeah yeah of
08:39course so just kind of hey how do I take
08:41things to the next stage how do I grow
08:42how do I make ultimately my parents
08:44proud like hey this was all worth it for
08:46me to make this move for me to go
08:47through all that yeah so that was like a
08:49big driving factor for me and that's
08:51always been like my mentality another
08:53level where my mentality came from was
08:55Kobe yeah right uh rest in peace Kobe
08:57but uh I used to watch him religiously
08:59when I was younger right so when I see
09:00his mindset of like it was extreme or
09:02nothing that kind of like got
09:04implemented into my mind early on from
09:06like sixth grade seventh grade so in
09:08everything I was doing I was like I want
09:09to be like Kobe I want to be competitive
09:10like him so that kind of became second
09:12nature to me and I started learning
09:14about that later on when I reflect like
09:16wow those small things as I was growing
09:18up played a big role in my life now who
09:21you are yeah yeah so what was the first
09:23thing you started on your
09:23entrepreneurship Journey so you've set
09:25out to now be this man of bettering
09:27yourself for your family and for
09:29yourself right what was the first thing
09:31you started so I started uh around 17 so
09:35at 17 I was selling iPhones on
09:37Craigslist so before like the whole
09:39fixing iPhones and things like that
09:40happened I was buying used iPhones and
09:43broken screens and things like that off
09:44like a website called Craigslist I don't
09:46know if you guys have them I think
09:47similar to like an eBay Source yeah yeah
09:48basically so I would one day I would set
09:50up meet a bunch of people buy broken
09:52phones fix the screens I bought this
09:54stuff from online fixed it I found out
09:56how to fix it then I'm gonna start
09:57selling it right so I was making like
09:58150 200 bucks off a phone so for like 17
10:01year old that's a lot less than all
10:02right so I'm like wow making 200 bucks
10:04off the phone what's the legal age for
10:05you a full America to start working i16
10:07or 16 okay cool yeah same as UK yeah so
10:1016. so at the same time I was working at
10:12age 17 as well I was doing delivery for
10:15like uh this uh Diner place where I
10:17lived pizzerias I worked at a
10:19construction place I was doing all their
10:21jobs who worked at a pharmacy so I was
10:23having other jobs I was balancing but at
10:25the same time it was like how how can I
10:26make more money on my spare time yeah
10:29right and it was also like I didn't
10:30think what I was doing on my spare time
10:32was something I could do forever so this
10:35job was like Hey stability wise I'm
10:37making like nine dollars or ten dollars
10:38an hour I know I have money coming in
10:40and then I also have this whole
10:42component of uh money coming from a side
10:44business so I did that for about a year
10:46then uh when I turned 18 I can open up
10:48my brokerage account so I saved 20 000 I
10:51took the twenty thousand put it right
10:52into trading right so being a young kid
10:55who's made quote unquote 20 grand you
10:57feel like oh my God I made so much money
10:58right so at that point I have 20 000 I
11:01take it I put it into the market and I
11:03have an early birthday my birthday's in
11:04January so right when my birthday
11:06happens I'm still in high school so I
11:08open up an account put the money in I
11:10take that twenty thousand dollar account
11:11to thirty five thousand like a month and
11:13a half two months so in two months I was
11:14like a high school kid I made 15 000
11:16clicking buttons right in the space of a
11:18month you said yeah about a month and a
11:20half two months yeah to me from outside
11:21perspective who understands trading on a
11:23basic level that seems like risky
11:25strategy or not oh yeah extremely risky
11:27it shouldn't be extremely risky like
11:28very risky so I remember one trade I
11:30took uh was JCPenney I was down on that
11:33trade like I put 20 000 uh somewhere
11:36around that that trade went to like 10
11:38000 and then it went up to 22 000. so I
11:40made two thousand dollars on that trade
11:42yeah but I might draw down or I was down
11:44about ten thousand at one point so when
11:46you look at when I look back at it I'm
11:47like wow that was such a terrible trade
11:49I held on to it yeah right and I kept
11:51doing that over and over again and it
11:53worked for two months but I had no idea
11:55what I was doing so obviously after two
11:57months when I make the money my ego gets
11:58higher I'm like I got this I know how to
12:00make so much money I'm Gonna Be Rich
12:01Forever yep and then you know how it
12:03goes everything goes downhills the
12:04guessing strategies yeah that place yeah
12:06I want to dive into this Depot right
12:07because you you said trading there as if
12:10it was always part of the plan uh it
12:12wasn't training wasn't always part so
12:13how did you call it frustrating so I
12:14came across trading because when I was
12:1617 I was like okay I like I want to be
12:18rich right that was as every young kid
12:20and majority of young kids you want to
12:21make money so how do I make the most
12:22money and I never wanted to go the
12:24traditional route like people in our
12:26family go right it's like oh a doctor
12:27dentist accounting and no no disrespect
12:30to them we need those people in our
12:31world and they're amazing right so I
12:32want to put that out there too but for
12:34me it was always like I I just don't
12:36want to go that route I want to find
12:37something new right and I know that
12:39about my personality where I like to
12:41kind of naturally go the opposite route
12:43just something I have and I learned that
12:45later on yeah at that point I didn't
12:47know so I was like where what can I do
12:48that's different right so I went on you
12:50know and I was like hey last
12:52year who made the most amount of money
12:53and I think the top two or three people
12:55were hedge fund managers okay and I was
12:57like hey what is a hedge fund manager
12:59right I have no idea so I look at it yes
13:01I look at a hedge fund manager and like
13:02going down the rabbit hole I was like oh
13:04wow these are people that kind of manage
13:05money for other people in the stock
13:08so I was like okay I want to get
13:09involved in stocks so I look it up and
13:11it's like you know you can open an
13:12account in two seconds fund it and take
13:14on trades so then I started looking at
13:16Old trades I'm like wow if I bought here
13:18and I sold here I could have made this
13:20much money and that's what essentially
13:21everyone does when they look at the
13:22markets right they're like oh if I
13:23bought here and this much and I put this
13:25much oh hello so high right yeah and you
13:27and I'm like how hard can this be so
13:29that's ultimately what got me into it
13:31and uh yeah yeah so that's what you got
13:34into it yeah so the whole time you're
13:35doing this guessing strategy essentially
13:37right you know making money but then
13:38with drawdowns are you know quite
13:40substantial so when did you start to
13:42actually unfold and discover the way
13:44that trading works for you and the way
13:46you probably do it today sure so when I
13:49had the big drawdown I took that 35 000
13:50account all the way to 2000 in that
13:52summer so at the end of the summer I had
13:54two grand to my name after all this you
13:55lost a lot yeah I lost entirely
13:57everything yeah and then at that point I
13:59was like you know what I I don't think
14:00trading is it but at the same time every
14:03person in my life at that moment
14:04including my family right they were like
14:06oh trading is a scam am trading doesn't
14:09work and this is prior to trading now
14:11like now you see people making money
14:13from Trading trading is really popular
14:14on social media this is back in 2012-13
14:16trading wasn't a big thing on the social
14:18platform so for me to go to my mom I
14:20didn't even have like a person to show
14:22like oh look at this guy he's a Trader
14:24right so nowadays we have that so my mom
14:26was like trading is a real thing but at
14:28the same time we still have it today on
14:30social media I'm not sure how it is in
14:31New York or America but in the UK there
14:33are definitely people who pretend that
14:35they are this big Forex Trader
14:37um I want I want to talk about that too
14:39in a bit right it's the same thing in
14:40the stock world right I I discovered
14:42some things about Brokers and things
14:44like that uh you know the past month or
14:46two in the Forex world because the Forex
14:47world and stock world is same but also
14:50very different with like legalities and
14:52regulation so I want to talk about that
14:54eventually uh but yeah so for my mom it
14:57was just like no no no trading is not it
14:58so when when that summer I was just kind
15:00of like I don't know if I want to do it
15:02I'm unsure but because everyone was so
15:04against it like you know from a natural
15:07point of view okay well now I want to
15:09prove everyone wrong so that that kind
15:11of drove me to be like well did I give
15:13this a fair shot I was like I didn't
15:14really give this a fair shot I think I
15:16want to give it a fair shot I want to
15:18really understand it I want to like give
15:20it two years and if I give it two years
15:21and it doesn't work okay fine I gave it
15:23a fair shot but I didn't study I didn't
15:25understand how to do stuff I just
15:26essentially gambled if you want to call
15:28it yeah and I expected to do well which
15:30I didn't so I can't blame the market I
15:32have to blame myself so I took
15:35and I said okay for the next two years
15:36about I'm gonna focus and dedicate
15:38myself to this now the first six months
15:40or year I didn't I was like wishy-washy
15:42with it I was going to college I went to
15:44college for three semesters before I
15:46dropped out but during that time I was
15:47going to college I was working a job and
15:49I was trying to figure out other ways to
15:51make money and also trade so it was like
15:53I was selling domain names I was buying
15:55websites and selling websites on like before Fiverr group blew
15:58up in like 2013-14 I was on fiber buying
16:01websites I was connecting designers to
16:03other people like hey you want a website
16:04I can get it for you for 500 yeah you
16:06find a design for 50 bucks you you know
16:08you profit the difference I was doing
16:09things like that and it that kind of
16:12deter like deterred me away from Trading
16:14because it's like I would trade for a
16:15month then step away and then eventually
16:18like a year later I was like you know
16:20what I need to be more serious I need to
16:23take this more serious so that's when I
16:24was like okay I'm doing all these side
16:26projects I also need to kind of focus on
16:28this so then I took uh I went to my mom
16:31and my mom my mom wasn't a fan of me
16:32leaving college so I was like can I
16:34please leave college and she's no I just
16:35want you to graduate like it's going to
16:37be so bad and I just kind of didn't want
16:38to upset her so I was like okay I'll
16:40take one semester off right
16:42so I took that one semester off to focus
16:44on trading uh actually researching
16:46looking stuff looking stuff up
16:48journaling identifying my trades seeing
16:50what works what doesn't work and during
16:52that summer of when I took College off
16:54is when I started seeing some sort of
16:56consistency in my uh trading I started
16:57having a better understanding like okay
16:59I see what works I see why this doesn't
17:01work I see what's clicking what's not
17:03clicking so that was about two years in
17:04was it big money or was it just
17:06consistent money it was consistent money
17:07wasn't big money I think uh two years in
17:09I I wasn't making big money I think my
17:11second year like 30 20 000 right but it
17:13wasn't from the 2000 ah no so I got more
17:17money so that's another thing which I
17:19don't recommend anyone to do so the way
17:21I got more money so in in stocks you
17:23need to trade stocks you need 25 000 or
17:26more yep not options not Futures but
17:28stocks right so I needed 25 Grand to
17:30have an account where I can take
17:32multiple day trades I didn't have the 25
17:34Grand so what I did at 18 is I applied
17:37for credit cards and by the time I was
17:3920 I you know requested credit increases
17:41and I had maybe like 70 to 90 000 in in
17:44a credit line in multiple credit cards
17:46so I was like you know what they're
17:47giving me zero percent for 16 months or
17:5018 months to take the cash out and I was
17:53like all right I'm gonna do it yeah now
17:55looking back at it that was very stupid
17:58because if hypothetically that didn't
18:01work out and then you have a big debt on
18:03your head and you know I'm stuck in this
18:04cycle for a very long period of time so
18:07for me it was is I took the money but I
18:08was very cautious with it it wasn't like
18:10oh my God I'm gonna take it out and be
18:11stupid it was like okay what's the most
18:13I can risk this is how much I can risk I
18:16can't take more trades than this I kept
18:18like a very systemized plan to follow
18:20because I was also scared of losing that
18:22money right uh so that's where the
18:25capital came from without that capital I
18:27wouldn't be able to fully focus on
18:29trading and that's also why I was trying
18:30to like do side jobs and things like
18:31that and the majority of the money I did
18:33make from side jobs I would blow it in
18:35on trading like I would put it in and
18:36put it easy right over and over just the
18:38extra money yeah I was like why not and
18:40keep finding it yeah fair enough so then
18:43you trade so to my understanding your
18:45trading stocks not commodity is not your
18:47you know USD GBP no no I'm trading
18:51options Futures and stocks what's the
18:53decision for that
18:55ah so like I said when I looked in it was stock so that's what
18:58got me into it right and then for me it
19:00was just focusing on one thing when I
19:02was when I was younger so I was like
19:03focused on one market focused on one
19:04thing there's no reason for me to learn
19:06or trade crypto and then trade Forex and
19:08things like that right and then with the
19:09Forex Market
19:11um as I got older I started seeing how
19:14how much kind of problems there are on
19:16that side right you probably see it too
19:18there's so much nonsense so much noise
19:19that always kind of deteriorated away
19:22from me like where I'm like I'm not
19:23gonna look that way let me just keep
19:24doing what's working for me yeah so this
19:26is the point which I wanted to bring on
19:28you know if people find something that
19:29works for them yeah you have two choices
19:32you can have a stick at what works for
19:33you and grow that or what people tend to
19:36do is look at things Sub in that field
19:39for example you're trading okay you're
19:41trading you start off with with stocks
19:43unless now trade Commodities yeah
19:45National trade crypto let's not trade
19:47different things whereas in realistic
19:49scenario those things might not work
19:51with the same strategy you use for
19:52stocks yeah and then that's where they
19:54can all go downhill you can also go up
19:56of course but sometimes sticking out
19:58what you know best is the best way to do
20:00it yeah yeah I'm a big believer in that
20:02myself I'm my thing is focused on one
20:04thing right and scale it as much as you
20:06possibly can it's the whole concept that
20:07we see on social media like the average
20:09millionaire has seven incomes and I'm
20:11like yeah after they've dominated one
20:13skill set and they have so much money
20:14then they start pouring it in other
20:16places yeah yeah right so let me yeah
20:18that's been it that's the misconception
20:20I don't like as well because you see so
20:21many people saying I'll start at the
20:23side hustle I'll start side hustles how
20:25many side hustles have you got I've got
20:26about a ten why have you got 10 side
20:28hustles a side hustle is it a side
20:30hustle for a reason it's not meant to be
20:31all of these things if you wanted to
20:33make one piece of income but people
20:35don't understand that nowadays and
20:36that's what I kind of don't like about
20:38the whole entrepreneurship scene at the
20:39moment because there's such a big thing
20:41of have as many incomes as you can start
20:43a clothing line today start forage today
20:46start selling phones today why are you
20:48doing all of that just yeah yeah have
20:49one stick at it yeah that's why I've
20:51only stuck at the podcast when I can I
20:53could easily go and do other stuff as
20:55well but it will get to a point where I
20:57want to grow the podcast as much as I
20:59can do everything I can to blow it up
21:01and then when it's time to to now make
21:04the second income then I'll do that yeah
21:06well I agree and I like I said I see
21:08that in The Entrepreneur Space so much
21:09these people come in they're like well
21:11you need to have nine incomes and to
21:12your point exactly I'm like hey I've
21:14every person that I've seen that's made
21:16extreme amounts of wealth they've always
21:18focused on one thing we've done their
21:20one thing extremely well and then when
21:22it's scaled to a very high level and
21:24they can bring people on or build
21:26systems around it then they go on to the
21:28second thing and that's always been the
21:30better play than doing 10 things at once
21:32in my opinion well being young and
21:34making money especially that time as
21:35well what was your spending Habits Like
21:37because you know if you come from like a
21:39middle class family as you say
21:41um you're not you're not living like a
21:43lavish life yeah but the second you
21:44start making money for yourself you can
21:46easily get into a thing where you know
21:47you want to spend money spend money so I
21:49want to really understand here what your
21:50spending habits are like so my I didn't
21:52really hit
21:53any bad spending habits even now I don't
21:55really think I'm really bad on spending
21:57money I understand the value of money
21:59because I've made six dollars seven
22:01dollars an hour yeah so I'm like I I
22:03know what 20 000 is I can't go to a club
22:05and just spend twenty thousand or thirty
22:06thousand no matter how much money I make
22:08do you think also with with like your
22:10parents being Pakistani and my parents
22:11as well they always
22:13you know try to reduce your costs as
22:15much as possible essentially a little
22:16bit I guess a little bit and like I said
22:18the second part was just understanding
22:20the value of money right it's like when
22:22you go back to Pakistan and you see
22:24people there you start realizing that
22:26you know even a hundred dollars there
22:28can change someone's life for a month
22:29right ten thousand dollars can do so
22:31much so it's like you you start being
22:32more conscious of money now that hit for
22:35me later on but when I did start making
22:37serious money which was around 22 to 23
22:39I wasn't making 100K plus a month and
22:42for me it's like as someone 22 to 23
22:45you're like wow I'm making 100 200k 300K
22:47some months you start getting this
22:50disconnect feeling so that's kind of
22:52what I went through it wasn't more so of
22:54like a spending problem it was more so
22:56like okay now what right so I hit a wall
22:58of making money because I was chasing
23:00money so much so I hit a wallet like 23
23:03and I'm like okay like what do I do now
23:05right so I hit like an empty feeling
23:07within myself so I try to chase it by
23:09buying a car and then I'm like okay I
23:11bought a car I think at 22 or some
23:12something I bought him Clarin and uh
23:16f570 that was out at the point now it's
23:18like I see some cars and I dislike them
23:20right at that time that was I think that
23:22was like the first McLaren that came out
23:23I was like oh it's so cool now I look at
23:24him like I hate the car right that's so
23:26funny you know across the table will be
23:28Trader right now one of my best friends
23:29he's got a he's a Trader he's got five
23:31seven years old yeah that's crazy yeah
23:33yeah I don't like there's cars that I
23:35used to like then and As I Grew Older
23:36I'm like I don't I personally I don't I
23:38don't like them anymore but yeah I got
23:40it and my ultimate reason for getting it
23:41because until that point I wasn't
23:43spending money so I was like okay well
23:45do maybe because I'm not feeling that
23:47I'm making it so I went I bought the car
23:49and I was like okay well I drove off the
23:51lot and I think legitimately in 12 hours
23:53I was like okay now what so it was more
23:55of like a self-realization wall that I
23:57went through I was like okay how do I
23:59like what is my purpose what do I want
24:00to do what do I want to go towards
24:02because that money component was hitting
24:04a wall right especially with trading
24:05when you know you're behind a computer
24:06you have no human interaction you're
24:08clicking buttons you make money there's
24:09a level of excitement but then it the
24:11emotions go high and low so it starts
24:13playing a big role on your mental see a
24:15lot of people can make a hundred grand a
24:17month yeah that's one thing but what I
24:19want to understand what sacrifices you
24:21have to make to make the 100 a month
24:23because I'm sure it wasn't an easy Road
24:25no I'm sure you probably might have had
24:27to leave some friends behind or whatnot
24:28of course so I really want to understand
24:30what is it that it took you to make your
24:32first six figures a month sure so from
24:3518 Till 22 you ask any person in my life
24:38at that point they did not see me I it
24:40was heads down head down just focused on
24:43working and I'll go into that aspect of
24:45working as well I was just head head
24:46down focused on working I'm not going
24:48out to dinners I'm not going out to uh
24:50you know a vacation some of my friends
24:52at that at the point were going on
24:53vacations like oh just comments a week
24:55it's this much of that much I'm like I
24:56can't because if I leave a week I'm
24:58leaving my my job which I'm losing x
25:00amount and I'm also spending right so I
25:02also didn't feel comfortable at that
25:04point to be like hey I'm okay in taking
25:06these trips or taking these you know fun
25:09events if you want to call it was just
25:10head head down now some things I did
25:11wrong and I want to kind of let early or
25:14young entrepreneurs know that is I would
25:16think that I don't need to sleep so I
25:18would stay up until four and like feel
25:20like I'm being productive and working uh
25:22go to sleep at four wake up at seven
25:24start my day some days wake up drink
25:26like a Red Bull or something and start
25:28my day I felt like okay I'm working hard
25:30after a few years I was like well I'm an
25:33idiot yeah I'm not allowing myself to be
25:35at my full potential I'm not able to
25:36think clearly yeah I'm laughing because
25:38I I literally used to do the exact thing
25:40yeah and you feel like you're being
25:41productive you're like okay I'm being
25:43productive I'm doing so much entirely
25:44your body Burns Out crushes and they
25:46really realize how much Focus you're
25:49actually losing yeah yeah yeah so that
25:50that's what happened with me during that
25:52period and then at one point I was like
25:54well you know the the main important
25:55thing I have is my health and my mind
25:57you know my mind especially in my job as
25:59a Trader I need to be able to recognize
26:00opportunities recognize myself recognize
26:02when to put on trades and when not to so
26:04I'm like if my mental is not at a peak
26:07point I there's no way I can make it in
26:09this game right so it's like an athlete
26:11if an athlete's body is not at a Peak
26:13Performance like he or she can't perform
26:14at a great great point right so for me
26:16it was like okay well I need to start
26:18taking care of my sleep I need to start
26:19sleeping on time I need to cut down on
26:21drinking so much caffeine I need to
26:23actually go to the gym and get movements
26:25in because sometimes I'd be in my room
26:27legitimately on my computer for eight
26:28nine hours just sitting like this and
26:30just not moving right and you you gain
26:33weight and you get a belly and all these
26:34things and you're like yeah yeah yeah
26:37and then you don't go gym because you
26:39want to work so hard you forget to go
26:40gym exactly and you don't think it's
26:42important you're thinking I can make all
26:43this money I'll get fit later on exactly
26:45so so it's like health of wealth isn't
26:47it because all those things that start
26:48catching up so for me I shifted that but
26:50in terms of like the Deep work a lot of
26:51the deep work I did was like journaling
26:53my days journaling how I'm feeling
26:54journaling on the things I'm learning I
26:57would read a lot of books read a lot of
26:59Articles try to learn as much as
27:00possible the bad thing I did was not
27:02take care of my health my folks and
27:03things like that and also I diverted my
27:06focus too much sometimes the good thing
27:08I did was I was able to recognize that
27:10two years later and I was able to put my
27:12focus into the right things right so
27:13it's like you know when people say work
27:15hard card and I'm like there's a million
27:16people that work harder than me but when
27:19you look in terms of money if you work
27:21smarter you'll make way more money yeah
27:22so for me when I was able to learn that
27:24concept and I was able to put my focus
27:26on the right skill sets to become a
27:28better Trader right and that was also
27:30like hey let me not chase money let me
27:32not try to make this dollar figure let
27:34me just be in the process of being a
27:36good quote-unquote Trader and if I
27:37follow the process and I do what I need
27:39to do the things will start coming
27:40eventually yeah so you build up a quite
27:42a good habit a young age yeah yeah where
27:44did you go from there also from there 22
27:4723 at 23 I hit that wall of like
27:49confusion of like what's next for me uh
27:52what do I want to do the lateral thing
27:53though to hit that you know and you know
27:55what's crazy I think at 24 I thought
27:57about quitting trading really yeah what
27:59like because everything I was doing was
28:01so heavily involved in trading where I
28:03was like it's not making me happy it's
28:06not making me you know content I want to
28:08go on a different career path and it was
28:09kind of I guess if you want to call it a
28:11midlife crisis right and I'm happy I
28:13didn't obviously but at that point I was
28:15like I'm done I want to do something new
28:16I feel I don't feel fulfilled with this
28:18but it was just a burnout I was burnt
28:20out to an extreme point where I wanted
28:21nothing to do with trading what were you
28:23prepared to do ah I like if you had to
28:26put yourself in that position right now
28:27what was your career like you're doing
28:29trading let's stop trading what was your
28:31career path that you had in mind so I
28:32was going to go into like the marketing
28:33route okay of building like a marketing
28:35agency that's what crossed my head I was
28:37like I want to help people build Brands
28:38I want to build Brands like like take up
28:40take something and make it bigger and do
28:42social platforms email marketing things
28:44like that and when I go back to it I'm
28:46like why did I want to do that I
28:48understood that but when something was
28:51working for me so well why wasn't I
28:52trying to scale it but that came from
28:54like that inner fulfillment and like you
28:56just don't feel happy with what you're
28:57doing for whatever reason but that also
28:59comes from like burnout and not getting
29:00enough sleep and just feeling very very
29:02sloppy so how did you count about them
29:04so I took a month off yeah right
29:06entirely off work I just completely took
29:08a month off like completely month off
29:09away from everything and I it's funny I
29:12came to Dubai then I came to Dubai for
29:14three weeks and I like disconnected from
29:16everything social media my phone I was
29:18off Instagram like I wasn't texting
29:20anyone I was just like you know what I
29:21want to kind of give myself a break and
29:23just see what the the next steps are and
29:26I was like when I came here I was like
29:27why like why am I trying to quit trading
29:29it makes no sense I have something
29:30that's working why not leverage it and
29:33that's where the big step kicked in for
29:36me uh which is you know I'm in a
29:38fortunate situation to do well and
29:40there's people in this world that aren't
29:42like people from Pakistan that are not
29:44in great situations so my thing was like
29:46why am I gonna throw something away when
29:48I can scale this to a very high level
29:50and pour money out of it to help these
29:52people that have no opportunities yeah
29:54so that was like a big I guess wake-up
29:56call for me and that also allowed me to
29:57like connect to a deeper purpose more so
30:00because I was born in Pakistan right so
30:02because I was born there and also where
30:04my family's from uh Pakistan they're
30:06from Lahore Gujarat right so good job
30:09like I'm pretty sure it's like you might
30:11like where my dad lived there was a
30:13village like they lit my parents lived
30:14in villages right so it was like dark
30:16poor their upbringings were dark poor so
30:18it's like what their parents did to get
30:19them here yada yada yada it was you know
30:21next level so I was like those kids have
30:23no opportunities you have you have an
30:25understanding for the struggle there
30:26yeah I'm like they have no Opera like
30:28I've been back during these kids have no
30:30opportunity so I'm like hey I'm in a
30:33fortunate situation that I'm lucky
30:35essentially because I did nothing to be
30:36here right like my dad and there's so
30:39much different components that luck
30:41played a role for me to be in America to
30:43have an opportunity to excel so I'm like
30:44I want to take advantage of this pour as
30:47much as money I can and start giving
30:48back and helping and that's something
30:50like we can talk about later like I'm
30:52we're working on a project and building
30:53schools in parts of Pakistan right now
30:55uh just just you know just like hey I'm
30:58in a fortunate situation How can I
31:00selfishly drive myself to push further
31:03so I can take more and and give to these
31:07tell me about the feeling of this then
31:08yeah so you had two stages in life
31:10essentially yeah you're making money
31:12you're making about 100 a month you
31:14don't know what to do you hit wool you
31:16buy a McLaren five seven years yeah but
31:18um a hundred thousand dollars I want to
31:19say roughly the car I I was leasing it
31:22so I was paying like three grand I
31:23wasn't I didn't buy it so yeah let's
31:25leave the price for a second sure but
31:27you got that aspect where you buy a
31:28lifestyle yeah now you're making money
31:30and then you're you're Distributing it
31:33and helping people in Pakistan is
31:35essentially it's a form of Charity right
31:36yeah talk me through those two feelings
31:38right there because they're completely
31:39different and I really want to
31:40understand and convey to the audience
31:42how that makes you feel I'll be honest
31:44the the part of like helping people
31:45makes me feel a million times better
31:47yeah it's also shifted my mindset of
31:50spending like now and there's certain
31:52things I'm like is it worth for me to
31:53spend money on that I'm like no like
31:56this could do so much more back here
31:57right like I wanted to go to a LeBron's
31:59game when he scored the 30 000 points uh
32:01the high score and the ticket was like
32:0345 or 35 000 floor seat and I was gonna
32:06do it and I was like
32:08do I really need to spend this with the
32:10tickets it's like 50K
32:11it'll it'll be better if it goes here so
32:13it kind of helped me shift that mindset
32:15but it it's it's a completely different
32:18feeling if you feel far more fulfilled
32:20far more happy and uh I plan to make a
32:22visit out there in a month or two so I'm
32:24going to meet some of the kids you know
32:25so that's going to be really exciting
32:26but it's like the difference is like I
32:28would I would rather always be on this
32:30side of giving and take that than like
32:32going and buying a cool car right and
32:34you also get out those stages right
32:36because I think once you know you can do
32:38it you don't care about it you don't
32:39care about it yeah 100 yeah and then you
32:41get to see the satisfaction of people's
32:43faces if anything you can build them
32:44into people like yourself so you can
32:45make the world a better place yeah yeah
32:47yeah so just and like I said for selfish
32:49reasons it's also selflessly for me
32:51because when I feel unmotivated or I
32:54feel lazy and you know as humans we
32:55always all do no matter who's at what
32:57stage we will feel that I always think
32:59about like wow there's kids that don't
33:00have an opportunity and I'm here being
33:03lazy or I'm here not working as hard as
33:05I possibly can to you know essentially
33:07give them the opportunity that I maybe
33:08have so that also drives me so from a
33:10selfish point of view it it mentally
33:12benefits me a lot so would you say
33:14that's your number one source of
33:15motivation at this stage yes yeah right
33:18at this stage yeah because until 22 23
33:20my biggest source of motivation was to
33:22make money right and and I I'm a strong
33:24believer whatever got you here won't get
33:27to get you to the next level so if
33:28something gets you to a million a year
33:30and then you get to 10 million and then
33:32you want to go to 100 million that
33:33source of motivation the source of
33:34building businesses the processes are
33:36all the differences yeah it all changes
33:38so my my motivation until 22 to 23
33:41changed until 25 and now it's completely
33:44different and like well I want to help
33:47these people what is it you make your
33:49first million 22-ish 22 which yeah 22 23
33:53yeah what was that feeling like you
33:54don't really feel it well you know why
33:57so when when I essentially hit the
34:00million it's like it goes in your broker
34:01account but I think maybe it's it's a
34:03trading thing I was just kind of like
34:05oh my God what if like it goes down
34:07again because I saw my p l and it was
34:09like my year to date was like a million
34:11plus and I was like
34:12okay well what if what if I have a bad
34:14month what if it goes down because I
34:16think when I first hit my hundred
34:17thousand which was like around 21-ish I
34:20had a 30 000 drawdown so I made 100K and
34:23like in a week I lost 30 grand yeah so
34:25mentally I was like oh my God like I'm
34:26scared so I think I never got a chance
34:28to fully process it or like enjoy it or
34:31like feel it it just it's a go go type
34:33of thing when did you feel it if you did
34:37I I don't know because I understand what
34:39you're saying about brokerage account
34:40because when you're making money in
34:42trading most times it's in the account
34:43yeah so it's not something that you can
34:46easily access and and buy a million
34:48dollar house yeah well you could but I
34:49mean it's a bit of a process to it right
34:52so I think when I really started feeling
34:54it was like around 25 and the reason I
34:56started filling it around 25 is because
34:58at 25 I was able to do short like when
34:59especially when cobit hit I was able to
35:02like like the world was shut down flight
35:04to shut down to take a private jet where
35:07we're going to go yeah so I started
35:09feeling it then I was like wow like I I
35:11couldn't spend 30 40 Grand on certain
35:12things and not feel it not that I I it's
35:15justifiable but at that point I was like
35:17okay if I do want to get around I do
35:19have the accessibility of money to do
35:21these things that you know you start
35:23realizing are extremely important like
35:24getting cars and watches and all that
35:26like all right that's that's level one
35:28of wealth level two or the high level of
35:30wealth is being able to have access to
35:32things that other people don't have
35:33access to so if you want to go from here
35:35to another country in the world shut
35:36down you can still do it there's ways
35:38yeah exactly what Tate says exactly so
35:40you just and if you can't and you're not
35:42at that level of wealth so I I think at
35:4425 I started seeing wow like I could I
35:47went back from like California to Miami
35:48to New York and I was traveling during
35:49covert right the world shut down and I'm
35:51moving around yeah and it was like that
35:53that was kind of like wow like you can
35:55do something that other people can't do
35:57majority and and it kind of helped me
35:59kind of get into like wow I'm in a
36:02kind of
36:03place right because I also don't like to
36:08comfortable like I don't like to feel
36:10like oh I have a Lambo like you know I'm
36:13the best no well this guy has a jet
36:16that's 60 million yeah like you know you
36:20know you know what I mean so it's like
36:21always staying grounded to understand
36:23you're still a small player in this
36:24space and I've always tried to keep that
36:27mindset because I I've seen people like
36:29my thing is I've seen people make money
36:30and that's never been impressive to me I
36:32think it's always been like how long can
36:34you stay here and how long can you keep
36:35it like I've seen people make money one
36:37two years come go it's not impressive
36:41but if you can stay here for 10 years
36:42and you can keep elevating for 10 years
36:44plus that to me is like wow that's
36:46impressive yeah
36:48you get so level as well where depending
36:51on the environment you're in you can
36:52become a big fish in a small city right
36:55so I'll give you an example of London
36:57there's loads of millionaires in London
36:59but being a billionaire in London you're
37:02you're now a small fish in a big city
37:05so my question to you is coming to a
37:08place like Dubai where regardless how
37:10much money you may be worth right now
37:11you're you're probably small fish yeah
37:15yeah of course yeah you know you're
37:16competing our money out here yeah yeah
37:17so does it then unlock a whole
37:20completely different mindset for you uh
37:22yeah I think my my mindset was unlocked
37:24prior to coming to Dubai in terms of of
37:26money like I've hung around with people
37:28worth 500 million or I've hung around
37:29with a few people worth billions plus
37:31right so I've seen what
37:35like they have achieved and what they've
37:37done and I'm like okay like this is not
37:40impressive right and and these people
37:42have built massive companies it's not
37:43impressive you know like on this scale
37:45it's like for me like where I'm at is
37:47impressive like them of course that's
37:48extremely impressive right so I I've
37:51seen that and I'm like and also you
37:53start realizing that these people like
37:54what is important to them right and what
37:57they value is a lot different than what
37:59this guy values like this guy here down
38:01here is maybe valuing a Lambo or a car
38:03or a watch or like a penthouse or
38:06whatever these guys are valuing their
38:07board seats on some companies their
38:09positions and to make real big moves
38:12right so it's like the real power like
38:13they have power move right so it's like
38:15that's when I started learning like the
38:17different stages of money like I said
38:18cars you can have access to Jets and
38:20stuff and then there's people that are
38:21at like important tables to make moves
38:24like they have power and influence
38:25that's why you want to be basically yeah
38:26you're going to build generational World
38:28exactly so it's like when you see that
38:30you're like wow like there's legit
38:32levels to like all of this and that
38:34that's where you have to always kind of
38:36stay like okay if I feel like I'm the
38:38best at something I'm doing I'm playing
38:39the wrong game I need to get up go to a
38:41different table and feel like the
38:42smallest guy and build my way up to
38:45essentially be number one and then when
38:46I'm number one get up go to a different
38:47table that's how you ever evolve how did
38:49you get onto the table though because
38:50you know being from where you're from
38:53your circles might not be the greatest I
38:55know New York's like in terms of
38:56violence yeah yeah yeah yeah so getting
38:58from that sort of circle to now Circle
39:01full of like as you said people with
39:03maybe 500 million to a billion Etc
39:06you ought to have some sort of value
39:07proposition 200 tables of course and
39:09your circles are constantly changing
39:10depending on the time of day and you
39:13Etc what do you do to make sure that
39:15you're surrounded by a gray Circle
39:17to keep your head in the right track
39:18yeah so two things you brought up a
39:20great point of value proposition right
39:23um because I always see people like hey
39:24can I have a 30 minute call with you and
39:26I'm like you can't ever go to someone in
39:29any stage that's doing well and not
39:30really offer them something in return
39:32not that everyone wants something but
39:33also for some people at higher stages
39:35they want to get value first before they
39:38give value yeah so from an early age
39:40I've always realized that like hey I
39:41can't go to like Manny Coachman one guy
39:44I used to follow a lot still follow and
39:45I was like I can't go to him and be like
39:46hey can I talk to you for 10 minutes I'm
39:48like no like that's not gonna work so
39:49for me to actually have a conversation
39:51with you him I need to be a person of
39:53value am I a person of value right now
39:54no so I can't expect to DM him and him
39:57it's a value exchange right yeah so I've
40:00learned that early on but the big thing
40:02was changing environments right so for
40:04me leaving New York right traveling when
40:07I traveled I remember I came to Dubai in
40:102019 I stayed at the Mandarin Oriental
40:12and uh that's where I met a guy who ran
40:15a billion dollar plus fund right a VC
40:18company I met him his wife and we got
40:20really really cool coincidentally or you
40:22plan to meet no like coincidentally
40:24right but also it's like if I'm going on
40:26vacation and like I have the resource to
40:28do so do I go to one of the best places
40:30where obviously it's expensive it's like
40:32two or maybe three grand in either
40:33places or do I go and spend two three
40:35hundred dollars right where am I in my
40:37in my life do I want to meet higher
40:40Network people yes right so for me I
40:42remember we were at um The Mandarin I
40:45was having breakfast my sisters my my
40:47brother we were all there and
40:49um she was trading options she was
40:51selling options and she saw like I was
40:53you know trading too and we kind of
40:55connected over that I went to LA one
40:57time uh me her husband we all hung out
40:59and uh that kind of built like a
41:01connection then also then the next
41:02people I met through this relationship
41:04was also people that it was one of the
41:06guys that built um
41:07the 500 million dollar home in
41:09California I don't know if you saw the
41:11one yeah yeah so this was I think in
41:132019 I'm like having dinner with this
41:15guy because of these people and it's
41:17like it's just being able to connect but
41:19that also comes from knowing how to
41:20speak to people knowing how to have good
41:22conversations and just you know uh
41:24learning those skill sets opposed to
41:26just being like a dead person and not
41:28knowing how to have conversations or
41:30offer any sort of value well you're
41:31naturally introvert or extrovert uh I'm
41:34naturally uh I always get these words
41:36confused I'm naturally to myself
41:39whatever the intentionally yeah I've
41:40always get these two words confused
41:42right so I'm naturally always to myself
41:43I've even you know especially those two
41:45three years I've stayed to myself I've
41:47I've kind of developed a very difficult
41:50time of speaking to people yeah also
41:52when I was younger I've had insecurity
41:53of speaking to people just because I was
41:55like I had a lisp and I was like oh my
41:57God yeah I was like I sound stupid I'm
41:59gonna sound this guy's gonna
42:00think something bad about me and
42:03um after 21 2012 I was like I need to
42:06work on this I need to get better at
42:07communication I need to watch videos I
42:09need to see how people communicate so I
42:10started watching like really really high
42:12great people on YouTube that had real
42:14successful businesses not like YouTubers
42:16and stuff like that yeah I should have a
42:18backup yeah like who's the CEO of this
42:19company I want to see how he talks who's
42:20the CEO of this company who runs this
42:22like how does it speak how do they use
42:23hand movements yeah where does it
42:25develop confidence I need to develop
42:26confidence so I will learn those things
42:28same thing with communication right uh
42:30but it was realizing like hey these
42:31people are great at communicating and I
42:33need to have this skill set under the
42:34table if I want to go for them yeah it's
42:36so interesting because someone can have
42:38a higher net worth but if they haven't
42:40got the confidence communication skills
42:42or just being able to hold a
42:43conversation yeah you might not go far
42:45in terms of you can buy yourself you can
42:47buy your way into the Mandarin Hotel you
42:49can buy yourself onto a table with some
42:51over 500 million but if you haven't got
42:53the confidence to speak to him and be
42:54like hey how are you doing yeah you know
42:56what do you do then you're not really
42:58going to go for it so you can make all
42:59this money all you want but it's funny
43:01because these skill sets are completely
43:03free to learn yeah and you you have to
43:05work on them and they're hard you you
43:07have to put yourself out there like I
43:09remember at I think 23 24 I traveled a
43:12few times around the world and my thing
43:13was I want to travel alone because I
43:15want to conversate with people yeah I
43:16want to go and I want to put my phone
43:17away and I want to go and I want to have
43:19conversations with random people and I
43:20want to try to make it as engaging as a
43:23natural as possible because I suck at
43:25small talk yeah naturally like I'm not
43:27good at it right I I every time it's
43:29like I don't know how to do some also
43:30yeah so I'm like I need to get good at
43:31it I need to get good at developing
43:33skills and learning and speaking to
43:34people yeah generally that's why I love
43:36coming to the bio on my own because when
43:38you come with people you're always
43:39comfortable around that than people and
43:41you stay with them people but when
43:42you're on your own you'll go to the gym
43:44yeah you meet someone you go to the Palm
43:46you meet someone every time I come to
43:47the bar my own I meet for a week or two
43:50weeks I meet at least 20 people of which
43:52are very valuable people and I think
43:57it's all about coming out of your
43:58comfort zone and yeah it's finding I
44:00guess what our areas that your weekend
44:02or you don't enjoy right let's just say
44:05for me I I'm naturally even now I don't
44:07like meeting people and going out but
44:09it's like hey I need to keep breaking
44:11that barrier I hate the small talk but
44:12hey I need to keep getting better at it
44:14just go do it yeah and public speaking
44:16like I've never liked public speaking
44:17I've spoken at stages multiple times
44:19because yeah I'm like I need to break
44:21out of that shell if you ask me at 18
44:23I'm going to public I'm gonna speak in
44:24front of a thousand people I would say
44:26never you couldn't pay me have you done
44:28that yeah yeah I've done public speaking
44:29multiple times yeah how was that
44:31it's always nerve-wracking no matter
44:33what like you do it a hundred times the
44:35101 times you're still going to be
44:36nervous like I remember I did one um in
44:39Miami in 2021 uh and it was a different
44:43crowd it was like a real estate crowd
44:44right I think there was like 500 people
44:46there yeah and usually if I do it it's
44:48like Traders or people someone know who
44:51I am so I feel naturally like I have
44:53this natural confidence like oh they
44:54know who I am right now completely yeah
44:57it's like my friend he had an event in
44:59um and he told people I was going to
45:01come and I could see in the room that
45:02people were looking at me and the new
45:04hell was which kind of inspired me to
45:05have a bit more confidence to be like
45:06you know what people know who you are
45:08it's not like you're a little guy yeah
45:10they look at you as in Inspiration or
45:13whatever you want to call it so you
45:14there it does build some confidence like
45:16that yeah yeah so but when I went to
45:18that event I was like it's real estate
45:19people too that know who I am yeah not
45:21know so I was extremely nervous to a
45:23point where I was like I gotta find a
45:25way to cancel this like I'm because I
45:26haven't done one for like a year and a
45:28half because of covert and everything
45:29yeah so I was like I gotta find a way to
45:31you know just just
45:32cancel this and I you know mentally it's
45:34also how the human mind works when
45:36you're scared it finds ways to find like
45:38find out right so it's like how do I
45:40cancel this and I've learned I think
45:42when I was 19 I read a book it was
45:44feel the heart or something feel the
45:47fear and do it anyways and I was like
45:49it's the same exact things I'm scared
45:51and then the moment I got on 20 seconds
45:53later it was all right yeah it's just
45:55yeah and that's like with everything
45:56else you start a business you want to do
45:57something your your mind's first move is
46:00to go in defense mode to be like don't
46:02do it right it's okay let your mind go
46:05into that because we're not naturally
46:06when you go into like 10 000 years ago
46:08we're not wired to do all this stuff
46:09right we're essentially cavemen your job
46:12is to wake up go get food come home
46:13that's like when you go back yeah so
46:15when you put us behind a computer screen
46:17and and you were clicking buttons and
46:19money's going up or down we're not wired
46:20to do that our brains aren't for that
46:22right but that's why we go into defense
46:24mode to these new sorts of things so we
46:26have to identify quickly where okay I
46:28feel this now let me break it down is
46:31this a real threat or is this my mind
46:33playing tricks okay now let me go
46:35through the risk and assess the risk as
46:37much as possible and see is it just me
46:39being scared or is there a real threat
46:41involved yeah and then if you can if you
46:43can do that you'll be able to start
46:45breaking a lot of barriers in your life
46:46moving forward
46:47what other skill sets do you think you
46:49know for the people watching this right
46:50now looking up to you as inspiration
46:51thinking you know what these are things
46:52I need to develop in my life to get into
46:54the same positions as Uma what other
46:57skill sets would you say got you to
46:59where you are things that you had to
47:01learn sure so one was great right uh I I
47:06feel like I've had that but I've also
47:08had to polish it right to consistently
47:11move forward despite any sort of failure
47:14adverse adversity yeah right no matter
47:17what because the moment early on in your
47:19career when you have a lot of failures
47:20in different businesses it's very easy
47:21to quit right now it's different because
47:24if I have four failures My Success has
47:27given me confidence to keep going
47:28although it's a lot different now than
47:30early on but early on when you have
47:32failures you have to learn to reposition
47:35them as valuable lessons right so okay I
47:37filled in this right what is the lesson
47:39what could I have done better now before
47:41you even go into what can I what could I
47:43have done better it goes into did I give
47:46this a fair shot like nowadays most
47:48people want to be rich in six months and
47:50I'm like no like that won't happen right
47:52but if you play the 10-year game that
47:55will happen so that goes on to the
47:56second Point playing a longer time frame
47:58game right which is another thing I had
48:01to develop right the third thing is just
48:03being laser focused onto one thing and
48:05not having like shiny object syndrome
48:07right even now sometimes I'm like oh wow
48:09it would be cool if I start that yeah
48:10and I'm like no keep your head down and
48:12keep working on these things that you
48:13have that would be great but don't
48:15divert into it yeah right but early on
48:17it's very easy because it's very easy
48:20for you to do that because when you are
48:22doing one thing and you don't see the
48:23success in two three months you're
48:26quickly you quickly jump ships let me go
48:28from e-commerce so let me go from
48:30Trading to let me go into this just let
48:32me go into that and you never give
48:33yourself the real chance you need at a
48:36certain career right so for me at 22 23
48:39I learned that really hard and it was
48:42like if I can stay at one skill set and
48:45just look forward it'll open up so many
48:47more opportunities that I don't even
48:49know exist yet and that's essentially
48:51what happened with like I mean now
48:53having a software company if you ask me
48:54at 23 24 I'm going to have a software
48:56company at this level yada yada yada I
48:58would say there's no way I would do
49:00software I know nothing about
49:01development or Tech yeah but those
49:03opportunities come from that one
49:05industry one skill set and when you keep
49:07moving forward it's kind of like an
49:09energy force where everything starts
49:10coming with you and it starts opening
49:12new doors that didn't exist back here
49:14yeah you wouldn't have seen them those
49:15yeah and you don't need to see them just
49:17head down work on one thing keep moving
49:19eventually and things start opening up
49:21yeah so talk to me about the software
49:23then because you're now technically a
49:25tech entrepreneur software entrepreneur
49:27you know you've taught this company
49:29correct me if my pronunciation is wrong
49:31about trade Zilla trades yeah yeah
49:33um I thought it might be different with
49:34American accent yeah yeah so what is it
49:37exactly how did you come across it why I
49:40wouldn't know why sure so uh what it
49:42essentially is it's kind of
49:44um it's a quick books for trading it's
49:46like a it's a trading analytical
49:49platform where you as a Trader you can
49:51track trading so the problem in the
49:54trading space is
49:55trading is a business right people that
49:58get into trading don't look at it as a
49:59business so it's like hey here's a tool
50:01that allows you to look at essentially a
50:03profit and loss statement your balance
50:04sheet and look at your business's
50:06strengths and weaknesses which every
50:07Trader should be doing so the idea came
50:10when I was about 24 right but I didn't
50:13start it until like a year later so I
50:15think it was right when I turned 24 the
50:17idea came and I was like it'd be cool if
50:19I built something my own but for a year
50:21straight I was hesitant because I've
50:23never done anything like it I know
50:24nothing in Tech so I was like I don't
50:27know if I can do it like I have no idea
50:28how to even go about this so I never
50:30really sat down and gave it that effort
50:32but my mind would immediately push me
50:34back every time and then when I turned
50:3625 I was in Miami I was like you know
50:38what let me start it what's the worst
50:40that's gonna happen it fails like okay
50:41cool I learned something that's that's
50:43how I went about it also something I
50:44just want to touch on I was also in a
50:46financial position to do it I want to be
50:48very clear on that because I don't want
50:49people to go and start a tech company or
50:51software company tomorrow and be like oh
50:53I want to do what he did
50:54software companies look very attractive
50:56but starting them out especially if
50:58you're funding them on your own are very
50:59expensive and they're not cash flow
51:02businesses right they're not producing a
51:05lot of cash flow so you'll use the end
51:06result for those ones yeah exactly so
51:08most of the time people make money on
51:09the exit so they don't make money three
51:10to five years so it's like software
51:12companies are cool but like you need to
51:15have money to be able to fund it or get
51:17outside funding if you don't have them
51:18you'll be able to put in what you're
51:19willing to lose exactly right so for me
51:22at 25 started it went through a lot of
51:24struggles with Dev teams I also when I
51:27first started another thing the person I
51:29was at 25 from a business point of view
51:30is completely different than the person
51:31I am now right now I'm like
51:34a trillion times better in business than
51:37I was at 25 and the reason for that is I
51:39didn't I got very lazy in the business
51:41department until 25 because I was making
51:44I don't want to say easy money but I was
51:45essentially making very easy money and
51:47that didn't require me to acquire new
51:49skill sets so when I went into the
51:51software business it was kind of like
51:52let me throw money at it let me hire
51:54people they'll do it can I ask just a
51:56quick treasure you thought the idea 24
51:58yeah yeah 24 years old started it when
52:00you're 25. throughout that whole year
52:02what was it procrastination or was it
52:05you just you just didn't know how to do
52:07it I didn't know how to do it it was in
52:08processity on your mind the whole year
52:10though it was on my mind and that's
52:11something when when I have something
52:12that comes to my mind even if it's like
52:14hey I should reach out to this person
52:15right she'll reach out to that like and
52:16I and it keeps popping my mind I'll do
52:18it yeah but if it happens consistently
52:20this idea kept coming to me kept coming
52:22to me and it wasn't like I I'm the first
52:24person that invented this there's other
52:26companies that do something in the space
52:30from my opinion to other people's
52:32opinion we've elevated the tracking and
52:34journaling your trades to a whole new
52:36level right the features and stuff we
52:37have and so on but it was like I've seen
52:39what's in the space and I was like I
52:41want to elevate it but I didn't know how
52:43to because that's not my expertise right
52:46but then when I pause and I look at
52:47people like Jay-Z for example he's a
52:49billionaire I was like he didn't know
52:50how to get to the billion he just kept
52:51going on right he started a drink
52:54company and then he started uh stuff
52:56with uh rockware or whatever all these
52:58different mentions guys I'm pretty sure
52:59he don't know how to do it but he went
53:01forward one foot forward and kept moving
53:02forward so things same thing with other
53:04people like LeBron you take LeBron for
53:05example same thing he was able to come
53:07from nothing into this Mega billionaire
53:10now and most of the money came from
53:12outside of basketball but he didn't know
53:13how to do everything yeah so it's the
53:15same essential thing yeah so are you
53:16willing to say how much you actually
53:18invested into a software company because
53:20as you said there it's expensive
53:22ah I could tell you off camera the
53:25reason I don't want to say because also
53:26right now it for competitive purposes
53:28and Market purposes and investment
53:30purposes if you raise money it just kind
53:32of gives out private information because
53:34we're not a public company I can tell
53:36you off camera but we did spend more
53:38than seven figures I will tell you that
53:40okay yeah so here's what I'll do oh it's
53:42just the main thing you started at 25
53:43yeah you're 28 now that's three years
53:46yeah yeah have you seen that return yet
53:48oh yeah yeah we we've seen the return
53:50but I have in person in my bank account
53:52I haven't seen it yeah the business is
53:54doing every dollar is going back into
53:55the business I don't want to see money
53:57from the business I've said that because
53:58what we are trying to build and I like
54:01what we're trying to build isn't going
54:03to be complete until end of 2024. we're
54:05still developing we're spending like our
54:06payroll right now six figures a month
54:08this is just payroll yeah so we're we're
54:10consistent still building and I haven't
54:13seen a dollar back but the business is
54:16doing well but from my point of view
54:18like when I started I was like I don't
54:19want to see money from this I want it to
54:20be at this level so supporting this many
54:22Traders and be this tool that actually
54:24benefits people and whatever the end
54:26result is is the end result so how does
54:27it work is it almost like a subscription
54:29service this is such an also Trader on
54:31you know sign up yeah it's a
54:32subscription service uh like I said uh
54:34right now it's like you upload your
54:35trades you connect to your broker mt4
54:37mt5 if you're a stock Trader you you
54:39know upload your broker from there yeah
54:40it'll download your data show you all
54:42your stats how do you trade on Mondays
54:44how do you trade them in the market gaps
54:45up Market gaps down you can write notes
54:47if you if you're taking a trade let's
54:48say January of 2022 you can hit a button
54:51called replay and you can see the action
54:53that happened on January of last year
54:54when you took the trade where you got
54:56and where you got out so it really
54:57allows you to refine you know your
54:59trading find your Edge see what works
55:01what doesn't work on like a very deep
55:03level I mean to me it makes it sound
55:06like if you're a Trader and you know
55:07what you're doing anyway and you have
55:08the basics
55:10it sounds like that's like a
55:12easier way to do it yeah it I mean you
55:15you need to right you have a business
55:16what are you going to do you're going to
55:18track everything you're analyzing
55:19everything yeah every single move that
55:20you make exactly so as a Trader you you
55:22need to see what strategies are working
55:23under what market conditions what
55:25strategies aren't working how do I
55:26refine two in my positions what position
55:28size is working for me like for me early
55:30on like the biggest thing for me was
55:31journaling right so I used to when I was
55:34trading my first two or three years I
55:35used to see these mental patterns I used
55:37to have like hey why do I always lose
55:39money on Mondays okay well I don't know
55:41why I do so when I started journaling my
55:43thought process and looking into my
55:44thought process and everything I started
55:45realizing it's because we have a long
55:48weekend I'm waiting on Monday I'm super
55:50excited for the market when the Market
55:52opens I go in with that excitement not
55:55looking at good trades or not put on too
55:57much size lose the money on the first
55:58trade the next couple of trades or days
56:00I spend time and money trying to make my
56:02account go to break even yeah so like I
56:05didn't realize that until I went to like
56:06the mental side of it why am I doing
56:08these moves why am I taking this trade
56:10why am I acting this way so when you go
56:11deeper into especially like early
56:13traders they have like this whole
56:15concept of like understanding right of
56:18about themselves and and the trading so
56:20that's the thing you might show
56:21everybody he tells me this all the time
56:22half of the game is all mental yeah it's
56:25all mental anyone can trade Forex but
56:28have you got the mental capacity yeah to
56:30you know go through what it takes to
56:32actually trade and be successful right
56:34and that's a completely different ball
56:35game so hats off to you yourself
56:37schwaben anyone else who does it to that
56:39level on a legit level as well because
56:41you obviously you get fakes along the
56:42way I'm sorry of course yeah you're
56:43saying to do the same thing especially
56:44around the industry yeah that's what I'm
56:46saying yeah there was one thing you said
56:47you wanted to touch on earlier regarding
56:48that as well sure so what was it oh it
56:51was it was about the Forex space right
56:52uh so I I recently learned this so
56:56on my on my trading I've always you know
57:00showcased like how much I've made so in
57:02like the past four years in trading I
57:03made 15 million plus in just trading
57:05alone yeah and see when I say these
57:07numbers a lot of I guess people
57:09naturally go to well he's lying which I
57:11understand right and I'm not here to say
57:13right I think people who say it's lying
57:15just can't fathom no no it's okay I want
57:17them to immediately think I'm lying
57:19that's okay and I don't blame them for
57:20that because if someone throws out a
57:21crazy claim like naturally we're gonna
57:23think oh this guy's a liar right
57:24especially in a space that's very toxic
57:26now in all the money that I did make in
57:29the past four years every year I posted
57:31a broker statement not like a picture of
57:33me logging into my broker now when I did
57:35that for the past four years
57:37I was always like oh I'm good like
57:39people see me logging in but in the past
57:41few months I learned in the Forex space
57:43a lot of people that trade Forex and
57:46have Brokers they have agreements with
57:48Brokers because these Brokers are not
57:50regulated yeah and they're like hey and
57:52Brokers are reaching out to influencers
57:54and they're like hey hey what's up man
57:55we'll show that you made five million
57:57dollars from this broker but get people
57:59on this broker yeah yeah that's exactly
58:01what happens I didn't know that yeah so
58:02when when you know and in in stock
58:04worlds like the broker I posted is TD
58:06Ameritrade they're regulated even if I
58:08contact them they don't care they're
58:09like a multi-billion dollar company they
58:12don't care to do anything they can
58:13because it's illegal right so I didn't
58:15know that until I kind of started diving
58:17into the Forex space and I people like
58:18well you know you can do that with
58:20Brokers I was like wait what I was like
58:22oh now I get it because when a lot of
58:23Forex Traders see my profits they're
58:26like oh well he's fake because of that
58:27and I'm like now I get why they think
58:30that right because essentially I didn't
58:32understand like the whole
58:34I guess dark side of Forex or the Forex
58:37markets at that time especially the
58:38broker side so tell me tell me this year
58:40you said that you made 15 million yeah
58:42that's over the course of your trading
58:43right over the course of my whole
58:45trading maybe uh maybe like 18 million
58:48in the four past four years I made uh 15
58:50right plus four years we made 50. yeah
58:52but you said one thing to me before we
58:54started the podcast you made seven
58:56million MRI in 2021. so 20 21 7.5
58:59million so seven so majority of that
59:01money in the past four years about more
59:02than 50 came in one year so what was it
59:05different about that one year that's
59:06what I really want to work out sure so
59:08two things so just to go walk you
59:10through the numbers 2020 I made I think
59:122 million right uh 2020 is when I also
59:16had my first million dollar month in
59:18February uh when I had my first million
59:20dollar month in February followed by the
59:21next month I lost 500 Grand publicly
59:24like I was shorting the market when
59:26covet happened and then when it went up
59:27I kept shorting it so I lost 500k
59:29unrealized maybe 900k so that threw my
59:32year off because every trade I took out
59:34afterwards just kept going down so for
59:37four or five months I was just in like a
59:38bad mental state so I picked it up and I
59:40was able to close that year out 2
59:42million the next year I was able to do
59:45seven and a half million which was 2021
59:47and the market presented a lot of
59:49opportunities now the year after 2022 I
59:53necessarily traded about 60 days
59:56right I took majority of the year off
59:58because of trade Zella I was focusing
01:00:00building it
01:00:02there's parts of it where it's like if I
01:00:04did trade the whole year I could argue
01:00:05and be like I could have made more but
01:00:07then there is another side of me that's
01:00:08a realistic side well it what if I
01:00:10traded more I could have had a smaller
01:00:12year because the markets were different
01:00:14and harder so there's a part of me
01:00:16that's like I essentially got lucky
01:00:17maybe right and then there's a party and
01:00:20I was like oh well what if I didn't
01:00:21actively trade every day how much could
01:00:23I have done yeah but then you're
01:00:24building your business at the same time
01:00:25yeah so it was harder but that's where
01:00:27the big discrepancy in numbers happen
01:00:29because like when people see it face
01:00:30value it's like oh well why do you have
01:00:32big such a big drop is it's also because
01:00:35I traded very less right and if you go
01:00:37on my Instagram like there's videos of
01:00:38me posting my logins and showing all the
01:00:40trades I've taken right hey I've taken
01:00:42this trade how much I've traded so the
01:00:44people that have been following my
01:00:45journey from 2020 until now kind of know
01:00:47but new people when they hear these
01:00:49numbers are like what like what happened
01:00:50what's the discrepancy yeah yeah so
01:00:52there's a lot a lot of me just focus on
01:00:54building tradeslo like last year was
01:00:55just heavy on building uh and even in
01:00:58terms of building I I was doing a lot of
01:01:00the nitty-gritty stuff like I was
01:01:01involved in customers service right like
01:01:03you you don't hear quote unquote CEO
01:01:05being involved in customer service I was
01:01:07doing it because I wanted to understand
01:01:08the customers pain points customers
01:01:10problems and things like that so you can
01:01:12understand the CEOs where you can guide
01:01:13the team exactly what they're doing
01:01:14exactly exactly so so it's like you have
01:01:17to do that nitty-gritty work you know
01:01:18everyone everyone sees like CEO title
01:01:20and they're like I love it and I'm like
01:01:21me I hate that I don't want to be CEO I
01:01:24promise you like it's a little something
01:01:25like in a year I want to replace myself
01:01:26and have someone else like run the
01:01:28company I just want to work on the
01:01:29product I don't like operating stuff
01:01:31right it's not fun it's not sexy the way
01:01:33people make it there's a lot of things
01:01:34that break and you have to go and fix it
01:01:36but it's like it it needs to be done but
01:01:39it's like people just glorify it would
01:01:41be this cool thing and I'm like it's
01:01:42really not it's the worst so tell me
01:01:44what is the actual plan for trade Zillow
01:01:47have you got an exit strategy are they
01:01:49like do you plan to sell so it's crazy
01:01:51I've gotten I've gotten multiple offers
01:01:53at like high eight figures at this point
01:01:54for people to invest companies to invest
01:01:56I've had meetings just because like you
01:01:59know I have like a curious side of
01:02:00myself just to be like oh what's it
01:02:02valued at right what what are people
01:02:04looking to invest in and you know when
01:02:06you hear some numbers you're like wow
01:02:07that's that's cool at this stage we're
01:02:09valued at this point but I always try to
01:02:11deteriorate away from that because I'm
01:02:13focused on building the best trading
01:02:15tool I can for the next three four years
01:02:17and and during that period I'm like I
01:02:20don't want to think about exit I don't
01:02:21want to think about selling I want to be
01:02:23laser focused on building a great tool
01:02:25because we have a mission statement
01:02:26where we want to build something that
01:02:29helps Traders become profitable in
01:02:31simple terms like that's it like what do
01:02:32we build that helps traders to achieve
01:02:34profitability especially retail Traders
01:02:36so it's like even in our roadmap we're
01:02:37working on a social media app we're
01:02:39working on like this whole meditation
01:02:40thing we're working on a community like
01:02:42there's so many different things that
01:02:43we're actually working on right now
01:02:44which is why the product won't be done
01:02:46for a year and a half okay so it's like
01:02:47I'm not thinking about an exit even if
01:02:50like hypothetically someone came and
01:02:51said here's a hundred million I I
01:02:53wouldn't sell it I know I no I wouldn't
01:02:55sell it because the the potential I see
01:02:57from a business point I think there's
01:02:59it's a lot bigger right and we've gotten
01:03:02really really attractive offers to sell
01:03:0420 30 and it's just not something I'm
01:03:07like I I don't want to sell a piece of
01:03:09it because I want to keep everything
01:03:10in-house and I don't want someone to
01:03:12come in and let's focus more so on on
01:03:14selling and getting more customers and
01:03:15I'm like no we want a folks in building
01:03:17a good product not the marketing same as
01:03:18once you sell the percentage you're
01:03:20going to have different opinions coming
01:03:21board I don't want that yeah you want to
01:03:23do exactly everything that you set out
01:03:24to do yeah yeah or for new Envision and
01:03:26just stick to that and on trade Zella
01:03:27it's it's family owned and when I say
01:03:29family on it me and my two sisters they
01:03:31have Equity too yeah right they're like
01:03:34legit the the backbone of the company
01:03:36right so that's I spoke about this on on
01:03:38on on another video I did uh like
01:03:41someone asked me like what's your
01:03:42superpower in trade Zella and I was like
01:03:44it's them too them too being able to one
01:03:47handling everything on the dev side one
01:03:49handling everything on the sales and
01:03:50marketing side gives me a very
01:03:53comfortable piece in mind knowing
01:03:54there's two people that are committed to
01:03:57making this company go forward and
01:03:58they're not like being lazy and taking
01:04:00shortcuts and really trying to elevate
01:04:01this uh so that gives me like a big like
01:04:04mental you know Clarity and peace of
01:04:06mind and also just keeps everything
01:04:09in-house for me that's really
01:04:10interesting because generally when
01:04:12people were building these massive
01:04:13massive companies they don't look
01:04:15to the right and left to see their
01:04:17siblings or the mum and dad for that
01:04:18matter and think you know what let me
01:04:20hire them let me bring them on so what
01:04:22is it why did you bring your you know
01:04:24your siblings on board
01:04:25so primarily my sisters we since 1516
01:04:29and even prior to that we always had a
01:04:31really good relationship right we've
01:04:32gotten along very well my thing is
01:04:34always like if you and I are working
01:04:35together no matter who we are we have to
01:04:38have similar values and we have to have
01:04:40an idea where if I tell you hey bro the
01:04:42way we're doing this is terrible yeah
01:04:44you don't take it personal yeah you're
01:04:45able to be like okay well we're in the
01:04:47same Mission we're trying to achieve the
01:04:49same thing he's coming from a good place
01:04:50let's utilize it right so that's the
01:04:52biggest thing for me whenever I work
01:04:53with anyone and and besides them too in
01:04:56any other business I don't have Partners
01:04:57I I'm not really a fan of Partners right
01:04:59but with them because we've grown up
01:05:01very closely together and by the way
01:05:03there one is uh 21 one is 22. so they're
01:05:05young right yeah they're younger than me
01:05:07so there's a level of respect they have
01:05:09for me there's a level of understanding
01:05:10they have of like hey he's not coming
01:05:12from a bad place if he says something
01:05:13because also working with me is not fun
01:05:15right what I mean by Fun is like hey if
01:05:17we're trying to build a great tool or a
01:05:19great product or a great company we're
01:05:21all on the same Mission it's not here
01:05:22for me to be like wow good job bro you
01:05:24did a good no you're expected to do a
01:05:26good job that's why you're here I'm
01:05:27expecting to do a good job that's why
01:05:29we're here so we're not going to clap
01:05:30for each other in every little moment
01:05:31we're trying to be at a great level yeah
01:05:33so it's like from one side people look
01:05:35at it oh that's toxic but I'm like if
01:05:37you want to build great stuff at a great
01:05:38Pace you need to exactly so they have
01:05:41that standard that standards developed
01:05:43in them uh they have an an immense work
01:05:45ethic right uh they also have a very
01:05:47good understanding of how things work
01:05:49and the biggest thing is they understand
01:05:51how to solve things right so it's like
01:05:53hey how do I deal with this new let's
01:05:56say development issue that we're having
01:05:57or how do we deal with this new program
01:05:59that we're coming out for a partnership
01:06:01program they're able to go and figure it
01:06:02out and understand right they're able to
01:06:04go and dissect the problem and see okay
01:06:06well we're working in SEO I don't know
01:06:08SEO to the full level but I know how to
01:06:10understand it learn it get the right
01:06:12pieces and build on it yeah right and
01:06:14and that's also been developed because
01:06:15like I said we've had a very close
01:06:17relationship so as I was going through
01:06:19my journey at 19 20 21 22 they were kind
01:06:23of right by me they've seen me develop
01:06:25you another business I had stock market
01:06:27Labs eight figures plus they've seen me
01:06:29develop that and after seeing me develop
01:06:32those things it it also got ingrained in
01:06:34them and for me it was always like
01:06:36if we didn't have that I don't think I'd
01:06:38be comfortable on working with them
01:06:41because I wouldn't want to hurt the
01:06:43relationship because that's more
01:06:44important to me but knowing how well we
01:06:47mesh and knowing we won't take anything
01:06:48personal is huge like my sister
01:06:50sometimes especially my sister Sarah she
01:06:52tells like she calls me out of my
01:06:54like she'll tell me like like if I'm
01:06:57slacking or I'm doing this like she'll
01:06:58tell me and like me sometimes I get
01:07:00pissed naturally I get pissed off at it
01:07:01like you know but I'm like
01:07:03it's coming from a good place yeah it's
01:07:05coming from a good place you know so so
01:07:07I'm gonna say something unless they have
01:07:08your best interest yeah so I'm like they
01:07:10have my best interests at heart right so
01:07:12I I like naturally I get mad right why
01:07:14is she saying it to me and why she like
01:07:16like you know but it's coming from a
01:07:17good place and and you know having that
01:07:19environment just allows you to grow
01:07:21because it's like
01:07:23it's like this there's people pushing
01:07:25you there's people that are expecting a
01:07:26level of Excellence from you and there's
01:07:28people that will figure it out right and
01:07:30like like I said with the whole team
01:07:32structure and everything they're
01:07:34handling 80 90 for me it's just I'm
01:07:36working the product yeah hey this is the
01:07:38vision this is what we're doing okay
01:07:39great you know but they're handling
01:07:41everything else and that's allowed me to
01:07:43now Venture off into a few other
01:07:44projects that you know we as a company
01:07:47are trying to go into sweet ass yeah
01:07:49yeah we've all this being said I I
01:07:51really want to understand something else
01:07:52here you know on social media everyone
01:07:54portrays all entrepreneurs anyway most
01:07:56entrepreneurs they portray greatly great
01:07:58lifestyle from business yeah yeah
01:08:00conducting business they post the glitz
01:08:02and the glamor everything that people
01:08:03want to see you know it increases
01:08:05engagement and stuff like that I really
01:08:07want to know the sides of
01:08:09Entrepreneurship that people don't get
01:08:10to see sure the size of Uma Ashraf that
01:08:13people don't ever see online sure uh
01:08:15it's working long hours dealing with a
01:08:18lot of problems a lot of
01:08:19stressful situations right uh like
01:08:22there's times like I'll have meetings
01:08:23and I'll have like six back-to-back
01:08:24meetings and it's not just like you're
01:08:26sitting there meetings it's like
01:08:27meetings that require a lot of like
01:08:29energy and brain power and like because
01:08:30I'm in Dubai now right my meetings
01:08:33sometimes start at 10 p.m here or 8 P.M
01:08:35here till 2 am 3 A.M time zone right so
01:08:38there's that component then there's also
01:08:40when things break and mess up
01:08:42it's always your responsibility no
01:08:44matter what right you are the person
01:08:46that essentially has to solve the things
01:08:48and you have to take the heat right so
01:08:50it's like if things go well great but
01:08:52when things go bad and things do go bad
01:08:53more than they go well you have to take
01:08:55the heat you also have to have a lot of
01:08:57tough conversations with people put
01:08:59yourself in in tough situations like to
01:09:01you have to hire people fire people
01:09:02bring on uh people whatever the case is
01:09:05that's also like a really for me it's a
01:09:07tough part uh that that becomes
01:09:09extremely uh difficult uh and and like I
01:09:12said just long hours you have to and and
01:09:14also there's no guide right like when I
01:09:17was younger I always used to see people
01:09:18and I'm like I want to talk to this guy
01:09:20to understand what the process is
01:09:22there's no process like people that are
01:09:23building companies all Scrappy it's all
01:09:25like figuring it out like even for me a
01:09:27lot of things I I figured out like for
01:09:30our Dev team How We Do Sprints and how
01:09:31we do I had no idea now I do but that
01:09:34was me being Scrappy same thing of us
01:09:36working on a new feature we keep we make
01:09:38so many mistakes that people don't see
01:09:40in the back end but on a day to day
01:09:41there's mistakes being done on the dev
01:09:43team on this team on that team whatever
01:09:44the case is and then it's okay what hat
01:09:48do I wear today to come in and solve the
01:09:49problem what do I have to do here all we
01:09:51have this issue what do we do here oh we
01:09:52have a sales tax issue what do we do
01:09:53here so it's it's so many moving pieces
01:09:56and then mentally sometimes it's very
01:09:58exhausting like there's days like I'll
01:09:59wake up I'm like yo I don't want to get
01:10:01out of bed today I just want to sleep
01:10:03for another five hours not look at my
01:10:04phone not looking nothing and just
01:10:06disconnect but some days you can some
01:10:07days you can't yeah so while you're out
01:10:09here in Dubai you're working on two new
01:10:10things yes you've got a trading floor
01:10:12that you're starting starting yeah so
01:10:14let's talk about that first but also
01:10:16you're starting what else uh so second
01:10:19is we're building something in Tech I
01:10:20don't know if I really want to talk
01:10:21about that we've started a new Venture
01:10:23in the tech space the reason I I don't
01:10:26want to go in that because I've also
01:10:27noticed when you get to a certain stage
01:10:29and you announce things prematurely
01:10:31right there's people that will try to
01:10:35replicate it yeah and it's just you
01:10:37don't need that early on so there's
01:10:39something in Tech that we're working on
01:10:40at this current moment but in terms of
01:10:43trading we've started a trading floor
01:10:44here we're moving in the office in about
01:10:47two days whenever this comes out maybe
01:10:48it's out already
01:10:50it's essentially we're trying to recruit
01:10:52good traders to come and trade on the
01:10:54floor with us right about 10 to 12
01:10:55Traders Dubai is becoming like this big
01:10:57hub for trading yep a lot of good
01:10:59Traders are coming down here so for for
01:11:01me it's like hey I have this amount of
01:11:03capital how do I you know disperse this
01:11:05Capital to other Traders manage them
01:11:07with you know a partner and have this
01:11:10partner or person that's running the
01:11:12floor with me essentially how do we
01:11:14collectively build a very healthy
01:11:16environment for 12 people or 14 people
01:11:18on the floor I give them Capital give
01:11:20them our Edge our kind of playbooks our
01:11:23strategies whatever you want to call it
01:11:25and also manage them right because the
01:11:27problem with Traders is I know traders
01:11:29that make 100 Grand a year but it's like
01:11:31if you take them in and you kind of fine
01:11:33tweak a few things with them identify
01:11:35their weaknesses strengths and you work
01:11:37on them really really like strongly you
01:11:39can take them from like a hundred grand
01:11:41to a million or two million right so for
01:11:43me it's like okay how do we how do we do
01:11:45that how do we build that in so for the
01:11:47past year or a year and a half I worked
01:11:49with like two three people to just
01:11:51directly you know be involved in the
01:11:53trading do like Recaps and things like
01:11:55that just to see what pain points
01:11:57Traders have and I'm like okay let me
01:11:58see if I can help two three people just
01:12:00working individually can I help them
01:12:02scale and like one Trader was doing like
01:12:0370 80k and now he's doing like six 700k
01:12:06another one was like two 300K he's like
01:12:08at a million plus so I've realized like
01:12:11once you give someone a Playbook and you
01:12:13identify what their personality is
01:12:16capable of and you fit them in a certain
01:12:18trading style they can perform but you
01:12:21have to create the environment for them
01:12:22so just something we're kicking off
01:12:24seeing how it goes
01:12:26um I have high hopes for it but it could
01:12:28also crumble down like you know you
01:12:30notice how you run it is exactly I
01:12:31suppose that's why you will stay in
01:12:32Dubai yeah that's another reason where
01:12:34you know I was like where do I open up
01:12:35this trading floor and I was like you
01:12:37know what let's let's do Dubai where
01:12:39whereabouts in Dubai is it I went to buy
01:12:41Media city okay yeah
01:12:42yeah it's it's a really nice place we
01:12:45got we got actually really lucky with
01:12:47the place like the the build to set up
01:12:50is exactly what we were looking for and
01:12:52I was like Wow because there's not a lot
01:12:53of office spaces available right now no
01:12:55yeah yeah
01:12:56I think that's mainly because a lot of
01:12:59people move into the bar everyone's
01:13:00coming here now everyone's coming here
01:13:01you know opening the businesses or just
01:13:03think you know what forget the UK forget
01:13:05New York forget wherever we are let's go
01:13:07to Dubai and I think that's a beautiful
01:13:09thing because now the buyer's catering
01:13:10for all these different types of
01:13:12Industries it's amazing to see yeah yeah
01:13:14I think Dubai's gonna be the biggest
01:13:15like place in another 10 years you give
01:13:18it yeah right everyone is coming here
01:13:19I've seen so many people transition here
01:13:21do you ever get scared of where you're
01:13:22going to be in let's just say by the
01:13:24time you're 50 because you're 28 now I
01:13:26start I stopped that that was another
01:13:28thing when I was 18 I used to do I used
01:13:30to have like these 10-year plans what do
01:13:33I want to be at 30 and it's like I think
01:13:36it's bro I don't you you can't
01:13:38have a 10-year plan or a 20-year plan I
01:13:40can't I don't even know if I'm Gonna Be
01:13:41Alive by God willing I am but I don't
01:13:43even know I am but you must plan ahead
01:13:45to some extent no yeah it's like I I
01:13:47plan like two years three years right I
01:13:50think two three years that's really
01:13:51about it uh as of right now in my
01:13:53current stage uh and for the past couple
01:13:55of years it's always been two years two
01:13:57years two years or three years right
01:13:58where where do I want to drive what I
01:14:00have for two years obviously like you
01:14:02have like this 10-year Vision like for
01:14:04trade dollar I'll have a 10-year vision
01:14:05of like what I would want it to be but
01:14:07it's like hey a lot can change because
01:14:09we live in a new Arrow which is
01:14:11technology technology is ever changing
01:14:13so someone five years ago would have
01:14:15been like hey I want to go in this field
01:14:17let's just say chat gbt comes out like
01:14:19devalues their field hypothetically now
01:14:21they have to go on a different video so
01:14:23it's like technology it's also very
01:14:24different after like 2010 2005 because
01:14:27technology is you know evolving so fast
01:14:30yeah that you have to adapt with it so
01:14:32you can't think because things as much
01:14:35here's tomorrow exactly so if you go in
01:14:36like the early 1900s or even late 1900s
01:14:39and you speak to older people they're
01:14:40like oh well you have to think 30 years
01:14:42ahead yes because technology wasn't
01:14:44evolving as fast there's not new
01:14:46opportunities new doors open like you
01:14:47look at YouTube right in 2010 there were
01:14:49not that many jobs uh working in the
01:14:51YouTube space now people as thumbnail
01:14:53editors are making five ten thousand
01:14:55people you know what I mean
01:14:58exactly so there's there's so many new
01:15:00opportunities that open up so it's like
01:15:02you have to be able to recognize that
01:15:04and adapt to it so it's like think about
01:15:05like for me it's I think two years three
01:15:07years adjusting if things change really
01:15:10heavy just adapt and but you looking at
01:15:1230 31 years old what factors do you take
01:15:15into account to see yourself like how do
01:15:17you see yourself at 30 on I'm not
01:15:19talking about business-wise let's talk
01:15:20about you as a person what factors do
01:15:22you take into play when you think about
01:15:24how you want to be in 303 you want if
01:15:26you had to break this down for the
01:15:27audience I'll basically asking how do
01:15:29you plan
01:15:30to be a 30 years old like what do you
01:15:32want how do I plan to be at 30 as a
01:15:35person oh I don't I don't know how to
01:15:37answer that how do I play like okay so
01:15:40let me let me give you an example yeah
01:15:41yeah so I'm 26 now okay I was 30 years
01:15:43old I I look at myself like this
01:15:46by 30 I wanna have
01:15:48you know
01:15:50I'll give a hypothetical figure 100
01:15:51million okay I'll live in Dubai
01:15:54uh I want this car I want to give it to
01:15:57charity I want these these are my
01:15:59different factors of what I want my life
01:16:01to consist in my life in five years time
01:16:04what is it that you look for how do you
01:16:06plan okay so 30 the few things that I'm
01:16:09talking about is you know until 30 in
01:16:11terms of my family uh I would like to
01:16:13make sure my parents health stays good
01:16:15and better right because you know with
01:16:17Daisy parents you know how it is they
01:16:18don't take care of their health they
01:16:19don't go to jail so I I push my parents
01:16:22to go to gym I want to make sure my
01:16:23parents live a healthy life so it's
01:16:25always consistently being focused on
01:16:27um same thing with let's say my sisters
01:16:29I want to make sure they're taken care
01:16:30of making sure they're always good
01:16:32that's like a big thing for me even
01:16:33though I think I can they can be put
01:16:35anywhere and they're good but it's just
01:16:36as like an older brother you have like a
01:16:38natural instinct like hey it's a
01:16:40responsibility sort of thing like I
01:16:41don't care if I have nothing like I want
01:16:43to make sure you guys are good it's just
01:16:44a mental thing right uh for me in terms
01:16:46of like if I go into business like I I'd
01:16:49like for trainzella to
01:16:51be like the world's leading tool where
01:16:53every Trader comes to to become better
01:16:55uh it's a resource that every Trader
01:16:59I would like I don't know by what age I
01:17:02would like to help a million kids go to
01:17:04school in Pakistan I don't know by what
01:17:06age like that is like one thing I'm
01:17:08really focused on I just don't know by
01:17:10what age but that's like hey if I can
01:17:12help a million kids go to school
01:17:14I would feel really happy and then raise
01:17:16that to 2 million right but that that's
01:17:18something but I don't know like I maybe
01:17:21I haven't thought about it but this is
01:17:22what I can tell you right when I was 21
01:17:2522 I've always said by 30 I want to be
01:17:29worth 100 million I was always focused
01:17:31on that just the money goal right I
01:17:33wasn't focused on anything else and uh
01:17:36do you still care about that little
01:17:39do I care about that because you seem
01:17:41like you've lived such a life of of you
01:17:43know you've got it all you've lost some
01:17:45you've got it
01:17:46money or low money is a driving Factor
01:17:49yeah money is not a bill will end up for
01:17:51you I can see that it's more of a legacy
01:17:53that you want to create giving back to
01:17:55other people so that goal of 100 million
01:17:57that you set out is that still valid is
01:18:00that still something that you really
01:18:00deeply care about I don't I want to say
01:18:03I deeply care about it I think it's more
01:18:05of like
01:18:06it's more of an achievement where it's
01:18:08like okay I was able to get to this high
01:18:12level because also 100 million is not a
01:18:13million right not not to say a million
01:18:15isn't a lot but there's a lot of people
01:18:16that have a million dollars compared to
01:18:17100 million or a billion right so it's
01:18:19more of like from a competitive Point
01:18:21like hey I want
01:18:23this to be at 100 million like my goal
01:18:25like is to drive tradezilla to a billion
01:18:27dollars in the next 10 years if you're
01:18:28going to tenure aspect right but in the
01:18:30next two years which I think is possible
01:18:31is to get trade sale of 200 million just
01:18:33the company itself putting me aside yeah
01:18:35me personally like the the money goal is
01:18:38not there as much it would just be like
01:18:41hey how can I drive this company to be
01:18:42worth that much where for me it's gotten
01:18:44to a point where I think
01:18:46after certain Financial number more
01:18:49money like creates smaller increments in
01:18:52your life in terms of quality of life
01:18:53right so it's like let's just say you're
01:18:55making 10 million dollars a plus you go
01:18:57from 10 million to making 20. that extra
01:18:5910 doesn't
01:19:01improve your life as much opposed to you
01:19:04making a hundred thousand to let's say
01:19:06five hundred thousand the marginal gain
01:19:07isn't there even though it's nice but
01:19:09it's it's not as fulfilling it'll change
01:19:11your lifestyle that much no yeah as much
01:19:13as like hey we we we we've grown this
01:19:16company to a hundred million dollar
01:19:17valuation which is cool you you're in
01:19:19different rooms now there's a different
01:19:20level of respect so I care about it from
01:19:22that perspective like hey I have a
01:19:24company that's worth 400 million wow
01:19:25this guy had an exit for a billion
01:19:27dollars okay now I I get to go on
01:19:28different tables I get to build bigger
01:19:30things better things and just kind of go
01:19:32in a higher elevation level yeah it
01:19:34makes sense
01:19:37I know I think the solid you asked
01:19:39honestly you have some really cool
01:19:41questions that I I had to think about
01:19:42bro do you generally speaking Yeah I'm
01:19:45not just saying this because you're sat
01:19:45in front of me this has probably been
01:19:46one of the greatest conversations I've
01:19:48had in a while yeah this is like one of
01:19:50them ones where I've literally think
01:19:51about I always think about you know how
01:19:53the podcasts are going to perform
01:19:55and in my head I'm just making a million
01:19:57views million views this is sick but
01:19:58actually gems the gems that were
01:20:00dropping right now is unreal and it is
01:20:03such a good conversation I hope people
01:20:04who are watching this right now
01:20:05literally enjoy it the same way that
01:20:06I've been enjoying I've just been sat
01:20:08here thinking you know this guy's mud
01:20:10and I appreciate bro you you asked some
01:20:11really good questions where I actually
01:20:13really think and like slow myself down
01:20:14I'm like yo no one asked me these
01:20:16questions so I'm not because typically a
01:20:18lot of people ask to like redundant and
01:20:20you know similar questions you kind of
01:20:22have like an answer to them but right
01:20:23now it's like oh I had to really
01:20:25think about that boy I think it is
01:20:27mainly comes from the phase where I'm in
01:20:28right now of I've done so many podcasts
01:20:31where I've talked about someone and how
01:20:33they started their company to where it
01:20:34is now and then it's like okay cool see
01:20:36you guys in the next episode but now I
01:20:37really want to understand
01:20:39the mindset of someone of how they
01:20:40actually turn you know tradezilla into a
01:20:43billion pound company do you know what I
01:20:44mean yeah yeah because like I said
01:20:46starting a company in the whole journey
01:20:48is one thing that's a very individual I
01:20:51don't even know the word but it's
01:20:52personalized to use yeah yeah yeah I
01:20:54guess but the character traits and and
01:20:56everything that it goes into become that
01:20:58person to build a company like that is
01:21:00completely different oh yeah 100
01:21:01different level I love I know 100
01:21:04like and like I said that's what I was
01:21:05saying before like the person I am at 28
01:21:07and the person I was at 25 in terms of
01:21:09business in terms of naturally who I am
01:21:11and how I operate and think it's so much
01:21:13different because I had to evolve into
01:21:15this new person to be able to operate
01:21:17trade seller to be involved in other
01:21:19businesses and scale and be able to
01:21:21think at 100 200 300 million dollars and
01:21:25at this stage of my life 500 million
01:21:27dollars is attainable not that I have it
01:21:29but I could say that in five to ten
01:21:32years that is very attainable with
01:21:34everything we have going on and it's not
01:21:36coming from like an ego or like cocky
01:21:38place but it's more so like hey we've
01:21:40developed the skill sets and everything
01:21:41to really Drive our businesses forward
01:21:43to that right but if you go to me at 25
01:21:46I couldn't even see a hundred million
01:21:48even though I wanted I I didn't have the
01:21:50idea but it was all that full yeah it
01:21:52was more so like going through the stage
01:21:54and evolution of the person that you
01:21:56come in I'm still evolving I'm not at a
01:21:57final stage I don't think anyone ever is
01:21:59until you're dead but it's like
01:22:00constantly evolving constantly learning
01:22:02about yourself and when you make
01:22:03mistakes how do you patch that up how do
01:22:05you fix that how you learn from that and
01:22:06how do you keep growing to evolve as a
01:22:08better person day in and out yeah that's
01:22:10it man I appreciate you very much thank
01:22:13you people want to find you working to
01:22:14do so Instagram my YouTube yeah
01:22:18everything's gonna be linked in the
01:22:19description anyway but what I want from
01:22:20the audience if you enjoyed this episode
01:22:22I want to see no less than a hundred
01:22:24thousand likes on this episode it
01:22:26deserves it you know I've got some
01:22:28serious serious gems this one so if
01:22:30you're from New York make sure you
01:22:31subscribe if you're from the UK make
01:22:33sure you subscribe subscribe and I'll
01:22:36catch you on the next episode of CEO
01:22:37cost peace damn bro that was that was
01:22:40good you really asked some really really
01:22:42good questions that's a good at
01:22:43that one yeah yeah I was like yo he's
01:22:45asking such good questions like why
01:22:47you know because like I said a lot of
01:22:48the questions people ask are like very
01:22:50similar yeah but it's like you would ask
01:22:52a really good question and then you ask
01:22:53another really good question I'm like
01:22:54wait hold on give me a break yeah I was
01:22:57like yo no it's good because it makes
01:22:59you some things like really make you
01:23:00think and you're like wow like you know
01:23:02because the 30 thing you asked me I was
01:23:03like yeah I've never really looked at
01:23:05yeah but I think it all comes down to
01:23:07usual because you're a really good
01:23:07talker as well to a point where like
01:23:10those good questions come off the back
01:23:11of your what you're saying like I knew
01:23:13it was going to be a sick podcast the
01:23:14second the first question was like yeah
01:23:17I was like yo I've ever said this
01:23:19before where did that come from yeah the
01:23:22questions yeah yeah solid bro what's
01:23:25your plans now anyway
01:23:30thank you
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1. How did Umar Ashraf make $18 million in the past four years?

Umar Ashraf, a 28-year-old day trader, made $18 million in the past four years by starting with a $20,000 account and using a risky strategy. His success can be attributed to his extreme mindset and dedication to his trading approach.

2. What does Umar Ashraf attribute his success to?

Umar Ashraf attributes his success to his extreme mindset and watching successful individuals like Kobe Bryant. He believes that his dedication and inspiration from successful individuals have played a significant role in his achievements.

3. How does Umar Ashraf maintain his spending habits despite his wealth?

Despite his wealth, Umar Ashraf maintains a humble spending habit. He has found fulfillment in helping others and focuses on living a modest lifestyle despite his financial success.

4. What is the key factor in Umar Ashraf's trading approach?

The key factor in Umar Ashraf's trading approach is his extreme mindset and willingness to take risks. He has utilized a risky strategy and remained dedicated to his approach, which has contributed to his substantial earnings.

5. How does Umar Ashraf find fulfillment besides financial success?

Umar Ashraf finds fulfillment in helping others and making a positive impact beyond his financial success. He prioritizes giving back and finding meaning in his contributions to the well-being of others.

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