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The video provides three main causes and solutions for diarrhea on a carnivore diet. The causes include poor bile flow, bile acid malabsorption, and oxalate dumping. Solutions include taking bile acids and improving liver function, using probiotics and supplements, and identifying oxalate dumping.
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The video discusses three main causes of diarrhea on a carnivore diet and provides solutions to address them.
Diarrhea on a carnivore diet usually normalizes after a few weeks.
The first possible solution is related to mal digestion of fat and poor bile flow.
Taking a bile acid called tutka or using oxbial can improve bile flow.
Providing the liver with the raw materials can improve the way it makes bile.
To fix diarrhea on a carnivore diet, you can take phosphatidylcholine and taurine, use bitter herbs like gentian root, dandelion root, and burdock root, and consider using probiotics to enhance bile uptake in the small intestine.
Phosphatidylcholine can be taken between 500 milligrams and 2 grams per day.
Taurine can be taken between 1 and 5 grams per day.
Bitter herbs like gentian root, dandelion root, and burdock root can increase bile production and flow from the gallbladder.
Probiotics such as romnosis GG, rooteri, and plantarum can enhance bile uptake in the small intestine.
Potential ways to fix diarrhea on a carnivore diet include probiotic supplements, fatty acids like butyrate, binding bile acids with psyllium husk and calcium, and addressing oxalate dumping with dark chocolate or nuts.
Probiotic supplements and fatty acids like butyrate can help address diarrhea.
Psyllium husk and calcium can help bind bile acids in the gut.
Dark chocolate or nuts can be used to test for oxalate dumping as a potential cause of diarrhea.
00:00so you started on a Carnival diet you
00:02noticed one immediate side effect was
00:04diarrhea and you want to know how to fix
00:06it for some people it just doesn't
00:08normalize so in this video you'll learn
00:10three main causes and how to address
00:13this one thing to keep in mind is that
00:15this problem usually normalizes after a
00:17few weeks on the diet so hold in there
00:19and it might naturally disappear in and
00:21of itself the first possible solution
00:23relates to Mal digestion of fat and poor
00:26bioflow when you eat more fat you
00:28increase the requirement for bile
00:29because of its role in the
00:31emulsification and absorption of dietary
00:33fats bile is made in the liver stored in
00:36the gallbladder and then released into
00:37the intestine when we eat so if the
00:39liver is not making enough bile or if
00:41it's not getting out of the gallbladder
00:43as it should you might start feeling
00:44nauseous after eating the storm might be
00:47pale in color or light yellow you might
00:49notice greasy stalls or oil floating in
00:52the toilet as well you might also feel
00:54discomfort after eating meals in the
00:56area of the liver and gallbladder if
00:58this is your problem there's four main
00:59things that you can do to improve this
01:01the first is taking a bile acid called
01:04tutka anywhere from 500 milligrams to
01:072000 milligrams per day this is a
01:09naturally occurring bile acid which can
01:11be effectively used to protect the liver
01:13and improve bile flow another
01:15alternative is to use oxbial which I
01:18found slightly less effective next up
01:20what you can do is improve the way that
01:22the liver makes bile in the first place
01:23you do this by providing the liver with
01:26the raw materials one being
01:28phosphatidylcholine you can take that
01:30between 500 milligrams and 2 grams per
01:32day taurine is another amino acid which
01:34can be taken between 1 and 5 grams per
01:37day an age-old remedy which is extremely
01:39effective at increasing bile production
01:41and flow from the gallbladder are bitter
01:44herbs my personal favorites are gentian
01:46root dandelion root and burdock root
01:49however if supporting the liver and the
01:51gallbladder does not work and actually
01:53makes the problem worse you might have
01:55the opposite problem rather than not
01:57making enough bile you might actually be
01:59be making too much bile so around ninety
02:03percent of the bar that you make is
02:04actually meant to be reabsorbed in the
02:06small intestine but in some people this
02:08doesn't occur instead excess bile
02:11reaches the large intestine where it
02:13triggers rapid diarrhea this is called
02:15bile acid malabsorption and is now
02:17believed to be one of the most common
02:19causes of chronic diarrhea so this can
02:22happen when there's inflammation in the
02:23gut but there's also some other reasons
02:25which are not very well understood one
02:27of those seemingly relates to gut
02:29dysbiosis this type of diarrhea can
02:31happen at any time of the day it might
02:33be dark yellow or a very dark brown in
02:36color and it might feel or smell acidic
02:39and cause irritation on the way out of
02:41the body some of the most effective ways
02:43to improve this are by using probiotics
02:45which enhance bile uptake in the small
02:47intestine research has shown that a few
02:49strains of lactobacillus can do this
02:52quite well these include romnosis GG
02:54rooteri and plantarum and you can find
02:57these in many over-the-counter probiotic
02:59supplements available another nutrient
03:01which can do this is a fatty acid
03:03produced by the microbiome called
03:05butyrate this can be taken as either
03:07sodium or calcium magnesium butyrate and
03:10there are several companies who offer
03:12this a sure way to know if this is your
03:14problem or not is actually to take
03:16things which help to bind bile acids in
03:18the gut one of those being psyllium husk
03:21a type of soluble fiber calcium also
03:24appears to be able to bind bile acids
03:26and is really really helpful in some
03:28people the fat soluble vitamins vitamin
03:30A and vitamin D have also been shown to
03:33improve bile acid absorption finally a
03:35few other things which I found have
03:37worked over the past couple of years
03:39have been vitamin C milk thistle and
03:42berberine now the third potential cause
03:44is probably the most unexpected and the
03:47most difficult for a lot of people to
03:49believe however in some really difficult
03:51cases over the years I found it to be
03:53particularly effective and it can work
03:55overnight in some people this is related
03:57to oxalate dumping so there is a super
04:00easy way to know if this is the cause
04:02all you need to do is eat a small amount
04:04of dark chocolate or a handful of nuts
04:06in a lot of people if they do this it
04:08will improve within 24 hours of course
04:11if you want to know how to manage this
04:12long term I recommend watching this
04:14video to learn how to deal with that and
04:16if this approach does help you then you
04:18have a pretty good indication that it's
04:20caused by dumping oxalates so I hope you
04:22found this video helpful and see you
04:24next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the main causes of diarrhea on a carnivore diet?

The main causes of diarrhea on a carnivore diet include poor bile flow, bile acid malabsorption, and oxalate dumping. These factors can disrupt the digestive system and lead to diarrhea.

2. How can poor bile flow be addressed on a carnivore diet?

Poor bile flow on a carnivore diet can be addressed by taking bile acids and improving liver function. This can help in better digestion and reduce the risk of diarrhea.

3. What solutions are available for bile acid malabsorption on a carnivore diet?

Bile acid malabsorption on a carnivore diet can be addressed by using probiotics and supplements. These can help in restoring the balance of gut bacteria and improve digestive health.

4. How can oxalate dumping be identified on a carnivore diet?

Oxalate dumping on a carnivore diet can be identified by observing symptoms such as increased urination, sweating, and mood changes. It's important to pay attention to these signs and make necessary adjustments to the diet.

5. What are the recommended solutions for oxalate dumping on a carnivore diet?

The recommended solutions for oxalate dumping on a carnivore diet include adjusting the intake of oxalate-rich foods, staying hydrated, and consulting a healthcare professional for personalized guidance.

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