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Dr. Mandell discusses the topic of calcium deposits and provides three home remedies: apple cider vinegar, magnesium, and chanca piedra. These remedies can help reduce calcification in various parts of the body, including the joints, kidneys, and prostate.
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Dr. Mandell discusses the impact of calcium deposits on the body and shares three home remedies to remove them.
Discusses various conditions caused by calcium deposits like calcific tendonitis and bursitis
Mentions the impact of diet, stress, and hormonal changes on calcium levels in the body
Shares personal experience of reducing calcification in the shoulder using apple cider vinegar
Teases the three home remedies for removing calcium deposits from the body
Calcium deposits can cause bursitis, tendinitis, and joint pain, but can be diminished with apple cider vinegar and other remedies.
Calcium deposits can affect the Bursa and cause bursitis and tendinitis.
Extra calcium can be laid outside the hip joint and cause pain.
Heel spurs and calcification of the prostate gland can also be caused by extra calcium.
Apple cider vinegar and other remedies can help diminish calcium deposits.
Apple cider vinegar with the mother can help remove calcium deposits from the body
Apple cider vinegar with the mother contains minerals like magnesium, manganese, iron, sodium, copper, zinc, potassium, and calcium that can help heal
It can help change pH, remove inflammation, and alleviate conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and tendinosis
Taking one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with eight ounces of water can be a regular prevention for calcium deposits
Calcium deposits in soft tissues can be diminished, especially in conditions like calcific tendonitis, which is more common in women, and magnesium is important for the body's neurological functions.
Calcium deposits around the bone can be diminished, especially in soft tissues.
Calcific tendonitis is common, causing pain in the shoulder, bursitis, frozen shoulder, and adhesive capsulitis.
Magnesium is crucial for neurological functions and can be found in highly absorbable citrate forms.
Vitamin D3, magnesium, and Chanka Piedra are important for removing painful calcium deposits from the body.
Vitamin D3, magnesium, and calcium work together for proper assimilation.
Chanka Piedra is a medicinal herb known for reducing inflammation caused by calcium buildup, especially in the kidneys.
Chanka Piedra is commonly used to treat and prevent kidney stones.
00:01okay good evening good morning to those
00:05people overseas
00:08let's go ahead and take this off I want
00:11to say hello and welcome to all of you
00:14uh it's been a beautiful day a long day
00:16and uh it's gonna be a great
00:19program for all of you I want to say
00:21hello to all those people in the chat
00:22room as we build our notifications out
00:24worldwide today is going to be a great
00:27interesting program talking about
00:29calcium deposits this is one of my
00:32favorite topics because there are so
00:34many conditions
00:36like calcific tendonitis in the shoulder
00:40bursitis problems uh that occur in the
00:43joints and I'm going to go over some
00:44different important things to teach you
00:46about things that you can do to get out
00:49calcium out of your body I'm talking
00:50about in your breast in your in your
00:53shoulders kidney stones gallstones in
00:56the vertebrae great remedies and there's
00:59only three of them and one of them you
01:01may even know and I'm going to go over
01:03those with you I just want to briefly
01:05State a little bit about uh unwanted
01:08calcium the science still does not know
01:10exactly why I think a lot of it is from
01:12diet even stress hormonal changes that
01:16take place within the thyroid the
01:18parasympa the parathyroid that regulates
01:20the calcium levels in the body
01:22um the adrenal glands as I said the
01:25thyroid gland takes a tremendous effect
01:27but when we start developing
01:29calcification and it can happen anywhere
01:31there are millions of people out there
01:33who get calcification kidney stones
01:36gallstones uh in the tendon of the
01:40supraspinatus a calcific tendinosis even
01:43I have that and why am I doing the
01:45program tonight because I'm a
01:48testimonial for you and I'll get to that
01:50in a second I'm a testimonial for you
01:52because an MRI was taken to me about a
01:55half a year ago and retaken and it's
01:57about 65 percent gone of my
02:01calcification in my shoulder and I'm
02:04telling you one of the big things we'll
02:06talk about is apple cider vinegar but
02:08let's go and show you some important
02:11things before we get into the remedies
02:14let's go over some important pictures to
02:17give you a good understanding about what
02:20exactly we're talking about then I'll
02:22get you excited then I'll share some
02:24literature and some science and some
02:26remedies with you and then hopefully
02:28you'll get the big picture of why I'm
02:30here with you tonight let's look at this
02:34uh we look at this particular bone here
02:37we have calcification inside the knee
02:40extra calcium being laid down uh this is
02:43degeneration but there is calcium in the
02:45soft tissue we're talking about
02:47calcification in that soft tissue uh
02:50that's what leads to a lot of
02:52inflammation there are different enzymes
02:54and chemicals that are being released
02:57from calcium in the body that can cause
02:59inflammation in the Bursa let's go ahead
03:03and take this off
03:05okay so uh there we look at uh calcific
03:10tendonitis I have it right now
03:13this will cause bursitis hydroxyapatite
03:16a chemical within the calcium that's
03:19being laid down starts to ease and
03:22starts to ooh starts to change and this
03:24calcium starts to affect the Bursa now
03:27millions of people get bursitis
03:29tendinitis and and there are so many
03:31people out there don't even know they
03:33have this calcium
03:35unless an x-ray is taken but I can tell
03:38you that there are ways that we're going
03:40to learn tonight how we can diminish
03:42this calcium because I am an example
03:45I've used it on patients I've used it on
03:47myself and I can tell you from my heart
03:49the truth is here as I said I took an
03:53MRI if you just tuned in with me about
03:55six months eight months ago and retook
03:57it a few weeks ago and the calcific
04:00tendinosis which they wanted to do
04:02surgery on there causing my bursitis as
04:04it had in the past is about 65 percent
04:06gone right now all from apple cider
04:10okay so let's go over here we talk about
04:13another joint that's in the knee again
04:17um as we move up here that's another
04:20tendonitis calcific tendonitis a
04:22supraspinatus tendon this shows us a
04:26calcification on the outside of the hip
04:28that is the hip joint
04:30and um a lot of people complain of pain
04:33in the hip and it's not the hip joint
04:35it's outside from the extra calcium
04:37being laid in there this is the way your
04:39body metabolizes things because the
04:41kidneys may be altered potentially maybe
04:43your diet uh the sugars the stress the
04:46chemicals that you're taking in uh
04:48here's a picture here of a heel spur
04:50well it's extra calcium now this can
04:54come from different things don't get me
04:56wrong there are ways developing heel
04:58spurs that you can actually attribute to
05:00attribute it to flat feet or pronated
05:03feet but just to let you know I've had
05:06patients whose heel spurs has almost
05:08disintegrated by apple cider vinegar and
05:11these two other ones I'm going to share
05:12with you tonight
05:13here again is a calcification of the
05:16prostate gland
05:17all right the prostate can classify
05:20calcification now we realize that the
05:22prostate gland is soft tissue so we're
05:24talking about calcification in the soft
05:26tissue uh here we look at uh renal
05:31Stones calcification of the kidneys look
05:34you can see it it's kind of crazy
05:36calcification those are stones and we
05:39get that within the soft tissue
05:42calcification of the pure vertebral
05:44musculature in front of the neck
05:46calcification occurring this is soft
05:50here's a picture that shows us
05:52calcification tendonitis generally when
05:55we have pain we raise our arm like this
05:57it hurts us as we abduct because these
06:00some acrobial space and in the
06:01subacromial burst as being compressed
06:03and irritated because you have a space
06:05occupying condition there now what do
06:08they do for people with shoulder
06:09problems they want to do surgery they
06:11want to give you lots of medication they
06:13want to give you a cortical steroids
06:14they want to inject you with cortisone
06:16you need to be very very careful if
06:19you're if you're doing it or getting
06:20invasive procedures you need to be very
06:23careful I want to tell you that if you
06:26go about these remedies
06:28this can really do wonders for you I've
06:31seen it and I experienced it on myself
06:33breast calcification
06:35this is so common
06:38you just have no idea how common this is
06:41now we get the fibroids when I say the
06:44females and these fibroids can become
06:46hard they may not be totally hard like
06:49Stone but they're still calcified
06:51okay I'm sure many women can contest to
06:55this but it can be very very painful so
06:59let's go into a little bit of the the
07:02the real nuts and bolts here so we we
07:05talk about the first thing I want to
07:08share with you and we've had it quite a
07:11great uh uh lecture on this apple cider
07:16okay this is Bragg's probably one of the
07:18most common ones we see worldwide here's
07:20another one this is apple cider vinegar
07:23uh by uh another unfiltered organic one
07:28but obviously when you get apple cider
07:30vinegar you want to get the mother in
07:31there the mother is that little stuff
07:32that you see moving around inside that
07:34Mother's got healing ability now apple
07:36cider vinegar if you have not
07:40tuned in to our other via our other uh
07:42video you need to go look at that on my
07:44channel it really really is thorough but
07:47remember we're looking at nutrients of
07:49apples and how it's fermented and just
07:52how Mother Nature what it can do to this
07:54I mean the Magnesium manganese iron
07:55sodium copy copper zinc potassium
07:58calcium phosphorus there are great
08:01minerals in here that actually help heal
08:04uh we know what the miracle things that
08:07apple cider vinegar can do but um
08:10I just want you to understand that it is
08:14a miracle type of uh thing now the first
08:18thing you're going to ask me is how much
08:19do I take well eight ounces one
08:21tablespoon okay you can do that just as
08:24a regular prevention this actually helps
08:26the pH change it has miraculous healing
08:29abilities it removes inflammation it
08:31helps rheumatoid arthritis
08:33osteoarthritis but again we're talking
08:36right now about removing calcium
08:39deposits and it does it removes calcium
08:43deposits it takes away uh tendonitis
08:46tendinosis and we're looking at
08:49conditions not only in the shoulder but
08:51in the elbows the wrists uh we're
08:54looking uh the ankles the knees we're
08:57looking at the hips this is quite
09:00amazing and so me what I would do is
09:03I've done I would take it at least twice
09:05a day on a regular basis give yourself
09:08several weeks couple months and I really
09:11think it will do wonders for you now
09:13you're asking me how does this really
09:15take care of this extra calcium malic
09:20m-a-l-i-c malic acid malic acid is like
09:23the hammer boom boom that's like the
09:26hammer that beats up the calcium it just
09:28finds ways in the system and helps
09:30emulsifying it yes people use it in
09:32salad dressing thank you uh Brave uh as
09:35I look at the chat line people are
09:37talking about these kind of things uh
09:39now what about chronic neck bone spurs
09:41well remember when when the bones
09:44degenerate he developed Spurs the body
09:48can still reabsorb there's called
09:50osteoblasty activity where the bones
09:52actually build an osteoclastic activity
09:55where the bones actually start to break
09:56down where it can take away calcium but
09:59again it's easier to remove calcium when
10:02it's in the soft tissue now can can
10:05calcium or extra calcium around the bone
10:08be diminished yes it can to what degree
10:10it depends upon the condition so I don't
10:13want to mislead people but we're talking
10:15mainly soft tissue and we're talking
10:18what about calcium over the anterior
10:20longitudinal ligament posterior
10:21longitudinal ligament anytime we see
10:23calcium over ligaments that's still soft
10:25tissue most of your body is soft tissue
10:28so just remember that okay it's very
10:31so one of the most common things we see
10:34calcium is that calcific tendonitis I'll
10:38come back to here
10:39and I want if you just tuned in with us
10:41when we look at that calcific tendonitis
10:45of the shoulder
10:47that's very very very very very common
10:50more common in women probably two or
10:52three to one as compared to males I've
10:55had it I've had a long time when that
10:57thing gets flared up it can cause lots
11:00of pain in that shoulder bursitis frozen
11:02shoulder adhesive capsulitis and again
11:05the only way you're going to know you
11:06have this is through an x-ray okay so
11:10the next thing I want to move into
11:13uh we talk about this I want to talk
11:15briefly about magnesium
11:17now magnesium is probably to me one of
11:20the most important minerals of the body
11:22you're saying well calcium is no
11:24magnesium magnesium has more
11:26neurological functions in the body than
11:28I think any mineral you can look it up
11:30citrates I always like they're highly
11:33absorbable I just pulled this up solger
11:36is a great company you can see it's been
11:37since 1947 you do not have to get solar
11:40there are many other great formulas if
11:42you go to Amazon or you Google it read
11:45the read the reviews I think that is
11:46important but I'm going to show you the
11:49back of the label
11:51just so you have an understanding and if
11:53you look at the back of this label this
11:55is a good learning experience for all of
11:56us is that magnesium should generally be
11:59half the amount of milligrams as calcium
12:01so generally we should be taking twelve
12:04hundred a thousand fourteen hundred
12:06fifteen hundred milligrams a day give or
12:08take and our magnesium levels should be
12:10about half the amount
12:12so it just shows you the purpose of
12:14having magnesium it prevents calcium
12:17from being assimilated into the soft
12:21it prevents kidney stones
12:23possibly gallbladder stones
12:27stones that are being laid in the soft
12:28tissue it's so important
12:31that magnesium not only for muscle
12:34cramping not only to make you sleep well
12:36at night not only to relax the muscles
12:38but all the neurological components that
12:41go along with it magnesium is so
12:43important now here is a very important
12:46thing and I'm so glad that you know we
12:48got a good chat room tonight that
12:50magnesium is deficient probably in 50 60
12:5570 percent of the world because of our
12:57diet and because of medications
13:00blood pressure medication many
13:02medications that we take causes
13:04deficiency of our body and magnesium and
13:07we lose it we excrete it so something I
13:10want to tell you you may want to start
13:11adding magnesium in your diet and you
13:13may start seeing miracles in your health
13:14you may start saying wow I got all this
13:18because magnesium was depleted in your
13:21system okay very important obviously
13:23vitamin D3 is important uh vitamin D is
13:26very important for people don't get a
13:28lot of sunlight because vitamin D
13:29magnesium calcium all work round about
13:32to get the proper assimilation because
13:34you're taking a mineral if you're not
13:36taking it right in the right way you're
13:40not going to assimilate it in the right
13:42way so what you're taking may not be
13:43getting towards going so please keep
13:45that in mind so that was number two
13:47magnesium very very important now I want
13:51to introduce you to something different
13:54something so different
13:56that I didn't know much about this
13:59before as well I'm always learning I'm
14:02reading I'm learning I'm researching and
14:05something I want to share with you and
14:07you're going to do your own homework on
14:09it's called
14:11Piedra now you're saying it sounds
14:14Spanish if you're Spanish you probably
14:15can pronounce this better than me okay
14:17let's go over here so you can read it
14:22c-h-a-n-c-a or chanka Piedra
14:28p-i-e-d-r-a and I know it's some Spanish
14:30name because a lot of it comes up in
14:32Spanish when I was doing my research now
14:34you may really understand this better
14:37than I do but the research okay if
14:41you're prone to having kidney stones wow
14:43go for this man they call this the bone
14:46Blaster they really do they call this
14:48the bone Blaster let me see if I can
14:50pull something up here give me a second
14:54this is a medicinal herb and obviously
14:58calcium deposits I know you know it can
15:00be very painful
15:01but they use this to reduce inflammation
15:04obviously from any type of buildup in
15:07the of calcium in the body but known
15:09strictly mainly for that kidney
15:11and if you are one who has been prone or
15:14know of anyone who has had kidney stones
15:16you really need to check this out I did
15:19the research
15:20and it's quite fascinating and what's
15:24even more fascinating this is I read
15:29um on Amazon and I'm looking at all the
15:32reviews and you would not believe the
15:34reviews suffering chronic kidney stone
15:37suffering chronic knee problem suffering
15:39uh chronic abdominal chronic spinal
15:42problems uh a miracle the pain is gone I
15:47mean one after the other and it to me
15:50when I read reviews
15:52because I like experience bladder
15:55problems kidney problems uh urinary
15:57problems uh calcification problems even
16:01then the joints in the knees when I see
16:03reviews it gets me excited and when I
16:06see reviews I'm going to share them with
16:07you so I want you to look into this
16:10Google it go to go to Amazon go you know
16:13where they have lots of different
16:14reviews and look into this
16:17but I want to say one thing
16:19no matter what you take no matter what
16:21you're doing because a lot of people out
16:22there are taking uh medication maybe for
16:25high blood pressure maybe for diabetes
16:27maybe for hormonal problems thyroid
16:29parathyroid or maybe for depression
16:32whatever it is I always ask you to check
16:34with your doctors first always because I
16:37can come out here and I get hundreds of
16:39emails a day people ask me can I take
16:41this can I take that I really want you
16:43to do the right thing I can recommend
16:45what's good for you uh but I can tell
16:48you between the apple cider vinegar that
16:50we talked about here
16:52uh it's like a miracle all right I can
16:55tell you from experience it reduced my
16:57calcific uh formation in my shoulder my
16:59supraspinatus tendon in about six months
17:02to about 65 percent
17:04and taking magnesium by the way I wanted
17:06to throw this out at you when I come
17:07back to this you can this would be on my
17:10channel by the way but look at this here
17:12most common foods because if you're not
17:14taking pills because I don't always
17:15believe in pills
17:18um there are good foods you can get lots
17:21of good sources of minerals and you can
17:24come back to this which will be posted
17:25on my channel
17:27and as we look at the back of the box
17:28here I wanted to show you here you see
17:31how they they say the stone breaker I
17:33mean that's what they call this this
17:35chanca Piedra okay is a stone breaker
17:39literally translates into crushes rocks
17:42this is a tropical plant obviously it's
17:44an herb and it designed to help really
17:49just break the break the rock so yeah if
17:51you are having kidney stones and you
17:54know I just had a doctor that works with
17:56me who just had the lipotripsy goes in
17:59there and they try to shock them uh it's
18:01brutal all black and blue urinating uh
18:04blood for two or three weeks
18:07um I always be I'm a big believer Let
18:08the Body heal in itself do whatever we
18:11can do to help it heal I really hope uh
18:13people that this really gave you some
18:15good Insight uh this to me is really
18:19powerful stuff and you know I I really
18:22enjoy just you know coming out and and
18:24sharing you this lit sharing this
18:26literature with you and I asked people
18:27out there to subscribe
18:30if you have not if you're new to the
18:32channel go through my channel I have
18:34hundreds of self-help videos I ask you
18:36to go ahead and
18:40uh share the videos
18:43um share them with friends put it on
18:45your social media it's really really
18:48good stuff I have out there we've really
18:50helped a lot of people and this that's
18:51what it's all about it's about you know
18:53it's all about helping people it's all
18:55about changing one person at a time
18:58changing their life to make their life
19:01better so this is all about you people
19:03and um I really hope that you enjoyed
19:06this program I will repost this this
19:08will as YouTube will put this on my
19:09channel I will go ahead and edit and
19:11clean it up a little bit from the
19:12beginning and I just want to say uh
19:15thank you for your support and again I
19:18want to leave you one thing uh
19:20motivational doc as you see it right
19:22there motivational doc go to Facebook
19:25motivational doc on my fan page there go
19:27ahead and like it join it ask your
19:29questions there I'm really good at
19:31responding back understand I don't
19:33respond to as many emails because I get
19:36so so many but people like you and I'm
19:38sure other people in the future it's
19:40easier to communicate sometimes I'll get
19:41you there and I'll talk to you back and
19:43forth I go there and I check it
19:46periodically so yeah so enjoy your uh
19:48your evening if you're in the US and
19:51enjoy your morning and day if you are
19:53overseas and God bless to you your
19:57families your loved one and uh we'll
20:00talk to you real soon bye bye now
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How to reduce calcium deposits in the body?

Calcium deposits in the body can be reduced through the use of natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar, magnesium, and chanca piedra. These remedies can help reduce calcification in various parts of the body, including the joints, kidneys, and prostate.

2. What are the home remedies for reducing calcium deposits?

The home remedies for reducing calcium deposits include apple cider vinegar, magnesium, and chanca piedra. These natural remedies can effectively reduce calcification in the body, providing relief for joint, kidney, and prostate issues.

3. How can apple cider vinegar help in reducing calcium deposits?

Apple cider vinegar is known for its ability to help reduce calcium deposits in the body. It can be effective in addressing calcification in the joints, kidneys, and prostate, providing a natural remedy for these conditions.

4. What is the role of magnesium in reducing calcium deposits?

Magnesium plays a vital role in reducing calcium deposits in the body. It can help prevent and reduce calcification in the joints, kidneys, and prostate, offering a natural solution for these issues.

5. How does chanca piedra contribute to reducing calcium deposits?

Chanca piedra is a natural remedy that has been found to help reduce calcium deposits in the body. It can be beneficial in addressing calcification in the joints, kidneys, and prostate, offering relief for these conditions.

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