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Dans cette vidéo, nous découvrons les bénéfices que l'on peut attendre après 30 jours de NoFap, tels que l'énergie, l'attraction des femmes et la confiance en soi. Les premiers jours peuvent être difficiles en raison des symptômes de sevrage, mais une fois la première semaine passée, les envies diminuent et les changements positifs commencent à se manifester. Au bout de 30 jours, l'objectif est de continuer à éviter les déclencheurs et de travailler à éradiquer l'addiction complètement.
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Au cours des 30 premiers jours de nofap, vous pouvez vous attendre à ressentir des changements et des envies intenses.
Le premier jour est rempli d'énergie et d'excitation pour les changements à venir.
Le deuxième jour, vous commencez à vous demander quand les nouveaux avantages se manifesteront.
Le troisième jour, vous commencez à ressentir des symptômes de sevrage et pouvez être irritable et frustré.
Les principaux obstacles et barrières que la plupart des hommes rencontrent lors de leur parcours de 30 jours sont les déclencheurs sur les réseaux sociaux, tels que Instagram, TikTok, Reddit et Twitter.
Il est important de rester conscient de ces déclencheurs et de faire de notre mieux pour éviter ces applications.
Le meilleur conseil pour surmonter ces déclencheurs est de simplement rester hors de ces applications.
Il est possible de remplacer ces habitudes par des activités plus saines comme la lecture, la création d'une entreprise, voir des amis ou pratiquer des sports et des hobbies.
Cette section parle de la découverte d'une communauté en ligne qui aide les personnes à se libérer de la dépendance à la pornographie.
La communauté en ligne offre un soutien et une camaraderie aux personnes qui luttent contre la dépendance à la pornographie.
Les membres de la communauté partagent leurs expériences, leurs conseils et leurs stratégies pour aider les autres à se libérer de la dépendance.
Grâce à cette communauté, l'auteur a pu comprendre les causes profondes de son addiction, apprendre des stratégies efficaces pour faire face au stress et à l'anxiété, et trouver des moyens plus sains de gérer sa vie.
La libération de la dépendance à la pornographie a été un moment libérateur dans la vie de l'auteur, lui permettant de retrouver le respect de soi, d'améliorer ses relations et de se concentrer sur ses objectifs.
00:00so you're trying to make it to 30 days
00:02you're looking for those benefits the
00:04glow to your eyes the attractions from
00:05girls and a boost in confidence in this
00:08video we're going to dissect the path to
00:10crushing your first 30 days on nofap it
00:13can seem daunting at first to give
00:14something up for 30 days and see how it
00:16affects us what we are for sure going to
00:18encounter on your first 30 days is a ton
00:20of urges changes and shifts in our body
00:22and mindset let's go through everything
00:24that you can expect through your first
00:2530 days day one starts off amazing you
00:28feel full of energy and excitement to
00:30finally make the changes to your life
00:32you begin on a high note and go
00:34throughout your day full of excitement
00:35for the benefits to come you don't feel
00:37any urges and you're mindful of putting
00:39away your device and staying away from
00:41watching some late night entertainment
00:43day two starts off pretty well you wake
00:46up and you begin to go through your day
00:48you begin to wonder when these new
00:49benefits will come to light day two ends
00:52off in bed with you thinking about the
00:53urges you begin to feel something bubble
00:55up in the back of your mind as you doze
00:58off you begin to remember what it is
00:59your brain is missing
01:01day three you wake up and start to feel
01:03the withdrawal symptoms you may feel
01:05like something is missing you will most
01:07likely feel irritated and frustrated
01:08it's around this time that you can start
01:10feeling like you have a short temper or
01:12a short fuse around others when you
01:14finish your day on day three your body
01:16and brain begins to Crave Your fix of
01:18dopamine your urges start to come on
01:20strong this is where 99 of guys fail
01:23they haven't put in place the correct
01:25systems in order to help them get over
01:26their addiction
01:27this is why you're more likely to
01:29succeed after reading through our break
01:30free guide
01:32this is The Ultimate Guide to overcoming
01:33your porn addiction as we lead you
01:35through all the steps to never relapse
01:37again and to overcome and Thrive as a
01:39Young Man
01:40check it out in the description below
01:42once day three passes we begin to feel
01:44the urges more and more in the first
01:47week this is where we'll most likely
01:48feel our wet dreams frustration anxiety
01:51insomnia and headaches the first week
01:53will go down as the toughest part of the
01:5530 days if you can get past this point
01:57you are ahead of 99 of guys once week
02:00one passes week two will start to feel
02:03much easier your urges will begin to
02:05subside if you've put in place the right
02:07systems to keep you away from potential
02:08triggers this is something we cover in
02:10our guide as well if you have
02:12successfully withstanded the triggers
02:14during week one and two you are on your
02:16way to week three week three is where
02:18the magic starts your body begins to
02:20overcome the addiction and start
02:22rewiring your brain to the Natural State
02:24this is where many guys begin to comment
02:26how their erectile dysfunction goes away
02:28and they can function normally other
02:30changes happen to your body as well such
02:32as less anxiety decreased brain fog more
02:35pheromones and more confidence our body
02:37begins to Signal healthy attributes
02:39about ourselves in order to attract
02:41potential mates our eyes begin to glow
02:43and we develop a radiating presence
02:45within ourselves this is where you will
02:47see many guys relapse when you are
02:49feeling good that's when it tends to be
02:51the most dangerous we tend to reward
02:53ourselves when feeling good and punish
02:54ourselves when feeling bad this new high
02:57that we can can quickly transform into a
02:59relapse if we're not careful
03:00we need to be very mindful of what we
03:02think about and what we let ourselves do
03:04because one wrong move can take us down
03:06a complete Rabbit Hole being the master
03:08of our minds is a key skill to build up
03:10during these first 30 days during week
03:12four this is where the magic really
03:14begins it is said by many
03:16neuroscientists like Andrew huberman and
03:18Anna Lemke that the process of rewiring
03:20the brain and overcoming an addiction
03:22truly Peaks at around 21 days
03:24after that our brain becomes more
03:26accustomed to the real world
03:27interactions and begins to unravel
03:29itself in more positive manifestations
03:31during week four this is where most men
03:33report attraction and glances from the
03:35opposite sex they feel amazing full of
03:38energy and radiating it throughout their
03:40entire lives the brain fog is lifted the
03:42motivation is back and Men report
03:44feeling happier and more fulfilled and
03:46confident this is due to the brain
03:48rewiring itself and seeking more
03:49meaningful releases in dopamine and
03:51serotonin our brains have also reset to
03:54a baseline of dopamine which gives us
03:56more pleasure in other things in our
03:57lives like pursuing and talking with
03:59women and achieving our goals so as you
04:01get to 30 days and achieve your goal
04:03what now do you relapse do you continue
04:05many guys seem to be unclear on this
04:08goal which leads them to relapse over
04:09and over again and go back to where they
04:11started the the main thing to remember
04:13during this period of recovery and
04:15growth is that it doesn't stop there
04:17failures might be inevitable on the way
04:19but the ultimate goal that a young man
04:21should strive towards is to completely
04:23eradicate this bad habit from his life
04:25and to completely forget about it now I
04:27want to talk about the common barriers
04:29and obstacles that most men face on
04:31their 30-day Journey the first one is
04:34in our day and age social media is full
04:36of triggers our algorithms Feed Us
04:39content that will keep us hooked and
04:41coming back Instagram Tick Tock Reddit
04:43and Twitter are all places where we will
04:45see these triggers come up time and time
04:47again without even realizing it we're
04:50back on the web searching on our 50th
04:51tab this is a huge Pitfall that many men
04:54don't realize and many men fall into
04:57we need to be mindful when going on
04:59social media that triggers and tests are
05:01all around we cover the best way to get
05:03rid of these triggers in our break free
05:04guide below but we'll share on right
05:06here right now with you
05:07the biggest tip to overcoming these
05:09triggers is going to sound very simple
05:10it's to Simply stay off of these apps no
05:13matter what we do and how much we try to
05:15curate our feeds and algorithms it will
05:17always try and tempt us with bikini
05:19photos and thirst traps if we are able
05:21to staying off of these apps will serve
05:23as the biggest contributor to Our
05:25it sounds easier said than done because
05:27the algorithms are tuned to keep us
05:29coming back for more this is where we
05:31can replace these habits with better
05:32ones like reading building a business
05:34seeing friends or taking up Sports and
05:36hobbies the power lies within us to make
05:39the change that we want to see check out
05:41our break free guide in the description
05:42below to help you completely overcome
05:44your porn addiction let me know what
05:46you'd like to see next I love helping
05:48you all on your journey to overcoming
05:49your addiction on nofap I'll see you all
05:51in the next video peace
05:53hey guys Atomic motivation here I just
05:57wanted to say a big thank you for
05:58supporting our Channel and helping us
05:59bring you better and better videos it's
06:01our mission to arm the next generation
06:03of strong men with breaking their habits
06:05early on so they can live a fulfilling
06:06life without any struggle or addictions
06:09I wanted to tell you a story of my
06:11experience with porn addiction and why I
06:13created this channel
06:14I was just a teenager when I found
06:16myself ensnared in the web of
06:17pornography the grip it had on my life
06:20was Insidious seeping into my everyday
06:22routine and making it almost impossible
06:24to Envision a life without it it wasn't
06:27something I could easily discuss with
06:28others and so I struggled in silence my
06:31self-esteem dwindling with every passing
06:33I vividly remember the isolation the
06:36feeling of being trapped in my own
06:37private battle I felt powerless against
06:39the Allure of pornography and each
06:41failed attempt to break free only
06:43intensified my feelings of hopelessness
06:46however it was during these lowest of
06:48lows that I discovered an online
06:49community a Lifeline in my time of need
06:53this community was made up of people
06:54from all walks of life but we all shared
06:57a common goal to reclaim control of Our
06:59Lives from pornography
07:01I was astounded by the support I
07:02received from the community
07:04for the first time in a long while I
07:06didn't feel alone these weren't just
07:08faceless strangers behind a screen they
07:11were friends mentors and guides who had
07:13walked in my shoes who understood my
07:15struggle and were eager to lend their
07:17wisdom and experience
07:18the transformation didn't happen
07:20overnight it was a journey fraught with
07:22challenges and setbacks but armed with
07:25the strategies insights and
07:26encouragement I received from the
07:28community I began to see a change I
07:31started to understand the root causes of
07:32my addiction learned effective coping
07:34strategies and found healthier ways to
07:36manage Stress and Anxiety
07:38the day I finally broke free from the
07:40chains of pornography was one of the
07:42most liberating moments of my life
07:44it wasn't just the end of a crippling
07:46habit it was a new beginning a second
07:48chance at life filled with self-respect
07:50improved relationships and renewed Focus
07:53my journey from struggle to Liberation
07:55inspired me to help others who might be
07:57facing the same battles that's why I
07:59created The Break Free guide It's a
08:01compilation of my experiences lessons
08:03and strategies presented in a
08:05comprehensive and practical way to help
08:07others regain control of their lives if
08:09you or anyone you know is battling with
08:11pornography know this You Are Not Alone
08:14our community is here and ready to lend
08:17a helping hand and support you on this
08:19journey so consider subscribing you can
08:21find our break free guide in the first
08:23link in the description below arm
08:25yourself with the knowledge strategies
08:27and Community Support you need to
08:29successfully quit porn remember every
08:32Journey begins with a single step and
08:34taking this step today could change your
08:36life forever until next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the benefits of going on a 30-day NoFap challenge?

Going on a 30-day NoFap challenge provides numerous benefits, including increased attraction, confidence, and a boost in overall well-being. It can lead to a more fulfilling life and improved emotional well-being.

2. What are the challenges and obstacles that may arise during the 30-day NoFap challenge?

During the 30-day NoFap challenge, individuals may face challenges such as strong urges, withdrawal symptoms, and social pressures. It's important to acknowledge these challenges and develop strategies to overcome them.

3. How can one overcome the challenges of the 30-day NoFap challenge?

To overcome the challenges of the 30-day NoFap challenge, individuals can practice mindfulness, engage in healthy activities, and seek support from a community or trusted individuals. Developing a strong support system is crucial.

4. What is the ultimate goal of the 30-day NoFap challenge?

The ultimate goal of the 30-day NoFap challenge is to completely eradicate the addiction and experience a fulfilling life. It aims to enhance self-control, emotional stability, and overall mental well-being.

5. How can the 30-day NoFap challenge contribute to personal growth?

Participating in the 30-day NoFap challenge can contribute to personal growth by promoting self-discipline, increasing self-awareness, and fostering a greater sense of empowerment. It encourages individuals to focus on personal development and well-being.

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