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This video demonstrates a short and intense workout for veiny hands, involving finger extensions and curls. The key is to squeeze the hands tightly to make the veins pop out. Doing this workout once a day can lead to visible results in a few days or a week.
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This section is a veiny hand workout that involves finger extensions, finger curls, and squeezing exercises.
The workout starts with finger extensions to warm up the hands.
Finger curls are then performed, with 15 reps instead of the usual 10.
Squeezing exercises are done, emphasizing the need to squeeze the hands tightly to make the veins pop out.
No breaks are taken throughout the workout.
This section demonstrates a quick and intense hand workout for veiny hands.
Squeeze your hands as hard as you can.
Perform finger curls and extensions.
The workout is short but intense, and can be done once per day for results.
00:01how's it going everyone um so in this
00:03video we will be doing a veiny hand
00:04workout so before i get started please
00:06subscribe to my channel if you haven't
00:08already i do appreciate the support it
00:10helps my channel grow follow me on
00:12instagram dillenberg999
00:14so this workout is gonna be a short
00:16workout but it's gonna be super super
00:17intense so just follow along we're gonna
00:19get started right now
00:21so we're gonna start off with finger
00:22extensions i usually always start off
00:24with these because they get the hands
00:26really warmed up and they're a great
00:27exercise to do so we're gonna do 20 reps
00:30and again no need to count i will count
00:32just follow along finger curls 2 3 4 5 6
00:387 8 9 10 usually we do 10 we're gonna do
00:4115 today 13 14 15 back into finger
00:45extensions two three four five six seven
00:49eight nine ten eleven
00:55twenty we're now gonna squeeze and again
00:57when you guys see me squeezing you can
00:59literally see my triceps and my biceps
01:02popping because i'm squeezing so hard
01:05you have to you got to squeeze your
01:07hands this is what's going to get your
01:08veins to really pop out so you got to
01:10hold that for 20 seconds really really
01:12squeeze you guys
01:1620 seconds
01:19perfect again no breaks we're not doing
01:21any breaks at all three four five six
01:24seven eight
01:26ten eleven
01:29fifteen perfect finger extensions one
01:42back into the squeeze hold for 20
01:45seconds you guys squeeze as hard as you
01:47can really really squeeze
01:50again you can make this workout super
01:52easy or to make it super hard you got to
01:54be squeezing squeeze as hard as you can
01:58perfect okay we're now going to do
02:00finger curls one two three
02:03five six seven eight nine
02:0713 14 15 back in the extensions one two
02:10three four five six seven eight nine
02:21my arms are sorry my hands are soaring
02:23out for
02:269 10 11 12 30 40 15 oh my god they're
02:31sore squeeze 20 seconds really really
02:34squeeze you guys
02:39squeeze squeeze squeeze
02:41this one's going to be 15 seconds only
02:45perfect go back to the curls one two
02:48three four five six seven eight nine ten
02:53twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen okay
02:56that is the work code yes it is a
02:58shorter workout but it's extremely
03:00extremely intense
03:03this is for people that need a quick
03:04quick workout you can do this workout
03:07you only need to do it once per day you
03:09do it once per day you're going to get
03:10results it's going to take a couple days
03:12maybe a week but you will get the
03:14results you just got to do it often
03:17but again once per day is fine in a
03:19video thank you so much for watching
03:20please subscribe to my channel if you
03:21haven't already comment in the comment
03:24section let me know what you guys
03:25thought of the workout if it was too
03:26easy or if it was too hard let me know
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How to make veins pop out in hands?

To make veins pop out in hands, you can perform a short and intense workout involving finger extensions and curls. The key is to squeeze the hands tightly to stimulate blood flow to the area, causing the veins to become more visible.

2. What is the benefit of doing a finger extensions and curls workout for hands?

The benefit of doing a finger extensions and curls workout for hands is that it can lead to improved blood circulation in the hands, making the veins more visible. It also helps in strengthening the muscles in the hands and can be beneficial for grip strength.

3. How often should the workout for veiny hands be done to see visible results?

For visible results in veiny hands, it is recommended to do the workout once a day. Consistent practice can lead to noticeable changes in a few days to a week.

4. Can doing the workout for veiny hands cause any harm?

The workout for veiny hands, involving finger extensions and curls, is generally safe and does not cause harm when performed correctly. However, it is important to avoid overexertion and seek medical advice if there are any existing hand or wrist conditions.

5. Are there any variations of the finger extensions and curls workout for veiny hands?

Yes, variations of the finger extensions and curls workout for veiny hands can include using different resistance levels such as stress balls or elastic bands. This can provide different levels of challenge and intensity to the workout.

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