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Learn about four secret websites that you can use to promote your YouTube channel for free and gain more views, including platforms like,,, and These platforms allow you to reach a wider audience and attract targeted viewers to your videos, boosting your channel's growth potential. Promoting your channel on external platforms can also signal to the YouTube algorithm that you're bringing traffic from other social media networks, increasing the chances of your videos being promoted further.
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The speaker introduces four secret websites to promote YouTube channels for free and get views.
The speaker prefers to grow YouTube channels organically through the YouTube algorithm.
They will show how to promote the channel for free to start getting views and create a snowball effect.
They offer a service to help get the channel monetized for ad revenue.
The first platform mentioned is, visited by almost 8 million people every month, with 80 million views per month.
Two secret websites to promote your YouTube channel for free
Search for groups related to your niche on Facebook and promote your videos there
Use to find questions related to your niche and reply with a link to your video
Promote your YouTube channel on external platforms like and to attract high-quality audience and get more views.
Use to bring people from social media platforms to your YouTube channel and get rewarded.
On, share pdf documents related to your videos with a call to action linking to your YouTube videos. gets 61 million views every month, making it a great platform to attract a high-quality audience.
You can promote your YouTube channel by sharing short clips on platforms like Beat Chute and Rumble.
Register an account on Beat Chute and upload a short segment from your video, adding a call to action to watch the full video on your YouTube channel.
If Beat Chute is down, you can use an alternative platform called Rumble, which is used by many celebrities and allows you to upload short videos with a link to your YouTube channel.
Sharing on both Beat Chute and Rumble increases your chances of getting more views and clicks on your clips.
00:00you see i run multiple channels and get
00:01hundreds of millions of views for
00:03example this one got 83 million views
00:05this one 63 million views in the past
00:07year alone and the lifetime of this
00:08channel is over 100 million views so
00:11today i want to show you four secret
00:13websites that you can use to promote
00:14your youtube channel for free and get a
00:16lot of views now honestly i personally
00:19prefer to grow my youtube channels
00:21organically through the youtube
00:22algorithm to optimize my videos properly
00:24so that the youtube algorithm actually
00:26promotes those videos to more people and
00:28that's how we grow them and that's how
00:29we get the most of the views but
00:30sometimes in the beginning it's hard to
00:32get those initial views so i'm gonna
00:34show you how you can promote your
00:36youtube channel for free to start
00:37getting views to start growing your
00:39channel so that you can create a
00:40snowball effect and then just get the
00:42algorithm to promote more of your videos
00:44inside of youtube so that you don't have
00:46to constantly promote your videos across
00:48different platforms which i'm going to
00:50share with you in this video now before
00:51we begin i do want to let you know that
00:53if you want to get your youtube channel
00:54monetized so that you can make money
00:56from ad revenue and now i offer a full
00:58done for you service where my team and i
01:00will actually promote the channel for
01:01you and get the channel to meet the
01:03monetization requirements in less than
01:05seven days and get approved for
01:06monetization so that you can start
01:08making money from ads showing up on your
01:10videos the link to this service will be
01:12in the description box down below for a
01:14very limited time anyways the very first
01:16platform that you can use to promote
01:17your youtube channel for free is going
01:19to be a platform that is being visited
01:21by almost 8 million people every single
01:23month and this is actually the smallest
01:25secret website that we will be using to
01:26drive traffic so stick with me to see
01:28even bigger platforms where you can get
01:30even more views so according to they're getting almost 80
01:33million views per month and the platform
01:35in question is going to be me v so this
01:37is and this is another social
01:39media platform just like facebook so as
01:42you can see this is a social network
01:43built on trust control and love so you
01:45can create an account by entering your
01:47first name your last name your email
01:48address create a password you will have
01:50to be at least 16 years old to use it so
01:53just take this box if you're 16 years or
01:55older then read the privacy policy in
01:57terms of service take this box and click
01:59on get started it's absolutely free
02:01forever and then you can simply log into
02:03your account and once you log in this is
02:04what you're going to be able to see and
02:06it basically looks just like facebook
02:08feed so this is the feed right over here
02:10we can see other people sharing
02:11different posts and maybe dot com and
02:13what you can do is you can think about
02:15the niche of your channel so let's say
02:16for example the niche of your channel is
02:18make money online you're making make
02:19money online videos you can go to the
02:21search bar and you can type in make
02:22money online if your video is about
02:24weight loss and fitness you just go
02:25search for weight loss and fitness and
02:27you can find groups with hundreds of
02:29thousands of members so as you can see
02:31for example if a search for make money
02:32online this group has 4.9 000 members
02:34this one 1000 members 400 members 200
02:37members so you can start promoting your
02:39videos in those specific groups find
02:42people who are actually interested in
02:43that specific topic and get hundreds if
02:45not thousands of clicks on your videos
02:48if you do it correctly the next website
02:49that no one is talking about but you can
02:51use it to promote your channel grow and
02:53get views it's gonna be
02:55which is according to similar web being
02:57visited by only 6.2 million people every
03:00single month and answers is a platform
03:02where people come to ask and answer
03:04specific questions so if your channel is
03:07talking and teaching people how they can
03:09get six-pack abs or lose weight or it's
03:11it's talking about how to prepare food
03:13you can just go and you can search for
03:15questions like hey how do i prepare how
03:17do i make a cake or if your channel is
03:20about how to lose weight you can type in
03:21how do i lose weight and you can find
03:23people who have asked those questions
03:24like how to lose weight you can find
03:27people who are asking those questions
03:28and then you can reply to them and you
03:30can give them a link to one of your
03:31videos and that way you can promote
03:33those videos organically to people who
03:35are actually interested in that topic so
03:37you can get real viewers on your videos
03:39that might potentially subscribe and
03:41watch your future videos as well and
03:43also when you attract targeted people to
03:45your channel they will give a signal to
03:47your youtube algorithm that they should
03:49promote your videos to that type of
03:51audience that is interesting those types
03:52of videos which will ultimately help you
03:55promote their channel even more and the
03:56reason promoting your youtube channel on
03:58external platforms like these in the
04:00beginning is extremely important is
04:01because youtube is a social media
04:03platform and as every other business
04:05they're trying to grow as much as
04:07possible so if you can give signals to
04:09youtube that you're bringing people from
04:11other platforms to their platform that
04:14will be a huge bonus because obviously
04:16they are competing with all of these
04:17social media networks so if they see you
04:19driving traffic from let's say
04:21they will be like all right he's
04:23bringing people from that social media
04:24platform to our social media platform
04:26let's reward these videos and let's
04:28reward the channel so you are basically
04:30being really really good in youtube's
04:32eyes by promoting your channel on
04:34external platforms like these anyways
04:35let's go to the third website so the
04:37next website that you can use it has a
04:39lot more views this one is getting 61
04:41million views every single month and the
04:44platforming question is going to be is a
04:48platform where people are sharing
04:49different pdf documents so for example
04:52this document was shared one year ago
04:54and it already got 12 million views this
04:56one 2.5 million views 2 million views 1
04:59million views 2 million views 14 million
05:02views so what you can simply do is you
05:04can sign up to for free
05:06you can log into your account and then
05:08once you log into your account let me
05:09just log in with email real quick you
05:11will be able to upload documents right
05:13over here and those pdf documents can be
05:16about the videos that you are making so
05:18what i mean by this is because you can
05:20sell you can you can share documents in
05:22any specific niche you can make a pdf
05:25guide about let's say for example five
05:27ways to lose weight and then the first
05:29one could be watch this video like
05:30create a call to action in that pdf
05:32document say watch this video and then
05:34you just share that pdf document on the title of the document
05:38is let's say how to lose a wave and all
05:40of the people that are on
05:42and read that article about losing
05:44weight we'll open that up and we'll see
05:46your ques will see your call to action
05:48and a link to that youtube video that
05:49they can watch they will click on that
05:51and they will watch the youtube video so
05:52that's how you can attract a lot of high
05:54quality audience from and i've been using to also promote different
06:00affiliate links they have a lot of
06:01different tutorials where i show you how
06:03to generate these articles with one
06:05click of a button using tools like any
06:07word and other ai tools you generate an
06:09article then you open it up in google
06:10docs and then in google docs you create
06:12a hyperlink where you add either an
06:14affiliate link or your youtube video and
06:16you just go here and you share it as a
06:18pdf document and you can get a lot of
06:20traffic from the next
06:22platform that is actually very similar
06:24to youtube itself is going to be beat
06:26shoot and beat shoot is being visited by
06:2832 million people every single month
06:31basically beach shoot is as i said very
06:33similar to youtube where you can share
06:35different videos so you can register an
06:37account and beat truth and you can start
06:39sharing short clips short inserts from
06:42your videos and you can say
06:44for a full video click here and then in
06:46the description box on beat chute you
06:48can just add your youtube videos so let
06:50me show you how that what i mean and how
06:51that works so you will go to upload a
06:53new video for some reason the website is
06:54currently down but you will need to
06:56click on upload a new video upload a
06:58short segment from your video if your
07:00video is 10 minutes long upload 20
07:02and then you know like the most
07:03interesting 20 seconds of your video and
07:05then just cut it and add a text and a
07:07call to action click the link or go to
07:09my youtube channel to see a full video
07:11and something like that and that's how
07:12you can use it to promote your channel
07:14and if beetroot is down for you you can
07:17also use an alternative website it is
07:18that actually has even more visits and
07:20the platform is called a rumble and
07:22actually a lot of different people use a
07:24rumble like spacex is using rumble
07:26donald j
07:27donald trump is using a rumble russell
07:30brand is using rumble so there's a lot
07:32of people a lot of massive celebrities
07:34they're using rumble so this is a big
07:36platform definitely and you can also
07:38share short videos on there so you can
07:40just click on the upload video button
07:41right over here you will select the
07:43video to upload so you will upload it on
07:44the left side you will title it for a
07:47full or for example if your video is how
07:49to lose weight you will say do
07:52to lose weight and in the video
07:54description you will say go to my
07:56youtube channel to watch a complete
07:59tutorial and then i would leave my
08:02link my youtube video link and that's
08:03how i would share it on rumble and you
08:05can pretty much do it as much as you
08:07want to and obviously the more of these
08:09that you share on both
08:10rumble and beetroot the higher chances
08:12of getting more views on those clips you
08:14will have and plus the more clicks you
08:16will get your youtube videos so to
08:18summarize platform that no one is
08:19talking about that you can use to
08:20promote your youtube channel for free
08:22and get a lot of views and real
08:23subscribers are a social media
08:26network also then we have and we also have which is currently down and
08:34also i really hope you
08:36learned something new in this video if
08:38you did make sure to drop a like down
08:39below and i will see you next time
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the four secret websites for promoting a YouTube channel for free?

The four secret websites for promoting a YouTube channel for free are,,, and

2. How can these platforms help in gaining more views for a YouTube channel?

These platforms allow you to reach a wider audience and attract targeted viewers to your videos, boosting your channel's growth potential and gaining more views.

3. Why is it important to promote a YouTube channel on external platforms?

Promoting your channel on external platforms can signal to the YouTube algorithm that you're bringing traffic from other social media networks, increasing the chances of your videos being promoted further.

4. What is the benefit of using for promoting a YouTube channel? provides an opportunity to reach a wider audience through engaging content and attract subscribers and viewers to your YouTube channel.

5. How does promoting a YouTube channel on help in attracting targeted viewers?

Promoting your YouTube channel on allows you to tap into a community seeking information, attracting viewers who are specifically interested in the topics you cover, resulting in targeted viewership for your channel.

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