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This video provides five important things to know when dating a tomboy, including not treating her like one of the guys, embracing shared interests, accepting her individual style choices, and still being romantic and caring towards her.
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When dating a tomboy, it's important to remember not to be crude or rude with her, as you would with your friends.
Tomboys enjoy rough and noisy activities traditionally associated with boys.
The lines between traditional boy and girl activities are becoming blurred.
Treating a tomboy like one of your friends from the start may not be the best approach.
Things to know about dating a tomboy:
Don't make playfulness the central point of your interactions.
Tomboys often have overlapping interests, so explore those with her.
Tomboys are more forward and may take the initiative in pursuing you.
Don't be intimidated if she is the one taking the lead in the relationship.
Understanding that a tomboy is still a girl and allowing her to explore her own style is important in dating.
Don't view a tomboy as any less of a girl.
Respect her choices in clothing and appearance.
Avoid making comments or teasing her if she decides to try something different.
Allow her to express her creativity and offer compliments for her individuality.
It's important to be romantic and show care to a tomboy, even if she may seem laid back.
Show her that you see her as more than just a friend.
Understand her specific personality.
Qualities like kindness, genuineness, romance, and care are important to all potential partners.
Leave comments if you have any challenges in dating a tomboy.
00:00- Heya, playa.
00:01Do you have a crush on a girl that's a bit of a tomboy,
00:03and it's throwing you off,
00:04because you don't really know how to interact with her?
00:06She's different from most girls.
00:07Don't worry, in this video, I'm gonna share five things
00:09that you need to know when it comes to dating a tomboy.
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00:32Now if you don't know what a tomboy is
00:34basically it's a girl who enjoys rough and noisy activities
00:37that are traditionally associated with boys.
00:39Nowadays, I'd say that's kinda disappearing,
00:41because the lines are being blurred
00:43as to what people actually like to do.
00:45I mean, what is a traditional boy activity anymore?
00:47Playing video games?
00:48Girls do that.
00:49Liking sports?
00:50Girls do that.
00:51I'd say the lines are blurred,
00:52and I wouldn't get too hung up on the traditional
00:54part of the definition.
00:55So if the girl you like is a tomboy,
00:57one thing you should definitely know
00:59is just because she's a little bit more
01:00physical and forward with you,
01:02doesn't give you the right to be crude or rude with her
01:04the same way that you would with your friends.
01:06A lot of times,
01:07people think just because a girl is a tomboy,
01:09I can call her names and make fun of her
01:11the same way I would with my friends.
01:12But you have to remember that this is a person
01:14that you're trying to get to know better.
01:16So, if you're gonna treat her
01:17like one of your friends from the start,
01:19you're gonna start building up a friendship path
01:21and not an actual romantic path.
01:23So you can have that level of playfulness,
01:25but don't have it be the central point
01:27of your interactions with her.
01:28Remember, you don't want her to see you
01:30as just another one of the guys.
01:31You want her to see you as someone that stands out.
01:33So, you're gonna need to treat her differently
01:35than how you do every other person you interact with.
01:38The second thing you should know is that if she is a tomboy,
01:41chances are the two of you have interests that overlap.
01:43So that creates the perfect opportunity
01:45for you to explore that with her,
01:47to ask her questions,
01:48to learn about her hobbies and interests
01:50to see where you two see eye to eye.
01:52It's important to know
01:53that a girl doesn't even have to be a tomboy
01:55to have similar interests with you.
01:56People aren't one-dimensional,
01:58so there might be multiple sides of them
02:00that you can always explore and learn more about.
02:03The third thing you should know is that tomboys
02:05are a little bit more forward or outspoken
02:07about who they like and what they want.
02:08So, if your crush is a tomboy,
02:10chances are she's gonna make that known,
02:12so don't be a little intimidated or nervous
02:15if she's the one that's actually pursuing you.
02:17A lot of guys expect the normative flow of things
02:20where they like a girl, they have to talk to her,
02:22they have to ask her out.
02:23But a tomboy might change that up.
02:25She may be the one that pursues you
02:27or asks you about your interests and hobbies.
02:29Don't be intimidated, don't feel emasculated,
02:31don't feel like she's doing the job that you should.
02:34Remember, a relationship is all about two people
02:36getting to know each other.
02:37So, if she's the one taking initiative, go with it.
02:40With me, for example, I like being forward with girls,
02:42but I also like girls that are forward with me.
02:44It shows that they care,
02:46that they want to build something,
02:47that they're taking the initiative just like I am.
02:49So don't look at it as a bad thing,
02:51look at it as an opportunity.
02:53The fourth thing you should know,
02:54and this is super important,
02:55just because a girl is a tomboy,
02:57it doesn't make her any less of a girl.
02:59Not all girls look and act the same.
03:01Some like to wear makeup and do their hair, some don't.
03:04Some like to wear traditionally girly clothes
03:06that are form fitting, some like to wear baggy clothes.
03:09Either way, recognize that each person is an individual
03:12that chooses their own style.
03:13So, if the person that you like is a tomboy
03:16and they dress one day,
03:17and then all of a sudden they change
03:18or wear something different
03:19that maybe is a little more feminine,
03:21don't call 'em out or make fun of them for it.
03:23They're simply exploring and seeing what works for them.
03:26I've seen lots of guys tease girls that are tomboys,
03:28because they decided one day to start wearing makeup
03:30or dresses or doing their hair or doing something different
03:33about their physical appearance.
03:35We are used to consistency as humans,
03:37so whenever a person changes up that consistency,
03:39we need to point it out, we need to highlight it,
03:41and sometimes, we make them feel bad about it.
03:43And if the girl you like is a tomboy,
03:45don't make comments
03:46about whether she should or shouldn't wear makeup.
03:48Don't tell her how to dress and how not to dress.
03:50Allow her to explore her own creativity.
03:53See what she can come up for herself
03:55and what she's comfortable with.
03:56And you can always add compliments to that.
03:58Compliment her on trying new things,
04:00on being her best self,
04:01because that's exactly what we'd wanna hear, right?
04:04And the fifth thing you should know is that
04:05just because the girl that you like is a tomboy,
04:07that doesn't mean you should slack off
04:09on being romantic with around her.
04:10People still wanna feel valued and cared for,
04:13so, just because she's similar to you who's more laid back
04:16and doesn't really care about those things,
04:17doesn't mean that you should actually just give up on them.
04:20It might be super important for her
04:21for you to actually ask her out on a date,
04:24for you to actually ask her to be your girlfriend,
04:26to take these actual steps that show her that you see her
04:29as something more than just one of the guys
04:30that you hang out with.
04:32All in all, she still has feelings underneath how she acts.
04:35She may act though, like she doesn't care about those things
04:37or she doesn't wanna hear them,
04:38but be open to understanding her specific personality,
04:42because I can guarantee you, if you're kind,
04:44if you're genuine, if you're romantic,
04:46if you're caring, no matter who she is
04:48and no matter how she acts,
04:49those are qualities we want to see in potential partner
04:52that we're gonna date.
04:53But now I'm curious to know
04:54what you do you think?
04:55Do you like a girl that's a tomboy,
04:56and do you run into any kind of specific challenges
04:58that you don't know how to handle?
05:00Leave your comments down below, and we'll talk about it.
05:02The learning doesn't end there though.
05:03If you wanna learn the initial steps of dating
05:05for beginners, tap on the playlist right there
05:07on your screen to watch more videos
05:09that kinda go more in depth.
05:10Also, you can check
05:11on my 20 ice breaker conversation starters right above it,
05:14which is gonna kinda give you things to talk about
05:16if you ever run out of things to say.
05:18It's gonna help you kinda help
05:19the conversation move forward.
05:21So, check out those two resources,
05:22and ill see you guys next time.
05:24As always, love and peace.
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. How should you treat a tomboy when dating?

When dating a tomboy, it's important not to treat her like one of the guys. Show respect for her individuality and avoid making assumptions based on gender stereotypes.

2. What are the shared interests to embrace when dating a tomboy?

Embracing shared interests is essential when dating a tomboy. Engage in activities such as sports, outdoor adventures, or DIY projects that both of you enjoy.

3. How should you accept a tomboy's individual style choices when dating?

Accepting a tomboy's individual style choices is key to building a strong relationship. Appreciate her unique fashion sense and avoid pressuring her to conform to traditional feminine expectations.

4. Is it important to be romantic and caring towards a tomboy when dating?

Yes, it's important to be romantic and caring towards a tomboy when dating. Express affection and considerate gestures that resonate with her, while still respecting her tomboy identity.

5. What are some important things to know when dating a tomboy?

When dating a tomboy, it's crucial to understand that she values authenticity, independence, and equality in the relationship. Embrace her individuality and avoid imposing traditional gender roles.

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