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The video highlights five scams in five minutes related to the popular shopping app PandaBuy, including the affiliate scam, refunding scam, one-to-one replica reselling scam, electronic scam, and the affiliate PandaBuy tutorial scam. The scams are explained in detail to educate viewers on how to avoid being scammed and the importance of trusting reliable sources. The video also emphasizes the potential for earning honest money through PandaBuy.
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The video discusses five Panda by scams and how to prevent them.
Affiliates scam involves catfishing people to sign up through a link with false promises.
Refunding scam includes claiming that the package has been lost, damaged, or an item is missing to get a refund.
It emphasizes trusting reliable sources like Sirius or Gilly to avoid falling for these scams.
The video section warns against two scams, including claiming a damaged package and falsely claiming a missing item for a refund.
One scam involves claiming a damaged package by providing pictures without evidence.
Another scam is claiming a missing item by removing the expensive item from the package and taking a picture without it.
The video also mentions the one-to-one replica reselling scam and advises against participating in any scams.
In this section, the video discusses two types of scams: the resale scam and the electronic scam.
The resale scam involves buying high-quality goods and reselling them for a larger profit.
The electronic scam involves buying high-quality electronic items and resetting them to sell at the original price, but the quality of the items is often poor.
The AirPods scam and the Dyson hair dryers scam are examples of popular scams on PandaBuy.
The video warns about Dyson hair dryer scams on eBay and Facebook Marketplace, as well as Panda by scams involving crypto subscriptions.
Be cautious when buying Dyson hair dryers on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, as scammers may sell them for a significantly lower price and block you after receiving payment.
Beware of Panda by scams where scammers promise to teach you how to make money through affiliate programs, but either take your money and block you or provide a terrible tutorial.
The video aims to educate viewers about these scams and prevent them from being scammed themselves.
Honest money can be made through Panda by, but it is important to be cautious and aware of potential scams.
00:00five Panda by scams in five minutes so I
00:02got the video idea from these two videos
00:04so check them all out they're all in the
00:06description and let's get straight into
00:07the video the only reason why I'm
00:09telling you all these scams is for you
00:11to understand how easy it is to make so
00:13much money and how you can prevent being
00:15scammed yourself the Affiliates game the
00:17affiliate scam is basically the most
00:19easiest of all of them so everybody can
00:22join the panda by affiliate program
00:23after you are affiliated with panda by
00:25you will start posting a lot of tick
00:27tocks and in particular you will catfish
00:29people to sign up through you link for
00:31example you will say if you sign up for
00:33my link you get a 500 coupon code but
00:35that's simply not true there is nothing
00:37like if you sign up for a link that you
00:38get a coupon code this is by far one of
00:40the most used methods almost every Panda
00:43by Tick Tock out there is doing these
00:45kind of scams they are making fake
00:47reviews scamming people and stealing
00:48stuff prevent falling for this kind of
00:50scam just trust reliable sources as
00:52serious or Gilly and you will be fine
00:54refunding refunding is simply telling
00:56Panda by that your package has been lost
00:58damaged or an item is missing telling
00:59penabyte that your whole package have
01:01been lost is pretty hard the provider of
01:03the package you have to confirm that the
01:04package have been actually lost by
01:06telling Panda by that your package have
01:08been damaged or an item is missing is
01:09pretty easy and here's basically what
01:11you do to tell Pena by that the package
01:13have been damaged you simply throw
01:14punches kick and destroy the package
01:16yourself and you basically have to
01:18provide only pictures and the Logistic
01:20Company can't really prove that the
01:22package haven't been damaged second
01:24option is to claim an item is missing
01:26and for this step you basically unbox
01:27the whole package you put the most
01:29expensive item to the site and you
01:31simply make a picture of the whole
01:33package without the expensive item and
01:36then you send it to panabai and claim an
01:38item is missing and they will refund you
01:39money and I hope you understand that the
01:41second option was just for fun the
01:43seconds game isn't so easy as it seems
01:45and I didn't find a fifth one so I had
01:47to include something for fun you know
01:48okay so let's get back into the real
01:50scams one to one replica reselling I
01:52think at this point everybody have
01:53already heard about the one to one
01:55replica reselling scam and I also think
01:57everybody at this point have thought
01:59about doing this scam never do this scam
02:01in your life never do any scam in your
02:04life and double check everything that is
02:06expensive that you're buying from sites
02:08like eBay Craigslist Facebook
02:10Marketplace and so on the replica Market
02:12have expanded in the years so much there
02:16are so many scammers out there that try
02:18to scam people with fake products and at
02:21this point every second listing on
02:23Facebook Marketplace for Jordan force is
02:25a replica item I don't think it's true I
02:27just made it up so basically what people
02:29do in this game they buy the most high
02:32quality Goods out there almost one to
02:34one that normal persons couldn't tell
02:36any difference from the real and the
02:38fake one and they basically resell these
02:40items on many platforms for a much
02:42larger profit but still under the resale
02:45and if you're buying expensive clothing
02:47items always go with people that have
02:50knowledge or only buy items that you
02:52have knowledge yourself about or double
02:53check everything with apps like check
02:55check and you should be fine the
02:57electronic scam so what people do in
02:59this game is almost most the same what
03:00people do in the one-to-one resale scam
03:02people buy really high quality
03:04electronic items such as airport Dyson
03:06hair dryers or even JBL bluetooth boxes
03:09and reset them for the real price
03:11especially the airpods cam have been a
03:14big big topic on Panda by it did gain a
03:17large amount of popularity and this game
03:19is really really really stupid because
03:22the quality of the airports is most of
03:24the time really really bad most of the
03:26airports do have a good serial number
03:28and noise cancellation but the sound
03:30quality is terrible and if you reset
03:33airpods there is a big possibility that
03:36you will be catch the Dyson hair dryers
03:38cam is currently rising nowadays people
03:40buy a really really good replica of a
03:43Dyson hair dryer for only 50 bucks and
03:45reset the hair dryer for 250 bucks
03:48upwards to 300 bucks so be careful if
03:50you buy Dyson hair dryers on eBay or
03:53Facebook Marketplace affiliate Panda by
03:55tutorial this is the newest game of all
03:57Panda by scams and you probably know all
03:59the crypto scams where people claim you
04:02can turn 100 bucks into thousand dollars
04:05just complete a subscription for 100
04:06bucks and here I will show you how to
04:08turn it into ten thousand dollars and
04:11nowadays these people do it the panda by
04:13way they will tell you to complete a
04:15subscription and they will learn you how
04:16to make 500 bucks off the affiliate
04:18program they will just take your money
04:20and block you or they will give you a
04:22really really terrible tutorial I mean
04:25we didn't complete quite much the five
04:27minutes but I hope I could educate you a
04:29little bit more on the panda by scams
04:30and also maybe prevent you from being
04:32scammed yourself don't forget that you
04:34can do actually honest money through
04:36Panda by if you liked the video I would
04:38love to have some feedback from you
04:40don't forget to like And subscribe and
04:42if you have more ideas like these don't
04:43hesitate to share them and this was
04:45pretty much the video I love y'all
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the five scams related to the popular shopping app PandaBuy?

The five scams related to the popular shopping app PandaBuy are the affiliate scam, refunding scam, one-to-one replica reselling scam, electronic scam, and the affiliate PandaBuy tutorial scam. These scams are explained in detail in the video to educate viewers on how to avoid being scammed and the importance of trusting reliable sources.

2. How can viewers avoid falling victim to the affiliate scam on PandaBuy?

Viewers can avoid falling victim to the affiliate scam on PandaBuy by carefully examining the credibility of the affiliate program, verifying the legitimacy of the referral links, and conducting thorough research on the background of the affiliate before making any transactions. It is important to trust reliable sources and not get lured into fraudulent affiliate schemes.

3. What measures can be taken to avoid the one-to-one replica reselling scam on PandaBuy?

To avoid falling victim to the one-to-one replica reselling scam on PandaBuy, consumers should always purchase from authorized and verified sellers, carefully inspect the product details and authenticity, and avoid making purchases from suspicious or unauthorized sources. Trusting reliable and reputable sellers is crucial in preventing falling prey to such scams.

4. What are the indicators of a potential electronic scam on PandaBuy?

Indicators of a potential electronic scam on PandaBuy include unusually low prices for electronic products, unclear or misleading product descriptions, lack of credible seller information, and unsecured payment methods. Consumers should pay attention to these red flags and only purchase electronic products from trusted and verified sellers to avoid being scammed.

5. How can viewers earn honest money through PandaBuy?

Viewers can earn honest money through PandaBuy by participating in genuine affiliate programs, selling authentic and reliable products, providing value-added services, and maintaining transparency and trustworthiness in all transactions. It is essential to focus on ethical and legitimate earning opportunities while using the platform to avoid engaging in any fraudulent activities.

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