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The video discusses 5 reasons why Indian men should marry Russian girls, including their beauty, intelligence, hardworking nature, culinary skills, and loving and caring nature. The couple emphasizes that these points are based on their subjective opinion and personal experiences.
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Indian men should marry Russian girls because they are considered one of the most beautiful girls in the world and take care of their appearance.
Russian girls are known for their beauty and are considered among the most beautiful girls in the world.
They put effort into their appearance by applying makeup, managing their hairstyle, and wearing nice clothes.
Russian girls like to be attractive because when they feel attractive, they look attractive.
Russian girls are desirable partners for Indian men due to their beauty, intelligence, and hard-working nature.
Russian girls are known for their beauty and take great care of their appearance.
They are intelligent and well-read, always eager to learn and engage in meaningful conversations.
Russian girls are hard-working, managing both their professional and domestic responsibilities efficiently.
They are supportive and offer smart suggestions when asked for advice.
Russian girls are hardworking, good cooks, and excellent hosts.
Russian girls are known for their hardworking nature and are willing to do anything for their partner.
They are skilled in cooking and can prepare a variety of dishes.
Russian girls are excellent hosts and ensure that guests are well-fed and taken care of.
Russian girls are considered good partners for Indian men because they have a sense of humor, make people feel comfortable, and are loving and caring.
Russian girls have a sense of humor and can keep up interesting conversations.
They make people feel comfortable and at home.
Russian girls are honest and show their love and loyalty to their partners.
They take good care of their partners, including using home remedies for sickness and helping with tasks even when tired.
Russian girls are loving and caring, and they value love and connection over material wealth.
Russian girls fall in love with pure hearts, regardless of wealth.
They believe that with love and a big heart, any goals and dreams can be achieved together.
Russian girls possess qualities beyond just looks, such as being hardworking and loving.
This is a subjective opinion, but the speaker believes Indian men should consider marrying Russian girls.
00:55and together we are the international
00:59so friends many indians are asking me
01:02why have you decided to marry a russian
01:05why not an indian girl and today in our
01:08vlog we'll give you 5 solid reasons
01:11why indian men should marry a russian
01:14girl so the first reason is beauty
01:18russian girls are considered as one of
01:20the most beautiful girls
01:21in the world if you open the top 10
01:24of the most beautiful girls then russian
01:27girls will be taking position
01:28out of three
01:34and yes it is true and plus we do not
01:37get born beautiful we are making
01:40ourselves beautiful
01:41we are applying proper makeup we are
01:44managing our hairstyle
01:46we are very nice clothes which is
01:48fitting well which is looking good which
01:50is matching by color
01:51and so many other factors because we
01:54like to be
01:54attractive because when we feel
01:56attractive we look attractive
01:58world looks so beautiful
02:01yeah i have to talk about irina i have
02:04never you know seen her that
02:05she is going outside even you know to
02:07feed the dog without makeup she's going
02:09everywhere with makeup only
02:11and she likes to keep herself in proper
02:14and uh whenever you go let's say to me
02:18to people related
02:19outside she's you know she's a very much
02:21cautious about you know painting nails
02:23and how my hair look how my beauty looks
02:26this is all about russia because russian
02:27girls they are beautiful
02:29the second point is russian girls are
02:32and yes that is true because russian
02:34girls read a lot
02:36they know a lot and from day to day they
02:38want to learn more and more things
02:42so if you go for a russian girl you will
02:45never be bored with her
02:46because she can keep up any conversation
02:49she can support you on any topic
02:51and if you want to ask for any
02:53suggestion she will be gladly giving it
02:55to you
02:56because she has a big storage in her
02:59you can take out from every field from
03:02any area
03:03and definitely she can give you some
03:05smart suggestion
03:06because russian girls are evolving
03:10their brains from day to day and that is
03:13totally true
03:14to my day-to-day life whenever if i'm in
03:16trouble whenever i need any suggestions
03:19i always ask her opinion and believe me
03:22she is giving very nice suggestions you
03:27all right now we are moving to the third
03:29point the third point is
03:31russian girls are very hard working yes
03:34and yes that is really true because you
03:37know in russia
03:38our system of working is little bit
03:41because we do not have uh house help we
03:43do not have maids and all
03:45so russian girls have to get up in the
03:47morning they have to go to office
03:49and after their complete working hours
03:51they have to go back home
03:53clean whatever they have in the house
03:55then cook food
03:56if a girl is already married and have
03:58kids she has to look after her husband
04:00look after her kids
04:02take care of all of them clean
04:05cook everything and then only she can
04:07have 5-10 minutes for herself
04:09and they do not complain and even if you
04:13help then she is already ready to help
04:15you too
04:16that's why we can say that russians are
04:19really hard-working women and to be
04:21i have never seen such hard-working
04:24women at least in half of the countries
04:27yeah and that is totally true because
04:28whenever i see irina she's coming from
04:31even though if she's very tired she
04:34never shows that
04:35she's very tired you know whatever you
04:37will ask her to you know make
04:39anything or to do anything so she's
04:41ready to do everything for you
04:43because the russian girls they are hard
04:46working and even uh
04:47the russian girl they don't even know
04:48check time the weather is 3 a.m and then
04:50that is 5 if she has to do the work she
04:53is doing the work
04:54so this shows that they are hardworking
04:56now gradually we are moving to the
04:58fourth point
04:59and the fourth point is russian girls
05:02are very well known
05:03for being good cooks and being good
05:08so what do you say about this point
05:12railwayville whenever you visit
05:15any house and which is hosted by
05:19a russian girl so you will find not only
05:22one not only two but you know
05:24varieties of dishes available she will
05:27not let you go
05:28empty stomach because that is the
05:30quality of a russian girl
05:35she will start with the giving you know
05:37different varieties of chai
05:38because the russian they like choice and
05:41not only
05:42that in india we usually give chai with
05:44you know snacks with something
05:46she will be making something you know
05:49sweet dish because russian drink chai
05:51with something sweet because
05:53sweet tooth definitely and
05:56russia is famous for its cuisine and
05:59most of the russian girls they know how
06:00to make different different varieties
06:02of cuisine not only russian they know
06:05like italian continental i
06:07have to talk about irena i mean i think
06:09she has mastered the
06:11indian cuisine as well whatever i will
06:12start blasting now
06:15so even even when i miss home let's say
06:18when i want to eat something indian and
06:21if even if she do not know how to cook
06:24that thing that she will find a way to
06:25you know to utilize her cooking skills
06:28she can make that thing particularly
06:30even better than the restaurant
06:32and this is from my experience i'm
06:34telling you uh
06:35uh and if you talk about uh the guests
06:38yes i was talking about the guest so
06:39when whenever guests are coming you know
06:41our entire dining table is filled with
06:43different different variety of cuisine
06:44uh not only main days there will be
06:47starter there will be
06:49the beverage there will be dessert and
06:51everything so
06:52this shows that russian girls they are
06:54very good host
06:55and plus we are not just feeding people
06:59letting them sit idle we keep on
07:01interrupting them people entertaining
07:03uh that people will not feel bored
07:05because see imagine that
07:07uh you're coming to someone's house and
07:09you will see there are two three people
07:11whom you do not know
07:12and everyone is selling i think that
07:14everyone will keep or
07:16will feel awkward so for that russian
07:18girl should have some
07:20little bit of brain and should have some
07:22sense of humor or else
07:24and she will be uh keeping up some topic
07:27that everyone will feel comfortable that
07:29everyone will feel
07:31like home are you agree with me
07:34definitely i agree that's why you know
07:37i'm gaining weight
07:39all right so now we have the last but
07:41not the least
07:42the last the fifth point of why indian
07:46should marry a russian girl so this is
07:50the loving and caring nature of russian
07:55well okay so since i
07:59start uh dating arena and uh
08:02the the important thing is that uh
08:04whenever the russian girl
08:06she deeply loves a person she'll be
08:08totally into a person
08:10right there are many instances that when
08:12people are asking uh hi hello like you
08:14know these days in social networking
08:16whenever they see any girl they just
08:17want to you know
08:18write hello how to a beautiful girl the
08:21russian girl she will directly point out
08:23i'm married or a hi i have a boyfriend
08:25so this shows that russian girls
08:27are honest and they are loving their
08:30and loving not only related to giving
08:34loving also involved taking care of the
08:36person you love
08:38and uh russian girls they are taking
08:41very good care of
08:42your uh boyfriend or let's say husband
08:44even though
08:45if you are sick they have so many uh
08:48home remedies that
08:49you know that uh that that she can cure
08:53you with
08:54all the type of you know let's say if
08:55you are sick she she has
08:57anything you know to cure you with that
08:59not to use the antibiotics or something
09:02and uh you have to talk about uh caring
09:05that uh even if you are tired
09:08in the late night she will be helping
09:10you with all sort of things so this show
09:12russian girls are very loving and caring
09:14so what do you say arena
09:16i totally agree how i cannot because i
09:18am russian
09:19and i do know russian girls of course
09:22whatever points we are giving it cannot
09:24cover all hundred percent
09:26because we have a lot of problems like
09:28do not uh cover
09:29all the people under the same level
09:31because some people are like this some
09:33people are like that
09:34but these are most common features in
09:36russian girls
09:37and i think if you want to go for
09:40russian girl
09:41you should keep these points in mind
09:43because it gives you
09:44really a lot of benefits and you will be
09:47loved you will be cared by a girl
09:48and friends i wanted to tell one more
09:52which is uh really valid because
09:54nowadays many girls are checking what is
09:56your bank statement how thick your
09:57wallet is
10:00and believe me not all russian girls are
10:02like this
10:03because there if they fall in love they
10:05fall in love with you
10:06with their pure heart and for them it
10:09will not matter
10:10whether you are rich or poor when you
10:13have a thick wallet or team
10:15because they know if you love each other
10:18if you have big heart for each other
10:21then everything can be done together
10:23everything can be achieved together and
10:26whatever goals and dreams you have
10:27you can do it right together that's why
10:30you have to go for the russian girl
10:34and this is all five points to check
10:37this shows that uh india should marry a
10:39russian girl not only because of their
10:41not only because they are hard working
10:43not only because they are loving and
10:45but they have all the five qualities and
10:47maybe i'm missing some of the qualities
10:49the russian girls has
10:50but definitely you should marry a
10:53russian girl
10:53and my mother i want to prove you that i
10:55was not wrong
10:56that i married a russian girl over the
10:59indian girls
11:02do not take us otherwise because this is
11:04only our subjective opinion this is only
11:07what we feel
11:08this is only what we think because as we
11:11as many people in the world each person
11:13can have his own opinion
11:15so it is only what we consider so
11:18friends uh if you have any
11:19questions related to international
11:21marriage so you can write in our comment
11:24and we'll be gladly answer them and if
11:26you like our today's vlog don't forget
11:28to press the like button
11:30and subscribe to our channel to get
11:31updated in our latest vlogs
11:34see you in the next videos bye bye
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. Why should Indian men consider marrying Russian girls?

Indian men should consider marrying Russian girls because of their beauty, intelligence, hardworking nature, culinary skills, and loving and caring nature.

2. What are the key qualities of Russian girls that make them suitable partners for Indian men?

Russian girls possess key qualities such as beauty, intelligence, hardworking nature, culinary skills, and a loving and caring nature, making them suitable partners for Indian men.

3. How can marrying Russian girls benefit Indian men?

Marrying Russian girls can benefit Indian men by providing them with companions who possess beauty, intelligence, hardworking nature, culinary skills, and a loving and caring nature.

4. What are the advantages of Indian men marrying Russian girls?

The advantages of Indian men marrying Russian girls include companions with beauty, intelligence, hardworking nature, culinary skills, and a loving and caring nature, fostering a fulfilling relationship.

5. Why do Indian men find Russian girls suitable for marriage?

Indian men find Russian girls suitable for marriage due to their beauty, intelligence, hardworking nature, culinary skills, and loving and caring nature, which contribute to a harmonious partnership.

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