💫 Summary
This video discusses five red flags that indicate a woman is in her "hoe phase," highlighting the importance of identifying these signs. It touches on topics such as imprinting, fear of missing out (FOMO), and the need for strong masculine figures in women's lives. The hosts also discuss how women may play hot and cold in relationships and provide advice for men dealing with these situations.
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The Fresh Podcast discusses 5 ways to identify if a girl is in her "hoe phase"
The content of the video is not safe for YouTube
They are on Rumble to upload videos that are not safe for the internet
They are taking their Andrew interviews off YouTube because they were being taken down
YouTube strikes their videos that feature Andrew Tate
The YouTubers discuss the absence of timestamps in their video due to a strike and briefly mention double dating with Chris.
Timestamps are not visible due to a YouTube strike, but can still be found by scrolling and clicking.
The YouTubers have been given a strike for one of their Andrew Tate videos.
A viewer shares that some high school girls are already in the "hoe phase".
The YouTubers have gone on a double date with Chris once but never recorded it.
The speaker is discussing red flags to look for when meeting a girl for the first time.
The speaker mentions feeling something weird in his heart about the girl, indicating a red flag.
He plans to cover five things to look for as red flags.
There are interruptions and jokes about not being able to talk about certain topics.
The discussion is about meeting a girl and sensing that something is not right.
Women in the "hoe phase" use their sexuality to their advantage, especially with the help of the internet.
They may have an imprint from a previous guy they were really into, making it difficult for them to fully commit to someone new.
Trying to pursue a girl who is still bonded to her previous partner is a waste of time.
A girl with a baby daddy already has an imprint, so breaking that bond would require being top tier.
Women are impressionable and can be influenced by societal messages about their sexuality, leading to the "hoe phase".
FOMO (fear of missing out) fuels this behavior.
Strong masculine figures can help women understand and control their power.
Mainstream society doesn't warn women about the potential negative consequences of engaging in casual sex.
The podcast is ending and they give advice on dating and making money
They mention hating on other podcasts in Spanish
They plan to end their Twitch stream
They give advice on dating for single fathers and short men
They receive donations and shoutouts for their show and give advice on crypto
When a girl starts playing hot and cold, it's a red flag indicating she may not be fully committed to the relationship.
Playing hot and cold may indicate she's not fully attached and her heart may be with someone else.
The person may just be a fun time option and not her number one.
It's suggested to move on and not play those games.
If a girl sends disrespectful messages, don't tolerate it, respond appropriately to make them act correctly.
Girls who send disrespectful messages like "I'll let you know" should be responded to with assertiveness.
Don't reward bad behavior from girls, instead, reward good behavior.
By not tolerating disrespectful behavior, you can make them act correctly.
00:00and we are live what's up guys welcome
00:02to the fresh podcast man it's womanizer
00:04Wednesday AKA we're going to talk about
00:05five ways to tell a girl still in her
00:07whole face man so you can identify not
00:08wipe these 304 so let's get into it
00:10let's go
00:52and I will never tell
01:01podcast man regular edition it's
01:03womanizer Wednesday uh we're going to go
01:06ahead and go through five ways to tell
01:08if a girl is in here quite frankly guys
01:11this is very important because some of
01:12y'all are not able to identify this
01:13stuff and some of them are going to be
01:15fairly obvious some of them are not
01:16going to be as obvious and everything in
01:17between but before we get into that
01:19number one guys fresh and fit
01:22guys as you all know uh this type of
01:25content we make especially videos like
01:26this are not safe for YouTube we're not
01:28safe for the internet in general just a
01:29matter of time until we go super super
01:31viral again and we get canceled so
01:33um there's definitely an attack on
01:34masculinity as you guys know they
01:35canceled Andrew Tate they cancel snico
01:37yeah so I wouldn't be surprised if we're
01:39next in some line so we're hedging our
01:41bets and we're on Rumble so if you guys
01:43want to go ahead and get videos that
01:44aren't necessarily as safe and we're
01:46going to be uploading all our Android
01:47interviews over there as well very soon
01:49we have to take them off YouTube bro
01:50because for some odd reason people you
01:53know they were striking our videos they
01:54were taking them down age restricting
01:56them whatever so YouTube doesn't like
01:57Android Whatever video he's in they
02:00strike or they give up particularly not
02:01every not everybody else
02:03particularly because yeah we did
02:08they said oh yeah yeah it's because you
02:10guys were in a studio like in a studio
02:12and I was like his house what the hell I
02:14was like bro but it's our content oh
02:15yeah but you guys filmed it in his
02:16studio so nah and I was like so
02:20um they're they're definitely hating
02:21because they know that we support them
02:22like when other people bring them on
02:23their platforms right they try to play a
02:25little bit they try to like you know ask
02:27questions like oh I don't agree with
02:28everything he says I'm just sure it's
02:30like yes but deep down behind the side
02:31the scenes like oh I agree with
02:33everything you say but since they don't
02:35openly say it like they let those videos
02:38stay up so it's crazy how there's you
02:39know it's a political game but that's a
02:41whole other thing
02:42um but yeah those videos will be up on
02:43uh on Rumble for sure guys yeah uh Moses
02:46has them backed up so we just gotta
02:47figure out when we're gonna upload them
02:49and everything and make the announcement
02:50for y'all so you guys can go check them
02:51um because those were some of the best
02:53interviews because when we interviewed
02:54Andrew obviously we just let them go man
02:56we don't we're not concerned about oh
02:58but again we're going to get canceled
03:00like that's the homie so he speaks
03:01freely actually our video with Andrew is
03:03when I went viral man that kind of blew
03:04him up as well so yeah there you go yeah
03:06man the thing is he was gonna make it no
03:08matter what anyway so so I'm just happy
03:10that we got to play a small part in
03:12their success yeah you know because they
03:13were they were going to make it anyway
03:14we had known about Andrew since what
03:152018 dude they were already famous when
03:18we met them pretty much yeah in Romania
03:20they were like already listed
03:21celebrities and stuff so when you know
03:22I'm just happy that we're able to
03:23introduce y'all to those guys uh that's
03:25a small degree yeah I would have found
03:27out about them anyway but thanks it is
03:29what it is because when when I first saw
03:30his Cuts I was like bro we need to bring
03:32this guy on he's [ __ ] awesome uh no
03:34filter and then we did that first
03:35interview uh I'll never forget we went
03:37on the boat and then uh back back in the
03:39day we did a one on the boat like May of
03:422020 right may have like 2020 or 2021
03:45yeah uh and um I'll tell you right now
03:48yeah and um we went out on a boat with
03:50them I think it was 2021 and it was a
03:52great time and then Andrew came back we
03:53did the interview it was lit uh you know
03:55he went ahead and debunked toxic
03:57masculinity and a bunch of other of
03:58these stupid ass Buzz terms that these
04:00sjws use and uh we talked about Islam we
04:02talked about
04:052021 May 1st 2021 yeah uh so yeah it was
04:10a great time and we had known prior to
04:11that I think for because you had done an
04:13interview with them in 2020 yeah so so
04:15yeah man good people shout out to them
04:17we know they're innocent they're going
04:18to be home very soon and yeah they're
04:20gonna beat these charges man yep uh yeah
04:22anyway uh
04:26they're all still looking bro like legit
04:28still loading so being uploaded right
04:29now I kick three [ __ ] out uh the
04:32other day bro just being annoying as
04:33hell like it ridiculous bro like I
04:36yeah some of you are like oh yeah this
04:38is for Black History Month man I didn't
04:39even play that like that I don't even
04:41plan it like that these chicks are
04:42always acting crazy where you got this
04:45old chick being disrespectful you got
04:47this other chick interrupting and I'm
04:48like are you gonna stop no get the [ __ ]
04:50out of here like it was just like a
04:51reflection she said no I was like get
04:53out of here and I'm like that's our
04:54black queens but you gotta do it to us
04:56man yeah Oh Black History Month yeah bro
04:58like yo man aren't you Queens no not a
05:01[ __ ] act man it's wild bro like how
05:03how ridiculous is it is and it's like oh
05:05you guys hate black women no we don't
05:07y'all just come on the show and make
05:08ourselves look stupid that's what it is
05:09it's crazy bro God damn uh Queens though
05:12and Castle yes yeah cancel right
05:15megaphone yeah are we still up yeah yeah
05:17go to rumble sweet okay uh Mega Ball
05:22literally the boys we say with the with
05:25the other podcasts are scared to say man
05:27uh yeah guys check us out on megaphone
05:28if you guys want to listen to the audio
05:29version of pod go ahead and check us out
05:31over there just make sure you wear
05:32headphones so you don't get fired at
05:33your job go get the Chris the bum
05:36shirts are live got damn it they are
05:39live is that a true statement or is that
05:41a question
05:42it's a true statement damn it sorry
05:43Chris yeah sorry Chris all right uh and
05:46then also guys
05:48what's what's next here oh guys our
05:51other YouTube channel stop the show
05:52fresh epic Clips guys I'm on a mission
05:56actually we're on a mission because
05:57we're a team we need to get this channel
05:59to 1 million subscribers okay the
06:02channel is doing 38 to 40m views a month
06:07we need to get it to 1 million
06:09subscribers okay 77 of the people I was
06:12looking at the numbers literally
06:13yesterday 77 of people that watch this
06:15channel are not subscribed I need y'all
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06:23channel okay like the videos we're
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06:27shorts okay guys six vids eight shorts
06:31we're posting what 12 piece of content a
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06:38clips and then 14 14 pieces of content
06:41excuse me that sucks guys I'm gonna give
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06:50uh and yeah help us get one million on
06:53and halfway there on all of our haters
06:56man if y'all know and you guys know who
06:58they are none of them happen to work out
07:00actually uh which is so hilarious yeah
07:02there's facts guys Vlog channel is still
07:05up man we didn't get canceled yet but
07:07the whole Dubai trip was vlogged there
07:08as well as wait did you edit that video
07:10yeah hold on did I oh it's processing so
07:14it should be done by now okay all right
07:15thousands years ago anyhow yes yes thank
07:18God we're stopping the rock Channel but
07:20Myron has a way with his words effort in
07:22particular but it was a great time in
07:24Dubai go check it out but also as well
07:26guys I launched recently the CEO Network
07:28for example in Google like many
07:31individuals don't want to work together
07:32Network and become better and we have
07:34people there like Miguel from dog crypto
07:36we have Casey Redbeard doing his travel
07:38Vlogs all this stuff like that and we
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07:43better so guys join the group man see
07:45your network see you guys in there bam
07:47cool and then uh guys check me out on
07:49fed 1811 as you guys know okay so on
07:52there can we pull up this channel real
07:53quick uh Chris I got it on your right
07:56um guys uh as you guys know I live
07:58stream on Sundays and then I post a uh
08:00pre-recorded video on Thursdays tomorrow
08:01I'm gonna be dropping the Green River
08:03Killer for y'all
08:05um on fed it and the video that's up
08:06right now is K flock scroll down real
08:08quick screen River Killer comes out
08:10tomorrow 7 P.M guys as you guys know
08:12this guy I had 49 confirmed murders
08:15upwards of 75 that he confessed to back
08:18in the 80s I actually Ted Bundy even
08:19assisted with finding this guy that's
08:21how bad he was uh killing all kinds of
08:23chicks all over the place and that yeah
08:25bro that's how you know it's bad and
08:27then I got the k-flop case where I went
08:29into detail as to why they actually went
08:31ahead and hit him with a Federal
08:32indictment and it's not what you guys
08:34think and I didn't see any other person
08:35or these hip-hop bloggers or whatever
08:37cover it so if you guys want uh details
08:39from an actual fed that used to do RICO
08:41case to know how Rico cases are done
08:43check it out on feta 1811 if you guys
08:45like True Crime I cover every type of
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08:49um serial killers bank robberies
08:51everything that you guys could think of
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08:55the FTX collapse with the money
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08:59Diversified which the fresher print
09:01network God damn it we got all that type
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09:05videos on how to make money how to get
09:07in shape how to become a better man how
09:08to get girls how to identify 304s
09:10telling you guys exactly why women
09:12deserve less speaking book is in storage
09:13right now guys by the way number one
09:15best seller all over [ __ ] Amazon
09:17right now all right
09:1911 000 plus copies sold it's doing great
09:22number one dating number one is
09:24psychology intersectional Dynamics on
09:25YouTube man number one in three
09:27different categories so guys for audible
09:29is coming soon Mo just finished editing
09:31it it's pending review right now as we
09:33speak the hardcover version is out right
09:34now as well so go ahead all right
09:37Kindle hardcover and audible coming very
09:39soon because I know a lot of y'all hate
09:40reading and I voiced it myself so you
09:43guys are really going to enjoy that
09:43fresh is also working on a book as well
09:45yes that's gonna be I'll probably
09:47sometime ended this year right for
09:48networking yes yeah summer so uh bro
09:51nobody else on YouTube is giving you all
09:54this kind of content we're the hardest
09:55workers on this [ __ ] bro yeah
09:57okay dude remember back in the day we
09:59used to do seven days a week pretty much
10:00six seven days yeah two three shows a
10:02day yeah it's crazy but who does that
10:04for podcasts nobody and who brings and
10:06shout out to Chris in the [ __ ] back
10:07bring it girls all the time
10:14today man you know being like Chris
10:16behind the scenes does a lot of things
10:17as much as he likes to drink out alcohol
10:19and be a drunk behind the scenes uh he
10:21is responsible for getting the girls as
10:22you all know we're very consistent
10:23bringing y'all lovely ladies all the
10:25time bringing new girls we listen to
10:26your guys criticism bringing girls from
10:27different backgrounds Etc everyone is
10:29trying to imitate but they can never
10:30replicate the fresher FIT formula and
10:32we're going to continue to give you all
10:34not just content on watching women be
10:35delusional and after hours but also
10:37content with self-improvement getting in
10:38shape bringing you guys cool guests
10:40doing uh really interesting collabs and
10:42uh yeah man I mean I I whenever I see
10:45people copying us I'm like oh fantastic
10:46this is gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna work
10:49even harder to prove to y'all why you
10:50guys will never be able to catch up to
10:52us and or beat us as far as content
10:54quality goes what do they say uh
10:55imitation flattery yeah pretty much
10:57limitation is the best form there you go
10:58man so
11:00um anyway let's pick up three or fours
11:01we got 11 girls coming in tonight so
11:03okay 11 yeah 11. God damn get ready
11:057-Eleven come again yeah all right so uh
11:08let's set these chats real quick and we
11:09got 3 700 y'all watching right now man
11:11do me a favor like the video guys
11:13subscribe to the channel uh send this
11:15video to a friend that's dating at 304
11:17or might be dating a 304. uh can y'all
11:19put the timestamps back in the video
11:20okay yo s good question the reason why
11:23the time stamps don't show is because we
11:24got a strike yeah anytime you get a
11:26strike YouTube takes away like the
11:28little bars whatever don't worry
11:29timestamps are always in every single
11:30video we'll still put there but you have
11:32to scroll down and click the part that
11:33you want to see which is kind of lame
11:34but the reason why it doesn't put the
11:36chapter breaks in the actual bar is
11:38because we got a strike bro it's [ __ ]
11:40lame but it'll be gone in April
11:41hopefully but yeah bro we'll see yeah
11:44and actually what did this record for on
11:46an agitate video yeah yeah the [ __ ]
11:48haters mom they took down one of our
11:50Andrew Tate videos and gave us a strike
11:53um they're hating bro uh Camp two times
11:55ten bucks little girls that aren't even
11:5718 or in high school are already in a
11:59304 phase a couple of my students
12:00confirmed that to me I wonder when a
12:01girl turns 18 and she starts and only
12:03fans what was her only plans
12:06probably went from only plants to only
12:08fans that's funny Z hey fresh uh Myron
12:12uh you guys said on past podcasts you've
12:14been on Double Days together have either
12:15you guys ever gone on a double date with
12:17Chris no not really
12:19didn't we Chris one time oh I think one
12:21time but yeah but we never recorded it
12:23though yeah it's just like I'm very
12:25vague with my girls man wait what what
12:27I'm very vague with my girls we can tell
12:40follow up on that therapy stuff uh yeah
12:43is is that [ __ ] working [ __ ] [ __ ] I'm
12:46stop the cap [ __ ] first I know you
12:48talking man
12:49you have a book coming out soon
12:56be hilarious hold on bro you read the
12:59book with your eyes though you don't
13:00read it with your mouth
13:03I'm not the audio it's gonna be crazy
13:08to do audio man but yeah man you don't
13:10do audio we'll see what happens I should
13:12be like a whole [ __ ] uh dictionary
13:14for you bro
13:23Baker's black podcast popos goes uh
13:26fresh what is your book a networking
13:27coming out I want to utilize my online
13:28presence I also have a YouTube channel
13:29inspired by YouTube thanks guys honestly
13:31bro I think I'm gonna finish by summer
13:33however I will say guys right now I have
13:36a group called CEO Network join that
13:38group guys it's in my link on my
13:39Instagram and it should be in the uh
13:41down below but guys that group right now
13:43I'm teaching people networking social
13:45media marketing all in that chat guys
13:47and we got creators in there
13:49lamborghinson earlier uh Miguel uh
13:52hopefully soon some other creators as
13:54well but guys never been there from time
13:56to time as well there you go yeah of
13:58course Fitness stuff
14:00um Big Mo two bucks uh Chris okay uh
14:04Nate Diaz goes YouTuber think before you
14:06sleep so watch this episode he needs it
14:08most right now why
14:09problems with this girl oh no I know he
14:12made a hit piece on a stock of [ __ ] so
14:13[ __ ] that [ __ ] oh God like I I don't
14:15care no more bro real quick man
14:16everybody that talks [ __ ] about us on
14:17our climb up to one million that like
14:18talk [ __ ] about us I know I remember all
14:20you [ __ ] bro yeah so all you
14:22guys can go suck a dick you go oh boy
14:24you don't know
14:25I want you guys to put yourself in my
14:28shoes and have 30 plus YouTube channels
14:29coming at you calling you a fraud a
14:31Grapist a terrible person a liar a
14:33scammer trying to [ __ ] destroy you
14:35and the people that that um work with
14:37you and anybody else would have quit and
14:39yeah bro we lost right in that corner
14:41that was a very dark time we've got lost
14:4250 000 subscribers everyone's hating us
14:44hating us yeah everyone was making a
14:45bunch of videos talking [ __ ] blah blah
14:46blah so the fact that we rose up from
14:48all that yeah and we [ __ ] beat the
14:50haters and we surpassed what uh they
14:52thought we would we hit the one million
14:53subscribers and some of these other
14:54channels that talk [ __ ] about us been on
14:56YouTube longer and still never hit one
14:57million subscribers all of them could go
14:58suck a [ __ ] dick and I told you all
15:00the best revenge is success success yeah
15:02okay and I'm gonna add a little bit of
15:03spice so I say success with a little bit
15:05of [ __ ] talk [ __ ] you guys that talk
15:07[ __ ] about us in the past real talk all
15:09those [ __ ] channels channels yeah and
15:10think before you sleep is one of them
15:12[ __ ] you too there's a reason why you
15:13don't show your face you [ __ ] ass [ __ ]
15:15two bucks Chris bike tire repair uh okay
15:18uh I stay in my Lane three dicklets cool
15:21um the enigmatic 120 bus goes donation
15:24for Chris so he can buy a bed without
15:25lumps in it let's go Chris bro no why
15:28because uh all right so because we're
15:30late no from El Chris to a roast session
15:32the whole time I'm watching an Hotel
15:35like this I'm like if only these things
15:37but I don't want to say nothing but [ __ ]
15:39it Mike I'm gonna let the chat out there
15:40fun because some of my jokes are funny
15:42as [ __ ] but God damn man
15:54um question from Iron I've noticed uh
15:56the more I bulk up the more overweight
15:57women approach and I'm confused have you
15:59ever experienced that five foot nine
16:01hundred ninety pounds 10 percent body
16:02fat I I if you're five foot nine 190
16:06pounds ten percent body fat brother then
16:07you're [ __ ] a professional
16:08bodybuilder damn near bro your body fat
16:10is probably higher than 10 my friend ten
16:12is like you're [ __ ] ripped
16:14um but yeah I mean overweight women love
16:16guys that are in shape because it's the
16:17uh opposite of them you know what I'm
16:18saying uh okay y'all should get Kane
16:21Carter on I.E hot damn I rock he's an
16:25old chill RP YouTuber who has a great
16:28story to tell if you'd ask him ask the
16:30chat sure they all know yeah I remember
16:31him I don't know who that is uh yeah I
16:33remember him okay uh McLovin goes I work
16:37for a power company making 80 to 120k a
16:39year in Illinois would it be smart to go
16:40live with my buddy selling time shares
16:42in Vegas last year he made 300K
16:45oh live with him selling timeshares in
16:48uh I mean it's a gamble it's a gamble
16:51you know what I mean I don't know it
16:53depends dude where where the Time Shares
16:55are Etc why not just buy your own real
16:56estate man yeah the thing is bro you're
16:58not your buddy so he might make that
17:00money but it doesn't mean that you're
17:01gonna make that money so it's kind of
17:02like yeah you're making a gamble there
17:03but hey man I mean
17:06if you got no kids nothing to lose [ __ ]
17:09yeah I don't know bro I don't know what
17:11everyone that wants to get into like
17:12real estate and you know they kind of do
17:14it pseudo through Airbnb whatever guys
17:16buy your first property own that
17:18property okay control it whether it's
17:20through an FHA loan or a conventional
17:22loan 28.20 to 25 down right
17:25learn how real estate works then get
17:27into these strange you know one-offs
17:30yeah like as far as like times and I
17:34mean wholesaling you might need to do in
17:35the beginning to get your money up but
17:37guys get your first property get the tax
17:38benefits get the cash flow do the deal
17:40by yourself get your own Capital right
17:42and then as you become more and more
17:43sophisticated then you can go ahead and
17:44take these more riskier options yeah you
17:46want to make calculated risk bro so
17:49um my name is solar dolo free top G
17:51shout out to you big homie Dre says
17:54without sex most women hold their value
17:56to a man's life and they know it but do
17:58nothing to change it give me sex that's
18:01big facts most girls don't offer in
18:02anything except for sex bro that's
18:03that's true that's why they're single so
18:05my official says thoughts on the US
18:07limiting time on Tick Tock wfnf I think
18:09that's good man I mean bro
18:12yeah Michael mini truck one dollar thank
18:14you so much Daniel lawyer goes book is
18:16amazing thank you so much 86 Pages
18:18because you know women deserve lessons
18:19right on the plane uh I read the book in
18:22an hour easy read absolutely that's my
18:24goal guys and I know some of you guys
18:25saw me there's typos in there whatever
18:26Eric clear just fixed them so don't
18:28worry guys if you buy it now there's the
18:30the fixes are going to be gone and by
18:32the way happy Birthday to Michael oh
18:33happy birthday to you my friend
18:36yes sir uh but yeah Harry zikos thank
18:39you so much for supporting man Michael
18:40uh you read an hour bro how'd you do
18:42that goddamn speed [ __ ] was speed
18:44reading uh put the Thursday uh boot
18:46print on the back of the heads of haters
18:48Myron yeah man uh yeah Nicholas Andre
18:50yeah man like at this point it's it's
18:52everyone that doubted us bro like I
18:54don't care anymore we hit our 1 million
18:55we hit our goal we're gonna continue to
18:57keep grinding though as y'all know we're
18:58still obviously focused on growing this
19:00channel getting this channel up to 2
19:01million getting a clip channel to one
19:02million where the the grind doesn't stop
19:05and Rumble of course a million as well
19:07but now that we hit that goal I'm 100
19:10gonna do a Victory lap and say [ __ ] you
19:12to all the guys that talk [ __ ] about us
19:13and you guys know who they are there
19:15were 30 plus YouTube channels that made
19:16videos on us talking [ __ ] trying to kick
19:18us while we were down subscribers
19:20whatever well we lost those subscribers
19:22and gained back a bunch more because
19:25here's the thing there's three things
19:27that always come out no matter what
19:28happens the Sun the moon and the truth
19:30and on this podcast we talk about the
19:31truth the [ __ ] that we deal with
19:33with women getting in shape becoming a
19:34better man in general you can't stop
19:36good content and good information we're
19:39saving [ __ ] lives here what are these
19:40ass clowns that talk [ __ ] about us doing
19:45give commentary on some [ __ ] oh let's
19:47not teach you how to make more money
19:50talk [ __ ] about other creators because
19:51we got nothing else to do [ __ ] losers
19:54[ __ ] loser so yeah I'm gonna pop my
19:56[ __ ] now because that when they were
19:58hitting us when we were down we didn't
19:59say nothing I gotta make no response
20:01videos nothing I got three words stay
20:03over there facts [ __ ] those
20:04[ __ ] bro uh once LDA five bucks
20:08gonna start having people wait five
20:09minutes before liking the video to help
20:10the algorithm uh love y'all bro
20:12appreciate that cool uh Daryl goes
20:14finally caught y'all live no longer a
20:16ninja Watcher I've been here since 900k
20:17y'all helped me go from 423 to 608
20:20credit score keep it up big homie good
20:21job bro
20:22good job messages like that is what can
20:26continue to motivate us to become better
20:28creators to give you guys more value man
20:30thank you so much like you guys
20:32understand how how important it is like
20:34I'll walk down the street someone will
20:35stop me yo my blah blah I go out of my
20:37way shake their hand thank you for
20:39supporting like I never turn anyone away
20:41hell someone
20:42um someone commented comment on your
20:44videos videos like oh my why are you
20:46asking to take a picture the reason why
20:47I do that guys is because a lot of times
20:48people don't want to come off as weird
20:49or whatever yeah they don't so I'll
20:51always make the offer Aid you want to
20:52take a picture and I always take a
20:53picture and Thomas guys I mean bro I
20:55mean at the same time most people they
20:57say oh that's my favorite Creator
20:58they're like they're like oh my God we
21:00say yo you want picture yeah I do cool
21:02it's simple they don't if they know it's
21:04cool I'll ask it for them so they don't
21:05feel awkward man yeah that's like me
21:07being Soldier but I was like bro soldier
21:08boy oh my God yeah you know it's like
21:09there's that saying there's this famous
21:11saying never meet your um your Idols
21:12right yeah well I I don't believe in
21:14that because I look at it like I hope
21:16you guys will analyze me I'm just a
21:17regular dude I'm not nothing special but
21:18what I am saying is that if you meet me
21:20in person I'm the same guy on and off
21:23camera you know what I mean I don't
21:24think I'm blessing anybody or anything
21:25like that I'm just a guy
21:27they could talk about the [ __ ] that
21:29we're all experiencing okay guys just
21:31because me and fresh got a little bit of
21:32clout now or whatever some money doesn't
21:34mean that we don't tolerate the same
21:35that we don't deal with the same
21:36[ __ ] that y'all do man we definitely
21:38do trust me bro I mean Kanye West even
21:40said it that song Stronger you know I
21:42know that God put you in front on me
21:43right so how can the hell could you
21:45front on me no [ __ ] even he's dealing
21:47with that [ __ ] if anything I had a
21:49bigger scale now there's some problems
21:57there's a lot of [ __ ] that owe me sex
21:59like [ __ ] No One Is Safe from the
22:01[ __ ] nobody's here guys 100 like
22:04nobody you think money is gonna save you
22:06that cloud Fitness is Gonna Save You In
22:07Shape bro literally bro you still deal
22:10with the [ __ ] always gonna handle it
22:13that really matters bro you're always
22:14going to deal with [ __ ] with women
22:15bro yeah
22:16that's gonna matter bro so holy okay uh
22:19okay you gotta put you in front of me so
22:22the hell how the hell could you front on
22:24me you know how to come back though like
22:26legit like he's coming back yeah yeah
22:29they canceled him after he talked about
22:31them boys
22:34can't talk about the boys
22:42okay guys
22:45yeah okay
22:51so let's talk about today's topic right
22:54so this was spawned from a question from
22:58a supporter right however at the same
22:59time guys you meet a girl for the first
23:02time you like her she's cool but you're
23:04like damn something's not right in my
23:07heart I feel something weird bro like
23:09it's like she's cool but it's a red flag
23:10I can't put my finger on today we're
23:12going to cover five things you can look
23:15at I'm sorry
23:17in the back
23:20them boys you watch it
23:38listen we love everybody here you know
23:40even the Queens so uh let's pushing them
23:42boys man yeah we love them boys
23:46damn it we don't know boys we'll not be
23:48here right now
23:49I'm just saying bro
23:52okay so this topic right like I was
23:56saying earlier
23:57you meet a girl you like her however
23:59someone's telling you something's not
24:01right so covered today five topics
24:05no don't say it bro don't get a chat bro
24:09that's cancelable
24:12now you see why I had to chat right
24:15yeah because beside the chat y'all
24:16[ __ ] got murdering that dying here
24:21this must be a serious show man at some
24:23level bro on some level
24:26okay [ __ ] can't breathe them boys
24:32all right man
24:34I'm sorry okay yeah okay man the [ __ ]
24:38tears are we good now yo y'all get in
24:40the back I think so I'm sweating you're
24:42good in the front
24:44okay here we go okay
24:48so once again you meet a girl right and
24:51you like her you might want to make it
24:53your main or a main side piece or
24:56whatever you want to put her in your
24:57rotation right but you're like damn
25:00something's fishy about this trick I
25:01can't put my finger on it right
25:03So today we're gonna cover five things
25:04you can look at to kind of say you know
25:06what damn maybe this is one of the
25:07things that she's doing behind the
25:08scenes or she's pretty much like holding
25:11back from you at the same time so
25:13want to fight we got you guys what C
25:16meter you like her cool Vibes whatever
25:18but something isn't right she's been
25:20single for a long period of time
25:22everything's nothing to the table so
25:24imagine right meet a chick like damn
25:26she's a nine or ten I'm sorry nine or
25:28eight she's pretty bad you're like damn
25:30why she's single anyhow I got her now
25:32and you're like okay cool I got a good
25:33one but reality what happens is here is
25:35that like you meet the girl for the
25:36first time having a great time it's cool
25:38but she's very quiet you're like why is
25:41she so quiet she's really a [ __ ] bro
25:42nothing to offer so she's gonna play a
25:44part with you to get in image you once
25:46she's in with you you're like damn I
25:48don't know what you're single however
25:50what happens is you most guys say like
25:52you know what she's so hot I'm gonna
25:53ignore the right flag I keep keep it
25:55going and it's like okay the problem is
25:57though but I pray to tell you that you
26:00don't ignore it what happens is like you
26:02fall into traps for example she might
26:03try to finesse you she might try to play
26:05you and it's like when she's in that
26:07moment with you for the first time you
26:09want to see the red flags because right
26:10now guys most of you find a girl that's
26:12hot you can be like cool I'ma do it
26:14because she's hot but reality speaking
26:16her being with you she's something at
26:19the table at least and it's kind of like
26:21in your life your business you have
26:22yourself going on your your purpose your
26:24passion like we get it you want a
26:27special hot chick however it's like bro
26:28at the same time
26:30value to your life what's the point so I
26:33think it's like find a chick that's cool
26:35great Vibes whatever but at least have
26:38some value to add in your life that's
26:40all I'm saying
26:41all right so uh I got my notebook sorry
26:44guys I was I was laughing towards there
26:46uh okay so the the first thing guys uh
26:49just as fresh said was um she's been
26:51single for a long time now this is a
26:52huge red flag right and the reason why
26:53is because um
26:55I want you guys to go into an imaginary
26:58world right so let's give the equivalent
27:00on this side let's say you meet a guy
27:04is fat a loser and hasn't gotten laid
27:07for the past one or two years and then
27:10he tells you oh hey well I didn't get
27:13laid because like I don't need to like I
27:16I could get any girl like well I just
27:17I'm just choosing not to what do you say
27:19stop the cast it's because you can't get
27:20laid Yeah that is the functional
27:22equivalent guys to a girl that hasn't
27:25been in a relationship okay the thing is
27:29when a girl hasn't been in a
27:30relationship for a very long time that
27:32should automatically set a red flag and
27:34let you know that more than likely she's
27:36in her whole face or party years as Rolo
27:38tomasi likes to call it because she
27:40doesn't want to be in a relationship and
27:41be tied down okay and when a girl
27:43doesn't want to be tied down that's a
27:45big problem because we know that women
27:47look for security and when they look for
27:49security they typically look at look for
27:51that security through a man so if
27:54they're not doing what they're
27:55biologically inclined to do that should
27:57be a big red flag too that she's still
27:59basically on the [ __ ] [ __ ] Carousel
28:01let's just keep it a thousand all right
28:04also that also tells you that more than
28:06likely she has a bunch of traits that
28:09disqualified her from getting a guy to
28:11take her seriously as well and
28:13especially if she's attractive and has
28:15been single for a long time guys almost
28:17certainly she belongs to the street
28:19because you know for a fact a bunch of
28:21Simpsons come along and tried to wife
28:23her up or whatever it may be if you're
28:24trying to deal with a chick right yeah
28:25I'm just curious what is your last like
28:28relationship oh it's been five years I'm
28:30like Shaggy five years that's a red flag
28:33man why is it five years
28:35yeah so if a girl has been in a uh has
28:38been in a relationship in a long time
28:39guys that's a big red flag that's the
28:41equivalent to a guy that hasn't had sex
28:43in a couple of years right if that guy
28:44went ahead and told you oh I'm not
28:46having sex because I choose not to well
28:48unless they're super religious and like
28:49they have some strong beliefs which most
28:51of y'all are not or most of those guys
28:52are not
28:53not ten times it's not because they
28:55don't want to get laid it's because they
28:56[ __ ] can't get laid same thing with a
28:58girl oh I'm single because I choose to
29:00be bro stop the cat it's because no one
29:02wants to take you seriously because you
29:03probably have very bad habits that
29:05you're unaware of or you just aren't
29:07qualified for it to be a girlfriend for
29:08a lot of guys right so that's a big red
29:11flag when you meet a girl that isn't uh
29:13hasn't been a relationship for a long
29:14time uh number two that she uh round two
29:18here guys round two
29:21fight round two that she is still for
29:25the streets and uh in her whole face she
29:28Bond yeah okay
29:31um and what I mean by this is
29:33emotional damage that's the best the
29:36queue ever yeah guys what this means is
29:38that more than likely she was Alpha
29:40Widow now what is Alpha Widow that means
29:41that she was with a guy right that
29:43checked off most of if not all of her
29:46boxes that are important to her and now
29:49she can't find that guy again so any guy
29:52that she deals with is always going to
29:54be compared to that former guy and if
29:55you're not better than him she's always
29:57going to yearn for him yep okay and this
30:00is why right girls with high body counts
30:02girls that have a promiscuous past Etc
30:04are not good long-term Partners in
30:06general and the reason why is because
30:07the likelihood that they've been Alpha
30:09widowed is higher okay what do I tell
30:12you on this podcast all the time when a
30:14girl deals with a certain class of male
30:17it's very difficult for her to go
30:19backwards okay it's the same thing as
30:21let's say you make 100 Grand one year
30:23right and then all of a sudden you make
30:2550k the next year well you're gonna
30:27suffer that second year making 50k
30:29because once you make a certain amount
30:30of money it's very difficult for you to
30:31acclimate to anything below that okay
30:33that's how women operate when it comes
30:35to men same exact situation if they got
30:37a certain type of lifestyle or a certain
30:39type of feeling or or Vibe whatever the
30:41hell you want to call it these girls
30:42like to Define
30:44they're always going to compare you to
30:45that guy and if you're not better than
30:47him significantly better than him she's
30:49always going to be imprinted by that guy
30:52and this is why I tell y'all all the
30:53time younger women lower body counts
30:55these are things you need to look for
30:56coming from a good household the reason
30:58why I tell you how to look for this guys
31:00is because there's a lower likelihood
31:02okay that she has a negative imprint
31:05from another man that you might not
31:07necessarily be able to measure up to and
31:09this is highlighted even more so thanks
31:11to social media thanks to the internet
31:12where women have access to these high
31:14status guys all the time I talk about
31:16this in [ __ ] detail and why women
31:18deserve less than one of the chapters
31:19where women nowadays
31:22have such a plethora of options that
31:24they're able to put men in certain
31:25categories okay they're able to put some
31:27guys in tricks and simps some guys as
31:29soon as my only fans this guy pays me it
31:31does this for food
31:32Etc so you want to make sure
31:35that you're at the top of the list but
31:37since she's experienced so many
31:38different men right if you take a model
31:39woman nowadays that's 25 she probably
31:41has more sexual experience than a guy
31:43that's 25 at her same level and that's
31:46the world that we're in now so the more
31:47men that she's experienced the higher
31:48the likelihood she's going to be
31:49imprinted the higher the likelihood
31:50she's not going to be able to bond with
31:52you and she's going to compare you to
31:54the guy that was the best in her
31:55situation and today's day and age an
31:57average looking girl right skip it a
31:59thousand the average looking girl has
32:01more General sexual market value and
32:04more sexual market value pull so to
32:06speak than a guy that's a [ __ ]
32:09like guys one more time I want you to
32:12really like like really get this through
32:14your head
32:15an average woman in 2023 has more sexual
32:20market value pull and ability to attract
32:22than a damn near celebrity male bruh
32:26that's scary by the way yeah yeah and
32:29they've done experiments on this with
32:30Tinder where they took a guy that was
32:31literally a Chad in the top one percent
32:33and then it took a chick that was gross
32:35okay 300 pounds pale fat ugly Etc
32:39almost five times as many matches as he
32:42did on Tinder in a 24-hour period
32:45damn Daniel and that was a that's a girl
32:47that's a one compared to a guy that's a
32:48nine you wanna you take a girl that's a
32:51two gonna get ten times as many matches
32:54this is the central Marketplace it is
32:55skilled to a ridiculous degree guys it's
32:58skewed so much that girls are not only
33:00able to use it to their advantage
33:01financially but they're also able to use
33:03it to their advantage to find the best
33:04man they're able to use it to get
33:05housing food Etc
33:07and this is what I mean when I and I
33:09talk about this in a book where women
33:11are negotiating in bad faith nowadays
33:13they they don't like most men but they
33:16know that it creates an enormous
33:18opportunity for them to finesse most men
33:20and they do that to their advantage to
33:22the highest degree in today's day and
33:23age thanks to the internet where they're
33:24able to scale their sexuality to a whole
33:26other level yeah now the word imprint
33:29right doesn't matter unless you want to
33:30wipe the Chick Up or take her serious
33:32right however at the same time imprint
33:34if you're just smashing her doesn't
33:36really matter but let's say you need to
33:38check for the first time she's been
33:39multiple days before she had a boyfriend
33:41in the past a couple couple guys she's
33:42dealing with so one of those guys at
33:45least important to her in a big way and
33:46Robin says girls will get an imprint
33:48from this guy that she's really into he
33:50might say you know what damn I don't
33:51want to commit to you so I'm going to do
33:53what I do what I do she's put us with it
33:55for like a year maybe a couple months
33:57you know what ah no commitment I'm out
33:59for reality she really wants that guy so
34:01she's going the streets have fun going
34:03yachts party get lit all that stuff but
34:06she really wants that one guy that she
34:07met at the very beginning
34:09she'll be with you but she really her
34:11heart is really with that guy so it's
34:13kind of like that imprint never goes
34:14away so let's say you meet this chick
34:16you want to bond with her you can't
34:18because her heart is with that guy her
34:19imprint once once again so my thing is
34:21like don't chase a girl that because
34:23that's a red flag that girl's bonded to
34:24that guy and if you try to come into the
34:26picture you can't break that Bond so
34:28it's kind of like you're wasting your
34:28time for example a girl with a baby
34:30daddy off rip bro that's her imprint so
34:33for you to break that bro you got to be
34:35top tier if you won't even want to break
34:37it and it's like why even break it so
34:39right there guys and she tells you oh
34:41yeah you know my exists and that and
34:43here's a sign right let's say you're on
34:45a day with a chick she's like oh yeah my
34:46exit smacks that we're keeping up your
34:48ex and it's like every conversation you
34:50talk about it's like yeah well Max you
34:52should do this for me you should die for
34:54me it's like why you keep bringing up
34:55it's the imprint guys so be careful
34:58yeah so this is why and Andrew got a
35:01bunch of hate for this when he said
35:03um he'd rather date a girl that's 18
35:05over a girl that's 25 and he said it's
35:06because she's been more uh the girl
35:08that's 25 has a higher likelihood of
35:10being ran through yeah this is what he's
35:12talking about the likelihood of her
35:13being imprinted within those seven years
35:15is extremely high guys that a girl
35:18that's mildly attractive is gonna have
35:20so many suitors coming at her that it's
35:22nearly impossible for her within those
35:24seven years to not get an imprint to
35:25some degree so what he's saying is you
35:28want to deal with a girl that's younger
35:30that has less trauma yeah trauma makes
35:32men but it destroys women one more time
35:38trauma makes men but it destroys women
35:42and the older she is right especially in
35:45a western world the higher the
35:48likelihood she's experienced some kind
35:49of trauma with men and that's going to
35:52negatively impact you as the guy because
35:54you're going to be compared to all those
35:55other [ __ ] dicks that she's dealt
35:57with that's why girls that are virgins
35:58have a way higher likelihood of staying
36:00in uh relationships they've done studies
36:02on this where a girl that was a virgin
36:03or had a body count under five
36:06significantly decreased chances of
36:08divorce versus the more bodies they had
36:10higher increase of divorce why because
36:12she's constantly comparing you to other
36:14guys that she's had yep
36:15and guys this is a place for women guys
36:17real talk you're probably wondering but
36:19Myron fresh like I want to make up my
36:21wife you bro like how can I do this I'm
36:23like bro stupid it's dumb one but two
36:25let's say you're gonna do anyway right
36:26here's what I would do your best weapons
36:28to level up that's it dude that's all
36:30you can do be the best person that you
36:31can be for her and maybe that's better
36:34than the last guy but rally speaking bro
36:35it's gonna be tough and a second bro
36:37just move on bro that's pretty much it
36:39yeah uh all right so the next one guys
36:41we're gonna cover is number three so
36:43we're almost at well we got some bonuses
36:45free out too so don't worry yeah so
36:46number three right now guys is
36:50this is a big one
36:51she outside he's outside when I say
36:54she's outside the street she's on social
36:56media post some being on boats parties
36:59uh expensive restaurants tenacious
37:04uh interesting look locations that are
37:07expensive to be at Etc guys if you see a
37:11girl posting [ __ ] like this like
37:13extravagant experiences of of luxury or
37:16traveling Etc
37:18nine out of ten times some [ __ ]
37:21paying for that [ __ ] girls rarely if
37:23ever pay for luxurious items when it
37:26comes to flexing what do I mean by this
37:27private jets exotic cars uh expensive
37:31locations Etc let me tell you the
37:34difference when women travel and they're
37:35paying for themselves you know what
37:36these [ __ ] do I'll take you guys
37:37through it right now
37:41when girls traveling it's their [ __ ]
37:43money it'll be five of them cramped up
37:45in a [ __ ] one bed [ __ ] hotel all
37:49right it's cheaper yeah or Airbnb right
37:51if it's them paying right it'll be some
37:53[ __ ] it'll be that's why I tell
37:55y'all anytime you meet a girl and she's
37:56like on a girl trip with her friends you
37:58never go back to her place you ain't
37:59gonna be able to go because she more
38:01than likely has her and all her friends
38:03are [ __ ] crammed in one spot it's
38:05dirty as [ __ ] in there hair all over the
38:07place close all over the place
38:10Etc you got to bring them to your place
38:11if you deal with a bunch of girls if you
38:13meet a bunch of girls on a trip and they
38:14actually paid for themselves all right
38:15you can't go back to theirs because
38:17girls Penny pinch when it's their
38:19[ __ ] money they're spending to travel
38:20however if you see them in in a nice
38:24Suite with a private chat Etc dudes pay
38:27for that [ __ ] don't pay for private
38:28jets you guys know what a private jet is
38:29just to go like three four hours like
38:31twenty thousand dollars and they never
38:32post a guy yeah only the plane pay for
38:36private jets bro they don't you know
38:38what I mean even cardi B was on an
38:40interview saying oh yeah I don't pay for
38:42private jets that's stupid like what do
38:44I look like now twenty thousand dollars
38:45for what my ears still pop right even
38:47though she said that [ __ ] and she's an
38:49ignorant 304 what she said exemplifies
38:53how a lot of women look at uh using
38:55private jets Etc yeah if you pay for it
38:57it's cool if they pay for it's a problem
38:59and this is a multi-multi
39:01multi-millionaire woman that's super
39:02successful thinking this way you think
39:04an average chick is paying for [ __ ]
39:05uh a private jet [ __ ] no can't afford it
39:08they're not doing it all right when
39:09girls pay for their own trip they go on
39:11bum ass things like backpacking they
39:13cram into a room hostels they're staying
39:16at hostels Etc that's when [ __ ] pay
39:18for their own [ __ ] but when they're
39:19doing if you see a girl doing anything
39:20luxurious 99 chance a [ __ ] paid for it
39:24regardless of how much money she makes
39:25girls don't like spending their own
39:27money when it comes to uh living
39:29portraying a certain luxury nice
39:31restaurants private jets exotic cars Etc
39:33always guys paying for that [ __ ] never
39:35girls guys number three on the list to
39:38me is the biggest reply because
39:41he might have a great girl she's gonna
39:42be awesome she might actually be nice
39:44person right cool girl however in the
39:47outside environment right in the
39:48lifestyle of being outside that
39:50environment will change anybody guys we
39:52be outside sometimes you know networking
39:54doing our stuff
39:55and do the club that's a whole different
39:57story that's like no man's own like 100
40:01that's where you shouldn't go at all but
40:03I'm just saying just being outside in
40:04general like T vents private parties
40:07like guys that environment only brings
40:10one thing alcohol drugs sex and that's
40:14gonna be your man or your actual girl
40:15Bro think twice because once again let's
40:18say she's
40:21she's very uh preserved whatever
40:24her friend's gonna be like oh girl drink
40:26up don't be don't be a lame party with
40:28us she's gonna get in the mood right and
40:29then at that point say you know what I'm
40:31gonna stop being late uh lame whatever
40:32I'm gonna get lit she's cool whatever
40:34it's working yo
40:36OK on our table let's let's get a drink
40:37before you know it bro she's at table
40:39with a bunch of players bro and it's a
40:41wrap so my thing is like I was saying
40:43environment guys she's also outside
40:44party networking bro she's a chick bro
40:47she gets offers all the time what she
40:48can say no to all of them so it's just
40:50crazy bro yeah man it's just the chances
40:52of probability yes is that the chance of
40:54her you know getting with some dude or
40:56whatever in those situations because you
40:58guys gotta remember these environments
40:59breed right
41:02uh infidelity right yeah you got alcohol
41:05you got pressure you got loud music
41:07friends you got dudes that might have
41:09some status or some tables capping all
41:11over the place you've got friends that
41:12more than likely are not going to be
41:14positively influential right and what do
41:16we know about women we know that they're
41:18erratic and they're emotional and
41:19they're slaves to their emotions so if
41:20they feel a certain way because a guy
41:21makes them feel a certain way well next
41:22thing you know she's sucking his dick in
41:24a [ __ ] bathroom and if you're a
41:25Brokey or you know on a level where you
41:26need to be and you should go outside you
41:28want somebody better what do you think
41:29is gonna happen yeah so guys girls that
41:32are you know living a certain Lifestyle
41:34on social media Etc
41:35all over the place that is a big red
41:37flag that's how you know that they're uh
41:40definitely still in their whole face and
41:41we've seen girls with boyfriends bro
41:43outside living life and it's like you
41:45have a man yeah who would have thought
41:47yeah and they're doing in the back with
41:49Peter and John and Dick and tell me
41:51Harry like oh it's this is crazy bro
41:53matter of fact I'll give you all a bonus
41:54right now we'll we'll hold off on the
41:57next one that we're gonna cover so this
41:58is like pseudo number 3.5 or four
42:02whatever you guys want to say another
42:04way to tell a girl still in her whole
42:05face is if she has serious fomo issues
42:07and what I mean my phone voice fear of
42:10missing out issues can't stay home is
42:11your girl the type of chick that can't
42:13like uh that can't afford to like stay
42:14home like she's pitching me like on a
42:16Saturday night can't like wait to be
42:18outside or do something or she's always
42:19trying to you know be involved in some
42:21kind of event she needs to be outside
42:22all the time she needs to be around her
42:24friends all the time she needs to be at
42:25the club she needs to be happening she
42:27needs to be involved in certain
42:27situations bro that is a big probably
42:30one of the biggest signs that she's
42:32still in her whole face yeah when a girl
42:34has serious fomo that's a big [ __ ]
42:36problem that's true you know what I mean
42:37and and you know some people might say
42:39oh I need to get it out my system blah
42:40blah blah what the [ __ ] do you mean you
42:42need to get out your sister for how long
42:43yeah get out your system and then you'll
42:44never come in this system you dumb
42:45[ __ ] like that guys if a girl has
42:4999 of the time she ain't gonna be a
42:52[ __ ] wife of material bro and just
42:54out to your point if a girl is really
42:55into you right and she gets offers to go
42:57on a yacht go to dinner go to the event
42:59she's gonna like you know what if my man
43:01can't come I'm not going yeah that's
43:03like real talk so it's just going on
43:05anyway leaving your ass home bro that's
43:07their girl not your girl just saying
43:09yeah so like so that's a big one if your
43:12girl has fomo issues yep I know so
43:15here's the thing something out right now
43:16in the chat are like
43:18wait hold on
43:21I could barely get my girl stay inside
43:22on Saturday nights oh [ __ ] she always
43:24wants to go out on Friday too oh no
43:26girls night out was last week you
43:27sucking dick
43:29I got a damn near get an argument with
43:31her to keep her home bro
43:33it's time to break up with her no
43:35respect yo if your girl has fomo issues
43:38to the point where you need to lecture
43:40her or you guys get arguments about her
43:42going out all the time whatever guys she
43:44belongs to the street and let her go out
43:46there [ __ ] that [ __ ] because I'm telling
43:48you guys when a girl has fomo it's a rap
43:52yo yo someone said just kiss so I
43:56remember right we had this this friend
43:58of ours that had this girl and she would
44:01always be like babe I'm going out with
44:03the girls I'll see you later and he's
44:04like all right go have fun I'm like bro
44:06you don't care oh nah bro like we good
44:08bro kind of find out who is better right
44:11we're in the club just chilling right
44:13now we're doing our stuff and then we
44:15see the same his same girl in a
44:17different section but different guy and
44:19we know the guy very well we know what
44:20he does and it's like we know what
44:22happened so let me call him just
44:25kissed him up oh my God bro what the
44:28[ __ ] that's hilarious yeah bro like so
44:31so that if anything guys
44:33fomo fear of missing out that's what is
44:36the fuel so 304 yeah real talk guys fomo
44:39is the fuel of hoes all right because
44:43you guys got to understand
44:45I really want you guys to like
44:46understand this extremely well
44:52women are extremely impressionable
44:55creatures and what I mean by this is is
44:57that they can be molded for good but
44:59they can also be molded for bad yeah
45:01this is why it's so important to have
45:02strong masculine figures in a woman's
45:05life because a straw masculine figure
45:06will let her know look you have an
45:08insane amount of power but it's on you
45:09to control that power with it and great
45:12power comes great responsibility as
45:13Uncle Ben Faith misley said but if no
45:16one comes in to tell girls about their
45:17power AKA their sexuality and protecting
45:19it then what are they going to do
45:21they're going to be slaves to tick tock
45:23Instagram social media and what the
45:25social media show Girls
45:27go out to the club have fun get a career
45:30Finance man Sex in the City lifestyle
45:32city girls you can have you know you can
45:35go ahead and [ __ ] with the bad boys and
45:37there'll be a prince charming waiting
45:38for you at the end when you're 31 years
45:40old we tell women all these lies right
45:43and this mainstream Society doesn't tell
45:45women the dark future that awaits for
45:47them if they decide to jump on the [ __ ]
45:49Carousel nope no one tells them until
45:51they're older you guys have seen on this
45:53podcast with your own two very eyes
45:54girls come in here and say I regret
45:56being a feminist in my 20s and thinking
45:57that I can live a certain sex in a city
45:59lifestyle and now I'm older and it's
46:00harder for me to lock down a guy some
46:02girls are in literally panic mode right
46:03now you guys gotta buy their own drinks
46:06yeah people get mad at me when I say
46:08this but I genuinely believe this [ __ ]
46:12women only mature when they stop getting
46:15sexual attention from the opposite
46:16gender when these stupid ass hoes come
46:18on the show and say oh women women
46:20mature faster than men no you don't you
46:24mature faster as in you understand the
46:26opposite gender better because you get
46:27more chances to practice with them
46:28because they're hitting on you Etc but
46:30you don't mature as far as understanding
46:32your value because you're still going to
46:34go ahead and do all the whole [ __ ] that
46:35you used to do before and go to the top
46:37bidder right
46:39so with that said
46:41when a girl um [ __ ] what was I [ __ ] I
46:44was out yes formal yes so when a girl
46:47has fomo right
46:50what ends up happening is that fear of
46:52fear of missing out
46:53comes from outside influences it could
46:56be her friends it could be her college
46:58class social media it could be social
47:00media it can be
47:02um other people in her Social Circle
47:04whatever it may be but fomo
47:07is the fuel
47:09for being a 304.
47:11quite literally that's what it is when a
47:13girl has fear of missing out she wants
47:15to go out and experience these things as
47:16she experiences these things she becomes
47:18a hoe she loses her value and boom the
47:20rest is history so it's on you guys
47:22right to identify girls that have fear
47:25of missing out and not take those growth
47:27seriously because what awaits you is a
47:30[ __ ] headache coming forward in fact
47:32she's gonna fight you all the time to go
47:34outside she should have fall more for
47:36you yes not for going outside yes yep
47:38she should be having fear of missing out
47:41from spending time with you hanging out
47:42with you
47:44serving you and being the best
47:46girlfriend that she could be yeah that's
47:47what she should be having she should be
47:48having fear of missing out on having a
47:50[ __ ] man but if she's more interested
47:52in a fear of missing out of going to the
47:53club again certain experiences let her
47:55go to the streets she goes and the thing
47:57I'm trying to tell you guys is this
48:00ever be the placeholder [ __ ]
48:02boyfriend this is where a lot of get you
48:04guys right now in the chat I'm talking
48:05to y'all you know who the [ __ ] you are
48:07you might have a girlfriend that you're
48:09just enough
48:10you mean just enough prerequisites
48:12you're just cool enough you you look
48:15just good enough maybe you make just
48:16enough money where you got her by the
48:18skinnier [ __ ] teeth okay but she's
48:21out there out in the streets looking for
48:23something better
48:24and you guys seen on this podcast when
48:26girls come on the show and they speak
48:27about their boyfriend a certain way you
48:28could tell right away based off how a
48:30girl talks about her boyfriend if he's a
48:31placeholder Boyfriend Never Be the
48:33placeholder boyfriend yeah because your
48:35dumb ass is sitting there while she's
48:37going to the club she's on boats she's
48:39traveling to Miami she's going to Vegas
48:40whatever you're sitting there ooh you
48:42have a good boyfriend while she's at the
48:44club looking for another guy to [ __ ]
48:46replace her dumbass okay because the
48:48thing is is that the streets are very
48:49cold so girls like to have a guy at home
48:52that they can still get boyfriend energy
48:53from yep okay while they simultaneously
48:56look for your [ __ ] replacement never
48:59be the guy that she's looking to replace
49:02all right you are the [ __ ] place if
49:04she don't like you get the [ __ ] out of
49:07that's how it's got to be number one or
49:09none number one or none a lot of you
49:12guys are okay I'll be in a placeholder
49:14boyfriend or being number two number
49:15three number four number five number
49:16[ __ ] ten no that's not how it goes
49:18for a girl to get the best treatment
49:20from a girl you must be number one
49:21priority in her life that's how it goes
49:23you better not being single having that
49:25that Dynamic where like it just like
49:27[ __ ] buddies then actually being weird
49:28because at that point like you said
49:30earlier bro your placeholder now being a
49:33placeholder is when you get some of the
49:34worst disrespect yeah no respect at all
49:36that's what she's going to the club
49:37she's still dressing sexy she'll go
49:39ahead she won't give you sex sometimes
49:41oh I don't feel like it babe I'm tired
49:43at a club somebody else oh man yeah yep
49:47so your place older boyfriend you just
49:49made it by the skinnier [ __ ] teeth
49:51bro you're you're a [ __ ] you know you
49:53got a level 34 Charizard you just got
49:55that second batch right babe you tell
49:58that [ __ ] flamethrower it's a 50 50
49:59chance he's gonna do it yo but like
50:02maybe it's Friday night babe we worked
50:03hard all week we go smash right babe my
50:06tummy hurts yeah
50:08my friends yeah give me a break okay
50:11yeah you're so demanding you know what
50:14I'm saying you always want to have sex
50:15or some [ __ ] like that bro man get
50:18your ass out of here man yeah man or
50:20hurry up do it already yo like I'm
50:22telling y'all bro I was tired Johnny I I
50:25I'm telling you guys there's no point
50:27dealing with women unless you are number
50:29one because if you don't it's going to
50:32be a tooth pulling painful experience
50:36because once again
50:38women don't like men that much yeah okay
50:41that's the truth that's the [ __ ] cold
50:44hard truth yeah women don't like men
50:46that much and if you're a place older
50:47boyfriend she likes you just enough
50:49so she could get boyfriend energy from
50:51you but she's gonna go ahead and play
50:53her options I don't want you guys
50:54sitting there being a boyfriend right
50:56while she's simultaneously goes out
50:58there and is able to pretend that she's
51:00single [ __ ] no hell no
51:06uh we're gonna go into uh actually we
51:09can hit the chats no we can cool because
51:11a lot of you guys right now in the chat
51:13are our [ __ ] placeholder going
51:15through it yeah real talk man a lot of
51:16y'all know you are right now you're with
51:17a girl that don't [ __ ] respect you
51:19she talked back to you she go to the
51:20club she dresses sexy when she goes out
51:22with her girls but never dresses sexy
51:23for you she uh [ __ ] makes you jump
51:25through hoops to get sex she'd be
51:26bossing you around she's masculine she's
51:28assertive should be talking [ __ ] to you
51:29all these things are traits of girls
51:31that don't [ __ ] respect you and
51:32you're a placeholder boyfriend if you're
51:34in a relationship like this you need to
51:35seriously contemplate kicking her ass to
51:36the curb because if you're not getting
51:37the best that [ __ ] goes to the rest
51:39don't be ashamed man we don't we don't
51:41all been there on some level like like
51:43for example if this is you right now at
51:45least you know what's happening he can
51:47move forward versus you don't know like
51:48oh yeah she's the best girlfriend in the
51:49world bro now you know she's not guys
51:52trust me we're speaking about this so
51:54passionately because we've been there
51:55yeah thanks yo it is horrible yeah
51:57absolutely horrible to be an option for
51:59a girl and not the priority just that
52:01now if they want to play games or you
52:03can leave yeah call somebody else yeah
52:05it's simple bro the most powerful thing
52:07you can ever do is like break up with a
52:08girl or kick it to the curb bro yeah
52:10that's how you get power back walk away
52:12and here's the thing you have to have
52:14that power with women bro it's too you
52:16don't have a choice it's 2023 yeah right
52:18let's say the 50s week or running around
52:20and Sean Connery These Hoes don't hit
52:22him bro
52:38don't do it but what I'm saying is that
52:42the only Power you have nowadays is
52:44walking away that's the only Power you
52:46got bro
52:48so you need to be able to wield that
52:50power and use it when needed at any
52:51point and that's when girls come right
52:53is when they know that their spot isn't
52:55secured right uh okay Egyptian arts goes
52:58I'm releasing two books why mode
53:00deserves less food and why Chris
53:01deserves a bed to sleep on thanks guys
53:03for the content appreciate that Egyptian
53:05art Jacob goes
53:07isn't the whole face and oxymoron
53:08because they typically allow that to
53:10affect their future making it not a face
53:12well here's the thing if you're smart
53:15you're supposed to make it affect their
53:18it's upon you as the man but most guys
53:20still accept them love the raw content
53:22made me a better wifey and person came
53:23with a great work guys your shout out to
53:24rice she flexing that ring too yeah okay
53:27shout out to all the uh women that watch
53:29our podcasts that are in relationships
53:30we're married I get a lot of DMS from
53:31y'all saying that you guys became better
53:33women from the show I really appreciate
53:34that means a lot I'm guessing that she's
53:37I don't know
53:38rice oh oh hey bro
53:47that was actually a pretty good joke I
53:49like that please read what is your theme
53:51based on GTA Vice City yeah yeah that's
53:54why we got the all the like the the
53:57painted uh table guys is inspiration
53:59from Winwood right because that's like
54:00the uh Williamsburg of Miami with the
54:03art with the uh spray painting and stuff
54:04like that in the graffiti and then the
54:06stuff over there all 100 Vice City
54:09inspired you can see the sign over there
54:11in the back that's also Vice City
54:12inspired so yeah man one of my favorite
54:15video games uh heated reports five bucks
54:17some iron and fresh y'all helped me
54:18become better as a man y'all are my
54:19online mentors currently working to set
54:21my credit score on yep man hey guys get
54:25to that 720 man seven uh no
54:27720 is good 720 is good but 740 some 60s
54:31you want 760 will put you in excellent
54:33range yeah uh miles five bucks can you
54:35guys do a podcast where you get a
54:37handful of religious individuals some
54:38wild age girls and two virgins I know
54:40that would be sick
54:44okay uh I've been watching for a month
54:46I'm hooked now thanks for the video Bros
54:48appreciate that see money thanks Bro uh
54:49steady T-Mac and goes my first time ever
54:51dropping a chat but I had to say it
54:53let's discuss the elephant in the room
54:54fresh really out here looking like
54:55Goomba from Super Mario
54:59give it a freshman give yourself my uh
55:01why my women deserve Less in uh I'm
55:03buying book tomorrow cool uh
55:08that's a good one bro the Christie High
55:11School yes okay Natalie Eagles I'm here
55:14taking notes shout out to Natalie uh
55:17love the episode with PJ my dad fled I
55:19ran during a revolution for a better
55:20life and became successful anything is
55:22possible if you're determined absolutely
55:23bro there you go uh and we got here uh
55:25Puerto Rico Rocco's five bucks for the
55:27other podcast the hated our friendship
55:28translation in Spanish
55:31shout out to you my friend yeah it was a
55:33couple podcasts I hate on them yeah yeah
55:34I could all suck our dicks that's what I
55:36meant in Spanish for him shout out to
55:37the Puerto Ricans out there you can tell
55:39that [ __ ] Puerto Rican from that term
55:41uh yo guys just so you know we're gonna
55:42go ahead and kill we should have killed
55:44the switch chat way earlier yeah twitch
55:46stream yeah guys we're gonna kill the
55:47twitch stream right now we're gonna kill
55:48Twitter and Facebook because uh we were
55:50talking about
56:02various layers shout out to fresh and
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56:08you bro yep uh we got here Justin Holmes
56:12goes uh shout out to the game keep
56:14leader from the front also fresh looking
56:15like the Oreo try from women King LMAO
56:19okay they're roasting you tonight
56:22Nigel goes hey man I really look up to
56:24you thanks for opening my eyes on 504
56:25single father any advice uh get your
56:28value up bro because as a 504 guy your
56:31sexual market value is automatically
56:32going to take a significant hit uh and I
56:34always tell guys if you're under six
56:35feet tall you have no choice but to get
56:37your money up learn game and get in the
56:38gym and get in shape
56:40hate to say it not gonna be easy yeah
56:41it's not gonna be easy but you can
56:42definitely you have to make up for your
56:44lack of height in other ways Eli 10
56:46bucks appreciate that various layers
56:47again shout out to fresher fit bosses
56:49thank you thanks bro geeky kid goes
56:50people I should follow for crypto advice
56:52trying to get more than one stream of
56:54income and dollar cost crypto sorry
56:56Miguel and Charlie yeah dollar cost
56:58crypto cultivate crypto uh all are not
57:01the podcast five bucks hey FNAF thank
57:02you for inspiring us to start our whole
57:03podcast shout out to you guys cool cool
57:04awesome uh th goes Michael B Jordan got
57:08the chance to stand up to the woman who
57:09bullied him in high school she used to
57:10call him corny success the best revenge
57:17I'm here to tell you
57:19if you're in high school or in college
57:21and these girls are curving you or
57:22whatever it may be bro wait your turn
57:23just just wait your turn it's coming get
57:25your value up become successful I got
57:27[ __ ] that played games with me before
57:30right and they hit me up now years after
57:32the fact and I'm just like in the back
57:34of my mind
57:37most famously said this back in like
57:38what 0.506 back then they didn't want me
57:40now I'm hot they all love me back then
57:42they didn't want me now I'm out they all
57:44love me repeating himself like a [ __ ]
57:45broken record but that [ __ ] bro yeah
57:48okay so
57:50Michael B Jordan let that [ __ ] know you
57:52know it is I'm up now you down and I'm
57:55up and here's the other thing too that
57:56women don't understand
57:57Mother Nature gives them their gifts
57:58Father Time takes it away right but
58:01girls think that their sexual market
58:02value is Everlasting green forever no it
58:05ain't that [ __ ] gonna turn brown but
58:07they don't know that until it actually
58:08hits them that's why I tell y'all women
58:10don't mature a lot of the times until
58:12they stop getting sexual attention from
58:14novice to gender
58:15okay and isn't it funny all the girls
58:18are really hot in school are hot anymore
58:19they kind of like got kids or like you
58:21know as attractive
58:23and it's like annoying are you currently
58:26at school but like where you at now yo
58:28let me tell y'all son yeah I want you
58:30guys to really like think about this for
58:31two seconds
58:33are there any red pilloware women that
58:35are 21 years old making channels talking
58:36about hypergamia this other [ __ ] uh let
58:39me that are hot let me think no no nope
58:42why because to them life is fantastic
58:45they don't give a [ __ ] about you
58:46passport [ __ ] they don't know what the
58:47red pill is they don't know what any of
58:49this [ __ ] is you wanna know why because
58:50life is awesome beautiful all right but
58:53guess what the girls that do end up
58:55getting red pilled are getting aware to
58:56some degree whatever what are they
58:57typically less attractive and or older
59:00last night
59:01right wait last night uh the fat girls
59:05two nights ago even those [ __ ] don't
59:08be aware of Monday even those [ __ ]
59:10don't be aware because you know what day
59:11it is I don't know nowadays man okay
59:14that's checking but a second all right
59:15cool so but just keep that in mind guys
59:16the baddest chicks the girls that y'all
59:19see that are hot as [ __ ] don't give up
59:20give a [ __ ] about none of this stuff on
59:22the internet bro that's why I tell y'all
59:24take this information learn it okay and
59:27and use it apply it in your life for
59:30your mortgage you tell them red pill
59:31yeah you want to give me some drugs yeah
59:33but yeah like what is that bad [ __ ]
59:36don't know any of this [ __ ] bro they
59:38don't care yeah because they don't have
59:39to well why would they why would they
59:41all right well what the [ __ ] that makes
59:43no sense if I'm getting everything that
59:44I wanted in life why the [ __ ] am I gonna
59:46go out of my way to learn about what men
59:48care about or what men give a [ __ ] about
59:50no bro never have to they don't have to
59:52yeah so it is what it is that's why like
59:55all you guys keep asking us about
59:57passport Bros whatever hey man I love
59:58y'all but you gotta understand what you
59:59got to do but [ __ ] don't give a [ __ ]
01:00:01[ __ ] are going to Brazil they don't
01:00:02care they don't give a [ __ ] bro yeah go
01:00:04to Brazil but don't know that nobody
01:00:06here cares yeah yeah I like that just
01:00:08saying just keep it in a thousand yeah
01:00:10yeah the the baddest [ __ ] don't even
01:00:13know this side of the internet exists
01:00:14I'm gonna Flex my passport and pictures
01:00:16of me in Brazil let these hoes know that
01:00:18I'm doing well nobody cares bro yeah
01:00:20just saying the hook and [ __ ] so do you
01:00:23um do your thing yeah Michael mainstream
01:00:25thank you appreciate that uh efosa or
01:00:27Sunday 591 appreciate that my brother
01:00:29Eli goes congratulations on your success
01:00:31friendship family won't uh we want the
01:00:33rumble party now coming soon coming soon
01:00:35yep Bobby doing God's work appreciate
01:00:37that Jerome y'all miss any uh my super
01:00:40chat again and on God Chris finna get a
01:00:42train ran on him much appreciate
01:00:43everything else
01:00:51shout out to you rough day yeah uh Marx
01:00:54goes oh we got 7 500 guys in here right
01:00:56now by the way tomato guys like the
01:00:58video from this point forward uh 20 and
01:01:00up 20 and up we're gonna read but I'll
01:01:01read all these chats that came through
01:01:02before yo got my copy of women deserve
01:01:04less today heard Myron say am I is the
01:01:06most visited in the US DC is up there
01:01:07too fit DC okay shout out to you marks
01:01:10uh 205 Tasmanian goes shout out to
01:01:13Michael B Jordan for putting that 30400
01:01:14place been here since 800k keep up the
01:01:16good work rubs I went from 50k a year to
01:01:1875k that's what we're talking about
01:01:23have any of you guys increased your
01:01:25salary from watching apple and Peach
01:01:33have any of you guys got fit for
01:01:35watching lassan fagabi who
01:01:41have any of you guys approved the
01:01:43quality of your life from watching
01:01:44lethan decline
01:01:51yeah exactly no [ __ ] those [ __ ]
01:01:53Corey man of God 10 bucks
01:01:58talking [ __ ] and I was not saying
01:02:00nothing man
01:02:03uh even though he a bum shout out to you
01:02:05Corey man of God shut up Corey man uh 22
01:02:07year old making 60 000 a year with the
01:02:09750 credit score is still growing thanks
01:02:10to half of them
01:02:13literally the Spirit Box Prime spot to
01:02:16make good gains of Real Estate
01:02:18cars whatever he wants bro shout out to
01:02:20you Eric first following up when you
01:02:21guys tell us your W's yeah literally
01:02:24it's like it's the [ __ ] best I can't
01:02:26even explain it it's like uh
01:02:30Powerball yeah it's literally like yo I
01:02:32feel like [ __ ] Goku yeah
01:02:33like as y'all win we win we change our
01:02:37lives and hope you guys become better
01:02:38men not just give you mindless [ __ ]
01:02:39entertainment that's what satisfies me
01:02:41bro my money is here to entertain you
01:02:43guys we're here to educate you guys too
01:02:44so you don't get [ __ ] finessed by
01:02:46these stupid asshoes so you don't lose
01:02:47money so you don't become a fat slob so
01:02:50you understand how the world really
01:02:52[ __ ] works and operate in the real
01:02:54world someone asks yo fresh Myron what's
01:02:57the best show to watch money Mondays man
01:02:59give me a thousand bro
01:03:00yeah y'all need to watch money Monday
01:03:02that's that's the foundation we're
01:03:03bringing on we got Kris KRON on we have
01:03:05had Grant Cardone Robert Kiyosaki Ken
01:03:07McElroy these are multi
01:03:09multi-millionaires controlling billion
01:03:10dollars worth of real estate guys
01:03:13talking about how to uh uh you know get
01:03:17exotic cars and make money and make a
01:03:19profit SO watches watches guys we
01:03:22brought entrepreneurs in from different
01:03:23parts and different angles that we might
01:03:25not be versing but we'll bring someone
01:03:26else in that's an expert yep
01:03:28so are any of these other guys that make
01:03:31videos on us doing that no is playback
01:03:33did you know any other [ __ ] no no
01:03:36just cheating on [ __ ]
01:03:38I can't even do it right
01:03:47no yeah he got he got caught cheating
01:03:49[ __ ] you probably said sorry too [ __ ]
01:03:53baby girl
01:03:58yeah yeah I have so much love together
01:04:00I'm so sorry I'm too big over here on
01:04:03this side of the internet what do we
01:04:04tell y'all [ __ ] you get caught [ __ ]
01:04:05you'd never tell her sorry you've never
01:04:07tell her sorry for the future bro
01:04:09literally that was our [ __ ] [ __ ]
01:04:10since the beginning get caught never
01:04:12tell her sorry bro or just don't do it
01:04:14yeah I think it was probably I'm sorry
01:04:17I'm sorry
01:04:19just be honest
01:04:23I've always been content uh content with
01:04:27making 45k until I started watching you
01:04:28guys hopefully this year since opening
01:04:30my LLC I'll be six picks shout out to
01:04:31y'all yes
01:04:33you will do it yeah yeah and Freddie
01:04:36y'all that are watching this podcast
01:04:36right now because we've had some people
01:04:38come in oh my God you guys are this is
01:04:40this is just porn all you guys do is
01:04:41talk about making money maybe some of us
01:04:43might not make it listen [ __ ] I
01:04:46want every single person watching this
01:04:49show to strive to make six figures a
01:04:51[ __ ] year and get in the gym and get
01:04:52in shape I'm telling you right now guys
01:04:54y'all can do that your life will change
01:04:55completely bro yeah every single one of
01:04:57you [ __ ] watching this show
01:04:58right now I can make a hundred thousand
01:04:59dollars a year and get six-pack abs blew
01:05:01everybody off look at Chris look yeah
01:05:03you might have still a bum but working
01:05:05on it he's doing good yeah yeah yeah you
01:05:07know what I'm saying every single one of
01:05:09y'all six figures a year six pack abs or
01:05:12else you [ __ ] die trying listen man
01:05:14I'm on the way to ABS man it's on the
01:05:16way so all right that's what I'm talking
01:05:22what's the options for Investments that
01:05:24uh complies with Islamic law fnf is lit
01:05:27oh that's that's not my man yeah because
01:05:29you don't want interest rates involved
01:05:31you know and uh anytime bro country or
01:05:34interest rates are in my family bro
01:05:35they're like the boys interests we can't
01:05:38do it I'm like why not yeah that's a lot
01:05:41even cars then boys love interest though
01:06:01the chat
01:06:09says I watched most of your videos
01:06:11honestly it's very inspiring I don't
01:06:13think y'all realize how many people this
01:06:14podcast is inspired even me by the way
01:06:16what are your thoughts on passport Bros
01:06:18bro like I said earlier move on okay
01:06:21Lauren block shout out to you bro
01:06:24uh jwb19 says dealing with a girl that
01:06:28kept reminding me that I remind her
01:06:29ex-hubby oh red flag bro okay floating
01:06:32around here and there but she soon
01:06:34forgot that fun now wants to play hot
01:06:36and cold thanks for the game really
01:06:38appreciate it yeah bro when [ __ ] want
01:06:39to turn into Katy Perry you know high
01:06:41and cold then you just go cold bro that
01:06:44imprint is a real thing bro you might be
01:06:45wondering why can't she bond to me or
01:06:47attach to me or have that attachments
01:06:49like bro should somebody else bro you're
01:06:51not her number one you're maybe a fun
01:06:53time option but her heart is with
01:06:54somebody else bro so don't even play
01:06:55those games bro just Smash and keep it
01:06:58moving bruh
01:06:59when girls play hot cold you just go
01:07:01cold yeah and you're like this is not
01:07:03how this [ __ ] goes move on man you
01:07:05know what I'm saying when when guys go
01:07:07high and cold [ __ ] make songs about
01:07:09it yeah when [ __ ] go high cold [ __ ]
01:07:11are like uh what's going on
01:07:13a guy being hot cold with them Katy
01:07:16Perry listen to it because you're hot
01:07:17and you're cold yesterday
01:07:22what Chris sorry about my voice
01:07:26my voice cracked I was like
01:07:29don't worry about it
01:07:37it's really hard
01:07:43[ __ ] bro what the [ __ ] good stop it
01:07:50I hope y'all are enjoying these days
01:07:55I should probably get us cancel this
01:07:57[ __ ] oh man Wyatt says you need to have
01:08:01that Joe more energy yeah
01:08:05what does J stand for
01:08:08text us in the chat bro I don't know
01:08:10what that stands for junior ciao though
01:08:12I think that I know what that J stands
01:08:14anyway oh 10 bucks yeah I think he's
01:08:18really trying to get us in trouble hi
01:08:19evidence welcome home since you were
01:08:20gone I crushed PR's in the gym so we're
01:08:22just 25 bench 45 405 deadlift 315 squat
01:08:26135 overhead press and long enough and
01:08:28long enough I finally started getting
01:08:30dates crazy what happened being in shape
01:08:32and having a great job do for you that's
01:08:34what we're talking about the guys
01:08:36you know you get other than muscles
01:08:38confidence back fact that goes a long
01:08:40way guys exactly confidence bro you out
01:08:42here [ __ ] at 225 you think you're gonna
01:08:44give a [ __ ] about what some chick tells
01:08:46you in the club you're already gone yeah
01:08:48okay next go ahead next girl literally
01:08:52camera on Blaze uh he goes uh cook for
01:08:55my girl on v-day and her sister cursed
01:08:57me out because I should have brought
01:08:58bought her gifts like the queen she is I
01:09:01stopped speaking to him when a man has
01:09:03self-respect and walks away from
01:09:04disrespect she realizes her loss good
01:09:06[ __ ] my friend good [ __ ] uh [ __ ] her and
01:09:08her sister you cook for them yeah I
01:09:09don't know why you did that though okay
01:09:11well whatever works bro but at least you
01:09:13saw her for what she really is okay
01:09:17I feel a man of God fresh for donating
01:09:19to the charity I run and helping the
01:09:21underprivileged kids bro you know what
01:09:22you saw that and you said it on screen
01:09:27did you really donate though yes
01:09:29oh he did I did yeah this is that your
01:09:31conversation listen man yes he did
01:09:34worry man of God like myself and you
01:09:37know what Corey
01:09:39oh God
01:09:40blessings yes sir yes sir yes sir oh God
01:09:45yes sir anyway uh hot black enough
01:09:47question for after hours with the ladies
01:09:49if you could flip a switch and reverse
01:09:51physicality between male and female
01:09:53would the world be a safer or more
01:09:55dangerous bro
01:09:56yeah you see what no no look at that
01:09:58image though it's such a reading I know
01:10:02that'd be hilarious bro
01:10:05uh Jason Burris can you all do an
01:10:07episode on investing in monthly dividend
01:10:09stocks versus quarterly dividends to
01:10:10stocks with pros and cons uh I
01:10:12appreciate you guys y'all save my life
01:10:14so Jason uh I did we did a whole episode
01:10:16on um index funds yeah go check it out
01:10:19on the money Mondays playlist okay uh
01:10:23but uh but when we bring AMS on we could
01:10:25uh talk about that because he's he's a
01:10:27he's a stock market guy uh Marco Lewis
01:10:2810 been watching y'all since 50k my
01:10:31credit score has been stuck around 750
01:10:32for the last couple of years but
01:10:33recently just shot out 50 points 800
01:10:34thanks to y'all's help
01:10:38all the energy right now pause from you
01:10:41guys becoming better men
01:10:43Etc can our
01:10:45head teach you guys any of this stuff
01:10:47and help improve your life to this
01:10:48degree yeah yeah pause
01:10:51what you're too jacked up about this
01:10:52pause get it jacked up
01:10:56wait what
01:10:58all right uh okay moving on these guys
01:11:03speak facts as a queer woman that's
01:11:04obese I needed a man to show my
01:11:06femininity in a traditional industry
01:11:07just kicked him to the curb as soon as I
01:11:09achieve my goal never be that guy what
01:11:11the [ __ ] money hell
01:11:13what how fat are you all right here's
01:11:16wave motion machines LLC yo Martin how
01:11:18can I reach out about sending you a
01:11:20one-on-one custom piece wave machine as
01:11:21a token of my money Monday's
01:11:23appreciation got my credit to 720 wave
01:11:24motion machines on the ground what are
01:11:26wave motion machines I have no idea same
01:11:28with DMO Instagram unplug fit okay
01:11:30Michael B Jordan is what I call uh call
01:11:33a step in the white Direction
01:11:37oh oh yeah yeah you think a white girl I
01:11:40believe a model oh really yeah I think
01:11:42so hey okay
01:11:48tell Steve Harvey I don't want her
01:11:50hey man
01:11:56all right they're gonna definitely clip
01:11:58that part it's gonna be on Twitter we
01:12:01getting canceled and then uh those
01:12:03losers over at factoring are gonna ask
01:12:04us for another interview these are some
01:12:06problematic statements that you guys
01:12:08made about uh the
01:12:10and Lori Harvest is
01:12:13yeah aren't you guys coercing women oh
01:12:16wait no let me cut that part out of the
01:12:17podcast so that we don't look stupid oh
01:12:19my goodness well you know what Tommy
01:12:21they're still black boys yeah yeah man
01:12:27ah we sure shots today man
01:12:30what's up my first time catching y'all
01:12:32live I love you guys the content
01:12:33definitely open up my eyes on how to be
01:12:35a better man uh could you please
01:12:37recommend my entrepreneur books I can
01:12:39start reading any entrepreneur books I
01:12:40can start reading
01:12:42um with a bunch bro I think rich said
01:12:44Foundation read that one first and then
01:12:47go from there yeah I also like
01:12:48unscripted by MJ DeMarco that's good
01:12:50that one is really good it's long but
01:12:52it's good listen to an audible uh
01:12:54started watching uh February 2022 and a
01:12:56year ago today I left my girlfriend in
01:12:57four years for doing every single thing
01:12:59you guys are saying right now and now
01:13:00I've lost 70 pounds and double my income
01:13:02thanks for all the knowledge
01:13:05of letting go once you could let go bro
01:13:08and just be by yourself a little bit
01:13:09work on yourself bro you win bro I'm
01:13:11telling you yeah I actually want your
01:13:13back too after the fact yeah I said you
01:13:15just make her suck your dick and never
01:13:16take her seriously again yeah that's
01:13:18what yeah
01:13:23okay uh recently got my why women
01:13:26deserve less to join hu nothing but up
01:13:28from here to the boys yes bro
01:13:41these girls be lying out here man bro
01:13:43it's all cap uh where are we at here now
01:13:46caught up oh God okay not really but
01:13:49last point
01:13:50is this the last point oh yeah because
01:13:51yeah uh wait hold on I think we still
01:13:55got more though hold on hold on okay
01:13:57number four okay so now we're on number
01:14:00four so uh round four
01:14:04she flakes on you randomly or
01:14:06periodically she has other dates okay
01:14:08guys this is pretty simple because she's
01:14:10still for the streets a lot of times
01:14:11right a girl will be with you and you
01:14:14meet her you have a great time but she's
01:14:16kind of like being dodgy being sketchy
01:14:19like hold on the vibe is there wink wink
01:14:21the connection's there why is she being
01:14:23flaky you're like is it me no I can't be
01:14:26me bro my swag is on point you know my
01:14:29game was on point what's going on here
01:14:31and okay second day she said hey I'll
01:14:35let you know third day she might show up
01:14:36fourth day she won't show up you're
01:14:38trying to figure out what's Happening
01:14:39more than a nauseous options and what
01:14:42happens is in this scenario you may want
01:14:43to say to yourself okay you know what
01:14:45I'm gonna give her a chance here blah
01:14:47blah blah but reality speaking bro she's
01:14:49saying you know what she's putting
01:14:50herself first and at that point it's
01:14:52fine but understand that if you try to
01:14:53wife her up think you're serious bro she
01:14:55has other options you're probably option
01:14:57two three four at best and it's kind of
01:14:59like everyone's really into you bro
01:15:01doesn't matter if her dog is sick if her
01:15:03mom is almost dying on the bed you know
01:15:05what babe this is happening come over
01:15:07six minutes out with me because I'm
01:15:08telling you right now bro if she's
01:15:09really into you she wants to be in the
01:15:11same breath with you the same air as you
01:15:12she wants you to be a runner so she's
01:15:14dodging you for whatever reason bro it's
01:15:15because either she doesn't like you that
01:15:16much or she'll have other options and
01:15:18that means for example bro you're gonna
01:15:20option number one which means in reality
01:15:21speaking just just smashing Dash bro
01:15:24honestly at that point so yeah seriously
01:15:28the the it's pretty simple guys like
01:15:30dude is she flakes on you bro she don't
01:15:31like it that much that and also keep in
01:15:34mind that if she flaked on you there was
01:15:35probably a better option if here's the
01:15:37thing when a girl flakes what she should
01:15:38be doing is giving a counter oh listen I
01:15:41can't make it but are you free XYZ date
01:15:44right and this is why actually this is
01:15:45why we went viral one time
01:15:47I told y'all if a girl flakes on a date
01:15:50you punish that bad behavior how so you
01:15:52make her pay for the [ __ ] date that
01:15:54she reschedules on you because yo nine
01:15:57out of ten times when girls play it's a
01:15:58[ __ ] they're they're either gonna go
01:16:00meet another guy maybe they just don't
01:16:02feel like it maybe they're nervous
01:16:03whatever it is you gotta penalize them
01:16:05for that stupidity because what a lot of
01:16:07guys will do is they'll just like oh
01:16:09it's okay and think it's like acceptable
01:16:11no bro you got to let them know that
01:16:12there's consequences to the [ __ ] you
01:16:14know it's funny they'll be like hold on
01:16:15a sec uh I'll let you know you know what
01:16:18you're saying is for example here's
01:16:20another option the guy is like iffy
01:16:22about it hits her up yeah let's let's
01:16:24link up oh sorry I can't make it today
01:16:26you you know what you do when a girl
01:16:28says okay this I'll give you all some
01:16:29game right now if a girl says these are
01:16:31two text messages that that girl send
01:16:33you when they're not sure if they want
01:16:34to meet up with you they'll say either
01:16:35maybe or I'll let you know Yep this is
01:16:38how you respond if a girl says maybe you
01:16:40just say maybe back with a question mark
01:16:42right so you want her to clarify her
01:16:44stupidity for you right you put it back
01:16:46on her right
01:16:48then the second one is when she says
01:16:51I'll let you know you could just sell
01:16:52her straight up I don't do I'll let you
01:16:54knows yes or no now that's a little bit
01:16:57more direct some of y'all might be
01:16:58scared to do that but once you get to a
01:16:59certain point you just you put it that
01:17:01way she's gonna know you mean [ __ ]
01:17:03business or you could say
01:17:05Leo hit me up when you're ready because
01:17:06right now hey
01:17:08just saying fresh or a little bit nicer
01:17:10about it me I just say uh I don't do let
01:17:14me knows I'll let you know yes or no
01:17:16right and and then that then that puts
01:17:19on her yeah right and if she gives you
01:17:21so many snarky response whatever just
01:17:22leave her dumbass on red you know what I
01:17:24mean and that that right there Will Make
01:17:26Her Say oh damn this [ __ ] don't give a
01:17:27[ __ ] and when you don't give a [ __ ] she
01:17:28wants to [ __ ] one more time
01:17:30when you don't give a [ __ ] that's what
01:17:32she wants to [ __ ] okay a lot of these
01:17:34[ __ ] know they ain't [ __ ] so you
01:17:36actually treat them like they ain't [ __ ]
01:17:37then they start to actually respect you
01:17:38that's the truth guys all right if a
01:17:41girl has the audacity to send you a
01:17:42dumbass message like I'll let you know
01:17:44or maybe [ __ ] do you do they text their
01:17:46boss that [ __ ] hey I need to work
01:17:49tomorrow at 9am maybe what I'll let you
01:17:51know I'll let you know [ __ ] no [ __ ] no
01:17:55these don't show more respect to their
01:17:57[ __ ] careers than you and you're
01:17:58supposed to be the man and the provider
01:17:59the [ __ ] ridiculous incredible
01:18:06claw World guys you all listen women
01:18:09will treat you poorly if you tolerate it
01:18:11if you don't tolerate it then it's gonna
01:18:13make them act correct and sometimes just
01:18:14asking messages like that are
01:18:16unconventional excuse me responses like
01:18:18I just gave you unconventional most guys
01:18:21don't have the balls to send her a
01:18:23message back saying maybe with a
01:18:24question mark most guys don't have the
01:18:26balls to say yo I don't do I'll let you
01:18:28knows give me double texting like I
01:18:30understand yeah oh oh well how about
01:18:33this I organize a helicopter ride for us
01:18:36overlooking the city like what the [ __ ]
01:18:39what if we meet earlier babe yeah like
01:18:41I'll come pick you up yeah like [ __ ]
01:18:43that [ __ ] man
01:18:44bro you [ __ ] need to turn an apartment
01:18:46you will respect my authority Sprint my
01:18:49entire time like what the [ __ ] man
01:18:51guys again booking stores why women
01:18:54deserve less go get that [ __ ] because I
01:18:56talk about this [ __ ] where if women
01:18:57treat you bad right you reciprocate her
01:19:00treating you bad you don't you don't
01:19:02reward bad behavior you punish bad
01:19:04behavior but when a girl gives you good
01:19:06behavior you reward good behavior it's
01:19:08simple [ __ ] don't reward girls that
01:19:09treat you poorly don't do that [ __ ] if
01:19:11you're an option make her an option yeah
01:19:13at least yeah bro this is about
01:19:15reciprocation I'm not telling you how to
01:19:17treat women bad no I'm telling you guys
01:19:19to treat women exactly how they treat
01:19:20you a lot of you guys treat women that
01:19:22don't deserve [ __ ] with a lot of good
01:19:24with a lot of um
01:19:25you guys give them a lot of good
01:19:27treatment when they don't [ __ ]
01:19:27deserve for no reason for no reason bro
01:19:29make her earn that [ __ ] and they want
01:19:30respect how can they respect you what
01:19:32the [ __ ] man the reason why I tell y'all
01:19:33[ __ ] women deserve less is because
01:19:35Society already gives them more all
01:19:37these Sims already give them more all
01:19:38the [ __ ] guys in the friend zone
01:19:39already give her more so you cannot sit
01:19:41there and be like the rest of them you
01:19:43have to differentiate yourself from all
01:19:44the other sips how do you do that by
01:19:46giving her less and then making her earn
01:19:48more that's the difference that's how
01:19:50you get respect for women sorry I wish
01:19:52it wasn't like that way but that's how
01:19:53it is guys that's human psychology 101
01:19:55for y'all I'm gonna write a book white
01:19:56women deserve more of nothing
01:20:01okay uh we gotta show the run after this
01:20:03as well so Nicholas andrett says start
01:20:07watching two years ago you guys
01:20:08encouraged me to try credit cards it's 7
01:20:1050 now and I got a two story rehab for
01:20:1250k working on putting investments in it
01:20:14shout out to you shout out to you my
01:20:16friend how can you do that cash out refi
01:20:18it's gonna be fantastic yeah
01:20:20um cool
01:20:23it's a new one
01:20:25I think it's White's booklet oh Edward
01:20:27see in the gym six figure job credit
01:20:29score over 800 looking to buy my second
01:20:31Property New Girl rotation and process
01:20:33Super Chat paid by credit cards rewards
01:20:35sheesh good job bro uh Kevin murdoches
01:20:39says Hey Myron I'm in college right now
01:20:40I'm starting a business do you think
01:20:42it's worth starting a business while
01:20:43still in college even though I can't put
01:20:45100 of my time into the business also I
01:20:47am a computer science major absolutely
01:20:49do it yeah you know as as you get for
01:20:52you know as you get closer and closer to
01:20:53completing your degree you won't have to
01:20:55you won't have you'll have more and more
01:20:56free time as you have more and more free
01:20:57time you allot that to your business I
01:20:59also as well experience yes if you start
01:21:01earlier yeah guys there's nothing wrong
01:21:02with working a job getting the skills
01:21:04required and then becoming an
01:21:05entrepreneur okay we're not going to be
01:21:07one of these guys that tells you don't
01:21:08get a job jobs are for slaves like
01:21:10there's nothing wrong with getting a job
01:21:12learning the skills then going ahead and
01:21:13taking that onto entrepreneurship you
01:21:15got to pay your bills yeah that too bro
01:21:16you got there right yeah bro Daryl Blake
01:21:19says you ain't some chick with that
01:21:20because selfie pictures are only fans
01:21:21though because you you got to work
01:21:23what can I do to stop being a nice Sky I
01:21:26still want to be friendly to people but
01:21:27I need to add some spices Myself by
01:21:29standing up for myself and selling
01:21:30boundaries bro I'm on this guy part by
01:21:32heart right however I do understand when
01:21:34I can say no if you can say no you could
01:21:36be an extra guy and still have some
01:21:37power just say no bro the biggest thing
01:21:39that you need to understand is saying no
01:21:40gives you also as well leverage if you
01:21:43don't say no you see us every single
01:21:44time then you're gonna be a nice guy but
01:21:46if you say no it's like damn his
01:21:48boundaries so start by saying no bro you
01:21:50have to tell girls no bro yeah I'm sorry
01:21:51you just have to do it like it's just a
01:21:53part of the game for you to be able to
01:21:55earn respect for women and because most
01:21:56of the time these Sims tell them yes to
01:21:58everything you can't be one of these
01:21:59guys like for example let's say she
01:22:01wants to go to like I don't know Coney
01:22:03Island just say no I don't want to go
01:22:05there nope that's powerful yep and even
01:22:07if and even if you do want to go there
01:22:09you still say something
01:22:11you know what I want to ride that ferris
01:22:13wheel in the state no no we're going say
01:22:16no go somewhere else yeah go somewhere
01:22:17else two weeks later yeah let's go over
01:22:19here you can make that idea yourself bro
01:22:21I'm gonna say yourself
01:22:25the points guys is that you you can't
01:22:29you can't have the impression be that
01:22:31she's in a leadership role dictating
01:22:33things yeah you have to be the leader
01:22:34okay because even though girls will sit
01:22:36there and say oh I want to be able to
01:22:38make some of the decisions blah blah the
01:22:39reality is that that's not what they're
01:22:40aroused and attracted by they're
01:22:42attracted by a guy that could stand on
01:22:43ten toes down and be like no we're not
01:22:44doing that we're going to do this
01:22:45instead be a man plan a date go through
01:22:48with it simple uh pixelated Visions 20
01:22:51bucks thank you guys for motivating me
01:22:52to stop smoking weed it has opened many
01:22:54more doors for me and has also made me
01:22:55realize how anti-social and content with
01:22:58being a lame it made me I'll keep you
01:22:59guys updated on my progress thank you
01:23:01shout out to you bro my friend I tell
01:23:03you all the time wait man if you want to
01:23:04become the best version of yourself you
01:23:06can't smoke weed bro yeah sorry like
01:23:08like you know you want to be more
01:23:10successful weed is a rich [ __ ] sport at
01:23:12best yeah if you if you want the best if
01:23:14you want to do it I like that I like
01:23:15that yeah it is a rich [ __ ] sport at
01:23:17best thanks bro after you made it you
01:23:19want to go ahead and make sure go ahead
01:23:20go ahead yeah but let me let me tell you
01:23:22guys something all my closest friends
01:23:24that are high performers Brandon Carter
01:23:26moneyberg all these guys that got Ms on
01:23:29Amazon M's yeah they got real [ __ ]
01:23:31money they don't smoke weed I wonder why
01:23:34success leaves Clues
01:23:36guys once I stop drinking I became
01:23:40and also when whenever you're on your
01:23:42purpose smoking weed drinking bro takes
01:23:44away from that takes away from that bro
01:23:45even girls bro yeah because you get lazy
01:23:48you get tired you become lethargic all
01:23:50the things that you like it literally
01:23:51contradicts everything you need to do
01:23:53you need to be energetic you need to be
01:23:54focused you need to be on your points
01:23:55you need to be on point alcohol and
01:23:57[ __ ] weed blunts that [ __ ] yeah so
01:24:00hey man I know somebody on the track and
01:24:02be like Oh Elon Musk looks weird listen
01:24:04you [ __ ] idiots Elon Musk is worth a
01:24:07lot of money billions bro all right I
01:24:09guarantee you when he was building up
01:24:10Tesla Etc he wasn't smoking weed every
01:24:12day nope on some Nate dog [ __ ] smoke
01:24:14weed every day no man get the [ __ ] out
01:24:16of here bro the only people that can
01:24:18smoke weed every single day and still
01:24:19make it are females okay I don't know
01:24:22how but yeah yeah well they can be on
01:24:24only fans or get some dude to pay for
01:24:25[ __ ] whatever as a man you cannot afford
01:24:28any type of [ __ ] uh things that any
01:24:31influences that will [ __ ] you up and
01:24:32keep you from your mission bro you're
01:24:34not a girl you cannot sit there and have
01:24:35someone pay for your dinner you can't
01:24:37have someone fly you out it ain't
01:24:38happening as a dude you
01:24:41all right you can't co-sign your looks
01:24:44like a woman can bro sorry right y'all
01:24:45[ __ ] want to get female benefits with
01:24:48being a dude it doesn't work that way
01:24:49and you're not gonna get free weed
01:24:50either you can be a security guard okay
01:24:53uh don't get free weed you don't uh
01:24:56there you go dummy elamas yeah 196.5
01:25:00billion and also when he was on Joe
01:25:02Rogan and he mentioned that he'll smoke
01:25:04weed did they all know that he got fined
01:25:06for that [ __ ]
01:25:07that they made he got fined and the
01:25:09defense came in and made him do all do
01:25:10piss tests wow because it's federally
01:25:13that's crazy
01:25:16okay don't smoke we guys dorindell feed
01:25:19says Hey Myron I bought a three to two
01:25:21four three three to two
01:25:25okay no he said yeah yeah he said he
01:25:27bought he basically bought a single
01:25:29family home it looks like three two for
01:25:30306 000 but my payment is too high to
01:25:32cash flow what do you suggest increase
01:25:33around my friend that's really the only
01:25:35thing you can do but you [ __ ] what you
01:25:40all right watch my episode on real
01:25:42estate investing 101 I talk about cash
01:25:43out cash returns guys before you close
01:25:46the deal you should be underwriting the
01:25:47deal before you even get to the table
01:25:48like when you first find a deal you
01:25:50should be looking at how much money
01:25:51you're gonna make assuming the the rent
01:25:53is at its lowest so if you're profiting
01:25:55at that point then you're good that's a
01:25:57three bed two bath three bed two bath
01:25:58okay bathroom yeah which is which is a a
01:26:00good a good pickup for 306 000. I don't
01:26:03know what Mark you bought it in but the
01:26:04only thing you could really do it now at
01:26:06this point bro is you you have to
01:26:07[ __ ] increase the rent yeah or you
01:26:09can you can renovate it right and uh
01:26:11maybe turn it into a duplex if you can
01:26:13to get it rezoned but that might be too
01:26:15difficult so yeah just raise the rent
01:26:17bro uh hey Martin uh uh no read that one
01:26:20uh last two here uh Brandon low Lowry
01:26:24Ram minute goes I wish I found your
01:26:26podcast back in 2020. I let my 304x
01:26:28manipulate me into thinking I was the
01:26:30[ __ ] for having a problem with her 86
01:26:32body count
01:26:34I was only 19 that she was 21. thank you
01:26:36for Burning uh for turning my life
01:26:38around best use I'm gonna burn you [ __ ]
01:26:44God damn and she was lying too much
01:27:13different Vibes oh would you do my thing
01:27:15with no problems in any other country I
01:27:17encourage more Brothers to get your
01:27:18passports and divest or stay here day in
01:27:21the west yeah man if you guys want to go
01:27:23out it's cool but what I'm saying yeah
01:27:25guys you guys want to be knocking on
01:27:27your passport Bros what I'm saying is
01:27:29that you guys care too much about the
01:27:30girls caring in the west they don't yeah
01:27:34so I'm trying to tell you guys
01:27:36just wanted to thank you guys for
01:27:38finally joining the global fight against
01:27:40them boy
01:27:42all right uh guys we're gonna show us
01:27:43some ghosts right now we love y'all man
01:27:45this is a great show we get New Zealand
01:27:47sending that [ __ ] hope you guys are
01:27:49inspired to do better for yourself and
01:27:51not take these three or fours and we're
01:27:52out here yo real quick before we end the
01:27:54show guys like the video take this time
01:27:56to go subscribe to Fresh fit clips and
01:27:58Rumble okay and follow us on Rumble all
01:28:00right guys also get the book why women
01:28:02deserve less where I talk about not
01:28:03being a simp I go into detail as to
01:28:06quite frankly most women really don't
01:28:07like you guys that much and how you got
01:28:08to acclimate to the new dating
01:28:09Marketplace stop being a [ __ ] bum and
01:28:11a fat piece of [ __ ] uh we're gonna come
01:28:12back with some lovely ladies here in a
01:28:13bit uh Chris call it uh 10 30. 10 30.
01:28:16God damn damn [ __ ] watch away hey if
01:28:18sooner or sooner okay cool all right
01:28:20guys like the video catch you guys back
01:28:22here in a little bit for after hours
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the red flags that indicate a woman is in her 'hoe phase'?

The red flags that indicate a woman is in her 'hoe phase' include behavior such as playing hot and cold in relationships, fear of missing out (FOMO), and a lack of respect for traditional relationship boundaries.

2. How can imprinting and the need for strong masculine figures be related to a woman's 'hoe phase'?

Imprinting and the need for strong masculine figures can be related to a woman's 'hoe phase' as they influence her behavior and choices in relationships, impacting her emotional stability and commitment.

3. What advice can be given to men dealing with women who are in their 'hoe phase'?

Men dealing with women in their 'hoe phase' can benefit from setting clear boundaries, maintaining self-respect, and seeking emotional support from friends or professionals to navigate these complex situations.

4. How does the fear of missing out (FOMO) contribute to a woman's 'hoe phase'?

The fear of missing out (FOMO) can contribute to a woman's 'hoe phase' by influencing her decisions to seek validation and excitement through casual relationships, leading to a cycle of temporary fulfillment and emotional emptiness.

5. Why is it important to identify the signs of a woman in her 'hoe phase'?

Identifying the signs of a woman in her 'hoe phase' is important as it helps individuals recognize potential relationship challenges and make informed decisions, fostering healthier and more fulfilling connections.

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