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The video discusses signs of black magic, including its effects on marriage, health, and other aspects of life, as well as symptoms such as recurring dreams and a dislike of Islam or the Quran. It also mentions physical and psychological manifestations of magic, such as mood swings and finding strange objects or dead animals. The video encourages seeking knowledge and advice from professionals to address the issue.
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Magic is a contract between the magician and the devils, and it can have similar effects as jinn possession.
Magic involves acts of worship to the jinn in exchange for them working on behalf of the magician.
Like jinn possession, magic can harm individuals and have specific targets, such as marriage or job.
The effects of magic depend on the aims and objectives of the person who performed it.
Signs of black magic include problems in marriage, bad health, and work issues.
Dreams involving dogs, snakes, spiders, blood, or graves may indicate magic or possession.
Dislike of Islam or the Quran can be a sign of Jinn presence.
Magic is often accompanied by Jinn.
00:07magic dear brothers and sisters is a
00:10contract between the magician and one or
00:14more of the Devils the shell team where
00:17the magician it has acts of worship for
00:19the charity in return for the shell team
00:22doing acts of obedience for him so the
00:25magician he worships them prostrates to
00:27them he glorifies them he accumulates
00:30himself in front of them in order that
00:32they will then begin to work for him so
00:35with magic what we have to understand is
00:38that it displays many of the same
00:40characteristics as Jin possession
00:42because when that magician he does these
00:45acts of worship to these Jin those Jinn
00:47are then going to go and possess the
00:49individual they're going to go and then
00:51try and harm this individual try and
00:52carry out their reason and the mission
00:54with which they were sent so it's gonna
00:57have a lot of the same same
01:00characteristics signs of magic magic
01:04usually it will affect one particular
01:07aspect for example your marriage so
01:10somebody has done Magic on you to try
01:12and break up your marriage and ruin your
01:14marriage so now it's not necessarily
01:17going to affect your work life it may
01:19not affect your health however it will
01:21affect your marriage or somebody who
01:23wants you to lose your job or to lose
01:26your health maybe your health will start
01:28to deteriorate but your marriage will be
01:30okay so with magic it depends on the
01:33aims and the objectives of the
01:35individual who got the magic done so if
01:37he gets magic done to affect your
01:38marriage then this is what will be
01:40affected sometimes however a person will
01:42just say I don't ever want to see person
01:45X I don't ever want to see him happy I
01:48want to see his life ruined in that
01:49situation then you may be suffering from
01:51one or more different things maybe bad
01:54health and a bad marriage maybe you have
01:56a good marriage but you have problems
01:59with your health problem comes with your
02:00work so again these are just guidelines
02:03where we can try and ascertain perhaps
02:06there's a problem and I should seek more
02:08knowledge and start seeking some more
02:10advice likewise with dreams dreams are a
02:13very clear indication that a person may
02:16be suffering with magic or with
02:19possession which was a result of magic
02:21so if you're constantly dreaming of dogs
02:22if you're constantly dreaming of snakes
02:25if you're constantly dreaming of spiders
02:27if you're constantly dreaming about
02:28blood if you're constantly seeing
02:31yourself in a grave or around blood and
02:34you're seeing these types of things in
02:36your dreams then it may be that you have
02:38serious issues with regards to magic
02:40with regards to Gin possession so in
02:43that situation I would advise you to
02:44make orokia or to see likewise a dislike
02:48of Islam a dislike of the Quran why
02:51because the Jinn is there remember that
02:53magic is almost always in the vast
02:55majority of cases 99.9 it comes with Jin
02:58you're going to find this type of blocks
03:01somebody has done Magic on me to prevent
03:03me from getting married I'm going to
03:04find like a block on marriage whenever I
03:07consider somebody for marriage
03:08everything is going fine and suddenly
03:10out of the blue I have a change of heart
03:12and now and I think about getting
03:13married I feel sick and I feel anxious
03:16and maybe I begin to vomit Etc this is
03:19more than likely somebody doesn't want
03:21you to get married somebody's put a
03:22block on you getting married or a block
03:24on your mind or a block on your health
03:26or a block on your wealth all of these
03:28different things there may be signs and
03:29symptoms of gin possession likewise
03:32suffering from illnesses that doctors
03:34simply cannot explain or suffering with
03:37illness after illness after illness this
03:39may be a sign of magic so for example I
03:43had a case where I was told by the Gin
03:45during The Rook care I've given her
03:47cancer so then a few days later this
03:50individual came back and said I found a
03:52lump on my chest and I've had this
03:54examined by the doctors and they say
03:56that it looks like a cancerous lump I
03:59said no my Allah I'm telling you this is
04:01not a cancerous love do not go and get
04:03chemotherapy Etc rather treat this with
04:05the book of Allah treat this with the
04:07Sunnah of The Messengers
04:10within a couple of weeks this lump it
04:13had disappeared and there was no need to
04:14go for chemotherapy etc etc now I'm not
04:17saying if you find a lump then that
04:19means you're possessed but what we are
04:20saying is that sometimes these illnesses
04:23they have a direct link with gin
04:25possession and with magic you may find
04:27mood swings the individual it may have
04:30extreme mood swings go from being
04:32extremely happy to being extremely sad
04:35in an instant the blinking of an eye
04:37they're going from laughing to crying in
04:39an instant or you may find taoise so you
04:42may find taoise in your house something
04:44that you didn't put there you may find
04:46blood on your doorstep or you may find
04:48blood in your home you may find animal
04:51eggs or chickens eggs which have been
04:53smashed on your doorstep you may find
04:55salt on your doorstep you may find a
04:57dead bird in your garden or you may may
05:00find a dead chicken which has no head
05:01which has been beheaded you may find all
05:03of these different things and in reality
05:05you know if you find like a dead animal
05:06and there is Magic involved then this is
05:09the animal that they would have
05:10sacrificed to the gym seeking to come
05:12close to him and then they've thrown
05:13that into your house and then obviously
05:14the problems are going to begin likewise
05:17specifically with regards to marriage so
05:20there might be a sudden dislike of this
05:22spouse there might be a sudden dislike
05:24of your husband or of your wife a
05:27physical hatred towards them you know
05:29I've had lots of people they say when I
05:31see my wife I physically want to kill
05:33her when I see my husband I physically
05:36want to kill him I had one situation
05:38where a brother came and he said when I
05:40look at my wife I see an animal's head
05:42on my wife's shoulders so of course if
05:45you're looking at your wife and you see
05:46an animal looking back at you then of
05:48course this is going to freak you out
05:50you're not going to want to be in this
05:51person's company you're going to want to
05:53run far away and of course eventually
05:55this is going to lead to separation and
05:57just giving you some of the main signs
05:59some of them main symptoms so perhaps
06:01something has been going on with you for
06:03a while now and you don't know or you
06:05didn't know so this will cause you to go
06:08and to research a little bit further
06:10you're gonna call Iraqi who is upon the
06:12Quran and the Sunnah and then you can
06:14start your journey from there
06:29thank you
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the signs of black magic on marriage?

The signs of black magic on marriage may include constant misunderstandings, fights, and issues between partners. There may also be a sudden loss of interest or affection towards each other.

2. What are the effects of black magic on health?

The effects of black magic on health can manifest as unexplained physical ailments, chronic illness, or sudden and severe health issues. These symptoms can persist despite medical treatment.

3. What are the psychological manifestations of black magic?

Psychological manifestations of black magic can include mood swings, unexplained anxiety or depression, and feeling a sense of heaviness or negativity constantly. These symptoms may occur without any apparent cause.

4. What are the symptoms of black magic related to recurring dreams?

Symptoms of black magic related to recurring dreams can involve experiencing frightening or disturbing dreams that seem to repeat over time. These dreams may also be accompanied by feelings of fear or discomfort upon waking.

5. How can one address the issue of black magic?

To address the issue of black magic, it is important to seek knowledge and advice from professionals who specialize in spiritual healing and protection. Seeking help from religious scholars or experts in Islamic spiritual practices can also be beneficial.

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