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The video discusses the 5 twin flame ascension symptoms, including intense obsessive thinking, experiencing energetic shifts like Kundalini rising, heightened intuition, emotional ups and downs, and entering deep states of samadhi or Satori where the ego mind vanishes temporarily, providing insights on spiritual awakening and the journey of understanding twin flame connections.
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The one thing everyone agrees on about twin flames is that it's one soul in two bodies.
Twin flames experience physical and metaphysical symptoms.
The ultimate symptom is purely spiritual.
Understanding what twin flames are can help figure out the truth about what to do and what will happen.
The speaker discusses two twin flame ascension symptoms - obsessive thinking and weird energy.
Obsessive thinking includes intense ruminating thoughts and acting desperate over a breakup.
The weird energy is related to Kundalini rising and can be slow or intense, leading to euphoria and increased consciousness.
These symptoms are metaphysical and indicate the breakdown of the ego mind during a spiritual awakening.
Ascension symptoms include the increase in consciousness and the awakening of the metaphysical energy body.
The ascension process involves the activation of the metaphysical astral body.
The energy body awakening can be experienced as a slow process over several weeks.
Symptoms include feeling the energy rising up through the body and sensations of energy pulling at the body.
Heart activations can occur, resulting in intense feelings of love.
The intense love felt in the heart chakra during the twin flame ascension is a sign of the soul's communication and activation.
The heart chakra opening up leads to the experience of intense love in the heart.
The intense love can be overwhelming but is actually an activation of the metaphysical astral body.
The intense love signifies the connection between the higher self and the soul.
The soul is the level of consciousness where the twin flame and the individual are one.
This section discusses the twin flame ascension symptoms, including the obsessive thinking, Kundalini energy, and the deep inner knowing.
Twin flame ascension symptoms include obsessive thinking and experiencing Kundalini energy.
The spiritual awakening leads to a recognition of being a conscious presence that impacts the external world.
Deep inner knowing and intuition play a role in understanding the connection with the twin flame and the changes in life.
The knowing is accompanied by a sense of deja vu and a questioning from the mind.
Embracing the spiritual connection with your twin flame can lead to their return, as shown by testimonials on the YouTube channel.
The speaker has helped people embrace the spiritual connection with their twin flame through coaching.
The coaching program is affordable with payment plans available.
Detaching from the twin flame can lead to emotional ups and downs, including feelings of fear and euphoria.
These emotional experiences are a result of the ego dying and trying to stay in control.
The fifth and final ascension symptom is samadhi or Satori, where the ego mind completely vanishes and you enter a deep state of Nirvana.
This state can last from minutes to days.
Samadhi is a movie on YouTube that can help you understand this state.
It is beyond concept and thought, and can only be experienced.
Reading "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle is recommended for your spiritual awakening.
00:01as a byproduct of your Ascension after
00:04meeting your twin flame you're going to
00:07experience many physical and
00:11metaphysical symptoms
00:14and definitely the ultimate which is
00:17purely spiritual
00:21because you and your twin flame Are The
00:24Same Spirit
00:25you are the Same Soul there's a lot of
00:28different information on the internet
00:30about twin flames as far as what to do
00:34why did I meet them
00:37lots of different opinions and that's
00:41sort of I'm glad to see such a vigorous
00:45conversation the part that's not great
00:47is it's confusing but
00:51the one thing everybody agrees on across
00:54the board no matter what their opinion
00:55is about what you should do
00:59to shut down the suffering the running
01:02and the chasing right
01:05no matter what they say about those
01:07things the one thing everybody agrees on
01:09is that it's one soul in two bodies you
01:12and your twin flame
01:15just stop and think about that for a
01:18just stop right there
01:23you've been looking for answers on the
01:25internet for a while
01:28one of the signs what are the stages why
01:30do they run what do I do
01:32right everybody's got different opinion
01:34but everywhere you turn the one thing
01:37everybody agrees on is that it's one
01:39soul and two bodies or it's like the
01:42soul splits or you're the same Soul
01:44vibration or something like that let
01:46that sink in for a second
01:49everybody says that that's good
01:53now when we understand what twin flames
02:01do you think maybe we could figure out
02:04what the truth is about all the rest of
02:06that stuff like what to do
02:09what's gonna happen which is kind of
02:11what this video is about right the
02:13Ascension symptoms
02:15if we know for sure what this is let's
02:18just let's just look rationally
02:20okay so your body mind soul right
02:24right you are simultaneous incarnations
02:27of the Same Soul this is the year 1770
02:31the year 1880 this is you and your twin
02:34flame and this is a future reincarnation
02:35this is your higher self in
02:38what they call Heaven
02:40right the energy part of the universe
02:45that's all this is
02:48we already know this stuff reincarnation
02:51yeah the soul incarnates it does that
02:56very interesting so what are the
02:59symptoms well first the obsessive
03:03oh damn
03:05oh my damn the obsessive thinking wow
03:10well she want to talk about a dead
03:13have you ever experienced such a thing I
03:15mean I've come across people who said
03:16yeah I've had intense ruminating
03:19thoughts about a person before but
03:21here's the thing Kurt not like this
03:27the obsessive thinking the acting
03:30desperate have you ever reacted this way
03:34over a breakup before and here's the
03:36thing about the obsessive thinking
03:37that's so weird it's like it's happening
03:40to you
03:45it's off the charts it's you can't turn
03:49it off I couldn't sleep at night
03:51because my mind would not shut down
03:57that's never happened before and it was
03:59just off the charts I've never
04:01experienced anything like that before
04:05it's like it's happening to you
04:08now that's metaphysical there's a reason
04:11that's happening remember this person is
04:14another incarnation of your soul
04:17it triggers the breakdown of the ego
04:20mind remember body mind soul
04:23what is a spiritual awakening the
04:25breakdown of the ego mind
04:28and when things break down when things
04:30die it hurts it's dramatic yeah there's
04:35all this obsessive thinking
04:38very interesting sign number two
04:41I call it
04:43the weird energy
04:47the weird energy right like
04:50now when we think of Kundalini risings
04:54we usually think of
04:57like a very intense all at once kind of
05:00thing you feel the energy moving from
05:02your tailbone through your spine and
05:05then out through your crown and it
05:07happens usually pretty quickly like
05:09within an hour or so
05:12and it you just you feel like euphoric
05:20or it's a very slow Kundalini Rising see
05:25the Consciousness is exploding
05:30your soul you met your soul in another
05:33body it's time that Consciousness is
05:35just increasing like a rocket
05:44and I see it every day guys I'm the
05:47world's leading twin flame coach
05:50I've coached 6 000 twin flames to date
05:55through my paid coaching program
05:58that's a lot of people people hear what
06:01I have to say about twin flames and they
06:02go wait a minute that makes sense yeah
06:04there is a way to explain this there
06:08absolutely is and again I appreciate the
06:12fervent conversation on the internet
06:14about twin flames I know everybody's
06:16just trying to figure it all out
06:18but usually it's just somebody kind of
06:22saying what they think is going on and
06:24then I'm over here going guys we already
06:25know this stuff the soul is
06:28so your Consciousness is increasing yeah
06:30the metaphysical astral body the Mind
06:33Body mind soul thoughts emotions
06:39metaphysical energy chakras right that
06:42thing is coming back online it's kind of
06:45like when your foot falls asleep
06:48and then when you get up and walk around
06:50you feel the tingles right that's kind
06:52of what's going on right now
06:54with your astral body this energy body
07:00and for me it was a slow one it wasn't
07:03an all at once Kundalini experience it
07:06this took place over probably three or
07:09four weeks and I would feel this energy
07:11like rising up all the time not as
07:13intense as the all at once Kundalini
07:16Awakening and a lot of people they have
07:19that kind too
07:21but it was it was like the same
07:24intensity of energy but then like
07:26stretched out over three weeks so it was
07:28a bunch of little
07:30things where I felt the energy coming up
07:33through my body like coursing through my
07:35body and I would feel like
07:37like weird
07:39like energy like pulling at me into the
07:44and like this like it was as if
07:47there was a big huge rubber band
07:51attached to my entire torso in my head
07:54and it was just like pulling at me
07:57like I could feel it and then there were
08:00these heart activations where I felt
08:03incredibly intense love
08:08and of course at the time it was all
08:11directed at my twin flame but it's not
08:16that exactly that's just what you think
08:21it is like you you believe it has
08:23something to do with the person
08:25and that's not exactly true somewhat
08:29true it's it's what I'm trying to do is
08:32I'm I'm trying to explain to you that
08:34it's you
08:36this is all about you and let's face it
08:39your twin flame doesn't seem to be going
08:41through the things you're going through
08:42I've made lots of videos about that too
08:45you can go check them out on my playlist
08:48the true twin flame teachings on this
08:51YouTube channel it's called the true
08:53twin flame teachings and I've made
08:54videos about you know what do they go
08:56through and let's let's just be honest
08:58they don't
08:59seem to go through the same things you
09:02and and they don't and my twin flame is
09:05permanently in my life
09:12none of that happened to her
09:17maybe if your twin flame goes through
09:19that okay fine but for everybody else
09:24it doesn't seem to be something that
09:26happens to everybody it's not a thing
09:28that is necessarily true to the Twin
09:31Flame Journey
09:32if it was then everybody would
09:34experience it right
09:37so whatever it is you feel this
09:40metaphysical energy and then again
09:43there's this really there's this period
09:46I felt this extreme intense love in my
09:49heart which is really just
09:52your heart chakra opening up
09:55you're going to experience intuition
09:59which is the next sign I'll get to that
10:02in a second
10:04but the heart chakra is the central
10:09think of the chakras as connection
10:11points that connect to your higher self
10:14your soul
10:16basically intuition is when the soul is
10:18communicating with you the higher self
10:22and the love is so intense that I felt
10:25in my in my heart that it's like
10:28I thought I thought am I gonna die
10:32from the intensity of love it was so
10:39it was so incredible
10:42it was so intense that it was like
10:45it it didn't hurt but I wanted to say
10:50it's too much energy for my system to
10:54take it I think it's gonna overload me
10:57am I gonna have a heart attack from this
11:00much love how is this possible
11:02well what's really going on is it's an
11:04activation it's your again your
11:06metaphysical astral body coming online
11:09it's like when you get up and start
11:11walking around after your foot's fallen
11:15this Soul so remember body mind soul the
11:17soul is consciousness
11:21and that's where you and your twin flame
11:23are one
11:25you are one
11:27at the level of the Soul there's only
11:28one of you you are your twin flame
11:31you believe you are your mind ego
11:34personality The Thinker the personality
11:36the identity I'm a mom I'm a brother I'm
11:39a lawyer I'm a doctor I'm a truck driver
11:41I'm a cook I'm a teacher I'm a banker
11:45I'm a cab driver
11:48whatever right I've been to these places
11:50I've done these things I'm liberal
11:52conservative I'm this I'm that
11:54this is who I am this is my identity
11:57right that's all thought
11:59and emotion and there's nothing wrong
12:00with that that's just what that is this
12:03journey is a journey of remembrance
12:08you are remembering that you are the
12:11soul which is consciousness
12:14you are a creator
12:16that's what this is all about it's to
12:19remind you that you're a Creator now
12:22Consciousness is like a gas tank
12:25when it comes to the three-part Triune
12:27being body mind soul
12:30the the mind is the engine
12:36so the fuel source of the engine is the
12:40Consciousness and when your
12:41Consciousness is exploding
12:44it causes the obsessive thinking it
12:47causes the Kundalini right the weird
12:50energy as I call it because there's
12:53all these different things
12:55going on metaphysically very interesting
12:58this is your spiritual awakening
13:02your Consciousness is exploding
13:05and you're remembering who you really
13:07are you are the conscious presence which
13:10Witnesses the mind and the deeper you go
13:13the more you start to recognize that
13:16you're having a direct impact
13:18on the world out there you're a Creator
13:22that's why you see the numbers and
13:23everything you're causing that
13:27and all the synchronicities and stuff
13:29yeah you're causing that very
13:34you're starting to see the connection
13:35between me and that out there yeah that
13:39out there is really just you ultimately
13:44okay the next thing is this deep inner
13:50of all of the things that I've pretty
13:52much just explained to you up to this
13:56it's intuition it's a knowing
14:00something much much bigger than just
14:02meeting this person is going on here and
14:06yeah maybe they have something to do
14:07with it and yeah it's true you've been
14:10given information about them maybe you
14:12were told
14:14intuitively through this inner standing
14:16that you're going to be together or that
14:18they are your twin flame for example
14:23but it's this knowing it's like deja vu
14:26where you have this knowing this weird
14:29Eerie knowing that I've done this before
14:31but how do I know that
14:34is have I really done this before or
14:36with your twin flame you have this
14:38knowing that they're your twin flame or
14:39you're going to be together or that your
14:41life is about to change in ways that
14:44not even able to describe it's just this
14:47knowing but how do I know this right so
14:49there's two things going on
14:52at that time because they're coming from
14:54two places there's the knowing
14:57which carries information with it and
14:59they call that intuition and there's the
15:03mental questioning the doubt of the
15:06knowing one is coming from the soul one
15:09is coming from the mind
15:12there's the knowing of the Soul
15:14and with it comes this information this
15:17inner standing this intuition and
15:20there's the mental narrative questioning
15:23the knowing ah it's not really you who
15:27is questioning
15:30the inner knowing the intuition it's
15:33your mind you're not your mind you just
15:36forgot that you are actually the inner
15:40that's who you are
15:42and it's not mental
15:44We believe We Are The Mind the
15:46personality ego
15:49you think that it's you who is
15:53you just forgot who you are this is a
15:55journey of remembrance and by the way
15:57when you Embrace that instead of your
16:00physical twin flame person that's when
16:02they come back
16:04and I've shown people how to do that six
16:06thousand times
16:10and there's testimonials all over my
16:12YouTube channel I even have a playlist
16:17of all the Twin Flame success stories
16:19videos that I've done
16:21because there's people on my YouTube
16:23channel all the time that have taken my
16:25coaching program and they're like oh my
16:27it worked
16:30and I think another thing that helps is
16:32I don't charge exorbitant prices
16:35thousands of dollars I don't charge
16:38money like that for my coaching I even
16:40have payment plans you can start for
16:43very little
16:44with one of my payment plans and you get
16:47a lot of stuff
16:48I hook it up
16:50really big time
16:52for the price you pay okay sign number
16:54four something I call the ups and downs
16:59so let's say you actually try to detach
17:02from this person
17:07at some point you start to feel this
17:13like out of control emotional experience
17:17all the time you feel good and euphoric
17:21at times enlightened even and then you
17:25and you feel like crap again and you
17:28can't figure out why
17:30now over time that does dwindle off
17:35if you don't resist it that's something
17:37that I teach my students to do
17:39organically you allow it to unfold
17:45but you do and you'll experience things
17:47emotionally like out of nowhere you
17:49might at times even have like a gripping
17:53sense of fear for no reason
17:56and then you're like Wait nothing is
17:58wrong why is there this weird fear right
18:02well it's just the ego again ego death
18:05Dark Night of the Soul same thing
18:09it's just dissipating the ego is dying
18:13and it's trying to stay in control of
18:18and so it does that
18:20it'll twist and turn and take you
18:23through all these loop-de-loops to try
18:26to stay in control of you
18:28that's all it is
18:30and actually this is somewhat related to
18:34the weird energy right the
18:37Kundalini stuff
18:40you'll notice these things these
18:45happening in Cycles
18:47you are leaving behind
18:51identification duality
18:55and returning to who you really are
18:57non-duality consciousness
19:00and it's energetic you can't think your
19:04way there and you don't need to there's
19:06not really stages that you need to make
19:10sure you get through
19:12and there are changes that take place
19:14yeah but you just allow them you don't
19:17make sure to get through them the Mind
19:20wants to make sure
19:22this is where you just remember who you
19:24are and when you remember who you are
19:27The Watcher the witness of the mind
19:30that's when these things just flow
19:33and you go through the ups and downs
19:36very interesting okay the fifth and
19:41Ascension symptom
19:43samadhi or Satori
19:47one day out of nowhere
19:50the ego mind it just completely vanishes
19:53for a while and this can last anywhere
19:56from minutes to days
19:59and you're in this deep state of Nirvana
20:02now I'm going to give you a movie to
20:04watch so you know what I'm talking about
20:07it's called samadi
20:10s-a-m-a-d-h-i it's on YouTube it's
20:13absolutely free it's only an hour long
20:16samadhi watch part one don't skip around
20:19or else you know if you watch part two
20:21or part three first it won't really make
20:23sense to you
20:24so watch part one first samadi
20:27and by the time you get through that
20:30whole movie you're gonna be like I get
20:33and I'm gonna go cool what is it that
20:36you get and you're gonna go I don't know
20:38how to explain it it's a knowing
20:40remember the inner standing too right
20:45very interesting
20:47it's beyond concept it's beyond thought
20:52you really can't explain it but you can
20:55experience it
20:57you are consciousness
21:00you are the experiencer now as always
21:03I'm always telling you guys
21:06to read this book also get started today
21:09The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle you
21:11want to get your twin flame to come back
21:13you want to shut down the running and
21:14chasing you want to feel better
21:17this is your friend this is what you
21:20gotta do my friends
21:22this is your spiritual awakening that's
21:26all this is and you just need to treat
21:28it that way and if you do whatever is
21:31going to happen with your twin flame
21:32it's going to happen in perfect order
21:35it's that simple
21:38this is the best thing that's ever
21:41happened to you and I know that sounds
21:44for a lot of you watching you're in a
21:46lot of pain you're confused you don't
21:48know what to do but I promise you it is
21:52this is the first day of the rest of
21:54your life
21:58you are consciousness
22:01you are a creator
22:04that's what this is all about this is a
22:06remembrance of that
22:10your destiny awaits you
22:14I hope I've given you something of value
22:18thank you very much very much for
22:19watching I'll see you later
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the 5 twin flame ascension symptoms?

The 5 twin flame ascension symptoms include intense obsessive thinking, experiencing energetic shifts like Kundalini rising, heightened intuition, emotional ups and downs, and entering deep states of samadhi or Satori where the ego mind vanishes temporarily.

2. How can I recognize intense obsessive thinking as a twin flame ascension symptom?

Intense obsessive thinking can be recognized as a twin flame ascension symptom when you find yourself constantly preoccupied with thoughts of your twin flame, unable to focus on anything else and experiencing a deep longing and yearning for them.

3. What can I do to cope with emotional ups and downs as a twin flame ascension symptom?

Coping with emotional ups and downs as a twin flame ascension symptom involves practicing self-care, mindfulness, and seeking support from trusted friends or mentors who understand the twin flame journey. It's important to embrace and process the emotions rather than suppressing them.

4. How does experiencing Kundalini rising relate to twin flame ascension symptoms?

Experiencing Kundalini rising is closely related to twin flame ascension symptoms as it signifies a powerful energetic shift and spiritual awakening, often triggered by the deep soul connection with a twin flame. It can bring about a profound transformation and heightened awareness.

5. What practices can help in entering deep states of samadhi or Satori as a twin flame ascension symptom?

Practices such as meditation, breathwork, yoga, and contemplative techniques can aid in entering deep states of samadhi or Satori as a twin flame ascension symptom. These practices help in quieting the mind, transcending the ego, and experiencing profound spiritual insights.

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