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Learn how to make your own version of Athletic Greens at home with just a few simple ingredients for a fraction of the cost, while still getting similar nutritional benefits and taste. This homemade greens powder recipe includes ingredients like spirulina, moringa, baobab powder, ginger powder, lemon juice, and a sweetener of your choice. It's a cost-effective and convenient alternative for those who want to save money and customize their greens powder.
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You can make your own version of Athletic Greens at home using a few simple ingredients that are nutrient-dense and cost a fifth of the price.
Athletic Greens can cost up to $100 for a 30-day canister or $80 for a monthly subscription.
The homemade version uses five or six ingredients, including spirulina, moringa leaf powder, Baobab powder, ginger powder, lemon juice, and a sweetener.
These ingredients are packed with nutrients, such as iron, antioxidants, vitamin C, and fibers, which support the immune system, digestion, and overall health.
The homemade athletic greens recipe contains ginger powder, magnesium powder, water, lemon juice, and is not a meal replacement.
Start with smaller doses if it's your first time using these products.
Not to be used as a meal replacement or substitute for consuming whole fruits and veggies.
The homemade recipe has similar amounts of fiber and protein compared to athletic greens.
The homemade recipe contains plant-based iron and the adaptogen Moringa, which are not in athletic greens.
Making your own greens powder allows you to know exactly what ingredients are in it.
Proprietary blends in commercial products make it unclear how much of each ingredient is used.
The taste of homemade greens powder can be enjoyable and can be adjusted over time.
Making your own greens powder can be more cost-effective compared to buying commercial products.
Making your own athletic greens can save you over 80% of the cost of a monthly subscription.
The total cost of the ingredients for this recipe is $83.15, which is divided by five to give a monthly cost of $16.63.
Adding a magnesium supplement brings the monthly cost up to $40.63, still less than half the cost of a monthly subscription to athletic greens.
While the recipe doesn't come pre-combined in a single canister, you can prep daily servings in advance using small packets.
This homemade option is a more affordable alternative for those on the fence about athletic greens or looking to cut back on monthly expenses.
00:00athletic greens is arguably the most
00:02popular greens powder on the market
00:04right now however for one 30 day
00:06canister you have to pay about 100 US
00:11or if you want to do a monthly
00:13subscription it's about 80 US Dollars
00:15which goes up to 88 with the cost of
00:18shipping for those Reasons I'm out I'm
00:20out if you're like me you probably don't
00:22want to pay that much for a product per
00:24month now what if you could make your
00:27own version of athletic greens at home
00:29using just a few simple ingredients one
00:32that's actually better than athletic
00:33Greens in certain areas wow what and
00:36better yet it would only cost you a
00:38fifth of the amount of what you would
00:40pay for a monthly subscription for
00:41athletic greens whoa whoa all right
00:44hopefully I got your attention here's a
00:46quick rundown of all of the ingredients
00:48that you'll need to make this
00:50so there are really only about five or
00:52six ingredients that you'll need to make
00:53this greens powder which is amazing and
00:55each one of them is packed with so many
00:57excellent nutrients the first is
00:58spirulina this is actually the main
01:01ingredient in ag1 it's an excellent
01:03source of iron and it contains a
01:05powerful antioxidant superoxide
01:07dismutase we'll talk about that in a
01:09later video and then next is the popular
01:11Moringa leaf powder which is super
01:13nutrient dense it's a complete protein
01:15source and can also help regulate blood
01:17sugar next this Baobab powder which is
01:19an excellent source of vitamin C and
01:21fibers so it's a great support for the
01:23immune system as well as digestive
01:25health and gut support and then next
01:27we're going to be adding some ginger
01:28powder which of course is good for gut
01:31and digestion as well as immune Support
01:33also has some excellent
01:34anti-inflammatory properties as well
01:36then we're going to add a little bit of
01:38lemon juice and then whatever sweetener
01:39you'd like for Taste whether it's Agave
01:41or honey or a non-calorie one like monk
01:44fruit or Stevia and then one optional
01:46ingredient that we're going to be using
01:48is this magnesium powder by born
01:50research magnesium is a key nutrient for
01:53so many different bodily processes and
01:54what's great about this magnesium is
01:56that it actually includes monk fruit
01:58within it so not only are we using this
02:00for the Magnesium benefit but also as a
02:03sweetener you can find a link to all of
02:05these ingredients in the description
02:06below now for making your greens shrink
02:09you can stir it in the glass or you can
02:10use one of those protein Shaker bottles
02:12like I'm going to be using here or if
02:14you have an electric mixer you can use
02:16that as well from here you're going to
02:17add one teaspoon each of Spirulina
02:19Moringa and The Baobab and then a fourth
02:22to a half a teaspoon of the ginger
02:24powder one scoop of the Magnesium powder
02:26which is about one teaspoon 8 to 10
02:28ounces of water and then a couple
02:30squeezes of lemon juice and then you're
02:32going to place the top on and give it a
02:33shake until it's nice and combined now a
02:35few tips to keep in mind if this is your
02:37first time using any of these products I
02:39recommend you start off with some
02:40smaller doses of everything and then
02:42increase gradually over time just to
02:44make sure that your body responds to it
02:46okay and then also this is not to be
02:48used as a meal replacement folks this
02:50also shouldn't be a substitute for
02:51consuming actual whole fruits and
02:53veggies and voila you have your own
02:56greens powdered drink this is definitely
02:58a great way to kick start your day or
03:00you could even take it in the afternoon
03:02you've got magic going on baby I'm gonna
03:04make enough sorry sharks this one is not
03:07for sale
03:10okay so let's talk a little bit about
03:12how our recipe Stacks up against ag1 in
03:15different categories starting with
03:16nutrient profile now ag-1 boasts that it
03:20has as many as 75 different vitamins and
03:22minerals and probiotics and adaptogens
03:24and just about anything you can think of
03:26is pretty much like a super multivitamin
03:29and while this recipe obviously doesn't
03:31compete with that there are a couple
03:33things worth noting the first is that
03:35the amount of fiber and protein in this
03:38recipe is very similar to what you get
03:40in athletic Greens in this recipe you
03:43get two grams of fiber and three grams
03:45of protein whereas in ag1 you get two
03:47grams of fiber and two grams of protein
03:49now our recipe stands apart from ag-1 in
03:52the department of iron so in this recipe
03:54you get four milligrams of plant-based
03:57iron and so for those of you all out
03:59there who are deficient in Iron like
04:01myself this is going to be a very key
04:04nutrient for you and secondly in our
04:06recipe we have an adaptogen called
04:08Moringa which is also not in ag-1 and
04:11Moringa is known for a slew of different
04:14benefits and also it's green just saying
04:17and if you decide to add the magnesium
04:19supplement to your greens powder like we
04:21did y'all that's going to give you 200
04:23milligrams of magnesium which in ag1 you
04:27only get I believe 26 milligrams and
04:29then the second category is the
04:31ingredient composition now what I mean
04:33by that is with this recipe you know
04:36exactly how much of each ingredient
04:38you're putting into your powder we've
04:40given you the exact amounts of the
04:42spirulina the moringa the ginger
04:44everything whereas with athletic greens
04:46they use what's called a proprietary
04:48blend which basically is kind of a fancy
04:50way of saying that you don't know
04:52exactly how much of each ingredient is
04:55in the supplement or in the product I
04:58mean they could have a whole bunch of
05:00Spirulina and then just little Trace
05:02Amounts of all of the other ingredients
05:05we don't know and so you can have
05:07comfort knowing exactly what it is that
05:09you're putting into your body with this
05:12recipe the next category is the Taste
05:14now I obviously can't comment on the
05:17taste of athletic greens since I haven't
05:20had it before but I can honestly say
05:22that the first time I had this recipe I
05:25mean I thought it tasted pretty good now
05:28that it taste like a Jolly Rancher or
05:30some Skittles no that's not the point of
05:33a greens powder no one should expect any
05:35greens powder to taste like their
05:37favorite candy I mean that's just that's
05:39not the point but it's definitely
05:40something that I could see myself
05:41drinking every day and enjoying now full
05:45disclaimers that I have developed an
05:47acquired taste to spirulina which is one
05:51of the main ingredients in this recipe
05:52it's also one of the main ingredients in
05:54athletic greens and for those of you all
05:57who have had spirulina before you know
05:59that it tastes kind of oceany for lack
06:02of better words and so it definitely
06:04takes some getting used to and so just
06:06know that with taking the greens powder
06:08every day you can grow more accustomed
06:10to The Taste I mean there are people who
06:11say the same thing about ag-1 when they
06:14first tried it they couldn't stand it
06:16but over time they got used to it and
06:17then the next category is of course the
06:20cost now as I mentioned before the
06:22current cost of ag-1 for a 30-day
06:25serving is 99 if you just buy it alone
06:29or if you choose to opt into the monthly
06:31subscription then it costs 88 now the
06:34specific products that we've used in
06:36this recipe are enough to give you five
06:38months worth of daily servings of the
06:40greens powder so for example the 16
06:43ounce jar of the spirulina has 151
06:47servings which if you divide that by 30
06:49which is the average number of days in a
06:51month you get five months now at the
06:54time of shooting this video the current
06:56prices for these products on Amazon are
07:0041.15 for the 16 ounce jar of Spirulina
07:0417.99 for a 16 ounce bag of Moringa
07:0714.99 for a 12 ounce bag The Baobab
07:10powder and 8.99 for an 8 ounce bag of
07:14Ginger I didn't include things like the
07:16lemon juice and the sweetener in this
07:18total because those are things that you
07:20probably already have in your house now
07:22if you add up all of these prices that
07:24comes out to a total of
07:2683.15 which dividing that by five is
07:30going to give you a grand total of
07:3316.63 per month so that is on average
07:36what you would pay per month in order to
07:39make this recipe that is over 80 percent
07:41less than what you would pay for the
07:44monthly subscription of athletic greens
07:46what and then if you decide to make the
07:49premium version by adding the magnesium
07:52supplement by Thorne research that
07:54brings your monthly total up to
07:5740.63 per month which is still less than
08:01half of the amount that you would pay
08:03for the monthly subscription of ag1 I'm
08:06just saying y'all definitely another
08:07point for the home team in that category
08:09and then the final factor is convenience
08:12now while this recipe doesn't come
08:15completely combined in a single canister
08:18that you can just take a scoop out of
08:20each day you can still prep your daily
08:22servings in advance by using some small
08:25packets like you see me doing here you
08:27could even take these on the road with
08:29you if you were traveling and you'd be
08:31set now if you're someone out there who
08:33currently takes athletic greens and
08:35you're satisfied with it you feel like
08:37it works for you more power to you this
08:39is simply another option especially for
08:41those of you all out there who are kind
08:42of on the fence about athletic greens or
08:44maybe for those of you all who are
08:46taking ag1 but are trying to find some
08:48ways to cut back on your monthly
08:50expenses while still getting some of the
08:53key nutrients that you need and with
08:55that this video is brought to you by
08:56daily Choice Greens all of the nutrition
08:59you could possibly need in one drink
09:04I'll just played y'all that's not for
09:06real now again we'll leave the links to
09:07all of the ingredients that we're using
09:09this powder in the description below so
09:11that you can start making it yourself
09:12and if you do end up making it let us
09:14know what you think of it in the
09:16comments below and in the meantime if
09:17you want to check out any of our other
09:19recipes with spirulina specifically such
09:21as our spirulina smoothie bowl or our
09:24spirulina and Maca protein bars then
09:26click on one of these videos that you
09:27see over here to the right and we'll see
09:29you over there
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FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What are the ingredients in the homemade greens powder recipe?

The homemade greens powder recipe includes ingredients like spirulina, moringa, baobab powder, ginger powder, lemon juice, and a sweetener of your choice.

2. How can I make my own version of Athletic Greens at home?

You can learn how to make your own version of Athletic Greens at home with just a few simple ingredients for a fraction of the cost, while still getting similar nutritional benefits and taste.

3. What are the benefits of making homemade greens powder?

Making homemade greens powder is a cost-effective and convenient alternative for those who want to save money and customize their greens powder.

4. What are the cost benefits of making homemade greens powder?

Making homemade greens powder allows you to save money by creating a cost-effective alternative to store-bought greens powder.

5. Why should I consider making my own greens powder at home?

You should consider making your own greens powder at home to save money, customize the ingredients, and enjoy a convenient alternative to store-bought options.

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